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SWTOR CM Weekly Sales December December 20 – 27

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales December December 20 – 27


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Thanks John for your insightful comment! By the way, how’s Heroe’s Song coming along? Last I checked it wasn’t.

I can’t believe he is still trying to peddle this worthless crap. Is he even paying attention to what other trolls are doing?

Poor poor John, you are still sore over your canning from SOE? go take it out on someone who cares, your relentless rantings on every SWTOR post is really an obvious cry for help and attention from your 13 year old inner child. Go have some ice cream and cry it out kiddo…let it all out….that right, its ok we understand.

Another newly created account.
Another person making personal attacks against someone criticizing a video game.
Attacking a person on a personal level because they are criticizing a video game makes you an asshole.

I hope after buying SW they will make games in films era and with all items that belong to this period of time.

Right?!? If SWTOR wanted to remain valid they should come up with a new story line, update and add some ops, maybe raise the level cap… oh wait that’s right they did all that 😛

Actually true… I’ve been on hiatus since visions in the dark and just started in again full time so I am pretty outdated.

Anything would be better that any of the crap Disney is peddling on the poor youth of today. If only they knew the real Star Wars.

You’ve really got to hand it to Disney, for all the flack they got taking over the licence and the million meme’s that were created against the transition they have done an amazing job with Force Awakens and Rogue one.
In my opinion anyway (which on this forum doesn’t count for much TBH) XD

Although we are often at odds with opinions on the game, on this I couldn’t agree more with you.

Your opinion is as valid as mine or anyone else’s. Just because we sometimes (most times???) disagree doesn’t mean your opinion is worthless.

well, if it wasn’t for GL star wars wouldn’t even exist, so meh

And even though the prequels have problems, they still have re-watchability. They keep airing on TBS and I can still get sucked in if I pause from channel flipping. Rogue One was really hard to sit through because it is hard to care about the characters at all. They die and I feel nothing. If the Star Wars name was not tied to it, I guarantee that the movie would flop. The cameos were the best part and that is really pathetic. Not to mention the inconsistencies with previously established films…

Prequels??? Let’s not even go there mate…

Let’s talk about the way GL messed up the ORIGINAL trilogy with CGI and stupid sound effects that were NEEDLESS, just because.

Let’s talk Clone Wars. I mean, just HOW MANY Padawans did Anakyn have? Darth Maul coming back from the dead? And so many other things, I’d have to watch that to actually remember…

Yes, we have SW thanks to GL. But he made a mess of it in later years.

Let’s talk about how In The Empire Strikes Back, The Rebel ships are shooting at the Imperial Walkers and it doesn’t even scratch them because they’re “too heavily armored”. So luke comes up with using a harpoon to trip them – the only weakness. But Rogue One says “nah F that.” A couple xwings fly by and take them out with about two shots each.

Let’s talk about why we have to sit though yet another Deathstar movie.
It’s hard to be shocked and awed by the Death Star when you know that it’s just the first of about three now that gets blown up by the rebels. And the second two got blown up without the help of Gelan Erso’s secret trap. Yet another plot focused on the Death Star felt uninspiring, especially when there’s a whole galaxy of other stuff to be explored.

Let’s talk about the hideous Tarkin. While the special effects are remarkably good, Tarkin still looks fake compared to the real humans around him, fake enough to make his inclusion puzzling. It constantly kills the immersion reminding the audience “Hey you’re just watching a movie” If only they had made him communicate via holo-call

I could go on and on. It’s just so shallow and cliche relying on fan service cameos to hold it together. George Lucas is a terrible director, true. But he is a brilliant idea guy. He just needs someone to help him clean it up and if you watch behind the scenes stuff, colleagues and staff used to tell him what was wrong and he’d fix it. With the prequels those peers had been replaced due to time with a younger generation that worshipped him too much to say, “hey this scene needs some more TLC” thats why movies like The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the jedi, and Indiana Jones worked so exceptionally well was that he was the idea guy and someone else directed them. This Disney dribble has no idea. Its just a crap story that tries lean on our nostalgia.

This is not “another” Death Star movie. It’s the same Death Star as Ep IV. It tells the story of how THAT Death Star was indeed blown up. No problems there.

And if you dislike Death Stars, so much… Well, complain to George. He was responsible for two of them after all…

This movie was EXACTLY what it was supposed to be. Yes, there’s little character development… Because it’s a SPIN-OFF. We’re not meant to know every little back story to each and everyone of these guys. They got the Death Star plans. THAT’S it.

By the way, how much character development did we have in the prequels??? Quin-Gon Jinn??? Darth Maul??? Who the hell are they? What’s THEIR back-story? Ask George, he might tell you…

I too could go on. I won’t. I’ll just leave you with a comparison on how George BUTCHERED the ORIGINAL trilogies with his “great ideas”…

I obviously know it’s the same death star as A New Hope. I’m saying it’s yet another movie revolving around a death star. And we don’t need that.
So you don’t like the special editions. – most of those changes were visual. None of them changed plot so the story still works.
Qui Gon, Darth Maul were not lead characters so they dont require as much development, even though we all would have liked to see it.
We have what, 6 or so lead (mary sue) characters in Rogue One which is too many to get us into them enough to care.
To be clear I’m not attacking you bro. Usually I agree with you around here. But I’ve seen each of the prequels three times, episode 7 twice, and the original trilogy more times than I can count, and for the life of me I just don’t see why anyone thinks Rogue One is worth the ticket.

No attacks here my friend. Just discussing different points of view. I get that.

Fair enough. To be precise: I love all Star Wars movies from the George Lucas period. Obviously some more than others. I can’t help but think that the original trilogy aged better than the prequels, because it was so well made. But I’m biased, because I’m old enough to have watched them in theaters. The prequels have a place in my heart too. But they could have been SO much better. A bit like TOR hehehehe…

I have a few problems with Ep VII. But I’ll reserve judgement until the next two come out. The Disney movies are in no way perfect movies, but I have less questions about Rogue One than I have with Ep VII. It was a fun movie, action packed, and not taking itself too seriously. Yes, I could have done without Tarkin and Leia, but it wasn’t so bad. I DEFINITELY could have done without Jar Jar Binks, and yet there he is every single time I put the Prequels on hehehehehe…

Again, no argument there… as a general rule I would say that beyond creating SW, Lucas made a mess of anything he was directly involved in beyond the original trilogy (and even among those the best imo was the on earth he did not direct). For real SW read the novels and play the games, filling in the blanks with comics. For those that don’t read, I’d say don’t bother because the alternative really just isn’t that great.

Actually I consider Lucas to be one of the weakest links in the former “Expanded Universe”. When I speak of Star Wars I am generally not talking about the movies, but of the magnificent selection of novels, games and comics that defined Star Wars for nearly 40 years. I’m frankly surprised that you would defend the MIcky Mouse redux of all we knew and loved while wearing a Death Nihilus mask as your avatar. One Might mistake you for a SW purist such as myself… perhaps you should consider changing your avatar to Ray or one of the other Disney sanctioned pseudo-characters.

Oh but I agree with you! He WAS the weakest link. And I’ve got plenty of reasons to complain about Disney: I have shelves full of books that never happened because of them!

But I did enjoy the new movies. They’re well made. They respect the original movies in a way George Lucas did not when he did the prequels. I keep the EU thing separate from this. To me there are two temporal lines, alternate universes if you may. In one I have all the EU storyline, in the other the Disney SW.

Even being pissed off at Disney for throwing all the EU material in the fire, I understand why they did it. There would be no point in doing the movies if we were to have Ben Skywalker, Anakyn, Jacen and Jaina Solo in there. There would be no anticipation for the movies, since everybody would know how the story ended!

So: imo a good effort from the guys at Disney… So far. It’s early times yet, let’s see the rest of the episodes in the new trilogy…

Ok cool, I respect that and good point about having used a known story line for the new movies. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to see it as 2 separate story lines as you say, and at that point might even appreciate the Disney movies.
Thanks for the good convo!

Like the dreadful, endless Yuuzhan Vong War? The Sun Crusher? The Christmas Special?

Don’t look at the EU through nostalgic glasses. Yeah, there was some very good stuff, such as the Thrawn series or the Aaron Alston’s X-Wing series, but there were also mountains of drek, much of it written like bad fanfiction.

I was actually a big fan of the Vong war as well as the NJO, and although I assume your mention of the Christmas special was tongue in cheek it actually falls under my mentioned dislike of Lucas.
Nothing nostalgic about my dedication to the EU, I’m back tracking and reading the books I missed (that were written prior to Disney pulling the plug on the EU), and completely ignoring the Disney version for now.
I’d suggest going back and reading in chronological order beginning with the Old Republic novels up through Darth Plagueis. IMO there are very few examples of drek and quite a bit of good story telling.

I loathed the NJO and the whole Vong War. And yeah, the Christmas Special was tongue in cheek. The Darth Bane series wasn’t too bad, and Plagueis was pretty good, but there’s a LOT of terrible EU stuff out there.

Lucas did his best to ruin SW… he actually said his favorite character was Jar Jar Binks. I’m talking EU which essentially ignored this farce of a character unless you dig into the children’s books which I assume are as awful as the movies.

It’s name? Tbh it kinda reminds me of the adventure robe. Shame they removed the tabard from below the waist. it should be like on zakuul knight-captains.

That chest piece looks decent until I found out that it comes with a tail — I mean come on, that tail looks out of place. The head piece is just looks stupid, but I think it would be acceptable if the chest piece has a hood on. It’s not a bad looking set, just that they missed some minor details that makes the whole set looks horrible.

So a game like OVERWATCH has NO monthly fee, a game like ELITE DANGEROUS has no monthly fee, a game like DESTINY has no monthly fee and they are RAKING in the cash. But SWTOR has a $15 subscription which gets you basically nothing but access to more FEEs and GAMBLING PACKS. Gee, I wonder why NOBODY plays this garbage game? I wonder why other games are murdering SWTOR? 2+2 folks…

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