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SWTOR CM – Eternal Command Packs now available

SWTOR Eternal Command Packs are now available on the Cartel Market.


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31 replies on “SWTOR CM – Eternal Command Packs now available”

But heaven forfend that they actually, y’know, deliver some endgame content. Nope, more priced-up ERP bait – that’s their priority!

And people wonder why I went back to World of Warcraft, despite being a huge Star Wars fan….

looks cool,fight’s cool, doesn’t have any ‘tricks’ though unfortunately. I bought it but only because I had coins left over from sub

LOL @ all the morons who fall for gambling packs. You spend $200 or $300 or more buying gambling tokens and end up with vendor trash. The items they advertise for these packs are literally 1 in a million or worse. Hell, even crappy gas station scratch offs are required to post the odds. EA just takes your money. MORONS.

Cause obviously keeps spending money on the game he hates so much, and probably doesn’t want to quit anyway, so yeah.. he’s probably the bigger moron.

The introduction of platinum items was a really shitty move! I have no problem with the profiteering motive at work behind the cartel market in general, but platinum items are such pure, dickheaded exploitation devices, above and beyond the normal RNG practices of the GTN it borders on extortion!

“…borders on…”

You know, like when I say that u “border on” being a dense piece of brickstraw because you don’t know the meaning of “borders on”. So let me explain slowly: “Borders on” doesn’t actually mean “is”, just that it is “close to”, or maybe “seems like”, from a certain perspective. Really hope that helps!

One of my guildies made a big deal about buying it. Ten minutes later, she said she regretted buying it because it doesn’t talk, can’t be sent on missions, and is so big that it gets in the way a lot. I’m not sure what she expected.

Can anybody confirm, or deny whether this viridian corona colour is the same shade of green as that used by the Zildrog cultists in their lightsabers? Anybody got a clue?

I used Viridian Corona and Green Core on my Maruder to compare these two becouse i thoght its the same. For me, there’s no difference between these two. I thought Viridian will be pale green like in KotOR, but i was wrong. Still “Desert Green” is best (most smilar to this from SW movies) green color in SWTOR… The only differences between Green Core and Viridian Corona are price and item icon.

Dataminers discovered that there is a “Viridian” green in the game’s database of crystal colors, but they accidentally selected the “Green Core” color :/

Hopefully, it will be fixed soon…

I haven’t been playing regularly for months, so would you kindly tell me what is the current average price of hypercrate now? Today I saw the cheapest one for 45 mil. Is that fine?

Can’t please everyone, first in swtor people complain the items in CM are useless doesn’t benefit your gameplay. If they do add items in the market that gives you advantage over another, it becomes pay to win another group cries. Nobody’s forcing anyone to buy these packs, if you don’t have a lot time to make money in game to afford it from GTN cuz you spend your time working, and can afford to spend real world money, why not? I’m happy they’re purely cosmetic. If I want a CM bad enough I’ll make money in game to buy it. Also got enough real world money to spare if I don’t mind taking chances on the packs. Love the wampa 😡 and that command tuning

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