GW2 Wintersday

GW2 Frozen Cats and Cat-Made Soup Guide

A guide to finding the frozen cats for your home instance and getting the cat-made soup added with Wintersday 2016.

Getting the Super Hot Soups

You will need 4 soup and you want to get them together so you can heat them all at once without having to run back and forth. They can all be bought on the TP

Once you have the four soup, head to Maelstrom’s Core in Mount Maelstrom and interact with the Heart of the Destroyer. If the WP is contested you will need to take a longer route underground (follow dots on the map). Pick the option to warm some soup.


Rata Sum – [&BLgEAAA=]

This frozen cat is near the Rata Sum jail. To get to that area, run from Research Waypoint ([&BLgEAAA=]) and follow the arrows in the picture below.


The cat is frozen in a cube at one end of the jail. It wants the Super-Hot Lemongrass Poultry Soup


Hoelbrak – [&BIcDAAA=]

This cat is frozen right by one of the snow leopard statues next to the waypoint. It wants the Super Hot Poultry and Winter Vegetable Soup.


The Grove – [&BLwEAAA=]

Bottom level of The Grove, SE of Ronan’s Waypoint on one of the leaf pads. Give the super hot saffron-scented poultry soup.


Black Citadel – [&BDcEAAA=]

Follow the path SE of Junker’s Waypoint and you will come across this frozen cat. It will take a super-hot poultry and leek soup.


Home Instance

Once you have the four frozen cats saved, you can find them in your home instance. They will be chilling next to the pot of cat made soup. For humans this is located here in their home instance.


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24 replies on “GW2 Frozen Cats and Cat-Made Soup Guide”

Was wondering when these would show up. Quick question: In the beholder’s view, what quantity of collected cats would warrant skin, ascended or legendary rewards.

Not saying it should be done. Just wondering where people would put the cat count ^^

So, I might be doing something wrong here. I have the four soups, and am at the Heart of the Destroyer. I don’t have the dialog option to heat the soups. What do I need to do to make that happen?

I know cats they tend to give you presents if they like you… But would you really eat a soup made of dead mice, birds and rabbits?

I’d rather shave a Charr and shove it down a skrit hole…then take the hair to make fishing lures and sell them to the NPC’s.

I haven’t these any cats but the snow leopard cub (from Bitterfrost Frontier) and I often find some dead birds too.

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