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Game feels like it is going to Hell, but thank the stars that BW keeps coming up with stuff to waste your real money on…

Just unsubscribed to SWTOR. New year resolution… not to resub… which wouldn’t be hard since I’m moving to SE Asia where connection to SWTOR (and most other MMO) servers is piss poor so I’ll be weening myself off MMOs and playing single play offline games instead :p

That’s a resolution I need to make. I was talking shop with another mmo player recently. We were going over the pros and cons of the current games out there. We also reminisced about some of the mmo’s we started on. As I began to describe this game and the current content you could see the look of confusion and ridicule at most the stuff.

In the end I lied and said had I stopped playing some time back. If it didn’t have the Star Wars label it wouldn’t have such a hold on me.

Agreed on the Star Wars Label.

When I first saw SWTOR advertised, I was hooked and couldn’t wait for it to launch. It is after all, STAR WARS! It was also the follow up to the KOTOR games and everything looked SO AWESOME! I couldn’t wait to get back to Tarris and Korriban!
I was a huge fan right up until about October of 2015… Man I white knighted the hell out of this game for 4 years.
Then I broke my wrist and because of the position and size of the cast I couldn’t play any MMO’s. I couldn’t get my hand to work right.
So I experienced some games I had missed during my SWTOR addiction. I realized that I had been blinded by my love of all things Star Wars and couldn’t see the flaws in this game.
I still love SWTOR and I still see so much potential, but I hate the fact that Bioware is slowly and steadily removing many of the MMO aspects, decreasing the difficulty and now making gearing a total gamble…
I just can’t do it anymore either, not when there are so many other great games out there that let me experience their world with out a monthly fee.
Say what you will about ESO, but the game is incredible and the improvements they have made the past 18 months have really brought it back to being a quality member of The Elder Scrolls family.

The Star Wars and successor to KOTOR Labels certainly has a big pull. I wouldn’t said SWTOR is a bad game… Just more of a big ball of missed opportunities considering the the rich back drop KOTOR provided. The Revan story was a major disappointment. SWTOR turned him into a whiny git instead of the mysterious badass.

Instead of having Revan be a prisoner of the Vitiate/Valkorion and going all loony in the SOR story. Instead of SOR and KOTFE Revan should still be missing since the end of KOTOR and have the player go off explore the outter rim to try find him (or secrets of the Rakata that Revan unlocked) you know, like had the player actually follow in the shadow of Revan… With the help of the player, Revan should have built/found a new star-forge and return to known space with a new Infinite Fleet to duke it out with Valkorion and his Eternal Fleet instead of the weird possession story we actually got. That way Revan’s integrity and awesomeness would still be intact instead of have him meet an ignominious end at the end of SOR. The ‘Gravestone’ Should have been the Zakuulan nickname for the Ebon Hawk (now upgraded by the Star-forge). Revan should have been the reason why Vitiate was and absentee Sith Emperor during the main SWTOR class story because Revan found out who the real puppet master was and had been fighting Valkorion and Zakuul as a one man army since he first disappeared after KOTOR.

This shit practically writes itself! How did BioWare miss this???


Anyways… I’m surprised I stuck with it for this long since my first love with MMO was the early days of Ultima Online when shit was raw and the players literally wrote their own story. Running away from PKers was scary as fuck as a newbie but was also some of the best memories I have of playing UO. When I finally got good enough and joined a guild we went and hunted those PKer scum for bounty rewards and protected new players. That was real rewarding shit!

I would much prefer that freestyle play in an MMO than the sanitized separation between PVP and PVE areas common in MMO post WoW.
But I’m in the minority it seems since most players these days can’t stomach losing gear when they die becasue of the loot culture fostered by the likes of WoW. The beauty of early UO was the player lead economy where low to mid tier gear was cheap even top tier gear were crafted by player crafters not loot as drops so even if you died and lost your best get you can replace them rather quickly buying from other players so losing all your shit that’s not in the bank when you died wasn’t as devastating as people might think… at least IMO

To be honest I probably wouldn’t have unsubbed if it weren’t going to be impractical for me to try play with poor latency from SE Asia… Thailand to be precise. I do know what you mean about losing interest in the game. I began my sub to SWTOR 2 weeks after it launched and built up 20+ characters in the 5 years of subbing. That made it difficult for me to part ways with those characters even though all I tend to do in SWTOR now is just WZ and making my toons look the way I envisioned them.

The content and the KOTFE was meh for the most part. The thing I enjoyed the most in SWTOR was the separate main Class storie lines for each class, building them up from nothing to finally becoming a full fledged Sith Lord, Jedi Master, Bounty Hunter etc. There hasn’t been anything to match that experience in SWTOR since. KOTFE was a pale attempt. Lumping everyone into the generic ‘Outlander’ role was a missed opportunity and not really continuing the character’s story. Taking away Class companions and not giving them back yet after two story arcs is a BITCH move IMO.

Yep looking forward to tackling my “pile of shame” like completing the Witcher and Mass Effect series. I completed Witcher 1 but barely started Witcher 2. Only got halfway through ME1 when my Xbox died and never got back to it even though I bought it again for the PC. Also need to get my teeth into the totalwar games again. Love my strategy games since it was Warcraft 2 that got my into PC gaming in the first place. Sooo many other games to play that SWTOR got in the way of πŸ™‚

Never started on the Witcher series, would probably enjoy them but have to many other games to play through. ME is great, playing through them on one character is awesome, done that thrice. And few games, if any, has as many great companions as that series.

If you don’t mind turned based combat, you might enjoy Xcom 1 and 2 as well. I’m waiting for Torment: Tides of Numeria and the new ME Andromeda game, got my hands full with a bunch of RPGs and some other MMOs in the meantime. πŸ™‚

You should play the Witcher when you get the chance. Story is awesome rich in dark medieval European fantasy style lore…think Arthurian legend + LOTR + Blair Witch + Beowulf and you’re maybe close. Witcher 1 mechanics plays alot different from Witcher 2 & 3 but 1 is still worth playing for the story. Though you could start W2 without needing to have played W1 since W2 is a start of a fresh story arc. ME1 will probably be the first thing I play once I get a new rig up and running. Was bummed out when my Xbox died since I spent a lot of time on my first Shep πŸ˜› now I’m gone try recreate him. Plane to play the series 3 times. First with a goody two shoes soldier type, then a morally grey adept, then a bastard infiltrator. Maybe I’ll try do all 6 classes but depends how long it takes for me to do just the 1 class…

I will def get Xcom 1&2 at some point. Did enjoy Baldur’s Gate 1&2, Icewind dale etc but never got round to playing the original Planescape though so I’ll probably try play to that before getting around to playing “Tides of Numeria”. My other bucket list is to play “Dreamfall Chapters” Loved the Longest Journey and Dreamfall so need to see that story to the end :p and maybe play Broken Sword 5 since I played BS1,2&3 (might give 4 a miss cos heard it wasn’t great). But yeah lots and lots of games awaits once I get over the MMO addiction πŸ˜€

Yeah, I’ll get around to play it at some point, they seem too good to ignore.
I’d recommend playing a female Shepard as well, the voice acting is ok in ME1, then it gets better and better. Especially a renegade femshep is wonderful to listen to and funny as hell to play. ME were the games that made me prefer female mains instead of male ones.

PS:T is the only game I got a tattoo of. Combat wise it’s pretty weak, but dialogue and story wise it’s still the best RPG I’ve ever played. As long as you have fairly high mental stats, it’s just incredible as long as you enjoy tons of well written dialogue. Never tried the Broken Sword games, were a BG/PS:T and Fallout player mostly.
Hope you’ll have fun, sounds like you got games for months to play, and have a nice holidays πŸ™‚

Took a chance on the decoration packs. Turned out I got a couple things that I was having a hard time getting for reasonable rates on the GM. At least they’re doing it during friend recruitment/double CC time because the price on that gold is a bit steep. Not disappointed, but not priced to be something for everyone.

Good luck all!

LOL, of COURSE EA/BW decides to celebrate the holidays by suckering a bunch of addicts into gambling on pretend stuff that they won’t even win LOL. Hahahahahahahahaha, just keep buying their gambling. How noble and festive of them.

I steep price cut on cartel market stuff that people actually liked rather than the boxes that only stayed on the market for about a month, because no one liked them, would have been a better idea.

You’re such a huge troll, why don’t you do something valuable with your pathetic life instead of constantly bashing on this website, if you hate this game so much, why don’t you go back to your basement and play with your legos, i know this game isn’t good anymore, but i don’t get why you constantly keep going on about it like some retard.

Took my chance for once in my life…and it got me the oldest armor set…Revan Armor set. WTF bio, cant you give me something new like Ren’s Armor or Rey? Good luck with anyone stupid enough to buy that shit and Merry X mas!

You actually won pretty big there, just sell it.

Depending on your server, you could probably get 50 million or more, maybe over a 100 million if you’re patient enough to try and sell the individual pieces. I mean it could take months to sell or you could get a buyer in a few days or even hours, you never know.

It may be old, but this game has new players coming and going all the time. Lots of them weren’t around when that armor was plentiful. On my server, the chest pieces are common enough to still usually be available for between ~400k and 2.5 million, but every other piece is rare enough to seldom be listed or sit there for 50 mil+ each.

You could also try to trade it and do pretty well.

There is no Ren or Ray armor in this game. And why would there be any? These characters aren’t even born for 3000 years!

And that’s a problem… why? BW break SW lore whenever it suits them. How many Jedi do we see running around in Sith armour and vice versa? If you’re playing this game for immersion you’re in the wrong place.

Seriously….i have paid about 100 million collecting it individually and u are crying because u got it for thw gtn equivelant of 12 million?

Huh, nice of them to bring these back but for these prices? Thanks but no. Oh well, may be some nice boxes will appear on gtn after this.

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