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SWTOR Life Day 2016 and Five Year Anniversary Guide

A guide to Life Day 2016 and Five Year Anniversary running from Dec 13 to Jan 10/17.


Five Year Anniversary

Running from Dec 13 to Jan 17, 2017. The vendor for this can be found on the Strongholds & Crew Skills section of the fleet.


You get a Senya Holostatue, Celebration Jawa and a bunch of Poster Decorations.


For subscribers who have kept their subscriptions continuously for five years, there is a special decoration that can be received in the mail.


Life Day 2016

Life Day 2016 is running from Dec 13 to Jan 10, 2017.

Getting Started

Head to Galactic Trade Market Section of the fleet and look for a Master of Ceremonies NPC near the GTN. The vendor has been updated this year to include all the cartel market lifeday items from before 2015  in exchange for parcels.


Item Price
Fireworks:Life Day tree 500 credits
Life Day Snowball Bomb 1000 credits
Life Day Ceiling Light (Globes) 20 Snow-Covered Parcels
Life Day Ceiling Light (Icicles) 20 Snow-Covered Parcels.
Life Day Holo-Tree 40 Snow-Covered Parcels.
Life Day Holo-Tree (Blue-Purple) 40 Snow-Covered Parcels.
Life Day Holo-Tree (Green) 40 Snow-Covered Parcels.
Life Day Icicle Mound 20 Snow-Covered Parcels
Life Day Medium Potted Tree 5 Snow-Covered Parcels
Life Day Reveler 20 Snow-Covered Parcels
Life Day Small Potted Tree 5 Snow-Covered Parcels
Life Day Snowblower 10 Snow-Covered Parcels
Life Day Wall Freezer Unit 10 Snow-Covered Parcels
Life Day Wampa Rug 40 Snow-Covered Parcels
Cyan Sphere 16 Gray Helix Components
36 Snow-Covered Parcels
Czerka LD-1 Celebrator 100 Snow-Covered Parcels
Sleigh I 20 Snow-Covered Parcels.
Vectron J0-1Y 100 Snow-Covered Parcels
Hoth Wampa Cub (Pet) 60 Snow-Covered Parcels
Life Day Vestments 30 Snow-Covered Parcels
Life Day Lower Robe 30 Snow-Covered Parcels
Life Day Boots 30 Snow-Covered Parcels
Life Day Holo-Tree (Toy) 50 Snow-Covered Parcels
Life Day Tinsel Bomb (Toy) 20 Snow-Covered Parcels
Life Day Orb (Regen) 50 Snow-Covered Parcels

Life Day Holo-Tree (Toy) – 50 Snow-Covered Parcels

  • Use: Places the Life Day Holiday Holo-Tree at the targeted location (Cooldown: 1 minutes)


Life Day Tinsel Bomb (Toy) – 20 Snow-Covered Parcels

  • Use: Lob a Life day Tinsel Bomb at your target within 30 meters, which explodes in a shower of glitter. Targets will trail glitter for a short time after being hit (Cooldown 15 seconds)


Life Day Orb (Regen) – 50 Snow-Covered Parcels

  • Use: Display your Life Day Orb. You generate health and your class’s energy pool while the orb is displayed.


Snow-Covered Parcels


Snow-Covered Parcels are the main currency used in this event. You get them randomly by throwing the Life Day Snowball Bomb at other players/NPC/companions with a 15% chance to receive parcels. Despite what the description for the snowball bomb says, you can get parcels from other players/companions/npcs even if they have the debuff from getting hit by a snowball (you can also click off the debuff manually). However, if this debuff was applied by you then you won’t get any parcels out of it.

  • With the Dec 16 Hotfix, Snowball can once again be thrown on NPCs/companions. If you throw on your companions remember to right click their debuff and remove it before throwing it again.

The first time you get a snow-covered parcel you will get a popup window and an achievement. From here on you will see a yellow text on your screen everytime you recover a parcel.You get 20 CXP for every successful snowball throw so this can be a good way to farm CXP.


Snow-Covered Parcels are tradeable but the ones brought do not count towards the achievement

Overheated Life Day Droid

Around Coruscant Senate, Dromund Kaas City Memorial place, and Nar Shaddaa promenade (both upper and lower) you will find Life Day Droids that you can throw your snowball bombs. They will give you the parcel and disappear after a while. They have a chance to respawn as a rarer version called Overheated Life Day Droid. This guy has the chance to drop decorations and you can pick 1 out of 4 colored Life Day Holo Trees.



  • Apparently you can still get decorations even if other players have used snowballs on him so just keep spamming your snowballs on it for decorations until he disappears. The more players the better since they will need to overwrite your own snowball debuff for you to keep getting stuff from it.
  • The normal Life Day Droids only give parcels with 15% chance but these overheated droids have an additional 15% to give you decorations
  • Life Day droids stay around for 5 minutes and then respawn ~4 minutes later as either the normal or the Overheated version
  • Overheated droids will appear as red enemy when they first spawn but do not attack them. The first throw of the snowball will turn them green.

This same droid is also responsible for the Holiday Hero achievement below. However the achievement is buggy and you may need to get several decorations from the droid for it to trigger.

Decorations from Overheated Life Day Droids

Life Day Holo-Tree (Blue) Overheated Life Day Droids
Life Day Holo-Tree (Green-Gold) Overheated Life Day Droids
Life Day Holo-Tree (Pink) Overheated Life Day Droids
Life Day Holo-Tree (Red) Overheated Life Day Droids

New 2016 Cartel Market Items


These are only available as part of the Life Day 2016 Bundle (5400) which contains the decorations and all the items below.

Festive Weapon Tuning – 1000 CC


Creature Companion: Wampa – 2100 CC

  • Like: Courting, Technology, Trophy
  • Favorite: Weapon
  • Love: Military Gear, Imperial Memorabilia:


Festive Tauntaun Mount – 2200 CC


Life Day Holo-Shrub – 480 CC

Toy item that activates a 30 second disguise with a cooldown of 3 minutes



Achievement Pts Description Legacy Title
Jolly Parcel Peddler 25 During Life Day event, find 1 Snow-covered Parcel by using the Life Day Snowball Bomb Life Day Celebrant
Merry Life Day to All 25 During Life Day event, find 25 Snow-covered Parcel by using the Life Day Snowball Bomb
To All A Good Night 25 During Life Day event, find 100 Snow-covered Parcel by using the Life Day Snowball Bomb A Special Snowflake
Holiday Hero 25 During Life Day event, receive a decoration by using the Life Day Snowball Bomb

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MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

116 replies on “SWTOR Life Day 2016 and Five Year Anniversary Guide”

Yeah wait for patches. Don’t bother chasing the gift droids on planets. Bugged atm as mentioned above, regular snowballs don’t work. I’ve done a couple hundred cannon shots on overheated droids, I’ve received exactly 1 deco. Save your finger strength until they wake up and fix the event.

So unlike the other Cartel companions is the wampa actually full size? Or is it just an illusion in that screen shot?

Never tried that one, probably have spent 500+ hours in BG 1+2. Back when BW was my favourite gaming company by a mile. And now I realized James Ohlen was the lead designer for BG 2 as well as KOTOR and still in TOR it seems. Why can’t he drag TOR back to being as awesome as the other games he’s made?

Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2. BG2 with Throne of Bahal was EPIC! And then, of course: Neverwinter Nights. I literally went in circles around that game and the 3 expansions. You could finish the story and export your character… And start over again! I made a demi-god of a character, right until max level. I loved that game… Bioware were the kings back then. Only Bethesda were on the same level. IF they were at the same level…

I’ve always been an altoholic, so had trouble just finishing the games once since there was always another 5 toons to play through with. Think I ended up clearing BG1/2+ToB with 4 or 5 different chars. Planescape:Torment was the big one for me, didn’t spend as much time in it as BG, but it’s still the best CRPG I’ve played ever, so weird and cool atmosphere and I could truly role play it.

NWN was really cool, especially with the expansions, but enjoyed NWN 2 a lot more. Plus that’s the game that really made me interested in modding thanks to the dumbass race rules of DnD 3.5. Ended up killing level adjustments for all races (it was awful when your go to class was the rogue), then somehow ended up creating frost giants as a playable species….

There was Black Isle and Interplay either one or both had a hand in Fallout 1+2, PS:T & Icewind Dale 1+2, with or without BW. Bethesda had TES that I enjoyed, and while I love most games in that series, I genuinely hate what they’ve done to Fallout.

“What? Boo is outraged! See his fury! It’s small, so look close. Trust me, it’s there.”

Minsc and Boo + Lilarcor + Jan Jansen, BG 2 had its moments 🙂

They brought Minsc and Boo to Neverwinter Online. You can start a quest chain at or near max level. Been awhile since I’ve played that game.

I dont see much of a problem. Just dont go to the fleet, stand on starting planets, throw the bomb and new players or find one that removes the buff the whole time while you throw the bomb at each other. But 15% appears abit low, now that I do this for the first time.

Sometimes, at least awhile ago, things searched on GTN by typing the name won’t appear. Maybe try looking under “Miscellaneous”

Really sad that the decos are only available in the bundle. Last year all items were sold separately, but I guess EA greed won this time. I don’t care for the ugly mount or oversized companion, all I wanted were the droid ecosamples… but no way I’m shelling out 5k coins just for that. *sigh*

More repeated un-inspired events and just silly cosmetic junk. Not surprised, but certainly not impressed or interested either.

There are people who are very interested in that. Me for example. What you should instead have criticized/complained about is the lack of OTHER missing content.

I wasn’t saying the content should be removed. I just gave my opinion on it which is ‘meh’. What you should have done rather than criticized/complained about the content of my comment was make your own main level comment on your opinion of the content.


So I can only have one of the 5 year subsriber rewards in all my strongholds. Really! Just 1! For giving BioWare 5 x 12 x (minimum 10 units of $/€). 600 Euro I spend minimum for this game. And they let me only place one decoration! This is really a dick move, BioWare!

I didn’t think the toys and regen item were available for parcels last year, and i see the robes listed as a set and individually, so im thinking the new robe from the cartel market last year is now available for parcels also….

What the deal was, was last year those robes were available 2 Ways; Direct CM purchase ORS now Covered Parcels. This year is Parcels only. I’m fine with that.

“For subscribers who have kept their subscriptions continuously for five years, there is a special decoration that can be received in the mail.”

A thank you for 5 years of subscribing? A deco. Ugly one at that. What a piece of crap. I mean, did they put more than 5 minutes into this?

I was bummed about it too. Until I saw it was just a statue version of the golden sea monkey they used to mark us with for legendary status. Lol totally over it. I am so happy I don’t have to have the gold symbol by my name anymore why would I want a statue commemorating it?

I never want to see that thing again. 😀 I am happy for the people that actually want it but also happy because I am free of it.

Yeah, and imagine if you didn’t even get it because you temporarily postponed renewing your sub for two weeks while you were going to be on holiday…

Another shitty idea brought to you by EA.

Don’t think any loyalty ‘reward’ scheme will ever top the way SWG did it tbh, but at least this decor isn’t anything to get worked up about I guess.

You got to pick from a list of rewards based on how much time your account had been subbed (keep in mind it was sub-only, so they had no incentive-based reason to really provide any sub rewards). Some of the items were decorations, others were one-time practical items like a decoration limit increase or harvesters that didn’t have any power requirements.

As you got further along the available selection was expanded, and at just six months you got given a free ship ( ).

None of this ‘non-stop sub for a full five years with absolutely no lapse and we’ll give you a single shitty decor’ BS. You were given extra goodies based on how long you were subbed, and the expansions came with their own set of (proper, like a brand new house) rewards that didn’t have any ‘sub at this date, this date and this date’ requirements.

God I miss it something fierce :'(

I never played it but remember reading about it back then. Seems like it really only had one good year before they started ruining it?

That sounds like a good reward system though.

Well, I started playing post-NGE so I can’t comment on pre-NGE, but from what I’ve seen it seems to me like the vets just had a tantrum about the changes and didn’t give the new SWG a chance. It was a big change, I think, but I loved every minute of it right till the very end. Had it not been bumped off I’m quite confident it’d still be online even now.

I’d happily pay upwards of £50 a month sub if that’s what it took to play it again. It actually made you feel like you were living in the SW universe, and I still never managed to do even close to all of the available content.

It had flaws for sure, but you got so much for your money that TOR is a bad joke in comparison.

After just reading up again on the history of SWG, a few things are apparent to me:

1. It sounds like the game was mismanaged even worse than SWTOR and players had legit gripes…but it also has lots of people who still enjoyed playing it (sounds familiar.)

2. I never realized this site’s own malcontent John Smedley took his name and pic from the former SOE employee in charge of SWG…lol.

SWG had a lot of great ideas and an interesting start, but it was indeed mismanaged to the point I’m surprised people still act like it was best thing ever.
1st, they completely changed how combat worked after a year or two- which was confusing for most.
2nd, the Jedi profession, which was originally a very difficult thing to achieve: they decided to turn around and basically hand it to anyone that wanted it, which was annoying and a slap in the face to people that had earned it the very very tedious way…
3rd, But what just ended it for me was when they started eliminating professions from the game. (professions were similar to classes) My primary profession was ‘Beast Handler’ and BOOM gone “you have to pick a different one now”. How about No?

Wow…that sounds infuriating. Especially if you had to put a lot of time into your profession. If Blizz just took blacksmithing away after all the time/gold I’ve spent I’d be proper pissed.

I am a founder as well. However there have been months here and there that i had to unsubscribe due tofinancial reasons. So if they are including a continuous sub from the very beginning to now…then i know i wont get it. Which sucks.

On that token i wish they did something specifically for founders and or collector edition owners again

I would have been a Founder, but the retail store sold MY CE PREORDER to someone else.
After 2 years of BS trying to get my money back, GameSTOP would only let me get other store merchandise; no cash refunds.
And BioWare doesn’t give a shit, because they got their money for the units they sold to the stores.

Pain in the ass; only subs can create tickets and even if subbed the system can fail so it takes multiple tries to even get the ticket made.

No snowballs on NPCs, great. Thanks, Bioware. You take out the only easy method to grind these stupid fucking parcels. Now we have to sit in a group of players, constantly take the buff off ourselves (are you going to remove that next, force the long delay?), and do this for hours on end to get the Life Day rewards. You need so fucking many for every reward, why did you not expect us to use the fastest method?

Why would you need to take the buff off yourself? Whether you get a parcel or not depends only on whether your target has already been targeted by you. I am sure that you can just spend time on fleet and get a bunch of these parcels in a short amount of time. I did that for 20 minutes yesterday while waiting for my group, and got 17 parcels.

How exactly does one get the tree decorations from the overheating droids ? Attack them or wait for them to attack you then attack them ? Or do I have to use a snowball ?

I believe there’s a 15% chance for an Overheated droid to give you a parcel and a 15% chance to give you a Life Day Decoration with each hit. However, the droid gets a snowball buff on it that needs to be overridden by someone else before you can get parcels/decos again. That’s why you want to be shooting droids with at least one other person.

Really? So if you were a subscriber for 5 straight years with no lapse that’s what you get? Glad I let mine run out more than once. What a bunch of cheap fucks!

Yep. I wasn’t a continuous sub, but if anyone stuck it out for that long, they should get something absolutely insane.

I’ll just keep the math simple but basically people who never lapsed in sub just paid 900 bucks for that deco lol

They fuck you twiche with this thing. because yu can have only one of them unlocked and places in one of your 5 strongholds. But every of your caracters gets one in the mail.

They really know how to fuck you, even with a gift. These BioWare people are mean bastards.

Your commitment is impressive. Most impressive.

Maybe if they hit 10 years (haha, I doubt it) they’ll send everyone statues like WoW did.

There are two achievements with the Party Jawa, involving killing other players with the Jawa active. People mostly want the one that rewards with the title “Party Crasher”.

Look under Legacy > Player Vs. Player > General.

There is a third one, kill 25 Jawas while partying with the Party Jawa. Achievement is called “That’s Just Wrong!”

“Life Day Snowball Bomb can be no longer throw on companions/NPCs, however if you have the Life Day Snowball Cannon from last year, it still work on NPCs and companions.”
“Due to Bioware fixing the Life Day Bombs so you can’t target them on NPCs, only Life Day Cannon from 2015 Cartel Market will work on them (which isn’t available yet for this year). Wait for a hotfix.”
Wow. Disappointment. Again. Screwing the players. Again.
Not the biggest dick move ever, not by a long shot, but still. Who makes these decisions?

I would have expected that they’d come up with some recolored cosmetic item(s) to throw on the Life Day Vendor. But I guess they’re assuming that the 20CXP you get for a ‘successful’ snowball is enough to pull people out for throwing snowballs, no need to give them something extra to buy.

Although I’ve discovered that the life day wall vent decoration you can buy works well as a wall-mounted air-conditioning unit to keep your Tatooine and Yavin IV strongholds at a liveable temperature…

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