Black Desert Dec 14 Game Update Patch Notes

Black Desert Online Dec 14 Game Update Patch Notes. This update brings in the Christmas events and items.


Event & System

[ Events ]

  • [Event] Santa’s Gift Box.
    • Start: 12/14/2016
    • End: 12/28/2016
    • During the event, Santa will appear in the sky riding his sleigh and dropping gifts through the world of Black Desert in the following regions:
      • Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, Altinova, and Valencia
  • Players can obtain various gifts by interacting(R) with the Gift Boxes:
      • Christmas Decorated Candle
      • Christmas Lace Wall Decor
      • Christmas Black Spirit Face Wall Decor
      • Christmas Black Spirit Snowball
      • [Event] Hot Chocolate
      • [Event] Santa Hat
      • [Event] Pirate Bandana
      • [Event] Pirate Eye Patch
      • [Event] Pirate Flag
      • [Event] Fox Mask
      • [Event] Deep Bamboo Hat
      • [Event] Medium Energy Tonic
      • [Event] Unknown Dye Box Bundle
      • [Event] Elion’s Tear
      • [Event] Horse Flute (7 Days)
      • [Event] Magic Carpet
      • [Event] Jack-O-Lantern Mask
      • [Event] Sweet Cone Hat
      • [Event] Wolf Nose
      • [Event] Devil Horn Headband
      • [Event] Cherry Blossom Earring
      • [Event] Taeguk Earring
      • [Event] Taeguk Tattoo
      • [Event] Scarecrow Mask
      • [Event] Max HP Increase Scroll
      • [Event] Stardust Candy
      • [Event] Sour Candy
      • [Event] King Candy
      • [Event] Candy Basket
      • [Event] Small Energy Tonic
      • Roast Chicken

[System ]

  • Winter has arrived in Black Desert!
    • Winter Theme Background has been added
      • It has begun snowing in the world of Black Desert.
      • Some regions will now have fallen snow and winter themes applied.
      • Login, Channel Select, and game loading screens have had Winter themes added.
      • In-game night times have a new Aurora effect added.
      • Fallen snow effects have been added to some UI/Menu windows, these effects change at random each time the window(s) are opened.
  • Christmas outfits, Furniture, and Decorations have been added!
  • Pearl Shop gifting has temporarily returned for the holiday season.
    • The following restrictions will apply to be eligible to send gifts, should you meet them you will be able to send gifts to the character you want:
      • Character must be level 56 or above.
    • You can input the quantity and the character name to receive when purchasing.
    • To check for a gift simply open your mail with the (B) key to find them along with your normal mail.
    • Gifts can only be sent to characters belonging to the same World (NA or EU) and can not be sent to yourself.
    • You can not gift more items to someone than can normally be purchased/obtained.  As an example gifting will not allow someone to go over the normal amount of possible inventory slots.

Class Changes


  • While wearing the Zebra Underwear or Zebra Underwear (No Stockings), and entering Dye interface with the combat stance turned on will no longer cause a graphical glitch with the sorceress’ body.


  • Equipping The Thermian Casual Outfit and hiding the hat will no longer cause a graphical glitch.

Item Changes

  • Backlight and Reflection effects have been updated:
    • The lobby character selection screen, lobby customization screen, Pearl Shop, in-game customization screen, and Dye UI have been updated to include the newly upgraded backlight and reflection effects.
  • To celebrate the seasonal holidays, the following items will now be permanently available for sale in the Pearl Shop:
    • Sunset Prop Set
    • Golden Prop Set
    • Golden Sunset Supper Set

Pearl Shop Updates


Resolved Issues

  • An issue that was causing the horse icon to randomly disappear from the screen when entering the settings menu directly after taking a horse out of the stable has been fixed.

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14 replies on “Black Desert Dec 14 Game Update Patch Notes”

Is there a warning of some kind before Santa delivers presents, do you know? I’d like one or two of the gifts, but not sure I want to hang around in towns waiting all day and hoping I get them… ^.^

I could find one in Altinova when I arrived, it seems it stays there for a while. Can’t say for how long though.

Ah, thanks.

Wow this is probably the worst event I’ve ever seen in a game. Only the first person gets anything, and not many gifts are dropped at all.

Drops I have seen can be as little as 40 seconds apart. If you really want one don’t chase the sled. Find a high point watch him and get ahead of him. This is easier in Altinova as you can cover half the city from high ground, always see him and you can get there quicker than the chasers. I have had alot of fun with Santa (just a shame I have not got the item I wanted yet)

After spending afew hours I can confirm that he drops in the same spot repeatedly however there are many spots. Also when he drops from high altitude the parcel can dissapear if in the air for longer than around 10 seconds (I have yet to time it). The route is not random and Santa appears (quite suddenly) right in the middle of Altinova before beginning his route which repeats. The drop points are not the same every repetition of the route however and that appears to be the RNG. After watching for awhile though it doesnt feel like RNG I think I can anticipate the drops now

Nvm, there was loot just stuff that went in the pearl tab.

also do the items with [Event] in the name disappear after the event?

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