GW2 Gemstore Update–Ice Encasement Outfit

GW2 Gemstore store has been updated with the Ice Encasement Outfit for 700 gems.


















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37 replies on “GW2 Gemstore Update–Ice Encasement Outfit”

Along with hiding shoulders as well would be nice. Some of the bizarre shoulder armor on a few of these outfits prevent me from even considering buying them.

Maybe. 😛 But I mostly want to get rid of the buttcape because it CLIPS into the ground during combat stance!!! 🙁 I just saw it on people in the game and the clipping ruins it. I wouldn’t even have a problem if the cape were SMALL but of course they had to make it long enough to clip into the freaking ground in combat.. 🙁 Yuck!

Oh man, I totally understand that! There are so many clipping issues for things like that in the game it drives me crazy, especially with weapons clipping into your character/ground. They took the time to make the Charr tail function dynamically, you’d think they would do the same with everything else… oh well :/

I know, right? Clipping = eye cancer. This is why I always beg to Anet to make tight, simple armor and smaller weapons to reduce clipping. But what do they make? Oversized weapons and shoulders, more buttcapes and trenchcoats. lol. -sigh-

Seems reskined and bit of things here and there from existing stuff. Male shoulders are always the same, light on the right shoulder and lots of mass on the left shoulder. As far as fashion goes, at least being a guy in the GW world has its perks, you dont get cold nipples with a few exception.

new icy outfits… and yet the norn males are fully covered. lore breaking much? at least this is one of the few instances of norn being practically naked that would be canon… gotta love that snow. but oh well i guess only women should be constantly in bikinis

butt…you gotta keep your backside warm somehow during this festival time of year!

Lol, seriously though. Its not too bad but should have more ‘ice’ on it as it feels patchy to me.

Theres clearly a feminazi on Anets designer team, she’s so triggered beacuse she always had a square butt and therefore they keep making buttcloaks.

True story 100%


On a serious note.. they say they can’t make capes with the game engine, or w/e.. but we get butt capes?

I’d LOVE to see at least once an outfit in which the females are modestly dressed and the males are scandalously semi-naked. I’d buy the heck out of it.

Why dosent the human male version have a butt cape thats so retarded of anet to make it only on females, but still remove the buttcape immediately or riot!

The glow looks cool and is customization…the charr tail is awesome…overall the skin is bad. Like someone else said it’s like Jormag’s mucus.

Personally i don’t like it.

I’m so sick of these damn buttcapes and trench coats. I’m not wasting a single one of my gems on gemstore stuff until they cut that shit out (or off, as it were). The armor/outfit design team needs a slap in the face.

I’m sick of the dozen or so pieces of armor that have broken texturing or buggy dye channels on females despite the male version working perfectly. But anet has a strict “fire and forget” policy when it comes to releasing cosmetic materials and steadfastedly refuses to address bugs no matter how many years pass or how few seconds it would take to correct the error.

yea they listened on that point, at least, but its kinda the opposite of what i wanted, and not at all what they should be doing to begin with, which is simply making them consistent between genders. revealing outfits are revealing for both, and covered outfits are covered for both. why is that even a problem? i understand a few being different but jesus some of them are entirely different outfits.

At first glance the armor looks good until you see it’s just another variation of the dozens of other similar armors – and worse it’s a costume 🙁

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