SWTOR Trench Runner Uprising Teaser

Bioware has published a teaser of the upcoming Trench Runner Uprising coming in Jan 2017.

This Uprising appears to be a remodel of the Denova Operation.



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They are making teaser for some uprising. Which is something more shitty than Flaspoint at all. How sad…. Some new OPS?

Firebrand, Stormcaller you had a child!
my congratulations.
It has your weapons firebrand, such a cute little thing.

So an uprising on Denova…
Where there has already been a WAR going on…
I wonder when we will see creativity again…

Wait, an Uprising in an already existing map of the game?!? I am shocked, next thing they’re going to tell us that it will be full of random mobs that die in the hundreds, and a couple of 2-3 random generic bosses whose names no one ever remembers.

Putting just “/sarcasm” as a signature in forums is pretty fun and time saving, until you end up in the off topic section and try to be nice and helpful to someone in a pretty serious discussion that is….

it was new content on an existing worldspace, that does count as new. It’s like as if you went to a park to walk your dog and later went to it to play football, you can’t exactly say that it was the same experience, cause it wasn’t….same place, different activity.

I was personally glad when i seen port nowhere again, missed the place as the only time i seen it was on my one time smuggler. I loved it as a shadow port and playing in it again really made me nostalgic…

I sense a trend:

You want more story? We’ll give you only story! (That’s not what we wanted…)

You want companions? Here’s dozens of them! (That’s not we wanted….)

You want sub rewards? Here’s a bunch of HK items! (That’s not what we wanted…)

You want group content? Here’s loads of Uprisings! (That’s not what we wanted…)

lol I picture some clueless developer in a cubicle going over that exact same thing:
“What do you people want from me! AUUUUUGH!”

It is really annoying when you get cheap versions of stuff that you enjoy, isn’t it? Like let’s say you go on vacation on a god forsaken island in the middle of an ocean, and you feel like you want to have nutella, but instead they have natela, which is their local version. And then you taste it, and it’s horrific.

We DID want more companions. Just not companions with no back story, no customization, no dialogue, no anything special that will make us bond with them. I would rather HATE Skadge, than be indifferent towards Nico Okarr, who was shamelessly advertised as a reward for KOTFE!

We DID want more subscriber rewards, but all that HK stuff seemed like F2P rewards. I could honestly see these rewards being given for just installing the game.

We DID want more story, just not ONLY that.

Fuck Uprisings.

You can wish for things, but it’s not within your right to demand things, they are the ones who decide what to do and you either play along or you leave.

Might as well have uprisings drop set bonus gear/tokens/whatever rng crap we use now. This is the closest thing we will get to new ops.

Seems fairly obvious they don’t have the resources (desire, plans, insert your reasoning here) to do anything other than reskin old content. There is nothing to suggest this will change anytime soon.

This trailer is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen in SWTOR…. feels like a pathetic effort to promote whatever they have, but knowing that this is the most they can offer us :/

Yep. I wonder how much money is given to the SWTOR team. But it seems that funds are scarce. I feel anger towards the dev teams, but some times I assume that they do what they can with meager funds. And loyalty to employer imply that Ben Irving has to make crazy things to keep his job. I would not like to be in his shoes. Really.

So maybe they have no choice but to recycle existing assets.

5 instanced planets (I even included Vandin for you LOL!) and reskin after reskin in 2 years of development. Amazing work, yes.

Of course the story was new, and that is their focus. I was obviously speaking of endgame activities. And, then there’s the issue of the story being worth the sub. That’s subjective to everyone. Regardless, after playing through every bit of new content on the Test server on almost every advanced class in every level of difficulty and gear, it became apparent to me that this would not hold my interest for very long. I ended up taking a break (when it went public) and tried out some other games…notably Witcher 3….and found that the story there was far more compelling and dynamic. Relativity is a bitch when it doesn’t shine on you.

Don’t get me wrong…I loved SWTOR. I loved the raiding aspect of it as a long term source of fun and fellowship. But, with nothing to strive for, the game is subjectively pointless. Even worse, many of my accomplices have left as well. In short, there’s nothing to keep my bound to it other than fond memories of what it was.

It’s a damn shame, but it is what it is.

Why wait anymore? Even if they come out in January and announce “NEW OPS COMING!” do you have a shred of confidence it will be done with any level of competence?

Do you guys every think to yourselves you’re unsatisfiable? BW really cant win in any case can they? You want more “content” OP’s, yet now are saying that if in fact they do create more “content” for you, it will most likely not connect to your high standard and will quite possibly fall short of this high standard and be labeled a fail. ??? They have no competency. I quite literally hear on here that every move they make is an incorrect one, to the left (wrong), to the right (wrong), up (wrong), down (wrong). Make the OP’s “content” (wrong), don’t make the OP’s (wrong). Where is the right? And, why do you…the single “lone” player (this is a generalized statement) have the right answer, or know what the right direction for this game to go in is?

So here is my question, what could create satisfaction in this game as a whole?

That’s a fair question. For me, they’ve broken my confidence in them too many times to take time away from other games I find extremely satisfying right now (including WoW which is in the same genre) to risk wasting time with their incompetence. I post here for amusement and because I love gaming so I’ll even talk about a game I no longer play. Plus I find their decisions so baffling that it’s like watching disaster vids on YT; you’re wincing but you want to see what happens.

I used to love SWTOR and that doesn’t mean everything was perfect and made me feel it was made just for me. However, it provided enough content of various types that I always had something to do and had fun. I was in an active guild of great people and we had events for everyone but that was ruined with no new challenging content for more serious players and no new casual content that held the interest of everyone else…you can only chase datacrons, World boss achievements, and Heroics so many times.

Taking my opinion out of it and going by their own words they cannot deliver a fully rounded experience anymore. It’s either story and little else or endgame and little else or possibly questing or little else since that was shrinking in size ever since the initial release of the game. This is guaranteed to please only a small portion of the player base at a time. Add on top of that game breaking bugs, poor communication compared to similar games, HEAVY reliance on the cash shop, and the scales tip to me and several others doing what no sub based game wants you to do: stop and think, “Why am I logged in right now?” I am looking for any reason to keep playing this time last year and the game fucked me at every turn. Oh, the Rakghoul event is here. I have a few more things to collect and maybe I can help some new players? NOPE, event is bugged and you can stay in the caverns for more than 30 seconds. Ok, well I would like to get that broken speeder mount from the new events vendor. I’ll hit some bounties. NOPE, event didn’t trigger. Their response? We’re on vacation…see ya next year. Then, they announce their horseshit sub rewards program and my mind was made up.

So, I like many others, don’t feel we want the unreasonable. Just run the damn game like it’s one of the biggest IPs in the world being published by one of the biggest game companies in the world instead of like it’s Musco and 6 interns getting to things when they aren’t playing nerf basketball on a shoestring budget.

If you enjoy the game then awesome, good for you. But it’s becoming impossible for me to not wonder what people see in this grindfest clown shoes game when there are several other options out there. Star Wars is great but not when it’s done half-assed, both on screen and on my monitor.

Me and others complaining about the game we used to enjoy or trolling what we perceive as stupidity from SWTOR or people here in no way hurts your ability to get info from Dulfy or enjoy SWTOR. Just like the shitty SW prequels don’t hurt my overall enjoyment of SW.

Upon watching this small trailer, the only thing I get out of it is Explosive Conflict turned into a 4 man. Since this was the Empire maybe they’ll show the Republic next? I dunno…

Still kind of hoping that they’d bring the CXP legacy wide as I am not a fan of picking a favorite character since I play them all.

Well…ya…pubs attacking imps. On what I meant which I should have clarified more is the ‘next’ trailer will probably be pub players being attacked by imp NPC’s.

This is the final offence to all of us who played EC nightmare mode. You were the chosen one SWTOR, you would bring balance to the mmo force, now I am gonna cut your legs and not look back ever again

no one wants more uprisings, were is the “new” ops or is RNG of 5.0 that everyone told yous not to do but you did anyway our new ops??

They never ever said that there was gonna have any new ops they just said that there was gonna have new group content theres a big difference here dude

Well…to be fair. They stated that they were working on Ops and that we “may” have some next year.

They stated that they were releasing new uprisings (along with master mode) in January back when they dropped the expansion(and i believe before during the stream)….so far on schedule.

They haven’t employed the word “Ops” in any meaningful manner for quite some time in relevance to new content. The sell was always “group content” which we now know to be Uprisings.

And, if it looks like they are already stacking the deck against even considering Ops in the distant future:

There is not going to be any Ops dropping in 2017…and probably never again. That’s the cold, hard truth they simply can’t bring themselves to say.

This interview made me cringe…. he is basically praising himself and his team for a “well-received” expansion where he claims ONLY the Command System has been controversial. It’s all about marketing, nothing about substance… ugh….

I agree. I think the last chance for it to happen is with this possible January livestream but even if it does it would just be to announce there will be an Op or two at the end of the year. You would think that if they had been working on an Op that some hint of it would’ve been snagged by dataminers already and we haven’t heard a peep.

Even if they do though it will be half-assed. When referrring to the possible January stream they specifically said “8 man content”, which is interesting.

The funny thing is everyone generally focuses on there being no new Ops when no new open world questing is far more damaging, in my opinion.

“From there, we do have plans, we have a bunch of things in the works, but we just again want to see, which is being received well. Are Uprisings working out like we thought? Do people like Flashpoints more? Do people like Operations more? What are people actually playing in game? Then we’ll work out all of our plans for beyond January.”

So they will draw on ‘metrics’ about Ops people are sick to death of playing and say ‘well people are not playing them so why make new ones?” to justify no new Ops. Ben didn’t say much beyond a LOT of self stroking on how great the game is.

Exactly. This is the biggest problem with this game: they don’t have a direction for it. They rely on “metrics”, which are an “after the fact” deal. They want to see what people like, instead of having a defined idea of what they should do.

You want people to like Uprisings? Make them GREAT. That way people will like them. WORK YOUR ASSES OFF on the game instead of self-stroking. Hell, make ANYTHING NEW great. Put some effort into it goddammit. Make some interesting mechanics that can only be done with 4 people. You did it with the Shroud and the binocs quest. Tank and spank, kill adds and burn Boss? I’ll pass tyvm. That’s boring.

I don’t read that as a confirmation that Ops are being worked on. As usual BioWare phrases things either badly or specifically misleading.

Eric says the word Operations only in reference to a specific question that was asked. The mentioned January livestream will supposedly address ALL group content which would naturally then answer the question of Ops. If they confirm Ops then there are Ops, if they don’t then Ops aren’t a part of group content in the near future.

Though he muddied it up as usual, Eric is trying to make clear that the upcoming stream is not specific to Ops as that’s how the question was posed. It didn’t help that, imo, the person live tweeting and later posting a supposed convo she had with an unnamed dev just added to the confusion by not clearly communicating and making assumptions (such as a livestream about group content must mean it’s a livestream about Ops.)

(unless im mistaken and im pretty sure im not) they never said they were making ops. on the stream they talked about “group content coming in the future”, but not outright ops.

they stated they were working on “future group content”, not specifically ops. so for all we know it could be 1 shitty flashpoint

Actually Op’s are fun when done socially, it just becomes a different type of experience for Hm and Nim progression which some people don’t like.
Yes Bioware do have the right to do what they but only the resources to keep one player group happy at one time.

i don’t get people, instead of demanding things, you can play another game in the meantime. If Bioware doesn’t do what people desire, there is a good damn reason for it, they can’t pick out favorites, so they keep their choices (From suggestions) secret.

ops are overrated? then what else is there in this game to do
trolling DK and Fleet gets boring after 3 years, and the pvp is shit now

Well, according to the EA financials coupled with testimonials taken solely from this website(i.e. no one subs for the story content, excepting once a month to get the story, the game had 7.5 million subs which has fallen to 6.8 million.

Of course if people are generalizing, or lying, the numbers could be reduced to anywhere between 300-750k.

There is no way that SWTOR has that many subscribers. WoW in all it’s glory with the new expansion went up to 10.8 mil and has settled on about 5.8 mil. I’ve played both games side to side, and the feel I got was that swtor doesn’t have 1/10th the subscribers that WoW has. WoW has like what 50 servers? Each one has like tens of thousands of players online at a time. Whereas in SWTOR i’m on Ebon Hawk, and can’t find enough ppl to run OPs and FPs sometimes. There are maybe ~1000 ppl online at peek time on EH server.

I would imagine that SWTOR has somewhere around 700K-1mil at most at the moment.

SWTOR never beat WOW. When swtor was launched, EA sold about 2 millions of copies and 1,7 millions stay subed after the first month. Well… after three monthes, it collapsed dramatically. I was on the beta and on the launch….

I remember the desillusion (remember all the bugs and the engine issues at the beginning (like Taris at 18 FPS on a powerful PC….). According to the stats, EA invest about 200 millions $ (sorme sources said more though). And when the game collapsed under 800k subs, it became F2P.

Nowdays, EA never give specific numbers about SWTOR active subs. I read that they considered that 100k subs is sufficient to fund the game.

In a word, I really doubt that there is more than 800k subs actually. On the US forum, a guy try to count people on US servers : the figures show that even 100k active subs is far of reach. On my server (Battle meditation, FR RP-PVE) we barely manage to be 1000 players (And many of the players are F2P since RP does not imply a sub).

Well, yesterday, I counted players on my server with the /who command. On prime time we were less than 83 lvl 70 people (imp side) : two eight man OP on imp side. Of course it’s only one server…. Still….

EA releases financial statements 4 times a year for their stockholders. These statements are available to the public for perusal. Using these statements you can glean very rough estimates for the total amount of income this game makes.

If you believe that every account holder for SWtoR subbed for exactly 1 month at $15 and then immediately cancelled for the following month, then the game would have 7.5 million subscribers when KotFE released last October. This number would have fallen to 7.3 million(I initially listed 6.8 million, but that was a math error) when the last chapter of KotFE released in August.

A much more logical conclusion is that 300-500k are long term subs, including people paying either $15 a month or $75 twice a year. in addition to around 2+ million who are short term subscribers .

Of note, these are very rough figures using very simple math and major logical leaps.

No, what I don’t understand is how you can reasonably think that this game has ever had 7.5 million subs. There’s no way all account holders are subbed at once even for one month with an expansion launch. Major logical leaps indeed.

The financial statements are usually vague concerning SWTOR and “testimonials” from this site are useless.

Gotcha. The simple answer is, I don’t. The whole paragraph is more or less a long tongue-in-cheek explanation of the impossibility of that number. 7.5 million is literally the highest I could massage the number to go while stressing the little information we have. Of course, those kind of statements don’t work over the internet so it’s a mea culpa.

Damn internet and it’s lack of ability to convey communication intent beyond using CAPS…lol.

No, in his defense, he is trying to make a valid point, by saying that 3000 people is a very small minority of the total of all people who play MMOs.

And he fails miserably. Official statistical data that is perfectly accurate with a margin of error of less than 1%, usually needs about 1000 people to come up with a valid result about human behavior and preferences, and humans are 7 billion people. As long as the sample is diverse.

In this case, 3000 people are a DAMN GOOD representative amount of people playing MMOs, and if SWTOR receives 2300 of these votes, you can definitely realize that there is something wrong. Or you can ignore reality and say “but me and my friends still enjoy this game and have a lot of fun playing uprisings”, to somehow prove (?) that these official results are invalid. Ignoring the truth and living in a bubble is a much easier and more common approach than accepting the truth, if the truth is not very convenient.

That makes way more sense than the fairy tale that SWTOR has more subs than WOW.

Wait Andhros below thinks just that!
er ma gawd

And they’re so far behind other MMOs in terms of subscribers, ESO have around 15,000,000 while WoW after Legion have somewhere around 69,000,000 subs. No to mention No Mans Sky who had around 9-10,000,000 online at the same time of Steam yesterday.

Lastly, did you know that Liechtenstein has a population of 169,000,000 million citizens and that just like you I really suck at making rough statisical estimates?

I don’t give i shit what awards and polls say, i love the game as it is and i will continue to support it!

Story matters most =P! (And hanging out with people)

I’m giving SW:ToR and espeially the hand full of remaining Devs often sh*t because they show since my retur to the game, that they have no clue what thy’re doing but…
Well, I do like the galactic command, besides the RNG, and so far i like the uprisings.

Most crybabys below and above me (Comment section here) seem to be the same…
“I want this!” – “I want that!” “WÄHHH!!1 11”

They don’t know what they really want but i do:

You want it all, preferably free of charge and you want it N O W !

You want to loggin once a week, best “purpelZ” after 2 hours playtime and every week a new “something something” or you lash out with the 15$ whip!

There is a MMO that will fit your needs and more…
…so please go, like 75% of my old guild, to f*cking World of Wh orecraft.

Consumption-driven “MMO-Liberals”….

most people just want new content. the game has been dumbed down, we havent gotten any real content (such as new raids and stuff) in 2 fucking years. the game needs actual content, not shitty story chapters or uprisings which serve literally no purpose in the game. and dont even get me started on the RNG bullshit, because we all know that gear shouldn’t be pulled out of packs.
if we’re getting new content and things to do at endgame then people then paying $15 is fine. also if you pay money for cartel coins, that’s your own fault. i have tons of stuff, never paid for CC, never will.
thanks for ruining the game with this shit bioware, great job

Although I certainly don’t agree with all he says you summed up what he was saying when you said “the game needs actual content, not shitty story chapters or uprisings which serve literally no purpose in the game”
You see people like KOTFE and KOTET and Uprisings and if your rant is just that you don’t like them then people are going to make these posts about people like you.
Sorry but it’s true.

‘You see people like KOTFE and KOTET and Uprisings’
‘Sorry but it’s true.’

You might want to use ‘I believe’ ‘I think’ ‘in my opinion’ instead of this wording. Cause a great amount of players don’t like them. Which means your view is incorrect.

Nope people have said it on here.
I don’t like KOTFE and KOTET and I’ve said that many times on here but I’ve said I like uprisings which just show you aren’t reading peoples posts which makes you incorrect i’m afraid.

people like KOTFE and KOTET? maybe. some people do
people like UPRISINGS? not unless you’ve started playing the game at 5.0
uprisings are useless shit, admit it

Lol no, just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean everyone else does.
Welcome to the real world.

if you survey all swtor players who’ve been playing since before KOTFE, I can assure you most of them will say kotfe and kotet have had a negative impact on this game

Typical tin-foil hat wearing buffoon. Calls out crybabies by being a crybaby. 75% of your guild probably just left to get away from your incoherent rambling ass and, since you clearly don’t know jack shit about the current state of MMOs, allow me to inform you that you’re the one who’s playing the game that caters to the player who wants everything for the least amount of challenge…not them.

It’s so great when someone comes along and tells us exactly what we want and what is the problem with us… I thank you for your deep insight into our complaints. It really opened up my eyes to the truth…

Yep… Probably those 75% of your old guild are all like that: consumption driven MMO liberals who were wrong to leave this great game…

I’m just so glad someone has come along and pointed out the problem with this community. Keep your comments coming.

And while you’re at them, you might consider changing your name from “Faceless One” to “CLUELESS One”…

“You want it all, preferably free of charge and you want it N O W !”

Well, I would like the whole game I paid for yes.

And I have paid for the game since launch, so…ugh do I even want to do the math on that?….Oh I shouldn’t have done that. $900 paid to play(not counting digital deluxe), and I have the golden tombstone to prove it, it came in the mail in game. So….not really the free of charge being implied here.

How long though have we waited for a new operation? Lets be super forgiving and say the latest operation was the monster on Ziost. Lets pretend one boss is an operation….and that would be April 2015. So. Is a year and a half something that counts as now? Hell its been longer than that for new flashpoints, or are we counting Star Fortresses? Oct 27 2015…aww, its barely been over a year then, no big.

So, I guess you really don’t know what we all want. I want an awesome game that evolves. I want a game in its 5th year, that can show me it has the capability of competing with at LEAST Wrath of the Lich King in versatility and content….and it can’t. It seems to be trying, but with a skeleton crew, riding that walker wasn’t anything at all like driving a steam tank, or riding a giant against hordes of the undead. The game is really starting to strain against the crippled rotting skeleton of an engine it was built upon, and its stagnating with a developer team who has nothing to offer in the way of innovation outside of really good story and a pokedex of companions.

The armor is sub par at best, if available through gameplay, and even the bronze items through the CC are just awful or reskins….and they dont HAVE to be. But it seems to be a conscious choice to make bronze items shitty.

I used to defend this game, when it was logical to still do so. When there was even the faintest glitter of hope there was something worth while coming down the pipe, but guess what, that glistening you see is just a wet turd.

I log in for friends, and all we talk about is where we should all go. Swtor has made me so weary of random item crates I’m afraid to suggest ESO as our next home because I honestly believe from what I saw in Swtor, crates RUIN games. There are probably more reskinned mount options than there are active players.

If you are still enjoying Swtor, good for you. I did too. I’m only posting this because I’ll probably be logging in to finish playing the chapters, because I promised when I am done, I stop posting. I’m not talking shit about a game I’m not playing, and calling the people who like it names. That’s pathetic. But I’ve always tried to put sensationalized over zealous posters back into perspective. These people aren’t Consumption-Driven “Mmo Liberals”, thats just fucking stupid. And you should feel fucking stupid. Because you are. Fucking stupid. These are customers who feel like their enthusiasm in, isn’t resulting in effort returned.

Swtor’s is cobbled together from an early test build, the completed hero engine works fine for the most part, but to meet deadlines swtor pushed ahead by building their game on something incomplete. I’m sure someone will be along in the next few hours to give a way more in depth explanation than I can give though.

“There are probably more reskinned mount options than there are active players.”

You made me laugh out loud in the middle of a silent office. Thank you :).

If you’re playing SWTOR for just one thing your going to be disappointed, they don’t have the facilities for whatever reason to keep everyone happy all the time (PVE, PVP, STORY, ENDGAME etc) so this probably isn’t the game for you.
They haven’t done an ops since mid 2015 but you can’t deny that they haven’t done a lot to the game in that time, in fact they have done a huge amount however not to certain parts of the player base’s liking.

I can’t deny things have been done to the game. But how much of it is worth while? Did we need a new graphic interface to be disappointed with our cartel packs in fully animated glory? Should we be excited for truly recycled content? They just keep repackaging the same things and tell us its new.
Them:”Hey we made flashpoints without story! Isn’t it great?”
Us:”Uh…isn’t that just shitty flashpoints?”
Them: “Yeah but we made dark vs light, with command crates!”
Us: “So…alignment based conquest? And aren’t command crates jus there to condition us into becoming cartel pack addicts?”
Them: “Noo…..yes. But we added all these world bosses when a side wins Dark vs Light!”
Us: “Just like the bosses from conquest?”
Them: “SILENCE! I mean um….we’ve got story, and choices that matter!”
Us: “You should be embarrassed using that term. Not because I expect my choices to matter, its a video game, and there can’t be vast differences in play-throughs, you don’t have the income or the staff…but stop trying to brainwash us into believing your shortcomings are your strengths. Your story is great, even at its weakest it is entertaining, otherwise there wouldn’t be level 50+ smugglers, but you can only stand on one foot for so long before you become tired and fall on your face. You have a ton of planets, the game is vast, but its empty. FILL IT UP. I know you are a skeleton crew working on a game most of you weren’t there for in the beginning. I know the engine is a mess and your limitations vastly limit your potential, but you’ve got this beautiful framework with nothing in it. Bring this galaxy to life. Give us fucking Star Wars. Turn the Promenade into a mall, Give us a Manaan stronghold, and add another flashpoint or something there…the planet is a hub, visibly. We aren’t stupid we can see you intended to do more there…what better time than now? Add dailies! Add minigames. You have 2 Casinos and you obviously LOVE gambling, do the math. Enrich what you have.”
Them: “Sounds like work. How about a new uprising set in the just the brownest blandest place we could find?”
Us: “Nevermind…”

I read your post but I can’t help but see some of your point’s as minor issues, the planet’s are chock full of wildlife, NPC’s, Mob’s beautiful scenery, a plethora of missions, they do feel alive so I don’t see your point here sorry.
People moaned about flash points and the endless spacebarring through convo’s so they made a streamlined version which is loads of fun and done in 15 mins. They did what the community asked.
Yes I do agree we need more ops and I don’t know why they’re resources mean that they can only work on one project at a time but they do it with great gusto.
ROTHC, Revan, Ziost, were all great expansions that encouraged group play then as you say they played to their great story background to produce the huge KOTFE and KOTET expansions which unfortunately divided the community.
They are trying hard but the community is neither patient or understanding.
They aren’t doing nothing(double negative soz), just not what part of the community wants.

“the planet’s are chock full of wildlife, NPC’s, Mob’s beautiful scenery, a plethora of missions, they do feel alive so I don’t see your point here sorry.”
There is no reason to return. Heroic mission weeklies are a step in the right direction, if they weren’t messy bottlenecks, they didn’t even play test the idea enough to see glaring issues with respawns that should be easy tweeks to fix.
Every positive you listed is indeed in their favor, the planets are gorgeous and they team with life…replicated life that stands around waiting to die. There is no AI. The beasts are built off of about 6 different frameworks with different heads, and often you find yourself killing Nexu’s, aklays and varactyls again, but with a re-skin. But that isn’t my main point, because that would be entirely easy to ignore IF there was some reason to even bother going back. What if each planet had a weekly event that had a set time and day, that was in the spirit of the planet, with its own faction and rewards? Like every Saturday on Taris there was a rak hunt, hosted by GSI, where players are tasked with 3-4 hot spots, instanced to sweep and clear, and it would grant its own reputation, with Taris themed rewards. How about swoop racing on Tatooine using mechanics similar to the speeder quest on Ziost? I’m not suggesting anything outside of their capabilities, I am just saying USE their resources to expand the things to do. More vehicle based things, more monoculars, more gsi droid, more walkers, more events, more reputations. There’s no excuse to not bulk out their game with quality repeatable content to enrich the player experience, and offer more choices……that matter.

On GW2, WOW and i’m sure even ESO mobs are repetitive clones of each other, I’ve not seen a MMO yet that doesn’t. They’re there to chew through for XP, CXP or cash.
Weekly timed event’s would be a disaster, people have commitments, hey with a wife, 3 kids and a dog, I struggle to make most guild runs let alone a timed planetary event plus you have huge variances in player time zones.
If they built in speed racing into the game can you imagine the fallout from the already angry ops players who only want raiding. Jeez it would yet another nail in their coffin.
They cant expand everywhere without angering part of this toxic community who want what THEY want.
Choices can’t matter in a MMO because it will effect everyone else and anger players who want to chose differently or you get players who have been on here and regretted killing X or refusing Y companion. It just doesn’t work.

In all of those games, the mobs have animations and AI, they interact with each other in areas, spawn random events, all sorts of things swtor doesnt do. Quick example, but there are tons: Corellia, those tunnels between areas, you are riding through and there are yellow mobs called looters aiming guns at yellow refugees. You can jump in and kill the looters, but the refugees still stand there, hands above their heads. Its the illusion of an event. Smoke and mirrors but no substance. A metaphor for most of the game.

I’m honestly struggling to think of a mob in WOW, GW2 or Wildstar that had anymore AI than just standing and hitting you.
There are plenty of missions in SWTOR where if you kill a mob a prisoners runs away but what you are talking of is background NPC’s. You can kill if you want as they are ‘bad’ npc’s but that’s where that should end.
People are screaming on here for more OP’s, FP’s, Planets and Daily’s.
You want NPC’s to have more ‘character’?
This is what I’m saying about Bioware not being able to keep everyone happy all of the time. It’s just not possible.

Alright. So I decided to provide an example. The noble Echetare. Aka, The orc buffalo/bear/queen alien/cow. To be fair to swtor, I stayed in the same zone for all these shots. The top two shots are a pair of resting females. The one on the right got up, shook herself off, circled like a cat and sat down in a comfier spot…two feet away. To the right, a male (notable reinforced fringe) sharpens his bone fringe on a tree, behavior standard to males that get near a tree. Other behaviors are drinking water if near a stream (below), and if near other males, squaring off and challenging each other. Sometimes it comes to blows like male rams. (Pictured, note dust cloud from impact). As an Echetare ages, their coat fades, the one at the bottom features arrows in its hide, and one blind eye, as well as patches of mottled fur. Also featured, Echatare cubs, who can lay down, play when in groups, and dig for grubs. The bottom right corner is an echetare skeleton being eaten by a troll…under a bridge, like trolls do.

These animals dont just stand around, wandering in the same 4 meter area waiting to die. They have identifiable behaviors. They are living their lives and doing things until you happen by and murder them for their sweet sweet leather. They give the world life, and all they are is stupid orc buffalo cows, npc humanoids bitch about the weather, have conversations, fish, piss(no joke) tons of things. The world of ESO breaths. Swtor raises and lowers its chest trying to emulate breathing.

You can say this is minor, but this is what gives a game depth. You can use the tired excuse of “Well people want ops” “People want other content” but that is such a straw man argument its running an escort mission in OZ. Star wars is pretty, but its shallow, and sterile.

I’m not saying they should do things they obviously can’t. But there are plenty of ways to breath some life, and add some substance to those planets. To add value to them after you’ve run the one time quests. Its just a waste.

Hey I have to give you that one, one thing the Elder Scrolls games were amazing at was immersion, I played from Morrowind right through to Skyrim and I loved them, the most immersive single player RPG’s ever IMHO, but when I stuck my toes into ESO just after release it was a mess, so went back to SWTOR, GW2 and WOW.
I hear it has been improved since then but I think where ESO exceeds in immersion SWTOR exceeds in Story/class progression certainly from my experience in ESO as a High Elf Sorcerer which I found very boring IMHO.
So they are different beasts with the same focus.
“You can use the tired excuse of “Well people want ops” “People want other content” but that is such a straw man argument” – That’s literally ALL I HEAR on these forums, sometimes eloquently sometimes *ahem* not so.
It’s the main drive for the disaffected raiders and group players that populate these boards – although the RNG CXP boxes has offered a new flow of hate – so I wouldn’t diminish them or incur their wrath :P.

Because they all want something to do when all that story is said and done. Mmo’s are either theme park, or sandbox. But once the story is over they’ve already been on all these rides. And under the paper thin layer of sand is just cat turds and plastic liner.

Swtor seems to understand that. Honestly they do. But to maintain the metaphor their answer was to replicate older rides but make them shorter and less fun(uprisings/dvl), and add more cat turds to the sandbox(rng/cxp) instead of sand. I think everyone would be happier with more sand and rollercoasters.

Yeah, the “Ops card” has been played extensively. It’s not just about Ops. I mean, I would gladly return to subscribing if, for instance, BW delivered us a new Dailies area. Get one of the new “planets”, make a few repeatable missions and we’d be good to go!

What we really miss is a PROPER expansion. Like SoR. We had it all in that one.

Now, you can say they can’t deliver it, because they’re understaffed, etc, etc…

But that’s the REAL issue here, isn’t it? A Star Wars MMO that is being run like a little development studio would, instead of being this gigantic thing… Like Star Wars actually is.

Have you even played WoW or ESO at all? Both games are miles ahead when it comes to the design of enemy mobs.

Ziost was a great expansion? I don’t remember the “community” reaching that consensus. And, did the Monolith encourage group play or did it dramatically discourage it? It was unpuggable for a very long time…and discouraged many would-be raiders. The rest of Ziost was solo.

One should be very careful when attempting to intermingle their own opinion as a general consensus. Many perceived Ziost…correctly…as a sign that Ops construction was a dying art to Bioware.

Regardless, the main issue here is that in relative comparison to substitute products, SWTOR has become dramatically inferior. Across the board.

They took a big gamble with the two latest “expansions.” The bet was that they could retain the old player base with recycled content while bringing in new subs with what they perceived as marketable. As for the former, they hit a huge brick wall in terms of patience for new content. Many factors led to the current exodus of players. No need to elaborate there. It is happening…and yes…it is an exodus. As for the latter group, the plan was flawed with the notion that they could make loyal subs out a group that was defined as having short attention spans and casual. That was a ridiculous premise.

Meanwhile, other games were created/updated that made them stronger in at least one aspect Bioware was trying to sell. Bioware took a huge gamble, and they may well have shortened the games lifespan because of it.

I really don’t think this has much to do with the community. If it really is…then they did a Clinton-esque job in perceiving what the community really wanted.

In the end it really doesn’t matter though. The game is about to hit some really hard times. No one who loved this game wanted that to happen. Perhaps that is why you see so much frustration with the current status quo.

We can argue until we’re blue in the face about the what, when, and why. it’s not going to change anything about what the decision-makers are seeing on their end of the game. Might as well enjoy whatever time we have left….

In all MMO’s expansions are met with either approval or derision by the community, WOD and Cataclysm immediately jump out on WOW because I played them so this is nothing new as regards community division as it appears in most MMO’s even the biggest like WOW.

As for unpuggable content the raiders I’ve seen love that, it increases their Elite status, even I swagged about on fleet driving my Covert Gateway for killing the Ziost boss on HM just as people do with the Wings Of the Architect so hard op’s bosses isn’t really an issue to ‘part’ of the community.

And this is what i’m saying this community has different wants and Bioware can’t keep all of them happy all of the time, but I’ve never seen such a toxic community, some of which express themselves and the issues they see very well and others who speak nothing of derision, abuse, and hatred for the game and the community.

“One should be very careful when attempting to intermingle their own opinion as a general consensus.” – Yes I usually say in my posts IMHO, I just forgot in this instance, I do not speak for the community but on forum’s (especially this one) people do take their own word as gospel. 😛

As for time left….I think this MMO still has plenty life in it.
Take care man happy xmas.

since when does ziost count as an expansion?
you are 1 of the biggest idiots if you think ziost was an expansion.

Wow, you’re really reaching, aren’t you…And I’m sure you bloody well know it, which is part of the reason why you’re posting this vapid drivel.

Let’s speak again once you’ve stopped trying o delude yourself, shall we?

Go soothe your pathetic little latent-masochistic need for attention, and buy more Cartel Coins, no-one cares anymore.




And, because you’re so clearly worth it:



So just back from holiday and o look I gotta message from dual.
Hmm let’s see….. he’s drawn me a picture of his penis.
Cool XD

I have already done the math for you and everyone else in another post. And if you don’t believe me, just go here:

You will see, as I have repeatedly mentioned before, that the new content as a total (Ops, Flashpoints, PvP, GSF, GSH, Oricon, Makeb, CZ-198, Rishi, Yavin) in EACH ONE of the years of our lord 2012, 2013, 2014, was FAR MORE CONTENT than the entire time between December 2014 and December 2016)

Hell, in the 8 months between April 2014 and December 2014, we had 2 new operations, 6 new flashpoints, Conquests, 2 new planets (and not sad rail-instances of planets), and MANY quality of life improvements, plus a gearing system that made total sense.

You can ignore the truth all you want and post generalities like “maybe this game isn’t for you” and “I am happy with the game’ and “you can’t deny that blah blah” as if you are an astrologer who is looking to make people believe that our lives are determined by positions of the stars thousands of light years away when we were born, but the truth is there. And all you can do is live with it.

“I have already done the math”
Lol no you haven’t. That doesn’t mean shit.
You have NO IDEA how much work goes into a patch/update for the different classes/abilities etc.
Do you honestly think they’re all sitting there with their feet on the desks staring out the windows?
You are comical with your assumptions.

Not assumptions. Data. You must be joking if you are trying to make the argument that 4.0 and 5.0 had the same amount of work that was done in the years prior to that single player content crap.

Oh and about classes and abilities…. they have always been reworked, with every expansion that has been released. So that’s not something new. In fact, I am pretty sure that there was a lot more work done when they had to switch from trees to disciplines. Again, all of that was before 4.0.

They might as well be sitting with their feet on their desks. That would have meant we wouldn’t have to endure this RNG crap and the state of the game right now.

More assumptions and wrong ones at that.
Look this is obviously your opinion which is fine just don’t call them facts.
“They might as well be sitting with their feet on their desks.”
Everybody is allowed their opinion, if that’s yours go with it, but this undermines your position massively.

I don’t know why you think that your criticism of my opinion might matters to me. It really doesn’t. And again, if you think that the resources, the effort and the work that is put into this game during the last couple of years can even be compared to what was happening before… well, wake up.

It’s funny how you are actively trying to convince everyone how awesome the new material is and how much fun you’re having playing it, and at the same time assuming to know that they have worked their asses off for all of that material, but when someone tells you that it was probably not that much work, you go on to tell them that it’s all assumptions :’)

I won’t bother with elaborating since judging by your complete lack of ability to comprehend what John is writing, it would just be a waste of time.

Put simply, you’re an idiot.

Before KOTFE, they used to charge us separately for expansions. I would gladly go back to paying the extra $30-50 if it meant having new endgame multiplayer content plus a daily area with no re-skins.
I don’t really understand what they think they are trying to do. Maybe all the 3D modelers quit and the concept art team is blindly attempting to make all the “new” content by just re-skinning everything, and in the meantime, they just need to stall us by putting all the gear in RNG crates.
I will greatly miss your posts, but I do see where you’re coming from. 🙁

I really like it here. It will not be easy to just stop coming, but I like it here enough to not want to wreck it by becoming another angry ex. This is a great community where I could just talk Star Wars and nerd out, and only had to discuss my mysterious genitals in way more depth than I wanted twice. I normally just lurk and avoid discussion because I get too passionate and can’t handle how quickly the internet goes personal, and this place is pretty chill for the most part. I don’t talk to ANYONE in ESO because I am so reluctant to let go of the swtor community ingame and here, even if the game is losing me.

Imagine how much disappointment SWTOR has brought to thousands of its loyal players, if Naq reaches the point where she has to use profanityto respond to this guy, who by the way is an obvious troll. I refuse to believe that someone can be this stupid unwillingly.

By the way, I am a liberal and I am damn proud to be one. I apologize if someone is offended that I want every person on this world to be treated with respect, and have the same chances to progress in life, whatever that means. Crazy, right?

And when it comes to the financial issue… I would TOTALLY prefer paying $20 for every expansion if it meant that the expansion would give me all the content that past expansions used to give us. It’s as if they’re saying “we know KOTFE and KOTET are subpar, so we are just going to give them for free, but remove all benefits from F2P and also might disappoint some subscribers along the way, but hey, we are proud for our 5 year anniversary!”

“I am a liberal and I am damn proud to be one. I apologize if someone is offended that I want every person on this world to be treated with respect, and have the same chances to progress in life, whatever that means.”

What amuses me is that nowadays this generally means being a Democrat while back in the day the Democratic party was pro-slavery lol

That element flipped parties in the late 60’s when the backwards minded trash fled from the Democratic party to the Republican party when it became evident that Johnson was sticking with Kennedy’s commitment to civil rights.

Well, if grinding endless hours without appealing rewards is your thing, why not. But now, think about dying server : no OP nor FP pops = you have to solo 80% of your time. A rank per hour is not possible (unless you chain Eseless/Black talon which is really getting on your nerve after the third iteration….)

No offense. I don’t mind grinding when the rewards are on par.

And at least wow dev’s don’t ignore their players. CM are on the forum every day to adress issues, answer questions.

I love SWTOR. I don’t like the way i’m “treated” by EA/Bioware. I don’t like the way they lured us so many time about real MMO content.

I’m patient and still on the game. But as I said, 48 people on ONE instance of the fleet is not enough to provide nice, fun group activities.

Well, safe to say you’re a recent arrival given how far from everyone’s complaints you are. Says a lot that the only upvote you have is from our resident fanboy, too.

So I’m just going to call you a cunt, because that’s what you are and explaining things to you and your ilk is just pissing in the wind 🙂

To quote my sister, ” cluelessOne lacks the depth and the charm to be a cunt. Kindly do not dirty such a nice thing with such a nasty little mind.”

Back to try a new 2 month sub after a year away just to play both expansions in their entirety instead of one chapter a month for a year. So far enjoyed the story (haven’t played last 9 chapters yet) and alliance alerts. The only two things I don’t like so far is that I think CXP should be legacy wide or at the very least not so slow to gain it. Still haven’t done Star Fortress so dunno about that one. If the uprisings are somehow old ops converted into 4 man heroics I will be psyched since I have always wanted to see those stories but I abhor ops. So far so good.

Side Note: BW you still need to throw in some Ops if you want more people to re-join. Even though I rather chew on tinfoil while I walk barefoot over broken glass before I join another ops, I recognize that Ops players are usually the guys that keep on subbed the longest (at least in my limited experience).

Uprisings are not old ops turned into 4 man heroics. They’re like super short flashpoints with no story. This one just looks like Explosive Conflict because they reused most of the terrain. It will probably be just the trench part of the operation with a couple bosses.

Lol this is a reshash of of either an op or flashpoint redone as an “uprising” wish i could remember what op/flashpoint that was

Here’s the twist.
The final boss is the Kowakian Monkey lizard that stole your data pad on Rishi. Only he has been mutated by Kye Ziken and is now 12 feet tall.

Yeah that’s right you play the game but don’t know where this is from?
Let the cat outa the bag there Shawny boy.

So yes um….if your here moaning about new content and you cant remember the old content what does that make you?
A liar or a fake?
Thought so.

Uh hello stupidfuck i never said that i didnt play tor in the past or that i never played tor lol. Unlike you i realized they were rehashing content. Thats not “new content” btw lol.

You know what this makes you though? An obsessive fanboi idiot tool who solves non existent cases lol /smh

Flashpoints (or dungeons as in other games), are a very much needed parts of MMOs. Not always will people have time to do hours long ops/raids, so flashpoints provide a quick way to have some fun to people. Also, as much as a game needs rather longer flashpoints, it also needs quicker ones.

So, I actually welcome these Uprisings. Quick, mostly easy, action packed flashpoints. Not always will you have time to do a flashpoint like Directive 7 or something similar which takes time.

What I’m saying is that the problem is not Uprisings. The problem is that 5.0 brought nothing but Uprisings. That’s what making people (myself included) angry.

If BW would have added two ops, dailies, pvp maps AND Uprisings with 5.0, no one would have complained. But right now, they have every right to do so. Don’t you think?

5.0 also braught a 9 chapter story, 5 added levels, new skills, class changes etc. They’ve been pretty clear with 2016 being focused on chapters and solo story content, 2017 will be the year of new group content. Uprisings was probably added late as a response to the critics of solo play in an mmo. With the short and sometimes re-used maps they could dish out more of these for people to play with, until they can finish the proper content.

Yeah but 5 new levels, new skills and class changes as you mentioned, aren’t content.

You can log in to the game and do Uprisings. That’s new content. You can’t, however, log in and, uhm… do new levels?!? That doesn’t even sound English :). You can’t log in and… do class changes :). That doesn’t even make sense. You know what I mean?

The new skills and class changes are actually a huge amount of background content, a lot of work goes into them, you just don’t see how much because it’s hidden behind the scenes, but I do hear what you re saying that people want something to get their teeth into so to speak.
More coming soon they say.

Relative to other tasks and content, generating new skills and class changes is fairly simplistic. Once you have an idea, it’s a relative straightforward task of minimal graphics work and math. Now…balancing them to create a functional spread? That takes time…and testing. And, if you were on the PTS, then you know that this was a task that was barely undertaken. I could elaborate…but I agreed to not do so.

As for new content, the only thing that has been announced is more Uprisings. As for any other content, I would wager that “soon” is fairly optimistic…and unrealistic. Even better, the link I presented below suggests that no significant work has even begun on anything other than the Uprisings variants. They are going to monitor current activity to determine just what they should undertake. While many of us perceive this to be a flawed exercise, it is obvious that no new content (non-Uprising) is remotely close to being completed. I don’t even think it’s been effectively started.

The thing to watch for (since communication from the Devs is cryptic at best) is the hiring of additional staff to actually complete this task by the end of 2017. If none is actualized, then I don’t see how any new serious content is going to happen anytime in the near future. And, that’s making the massive assumption that they have already worked the “idea” portion of the process.

More importantly, it just doesn’t look like creating, designing, and testing something like an Op is even possible given the staff size and apparent financial restrictions.

I’d love to be wrong on this. Believe me. And, I’ll tune in for the January live stream. But, does anyone really believe that they will left the veil and truly let us know what the long term plans are?

Bless your heart if you do.

All we can do is wait and see.
Like you and the community I want more and have always said so, but they are delivering more, just not what part of the community wants.
They said a while back they were going to keep their cards close to their chests when it came to future works because of the flak they were getting so I don’t blame them on that one.

Their epic failures are why they are ‘keeping their cards close’ and they haven’t really given players new things, just rehashed old junk done more times than they care to count. I gave them the benefit of the doubt for them to deliver on the Valkorian Family Blues but all they gave us was a shitty soap opera where choices made no difference in the end. If they actually deliver for once I will be delighted and actually be willing to pay money for decent content. What they have done thus far is at best a weak joke.

New skills and class changes come with EVERY expansion, and they’re actually usually more than this time. We have had whole reworking of ability trees into disciplines and proficiencies in the past. Now they literally added 4-5 new abilities across 8 classes, and they just redistributed the older abilities into 5 more levels. There is NOTHING you gain as a character by leveling to 70. The whole game is continuously being dumbed down. They are giving the holotrainer Senya for free, and her use is more limited than ever.

i LOVE the design, at far it looks just like some picture full of pixels , but when you look close, it reveals its secret =P. Quite creative if i do say so myself!

I extremely love how he rants about there being “tons more” rewards for 5 year anniversary besides the Jawa.. there are 2 rewards in total…

These ‘short dungeons’ are an industry trend. In FFXIV, where people actually use the awesome group finder, and SE provides daily incentives for experienced players to run random old content, you will most of the time get an experienced tank who will pull huge groups of enemies, which you have to burn down with aoe. Most groups are up to it and it gets you through the dungeon very quickly, like ~15 minutes instead of ~45.

On the one hand, it’s completely broken content. FFXIV’s dungeons just weren’t made to be run like that. On the other hand, the devs let it stay that way because the playerbase likes playing at that pace.

So here with SWTOR, you have the next step; content specifically made to be run in ~15 minutes.

Of course it still won’t help SWTOR because they moronically haven’t made a cross server group finder, so the people that don’t bother with group content will not be running these anyway.

Without cross-server queing, SWTOR group content will continue to be a disaster that most of the player base ignores. Until it is implemented, the ‘single player MMO’ thing is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I agree all this content and cross server is still like a pink unicorn over here. This would fix so many damn issues. It’s done so much for WoW legion and even other lesser known crap free to play MMO’s. It’s been five years already. Fix it.

You obviously know a lot more than me about the cross server thing.
Any idea why SWTOR doesn’t do it?
Is it the engine?
Seems like it would solve a lot of issues.

Agreed 100%, cross server is a great way to not force players off low populated servers, and keeping queues shorter. Plus, it’s a nice way to mask a decreased player base which makes things a lot less depressing.

I’m pretty sure that if they released a patch where the only update was cross server for all group finder content, they might actually get a spike in subs. And there would actually be a lot of people who’d be genuinely enthusiastic and positive about something they changed…..

You mean put everyone on the server that is already overpopulated to the breaking point, to the point that they recently have had multiple rollbacks?

Cross server group finder is best of both worlds. Moderate populations, things run well, markets aren’t over or undercrowded, guilds can do their thing, etc and everyone, at least at the same data center, goes in the same que for quick que pops.

Kotet would be more accurately described as a content patch rather than an expansion.

Sure, the stories are great, but this is an mmo at the end of the day. An mmo needs mmo content to survive.

Kotet should have launched with 1-2 new ops, 3-4 new flashpoints, and 1-2 new planets (or equivalent) plus something new along with the 9 chapters of story content we got.

The story was about a few day’s worth of content…and not many people seem to consider Uprisings to be all that interesting.

Maybe start looking at adding new advanced classes for example(since they’ll never add an entirely new class to the game) 😉

maybe stop spending so much time thinking of ways to make swtor worse with RNG loot systems.

Maybe fix the business model so the game actually attracts more players instead of driving them away. (insert link to worst mmo business model of 2016 here)

Finally get around to adding dual specs, cross server queueing, and other quality of life additions many other mmo’s already have.

i have no problem with the actual chapters of KOTET, as in hard mode (veteran is what biofail is calling it now) some fights were actually pretty challenging, however content needs to be added. actual content, such as new raids, maybe some GOOD pvp maps (fuck you odessen), decent flashpoints, and some new quest lines or planets. the fact that they dont add anything along with the stupid chapters, and instead take away proper MMO gearing and put in this RNG bullshit shows how retarded bioware is, and that they dont give a single fuck about the player base (especially the players that have been playing for a while and not the stupid noobs) even on a base level

5.0 best dlc amirite

Wow, that was quick of them.
Truthfully I wasn’t expecting new Uprisings so soon.
I mean, I haven’t even got to do all the achievements on the original five.
That’s great! 😀

I preffer story rich content, but i do like uprisings, and the name “trench runner” sound great (and there are hover tanks in there for the love of XD)

the story of KOTFE was horrible. it was predictable and uninteresting. KOTET’s was allright i guess. this game is dying because of people like you, who only care about the shitty story and will blow bw for more awful episodic chapters instead of telling them what they are doing is awful and that they need to make NEW content, not recycled pieces of biofail shit
also uprisings are useless, and add nothing to to the game. they serve no purpose, and are bioware’s lazy excuse for “content” even though everyone knows it’s shit.

your immature temper is the true reason that a large part of this “community” is a pile of shit, i’d rather pay bioware than pay to half the playerbase combined!

All your types ever do is complain and demand, while it isn’t within your fucking right to do so.

nah. im only like this because we haven’t gotten any ACTUAL content for 2 year. also it is in my right to complain when something is so clearly retarded

So, in other words, you’re doing exactly the same thing that all the others are doing, but you feel somehow smugly superior in calling them out for doing it, even as you’re also doing it.

Congratulations: You are why we can’t have nice things.

actually without people like me there would be 0 positive changes in the game, and now at least gear is back…. kinda. gearing system’s fucked tho

im criticizing the shitty updates we’ve had. you should thank me, because if this game didn’t have people like me who tell bioware what they’re doing is shit, the gamestate would be far worse now

So we don’t have the right to complain and demand, but you do apparently? Who has the immature temperament (not temper..) again?

I’m criticizing the shitty updates and the negative things bioware does. if not for people like me this game would be in an even shittier state than now. if that’s even possible

I agree about uprisings, as the new emperor I travel the galaxy taking on pirates, smugglers, and terrorists? Getting my missions from a cop kiosk in the fleet mall? Please, this would have been great content that fit well with the story lines back in vanilla or 2.0 even 3.0 but now that we have a whole alliance to command it seems rather silly we would go ourselves to this kinda thing.

KOTFE was worse than KOTET. a shit ton of the chapters (most of the monthly ones) were useless fillers to get some stupid companion. KOTET wrapped up the storyline, and while it was predictable I kind of enjoyed it (probably because I was doing chapters in hardmode, and some were actually challenging, which was nice)

I don’t think either had a bad story. I feel KOTET was better, but both of them were good story wise. The problem is there’s nothing to do vs what a movie that let’s you choose dialogue options that rarely make a difference. Each chapter was basically a 1 hour TV show where you have to face the keyboard in the middle. Had they had this story but also had better single player fights, maps that weren’t just back and forth on a narrow corridor away from other players, flashpoints, operations, pvp arena’s we might have had something worthwhile. But nope, we get a monthly subscription for a short run TV show. Nothing is more exciting the Star Wars: The Old Republic – Interactive DVD Experience!

SWTOR is supposed to be an mmo, not a shitty tv show. also i really disliked KOTET’s story, since at least 50% of it was boring useless filler, where you get some pointless companion that you dont want. KOTET was fine, but predictable af

the story is predictable, half of kotet is shitty filler. I think its fine to do it once, but would never want to do it again (even tho I did kotfe twice since LVD)

I wouldn’t say it’s their “new” thing, they are just applying their cartel market strategy to playable content now. “Make ’em pay for reskins”

It’s because BW has decided to become more environmentally friendly by making sure to recycle as much as possible. No one’s had the heart to tell them that it’s sort of pointless to recycle game content which doesn’t affect the environment in any manner….

Judging by the behavior of the trolls in WoW, I’d say it’s been legalized in Azeroth for years, probably centuries. Yet that game is progressing just fine.

Yaya Han is an egomaniac, and kind of an elitist dick. If you are ever so bored that you decide to throw away 10+ hours of your life, watch Heroes of Cosplay, she spends every episode acting like a spoiled monster.

This pretty much confirms their focus on group content being uprisings focused and no new raids in my opinion. They dont care to cater to the endgame community any longer nor do they have the funds or staff to support the same. Easy recycled area content and bosses is all they can afford to do anymore it seems. The nerfing of cxp gains and the overall slow nature of things is forcing people to play their years old content while adding minimal new repeatable stuff.

The only thing this adds to the story is it canonizes which Faction did the Denova Operation back in the day. By this I mean, all of the people there are republic military.
Firebrand Tank (half of Explosive Conflict Boss 2) in Colonel Vorgath’s minefield from Boss 3, complete with probe droids to drop mine defusal kits…. /rant

I mean the game’s already dead. You can’t expect them to release an op now when nobody’s gonna play them.

Right now they’re biding their time until they can’t milk the game any longer.

One of the main reasons they’re doing the “sub for a story chapter per month” bullshit anyway is because they get to cover their ass when it’s time to kill the game. They don’t want to issue sub money refunds, because they technically released a chapter of “content” for every month, which you’re technically paying for.

Hell it’s honestly surprising it’s not already dead seeing how quickly they pulled the plug on Dawngate. Maybe it’s because the whales are **still** putting money into it. Stop already… make it end.

^This one:^

S/he gets it.

Said it before, I’ll say it again, and I’ll bloody well keep saying it, at least until this cheap-ass keyboard goes “urp” on me:

Ben Irving needs to be fired, like, right fucking now, the game temporarily shut down, rebuilt by competent people who actually give a fuck, and have both the resources and the time (recall: The game launched at least six months too early, at least inasmuch that hindsight shows us that that’s about what it took to implement things that most finished modern MMOs launch with).

In other words, a possible Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 —> 2.0 scenario here. Not that it can’t be done, FFXIV is doing just fine today, but SW: tOR is, IMHO, becoming un-salvageable, and this won’t change as long as that insufferably smug wannabe-upper-class British prat is at the helm.

It’s not possible for the game to be rebuilt.
Square Enix had integrity, that’s why they were able to get away with their 1.0 –> 2.0 transition.
SWTOR wouldn’t survive such a transition.

they should just make a new SW mmo. one that well planned out, has a good engine, actual content, and one which the company making it gives a fuck about.
feels like they just completely gave up on the game after 3.0, which was BTW the last expansion this game had (no, i dont count KOTET/KOTFE as expansions, because they ARENT expansions. thanks for 0 content for 2 years bioware, good fuckin job

They ruined any chance of there ever being another star wars mmo. They have the i.p and 2 big companies and this is all they could create. They took a shortcut using a half finished graphics engine which did this game no favors at all. Who is going to risk making a new sw mmo after seeing how this turned out with all the talent of bio ware and money from EA. I just don’t see it ever happeneing.

SWTOR made a shit ton of profit
I will agree completely to EA not being able to make a proper mmo thought, but hopefully they can fund someone to make it
idk, I guess its just wishful thinking, but hopefully we get something good in the near future

if this game dies out, ea would probably make another sw mmo. with better engine, and hopefully a good team making it, the 2nd one could be pretty darn good

They made a trailer to hawk an un-creative pastiche of five-year-old recycled assets that a competent group can probably blow through in 10 minutes?

Seriously, Ben Irving?


I don’t even…

Bloody Hell, man 🙁

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