Producer's Livestream SWTOR

SWTOR December 15 Producer’s Livestream

SWTOR Dec 15 Producer’s Livestream where Bioware will be discussing some upcoming changes to the Galactic Command system.




  • Community Topics
  • Galactic Command Gearing Changes
  • Looking Forward

Community Topics

  • Overheated Droids/Snowballs – Patch tomorrow to make all snowballs able to hit all NPCs, including the Overheated Life Day Droids
  • Endgame gearing and RNG will be discussed below.
  • Chapter 1 – Preferred players can get KOTET chapter 1 free trial today at Subscribers can use their referral links to give their friends the Chapter 1 trial at

Galactic Command Changes

  • Feedbacks we have received
    • There needs to be a way to work towards a specific slot of gear to fill in gaps (especially set bonuses) for those unlucky with Command Crates
    • Gearing your other characters takes too long
  • What are we doing?
    • You can work towards specific pieces of gear through endgame activities
    • Elements of working towards those pieces are legacy-wide


  • Operations
    • Unassembled Gear Piece can drop from Op Bosses. You combine with Command Tokens that drop from Command Crates to turn them into tier gear at vendors. Command Tokens are new items that will drop from Command Crates and are guaranteed drops.
    • Unassembled Gear piece drop from op bosses
      • Guaranteed specific slot on last boss. Other bosses will have a chance to drop random Unassembled Gear pieces. You will need to roll for them like previous operation gear tokens and they are bound to character.
      • Tier 1 – story difficulty
      • Tier 2 – Veteran difficulty
      • Tier 3 – Master difficulty
    • Command Tokens will be rewarded retroactively when we add them in on Jan 24, 2017. They will be legacy wide.
    • Still working on what to do with operations that only have two difficulty modes.
    • They are still undecided on if Command Token costs will increase with gear tier.
    • Vendors will be added to the fleet with Game Update 5.1 (Jan 24, 2017)
  • PvP
    • Unassembled Components earned from warzones, used to purchase Unassembled Gear Pieces from PvP Gear.
    • Unassembled Gear Piece from vendor + Command Tokens from Command Crates = Tier Gear at the vendor.
    • Unassembled Components earned from all warzones and arenas. Based on medals, match outcome etc. They are not earned from Galactic Starfighter.
    • Valor requirement on vendor, not on the gear itself. Once you get the gear, they won’t take it away.
    • Purchase Tier 1 gear and then upgrade to higher tiers. You can use gear you earned from operations/crates and upgrade it via the PvP vendor as well.
    • Unassembled Components are not legacy wide, you will need to PvP on a specific character to get gear for them.
    • Command Tokens from Command Crates are legacy wide, as stated in the Operation section.
    • Vendors will be added to the fleet with Game Update 5.1 (Jan 24, 2017)
    • PvP gearing should be slower than PvE gearing since you can just queue yourself but both should feel rewarding. They are working on balancing that.
  • Players that doesn’t do Ops/PvP
    • They will offer a way for your to spend your Command Tokens on something cool so it doesn’t it goes to waste.

Looking Forward

  • Game Update 5.1 coming Jan 24
    • Five new uprisings
    • Master mode for all 25 KOTFE and KOTET chapters
    • Galactic Command Gearing Changes
  • January Producer Livestream – Talking about more group content.

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590 replies on “SWTOR December 15 Producer’s Livestream”

They tryed to make gearing system “less complicated”…
Now its even MORE confusing than EVER!!!!
WTF is wrong with those people?!
They are retards!

>There needs to be a way to work towards a specific slot of gear to fill in gaps (especially set bonuses) for those unlucky with Command Crates

So… We need TOKENS?????? BLASPHEMY

Uprisings are a quick source of CXP. You still need to get grates for Command Tokens (to buy the pieces you get from OPs and PVP) Plus you sitll have a chance of getting the piece outright from the crate. They’ve essentially made three diffrent ways to get gear, but they still rely on the crates.

Only applied a quickfix for the people that yelled the loudest, but anyone who doesn’t raid or pvp a lot but does have a lot of alts they’d like to gear is still going to suffer. The place so much emphasis on BiS, but even just getting +10 characters to a complete tier1 set could take a year.. and there’s people with a lot more than 10 characters..

Maybe learn to read. Everyone who wants gear, gets it via the sludge system, not only people who want BiS gear. More than 10 characters is not viable unless you make it a day job.

Nobody ‘needs’ it. Being a raider or full-time PvPer doesn’t make you ‘need’ the gear any more than a solo player needs it. It makes life easier; that’s of interest to every player.

To be competitive or beat the hardest difficulty you need the gear, a raider is not the people who do normal(or story) operations, that is a casual, a full time pvper does it to get as high on the ladder of ranked as he can.

You need -better- gear, not BiS. The hardest ops rely on nailing the tactics and perfecting coordination and timing, not having BiS gear. And I’ve known plenty of full time PvPers who never touched ranked- it’s a toxic place, and not everybody likes arenas. Nobody -needs- BiS gear.

People who wants to be at the top of the parsing leaderboards needs BiS gear :P, that’s just the nature of competition.

It doesn’t happen very often, but once in a while my group wipes with the boss at 1% health, or 2% health. If some players in the group had BiS gear, then that wipe would have turned into a clear. So yes, there are times that BiS gear helps, even in HM ops. And I have not touched NiM ops where I assume there will be many situations where things are on the edge.

I have downed Styrak HM with 2 people still standing alive with minimal health when we killed him. Sometimes even a mod of a single piece of one player can make the difference. So, BiS gear are needed sometimes. Not by people who do HM FPs or SM ops, if you know what you’re doing, you can probably clear all of those even in 208s after 5.0

Helpful I’ll agree on, sure. Not -needed- though, which is my point. There comes a point where gear is just tweaking performance by almost negligible amounts which -might-, in the right situation, turn a wipe into a close victory- most of the time it comes down to getting some small aspect of a boss fight wrong, though.

Same could be said of people running easier content. There are situations at every level where a slight improvement to your gear would just nudge you over into winning territory. It’s a bit wishy-washy For people to wave their hand and say ‘this type of player doesn’t need BiS gear’. Nobody needs it, everybody wants it, and giving non-raiders a way to earn it doesn’t harm all the l33t raiders in any way. Solo/casual players can do the content they enjoy with less time spent stopping to heal/wading through trash and raiders can keep waving their e-dicks around with their achievements and their ‘look-at-me’ loot.

In short; it’s useful, but there’s no reason not to offer alternate routes to BiS gear. It gives non-raiders goals to aim for, something swtor is agonisingly short on right now.

Oh I don’t disagree to any of that. And if I can get my BiS gear, I don’t give a single flying fuck if other people have the same or even better gear. My e-penis on SWTOR is non-existent, I have never in 4 years bragged about anything, because I play it purely for the satisfaction of clearing harder challenges with my group. Whether that is HM FPs, PvP, Ops, or whatever. I think it’s perfectly fine if someone wants to get Tier 3 gear by doing only Uprisings or pvp. Why would I care what others do?

That is a completely different subject than whether people “need” gear or not. You can’t do NiM in let’s say 140 gear. You can’t even do it in 192. And it would probably take the most skilled players in this game to do it in 220, if it even is doable when the maximum level is 242. There are DPS checks and healing needed and mitigation needed, that non BiS gear might not be able to make it, even if you do everything perfectly. So yes, to ME personally, BiS gear is needed 100% if I want to try NiM ops. I know that I am not a hardcore raider like others, so I try to do my best.

Aye, not saying all raiders are that way of course. Used to be part of a progression group myself for a year or so, but I’ve never really enjoyed it- I was just one of the only two people in our guild who played a tank as their main. Seen plenty of elitism from raiders elsewhere though, especially in general chat.

Agree to disagree on the importance of the gear though. I’ve always seen BiS as an extra edge, not a requirement. A little push when the group is really, really close sort of deal.

Regardless, this new system sucks metaphorical dick :’)

That’s a totally incorrect statement. You must have never played HM/NIM content,. or at least never played it ousdie of 3.*. End game gear is needed to complete NIM ops. Granted some good groups could possibly complete a NIM in what was crystal gear but if its possible those groups are very rare. Endgame players need a certain DPS/EHPS and DTPS numbers that this gear delivers. However the standard solo player that is here for the story and easy content does not need this gear.

I thought the same way, before they added Veteran/Master mode story
content, which is now end-game tuned for end-game gear, thus debunking
your whole argument before you made it.

And that gets you what? Nothing added to the story by doing it. There’s no Master mode only cut scenes.

Casuals don’t need BiS gear.

They’re adding a Master mode, and during the story mode Walker battle in full 224s I was still losing about 50% of my health between heal stations, which would hurt much more in Veteran/Master and I might not be able to survive that and future bosses without the increased gear.

Pre-5.0 the Story content ONLY had Story mode – low tier (208) gear was able to get you through the content.
Post-5.0 the Story content has increasing difficulty in Veteran and Master modes – low tier (230) gear may not be able to get your through the content.

Therefore, again, also debunking your second arguement before you made it.

Again: you gain NOTHING by doing Master or Veteran mode except more CXP. There’s no extra scenes or dialogue or ANYTHING. Casual players don’t need it to experience the story. You’re willfully missing the point.,

I did raid -some-, though not very actively. Most of my gear came from HM FPs. But I rely on the queue, can’t assume that carrying my own weight is sufficient. Last cycle that meant getting 208s first, but even the equivalent to that takes forever on a large amount of characters. There’s no point anymore.

Credits, heroics, credits, FPs both tactical and hm, credits, Odessen specialist quests, weeklies, and credits mostly. Was fine and got a full set of 220 gear

in b4 “what about set bonuses” and also
in b4 “people that didn’t raid or pvp before never had set bonus”

But that should be how it is. If you dont pvp or run ops you have no need to have 10 alts with top ranked gear. This was at least those people can till work towards a set. I never understood people yelling that they don’t have endgame gear but did not want to play end game. The gear is called end game gear for a reason its for end game players. But now those people will have a way of gearing slowly as I feel it should be. Why play an mmo without having rewards for playing the hard mmo content?

I thought the same way, before they added Veteran/Master mode story content, which is now end-game tuned for end-game gear, thus debunking your whole argument before you made it.

Well not really as there will be 2 types of players doing this vet/master mode content. The 1st type is end game players that will have the gear anyway this will be most all people that will even try hard content, as the non end gamers are that for a reason they prefer to play at a nice relaxed pace enjoying story with eaiser content so most all of them would not really be interested in a vet master mode.. The other which would be alot less % wise are the people that use swtor more as a social space and those that just don’t log on enough.And again with these people getting all the cheeves amd pushing into harder content as a whole is not something they would be very interested in. Thats just my outlook anyway

You should type less and read more. You put up the same straw man that so many put up. EVERYBODY that needs ANY kind of gear, needs to work through the sludge system. It’s not about the best gear.

1. I specifically mentioned ‘Tier 1’, as it would be the minimum for me to consider to continue playing. Trying to get tier 1 many times would still take a ridiculous amount of time.

2. Ten.. I used 10 characters as an example because 10 specs is the bare minimum I’d require to keep on having fun, this is assuming using legacy sets and would still see me need to get the left sides in another manner. I’ve been playing 30 characters actively in difficult content* for the last two cycles, there is no way for me to do this anymore unless maybe I become fulltime raider*.

*3. I do play ops. I play SM and HM and the occasional NiM, but I do not do so very regularly and when I do, it is either pug or filler with a guild that is not mine. These people will not be asking me on runs anymore. The occasional SM pug will not be enough anymore to get me started, heck, I’ll not even be able to start getting into HM FPs, because this system is sludge for ALL gear, not just BiS.

New characters have been my new content, have made me keep playing for years. Now not only are they not releasing interesting new things, they’re also taking away what I’ve been using to make it bearable. Unless I throw myself completely onto raiding or pvping.. and that’s not going to happen.

So.. that’s it for me. I’m out.

So, these changes are… well, an improvement.

For gearing up specific items and allowing ways to get around the RNG? Yeah, I’d say that it works in concept. The *specifics* are going to be important to see, but it’s a decent way in concept, since… yeah, it’s kinda just going back to the old way of doing things, more or less, but with a way for non-raiders/pvpers to get geared up.

But the alt aspect is still f’d. You still have really no reason to play seriously on more than one character, because of the heavy grind in getting to Tier 2 and Tier 3. And they haven’t really said anything about WHY that is.

It could just be that it’d be extremely difficult to make that change. And I’ve wormed my way through enough speghetti code to be sympathetic to that possibility. But clearly the ideal solution would be to make the whole thing as legacy-wide as possible.

So, a step forward after a step forward after a step back after three steps back with two steps forward and this is starting to feel like a waltz.

I agree with you that the alt aspect will still be a torture but, If I understood correctly, they said that we will be able to upgrade tier 1 into higher tiers.

I missed the stream but going by the summary here it sounds like:

1) PVE gear vendors comparable to the previous green / blue / purple comm vendors will exist and they will all stock specific pieces that cost a combination of command tokens (which may be earned on one character and transferred through the legacy bay) and unassembled tokens (which will be earned from operations in pretty much the same way as before).

So you could build up a stockpile of command tokens from leveling one character and then enter an operation with a different character, and if you win an unassembled token you can take that token plus the command tokens to a vendor to trade for the piece of gear you wanted.

2) PVP equivalents to the PVE gear vendors will exist (even though there’s no distinction in PVE vs PVP gear now) and their stuff will cost a combination of command tokens plus an unassembled piece, and for tiers 2 and 3 they’d presumably also ask for the shell of the previous PVP piece (similar to upgrading from unranked to ranked PVP gear before).

So you take that same stockpile of command tokens that one character acquired, then you run some PVP with another character and earn unassembled PVP tokens. And you take those tokens (plus a previous shell if applicable) to a vendor to trade for the piece of gear you want.

3) They hint at the possibility of some other alternative to spend command tokens on for those who might want something that doesn’t require running operations or PVP to earn unassembled pieces. I would assume that this would be for something purely cosmetic, not for gear.

Option 1 and option 2 both effectively bypass the need for command leveling on your 2nd / 3rd / 4th / etc. character so long as you’ve got enough command tokens stockpiled from the 1st character. You’re just replacing the command grind with something like the progression model of gearing that we had before.

At least that’s the way it sounds in concept. Like the guy you responded to said, we’ll see how they implement the specific details of it.

feels like a weird tango… and suddenly I’m wishing someone with better writing skills would rewrite and record Tango Maureen from Rent, but as Tango Bioware. “its a dark dizzy merry go round”

Well the alt gearing is not exactly all that bad, since command tokens are legacy bound and do not change types as you gain tiers ie tier 1 Command Token, Tier 2 Command Token and lastly Tier 3 command. Tokens from all tiers are the same type, your alt would not need to be command tier 3 to get tier 3 level gear. Just get hm/nim tokens on your alts and use the legacy command tokens to gear alts. And we can still move gear via legacy piece so its a step in the right direction. Now all we need to see are numbers of command tokens needed to transfer an OP token into a Set Piece. Also with the loss of Crystal gear to use on alts we can, use say our Mercs set gear on a sniper, then use the snipers relics, ear and implants as well as those said pieces Augments to get the simpers stats correct. Its not there yet but this is a step in the right direction.

I don’t see how this alleviates the problem for gearing alts, but presumably they’re still working on a solution for that.

It is a step in a direction. I would say a small step in an as yet undisclosed direction.
Hypothetically speaking here; If you get 5 tokens per command crate and 1 token per boss and it takes 1500 tokens + the unassembled piece to buy a piece of gear then you are still taking forever to get gear.

It reminds me of the Old Tionese gear where it took 3 forms of currency to get them. The Green Tionese crystals, the tionese Comms and teh unassembled tionese piece.

“Comms are too confusing.”

This is so much simpler!

And five NEW UPRISINGS! Damn BW, you sure as shit know how to spoil us, yes you do! Definitely going to keep my sub going in light of this fantastic news!


I was just about to type something similar.

Comms are just to hard for gamers to figure out. Lets remove them all.

After a big ass uproar about how bad RNG gearing is, let put in a more complicated system than comms ever were.

WTF is wrong with bw?

Fuck knows. I struggle to believe a group of supposed ‘professionals’ could actually be -this- incompetent and still hold onto their jobs for any length of time.

Lol they said the 4 different crystal comms where too confusing and were changing to a simplified system…. HAHAHA 3 steps forward 10 steps back hey Bioware ya asshats

Don’t worry guys, at some point they’re going to introduce a new revolutionary system involving three differently shaped/coloured items you’ll be able to get as reward for quests, and then exchange it for gear ;P

So I am going to say first and for most I love the idea of the Command Caches. I hear a lot of people raging, but I think it is generally a good idea for the game. Because it allows anyone (at least subscribers) to get gear no matter how they play and you are working towards you own gear, not having some Operation ninja it out from under you.

That being said, the issue is with consistently getting the gear out of the caches. Some people have compared it to Operations by saying I got 2 pieces of gear per Op, this new system doesn’t match that. I think you should think of it more in number of pieces per week. Because most people aren’t raiding constantly when they get on. So here is my proposal.

Step 1: Pity Timers
For those of you that don’t know what a pity timer (a term from Diablo) is, it is a a built in system to many games that ensures that within X amount of random packs you are guaranteed to get 1 thing of worth. As an example I will use Hearthstone: In Hearthstone you are guaranteed a Legendary quality card with in 40 packs from the last pack you opened with a Legendary quality card. So the game counts to 39 packs and if by that 39th pack you haven’t gotten a Legendary your 40th in guaranteed to have one.

I propose that this be added to gear in SWTOR. Add in 2 pity timers. One for Setted Gear (Gear with a set bonus) and another pity timer for Unsetted Gear (Relics, Mainhand, Offhand, Implants, and Earpiece). The Setted gear piece should be on an 8 cache cycle (Representing approximately 8 to 12 hrs of work) for tier 1 and the Unsetted should be on a 6 cache cycle for tier 1 (representing 6 to 9 hours of work approximately).

How this would work.
You get a Setted piece as Rank 13 let’s say. If you open the caches at ranks 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, & 20 and they are duds and don’t contain a Setted piece of gear then the rank 21 cache would have it guaranteed.

Similarly is you get an Unsetted piece at Rank 14 and 15,16,17,18, & 19 are duds then the rank 20 cache would guarantee an Unsetted piece. But if you got one at Rank 14 and then got another at rank 16 the pity timer would be reset at 16, and you would be guaranteed to get another by 22.

This would also scale up in difficulty with ranks. So Tier 1 about 6 caches for Unsetted and 8 caches for a Setted piece. Tier 2 about 8 caches for Unsetted and 10 caches for Setted. Tier 3 about 10 for Unsetted and 14 for Setted gear pieces. So you should have a full set bonus set by 84 caches in on Tier 3. Yes that’s still a lot of work (if you are insanely unlucky), but at least it is guaranteed.

Step 2: Remove the Slot Binding on Mods
Some of you are saying, but what if I am so unlucky I get nothing but Belts and Bracers. That is where this change comes in. Right now the Chest Armoring can only go in another Chest Armoring slot. This restriction was introduced after the game launched (I believe in patch 3.1) in order to prevent people from farming the first 2 bosses of an Operation just to get their Set Bonus armorings off of Belts and Bracers. The thing is, since the gear is random from the caches that restriction is no longer relevant…. why not simply remove it. Then if someone does get nothing but Belts and Bracers they can still have their set bonus (at Tier 3) with in 84 caches.

Step 3: At Command Rank 275 your Sets become Random
Ok so if the previous was added every player should be in a full Tier 3 set of gear by about Rank 264 (If you are very unlucky you will have to buy Enhancements from other players). So at 275 have all gear drops from the Command caches become truly random. So you can get gear for not only a different Role than what you are playing, but even a different class.

Why do this?
Because this would allow you to continue playing a character at max (or near max) Command rank and getting gear that you can then give to your Alts. Your main will already be geared, so why not use them at full strength to empower your other Characters.

Here’s why I don’t like what is announced today.
Here is the math break down. I am getting roughly 14 ranks per week (will be 50 at the end of this week). The update will launch on January 24th. That will be 5 weeks away at the end of this current week. I will be Rank 120. By that point (based on the rate I am earning and buying gear) I will be in Tier 3 Mods, Enhancements, Mainhand, Offhand, Relics, Implants, and Earpiece. In fact the only thing that won’t be Tier 3 at that point will be my Setted Armorings… At that point I should at least be in partial Tier 2 Set with some still Tier 1.

The best way, by my math to get geared in the downtime between running Operations…. is to PVP like mad (Something I am not a fan of doing). I am not completely opposed to this. but it’s what I am going to have to do as my Ops teams will be fighting over the majority of Tier 2 loot from the Operations still (Myself and 1 other are way ahead in ranks from everyone else in my Ops team). So because I am so far ahead I will be forced to PVP in order to progress to Tier 3 BEFORE I get to Rank 180.

Here’s what happening. BioWare looked at the cache systems other MMOs use. They said, “Great, that will work for TOR.” What they didn’t do was investigate what’s under the surface of those systems, what really makes them work. Instead they came up with their own version that looked similar, but doesn’t work like they do other MMOs. There was backlash from the community. Instead of addressing the problems and making their new system work, they are instead reverting back to a system that didn’t have as much backlash and implementing both systems together. So instead of fixing one system. We will have three (CXP,/Ops/PVP) system that will all be broken.

This. I really hope they don’t backpedeal on these improvements because they listen to the braindead fucking babies that think it’s too complicated (there’s a lot of them on Reddit, forums are clear for now). You learn the name of your set bonus and trade the tokens for it just like before. Except there are 3 different sources of those tokens. Simple. Nothing hard about it.

“Guaranteed specific slot on last boss. Other bosses will have a chance to drop random Unassembled Gear pieces”

Fuck that. Completing a whole operation that takes give or take about an hour (more for SnV, TFB) was already at a 62.5% probability to get a token before, and now that will perhaps be even less than 20%. Which means that one would have to run an operation 4-5 times with their guild, so that each member gets 1 set piece, and that is IF they other bosses happen to drop something, I am not very optimistic about these drop rates.

Why the hell would you not have every boss drop a set piece, is beyond me.

Or in a few words, too little, too late. Some people said “why fix what was not broken?” but in this case it’s “why not completely fix what was not broken?”

I agree with you, their system still sucks.

The opportunity to get the gear you need has now increased significantly over just getting it from Command Crates.

That doesn’t make up for the fact that the system still sucks.

Again not sure how this will play out yet. Trust me I was very unhappy with this game during 4.* and in this transition to 5.1 and was vocal about it on forums, but they do seem to be at least listening. Now we can run say TFB and have 5 set piece drop, only difference is we know what slot the last boss will drop. This should in fact make getting a full set easier if they can find a way to not have bracers and belts drop 80% of he time with their rng. IS it better or worse that people may be able to get a full set faster or not? Thats to be seen.

Personally I fail to understand why they think they need to reinvent the wheel here. Reinstate the old system, but leave the GC system around for casual content and to allow casual players to get decent gear at a faster rate.
My Grandpa used to say, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Why the hell did BW think they needed to fix a system that worked just fine?

Every boss will drop a “set piece” whats happening is only the last boss will drop a specific slot such as head. Off Hand, Chest ect. All other bosses will drop a set piece just a random slot. Which for the non hardcore raiders should sound good. As alot of them had a real hard time with the Off Hand and Head piece in 4.*. For hard core raiders its really close to the same, just now we cannot plan a full raid night of partial op runs to guarantee certain set bonus slots to be filled.

I wish it is how you say it is, but the announcement specifies that “other bosses will have a chance to drop random unassembled”. Which means that you might run an op, and if you are very unlucky, get a total of 1 unassembled token for 8 players.

Maybe I need to listen to the video again but how I took it from the first view, was every boss will drop a token, and as they said the last boss will drop a specific piece. Now the random drop part as I took it is. Each of the first bosses drops a random piece but the closer you get to the last boss, the better the chance other bosses will drop the same piece as the last boss. IE (made up percentages btw for sake of convo) 1 Boss 5% chance of dropping same piece as last boss) 2nd boss 15% of dropping same piece as last boss, 3rd boss 45% chance of dropping same as last boss, 4th boss 65% chance of dropping same piece of last boss. I will listen again to the video to make sure I heard this correctly as well. Hope this way is right lol.

Ok rewatched and yea I seem to have been wrong the farther you go the better chance the boss has to drop a random piece. Well that kinda sucks lmao, like they way I thought it was before

Yes, unfortunately it will still be crap, only meant to “appease” the raiders… It will still take forever to gear.

Yea I agree its not a true fix. I still hold true to the idea that if people don’t raid or pvp there is really no reason to have 240-244 gear. Even good NIM raiders only need 230-234 to finish NIM’s. BiS to me is a prize for completing NIM content that only makes it easier to finish NIM endgame content. So just never seen the reason for casual, conquest or daily and heroic runners to complain that they don’t have the gear. All that this Galactic Command did is make it hard for even the casual player to get the gear they need to complete their content. Some people now argue this because of the Vet and up comming Master versions of the KOTFE and KOTET chapters that high gear is needed to complete these but really the only people that will be doing this are the people that put time into the game hence end gamers. No casual is going to want to crash and burn learning that difficulty of content after all that’s the same reason they dont like OPs which is fine. I never had anything against casuals we pay the sub and we play the game how we want, but that ideal leads up to my next thought. I was always afraid the if BW listened to the ” I want endgame gear but don’t want to play endgame” complaints that everyone would get screwed like this. I just hope they find a fix for all types of players to acquire the gear they need in a much better way.

What??? It is all group content! U have to do ops or pvp to get the good stuff, u cant get crap if u want to play alone

That’s ‘working as intended’ most likely. Surely you’re not surprised they’re trying to make money on their anniversary gifts as well? :’)

buying time to hide the fact that there will be no new ops in the announcement. Just working on milking. Don’t be fooled “raiders”

Something people aren’t seeing yet when it comes to this system is how scummy a lot of the playerbase can be. Imagine doing a TFB. Imagine that there’s no unassembled drop on Writhing Horror, or Dread Guards, or Operator IX, or Kephess. Now imagine right as the group defeats the Terror from Beyond and they exit the hypergate the operations lead, in a pug group, changes it to Master Looter and ninja’s the only unassembled token in the entire operation. It’ll make Hard Mode Priority ninja’s look like Mother Theresa.

It’s an improvement, but they have a lot to improve on this improvement. They need to think proactively here. The playerbase, at times, can be complete cunts and this system is going to bring a lot of that out. Unless you raid with a guild, a specific raid team, or people that you trust and know in the game it’s going to be a nightmare.

I have ran many ops where the leader ninja’d 1st, 2nd, 3rd ect up to last boss’s tokens. Would be the same here, except as you said having someone save a LO or set to master mode right before last boss dies. It is an issue that should be resolved. An idea I have had for awhile is if you chose a loot mode, it cannot be changed with the exception of everyone in the group leaving the instance and resetting the instance. So just like SM or HM to change the Loot mode you need to leave the instance. That way everyone in the group has the power to make sure that the loot mode is set how they want it.

Do NOT FORGET the other old method of gear grinding: “Keep the ID”:
– OP Group “NiM is easy” goes in and clears the rubble save the very last boss, there they stop.
– Now all those tooms have the OP ID, where there is just 1 boss to kill, the last one; the one with the “goodies”. So just run in with as many OP’s you like, kill the one boss over and over…

This is worse than before 5.0 but a helluva lot better than what they have now but they still made a big mistake with what they did with ops. A CHANCE to drop a token? SERIOUSLY?
PVP has NO RNG in their new system. Nothing wrong with it as long as the token requirements are reasonable and not hideously grindy. It’s not fair to saddle PVE with a double RNG monster of random drops and loot rolling. We’ve been begging since the 5.0 gearing announcement to swap out your RNG system for a token system. This could be successful if you get it right.

The solution is pretty damn simple: Have each ops boss drop the same unassembled gear component that you get from PVP. No RNG. No fighting/loot rolling drama. No competing PVP/PVE currencies. No people farming last boss lockouts because of the guaranteed drop.

SM boss drops 1 component, HM boss drops 2 components, NIM boss drops 3. Last boss drops double components. Maybe regular HM’s drop 2 components/boss, RAV/TOS drop 3, and all NIM’s drop 3. Tier 2 gear costs twice what tier one gear does. Tier 3 gear costs 3 times tier one. Problem solved. Period. End of story.

Normal players can still get top tier gear (they can grind it from pvp anyway, that horse has left the barn for good), but NIM raiders will be able to gear up 3x as fast. And there is incentive to kill EVERY boss instead of the dread of killing the boss and then fighting the RNG boss for gear.
You want to incentivize a new op in the future? double the component drop. You want HM FP’s/Master uprisings viable? Last boss/bonus boss component drops.

Using this as a basis you can balance the rest of the system around it. You want a player to get a piece of gear every op? every op and a half? Every other op? 10 components for chest, 5 for belt, 15 for mainhand? Eezy peezy to balance that.

Easy to balance PVP around it too.

Command tokens are completely unnecessary with this system, but since they are INSISTING on shoving it down our throats so they can sell command boosts on the cartel market, it is easily adaptable.

I subbed just long enough for the expansion, so I can’t post it on forums.

So if you like it, let them know. I’m in wait and see mode. Without new content these changes aren’t enough to bring me back as I hate the RNG in the ops portion.

Remember when they said

“Our goal is to make gearing simple – too many currencies, too many vendors. We want to simplify it via the Command system.”

This new change is better but LMAO at what they have now compared to before:)

I normally don’t post nice things here, But the one thing I do like about 5.0 other than the story chapters is that they did an excellent job with the PVP bolster system. Whoever designed that did a top notch job. The bolster for tertiary stats (crit/alacrity/accuracy) is much better, system accounts for missing augments. They need to fix relics so they all proc in pvp, but other than that I’ve never felt pvp matches were so well balanced gear wise.

If you were smart enough to farm pvp set bonuses before 5.0 dropped, farming top tier gear for pvp is prettymuch uncessary for regs.

I’m a fairly casual pvper but for the most part I know what I’m doing. I’m rocking 208 augmented 204’s on the toons I’m playing and for the first time, I feel on a level playing field in every warzone I enter. No more insta-melt or hitting like a wet noodle without 2018 expertise. No more having to rely on your team being geared to have any chance at all, which in pre-5.0 was often a big problem.

Seriously just put the old gearing system back in and use command xp/crates as an extra bonus just for playing the game. Is it really that complicated?

You don’t understand…
Old system was TOO COMPLICATED.
People couldn’t get their gear becouse of it.
Forums was filled with posts of despair.
Now people are happy. They can easily…

“We found commendations and unassembled gear were way too complicated and a huge turn off for new players, because it was confusing. So we replaced it with Command-ations and Not-Assembled Gear. We feel this new system will be far better.”

Unassembled Components = Warzone Commendations
Unassembled Gear Piece = old 4.0 loot table

1 step forward, 2 steps back

They continue to try to “simplify” things yet make it even more stupid.

By the way in 5.2 all of our toons will be converted to GSI Support Droids like we get in solo mode FPs so there will no longer be any need to grind cxp or SB gear.

… and then tomatoes will teleport to a galaxy far far away through Asation. The nifty allmighty cosmic pizza in the end.

Basically they’re bringing back the old gearing method (because frankly everyone has been crying for them to do so)
But they found a way to not let galactic command be redundant
I don’t get what can be hard to understand about any of this

Yet, despite everyone crying for it, most of you seem negative about getting it? Did you expect a rollback to 4.0 or something?

It was easier for them back then TBH.
I do think it’s partly Bioware’s fault for making it so easy to have dozens of fully geared alt’s so when people realised they couldn’t gear ALL their alts in a month the went balistic, hence the change.
Sad really.

tbh, if you don’t care about setbonus, you can get 240 gear for all your toons in a month right now
I’ve been doing the same in 4.0, just have 3 legacy sets (heal, dps and tank) and have all my toons wear that, it’s strong enough gear for any content

With all the schematics floating about I got all my main toons in full 230 purples with just the 224 set bonus armourings.
And I’ve only been playing on and off over the last few weeks with work and family commitments.


Almost all content rewards Common/Elite/Ultimate Comms to buy tier 1/2/3 Gear.
Warzone Comms for Warzone gear
Unassembled Tokens from ops

So 4 logical currencies and tokens. You could specifically buy and raid for the gear you wanted.
Allegedly, players found that WAY too complicated!!! And all the story casuals players had no way to get BiS gear so they changed EVERYTHING!


Almost all content rewards Command Crates Tier 1/2/3 — which seem to randomly award a random Tiered Gear piece, about every 20 crates. Tier 3 gear can only be purchased after maybe 50-100 hours of grinding on a single toon, irregardless of skill or knowledge or assistance from guild/team.
Command Crates also randomly drop Command Tokens which can be combined with random Unassembled Gear pieces that drop from Ops, to buy a Tiered Gear piece.
Warzones drop Unassembled Components, that can be converted to Unassembled Gear pieces.
There may be an upgrade option for PvP gear, if a toon reaches GC level 2 or 3.
Last Bosses in raids will drop a special kind of Unassembled Gear that can only be used for a specific slot.

That is totally brilliant and very not complicated. Well done dev team!

Oh, and for the story casual that the entire system was changed for…

“They will offer a way for your to spend your Command Tokens on something cool so it doesn’t go to waste”

Because, yeah; you still don’t need BiS gear. According to the devs, that would be a “waste.”

I don’t get your last comment
Solo players can’t easily get bis gear (and don’t need it), and can’t spend command tokens on gear
So BW is giving them something to spend it on

Also, I don’t see anything saying there’s rng involved in getting command tokens (it getting granted retroactively suggests there might be no rng)

Allegedly, the old system was changed to make it easier for casuals to get end game gear that they needed to one shot trash mobs better. (but we all know it was to make us grind old content… again)
Bioware stated the old crystal/comm system was too complicated for most players so, they simplified it with a years worth of GC RNG.

So, now we have a system that is even more complicated, more grindy and as per their statement, not for the casuals they changed it all for in the first place because… giving a solo casual BiS gear is a “waste”- as per Bioware

Great, so what the FRAK did you change the system for again?!!!!!!

(to be clear, no hate for casuals… just for Bioware and their greed and hypocrisy. Especially since we have been saying what a pointless mess this would be since the very first day they announced it)


giving a solo casual BiS gear is a “waste”- as per Bioware
can you give me a quote of that?
the only mention of waste was in context totally different than what you’re saying

and of course BW wants us to replay content, what do you expect? you’re playing an MMO
save your pitchforks for January stream, if they don’t announce new ops coming soon(tm) 😉

they changed the system so that anything you do can get you geared up; this is to stop people from not playing certain content because it’s “useless” (nim ops before it dropped 224, sm ops, and all flashpoints and heroics)
in addition to that, they adding a system that makes it easier for raiders and pvp’ers to gear up; so they’re making solo players happy, and also giving exactly what the raiders/pvp’ers have been shouting for

I don’t see how it’s all that much more complicated than what we had in 4.0 tbh..
basically, solo players (which is the biggest group of people who can’t/don’t want to handle complicated things) can just do whatever they like to gear up, 0 choice in gearing, no complications anywhere
raiders and pvp’ers will have to deal with handing in tokens for gear, which tbh is what we’ve been doing nearly since the launch of the game

I’m missing the issue

BW. Made. It. Far. More. Complicated. For. No. Other. Reason. Than. To. Make. Everyone. Grind. Old. Content. Again.

Did that help clear up the issue?

what’s the more complicated thing?
I don’t see anything more complicated than what we had in 4.0 and before

I don’t see anything about command crate gearing that could be considered complex in any way whatsoever

and these changes aren’t made just so we’d grind old content again, it’s because raiders have been crying for these exact changes

honestly though, what did you expect? that BW would hand out min-maxed NiM grade gear to everyone on day 1 of the expansion?
that’s not how it works, crying about having to ‘grind old content again’ is silly imo, you knew that’d happen from the start

Your lack of comprehension is disturbing.

1. Get set piecet tokens, go to token vendor, get gear
2. Get comms/crystals, go to comm/crystal vendor, get gear

December 2016:
Get Command Crates, pray to RNGesus, hope to get a nice BiS set in maybe 8 months, so that you can continue to try to finish Ravagers HM 1 year later after you last tried. Since there haven’t been new ops in 2 years (3 by then)

January 2016:
1. Get generic gear tokens with command leveling
2. Have 1 in 8 to get unassembled token of your desire
3. Play some pvp to also get tokens
4. Combine tokens from the above activities to exchange for wanted gear
5. Upgrade your gear from Tier 1 to Tier 2
6. Perhaps have a full set of gear in 5 months instead of 8 months.
7. No new content in horizon apart from more unnecessary uprisings.

Which system is the most complicated? Which one is the most idiotic? Which system made sense for 4 years and had no reason to change?

You know as well as I do that you’re arbitrarily adding steps
Pre 5.0
1. Find out what the prio ops is
2. Get 1/8 chance of token
3. Hand in token to correct vendor, in exchange for the correct setbonus
4. Pray to the gods of swtor to make gear compensate for lack of skill in rav hm (people were running it in 198 in 4.0)
5. Repeat, while competing with 7 others for loot

1. Do literally anything you enjoy (including throwing snowballs)
2. Get chance to get gear appropriate for your spec (no more healers accidentally buying tank gear etc)

Which of these 2 is more complicated? The new one right?

For completeness, 5.1:
1a. Do pvp to get ‘comms’
1b. Use the comms, or get 1/8 chance on ops boss for a token
1.5. (Optional) use comms to upgrade the token to a higher tier
2. Exchange for gear (also requires a currency which you get every single time you rank up, no rng involved)
Even the new system doesn’t look more complex to me tbh

Honestly though, if you want gear fast, crafting is the way to go
If you don’t care too much about setbonus then you just need to craft 3 sets, and you’ll not have to gear anymore after that (if you know what you’re going you can be done within a month)

hummm… the arbitrary is strong with this one.
5/8 chance for a token… or higher ala SnV. Could get multiple tokens in an Op if nobody else wanted them, or if you had a team that was helping you.
People will still be able to buy the wrong set in 5.1… But now this mistake will take days – not hours – to compensate for it. (maybe weeks because of lockout and only last boss drop is guaranteed)
I dare you to get one full level from snowballs.
2 hour operation – almost guaranteed set gear (always have a backup plan for alts if you lose your target roll) but now many have ground 30+ GC levels and no 230 drops.
A healer, who bought tank gear… will be just as easily carried by their team or companion, for the next SM or solo content they do.

Is it really more complex… no… anybody that can do the KP puzzle will not be confused by this system.
It sure as hell is not more simple but is about 10X less productive and the same old content is .25X less new.
For a grand total of 13X extra less funner!!!

Let’s be really honest… does 5.0 or even 5.1 actually offer any improvement? If you believe it does… is it worth the time required to realize the reward?

and in summary:
There are some positive benefits to the new system… but the negatives make it totally unacceptable.
The solos (allegedly) that cried because they could not get BiS… will still never have BiS… because grinding heroics and KoTFE stories will never get them enough CG ranks, nor will it drop tokens or pieces.

Addendum: I 100% agree… disintegrate everything you can craft/afford

my point wasn’t really to argue numbers, I agree that 4.0 gearing was faster

my point was that 5.0 is not as complex as some of the people here make it sound (seriously, I don’t see anything more complex than what we had at any time since launch)

the nice things about 5.1 is that it combines both systems, rewarding any content that you play, and giving token drops on bosses

I’ll have to see and wait before I make any judgement on if it makes gearing up better than in 4.0
though I’m already guessing it’ll make it easier to get a specific piece of gear in NiM grade for anyone who plays both pve and pvp (sounds like you can upgrade gear that drops from ops, using pvp comms)

but yeah, I’ve been disintegrating basically everything, except setpieces and ear/implant/relic schematics

Ok I see your point of view. And I guess it’s a way to see it, I do agree that it’s nice that crafting is more powerful (you still need to do ops to get Void Matter Catalysts, and no, I won’t fucking pay 400,000 credits on the GTN so that I can craft a single 234 mod in one piece of gear, that would mean 10 million credits to fully gear a character in low tier non-set piece bonus gear —-> absurd)

Well gearing in 5.1 might not be as complicated for you and me, but if people had problem figuring out what to with gearing between 1.6 – 5.0, trust me, they will not have a single clue what to do in 5.1.

I don’t understand why you can’t see how the new system will be more complicated. You had 1 token to exchange in the past. Now you will have a variety of tokens from various sources. It is by definition more complex.

yeah 5.1 will be more complex, but 5.0 wasn’t
basically, 5.0 gearing was to dumb things down, and 5.1 was to make raiders more happy (and raiders are expected to be able to deal with a slightly more complicated system)
that was the original point of my comments in this thread

5.0 is as uncomplicated as it gets (because you have close to no control), 5.1 is more complicated (because you get more choice and control)
in my opinion, IF bw does it well (that’s a really big IF), then 5.1 can work nicely

back when it cost conquest mats, you could get full 240 gear within 2 weeks, assuming about 3-4 hours of play each day, 3 days a week (doing it with 8 people would mean that all 8 would get full gear)
using ops mats makes things a lot slower

Nice distortion of reality, I can see why people can still enjoy the game… if they are blindfolded and don’t care about how this game has turned out to be. The chance to get gear was always 5/8 and not 1/8 by the way, and since you mentioned priority Ops, more often than not you would end up with not one, but TWO set pieces, a 220 and a 224. And if not, you could get Dark Matter Catalysts which were actually useful. If one can’t figure out which the correct vendor for their class is…. they shouuld stop doing ops, stop caring about gear and not do anything of the sort. They will not miss raids, and raids will not miss them. Not sure why everyone thought they are entitled to have BiS 224 gear.

I would LOVE to be able to get tank gear on my healer. And vice versa. Now you can’t even do that. Pathetic.

If the new system doesn’t seem complex to you, it’s probably because you actively make an effort to defend it, like you do with gearing in 5.0. I have literally not seen A SINGLE person defend the RNG bullshit in-game. We are not talking about 99% of players agreeing that it is bullshit, we are talking about 100%.

I DO care about set bonus of course. Keeping 220/224 armorings until I get higher tier, because the 6-set bonus is a lot more beneficial than a little bit of mastery and endurance, in every single class of the game. And why would I have to craft? I can craft if I want to, but I don’t want to be forced to do it because Bioware can’t release new content and they are focusing on making us grind forever.

I was trying to show you how arbitrarily adding steps can make either system more or less complex
btw, I’m not saying I like 5.0 gearing, I don’t (the only thing I like is how strong crafting has become)
I personally think, that if done correctly, 5.1 might have the best of both systems
the nice thing about galactic command is that you can do whatever, and still get rewards (I never even considered heroics until 5.0 for example)
the nice thing about token drops is that it makes gearing less rng dependent, and usually a bit quicker too (depending on drop rates), and most importantly, lets you gear alts

btw, “2. Have 1 in 8 to get unassembled token of your desire” is just as wrong in 5.1 as in 4.x; I used 1/8 in my post to try point that out subtly

I do not like the gearing in 5.0, but if they do it right, 5.1 might be good

the only thing I’m actively making an effort to defend, is BW’s claim that 5.0 gearing is less complex (because frankly, the only way to get less complex, is by giving gear on launch, or just removing gear altogether)

I suggested bringing the comms back and leave CXP in place for cosmetic gear. So the story pro’s can continue to play dress up.

Make things simpler by extremely complicating things is bioware at its finest

So, you will no longer be able to get bonus gear from command crates? They removed pvp gear, but now you can get tokens from pvp a exchange them for gear? What kind of gear? To get a gear you gonna need token from ops plus token from command crates which still be random, so If you won’t be lucky you won’t get any gear… I’m not sure If I understand correctly, this is total mess…

You still get set gear from crates. these are just additional ways of getting set gear. But yes, it is way too complicated than the old system. and yet this is supposed to be “simple” according to devs.

Thanks for clarifying my question. They said they will make the gearing system easier for new players, I am no new player, I’ve been playing swtor for over 2 years yet everytime they try to make it “easier” I’m totally drowning in it.

Seems simple enough to me tbh.. look at the chart/picture
Items you get from pvp can be turned into other items (those items also drop from ops)
Combine it with something from command crates and you have setbonus gear
Very similar to the old gearing system
Also, there’s no rng in getting command tokens (unless I misunderstand it)

I’ve seen nothing that will make me resub. In 15 days or so, my sub will run out and I’ll finally be a pref. So my questions are:

Will I be able to access to all my toons as pref? Or is there a limit to how many toons I can play? What restrictions will I have other than credit limit? Will I be able to craft gear for alts, is there a limit to crafting? Will I be able to do heroics or fp or uprisings?

I want to know what awaits me in my new pref days in SWTOR.

There are limints for everything… Outfits, titles, epic gear, chapters, mail, credits, active characters…. and you can’t earn CXP as pref.

I found this while searching for the same answer and it
appears that you will be locked out of any CXP should you drop your
subscription and go ftp or preferred.

What to expect when you drop your SWTOR Subscription

If I am to name every single one, it would take me ages. The sad part
is we still don’t really know about all of the new limitations and
rules that apply to SWTOR F2P and Preferred statuses after the launch of
Knights of the Eternal Throne. Below you will find some of the most
important ones related to Galactic Command and other systems in the
game. I will be adding more as I learn about them. As you are aware, I
am an active subscriber and cannot test this myself, unfortunately.

Galactic Command is completely locked out. All you see is a notice
to sub when opening it. This includes crates you have gained and stuff
opened but not claimed. It is all locked away until you sub again.

You can still go into uprisings. This was tested by picking up the quest from a terminal and porting in without issue.

Veteran Flashpoints still drop CXP tokens, but they are locked out from use. It does not drop any kind of gear as a substitute.

Also massive amounts of green and blue items are coming up as
needing Artifact Equipment Authorization from level 66-70 – most likely a
bug. Crafted gear seems OK, but any drops aren’t usable unless you have
the unlock.

Thanks to Reddit user flux1 for this interesting and important update.

You will have to “activate” each toon you want to play, and initially you will only be able to activate 8 of them, but if you have enough Cartel Coins, you can buy server slot unlocks and permanently open up other toons you have or may want to make (you can have a grand total of 24 toons as Preferred). Any server slots you bought as a sub will remain in effect (i.e. if you bought 2 server slots while you were subbed, then you will be able to activate 10 toons off the bat). You can also buy server slot unlocks on the GTN, but they can be quite expensive, so you’ll want to hunt around for them before your sub lapses (server slot unlocks are account-wide, not server-specific, so if possible, you’ll want to look on multiple servers) You can still craft, but you can’t queue crafting and you can’t send as many comps out at the same time; you will also lose one of your crew skill slots, although, again, you can unlock it permanently with Cartel Coins (or the GTN, if you’re lucky enough to find an account unlock on there before your credit limit kicks in). You will lose artifact authorization (although you will still be able to use any artifact gear that is already bound to a toon), access to titles, the ability to unify colors, and the ability to hide your head slot (and again, every one of these can be permanently unlocked with a Cartel Market unlock. Happy hunting on the GTN). You will only be able to mail one item at a time and will not be able to mail credits. Vendor prices and the cost of removing mods are increased. You will only be able to carry 350,000 credits at a time unless you can get ahold of escrow transfers. You will still be able to do Heroics and FPs, but not Operations (Uprisings are also supposedly sub-only, but some have reported being able to enter Uprisings through the terminal on Fleet as Preferred). You will retain full access to all expansions (Shadow of Revan has the Temple of Sacrifice Operation, but that Operation is optional. No other expansion has Operations that are part of the story). You will retain full access to all class stories. You will only be able to do 5 Warzones a week per toon. You will be completely locked out of Galactic Command. You will not be able to expand your inventory space or number of cargo holds with credits.

I’m just listing these restrictions as they come to me, and I’ll add more if I think of them.

A couple of these restrictions can be permanently eased by using a referral link and getting a 7-day “trial” sub. If you do that, each toon you have now or make in the future will receive mail containing a Unify Colors unlock, a crew skill unlock, an inventory module unlock, and a Display Titles unlock. You will also get one free server transfer. You can only use a referral link if you are LITERALLY just starting the game OR if you are a former sub. Brand-new F2Players who use a referral link will not be able to use one again; former subs can use one once every 90 days.

What you want to do regarding credits, if you can of course, if form a guild with 3 people who can quit right afterwards. Then you can use the Guild Bank to store all of your credits and withdraw with any toon you want. Assuming that you will place all of your toons in your guild.

I actually have a personal guild but don’t have a guild bank. I have to check this weekend why I don’t have one and what it takes to buy one.

IF u form a guild as pref, store like 1.350M in the guild bank, (in parts ofc since your cap is 350K as preffered) and u withdraw EVERYTHING on 1 char, will your char get everything in his inv or 350K in inventory and 1M in the escrow?

350K and not a credit more until you purchase a credit transfer from the CM or off the GTN and the prices there are ridiculous.

You’re welcome. A few other things I thought of: you will earn reduced XP while leveling, but it’s barely noticeable these days (a new Preferred toon will easily hit 70 LONG before reaching Eternal Throne), and you will not gain Rest XP. You will also lose Section X access unless you unlock it permanently through the Cartel Market.

Can anyone tell me what these “set” gears look like exactly? So far I’ve opened 10ish command crates and I have gotten these “Eternal Commander” or “Outlander” (I can’t remember the name exactly) that hold 230 mods (blue rarity), but they don’t seem to apply any specific set bonuses. Does that mean I haven’t found any yet?

the purple “mk-3” gear are the ones that give set bonuses…the stats, for the most part are the same as the blue with slight differences.

the bonuses are the same as from 4.0 (ie 6 piece sets) just higher rating.

I think what they are saying is you don’t have to do op’s to get set bonus’s if your a PVP’er instead you get tokens in PVP the same as op’s for set bonus’s.

So… they basically say fuck you to casuals who can’t or don’t want to do ops. So I say fuck you to BW/SWTOR.

Good luck keeping your game supported with the 100k or so total hardcores out there.

master difficulty story chapters. flashpoints/uprisings. they actualy hilarious enough added more challenging content for soloers… while simultaneously making it WORSE when it comes to getting upgrades. becasue at least before you could grab upgrades, maybe not best in slot, but close enough – with commendations, then crystals. it was more affordable than buying mods one at a time, though you COULD combine both. now. its rng, boatload of credits… or nothing. I mean.. I suppose you could afk in some warzones. how fun for both people who don’t really want to be there and only doing it because they are out of options.. and even more “fun” for people who DO want to be there and end up with a horrible team of people contributing little to nothing.

Amkosh have you tried op’s? Some are very easy in Story Mode and with a good guild or a respectful ‘PUG’ group (just a random group of players in group finder or shouting on fleet) you might find it easy and enjoyable.
I suggest you start with Eternity Vault or Karaggas Palace as they are the easiest.
I strongly suggest you tell everyone at the start that you are new to op’s and someone will always talk you through each boss. You won’t be kicked or berated if your new.
People may get annoyed if you don’t tell them and you go offtrack and pull mobs etc.
It’s great fun and good rewards.
Just an idea mate, don’t give up.

No worries. There will be plenty of casual gears for casual players.
It’s like my car see. I don’t do Nascar so mine only goes about 100. Not the 300 or so you need to race

Um… you still get gear from crates like you do now. The new tokens from OPs is only for people that run OPs to help them fill out the gear they are missing in order to progress through Vet/Master mode. For normal casuals, you can still do your normal thing, open a crate and get your usual gear. However if you want to target a specific piece (if you are unlucky), than you will need to do OPs or PvP for the tokens.

This is better than what exists currently, which is much much worse than 4.0 I guess….

I totally called it that there would be people like you. There is literally NOTHING that changes for someone who doesn’t want to do ops. After the 24th of January, you will be able to get the exact same gear that you are getting now, playing the exact same way. And if you actually play some pvp, then you should be able to get even better gear, without ever stepping into an operation.

Right now you can get tier gear by doing non ops. When this releases, that will no longer be the case. Why the fuck am I getting penalized b/c some hard core idiots can’t handle the fact that non hard cores are getting access to their “special” gear?

You probably did not understand correctly the changes that will happen in January. For you, NOTHING will change. You will continue to get crates as you increase your command rank, and you will still have the same chance as before to get tier gear.

ON TOP of that, there will be tokens in these crates, that can be combined with drops from operations and pvp matches, and these combinations should be able to give some pieces that people are missing.

So you are not penalized at all. No “hard core idiot” cares what gear you get by the way. Usually “hard core idiots” care about getting gear faster, so that they can continue their progression in clearing the most challenging content.

The craftable mods are really good for casual play. My Guardian is in all 228 + augments and kick some serious butt. May not be OP but doing just fine. Crafting is a little tedious and expensive, but with all the legacy gear out there I can transfer it around to alts.

I don’t understand the new gearing system. Ok, i do OPS, get unassembled pieces, then what? Imust PvP to exchange the pieces for actual wearable gear? Or?

It’s like the previous system, only now you have to combine ops drops, that drop less than before, and crate drops to get gear. Same for PvP – comms + crate drops = gear.Think you can still get gear from crates though.

I’m probably old, stupid fart but could someone explain to me what was wrong and complicated with ditched comms system? Each activity had its own comms and that’s it. After reading the above I felt stupid – I didn’t get half of it after first read…

Because BW said (read lied through their teeth), that the old system was too complicated for us dumb, deplorable customers. So they gave us this very clear and clean system to replace it.


The only thing wrong with the old system was that it didn’t jive well with the lack of new content. It was too easy to gear out a toon and it left people with too much idle time. So this new system works well because it greatly slows down gear progression to almost be even with the lack of any real end game content.

Look at all the things they have added since SOR. Strongholds and conquest were merely designed as a filler to get people to grind out the same old stuff. Not to mention legendary and the DvL event. Uprisings are a joke and are no better than star fortress.

It’s all just time sinks cause they can’t make any new ops

but strongholds/housing can be fun all the same, it’s like playing Lego and ‘creating’ , in a limited setting, your own thing..

not really accurate..
token; drop is guaranteed on last ops bosses (only rng on earlier bosses)
+ (optionally) comms; to improve the token
+ legacy bound command token; guaranteed drop from every single command crate (they confirmed that in this stream)
= piece of gear of your choice (including different classes and disciplines)

in addition to that we still have both crafting and the command crates (including setbonus drops) as they are now

They still haven’t fixed the problems created by the system. All they have done is added a very convoluted “consolation prize”. It doesn’t make the BS RNG any more tolerable (hey, after you have been thoroughly frustrated not getting the gear you need for 50 levels, we will finally let you buy a piece). Nor does it address the atrocious grind for gaining those levels.

The system is terrible and I feel it will only get worse as band aid after band aid is applied (ala v1.1-v1.5 era) until they realize it just plain does not work and go back to what that had (ala v1.6). Unfortunately, like last time in the v1.0-v1.6 era, this will cost them a ton of subs and they do not have F2P to save them this time (because this system also told all the F2P/Preferred players to get out).

BW can take the whole system, and a lot of former subs apparently, and put it where the sun doesn’t shine. It is the WORST system I have ever seen implemented in an MMO ever and they are determined, regardless of the consequences, to keep this system.

On a side note, I do find it peculiar that EA decided to issue a survey on the expansion for the first time in the games history. Don’t know if it came from EA themselves, or the boys in Austin trying to collect metrics to defend their poor decisions, but it is interesting none the less that it happened.

I was surprised too when I saw the mail for the survey. It’s the proof that many subs are freezing their accounts I think.

I don’t know for other servers, but on mine, the population is not growing (Battle meditation, French RP-PVE). Between 20-21H, we barely manage to be 48+ persons on the imperial fleet (and only one instance). Of course it’s really better than the average 20+ people, but heh… I think it’s time for servers fusion.

How is the situation on your servers ? Just curious…

I like your low standards for proof 😉

but yeah, many people I know aren’t super happy, but most seem over it now

Yep, it’s more a personnal opinion and I should rephrase it… Still… a survey from Bioware is something really really surprising… Even for the ME3 crisis they didn’t do that 🙂

I would say: “c’est un pléonasme redondant qui veut dire la même chose de façon identiquement semblable” -> fifth redundant statement powah.

Jedi Covenant is okay at the moment. Usually two instances of fleet on both sides during prime time. That being said, it is the month of launch and I don’t tend to judge it based on that point in time as many come back, do story, and leave again until next expansion. Few care to grind the same group content they have done to death at this point.

So it is better now than the month before 5.0 launch, but not as good as 4.0 launch where we regularly had four instances of fleet going at that time. I honestly think the GC announcement soured quite a few on not coming back as well.

I’m on JC too and I don’t feel like there has been a large increase or an increase at all as far as population goes. Pvp feels more active tho

Yeap, I got the survey link too, and I basically answered every question by saying that the probability of me recommending this game to anyone else is zero, that everything about endgame at this point is plain bad, and that there is nothing that will keep me as a subscriber unless the situation changes. I don’t expect them to do anything about it anyway, even though I am sure they must have gotten many responses such as mine.

Bioware/EA’s SWTOR formula:

1. SWTOR Players give advanced warning of bad design/game mechanics.
2. Bioware/EA totally disregard warnings.
3. AS PREDICTED, players respond negatively to undesired/inferior implementations.
4. Bioware/EA rush to negate, not eliminate flaws.
5. Player base remains diminished.
6. Player base does not increase until new expansion.
7. Bioware/EA Repeat.

I’m not trying to argue with you. I wholeheartedly agree with just about all of your points except point 6. I don’t believe the player base increased. This is the first expansion i would argue they didn’t get a short lived bump. Usually they do. Not even Rogue One release could save this game

The player base has NOT increased, go to the servers, fly to every planet get a head count(during prime times) takes 15-20min (or get multiple player to go to planets) count up players, there are fewer players on every server then pre KotFE, by a long shot. Most severs will have less then 100 people, it’s truly sad.

note: the “people are in strongholds and guild ships” is complete BS as well.

SWTOR killed SWTOR, but in the end they will blame the players, not the developers!

Nope, Red Ecplispe fleet numbers are up, in the many hundreds, Planets have multiple instances, PVP popping non stop as are GF Op’s and Flashpoints.
Never been better, but they have to capitalise on this and keep the group content coming. Excellent start with Galactic Command and uprisings but more needs to come in 2017

First, I said most, there are a few servers that still have numbers, but way lower then even pre-KotFE, second, I have not seen multiple instances even on harbinger for almost any planet in a year. Harbinger being the MOST populated server.

They simply do not have the staff to produce more group content, except things like uprisings and copied warzones. But you better believe the CM packs will keep coming out on time.

SWTOR needs to die, so it can be forgotten and a new Star Wars MMO created (though it will be a few years), and hopefully they stop creating WoW clone themeparks and create true MMO’s…sandboxes.

Whole generations that think themeparks are the only type of MMO, very sad.

I am on The Harbinger as well, and numbers these last few weeks are similar to the numbers of other servers a year ago… even Story Mode Uprising queue is not popping instantly, after all that promotion they did to make everyone play them over and over again….

Whatever he claims, is simply not true. I have 5 toons on The Red Eclipse as well, and logged in last night for hours just to see what is happening over there. Things are much worse than The Harbinger, as expected, and I did not get a single pop for ops or HM FPs, of course. And that was Thursday night prime time.

sandbox is bad choice imo. i have played eso and the combat system is sandbox, which is 110% unreliable, not trustworthy at all; it’s much more complicated to understand and to min-max to a decent level; and it’s much more difficult to control the balance for the developers. in the end, you are not getting the FUN, which a game should give; especially if you want to get good after some time you invested. my opinion is , that a limited theme-park combat system (like swtor has; 24 builds in this case) is the best way to go, to guarantee some FUN to the customer. I’m very convinced that Star Citizen will be very disappointing too (like the Division too) where the builds are too complicated and diverse, and makes access and playability too difficult and not FUN. only a few players figure out the numbers and will create non-logical builds (like in ESO > sorcerers with daggers or….nightblades with two-handed weapons..which DO NOT make sense RP-wise and even spoils the aesthetic of the game) but which are builds that work mathematically. You still get killed in 2/3 seconds in that game in pvp and the community still is completely brainwashed.
I personally think, swtor’s combat system works very, very well, although, they could introduce one more layer of customization.
Guildwars 2 is also good (as far as i can judge) but still a bit too diffiuclt and has lots of “noisy” skills and numbers/stats/parameters that confuse only. Also, gear does not really matter in pvp, i think… Sandbox-aspects should only implemented in story/RP/exploration, not in the combat system for sure!!

OK, first ESO is in no way a “sandbox”, at all…in no way at all!

Themeparks have been overdone for the last 10+ years, thanks to WoW and developers chasing the dream, so to speak.

Most people have not played a sandbox, especially people who only started playing MMO’s in the last 10-12 years.

MMO’s are sandboxes, not themeparks, thank WoW for ruining it for everyone, again whole generations who don’t know what an MMO sandbox is (not singleplayer sandbox).

Based on your response you have no idea what a sandbox is at all!

well, i’m sure there are many levels of sandbox-implementations. you probably wish the pure sandbox-game, where you have total freedom, very little rules and where you have to spend a lot of time to create and develop a single toon to competitive pvp-level (for a limited time).

Sandbox, according to my reading means lots of freedom in many/most/a few aspects of the game. A game needs some rules too to be fun.

You spend money and especially time in the game and you want something real, a good experience and feel, after an hour or so (of combat, because it’s always a lot about combat too!) in return.

Especially in 2016, you want something in return after some time. You can’t expect people to spend time with some vague promise; it’s a game and not real life.

You want rewards and progression and a feel to be the hero (one of the millions) but still a competitive hero after some time-investment. And, if you are into other things (like housing) you want to see results too. Many players just want to log in for 1 hour or 2 and most want to do some combat-activity, which must rely on a very solid and trustworthy, balanced combat-system, which, imo, must not be sandboxy.

Other aspects can be sandboxy to a certain level or to pure level, idk…

Standard could mean anything within a boundary of 2 numbers lol it doesn’t mean the numbers didn’t increase.
It’s not hard to work out….well maybe for you XD

Truth be told. I have never seen such an underwhelming release of a new SWTOR xpac. Usually I see at least 10 people return to this game in every guild that I am a part of (3 different guilds) and this time I might have seen maybe 2 or 3 people return.

I have seen more people leave this game, than I have seen people returning, since 5.0 was released. And forget about my guilds, there are literally fewer people on fleet and endgame instances than ever before. When Makeb, Oricon, Rishi, Yavin, Ziost were released, you would see people in the hundreds, both on fleet and on each one of these planets at their relevant time.

If they sent that survey email… things are not going well for them.

Too little too late. I am just spent. Command Rank 56…and it’s monotonous. There’s no deep content and large planets to explore like the ones in the initial release. No new Operations tied to planetary stories like the Dread Council was or something similar. It’s amazing how fast they were able to utterly diminish my interest in the game I have played since beta.

So glad I left with my whole guild for Legion launch. Best decision ever. We brought over at least 30 people from SWTOR to WoW. Sure Legion has its issues and rng system, but it works way better than this crapfest in SWTOR. Now we are all raiding (flex system that allows min10-max30 people) actually getting tons of relivant gear, running dungeons (getting relivant gear) and story every week and having fun. Heck, even world quests give good gear.
I was a whale for bioware, but no more. Too bad my 900 million credits is going to go to waste and sit until the game dies. Maybe one day I will just randomly give it all to a lucky newb.

I’m not saying legion is bad, in fact I’ve been hearing good things about it however not enough to get me back and we’ve had 2 (yes only 2) returners this week from legion in my guild.
Yes it has it’s place in the MMO game being a true and huge MMO and if you like fantasy it is probably the place to be, however it’s SWTOR all the way for me, rich rich content and hopefully a group content focused 2017 away from single player in 2016.
Take care and enjoy WOW

“Rich, rich content”…I think you need to step back and look at what other games do for patches and expansions, SWTOR is a fraction of the content that other games produce in the same time frame.

Content in SWTOR is a joke, problem is the people still playing SWTOR are to blinded by the words “Star Wars” to see it.

I also have news for all the “Story” people out there, EVERY MMO has story, most of the major ones have more then SWTOR in the last 4 years in a single expansion. The only thing SWTOR does that others don’t is full voice over. But in the end what would you rather have 8 hours (at most) of “voiced over story/mob grinding” or story that takes average players a week or more to play though.

SWTOR is a joke of an MMO, it could have been great, but was poorly designed and managed, especially since KotFE/KotET.

ROTHC, Shadow of Revan, Oricon, Ziost to name but a few.
Strangely apart from lightsabers the SWTOR game is so different from the Star wars films due to the timeline a lot of people I know and play with are here for the sci-fi feel rather than just a Star Wars game.
“I also have news for all the “Story” people out there, EVERY MMO has story, most of the major ones have more then SWTOR in the last 4 years in a single expansion” -LOL no just no. Wow was dead for years endgame wise until Legion, ESO was dead for years until the excellent updates that brought it back fighting, GW2 has been very poorly supported although it’s a tremendous game engine but falls short in many ways.
SWTOR is great but need to be greater and 2017 will hopefully hold that for us us 🙂

And…after SoR that was said in…
and will be said in 2017.

This expansion should have cast aside any doubt, SWTOR does not have the resources to put out much content. I know of very few MMOs where an EXPANSION (not a patch update) has less than a weekends worth of new content. This expansion launched with 6-8 hours of new content with 6 hours of that, disposable story content.

In other words, most other MMOs put a new fart into the game and it has more than BW puts into an “expansion”.

The funny thing is you believe that nonsense.
Hey i’m loving the game along with many others nightly…you on the other hand…..

But your still missing the work that goes into it lol not to mention galactic command, uprisings and massive class changes.
Haters gonna hate.

My guess is you don’t actually play any other MMO’s or you would know that your comments are false and full of white knight bull shit.

SWTOR since SOR/Ziost has released what “New”:
– 25 chapters of story (playable in a day or weekend at most if your slower), and the “chapter” part is marketing, not that much content for story
– star fortresses: glorified heroics, more heroics great…
– uprisings: bastardized mini flashpoints, there is a reason there are no new flashpoints/operations and this is the best they could come up with.
– Eternal Championship: best thing about KotFE, taken directly from KotOR, but not enough alone.
– more CM packs then previous packs combined
– reworked CM, bronze, gold, etc

That is a sad

But you keep telling yourself it’s a lot of content and the games doing great…

You hit the nail on the head here.
Folks who are actively playing more games than just SWTOR understand that BW is not keeping up with the rest of the market.
The statement about the Eternal Championship is worth it’s weight in gold. That has been my opinion since it was previewed on a live stream. It’s a copy, from the Nickname of “mysterious Stranger” to the script that the announcer reads.

SWTOR has been infamous for recycling content and cosmetic pieces, but then they recycled an entire mini game…
Next thing you know they’ll recycle pazzak…. Oh wait I would actually like that!

“My guess is you don’t actually play any other MMO’s or you would know that your comments are false and full of white knight bull shit.” – *sigh wrong I played early ESO (not for long) which was awful until the important updates, Had a lvl 80 Nord Ranger in GW2, a lvl 80 human hunter in WOW (yes I had a Aragorn fixation lol) and have tried Engineers in Wildstar so you assumed wrong as usual Dakit.
Said this a million times but you all choose to forget it when plying me with the same drivel.
And you want check the definition of White Knight as if you see my posts I don’t like aspects of the game you just chose not to see it in your blind hatred for the game.
Pathetic as usual guys, you need to get some more amusing material.

I have not told any falshoods in the above statement, you blind haters are all the same.
I’m loving the game just now….shame.

That’s because you have such low expectations you don’t know any better!

If you think the content that SWTOR has released with KotFE & KotET is a good quality & quantity for the time frame… low expectations, great when you don’t care, not great when do!

Yea there’s nothing “Star Wars” about this game post-vanilla. Whoever is in charge of the story writing and direction of the game is retarded.

The DvL system is stolen from a MMORPG called Shaiya. More questers on the Fury side ( aka dark side) more blessing from the Goddess. More questers on the light side, more blessing for the light side. No points or items tho, but 100% chance of augmenting items if your side had full blessing. Sounds familiar?

So basically, they recognize their command rank system is bad. So they are trying duct tape together a bad system, rather than just go back to what we already know works.

IMO, this is all being done to prolong gearing cycles as much as possible so they can take a long time to add any true new replayable content. I know they have uprisings. But they are meh compared to a fun operation.

Agreed, the GC system is fine, just the whole lack of real easy way to get gear, not legacy wide or at least easy to level alts using this system, and finally no new raid or Op content.

The GC system is garbage. All you can do is rerun content that dates back to the bloody beta.

Hey, wanna kill Revan again? For the 1,000th time? Or want to run “Friends of old” again on DK?

This is their new pattern. They are too incompetent to make new content, so they find new, idiotic ways to make old content “relevant” again.

Well the way they implemented it is really bad, however having everything in one place is super nice. The fact that they didn’t include any new content is inexcusable. I do agree that they do force you to grind for no reason at all. Totally illogical IMO, this could have been done better in so many ways, conceptually a good idea. Implementation was bad.

Okay, since people are so upset with this clusterduck of a GC System… and I think EA knows it and it is having an effect on subs, thus the recent survey. Here is something that will give everyone a good laugh. From the recent shareholder’s report:

“Bioware has revamped it’s SWTOR game to strongly encourage subscribers to retain their subscriptions for longer periods, which will likely increase revenues…”

I can’t wait to hear EAs response when they realize that revamp has cost them more subscribers (and revenue) than it encouraged.

Direct result of the people in charge of SWTOR at Bioware have no idea how to run or develop an MMO. MMO’s are a spend money to make money business model, something that SWTOR never learned in five years.

metrics, lol
story driven, lol
more “content” released in cash shop then playable content, lol
F2P, lol (you only need to go F2P if you can’t produce the right content and enough content to keep subscribers), creating F2P games from the beginning is like saying, we know our game won’t make it as a sub only game, so we might as well go F2P from the start and hope for the best. (yes i know swtor was sub only in the beginning,i was there), Sub only is not dead, just in most cases the companies don’t spend the money to maintain the subs.

What content is there in the cash shop other than more reskins of the same old armor?

Story driven now just means “we’re too incompetent to make large chunks of content” or “we suck so much that nobody with real talent wants to work for us, they all go to Blizzard and build real expansions there.”

There once was a bozo named Irving
With a job that he was not deserving
He said, “See here, mate!
RNG gear grind’s great!”
And into oncoming traffic we’re swerving!

There was a young man named Dave,
Who kept a dead whore in a cave.
He said it was hell,
But when he got past the smell,
Think of the money he saved!

Just in case you didn’t know, Ben Irving is the name of the game’s producer, the man who greenlit (if not outright designed) this whole mess.

Uprisings are easier to make than ops. So they’ll never make any new ops. Enjoy killing Revan for the 1,000th time. Not.

Still complicating what could be simple…

Ok: the good news? They realised they messed up. Big time.

The bad news: they still don’t know how to steer this ship…

Let me explain. Why the unnecessary complication? As I’ve mentioned in another post: put a vendor at the Fleet, make gear rewards come with escalating GC level. Say you need a piece of gear. Said piece of gear would be: “GC lv (x) required”. Done. With each level gained you would get to the vendor, choose the gear you need and be done with it. And no unnecessary complications with GC levels and tokens thrown in together.

Oh… And make that piece of gear Legacy bound. ALL problems solved. Well, all but the gigantic grind it still is (unless I’ve missed some important information, in which case I would gladly welcome corrections).

You see, this way they will piss off casuals who won’t get access to BiS gear without doing Ops or pvp. Yes, I know all about the fact that they don’t really need BiS gear. But you give them a candy, and now you take it away.

My point being: is there any way to do things without pissing off a part of the playing population? I think so. I don’t mind anyone getting BiS gear. I don’t care if it’s “fair” or not. That goes right over my head, to be frank. I’m not here trying to discuss the fairness of it, or saying casuals are not “worthy”.

I’m just saying: BW stop alienating portions of your playerbase. One of these days you’ll have none left.

I am a casual that doesn’t do Ops. It doesn’t bother me if raiders get the better gear, they are earning it. I don’t need Ops gear if I don’t do Ops. lol. Your way sounds acceptable to me. Also they need to not alienate free to play gamers, they have been a helpful addition to server populations.

The f2p and Pref thing I have mixed feelings. Although I agree with you, I also don’t think we as f2p should have access to everything. This system is pretty rough on f2p, but so are others out there.

Could they do it differently? Of course. SHOULD they do it differently? I think there are worse problems in the game right now. And I’m Pref.

I see you went digging for some Dreadseed gear 😛

Took me sooo long to get both sets from digging, that was a fun grind though. Pity they didn’t utilise the seeker droid and binocs more after 2.0. It was something different to do at least.

Yep… Still haven’t found an armor that I like more for my Jugg tank than this one. Just put a red/black dye in there to reverse the colour scheme and done! hehehehehe… The Star Forager I put on my Gunslinger, but I find this one to be far superior than that other one.

And yes, it took forever and a day to get both of them…

I go back and forth on whether F2P should be allowed. Yes, it increases server populations but as the game is so solo now there is little need to group during levelling. Only benefit I can see is that low level PvP and FPs ping more as players get the ‘Introduction’ missions.

I would argue that F2P has had a huge hand in killing the game as well. Seems to me like the ‘story driven’ direction of the game was marketing effort to get these to subscribe. Instead of having a MMO playerbase, they now have a RPG playerbase.

Ha, I am at 25/27 myself. My characters go in groups of 8…. first generation of each class, second generation of each class… and then the third generation is my 8 DvL characters, one of each class as well 😛

Big problem with your way is it sounds like it would be only for that specific class. So say I main a Juggernaut and say I grind the fuck out of it to CXP 200+ for the tier 3 shit, with that way I would still only be able to get Juggernaut Tank and DPS sets. The way Bioware is doing it now, for how fucked up it is, would let me get other sets as well so I could have 1 main CXP toon and take those unassembled tokens to say gear up an Operative Healer because a group needs a Healer. It’s still a complete and total clusterfuck and needlessly complicates a system that wasn’t complicated in the slightest before except to the absolutely retarded, but at least it lets people gear up different characters and lessens the impact of RNG.

Ideal solution is for them to say they done fucked up, and revert back. But they won’t. Nobody ever wants to admit they’re wrong, especially a developer of a game like this where the playerbase could hold it over them all the time going forward. Even if they know deep down they fucked up.

Best solution would be to can this whole RNG stuff and revert back, I agree.

But I don’t think they will do that. And that problem of being only for your class can be easily solved. If there was a vendor make him have tank, dps and healer gear. If it was in Galactic Command Stash give those 3 kinds of gear and you could choose whatever you want.

Of course, this way there would still be people out there that are dps with healer gear, or healer with tank gear… You see, I’m not sure they made it class specific to screw around with us gearing alts. They made it so that people would use the correct gear.

At least that’s what I want to think lol…

Story was great. I got to kill lots of important people, some of which have been annoying me since 1.0. Apparently, deciding to kill or not kill some of them changes the outcome of some things. Dialogue has some nice references/tie-ins to my individual class and I was pretty pleased with how it all wraps up – at least from a Dark V Inquisitor point of view.
As I’m sure you’ve deciphered from the other comments going on right now, its the end game after you’ve played the stories that has problems.

Just wait, once this entire story line is over we’ll learn that none of our choices actually mattered.

They have never mattered and will never matter.

KotET is the very best thing about 5.0, hands down. IMO. A shame that they messed up the gearing system with this patch, KotET worked a lot better: little to no exposition, characters were well defined, and the plot/characters made sense. Not their absolute best, but miles ahead of KotFE.

I suggest you pay one month, do all the uprisings in story and veteran mode, do a couple DVL battles, and then tell me if you would ever use them as an argument in a discussion about “SWTOR endgame”.

You would not.

Get out of here. I know what you are: you are a covert White Knight! You’re trying to get me subbed because you secretly love BW! I’ve seen you other post where you “revealed” yourself…


Haha! I secretly work for Bioware…. I feel so guilty for still paying for this game… if it wasn’t for my Tuesday/Thursday night guild runs I wouldn’t be…. I actually know people that want to play but have stopped paying out of principle, and I am getting close to that…

BioWare are making the classical mistake of saving funds instead of increasing the amount that is invested into the economy (game) when things are going poorly.

If they want a good example of how to get this game going again they need look no further than FDR and Henry Ford. YOU NEED TO GIVE PEOPLE A REASON TO SPEND AND GIVE THEN MORE BANG FOR THEIR BUCK.

Central banks across the world have made money available to people cheaply for years now but it didn’t help the economies in general. It only helped those fortunate enough to own shares of companies in a few select industries.

Word on the forums is that EA actually sent a survey out to subs asking them what they thought of KOTET. Apparently some heads are rolling behind the scenes and rightfully so. Guess the reliable 5+ hypercrate subscriber whales didn’t migrate back into the game like they thought for 5.0.

It did happen. I received that survey, and I responded with a very negative feedback when it comes to the new gearing system, the endgame content, and pretty much almost everything that has to do with the game post 4.0

I don’t expect changes.

I think there’s a good chance it will change. They wouldn’t ask if they weren’t at least considering it, right? And so far, no one has jumped up and said “RNG gearing is a huge improvement and I love doing old content to get it” that I’ve seen. So they likely are getting an earful.

They always claim to be listening to feedback then act contrary to it, so to me this just stinks of another attempt at deception.

SWTOR has 1681 votes out of 2480 visitors of the page who voted…. 68%….

And yet there are a couple of people on this website that feel perfectly happy with the game and think that only very few things should change :’)

I hope heads do roll. These guys have exhausted my patience. I don’t think they should be running this once great game.

i haven’t been subbed since march or so, and few weeks ago EA/Bioware attempted to make Several withdraws from my account.. bank of america flagged them as fraudulent transactions and froze my card and account (temporarily) i had to chop up the card and wait on a new 1 in the mail. Thnx EAware. Have a nice Day!

5 new uprisings, seriously? No new ops, no new FPs. So rerun the same old stuff from launch. Again and again and again. I get it, uprisings are easier to make. Generic arena with generic enemies thrown at you. It’s group junk food. It’s a crappy Chicken McNugget when compared to the three course meal we had at launch.

The bottom line remains: no new content worth mentioning. It’s remains a single player expansion, again. For an MMORPG. That is utterly ludicrous.

Nothing they brought with 5.0 (or even 4.0) justifies paying a monthly subscription. It doesn’t even justify spending money on the cash shop (want another reskin of ugly armor?) They should have made this game offline single player from the start, with an option for online co-op and just sold a season pass for “expansions”.

My son is awesome. He played this game too but quit a few months ago. When I showed him these notes he said “So they took a silver turd and painted it gold and tried to convince you it was something else. Either way it’s still a turd. I’m glad I quit”.

Wait, so they’re adding gear tokens again? In addition to the RNG crates? We have to get a token, get a gear token, then we can get a piece of gear that we actually want? Why the fuck did they add the RNG system in the first place?

When they decided on gear system, Musco rolled a d20, got a 1, had to reroll to avoid critical failure, rolled another 1. Thus, they went with RNG….

So…I just saw Rogue One. This should mean that, as a long-time gamer, I want to run home and play some SWTOR to live out a small slice of digital Star Wars fantasy, right? Nope. Cause there’s nothing for me to do that I haven’t done a thousand damn times even though an “expansion” just dropped a week ago. Idiots. Meanwhile, I’m still working through WoW: Legion content 3+ months after launch. Even if SWTOR is profitable how much money are they leaving on the table due to mismanagement and just dismissing founding players?

Found this yesterday in case you’ve not seen it.

No idea how I missed it and I haven’t got in yet (waiting for the admins to give my account the green light) but if it’s everything I’ve been told it is it’s NGE SWG fully restored and fully playable. So that’s where I’m going next. I’ll come back to swtor when they release content instead of youtube material.

This is what blows my mind, if EA/BW had invested properly in TOR, to create some really high quality expansions (with a SW feeling to the story) just in time for TFA, added a bunch of cash in some advertising in the right places (like, right before the movie starts), then TOR could’ve cashed in on the SW hype to the max. Besides the shit engine, there’s a solid core there, and if they had done that, they could’ve seen the subs rise substantially.

Instead of releasing a “meh” expansion with little to no fanfare while going away from the SW feeling which is what they did. They have Mass Effect for that sort of new thinking space stuff that doesn’t feel SW at all, which works there. So mush missed potential….

yep. i had this “I want to play a star wars game now! desire as well… except…. SWTOR wasn’t that game and that is just sad :/

I would have liked to have seen the introduction of game-wide dedicated Veteran and Master instances. Yes, people are complaining about the lack of new group content, but imagine being in a group starting new characters at level 1 and taking on the whole game at a greater challenge setting?

And there is no shortage of group content. Apart from the base game there is still Section X, Black Hole, Ilum, CZ-198, Oricon, GSI, Rishi, Yavin, Ziost… and yes… Makeb.

Give us game-wide Veteran and Master instances. The harder the difficulty the better XP gain, LXP gain, CXP gain, Reputation, Credits, Loot drops, etc…

“starting new characters at level 1 and taking on the whole game at a greater challenge setting?”

Ugh… pass. Sick to death of replaying old content to the point where I can quote it. The game needs -new- content.

“And there is no shortage of group content. Apart from the base game there is still Section X, Black Hole, Ilum, CZ-198, Oricon, GSI, Rishi, Yavin, Ziost… and yes… Makeb.”

Maybe I’m missing something here… But how does that qualify as “group content”?

Having game-wide Veteran/Master instances makes solo-ing existing content set to a higher difficulty hard to do… unless you have really good gear and a high-level companion. Otherwise, Veteran/Master instances would have to be done in a group. That doesn’t seem so far fetched or pointless to me considering that I hear players in gen chat constantly giving group calls for HM FPs, HM Ops and NiM Ops. Its still the same old content, but players are still grouping up for them even after 5.0. Personally, I ran the Ops once. I don’t need to do them again… but I constantly group-run Heroics to top up my credits. With that in mind, Veteran/Master instances could be a fast and less grindy way to grind credits… never mind CXP. It would mark the return of 4-man Heroics plus establish all class missions set at that difficulty with better rewards.

Fair enough. But my definition of group content is a little different. Just upping the difficulty on “normal” material makes for boring group content.

Ops are a good example. It’s not just the difficulty of killing the enemies, it’s the MECHNICS that are challenging. This option would do little more than spawn glorified KP’s everywhere. Tank and spank galore. Kill adds and burn the Boss. Not my cup of tea.

There’s a reason you can only group up to do FP’s at a certain level. Imagine people grouping up to play in Tython or Korriban, or even Coruscant or DK. The word “clusterfuck” comes to mind… And if people bail out: how do you do your class story then? Go back to Normal mode?

I’ve gone into Hammer Station HM with people stuck at the Tunneler droid, claiming it was impossible to do… Just because they don’t know what a cleanse is! “Guys, you have to cleanse Targeted Laser, or the tank WILL die!!!” Looool…

Furthermore, we already have that sort of thing. What are Uprisings if not that???

Not the way to go, in my opinion.

This is literally the LAST thing that I would want to do when I play SWTOR. To repeat content that I have done hundreds of times at a higher difficulty level. I see no motivation at all in that.

I personally find the “hard mode story chapters” one of the most stupid ideas that Bioware has come up with. First of all they are very unbalanced (some mobs will die immediately and other mobs will kill you instantly) and second, why would I play STORY content at a higher difficulty? By myself? Having played that story so many times before? Literally no reason.

We need new content and mechanics, rehashing old stuff is only fun when in conjunction with a bunch of new stuff while still playing a minor role.

section x, blackhole, ilum, cz-198, oricon, gsi, rishi, yavin, ziost and makeb are all solo content with ZERO group content.

thats a horrible idea for right now, one of the major complaints is making us redo old content like DVL event ect. Maybe after they would release new ops, fps and wz’s yea not a bad idea. But its new MMO content thats needed at this moment not more rehashing.

Rogue One was awesome! I know it’s a long shot, however, please, swtor dev/team/employees if you happen to read this post, go see the movie. You want ideas, you need some inspiration or motivation in your life, this Star Wars has everything you need to be creative and use of imagination, of course I’m only Hoping you guys would listen.

Rogue One was good, but awesome? I wouldn’t go that far. It was more a relief to go and see a Star Wars film that had some original ideas after The Force Awakens fiasco. Maybe we can now hope that Episode 8 might bring something fresh to the actual flagship franchise.

Just came back from the theater and at this point it feels that Rogue One might actually be the best Star Wars movie that has ever existed. And I know that I am obviously exaggerating, but that means that the film is actually awesome, and not just good. There is literally NOTHING that bothered me in that movie, and I felt that it was a very Starwarsy feeling, from the beginning, to the end. Oh yeah, and THAT scene.

Rogue one was garbage. Didnt see it as fresh – just a two and a half hour pat on the back to the orginal. Many many cameos and a bunch of dull, ugly new characters that were hard to care about even if they died. Will never watch again

Agreed. It felt like the movie was such a snore that they had to throw in the cameos just to wake everyone up. People were literally sleeping in the row I was in. My date said Jar-Jar was more entertaining than all of Rogue one.

A fun, entertaining, action packed movie.

It’s not about stopping the Emperor, it’s not about freaking Trade Federation embargos, it’s not about Midi-chlorians or whatnot. It’s about a group of people that decide they have to do something. It’s about the little guys, not about the Jedi council or the need to eradicate all Jedi in the universe.

It’s about people that have to be the heroes, because no one else will.

Rogue One is the RotHC of Star Wars movies.

And yes, it was awesome.

This is just an idea, but if they, I dunno, made like 5 new FP’s, 3 new OP’s, another WZ and GSF map. Then created a new planet or two, or expanded on one/two of the more recent ones, added a big main quest, plus some side quests and a minor questline that was unique for each class. Made the quests tie in with the FP’s and OP’s, and a daily quest area on one of the planets, added a gear system that’s pretty much exactly what we had in SoR, but with some love of the crafters. Oh, and voice ALL of the original companions for the quests.

Call me crazy but that might get some older players to resub….

Know it sounds crazy but yeah, they already have the SW and space setting which makes them stand out from other similar MMOs. (EVE is a different beast). Plus they have really good mechanics for alt toons, if you ignore the latest expansion…

SWTOR released all of that in a period of 8 months, starting with the Prelude to Revan material (4 new flashpoints) between April and August of 2014, and adding 3.0 Shadow Of Revan in December 2014 (with 2 more flashpoints, 2 new operations and 2 full planets with dailies). Between that, we had them working on NiM of Dread Palace, on Galactic Strongholds, on new maps for GSF, and pretty much everything gog mentioned in his original post.

Oh yeah, and along with that, the Conquest system too. Which made people repeat old content, but it was enriched with actual nice rewards, with a lot of crafting, decorations, and it clearly got people engaged, since there are STILL huge guilds that are considered Conquest guilds.

So yeah, in those 8 months, we had A LOT more content than we have had in the last 24 months since December 2014.

SoR was good, except for the release date and lack of bug fixes due to the date, and the early access beta… But it was a good expansion and the build up to it was top notch. Spent far more time that I should’ve in that expansion.
Just a shame that they screwed over smaller conquest guilds with the crafting nerfs, crafting have never been as useful in a game as it was initially in conquests.

Man… I hadn’t realised just how much stuff they put out in that time… And you are absolutely right: comparing that to what they’ve done lately… It’s pathetic.

Well personally I consider the time between mid 2013 and late 2014, the Golden Age for SWTOR. We are talking about a time when even 16 man operations popped on group finder (and that’s why it was set up like this initially), and multiple 16 man operations were happening EVERY night on fleet. There were 20-25 people from my guild online every night, and we were one of the small guilds…

Also, flashpoints were not tactical, and yet they popped continuously, because there were many tanks and healers online at all times. Last week some poor guy was asking fleet for a tank for SnV for about 30 minutes…

In other news – Todays patch seems to have caused a rather humorous bug. It seems every vanilla Imperial companion has shown up in my stronghold sans clothing. Even ones that have been missing per KOTFE like Mako and Jaesa. These characters arent even in the stronghold as decos so it just seems totally random…. or an orgy that i was not invited to :O

This was long ago, its just someone else placed companions in their sh and then its mixed up. I think same reason we see explosions in sh and ships.

This was last night XD and no one else has a key.
But yeah, I had the explosion behind me everytime i walked through a door for awhile. I felt like Bruce Willis

For those who continue to say Swtor is on the rise, i suggest you read the latest financial statement from EA. The report has clearly highlighted that net revenue from SWTOR has decreased by $1million due to declining subscription. Granted the information is a bit out of date as it is for the financial period ending 30 September 2016, nevertheless it gives us an indication that all is not well even before 5.0 went live. Here is the link:

well that was the height of content drought, after they released the last chapter of KOTFE and started running the DvL nonevent. I honestly think that the alliance statue is their small FU to people who may have been subscribers since day one, but unsubbed during that period. its not a spectacular gift, its barely a gesture of a gift. but a LOT of otherwise long term subscribers had enough during this…. event.

Well at the very least, it shows the dire financial situation of Swtor even before this 5.0 fiasco. With forums now filled with people unsubbing and guilds disbanding, the future doesnt look promising for this game especially in terms of financial sense

not arguing there at all. heck a lot of people unsubbed even before that, but the moment JK chapter was released even people who grudgingly stayed for it, took breaks. which didn’t help bioware either. and they keep on coming up with various gimmicks to have people subscribe when what they really need is 2 things. new content. and actual perks rather then restriction removals.

So in essence, the white knights here could fairly accurately be described as “Knights of the Fallen Empire”?

*turns troll mode off*

Page 55 and further are priceless… Well, I hope that private investers don’t read Off-Topic SWTOR Forum 😀

I’m assuming you are referring to

“These increases are partially offset by a $1 million or 1 percent decrease in subscription net revenue primarily due to Star Wars: The Old Republic.”

Which is included in their section

“Subscriptions, advertising, and other”

Which went from
2015: 84 mill
2016: 83 mill

There is so much we don’t know about all those numbers. How much of that total number is Old Republic, how much of the 1 million loss was Old Republic (primarily doesn’t tell us exactly how much)… Context is everything and we know nothing.

Hell we don’t even know if all Old Republic revenue is categorized under that or just the subs. Maybe Old Republic had a boost of $1 mill (or less which could still offset it since we don’t know how much of that lost “primarily” means) in “Extra Content’ which saw a $27 mill increase. They only briefly mention the products driving that chance and something that is $1 mill or less of $27 mill wouldn’t even be mentioned (like many other EA titles).

All we can tell is that Subscription category lost about 1% since this time last year. As you point out the timing makes this even less useful (which it wasn’t that useful) since this is where you’d expect to have a low point whether you think the new expansion boosted it or not.

Why they not increasing the CXP till Januar then? Who want to suffering with grind in their crap game?In Janunar my sub end, idc anymore they stole my last 2 months with this bs marketing and stupid late fix (Jan 27?)..There is enough discipline in the game to grind the crap for years.EABW new strategy: Legalized robbery of the peoples money and time what yield for players with minimal or no fun at all.

I guess this is an improvement. My question is whether or not anyone will still be around on January 27th when it goes into effect.

population will still drop, the rng gear mess is just a shit cloud hiding the true problem in the game => lack of content.
9 chapters + a few uprisings isn’t good enough for an expansion.

best part about uprisings is all the prefered players who cant even do them xD
and yes i tested it, cant que up nor accept any uprising missions

Absolutely correct.
This is reminiscent of the 3.0 debacle where they launched an expansion that was full of bugs and problems just before they left for their month long Christmas hiatus. Rite after teh all took off the mother of all exploits was found and the community partied for a month and a half.
BW returned to a total shit storm and a rapidly declining player base. Here we go again with them leaving for their month and a half long vacation while the player base is shouting, “it’s broke, please fix it.”
It just makes me wonder how soon it will be before the other shoe drops.

9 chapters of nonsense and contradictions. Where are the Scions? Who created ARIES? The Eternal Alliance – what is its purpose now that i defeated Valky,Vailyn and recruited Senya and Arcann? Where are my original companions? What the heck was doing Satele on Zakuul? If the Emperor drained the Force from his native planet, how comes my sith/jedi are not powerless there?

Exactly. It’s best to come back after they have made all of the changes to the system than being lead by the carrot on a stick in hopes that they make all off the changes.

do i understand this correctly…
If i have a toon that is valor 100… and I win a token tier 1 SM token from an operation…
I can turn it in for tier 1 gear… rip the mods out… upgrade… rip again and finally upgrade it to BiS at PvP vendor?

0.o hello alts again?
High valor + SM raids = reasonable path to BiS?

I got about a month left on a two month sub that I got myself. My Jugg tank is STILL in the corner crying for gear from RNGesus. Got about two pieces but that’s about it. Least my DPS alts are freaking happy as a lark…

Already thinking about doing a dps alt for a temp main to see if I even get any tank gear. I got shit for luck when it comes to my main character so who knows and if this somehow does work out I’m gonna flip my pen off my desk…

a bit of news for thsoe who sub will run out and not renew it
as prefered player you cant play any uprisings even though you paid for it
no galactic command, no galactic exp earning either
cant open any command crates you earned, cant collect the loot in stash either
as a prefered player you are completely cut off from all sources of gear
and with ops passes no longer in the game, cant do operations either lmao
great system bioware really fucking great.

I refuse to acknowledge that I paid for Uprisings. I would rather claim that I paid to keep doing old content and for the story of KOTET.

Probably more than half the people posting here who now who don’t have subs spent thousands on SWTOR. The second your sub is up it’s GTFO cause there is no real way to play as preferred.

I just want to say I am really enjoying the Christmas/New Year event right now, I thought it was a really neat idea to have each race in the game celebrate it differently. I think the rewards are great, armor recipes, new buff foods, and neat cosmetic items that have a holiday feel while still maintaining the lore of the game. Oh…thats not Swtor? Whats swtor doing again? Throwing snow at droids? For hours? Until your mind collapses in on itself and your sanity slips off into dark eldritch places and a voice of booming silence screams “Who is the droid now?!”


20cxp for a parcel, hurray.

Hey ! I can earn Cxp with snowball… *aim a random (and random is soooooo exciting) player* Well… 58353 (I did the math, so it’s TRUE !) to go and I will achieve Command Rank 300.

But yeah, christmas is so cool on other MMO :/

Yea its crazy that you can make CXP faster throwing snowballs than by running Ops. WTF BW I mean I can understand some mistakes but this is Grade School or max Middle School math here.

Fun fact : 0-300 GC can be done with 61500 successfull snowballs. With a 15% chance, you have to throw about 410000 snowballs. Suppose you have always a target it would be 1367 hours. Not that bad considering the supposed 300 hours (and obviously one rank per hour is impossible after rank 100+)

*put alacrity in every piece of gear* I may have another solution guys :3

Ah yes, the New Life Event, I absolutely love it!
I’ve already gotten everything on one character, now I’m just farming for Style Mats. The 2 new Motifs are really cool looking, especially the weapons!

My complaint, to be nonbiased, is that the Stahlrim armor only being available through the cash shop is a bit of a let down. I feel the event would be better served with the two motifs swapped, and the skinchanger being available by cash shop and the Stahlrim through the event. I might just try to find someone with the recipe and special materials who will make me a nice ice staff.

Well, I’m jealous. There is the winterborn set from Maelstrom Arena that does ice pillars at random on ice attacks, and the monster helmet/shoulders whose name eludes me right now that on crit does aoe ice attacks that should trigger the winterborn pillars, but I was thinking of trying an ice build with them, and Stahlrim staff would definitely compliment the look I think. I might just have to ask Pyre Claus for one in my stocking this year.

If you are looking for the Stalhrim Ice staff, just send me the ruby ash and tell me what trait you want and I’ll hook ya up.

Yeah the one that looks icey. I’m trying to figure out what set to put on it, or how to finish the set off. I might just go with my Willpower jewelry and then the staff doesn’t even need a set bonus. Also, I don’t have you on my friends list in game still, because I was a newb and didn’t know how to do anything at all when we were playing together.

Send the friend Request to @Drivan.
The Willpower set is actually one of the best magika user sets in the game. DPS are good with Burning Spellweave and Spell Power Cure or even Spinners. I really like Willpower with Arcane on my Healer though. Combine that with Engine Guardian Monster set and the Spell Power Cure and you have a great healing set and you don’t need to care about your set bonus on your staff.
For DPS you can’t beat the Burning spell weave with Soulshine as the off set.

I remember Life Day in Star Wars Galaxies. You were receiving a gift token from the devs and went to Doaba Guerfel, on Corellia and got it from under a huge life day tree. And Saun Dann, from the Holiday Special was giving a special quest in which you visited a bunch of places and rewarded a special mount. It was snow all around… made it look special… they could of throw a hand of snow in Kaas City and Senate Plaza if you ask me…

And on their 5th year anniversary, Princess Leia and Darth Vader made hourly public appearances in special locations, crowds were gathering to see their speeches… They also had a galactic moon festival for Halloween, a Ewok festival of love for Valentines and Empire Day/Remembrance day annually. We have vendors and… gree/rakghouls/bounties cycles…

Children lash out angrily when they’re afraid. In this case, afraid that ToR doesn’t have all that long left until it goes the same way as SWG.

Difference is, nobody will care enough to make a ToR emu 😛

Not to my knowledge, but he has be absent for a little while and now someone that follows the same MO has popped up with a brand new account. This young lad only has 3 comments under his belt none of which are very nice…

And miss our special time together?
And If I did it would just be you Caustic Kosto and Shawn Hardon stroking each others……egos which would get real boring.

I don’t know you as a person, just as the asshat that posts dickish shit on the internet.
I can’t stand the image of yourself you portray here because you never have anything worthwhile to say.

Sounds like you were talking to yourself there.
One needs to take a leaf out of ones own book.
Why are you here again?

The idea you thought I was talking to myself just proves how alike we are. Only I don’t let my enjoyment of a thing blind me to it’s flaws or define me as a person and I contribute worthwhile thoughts to teh conversations.
Both for and against this game that is a passing hobby.

“I contribute worthwhile thoughts to teh conversations.” – which posts are these, the ones where you are calling me an asshole, prick, asshat and other posters orangutans or did i miss the meaningful ones?

In the threads where I’m not replying to you.
When dealing with you, yes I am calling it as I see it.

Look we’ve gotten ourselves into the worst kind of reciprocal argument here on several threads and we can keep swinging our big bollocks at each other till the end of time saying we wont back down but were only wasting each others time.
We can agree to disagree on the topic (whatever the feck it was) and move on and toast xmas wishes to each other or……make ourselves look bigger tits than we already have and keep going.

Wait quick all the virgins post a like here and Naq might think were cool and speak to us cause she’s a guuuuurl.
Wow lol.

Oh ye gods you are a better troll than that. Do try harder, you are letting your fellow….passionate lovers of the game down.

If I need lessons in trolling I’ll be sure to ask your fellow blind haters who are masters at it.
Thanks for the advice 🙂

Blind hatred. Hmmm….none on my end, just complete disappointment at the cluster f**k this game has turned into. Have said it before that it is still an awesome game for someone that is NEW to it. People that have been playing it since the start are justifiably pissed at the incredibly weak lack of effort by the dev team and the utter joke that is the community relations team. By all means continue to be a cheerleader for the game however understand there are those just as passionate at changing the game.

Naq : 14 upvotes
Abaddonsmummy : ……

Well…. And your “sexist” comment is misplaced in my opinion. Naq never refer to the fact she’s a girl. So, please, get a hold on yourself.

“Naq never refer to the fact she’s a girl” – I see your new here lol.
14 upvotes – my point entirely,
If I wanted upvotes I wouldn’t be on this forum.

It was meant to be more about the community than her being female.
She can’t help being female but the community can help fawning over the comments she makes.

I like to think its because I am funny, more than because of my downstairs parts. Not that they aren’t hilarious as well.

“more than because of my downstairs parts” – wash your mouth out with soap young lady, or did you mean your basement?
Nah just having one of them days, was childish what I said.

So, because nobody else adheres to your brand of zealotry we’re all ‘fawning’ over a stranger on the internet because she’s female (or claims to be; it is the internet after all)? Because upvoting comments on Dulfy is a proven method of getting laid, right? Nothing to do with the fairly widespread and well-documented disillusionment with EAware’s crappy management of the game that Naq’s comment highlights at all?

No. Naturally not. We’re all just trying to get Naq’s attention, clearly.

Come on now… you sound so desperate for validation I’m almost starting to feel pity for you.

“or claims to be”
I actually don’t. Like, on purpose. For exactly this reason. In-y genitals are nothing but trouble online, you either get accused of using them to seduce poor defenseless waifish fellows out of their loot and upvotes, or worse, you don’t have them, you are some kind of angler-beast who was pretending the whole time to lure unsuspecting food-males into your tooth filled digest-o-lair.

Heh, yeah, that’s just my ‘I don’t have a clue either way’ way of phrasing it.

Couldn’t care less one way or the other though. Never understood why it’s an issue for anyone. If there’s any place where your gender shouldn’t mean squat you’d think it’d be an MMO.

“No. Naturally not. We’re all just trying to get Naq’s attention, clearly.” -Yup, not Naq’s fault in any way, you guys are hilarious.
Validation on this forum?

As I replied to Paulo, the only gamer girl I get giddy over is my wife. She posts here from time to time.
Personally I find Naq’s sense of humor to be pretty awesome and could careless about the anatomy of the person behind the keyboard.

There are other women posting here. Naq just has that slightly wild sense of humor that is a nice change to the seriousness of most of the comments. Mine included.

And for the record: I’m not a Virgin, I’m a Leo.

And if my wife thought I was hitting on someone here, she would THOROUGHLY kick my ass.

Well my comment was meant as a dig at the community not Naq in person, she can’t help being female (god that doesn’t sound right) but the fawning comments are a bit ridiculous.
However in saying that I’m having a bad day at work and it didn’t come across right so I have apologized to Naq if it sounded like it was in anyway a dig at her.

Here ya go again…
You just can’t help yourself can you?

So you came on here to take your bad day at work out on this community…

You are a real piece of work.

My bad days are few and far between unlike yours and I did apologise to Naq if it came across as a dig at her, it was more a dig at this community.
Did you apologise to nwstud for your bullying anitcs?
No lol.
And there was me thinking we were so alike….BWAHAHAHAHA

nwstd was acting like an abbandonsmummy, I mean an ass, and deserved no apology.
My point being that you were having a bad day, so you decided, “I’m gonna go take this out on the community on Dulfy.”
I take it back, we aren’t alike, your way more of an asshole than I am.

So this just adds to a long list of things you were wrong about.
Can’t say i’m surprised.
More name calling?
This just adds to your image on here.
Congrats, that’s why you don’t get taken seriously.

I have the integrity to admit when I’m wrong and when I’m an asshole, I do it quite often.

Yes, I called you an ass, because you are an ass.

If I cared about my image I would have simply ignored you from day 1, but IDGF.

Now who is talking to themselves? Does anyone on here take you serious, ever? Other than yourself on one of your other accounts that is.

If you have any integrity I’ve yet to see any evidence of it.
More name calling, are you in primary school lol.
You keep mentioning alt accounts……it’s all making sense now.

You don’t know what integrity is, your comments in these forums prove that. Each of my statements has been a check on your integrity and you have failed each time.

Nope, not in grade school, just calling it as I see it.

I have no need for multiple account, I don’t try to hide who I am, you on the other hand….

I agree with Paulo here.
My wife is the only gamer girl I get all giddy over and she posts on these forums occasionally as well.
I interact with Naq because she is a genuinely nice person.

Abaddon. I know you are still enjoying the game. I envy that a little, I wish I could be satisfied and happy with what they have to offer right now. I’ll never have anything bad to say about the people still enjoying themselves, and it leaves a sour taste in my mouth whenever someone is so mad at Swtor they talk shit about the people still having fun and supporting it.

But don’t you dare talk shit about my upvoting virgins who I find cool and talk to because I am a guuuuuurl.

You know what, I do actually feel bad for making that comment, it was purile and juvenile but I don’t like fawning, toadying your responses get. Is it any of my business…tbh no. It explains this community perfectly.
Anyway I’m sure your having a blast on ESO as i’m having on SWTOR.

Your comment was also purely sexist, as you somehow thought that if people like Naq’s posts, it’s because she is a girl, and because they would relish the opportunity of hooking up with her somehow because they are virgins (….)

Did it ever occur to you that Naq just happens to be a witty individual with a pretty good sense of humor EVEN THOUGH she is a girl?

With the same logic, Paulo and I should have already arranged to go out on multiple dates, since we both agree pretty much on almost everything that has to do with SWTOR, right?

PS. Do learn how to type properly please, with correct spelling, grammar and syntax. Your previous post is really hard to read.

Lol John I’m sure that’s meant to be cutting but coming from someone like you it’s hilarious.
Your more animated over this than SWTOR.
I wonder why…..


And yes, I take stereotyping behaviour very seriously, especially when it’s uncalled for and when it’s of bad taste. Why is this surprising? SWTOR is just a game at the end of the day. Your previous post? Disturbing, at least.

Correcting someone’s spelling only says that you can’t spell words that a kid knows how to spell. That’s it, no need for a deeper analysis.

I am not fighting for any cause, it is actually not a surprise at all that you would make this post towards Naq, it’s in total agreement with the character that you appear to promote in this page.

Yes, tell us more about how computer nerd geeky girls are worse than computer nerd geeky guys, I am sure it helps all of your arguments.

I would say that nothing is worse than a sexist illiterate bioware white knight fanboy, but that’s just me.

Worse, where did I say that lol.
I said they like them….wow.
Do you believe the stuff you write?
I’m used to name calling on here, it only goes to prove my argument of you and this community.
Thank you.

Hey guys, we’re gonna make gearing a lot simpler… by making it WAY more convoluted than it ever was. Yay?

The way I see it, they’re making getting even basic gear nearly impossible for new/casual players, and extremely frustrating/time consuming for the hardcore players…

I mean before it was simple:
You had comm/crystal gear for new/casual players, and token gear for hardcore raiders/PvPers.

The ONE good thing they did was get rid of PVP specific gear and unify PVE and PVP gear. If only they’d just done that and left everything else alone, we’d all be much happier.

yeah I don’t get it, they did the random box shit before with PVP gear back in 1.0… AND NO ONE LIKED IT so they got rid of it. did they fire all the devs who where with this game at the start?

yeah, I can imagine the meetings to detirmine this now. “people love our gambling boxes!” “I’m not sure if they lvoe it or are just forced to buy it.. ” “Shut up they love em! maybe we should make gearing random box releated” “we did that for PVP back in 1.0 no one liked it” “they’ll like it now!” “umm why?” “cause we drove off all the players who dislike random boxes” “…….”

Why mention about master difficulty(NIM) in operations when its undoable ? We have shit gear at the moment and because of the scaling , casual players and even some hardcore players cannot complete a NIM ops ever since 4.0 hit .

Not true. In a mix of 230-240 my guild has done TFB NiM. We kept the old 224 set bonus armorings and the rest was crafted with schematics found dropped from EV/KP HM and Nefra NiM.

Yeah I can see that. Would you say that is the ideal way to play SWTOR endgame? Farm EV/KP HM and Nefra NiM for schematics and then craft 240 mods and enhancements while you keep your 224 armorings?

Not to this degree but, to a lesser degree this has been happening since 2.0 . If your group is having issues downing one boss run the easier NIM’s a few times to gear up. But I agree with the RNG shit we have now, most groups do need to grind eaiser Ops to get gear. They really need to remove RNG from gear all together. Or leave it just for the casuals and leave the Endgame gearing as it has been from launch.

no, but it’s a way to play the fucking game instead of sitting here whinning about everything wrong with the it,
fuck dude, it has lightsabers!!! live on, peace

After I saw Rogue One last night, then I logged in to play with my lightsabers, and it was pretty pathetic and miserable. You said it right though, it is indeed a fucking game, since they have fucked it again and again, and now it’s a sad relic of what it was.

I know some people don’t like to read it, but hey, accepting the truth always makes it easier to go to better things in life.

This is the SWTOR Pro Player, right here. Your comment will be highlighted in the next dev giggle party…errr…live stream.

“even some hardcore players cannot complete a NIM ops ever since 4.0 hit”
That’s simply not true at all. They were clearable just fine in mixed 216s/224s. Tight AF but clearable. But they’re SUPPOSED to be tight.

My biggest question is; Are tokens given retroactively for command rank? Cause I don’t wanna grind more cxp if they aren’t doing to do that.

Yes, when you log in a character after 5.1 goes live, your legacy will automatically receive the number of command tokens appropriate to that character’s command rank.

i remember the devs at comic con at launch saying oh we can just drag and drop content on the fly into swtor yet they have such a misreable time trying to add anything and are lazy about it. To those stupid enough to fall for this shit you get what you deserve to grind old content over and over 20 different ways pretty sad

I know right? The internet is a fucking hoot especially to those that try to strike back but fail to get anything done out of it except when slight encouragement is found when someone else responds with them 😀

Now what’s your next response? Something moron again or an insult line?

“Now what’s your next response? Something moron again or an insult line?”
I’ll leave that to my friendly haters.
“Fanboy alert…” – On no wait you’ve done it for me. LOL

Seriously? That’s the response by recapping then using an older line that I used? Must be a slow day for you.

Oh, look at this tricky dick! Trying to swing the shit right on around lol. Didn’t know I was even trying as I’m just fucking around with you because your entertaining me 😀

Yes, keep responding back like a good little boy. Its too bad that you don’t have a clue on what’s actually going on since I got you to keep talking back towards me 🙂

You keep replying and I’ll keep responding no matter what worthless meme you use. Only you know on what to do here as you can either respond with another one or not respond at all.

thing is the blind hatred is understandable (EA cutting funding/Bioware burying their heads in the sand ignoring the player base etc) but the fanboi’ism is not understandable since for 2 years this game as went way downhill. (and heh I was a big fanboi around 2.0 timeframe, man was it good back then but now meh cant understand it)

Some people loved KOTFE and KOTET so this is just your entirely jaded opinion, so no blind hatred isn’t understandable in that context i’m afraid.
It’s self absorbed nonsense.

Considering ALL server populations have been decimated since KOTFE arrived back in 4.0 ( only the old HEAVY populated servers still just hit standard levels now) and since KOTET arrived even with the help of Rogue one film the increase in population has been minimal at best then for an expansion it’s pretty clear the blind hatred IS understandable.

I know ‘some’ people like the story of KOTFE/KOTET thats cool, but the issue isn’t the story, its the lack of everything else thats hurting the game.

EA/Bioware are big enough companies that are capable of funding/releasing quality expansions with content 10 times as much as what we are being given.
If we continue to say ‘yes we’re happy with less’ then they will continue to deliver less.
So next expansion will be 6.0 with 5 chapters and 3 uprisings for example, thats just not good enough.

I have said all along the I didn’t like KOTFE but and it was a massive risk to bring new players on board and it was a huge undertaking.
New content – hell yes.
Everyone happy – hell no but when your juggling PVE, PVP, Story and Endgame you can’t keep everyone happy at once.
People migrate from MMO to MMO, hell I have and we’ve got returners from Legion who have said their guilds have disintegrated away, so I think your not seeing the big picture.
A lot of people are very happy and were not going to fight for what you want for the game i’m afraid.
6.0 for more uprisings? Source or bs?

6.0 was an example.
Everyone happy? they have for 2 expansions only focused on story.
PVP/PVE and endgame have been left behind.
It would help their cause if they released an expansion that at least attempted to cater for other groups like lets say..->
2 operations
2 flashpoints
2 tacticals
2 new worlds with daily areas
2 new world events
2 new PVP war zones
Anything new for GSF
A new class for each imps and reps.
and so on
Those things ^ are not too much to ask for in 2 years from a mmorpg with Bioware/EA level of backers.

If you didnt like KOTFE then what are you defending? Surely you agree with the complaints.
Cant understand if you dislike KOTFE than what have Bioware given you since 4.0 that you do like? please share

That’s just it you guys make things up as facts and expect us to take.
It’s nonsense and you know it.
I’m love gearing up my alts, I’ve got enough schematics for all purple BIS and got quite a few set bonus pieces and i’m also helping gear up our new guild members.
Were also running HM progression runs with the established players many of which have never done HM so that’s been fun.
Doing more PVP which is great just now because there’s no longer PVP gear.
People in my guild are having a great time just now sorry that your not.
Don’t like KOTFE and KOTET but looking forward to 2017 group focus.
Am I gonna unsub and shit a kidney because they did KOTFE and KOTET.

You may have the chance to have a guild with number of guildies, a server with full of players. In my case, even PVP WZ take a bunch of time to pop. I can craft 228 gear for all my alts, but grinding to Tier 2 seems impossible.

I mean, i can only rely on doing H2+ and soloing FP to gain Cxp. On one toon.

Without a server fusion, I can’t see how I will manage to do some progress. Worse German and French players have not dedicated CM.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that game bu I feel like an abandonned player. I’m OK with grinding IF and only IF rewards are appealing.

Maybe I’m lucky to have all crafting professions among my alt’s.Being in a guild makes a big difference as you can help each other gear up.
On Red Eclipse PVP is popping every minute so maybe try a server change they’re are many european guilds on Red Eclipse so its worth a try.
I never new they didn’t have a CM for non english speaking players, tbh it’s probably more cost effective buying items of the GTN but that doesn’t excuse them for not doing a foreign language version of the CM.

So your enjoying re-doing content that was in game pre-KOTFE which is cool.
You havent stated your enjoying anything bioware have released in 2 years.
Everything you listed seems to be orientated to helping new players.
The thing is alot of folk that are complaining on forums like here and reddit and swtor have done what you have done over and over which includes helping newbies.
Be honest here, what has been released in 4.0 and 5.0 isn’t good enough.

Also what facts have been made up?

I don’t mind class changes, yes it’s a hassle for rotations but I got over that years ago, and I do look at KOTFE and KOTET and think wow great production…but not for me.
No-one can fault them for effort and enthusiasm for the size of team and after they built the game on Story which the fanbase loved they thought going back to that was the way to go. I understand this even though I didn’t like it.
The question is am I willing and prepared to wait while they do this venture before they focus on 2017 group content?…yes.
Is there plenty to do until then, with uprisings, and galactic command?….yes.
I just guess were different people.

Yep: the good question is “where are the players ?”. My server is dying: if you want to do RP it’s OK, but for subs things… oh sorry, I mean PVE/PVP/GF it’s dead.

Arrogance of EA/Bioware crew is outrageous. No word till End of January: grind. Uprising ? ha…. Well…. I did it one time… Brilliant. Adds spawning IS the new mechanic. So good.

Totally agree with you Eban. EA earn a lot of money (and margins are great according to the reports) what they offered for SWTOR is insulting.

You can only hate what you used to love. Don’t you find that lack of communication on forum is a slap in our face ?

I don’t feel considered. On TSW, WOW, dev/CM acknowledge their players. Their funders. Yep, we fund the game. We should expect a decent share of their time to exchange ideas, issues, etc. It’s not the case.

There’s plenty of communication from Bioware I don’t see your point.
Lots of blogs and livestreams.
Also they’re not here to keep you – just you happy. They have several communities in the game to keep happy and don’t have the resources to do all at once.
All I see is toy throwing on here.

I will take World of Warcraft which is a perfect example of how communication is handled. Wether you speak German, Russian, French, English, all your concern (of course, the question have to be a bit argumented and elaborated !) are adressed by a CM.

On SWTOR Forum, it’s not the case. I don’t know if it’s EA policy (= never answer a question before a management brainstorming = never) but Eric Musco should talk with players on the forum. Just to calm down, cheering the mood. The less you talk the more things are going to be crazy and out of control.

Bioware silence is synonym of indifference toward us.

Your comparing the murder of 246 children to KOTFE?!?!?!?!
This people is the best comment of the year.
Top that one guys.

100’s lol yeah right play with myself? What are you 12 sure sound like it. What realyy sad is unlike most here your to stupid to the fact your being abused and shit on and you pay for that and defend it on top of it lolz

Ran on HM last night got some nice 234 mod and enh, 3 Vet uprisings, ran a guild sm op’s for newbies, we had great fun.
I’m frankly too scared to think what you got up to last night XD

Rainbow??? Get outta here! RJD is GOD my friend! I love Rainbow, have all their albums. Yeah I’m more old school too. Good to know…

It’s such a shame they’re so forgotten now, some of the best guitar riffs in music history.

Don’t know why judging from your recent comments i’d say you’ve slept through the last year!

Lol you would love that eh?
Only you and the blind haters populating this board.
Sorry….but no.
As for multiplie accounts – looking at you drivan.

20 different ways ? If only….

There is only ONE way. Grind. Never doubt but grind. I’m only rank 44 and so tired… Grind. Grind Haze or Green days ? Well, I don’t care. I need my crate. I’M CRATEFUL ! CRATEFUL !

Seriously. Guilds around me are disbanding. We are two last man standing. On the fleet, you have 48 people in one instance. (And if someone tell me that Koriban and Tython are full, I will calmly answer yep : RP planets. Full of F2P people.).

Seriously after so many years, Respeing your char is still a burden… On TSW, when you change your skill set, it’s easy : Keybing, gear are changed with one button. On swtor, I need to change my gear, reassign several shortcuts, reassign SP…

Don’t get me wrong. I love this game. But I feel insulted. No more news till january. Is it a way to treat customers ? Hell no. Never a clear answer when we ask questions on forum.

I will stay a sub, expecting that they make the grind reasonable. Grinding without a proper reward at the end is a non sense. And no communication till end of January. Wut ? So…

Hatred is boiling inside. Really. I feel stupid to accept that “mandatory” grinding.

Sorry Shawn, I can’t stay here, I have some Cxp to earn !

*epic music, sunset, suun-crates. CRATES, CRATES, CRATES EVERYWHERE !”

Yep, grind is the new content. But they soon will realise that it won’t work in a long term perspective. I would like to see Bioware Quality Checking departement’s papers.

I played KOTFE fully 8 times. I won’t do it for KOTET. I really liked the story but just the idea to retake chapter 1 is bothering me already.

Uprising were a nice idea but implementation is poorly done. Adds, adds, adds, BOSS-moutain-of-HP+Adds, rinse repeat. (Oh I forgot : adds, adds, more adds…). You can not die in an uprising (well, with a legit group :p).

But the most important thing is (on my server) to find people to play. So, I have no choice but to grind FP/H2+ in solo (at least Veteran FP are easy :3).

Another choice would be to unsub. But I like this game. It won’t last eternally, but keep faitih and grind and clench my teeth is my actual motto.

Well, i plan to stay here to the end of this game to see what it will look like. After that probably new SW game.

Same here. But what a waste: I invest a lot of time in this game and knowing that it will be wiped away has a bitter taste.

At least we dont have to wait for it so far. Only thing we can do is hope that the next SW MMO will rock.

If that’s the case, I hope that Disney won’t renew the Star Wars licence to EA. There are more capable studios :3

TBH, I have it the opposite. I’m looking forward to doing KotET several times more, but the idea of doing KotFE more times sends shivers down my spine.

“Some people think that grind here exist to cover lack of new content”

Implying there’s any doubt that that’s entire reason behind it :’)

I Imagine: doing H2+ with a purple cristal while your DvL side is whinning… errr… winning grants a +1% total Cxp. +3% if you buy the new AWESOME [Viridian purple snowball fudge] (Only 4500 CC).

—> Because choices does matter.

Well, I think that my sanity is slowly wearing off. I’m so excited. I can’t wait those 20 new ways to grind differently the same identical content. More ranks please, more grinding ! Vox populi, vox dei !

No news until January because either way the six people who run the game get giant year end bonuses and need a full month to go out and spend it. Like the used car salesmen that they are they sunk all of the content budget into a slick paint job Blur video leaving a broken dated engine for the suckers that bought the 5.0 model.

Right, but since it’s one shared gear and you can just PVP all day everyday and get these new parts (or whatever they will call them) its much faster then redoing all the old pointless raids. If you are on a server with lots of PVP pops like mine (Jedi Covenant) it seems like the best way!

I used to love this game but what they did to it is sad, and i was here since launch. and for me those were the good days and ROTHC where they released contents every now and then, it wasnt perfect, but at least I could see players everywhere not only in the fleet, when world pvp (at least my server) was a legit thing, if there was no pvp going on then sometimes my guild created one. When my guild had to make a palyer rotation to give a chance everyone to play raids, when I invested more time and money in my companion than in my character, because soloing group content wasnt that easy (wasnt that hard either but somewhat it was challenging) and couldnt solo every group content. When there were random silly events made by players, when I saw 2 player in the fleet standing behind each other with Dessler Avenger and I switched to it aswell and stayed in line wiht them, then some guildie came and then almost the whole fleet made a parade in circles. Hell we almost managed to close the circle and we went on the long way around. This used to be a good MMO and I and probably you as well have so many good memories, and every day i miss those days, sadly my guild disbanded because lack of content, and hell it was a great guild, a very good group of friends we had so many funny moments, so many enraged nights etc.

Probably no one will read all this shit, but if you do write some good memories that you had with this MMO 🙂

While it feels very sad to just remember the old good days, it’s also a guilty pleasure:

1. Every Wednesday night between October 2013 – March 2014 twenty people would go online and finish Dread Fortress and Dread Palace back to back, with someone having music playing on Ventrilo while we were all learning and teaching others about fight mechanics.

2. Joining pug runs with my two best SWTOR buddies at around the same time but for months afterwards as well, while at the same time talking on vent just the 3 of us and competing who would do the most damage (even though one was usually tanking)

3. Finally getting Corruptor Zero HM in 16M after trying for a couple of months. There was always THIS guy that would not stack on the droid when they got the Mine…. (I have also done this xD). The sense of achievement was just too great.

4. Participating with guildies in every event, doing Ragkoul stuff, Gree stuff, flashpoints in SM and HM, doing PvP occassionally, or even hanging out on guildship.

So many good moments, it’s really hard to chose, but I remember….

– Wipes and then laughing loudly : For my first OP, I was the co-tank. My duty was to pick up adds. So, I used my mass taunt of course… You imagine what happened 😀

– Tactical FP in Guild: creating the big mess and always take joy in playing totally out of your role (tank as a sage, the commando dps was healing, the tank with crit gear…)

– Beat the Czerka Boss timer with 208 gear as an assassin tank in solo: dwelling on theorycrafting to learn, to tweak….

– Joyful expedition to help guildies with the datacrons (If you can, try the Makeb endurance with 10 buddies. Or the Correlia one where you need to jump on a reallllllly small droid :D).

– Exploration with friends : Correlia on the metro track, Fortress jumùping on Nar Shadaa and CZ 198. There are so many places to explore !

Nah…. Excellent post Lastinor 🙂 It’s a good thing to refresh good memories in those dark rng times 🙂

Here’s what I don’t get, and I’ve been here straight through from beta….this is an MMO and people mostly play it to play with friends/guildies. Here’s the overall recap of how that’s worked out, and I’m going to try and freestyle this timeline wise from memory….(note: PVP, until they just killed off PVP gear being it’s own thing, has always been it’s own little world…hate it or love it…so I will leave that out)

v0.0 – SWTOR came out and a lot of people had a lukewarm reaction after all the buzz and excitement because of a ton of simple things missing out the box (can we get to Kaas City from the spaceport PLEASE?). Overall though a lot of fans were “happy” with the game and all there was to do, particularly all the voice acting and so many different stories and classes to play!

v1.0 – Taking a lot of feedback as well as things they wanted to put into launch but didn’t get done, this wasn’t an expansion but fixed a TON of complaints people had from launch and the end result were that a lot of upset people were happy. They followed up by releasing some great new content as they built the game with onetime questlines that became dailies area (Black hole, Section X), some new raids (EC, TFB), etc. But after a little bit, everyone was ready for an XPAC.

v2.0 – ROTHC comes out with a level cap increase to 55 and everyone pretty much loves it. A full story expansion you can play….WITH FRIENDS…..and do the story together! Great great great…just a little short, and some folks “mad” because it was really just 1 story on each side and no variation based on class. But still, for their first real expansion it was great, and TC was a nice 1-off “raid” addition.

Then they drop Oricon, which to this day is the best single thing they’ve added to the game IMO. Quest line + dailies area + 2 great raids all part of 1 story, and for free? Awesome sauce! Followed shortly there after at some point by Czerka which was also cool and made for a nice little dailies area (though having to do the FP’s for the weekly was annoying, which they fixed much later when it no longer mattered).

Starfighter and Strongholds came out in the next chunk of time I believe. Strongholds were a great quality of life add, especially when they later launched Guild ships. GSF was a complete failure, but hey it was a money grab and there are like 9 people who love that shit so…..Also they start with the tacticals concept and, aside from leveling purposes (great with double xp), Kuat was meh.

Then they kind of drop the ball with the whole Ziost thing, releasing it with a “Coming Soon” stop point that ultimately just ended up being a cutscene after several weeks of us waiting? It did become a quick and easy dailies area, and the 2 part world-boss thing was pretty cool conceptually. But also difficult enough that most PUG teams avoided it (and later it became completely skippable as a planet story wise as you jumped right to SOR).

They follow-up with more tacticals telling “a story” on a delayed release schedule that was also kind of weird initially, but those ultimately became the preview for SOR which was pretty cool and a fun way to drop/announce the next XPAC.

v3.0 – 3.0 SOR dropped with another level cap increase to 60 and was still again an awesome expansion with 2 new planets to explore, 2 more tactical Flashpoints, an eventual dailies area (Yavin), and 2 Raids that also were tied up in 1 longer, cool story. Plus you could do the Revan fight solo after dailies if you weren’t a raider. And though they took a step back in terms of playing the expansion with friends (had to break up the group and do instances solo), it was still very well received (aside from the release date lag that made it impossible for some). So at this point, Bioware was back on track and heads were still held high.

Then we fell off the cliff, Wile E. Coyote style (holds up “Help” sign). And everything since has been us perpetually falling from an MMO standpoint. The game has been a great single player RPG since, and KOTET actually finished with a solid ass story where choices did matter (gasp). But yeah, 4.0 and 5.0 were really just 1 long story they decided to cut in half to force us to sub, and they polished that turd with the companion quests and monthly roll out of new chapters blah blah blah.

And now here we are, a single player game with a messed up RNG gearing system they are feverishly back-peddling to reverse/fix without completely just saying “Yeah we f’ed up”. All in all after typing this and re-reading it, I’m just sad 🙁

I think rise of the emperor is their best update, it have good story, voice acting, graphical solutions. If they continue that style id be happy, but they invented this zakuul that i absolutely dislike and wired story. I liked kotet story (again except all this zakuul thing) but kotfe was for me total let down. They probably do this because of bosses tell them they will give them less money for development. If only they could take cartel market money to put them back in the game, we would see different game.

Don’t forget that mini daily area on Belsavis. I remember that was actually a crowded place when it first opened as was Section X. It’s almost eerie to visit those places now and be the only one. Like one of those dreams where your walking through a deserted city.

What you wrote in long paragraphs, can be summed up in one simple sentence: Everything up until 4.0 was great. EVERYTHING! Do you remember the very first Rakghoul event? The one on Tatooine? Which they never repeated. Or that other Nar Shaddaa event? Those were simple, small but lots of fun events.

We can all discuss and write even longer posts than yours but this fact will remain unchanged: With 4.0 everything started going down and 5.0 was -sadly- the bottom of the pit.

I recently unsubbed after the 5.0 fiasco, but I still DO love the game. ‘Cuz hey, no other game has lightsabers, right!?! 🙂 And I’ll be the first one to return when BW fixes this mess. Until then, I think I’ll be spending my time somewhere else.

In a nutshell, everything since Ben Irving took over as Producer in August 2015 has gone downhill for this game. As Producer, he is the ultimate decision maker so you can thank him for the single player focus and the atrocious GC System.

Anyway, I at least don’t have to worry about it anymore. My sub ran out last week and I can no longer post on the SWTOR forums to “give them feedback”. Which we all know is a complete waste of time because they do not listen.

Dulfy had it right when she said the completely ignored the community (and beta) feedback and were going to set fire to the game. Unfortunately for them, by the time they get around to fixing it (if they ever do), it will be too late and a lot of players will have already moved on an become invested in some other MMOs.

R.I.P. SWTOR 2017

I think this is a good example of how BW totally don’t get what the fans want. No one asked for more submarines, but here we are with more of them in the game than ever before…

“Players that doesn’t do Ops/PvP
They will offer a way for your to spend your Command Tokens on something cool so it doesn’t it goes to waste.”
Or obviously they don’t need to be catered to at all because they’re clearly not playing endgame at all. But no, continue to waste time on these players.

Definitely continue to ‘waste time’ on those players. Sorry to tell you, but if they’re getting the tokens they are PAYING to play the game and thus supporting whatever game development they do for those of us who DO endgame as well. This also gives somewhere for those endgame players who get all of their stuff to spend their tokens so it’s not ‘Meh, Have my gear, fucking off now’ if there’s anything decent and ‘cool’ for those players after the gear grind.

Any endgame raiders who are still playing SWTOR at this point is either a fanboy or an idiot. It’s been two whole fucking years. Even if a raid comes out there’s not a large enough pool of players to even challenge them. All the time on gear progression you’re doing right now is wasted when it could be better spent on another MMO or hell even IRL progression.

After 5 years and over 300 days played i left the game, i did not patch 5.0 and deleted swtor from my pc. after 4 weeks of detox i miss playing good warzones but when i reflect i figure i have been missing them for much longer than 4 weeks. now these plans for bringing wz gear back are like music to my ears and if this works out all they need is some good new wz maps and pvp is safed.
The rest of their arguments sound much like dmge control to me and sure looks like they got their ars handed to them by their supperiors 🙂
so who knows… maybe this is a good thing?
Ill check back here soon…

happy trails

You jackasses!!! Damn BW, EA and all those guys! Stick your lightsabers where the sun don’t shine!!!

Hehehehe… Now that I got your attention, I would like to wish you ALL a Merry Christmas, with lots of love and presents! And I mean you ALL: lovers, haters, White Knights, Dark Knights… We all have something in common: we care about this game, and without it we would not have connected, even if in peculiar and twisted ways sometimes…

Hell, I even wish the guys at BW a Merry Christmas too! With lots of new subs, CM sales and servers at “Full”…

And a special Merry Christmas to Dulfy, who provides a place for us to share our personal opinions on the game.


So CXP is now legacy thing,all toons working on one GC for cxp so every toon u play get Xcp in global for likr one GC so u dont have to farm with all toons to lvl 300?

No, but with the tokens it won’t need to be since everything is moddable and can be traded cross legacy w/legacy gear anyway. System is fine as is, we just need the randomization reduced with those tokens and more ‘stuff’ to drop out of FPS etc to make them worth running

Oh now I get it all,nice way more better but please Make GC xp legacy so u can play with any alt or your main to levep up same GC xp,coz your toons are same legacy,it would be super,coz u could play with any alt char toon as u wish,for same gc (xp) and switch on any toon your group need(healer and etc).Would be nice to make it legacy.Not that u must play your main 90% of time and 10% your alts.too catch up with gear

…Endgame? What’s that? None of it for a year or more….that’s why I left. So don’t orient yourself around endgame, Mr. Musco – it’s not EAware’s strong point.

Mind you, neither is running MMOs. If you can turn a Star Wars label into something that even someone like me will leave, then….well, you kinda suck.

(Background: I’ve been a Star Wars fan since my father took me to the cinema at the age of 8. I’ve got shelves of EU novels, I’ve played virtually every SW-themed game to come out on PC…..but SWTOR ended my attachment to Star Wars for good. THAT’s how much Musco et al suck.)

24th January,D day,to play or not to play anymore,paying to play,and no one asks u even WHAT DO WE WANT,maybe but maybe they should ASK people who pay the game.Every month paying,what do u get 500 CC?wow This used to be fun game,now,now I want leave it became same shit as Real World is,specialy economy

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