Black Desert Nouver Knowledge Guide

A guide to getting Nouver knowledge for tomorrow’s Nouver release.


Nouver Knowledge

First make sure you have an alt parked at the Calpheon library next to Annolisa Rosie to reset your knowledge because you know damn well you aren’t going to get S rank knowledge on Nouver the first try unless you are really lucky.


Now that is done, grab your Purified Water/Star Anise Tea and head to the desert, you need to be level 55 or above. Grab some energy tonics as well as you might need it to get energy for resetting Nouver knowledge. Find Eugene in the Ibellab Oasis (he is the stable keeper). if you have trouble navigating in the desert try bring out your cat pets with the find node ability and equip either a hoe or a minepick as they can give you a rough idea of your location in the desert.


Once you locate Eugene, he will give you a series of 3 quests starting with Karbuta’s Journal and ends with Brilt’s Journal. The quests are all the same, you need to locate a book in the desert not far from the Oasis. Your map won’t work outside the Oasis but your minimap will so just orient yourself while in the oasis to the quest location and run until you spot a quest circle in your minimap.


The final quest, Brilt’s Journal will give you Nouver’s knowledge. If you don’t get S rank, swap to your alt and reset it until you get S rank (or A+ rank if you are satisfied with that). It costs 10 energy to reset it and then another 35 energy to get Nouver knowledge again from Eugene (just talk to him and he will give you the option to get the knowledge again)


Nouver Location

Nouver spawns at this spot east of Sand Grain Bazaar.  Use your cats for navigation (equip hoe/mine pick depending on nearby resources, if you don’t have any gathering tool equipped the cats will also mark bones like the one right by Nouver’s spawn location).


It takes 30 minutes after the Nouver notification pops up for Nouver to spawn so you have sometime to get there.

NA players can join the NA World Bosses discord to get notifications on Nouver spawn window:

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13 replies on “Black Desert Nouver Knowledge Guide”

was trying today (before the patch) to follow this guide , but seems that i get no quests from Eugene , neither there is any ‘get knowledge option/button’ in the npc chat dialog.. worth noticing that i have completed both valencia story line quests.. :/

I’ve already completed the books quest last week, checking with npc now doesn’t show the knowledge option..

Great guide as always! One option on resetting knowledge is the Elixir of Oblivion from the Loyalty shop. 25L/ea or 10 for 200L and they are really fast and convenient to use w/o having to log back and forth to your library alt.

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