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Revelation Online Founder Pack Wings and Mounts Update is upgrading the founder pack wings and mounts for all founder and deluxe packs.

CBT2 is reaching its starting date and our founders are looking forward to once again joining our testing session. We believe the end of year celebrations would gain much more enthusiasm by adding better perks for our Founder and Deluxe packs. Therefore, we would like to announce that upon the communities feedback we have managed to secure two gold rank items which will benefit current and future founders pack owners.

Both wings and mount are now of Gold Rank meaning they benefit from much higher stats compared to the Seraphim wings and Golden War Horse:

Blazing Sky Wings

These wings would pause any bystanders with their fearsome style and the wings owners would most likely appreciate their greater stats but there is more!

Revelation Online offers crafters the possibility to make their own legendary wings by using “Fine Feathers”. The pinnacle of crafting wings is when crafters unlocked the “Divine Angel Wings” by combining:

  • Blazing Sky (Golden fire color wings)
  • Silver Moon (blue color wings)
  • Rose Flower (pink color wings)
  • 5,888 additional Fine Feathers
  • 1 Morph Featherstone

Collectors will be pleased to know that their Blazing Sky wings bring them one step closer to craft the Divine Angel Wings!
Imperial Aries Mount

When conditions prevent flying, founders can still enjoy the comfort of their loyal mount. Imperial Aries, however, will give you that extra perk of riding with a companion! Sit tight because Imperial Aries is not only much faster than your previous steed but it jumps, bolts and can dash at great speed!

Our pack features this mount in exclusive blue color which will be the perfect match with your Imperial Livery outfit, making sure your visit to Sulan won’t go unnoticed!

Pack Update is FREE!

That’s right if you already own a Founder or a Deluxe pack, these improvements are automatically applied to your offer and you shall receive them at the launch of Open Beta next year.

However, if you still don’t have a pack and wish to benefit from these awesome perks along with premium time and many other goodies, feel free to visit our founder pack page:
We hope you enjoy these recent changes and would like to thank you for your feedback again!


  • Q: I like the Golden War Horse and/or the Seraphim Wings better, can I have them instead?
  • A: The Seraphim wings and the Golden War horse which are no longer part of the founder pack offer will be easy to obtain in game in return. While we do recommend you to stick to the improved version pack, you can contact our support team during OBT and request a replacement for the previous items.

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