Revelation Online China Christmas Costumes & Mount

Revelation Online China is having special costumes, accessories, and mount for Christmas 2016.

Costumes Trailer








  • Enma

    So gorgeous! I hope will release these outfits when obt comes up since it’s basically still winter!

    • 綾里真宵

      And not making it cost 350¥… (50$)

      • LiL Rogue

        Yeah $50 for mount is ludicrous
        but tbh the hot baloon wasn’t too far off (thank god for fcking discount)
        So it wouldn’t surprise me, but i’d still be mad

  • Io

    Wow! That mount is gorgeous! And unique! Wish we could have something like that on guild wars 2.

  • 綾里真宵

    The glass snowball cost 50$ in the chinese server, that’s just so exaggerated

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