• Turats

    I hope when she runs/hops, the little bells jingle. That would make me lose my $#¡†

    • kazerniel

      let’s not give them more ideas for annoying af minis D: I already hate the SAB ones with a fierce passion D: (also that thrice damned Job-o-Tron backpack)

      • lithlius

        job-o-tron 4 laif. best backpiece ever.

        • kazerniel

          wouldn’t be an issue if there was a way to mute (other people’s) minis without muting other stuff we do want to hear. ANet, more customisable audio settings please.

          • Sythinii

            Yes. Let’s add that to the list of things that are never gonna be added.

      • iqValentin

        WHAT?! SAB minis have annoying noises?! WHY didn’t anyone inform me that before?
        I need it, it goes along with my Dreamer

  • iqValentin

    If it’s the same size as the normal Aurene mini, NO THANKS.

  • Doublemint Dave

    Screw this, I’m not giving them money for a mini we originally made by crafting. I was hoping for a new recipe or something, but this is just a pathetic money grab. They can keep it.

  • Tora

    thats cruel, they´re using Aurene´s cuteness as a money magnet, whats next? Aurene with little pink heart ornaments and a chocolate box in her jaws for a san valentin mini?

    • You just gave them ideas for the next valentine mini 🙂

    • Forest Numb

      Yes because dragons are like a box of chocolate!, You never know what you will get before you open it up :/

  • Ardenwolfe

    I’m kind of surprised they didn’t send one to everyone who logged in on Christmas.

  • Anon

    Boring, skip. Where’s the 2014 Winter Fox Cub, that’s the only pet I want and it’s missing 2 consecutive years.

  • Katsudon

    I’ve been waiting too long for this mini…I just love my little dragon child so much. ~

  • Honest Ape

    instead of aether skins, they release this ugly-mug

  • Alot

    Well, if you were wondering what Aurene will look like after absorbing kral’s energy, simply colour in the festive lights purple -.-

  • MissKatMoon

    This mini looks like over her children joked.

  • They should really have released this before xmas, not after.

  • nadrian3k

    The idea of using her body crystals as Christmas lights is pretty funny and cool..i give them that.

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