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SWTOR 5.0 Class Guides Master List

A list of all the 5.0 class guides for easy reference, will be updated with new guides.





Old 4.0 guides

Some of these guides are still relevant for 5.0 with minor changes.

Interested in writing a guide?

If you are a skilled player interesting in writing a 5.0 guide for your class that isn’t list here, please contact me at to get it set up!

By Dulfy

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Can anyone please tell me if there is much difference in the Deception PvE rotation, or is that new ability just not really used?

Excellent. Thanks for this. Often, I’ll try sifting through the old guides and this will make that far easier for 5.0

What confuses me is how the 4.0 guides for a Marauder can even be relevant now. There was enough changes to warrant updates on said guides.

I’m sure Dulfy will publish one as soon as someone volunteers to write it. With two years of no operations more and more of the expert players who wrote these guides are leaving the game, so good writers are harder to find.

Hayete wrote the last guide, and has written a new one for 5.0 Carnage Marauder. It’s published on his website. He may or may not post it here on Dulfy, but Dulfy may end up linking to it since it’s already done. He supposedly gave Dulfy permission to link it.

Just want to do story line as a sent / mara not really good at it basic 6 button gaming mouse which is easiest spec to run for pve story?

I played full concentration and a bit combat and watchman, concentration is pretty easy with high burst dps (imo) and combat can do nice as well, haven’t played watchman a lot but that’s a lot more dot’s then burst, but in the end u must choose!

You can cruise through the Story with Watchman spec no problem. The rotation is pretty simple and they have several gap closers that make fighting ranged mobs less of a pain than most other melee DPS.

PvE retards? Like where all the best players in the community reside? Any asshole can PvP and judging from fleet chat, the pvp hordes that have invaded Harbinger = all the misogynistic 14yos who make the internet such a spectacular a toilet.

Most pvp’ers who don’t do ops are unable to overcome their fear of being confirmed as shitters. Nothing more fatal to a teenager’s ego than being kicked from a group.

So PvE is garbage, PvP is only somewhat bearable, and Ops are for retards? So I’m guessing you play only for space missions?

Hello and thanks for all these useful guides so far!

I really wish for a Focus Guardian update, since there is none and nobody plans to do it. Also, I am not egoistical, so I wish for every other missing guide, too! 😀

Is there an overall “Consensus” on DPS stats anymore? Like post 4.0, the goal for most classes with mid-level gear was110% Accuracy, 40% Crit, 70% Crit Multiplier, then stack Power. As you got better gear or made your own tweaks to preference it changed, but that by and large were the goals to hit for new players/raiders. Any post 5.0 baselines?

I would like to know this too, as I’m just coming back to the game after a nearly 2 year absence but have several dps of different classes. What’s the new baseline?

These guides are more for newer players to come and get a good idea about their procs,why certain things proc happens and what they do. Its also always nice to see another players thoughts on a certain spec. I for one hope they always do these.

There probably won’t be for a good, long while thanks to the new RNG style of acquiring gear. Highest tier items are much harder to come by, now, as they are random chance drops from command crates. Without pieces to swap around for testing, one can’t truly gauge what the ideal stats are.

Would love if someone did a Rage or Vengeance Juggernaut, would like to take into consideration either of them as I’m running Rage but being told Vengeance is better

GrandLordMenace, aka Rydarus, he just posted on the swtor forums (class section) that his guides are done/sent in, just needs formatting from dulfy.

I am sure it will get done, i am not knowledable in website design to know if its easy or anything like that.

I would just love to know what the basic rotation is now and stuff like that.

So, a fellow on my server (Shadowlands) who runs Vengeance, has stated that you almost have to use a utility to make Chilling Scream a 4th DoT, which apparently improves the spec enough to make it the better spec for those who can get it to work.

I personally run Rage(well, Focus on my Guardian) and the new passive at 68 messes with energy management and took a little getting used to. However, it simplifies the 3.x guide rotation quite a bit
There is likely a better rotation, I just changed as little as possible to keep it near how it was, since that way still worked.

Opener: Saber Throw(if able), Force Charge, Enrage, Raging Burst
Cycle 1: Force Crush, Furious Strike, Ravage, Filler, Retribution/Vicious Throw, Obliterate, Raging Burst –> Cycle 2
Cycle 2: Sundering Assault, Furious Strike, Force Scream, Retribution/Vicious Throw, Obliterate + Enrage, Raging Burst –> Cycle 1
Repeat Cycles 1 & 2 until dead.
If short on rage, make your filler a Basic Attack/Saber Throw
If you have excess energy, make your filler Vicious Assault

For AoE, replace Raging Burst with Smash, replace Vicious Strike with Sweeping Slash

PvP Sentinels playing Concentration, Watchman is only for DoT spread numbers so you can use the same PvE rotation

Ironballs has the Scoundrel Ruffian guide from 4.0 – Pub side, but the class isn’t changed much in 5.0 as far as rotation goes.

There isn’t a 5.0 one out atm. The 4.0 ones are identical and good for reference, I think the guy who did the theory crafting gearing in 4.0 as updated it to 5.0 so I’d look out for it.

Yeah this doesnt help me much as I cant look up a class, say Bounty hunter, and see the different talent trees and specs to help me make any decisions at all. its a hit or miss as in “does anyone have a guide up for the specific class and spec out of all 8 specs and if they do, are they going to even tell me anything I need to know. Look at teh Icy Veins site for Warcraft. that is a helpful guide and someone should make one for SWTOR like it to help new players learn about the different toons and all of the specs available to them.

I learned by hitting K in-game, reading the various specs, and choosing based on what sounded good to me. Then I tried everything out by actually playing the game. Lastly, on the one occasion I was actually stuck on something, I asked for the opinion/advice of my guilds. You have the power to make your own decisions.

Anyone know of any good Deception PvE guides ? I decided to make a dps alt and wanted to get the talents n that i should use.

How long does it take to publish guides you’ve already received? I’ve been waiting for the darkness PvP guide for at least a week… it’s not a masters thesis just put the damn thing up already!

Weird, it wasn’t showing up as published when I refreshed prior to posting. My apologies, didn’t realize you had to format it for the author. Thanks for your work!

VS > Lac > BS > Lac > VS* > Lac > Lac > Sub >
VS > Lac > BS > Lac + Holo > VS* > Lac > Lac > Lac >
VS > Lac > BS > Sub > VS* > Lac > Lac > Lac >

The second BS is the only one who can get stealth (every 108s if you use the utility).
Uses Holo before the VS* following said BS (once every 36s with utility).
Every 9 out of 10 Cloaking Screen, the following VS* is replaced by a Lac.
Every 1 out of 3 Stim Boost, the following VS* is replaced by a Lac.
Uses CS when you end up on a LAc GCD without any TA.

For this rotation to be possible you NEED the 4p set bonus.

Opener :
Stim Boost + Tac Superiority + Adrenal + BS > Sub > VS > Lac > Lac > Lac >

About Tac Superiority, you can use it in the opener easily, but otherwise to use it in the fight, you will have to disregard my suggestion to replace a VS every 3 uses of Stim Boost. This will also means you will have to use a little more CS (more attention to energy management).

Hey Guys and Gals. Good Job on these Guides. I can’t wait to see the rest as you finish them. I can wait until you are done, but not too long , ‘kay?

is the third assassin tree not worth it? dont know the name in englisch, not hatred, not darkness… the third one xD

and why do i not find so much guides for this game…. im so confused~

It’s Deception.
Kre’a wrote all 3 Assassin PvP guides last xpac, so I imagine they are just updating it for 5.0
Now that I looked at the coming soon section, the Republic equivalent guides are coming out soon, so mayhaps she is doing those first.

Could someone write up a gunslinger PVE guide for saboteur? MM is simple enough but I’d love a guide for saboteur.


My sniper runs Engineering, and it’s basically unchanged from 4.0, rotation wise. EMP Discharge does extra damage and minor AoE if you have stacks from Series of Shots.

As for Utilities..
Skillful: Ballistic Dampers(always), Imperial Efficiency (AoE) and Vital Regulators (if you hate the masterful section for PvE like I do 🙂
Masterful: Seek Cover. Pick another if you don’t want Vital Regulators
Heroic: Augmented Shields, Siege Bunker and Pillbox Sniper. Pick your preferred 2 of the 3.
Legendary: Defensive Safeguards and Deployed Shields.

Rotation: (Just to reiterate it)
Opener: Orbital Strike -> Snipe
That’s it. Rest of Thrax’s “opener” is basically part of the main rotation
Main Rotation:
Explosive Probe, Series of Shots, Plasma Probe, Interrogation Probe, EMP Discharge, Frag Grenade, Series of Shots, Plasma Probe, Corrosive Dart –> Repeat.
Sub 30%: You switch Corrosive Dart for Takedown some of the time. It screws with your energy if you use it too much.
—- —- —- —- —- —- —-
Skillful: Ballistic Dampers (always), Efficient Ammo (AoE), Cool Under Pressure (if you dislike Masterful for PvE)
Masterful: Heads Up. Pick another if you don’t want Cool under Pressure
Heroic: Hotwired Defenses, Holed Up, Lay Low. Pick your preferred 2 of the 3.
Legendary: Shied Reserve and Riot Screen

Opener: Freighter Flyby -> Charged Burst
Main Rotation:
Explosive Screen, Speed Shot, Incendiary Grenade, Shock Charge, Sabotage, Thermal Grenade, Speed Shot, Incendiary Grenade, Vital Shot –> Repeat.
Sub 30%: Switch out Vital Shot for Quickdraw some of the time. It screws up energy management if you use it all the time.

“Sub 30%: You switch Corrosive Dart for Takedown some of the time. It screws with your energy if you use it too much.”

Or you don’t. CD actually does more damage than Takedown.
And they cost the same so why would it screw energy to switch ALL CD for TD?

“Explosive Probe, Series of Shots, Plasma Probe, Interrogation Probe, EMP Discharge, Frag Grenade, Series of Shots, Plasma Probe, Corrosive Dart –> Repeat.”

You’re missing one GCD. SoS isn’t off CD when you finish using Explosive Probe. The missing GCD should be an Orbital Strike if it’s off CD, or a Covered Escape/Rifle Shot.
If you use CD every cycle, you will eventually run out of energy. You should replace CD by CE/RS once every 10 cycles.

I’ll admit that I just parroted the thing I’ve always heard since 2.x or 3.0 where set bonus stopped reducing Takedown energy cost. And since I play to have fun, not to test things, I didn’t know if CD was straight better than Takedown. Glad to know I’ve been doing it right by not using it 🙂

That’s the rotation that I use, and only sparingly do I have to use a basic attack as a filler. Maybe once every four/five rotation cycles at most, sometimes I only have to do that 3-4 times in a Boss fight.
I might go back and examine to see just how often that happens to me, but it is in no way an “every-cycle” occurrence. My gear is a bit sub-optimal, so maybe the alacrity difference is doing that, even though I don’t think that should be the cause.

In normal PvE, what use is the Covered Escape in the rotation? You are a ranged character who should stay out of melee range for most fights, no matter if its Ops, FPs or Uprisings.
As another note, I use Corrosive Dart every cycle without issue. I only have energy problems when I use Suppressive Fire on add packs.

Ok, so I tested it out on the Ship Dummy. I gave it 4 million health so it would be the biggest sample size. The fight lasted ~10 minutes, 20 seconds

Following the rotation above, I only had to use a basic attack filler due to Series of Shots cooldown 17 times. Because you reapply DoTs as soon as they fall off, each cycle is logically 18 seconds. 620 seconds overall/18 second cycles is just under 34 and a half cycles.
Meaning that I had to use that filler slot just about half of the time. As something to note, they clump up multiple times in a row near 75%, 50%, 25% and death, and is not evenly spread thoughout.

Also, 4Mil health in 10min & 20sec is roughly 6,451 DPS. Given that I only have the old 4 piece set bonus and a mix of green 228 and blue 230, that seems halfway decent for just better than 4.x gear. Feel free to correct me on that if you wish.

As for energy management, I used Corrosive Dart every single cycle with no problems whatsoever. I don’t even think I dropped below 70 energy more than once. Granted, old 4 piece helps out with energy, so take that as you will.

Then your APM is not as high as it could be. Engineering APM is around 37.
From your energy usage, I’d guess you actually runs around 33-34.

By technicality, mine does still last 18 seconds, as EMP Discharge becomes grayed out just before I re-up Interrogation Probe every singe cycle, which implies that the 18 second DoT falls off right before I reapply it, like it should.
I will admit that Series of Shots does end up with ~0.5 seconds left sometimes, but it is usually available immediately or with 2 seconds left (where I use the filler)

Those two statements make me feel like the problem may actually be my alacrity. My 18 second rotation has a give or take 0.5 second “gap” in it. Perhaps that used to be a proper 1 GCD gap and isn’t now, since my alacrity % went down due to level cap increase.
This fraction of a GCD gap would offset some aspect of the rotation, clumping up at times, spreading thin at others.

I’ll have to take a look at my APM sometime.

The more likely problem is you are delaying too much after a SoS. It’s close to impossible to get it right due to latency… But try to get a perfect clip after SoS (all four hits are registred but you activate Ip just after the fourth). if you wait until the channel finishes, it is already finished for maybe 0.2s server side. What is your latency and how stable is it?

You are legitimately the first person I have ever seen talk about clipping a cast that isn’t old ravage or force lightning. I didn’t know you could effectively clip Series of Shots, so I have been double clicking plasma probe directly after the cast finishes. My latency is about 50-60 ms on my ship, ~75 in normal solo play, but I haven’t actually checked it in a group setting.
I do know that my fps goes down tremendously on any planet with grass and snow on screen at the same time(down to about 1/4 or 1/5 of normal) so i cannot do well on Alderaan for some reason..

Orbital Strike.. Normal solo play, start of fight only sometimes. Uprisings, Virulence only, so really never. Haven’t done a flashpoint in ages. Vet mode chapters, don’t think I’ve ever used it. Operations, not too much beyond fight starts, I usually end up having to clear stray trash packs.

The it explains why you can get away with so many Corrosive Dart.

About the clipping bit.. Assuming a 65ms ping, you would clip around 50-65ms before the end of your channel on the screen.. From what you were saying, it felt your latency was in the upper 300ms. With 65ms, you are activating as the channel ends (or too close to it to be noticeable). Your APM is then definately too low. There is no way your rotation is viable with 37 APM.

Here is link to my spreedsheets containing some specs rotations tested by me and optimized.

Fascinating collection of rotation info. Might take me a while to swap over if any small details are straight up better (old habits, personal preference, etc..)

Where did the Operative Medicine PVE guide go? It was meant to be published soon and now it’s gone :3
Thanks for you work!

How much of the 4.0 Combat Medic is still relevant? Also, I’m applying the Sawbones PvP guide to PvE and was wondering if stat weighs are the same?

I don’t even see a guy for Combat Medic unless I am totally missing it every where else like Jedispec’s isn’t relevant anymore

Is the Infiltration Shadow guide almost done? I have been seeing it listed received for publishing for weeks now. I hope you can get it up soon. Thanks for everything you do.

Hmm since there isn’t a single pve shadow/sin guide, does this mean noone plays is / is interested in it / the discipline is worthless in pve?

writing good guides is a lengthy process, so it simply means nobody has done it yet, or nobody has offered to write one 🙂
shadow/sin is in an amazing place right now for both tank and dps

When will someone write a TK sage PVE guide? There hasn’t been an update to the stuff written here for TK sage since 3.0. And there HAVE been some changes to how it plays in game in regards to skills and rotations. Would love to see one.

There is a guide for Lightning Sorc, which is the exact same spec. It’s imperial ability names, so that’ll take some time, but it is there.
Secondly, since someone wrote an Imp guide, there is a decent chance they may do a word replacement and publish the rep equivalent.

The class guides are terrible. Ever since all the good players left after 3.0, the guides from 4.0-5.0 have been utter shit. These people who write the guides now are autistic.

will there be a Serenity Shadow PvE guide any time soon? Same goes for scrapper and concealment guides.

any PVE Rotation/Utilities for Gunslinger tree? all i do is Heroics and maybe some fun Uprisings but yeah mine needs a new fixin…

Is anyone going to publish a pvp deception sin and a concealment operative guide? My kid wants to try both and since I am neither I can’t help the lad…

Your website is a piece of shit, dozen of informations are missing on your guides, miss leading almost every SWTOR gamer clames these facts, you are nothing more than a copy pasty side from the, not to mention now you became focusiong for the PVP shit, and dosent gives a fuck anything about the Sages and Sorc DPS-es, and priorities. if i were you i would shut down this site, because it is sooo damn usless as the dev tracks on the official swtor site. playing a copy paste web runner, wich makes you and this site even more uslesss dump shit just like your team who sends in their sources. not to mention your rotation guides are 999999% messsed up shit.Also not to mention your gearing guide is also a piece of shit, you said take this,, and take that, and make it posibol to looks your stats like the in sent picture,,, nice and how about for those who aint got a clou wich piece of armor is good to place in those modidiyed enchantments, and augments, and tring to not make it more confusabel for new player? Asshole!

Thought I’d fix a few things for you:
*misleading *focusing *messed *clue *modified *confusing

Fyi she doesn’t write the guides. If you don’t like them go somewhere else.

is there anyone who has a guide for sentinel PVE 5.0 I have tweaked itmyself quite abit, but I’m not sure if what id have would be good enough to be published aha

“trying to find the mirror of abilities takes forever”

It shouldn’t. Not even remotely. Both the Vigilance(Vengeance) and Focus(Rage) guides have the complete description of the abilities used. I just checked.

The cost, the cooldown, 90% of the tooltip is exactly the same for an imperial character.

1st point, the author of those guides (Krea) may not have submitted it to Dulfy yet. They may have only messaged her that it would be ready soon and haven’t followed up.

2nd) Deception is Imp version of Infiltration (use a bit of logic and replace names) same with Kinetic Combat, it’s just Darkness but for the Shadow.

I find it a little strange when supposedly the operative-lethality and scoundrel-ruffian are the highest dps, that there is no guide for them…..

I made a pvp balance sage guide and sent it a while ago, but it hasnt been uploaded. I can send it to you/share it with you via email or google drive. Just pm me and let me know.

Just curious but why is the only Hatred Sin guide for pvp? I have played it pve the whole time I have played and I dont pvp. Will the stats be the same for pve?

Is there going to be a pve guide? I have heard that it is to be avoided for pve but i don’t do ops or that would like to know what i need to not die horridly lol

Eh, if someone writes it, there will be one. As simple as that.

But yeah, Hatred in PvE is only better than Deception on very AoE heavy fights (lots of adds or like jarg and sorno where you can dot spread on them both). Overall Deception has better single target dps, better burst, better defenses, better utility.

Commando and healer? That exists?

Jokes aside, pretty sure it’s the least popular heal class so…

Yes, amazingly that exists and I have seen a number of healers (when playing through the queue) that are commandos 🙂

Honestly a guide for merc healer is not the one I expect most, regarding the fact that in merc you have to press green buttons and spam aoe and when you need to burst : scg plus power surge (with the 2 stack abilty) and you spam emergency scan and healing scan

I’m not seeing a gunslinger guide up there. And in the update, for merc, did they remove a healing skill?

Are there any upcoming guides for Serenity/Hatred Shadow/Assassin (DoT spec) PvE guides? Or even one Scoundrel/Operative DPS PvE guide?

Here’s one:

In order to fully remove the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ client from your system please do the following:

– Click on ‘Control Panel’ in your Start menu.
– Click on ‘Programs’ then ‘Programs and Features’.
– Wait for the list of programs to populate.
– Locate the entry for ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’.
– Click on the program to uninstall.

When the game has been fully removed please go to the file location where the game was initially installed. If there are any game files left over in the installation folder, please manually delete them.

Update has been sent already, waiting for Dulfy to upload changes (they are extensive so it may take time).

ok thanks, wasn’t sure if it had already been updated or waiting for Dulfy to finish updating it ^^

sooo… what’s the chance of some nice organization on these like we had with 4.x? I remember you could select guides, then class, and see the guides ONLY for that class…

this works, it’s just ugly.

any chance for gunslinger spec rotations? trying to build my own isnt working too well especially since i havnt been able to find a proper rotation online as of yet.

From Bant’s Rotation Thread on the Forums:

It’s 3 mostly identical rows:
Penetrating Rounds + Trickshot
Aimed Shot + Trickshot
Vital Shot(Row 1) Filler(Row 2 and 3)
Aimed Shot x2 (All Rows)
Filler(Row 1 and 3) Vital Shot(Row 2)
Trickshot (All Rows)

Filler: Basic Attack, Aimed Shot or Quickdraw(Sub 30%)
When Burst Volley is available, use it to do Penetrating Rounds + Trickshot twice in a row.

All three Sniper Specs have a guide, and they are identical to Gunslinger.
It’s just an ability replace, which is made easier b/c the abilities have identical tooltips.

All else fails, find an older guide from 3.x or 4.x for the class and build from there

the people who make these guides are Imp’s and will never give you a good Pub build. they’re afraid you might beat them in pvp if they did. Imp Scum!

Would really love to see the scrapper pve as its one of the only ones not in the list. Pvp is there but a pve version would be awesome if its not to much trouble

And what you found something like so give pictures (screenshots) of Góey Thank you if you have or not and greet

In fact it’s actually the highest ranking dps class of the moment but apparently nobody seems to know how to play it, or at least dulfy hasn’t found anybody that knows how to play it

the remaining pve builds that we need are:
Mercenary Bodyguard & Innovative Ordnance/Commando Combat Medic & Assault Specialist

Annihilation & Fury Marauder/3 Sentinal specs

Operative Concealment/Lethality/3 Scoundrel specs

Hatred Assassin/Serenity Shadow

3 Gunslinger specs

Madness Sorcerer/Balance Sage

3 Juggernaut specs/Defense Guardian & Vigilance Guardian

“master list”… missing several specs

also, would really appreciate a list of leveling spec for each class, rather than purely (PVE) raid guides…

i’m interested in reading opinions on what specs are most fun or most annoying for leveling..

Have you come to the thought that there aren’t any skilled players left playing the rest of the classes? I mean, the guy that provided the best theoretical stats distribution left the game at 5.0. He updated his thread regularly since launch. Also, you must consider the fact that a person simply can’t be bothered to type a 20k+ essay when the class itself has barely changed from the last patch.

On to your demand for solo/leveling guides – I still can’t decide if that’s a serious statement or you’re making some sort of joke.

1) The solo content of this game is pathetically easy. You can practically leave your companion to do the job, he doesn’t even need to be high level. Furthermore, I’m always baffled at people wanting solo play guides. Like, what exactly do you need a guide for? How to navigate the world map to reach your quest?

2) Everything gives tons of xp. The only variable that matters here is how much time you can spend in a single day on it.

If you’re that interested in opinions about the ups and downs of certain classes, log in the game during prime time, go to the fleet and ask what you want to ask.

Why the heck would you need any guide on solo play? Especially levelling! Here it goes, just bind one or two aoe abilities and have at it all the way to 70. Literally nothing is faster than that

Solo play /leveling doesnt need a special guide i think, Its easy to do with the normal gear, But there are other sites that do give leveling builds, i thinke is one of them

So I’ve been bored with the game. Can’t imagine why. /sarcasm So I decided to dust off some of my older alts and wanted to play my Juggernaut. I came here and there is no PvE Immortal Jugg or PvP Immortal Jugg guide. What gives?

This site doesnt publish all new ones, i read comments that guides where ready but “Dulfy” didnt have time to publish it, Dulfy has given up on Swtor is my opinion.

That’s funny you say that. Satele Shan might be top for the West Coast, but Star Forge is top overall for all servers and for both PVE and PVP.

When wil Dulfy officially announce that she doesnt support SWTOR anymore? , i found a post 5 months or even older for a 5.0 Vengeance juggernaut guide made by Rydarus, and that he was waiting for Dulfy to put it up. Only thing thats “new” are cartel sales and news, news thats just copied from the original website.. I used to love this page but lately………..

Can someone recommend any less nerd web guides? Each of these guides is just wall of random text and couple of whatever numbers for me telling me literally next nothing whatsoever. Thnx in advance

no AS commando pve guide? is so awful Assault Specialist Commando? I am playing gunnery but i hate the cast time for grav round …

Artorias here: I wrote several guides for Dulfy, including Jugg/Guardian. I had two already done when I contacted Dulfy only to get no reply for about a month via email. I sent the guides to her, she didn’t put them up, I asked if she wanted the Guardian ones done, no reply. This is easily a year ago if not way longer. I’m not going to be doing them, I’ve moved onto Final Fantasy XIV. Apologies to those wanting a guide, I see a lot of people asking for it but my guides won’t be on this site going forward because I can’t get Dulfy to respond to email and I’m not wasting hours to make one if I don’t have a platform to put it on and lastly I just don’t care about SWTOR raiding anymore to research it.

All 3 Sniper guides are posted, just follow them. Gunslinger/Sniper exact same class, just different skill names and animations.

They came out the first week. Apparently Dulfy is a dead site. Everyone switched over to Vulkk’s site for guides etc.

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