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SWTOR Eternal Command Pack Preview

SWTOR Eternal Command Pack Preview. This pack was released on Dec 15, 2016.  [toc]


Imperial Admiral’s Armor Set – Gold



Bold Hellion’s Armor Set – Gold


Alliance Emissary’s Armor Set – Silver


Battle-Hardened Apprentice’s Armor Set – Silver


Opportunistic Rogue’s Armor Set – Bronze


Arctic Scout’s Armor Set – Bronze




Nathema Sithspawn – Gold


Savage Phalone – Gold


TC-6 Voyager – Gold


Morlinger Phantom – Silver


Survivalist’s Tauntaun – Silver


Czerka Spade – Bronze


Rendili Guardian – Bronze



Unstable Peacemaker’s Lightsaber– Platinum



Unstable Peacemaker’s Dualsaber – Platinum



Grantek F-11 D Assault Cannon – Silver


Grantek F-11 D Dualsaber – Silver


Grantek F-11 D Lightsaber – Silver



Weapon Tuning: Galactic Command


Color Crystal: Viridian Corona


Title: Galactic Commander – Bronze

Regen: Fearsome Rage – Gold



Companion: K1-Z3N


Pet: Eternal Miniprobe – Silver


Pet: War Hound – Bronze


Flair: Eternal Command – Gold

Flair is animated



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By Dulfy

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269 replies on “SWTOR Eternal Command Pack Preview”

Indeed. It’s padded, but they could have made it white. Little purpose keeping warm when you stand out like a gray pidgeon against the stark white snow and the arctic predators come for you.

Recolored fakeout Koth set… as if the original wasnt bad enough >_<

Battle hardnened Apprentice boots are interesting looking, I'll have to get some, hard to find decent looking boots, most look like wrestling boots.

Decos are nice, looks like ill be trying for lots of those.

Bold Hellion set for Quinn, just to freak out the HPs on the fleet… 😀

I call a spade a spade…and a shovel a shovel!

Having said that, ther’s a lot I like in this pack! Especially the weapons (that assault cannon is SWEET!) and most of the armor sets, recolours or not. At least the rogue is red and not pink, that makes a ll the difference, I guess.^^

But I would give my right arm to be able to get the admiral’s set as is, just without the never-to-be-sufficiently-damned cape! (Then I’d also want a new bionic right arm. Go figure.)

The Unstable Peacemaker! Been waiting for this. probably the only item i’ll buy for 80-90 Mil.
Think this pack will be out on Jan. Time for Creds! xD

I thought I really wanted the dualsaber (hilt is so much nicer that the arbiter) but it’s holstered on your back like a tech blade so no thanks and phew, I just saved myself a lot of money.

Unfortunately The Force Unleashed is nearly 4,000 after SWTOR.
The galaxy ain’t ready for that yet. Lol

I REALLY hope they release the non-skimpy version of the Bold Hellion armor too. It looks quite ‘Mad Max-ish’ (in my opinion) when it has the shirt under it. I think it looks better this way too. This is from an upcoming content post a little while back. It looks like since then they removed the shirt (why?) and textured the bandanna around the neck.

The black means there is no texture (unfinished). This is just an icon using the unfinished model.

Nevertheless, I agree with you that it would look better with a shirt.

Huh, looks like a new gun-toting Droid companion to get my hands on. Pretty meh on the armor. Might get the discount Koth set for the goggles.

just checked the release date: sometime in Jan. Oh well. I only have a few days left on my sub. Oh well. Maybe next year

The last few packs have dropped at the end of the month, meaning that it could drop within the next couple of weeks.

if they’re smart it should come out before the 25th. I suspect some people would be in the mood to treat themselves to some vanity shit around that day.

Damn, that companion looks sweet.

Can’t they just make the companions Cartel Market bought…. :/

Also, digg the new unstable, that small blade underneath makes it interesting, and it was weird having only one all this time.
Still waiting for the unstable vented 😛

The problem I have with companions is that i have so many of them but can only gather/craft eight at a time.
I’m paying for the other dozen to just look pretty!
Bioware need to up the gathering numbers IMHO.

I have no way to prove this, but I’ve read a comment somewhere by a guy who supposedly played in PTS and therefor cannot disclose details (I think it might have been in that they are getting ready to do something in the vein of what WoW did with their companions… So that army of comps that players have might get to do something in the future. Again: no possible way to prove this, it’s hearsay from an hearsay…

Hellion’s set, Emissary’s, rage regen and saber are all going to be big winners. Shame about the absolute collapse of my raid team means I have no reason to play now. The camaraderie of gearing together kept the oldest, biggest spending players in game. Now we’re expect to run KP SM 90 times for shit. Been a sub since the start … now finally giving up

I wish they put up weapons on direct sale. They do it with others, they did it with the ziost saber and thexans… There is one defiant vented lightsaber on the market on my server. ONE!

For a crazy price I bet?

But I agree with you. They really should add more veapons for direct purchase. Whose weapons don’t even have to look all that fancy. I don’t have lots of double bladed sabers users, but I will not be against force pike for them.

Hmmm, actually looks better as a whole than any pack in a long time. Can always hope all the other departments follow suit.

LoL… I hate fanboys… Dude u must be really stupid if u like most (I admit not all) of the same stuff just recolored…

Don’t worry the hate is reciprocated…..and yes not many re-colors and a lot of cool items.
And yes I am stupid for wasting my time on you.

No, you were not. If you thought their comment was boring you would have just ignored it. The feeling you are thinking about is “butthurt”

“No, you were not.” – Really John?
“Butthurt” – I think you’ll find that is feeling you have everytime you and Yallida part company. :O

Here is an example of one of those Asshat comments I was talking about. You are rude and dickish to others, but get “butthurt” yourself when someone calls you out on it.
And you camm me a Hypocrite?

No one camms you anything, and no one calls you a hypocrite, either, that I can see. That isn’t just an ‘expression’, it actually has a literal meaning, and ignoring it makes you look pretty dumb. If someone makes a false claim about another, that other person has every right to defend themselves.

You’re the kind of person who thinks everyone should be entitled to his or her own opinion… oh except this person, and that person, because they’re “rude”.

This is part of a completely different conversation, one that you have not been involved in. My suggestion is that you not involve yourself in the conversation. This individual engaged in behavior that was rude, then attempted to place themselves into a position of superiority and then began to purposely make comments on my statements throughout 3 different threads. I pointed out his activity as he called me a Hypocrite whilst engaging in teh exact same behavior he criticized me for. I therefore told him what I was thinking and them found several examples of him acting in the way he was criticizing me for acting like. I pointed out these actions by making a post stating that these particular comments are teh ones I was talking about.

Again, you have not been involved in that particular conversation and I don’t think that, ultimately, you would like to be.

“My suggestion is that you not involve yourself in the conversation”]
Just WOW.
Are you seriously telling someone not to get involved in a forum thread because they don’t agree with you?
“Again, you have not been involved in that particular conversation and I don’t think that, ultimately, you would like to be.”
Well if that isn’t a threat I don’t know what is?
Showing your true colours here man, sadly.
“This individual engaged in behavior that was rude” OMG I called you out on your own posts REPEATEDLY calling someone an orangutan.
Your a piece of work!

No, actually what I was doing was informing this individual that the conversation between you and I spans multiple threads, and multiple posts.
That this one post doesn’t reveal the full conversation and if they saw the full context that they may decide to not involve themselves in it.
Furthermore I was letting them know that it has been a rather heated conversation and because of that they may not want to add fuel to the fire and in turn cause someone like you to begin to aim their rude behavior at them.
I made no threats, I simply wanted to provide this person some details that they were missing by only reading 1 post and provide them with the opportunity to exit the conversation once they had all of the details. Some people don’t like to get involved in disagreements between others. Perhaps this person is that type of person and once they have more details will chose to let the conversation follow it’s natural course.

I was calling nwstd out on his rude behavior that had been displayed across multiple threads and posts. Following several specific individuals across the forums and making rude comments, similar to what you do to others. Then you decided to inject yourself into that conversation. At that point nwstd disappeared off the forums and you appeared.

I don’t try to hide my nature, I’m an asshole. I’m a real jerk, especially when I see someone being rude to others for no apparent reason. That is the behavior I called nwstd out for and the behavior I’m calling you out for. I don’t deny that I’m being an asshole, I know I’m being an asshole.
I don’t care.
It isn’t hypocritical when you KNOW you are being an asshole and you do it anyway. It is deliberate activity, it is acting with a purpose and intent. My intent is to be blunt, direct and straight forward with you. My purpose is to engage in activity that is perceived as me being an asshole.
Because you are being an asshole. Because you are being a passive-aggressive little prick, but you think you are some kind of knight in shining armor, a hero. Nope your just an asshole, just like me.
Don’t want people to think you are an asshole, don’t be one. DOn’t want assholes like me comparing you to us. Then don’t be an asshole.
See I’m really good at being an asshole, I was trained by some of the best assholes in the world and I own that. I know I can be a major asshole and instead of pretending I’m not, I fly that flag proudly.
I’m an asshole and I can recognize my own kind a mile away, and you young man are also an asshole.

“I was calling nwstd out on his rude behavior that had been displayed across multiple threads and posts. Following several specific individuals across the forums and making rude comments, similar to what you do to others” – So wait now your the white knight saviour here?
Calling yourself an asshole and a jerk doesn’t make you right i’m afraid, and calling me names is like water of a ducks back.
You did’t call out nwstud for being a jerk you just didn’t like what he said about ESO.

As I said, I’m not a knight or a hero nor am I trying to be.

You SWTOR blind knights take every criticism of this game like a personal insult, it’s hilarious. Again, if you can’t handle someone insulting that which you are passionate about you better go live under a rock, or grow some thicker skin. Better yet, stop letting the video game you are playing define you as a person…

You posted a statement and felt the need to toss out an insult to me even though you and I have never shared a conversation before. You started this chain of events with a total dick move. Your initial behavior, in naming me in your diatribe against those who criticize SWTOR, began what has been going on for 2 days now. You initiated the asshole behavior and what you are getting in return is treated like an asshole. Had you been a decent human being then I would treat you as such. If you don’t like it I suggest you go fuck yourself, because I don’t stop.

Seems like your a bit angry there Drivan?
I was discussing with a new poster how these forums work and the people that live there and what there attitudes are to the game, if you don’t like the truth tough.
The funny thing is i’m loving this so please please don’t stop.

Actually, your comments in this thread are not at all informative. They are all dickish comments like “are you butt hurt John?” and “Don’t worry, the hate is reciprocated” Etc. Nothing you say in this portion of this thread is in anyway meaningful, constructive or informative.

It’s all you being an assat.

Face it, like me you are an asshole.

Like I’ve said many times….I know it’s hard for you but try and keep up….I make dickish comments to dickish comments.
Otherwise I try to be helpful and informative where I can.
And were nothing alike…again.

Actually in this chain you started the Dickish comments. Most of the conversation threads that I see you commenting on you are starting the dickish comments.

People discuss what bothers them about this game then you make a dickish Personal attack.

Unless your life is defined by your enjoyment of SWTOR the comments you are replying to are not dickish comments at all.
This makes you the dick.

I troll the trolls, and your are one of the worst.
Your lives are purely defined by your hatred of SWTOR.
Sad really.
“People discuss what bothers them about this game then you make a dickish Personal attack.” – Do you remember bullying NWSTUD or do you conveniently care to forget that?
Yeah thought so.

Your fandom of SWTOR obviously defines you.
You take these comments that people make about a video game and attack them on a personal level. That is what makes you an asshat.

You don’t “troll the trolls,” you attack the people criticizing that thing that you allow to define you. If SWTOR wasn’t defining a part of your life you wouldn’t turn criticism of a game into dickish personal attacks.

I remember calling you, I’m mean nwstd out for this same dickish behavior of turning people’s criticism of a game into personal attacks and also returning said dbehavior with equal treatment.
Bullies don’t get bullied, they have their behavior returned to them.

And this is what you do…
Deflect any criticism of you and what you do and turn it on someone else.
O and the old boring ‘multiple accounts’ nonsense that you seem to play on.
Something to hide?
Making it up as you go along might suit you but I can see through it a mile away.
“You take these comments that people make about a video game and attack them on a personal level” – is that not what you did to nwstd?
People in glass houses……

Actually I have taken ownership of my asshole behavior unlike you. Instead you have constantly attempted to justify your actions and try to find a way to be in the right.
The only difference between you and in in this matter is that I own up to being an asshole and to doing it on purpose. You are still clinging to trying to come out of this looking like a good person…

Nope, sorry, he actually responded to a post which could be interpreted as antagonistic in a level-headed and calm fashion, and as a result I actually have a lot more respect for him than you, now, regardless of the conversation you two appear to be having. I think it *is* better that I not bother, as you seem 100% set in your ways (whether right or wrong), so it’d go nowhere anyway.

As you can see I responding in the way I was responded to, like always.
Hypocrite….no, please take note it will help you.

That’s actually not true. I know you’re trying to use the canned internet response of “if you don’t care, why are you commenting” but it doesn’t work here, John. I find it boring as well, just as I find yours stupid. And I choose to point out both, because I enjoy doing so. There are more perspectives in life than just yours.

I have to have the Kylo Ren computer trashing regen. Have to have it. And I know I’m reading way too much into the names of these sets, but I want to believe they hint at returning comps. (I know they don’t but just let me have that fantasy for today ;w;)

Hey look Folks A Blind Knight!
I’m done calling folks like this Fanboi’s and White Knights, because at this point in the game someone has to be totally blind to not get it.

People criticize this stuff because BW is releasing garbage and they expect better from them, they want better from something that carries the Star Wars name. But at every turn BW is doing nothing but disappointing us.
Every blind knight has their eyes opened at some point. There are folks in this thread, myself included who were championing SWTOR and then something happened, something annoyed us, something bothered us and we finally were able to understand how blinded by the Star Wars name we were.
SWTOR isn’t this bright beacon of hope in an MMO universe, it is a sucking pit of despair that we are, unfortunately, addicted to and can’t seem to leave behind even though it is completely pissing us off.

If you don’t like what we have to say you are free to not read it, just as you say we are free to not buy things or play SWTOR. You are free to ignore the criticisms on pages and go browse reddit where your fellow Blind Knights are numerous and actively gang up on and trash every point of view that isn’t someone shitting rainbows about how fantastic and perfect SWTOR is.

You do realise that by moaning at pack releases of all things any argument you have is heavily diluted and becomes moaning pettiness because that’s all we see.
“You are free to ignore the criticisms on pages and go browse reddit where your fellow Blind Knights are numerous and actively gang up on and trash every point of view that isn’t someone shitting rainbows about how fantastic and perfect SWTOR is.” – I don’t use reddit I come here and here the blind haters gang up and bully the people who like the game just as you did to NWSTUD a few days back because he dared to challenge your wonderful ESO (lol)
Your a hypocrite.
And if your addicted to a game that is a sucking pit of despair then I think the problem lies with you not the game. I’m sure your wonderful ESO is waiting for you.

Last I checked there were a few dozen people in this thread making their negative opinions about this garbage known.
Last I checked you make a lot of rude and dickish comments to people that appear to be made simply because you disagree with what they are saying. Now you are trying to “speak out” against someone treating you the way you treat others…

Who is a hypocrite?

I don’t expect someone like you to understand how someone can absolutely love something and hate it at the same time. Obviously you don’t know how to become so invested in a thing that your passion and for it drives you to want it to be better. Then when someone screws it up your passion drives you to discuss the problems and the issues that need to be fixed so that it can be enjoyable again. This isn’t a new concept. People have been doing this with sports teams for over a century now. People have been passionate like this over Baseball, horse racing, hunting, politics pretty much every leisure activity there is since recorded history.

What we read here on Dulfy is nothing new, only the topic is. If you can’t handle people bad mouthing the thing you are passionate about you better go live under a rock, because they did it to Shakespeare, Beethoven, Van Gogh, Manchester United, The Yankees, & Cleveland Browns. This part of human nature, this desire to discuss what bothers us and what we see is wrong with that which we are passionate about isn’t going away anytime soon.

I say it like it is and call out pathetic self righteous moaners and whiners. Like you they don’t like it.
Tough, these boards aren’t just for you to plague.
I think your butthurt at your own behaviour.

Nope, I’m an asshole.
I know I’m an asshole and unlike you I don’t try to pretend that I’m some kind of hero. You are also an asshole, you just haven’t come to terms with who you are yet.

You’ll find i’m dickish to dickish comments, as you can see from my comments. I’ll only insult when insulted.
Shame you can’t say the same.
“I don’t expect someone like you to understand” – Yawn old internet forum windup .
“If you can’t handle people bad mouthing the thing you are passionate about go live under a rock” – like NWSTUD did with you about ESO when you shit a kidney and abused him on several threads.
Hypocrite much?
You see what you failed to understand by choice is as you have seen from my comments I have no problem with well worded criticisms where I can engage in sensible counter argument, what I have a problem with is self righteous entrenched dogma that does nothing but flame on the game.

Actually what I see by your comments across these forums is that you dislike people who point out issues that you don’t feel are issues.
You have the tendency to react to those people with extremly rude behavior and then refuse to see your behavior is you being an asshat. The difference between you and I is that I know I’m an asshole. I’m bunt, straight forward and to the point. I’m not going to spare your feelings and if you act like a dick I will treat you like one. I have no problem with being an asshole, I embrace it most of the time.
You, however are trying to pass yourself off as a hero, as some type of Avenger, and a good person. In fact you are a passive aggressive, little punk that doesn’t see his own asshole nature and can’t handle people pointing out when he is acting like a douchebag.
I’m an asshole and you calling me an assholedoesn’t hurt my feelings because I already know I’m an asshole. The thing is I’m also a pretty nice guy. I invited Naq to my ESO guild back when we were more active and I made her a lot of gear. I’ve offered the same to other in these forums. I gave away 10 million credits on fleet last night because, what the hell, why not. But I’m still an asshole, because people like you require me to be one.

Wow do you actually believe this stuff that you write?
Just because you say your an asshole doesn’t make it right to say the things you said to NWSTUD, It’s like a murderer saying he murders people cause that what he does – deal with it.
I do good deeds too, my eldest daughter and I were up late last night making cakes for a bake sale to raise money for underprivileged children in my local area of Scotland, but does it give me the right to be an ‘asshole’ to people – HELL NO.

You like to deal in extremes don’t you.
You’re an asshole, you act like an asshole and you want people to think you’re some kind of hero.
You’re not fooling anyone either you and nwstd are the same person, obviously.
At least I don’t make multiple accounts to try to hide my behavior…

I think you think calling me names actually matters, this isn’t high school now Drivan and it only goes to prove the person you are.
We are nothing alike you and I and I don’t need multiple accounts lol.

The real gambling has moved to actually getting progression gear now. That’s far worse then their piddly cosmetic crap that they’ve been pushing for years now.

You know you can resist buying them if you try real hard, admittedly it would probably be the hardest thing you’ve done in a long time.

There are a few cool items in here, but for some reason I cannot convince myself to spend money on something that has the words “Eternal Command” written on it.

Have they made anything else? At some point you’ve got to blame yourself for expecting anything out of the crap dev team.

everything up to KotFE was pretty good. Everything after and including KotFE is complete garbage.
In my not so humble opinion. Your point is valid too tho’

I would more or less concur. There was definitely a dramatic shift in focus and quality between SOR and KotFE and not for the better. This shift seems to effect every level. I really think they got their budget and/or dev team dramatically decreased and were forced to work with less resources and quality / scope of the product has been spiraling downhill since. I’ll be surprised if there’s another expac, I really think we’re close to them just putting this into maintenance, they might keep doing this cosmetic crap to try and steal more money, but nothing in terns of REAL content.

You’re pretty close to the mark. Most of the devs got pulled off of SWTOR for Mass Effect: Andromeda. There’s been a huge downshift in quality because of it. I don’t expect any real content to come out for SWTOR till after Andromeda’s release.

yeah that could be the case or is the case. fair enough. Maybe they have been doing the best they could.
Andromeda ‘looks’ really good I have to say so far. eager for it hopefully the story is what we have come to demand.
Bioware spoiled us and then EA screwed it all up. So many great titles in teh first decade of this new century…leaves me expecting it every time.

This bullshit is the closest thing to content this game still makes, other than a short single player campaign. The only way this game still constitutes an MMO if if the MMO stands for “Mostly Money Only” and is the business strategy…

Lucas protected his property when he needed to. Not as screws-to-the-thumbs as Disney but he didn’t just let anybody do whatever they wanted. You have to protect your IP.

Plus, everything had to go through Lucas. His control freak attitude it part of what led to the terrible prequels.

Yup. Under GL it was his ego causing problems. Now, it’s Disney’s lust for maximum profit at the expense of quality and originality.

Meh…I’m not a Disney hater and don’t agree about there being a lack of quality. TFA definitely lacked for originality but was still a lot of fun. Rebels has been good and occasionally fantastic. The few books I’ve read of the new releases have been good as well and I agree with the EU being wiped clean as it had become too ponderous and certainly was restrictive to furthering the series if all the books past RotJ remained canon.

The film series had been driven so far into the ground with the prequels and there’s no way any of these new movies will be that poor. AotC is one of the worst big budget movies I’ve ever seen. Complete trash made by bored director and devoid of artistic passion. I will say that if Episode VIII isn’t much more of an original story it will annoy the hell out of me.

Tbh I preferred the prequels to TFA. For me, originality is really important. Prequels might have been badly made, but the stories were original and I can sort of compensate for the failings of the film by getting what GL was aiming for, piss-poor results aside. Add the Clone Wars tv show and the novelisations and I can patch together a decent view of what the prequels -could- have been.

TFA though… ugh. I cannot stand this generation of remakes, and to me that’s all it was, just pretending to be a sequel. Nods to the OT would have been fine, but the plot was just shy of identical, and Kylo Ren was a disgustingly cheap rip off of Jacen Solo and Darth Revan.

Rogue One looks a -lot- more promising though, so fingers crossed Disney have sacked whoever wrote the story for TFA and hired some writers to work on future projects.

I can never look past the shit craftsmanship of the prequels but I agree with you on almost all other points. I was able to forgive the unoriginal quality of TFA because I genuinely enjoy the characters and it felt fun again instead of a slog through politics and wooden acting.

Clone Wars has some truly amazing moments and for me that’s the “real” Anakin Skywalker; not Hayden Christiansen. The episode “The Lawless” in which Darth Maul gets some cruel revenge on Obi-Wan before being dealt with by Palpatine is one of my all-time favorite Star Wars moments ever. The light saber duel between Sidious, Maul, and Savage Opress is one of the best of the saga. Plus you have Kenobi fighting to escape Manadlore while wearing Manadorlian armor (and an incredible shot as the doors to the hangar he’s in open showing the massive battle taking place outside.)

I’m looking forward to Rogue One myself, can’t wait to see it tomorrow. From the trailer it looks like it has a very distinct look while at the same time being very close to Episode IV.

Who is the person at Bioware who keeps putting goofy ass coat hooks on the arms of decent armours? There are so many armors in this game that are just fine and then some jackass on their design team is like “I couldn’t hang any coats on this armor at all…put some coat hooks on it.”

because sometimes when you’re running around fighting things and doing heroics you get hot and sweaty you know? and you’re like “Damn! I want to take off my jacket to cool down but where can I put it? I cant tie it around my waist because of this huge utility belt, if only i had a coat hook on my arm bands!”
Thanks Bioware!

So true. And there are coat hooks which look even worse than this, like on that Crime Lords Rep green chestguard (overwatch or something, it’s called? like, the ONE fully green one)

Why couldn’t they make the saber unstable blade effect a tuning. That’s kinda the whole point of tunings, to have any effect on on any hilt you like. But no, logic is not our way.

The unstable effect wouldn’t work as well on blasters/rifles/cannons. Also, the saber is the iconic unstable weapon.


Tuning= Gold, Saber= Platinum
Platinum= More Packs bought to obtain= More Profit

well, one nice thing, I guess, is you can stack the effects that way…
But yeah, it’s most likely a money thing.

Tuning can only be used on one weapon. I have 7-8 characters using the unstable lightsaber due to unlockable in collection.

Tunings don’t appear in cutscenes. Sabers with built-in visual effects do have them appear. I.e. Good ol’ Volatile-type sabers, Ziost Guardian, Tythonian Force-master

Ok, have not done one of these in a while. Let’s do this.

ARMOR: 2 Golds, 2 Silvers, 2 Bronzes. Seeing a pattern here.This isn’t a bad category, despite the bland, dark colors. Imperial Admiral looks nice and would make a decent formal outfit for most characters (or a high-class smuggler), and Alliance Emissary is rather striking. Hellion and Apprentice suffer from Random-Shit-Everywhere Syndrome, but maybe a few pieces MIGHT work in a custom look. The Bronzes are simple but not bad, good Companion wear I think.
Grade: B-

MOUNTS: Thank Cthulhu NO FUCKING PLATINUM MOUNTS! 3 Golds is a bit high though. And while the Sithspawn is an interesting choice, the model is lumpy and dull. The Phalone is just…weird…and while the Voyager is a nice civilian landspeeder model, it’s not one that deserves a Gold spot. The Silvers however are very nice and the Czerka Spade is just cute. A category saved by the cheaper models for sure.
Grade: B-

WEAPONS: Oh crap. Here we go. Normally a pretty good area, this time not so much. Again we have the silly “Unstable” blades, but at least they are not tied to giant clunky handles. The reversed lightspike is a nice touch. The Grantek weapons however do not impress. The dualsaber is the best of the three, but all of them seem a bit too shiny and bland. Meh
Grade: C-

MISC: Ho boy, another green blade. SO EXCITED…no, wait that’s gas. The Companion looks like a bounty hunter droid so good if you want an alternative to the HKs. Otherwise…very meh here.
Grade: C-

DECORATIONS: Holy shit on toast. Doing a 180 degree turn from the crashed and junky items from the last few packs, we got a whole range of temple, metro and high society decors for you. So much goodness here and a nice variety of it too.
Grade: A

Not a terrible pack. Not exactly impressive either, but not bad at all. I would recommend a single Hypercrate and see how the GTN plays out for what you are missing.

When you say that you recommend a single Hypercrate, it raises a question in me… people actually spend more than $100 whenever a new pack comes out, to buy multiple Hypercrates?

I do. It’s that, or spend weeks grinding credits to fill the gaps (100% on everything, in case I ever want to use something I don’t care for atm in the future). Even though I rarely get the most expensive items so there’s still plenty of grinding to do even after buying 3-4 hypercrates. The items hit their cheapest when the packs are released, after that even common items become obscenely hard to get and, thus, obscenely expensive to buy via the GTN.

Tis why I’m cancelling my sub going into the new year. Not paying a monthly sub for the privilege of grinding for pack items instead of having any new content for yet another year.

A lot do. I happen to know one person that regularly spend 2-300$ USD on packs, and running the GTN market. He uses the sales to fund his guild.

I mean to each his own… I think that the $13-$14 I have been spending on this game every month is already too much for what it has been offering. And I don’t just mean the content, though I do enjoy your reviews of the cartel packs. Their quality has dropped significantly…

It is a bit odd that this pack has only two helms and neither cover the whole head. However, we have had several packs in a row with at least 2-3 helms so I think you should be covered.

I wish I really, really, really wish that they did as much playable content as they do with teh cosmetic stuff.
Yeah most of the cartel market stuff is reskins or purchasable versions of stuff that was, previously, seen in passing. But there are people working to continuously keep the cash shop stocked with “new” items. I don’t buy this garbage anymore, but I would by an Op, an instanced boss and content that I can play with my friends.
Oh wait most of my friends are leaving…
Nevermind, keep the cash shop gear going BW, that seems to be the most sought after content these days…

Kinda gets to the point I see all this stuff and think oh hey adding stuff like this as drops in uprisings, vet modes etc would have given more reasons to play those but nah get that $$$$

The silver armors are more appealing than the golds. Good stuff for my shadow and sentinel. Some of the mounts are cool too. Everything else is not my cup of tea. Probably gonna scour the gtn on this pack.

If they insist on pusing more cosmetic stuff instead of providing new Ops, I wish they’d at least let us customize companions again

Just because the Ops Team hasn’t made any Ops lately doesn’t mean that they are the same team. It’s illogical to assume this. Example:

If two people in a company each have their own job, and one person stops doing their job while the other person continues, is it assumed that both people are doing the same job? No, it’s not.

Coming soon from the Cartel Market Team: Recolored Ops.
“Cybernetic Eternity Vault”
“Karagga’s Extroverted palace”
and of course:
“Unstable Terror From Beyond”


Why is all the non-force user gear so cool looking ad the force user gear so ridiculous looking? My Jedi and Sith have been wearing the same get up for years but my agents and smugglers have cost me a fortune in fashion.

Even though I play them a lot less,I always end up filling all their outfit sots where as my Sith and Jedi have two: starter planet gear in slot one because I like to RP them being stuck in that gear all through the starter planet and the second slot for the outfit they wear when they venture out into the galaxy,

Like most players, Bioware has decided that the Jedi and Sith all follow the space medieval robe-and-tunic look. Thus it tends to look a bit silly next to the body armor and regular clothes of the rest of the galaxy. However, there is NO reason why you can’t burrow from other designs. I have a Jedi Sage that I dressed up as a space pirate, complete with an eye patch, ammo clips, a dagger in the boot and holding a vibrosword (the Classic KOTOR one).

Break the mold and screw convention.

Seems like the “regular clothes of the rest of the galaxy” mostly consist of long coats, butt flaps and robe-and-tunic as well.

Heh. True. But at release nearly EVERY Trooper looked the same. Nowadays players try to go for more of a mercenary or Repub Bounty Hunter look. I even ran into a player that did his as a police officer.

Personally I think it is far more practical to wield many of those oversized dualsabers on the back compared to the waist considering how disproportionate many of them are. Imagine the chronic bruising one would have on their thighs lugging most of them around.

TBH ever since dualsabers stopped rescaling when holstered (only ones that do this are the early purple CM and vanilla hilts iirc) most of the new ones look awkward as hell. I don’t know why they stopped doing that ‘rescale on belt’ thing, but I don’t mind some of the larger hilts being on the back either.

But maybe that’s because I’ve got a few wardrobe sets where it doesn’t look weird. YMMV.

It’s cause the newer hilts the devs got lazy with (as with pretty much everything) and just duct-taped the single blade variants together and called it good.

Interestingly enough Over-Tuned Derelict Saberstaff (from BSC Reputation vendor) rescales when holstered, unlike its Derelict Saberstaff and Volatile Derelict Saberstaff variants from Contraband Packs.

I’d like to see some more creative stuff myself. Maybe a pair of Katar style weapons or the light whips that several characters in the EU used.

Someone had the idea of Maris Brood’s sabers, but I agree with the person that said those would be awkward given the animations of lightsaber users in SWTOR.

My other question is why do auto cannons keep looking worse and worse. The commando carries one of the most badass weapons in the game so why do auto cannons keep getting smaller and lamer?

Dulfy maybe you fix the description? This pack has already been released. It was obvious to get more money before christmas

So excited for some of the decos, and I’m glad we don’t have to wait until January. Looking forward to seeing what they look like “in person” rather than the preview.

Yet another droid offense, but i’m sick and tired of them. You get the little one from jedi knight, the one from trooper, HK 55, HK 51, ZOOM, SCORPIO.. for the love of God, please stop with droids! We have enough already, we all want our original companions back, not some buckets of bolts..

It’s not so much droid companions, it’s that they’re ALL ranged. Would like to see a market companion that wields vibrosword or sabers just ONCE.

Am I the only one who’s pissed that they’re rewriting the lore of their own part of the universe? The Sith Emperor’s true body is a sith pureblood with black eyes. No, wait, he’s some old white dude. The ritual on Nathema eradicated all life and stripped the very Force from the planet. No, wait, it created “sithspawn” creatures, even though that type of creature *feeds on the force, which has been stripped from the planet*. The same thing was done with Ziost, and it made no sense there either.

-Tenebrae was still a Pureblood with black eyes. Valkorion was a warrior on Zakuul before Vitiate possessed him. (Source: KotET Ch II)

-It’s been hundreds of years since Vitiate drained Nathema. The Force is slowly returning. (Source: Charles Boyd on the livestream right after KotET’s launch)

Ah, that actually explains a lot. I haven’t been paying pretty much any attention to this game since January, aside from various Dulfy posts and big news (of which there has been few). I haven’t really talked to anyone about KotET. How is it? Worth the time? (PS: Just to give you an idea of how I feel about the content, I did enjoy the KotFE story, so if it’s more of that, I’m happy).

I’m really glad to know that they’re saying Tenebrae possessed Valkorion, not that Valkorion is simply the original body.

I enjoyed KotET more than KotFE. There are several new mechanics/minigames in some of the chapters. Unlike KotFE, these nine chapters tie up everything. You should give it a try for sure.

Note: Out of the 3 new companions, 2 are temporary. To acquire the other one, you must make a lightside decision at the end of Chapter I.

I see where you are coming from, but I believe that Tenebrae practiced eccance transfer so he has had several different bodies. That would explain how he goes from a Sith Pure blood to an old white dude.
The issue with Nathema is annoying, force users are supposed to be extremely uncomfortable and nearly powerless on the planet. It was stripped of all life to include plants and animals. The people weren’t just dead, there were piles of dust and clothing where the people had once been at the moment the ritual was completed. The planet isn’t just teeming with life now but he uses it as a training grounds?

I don’t think he was training anyone there. I’m sure he used Nathema as Vaylin’s prison because of its Force-deadening effects, and its pervasive feeling of despair and hopelessness. Not sure what the deal with the Nathema zealots was, except perhaps they were religious fanatics who believed the Emperor was a literal deity, and the site of his apotheosis was the ideal place to worship him.

You make a good point.
It also explains why Valyn is so strong, evil and focused.

It still bothers me that Natema, in the Revan book, was so devoid of life, yet now it looks like Valkorian did some kind of Darkside fertilization ritual…
Wait that sounds a little dirty….

I understand that, but have you read the Revan book?
The reader is left with the impression that Nathema will always be a desolate planet devoid of life and a wound in The Force.

“After the Ritual of Nathema, the planet was completely devoid of all life; every living thing regardless of size was consumed by the Sith Lord Vitiate’s ritual, and the planet’s surface was left a barren wasteland. Even droids and other technology was destroyed by the ritual, and the very fabric of the environment seemed to be leeched of color—leaving everything sickly shades of brown or gray. The atmosphere was warped as well, as Nathema’s sun appeared a pale brown instead of its actual orange color, and sound waves were twisted to become flat and dull. The surface was dotted with the inanimate remains of Nathema’s inhabitants, as the ritual had not consumed its victim’s’ clothing or belongings, and the lack of natural scavengers left everything in exactly the same condition it was on the day of the ritual. Force-sensitive individuals felt the ritual’s effect most of all, as the complete absence of the Force left those who visited the world nearly physically ill.”

Artistic Licence and all that, I understand and maybe I interpret things differently than most, but this description leaves me feeling like if this is the condition of the planet nearly 1000 years after the ritual, how did it go from that to what we are seeing in KotET in 300 years?
EU legend story vs SWTOR, I understand that as well. I just wish they would stop veering so far away from some of the stuff in the EU

Considering tha the Force fuels all life in the galaxy, i can only assume, that unless you turn the whole galaxy into one massive Void, dead planets, will always be restored. Or maybe in his ritual Valkorian did destroy all life, but the core of the planet remained alive, weakened, nearly consumed, but alive.

Well, using it as a training ground actually makes a ton of sense. Kinda like how professional athletes and martial artists train with heavy gear so when they’re actually put to the test in a game or a match, what they’re wearing isn’t as heavy and they feel more capable than they would otherwise. Also how distance runners train in high areas where there’s less oxygen. Force users would, could, and should train where it’s harder (but not impossible) to use the force, so when they’re put to the test it comes incredibly easy to them (unless you’re Kreia, then you’d want your students to train where there is no Force, so they learn to operate without it ^_^ Sorry, just played through KOTOR 2 again).

Valkorion is not original Tenebrae. He was already a champion of Zakuul and Vitiate took his body, just like he did to a lot of another bodies…

It’s a rather pointless re-texture and slight model change to the Hoth Ranger’s armor set. Not much you can ask for from bronze armors nowadays.

Just got myselt the Unstable Peacemaker BD XD =D (and alot of other craps & quite a nber of things that worth 10-20 millions of creds)

I didn’t expect to actually want much the Flairs, Just a new addition to have one day, but that animation looks kickass…. damn it. Now I want it sooner than later :P.

I like that regen but how will it work on characters that don’t use lightsabers like Operatives and Commandos among others?

Notice that the lightsaber used in the video is part of the regen item (her equipped weapon is sheathed on her back).

Well as you can see im on tatooine like TorFashion. Anyway they look exactly like these in every planets, fleet, etc

It just seems odd that they look different on Tor Fashion, but not for you and some other people. Maybe it’s a bug that only affects some people?

Well i hope they fix it and it will have a look like in Kotor II. That was my favourite colour there.

Its is, because the virdian colour is blue/green not green or blue. Its a mix between the 2 colours. Also if you played KOTOR II you know that the viridian crystal is looks like.

Nevermind. I found this on reddit:
“So, I happened to get 2 of the new viridian color crystals in the one hypercrate I bought… guess what? They’re literally the same color as the older, Green Core crystal. BW has effectively re-released an item, with a new name.
EDIT: As was pointed out by /u/aikiwoce it appears to be a bug, and will most likely be fixed in the next patch.”

It might be just matter of light angle, but crystal at the left has less shine on it and centre of a blade is more dull. But for 99% they look daum similar, that is true.

Again i wanna mention lightning tuning comes from this pack also which is not listed. Bought 5 eternal packs on gtn and boom lightning tuning

No, but I have it.

I can tell that that it’s slightly taller than Male Body Type 2 and it has a single arm and shoulder cannon permanently visible just like the Collections icon shows it. It also has Z0-0M’s special cannon ability to go along with them.

I can see this happening at BW: A

“Guys, please buy more shoddy re-skins of gear that has existed in-game since Alpha, and our even more blatant Episode VII merch tie-ins.

Guys? Guys??!!


(Hey, where’d everyone go allasudden?)

(/Sigh) Alright Ben –or whoever’s last out– don’t forget to turn off the lights, your severance-cheques are in the mail.”

You need to put the lightning mod in this. IT DOES DROP IN THIS PACK. I have personally gotten 1 and all the new lightning mods on the gtn showing up are from this pack also. Update the info

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