SWTOR 5.0 Gunnery Commando PvE Guide by Damian

SWTOR 5.0 Gunnery Commando PvE Guide by Damian.

Intro to Gunnery Commando

I will use ‘simplified’ language sometimes, there is no sense to copy and paste original description text every time. I will explain utilities and abilities from Master (NiM) mode operations perspective and Veteran for the Ravagers and Temple of Sacrifice operations. I am playing all specs but this guide is made for Gunnery.

The Gunnery specialization is excellent at single-target and switching targets. It can do its full AoE damage potential without energy disaster. Commando’s heavy armor makes you more survivable, in additional you have Decoy on the aggro-drop which simplifies few combats.

With 5.0 Commando got minor changes. It got reflect ability called Echoing Deterrence and bunch of new utilities which I will explain for you below. Also, Energy Cells are now bound to specs.

Gunnery is currently considered as a strong raiding spec, while also being a powerful spec for PvP. Personally, I came to 5.0 to play Assault Specialist as it is the strongest single target spec but it wasn’t scaled to level 70 enough like in previous 4.0 patch so you can always stay on Gunnery and do high damage. But notice, it’s a single target spec and not the strongest one so you cannot be the highest damage dealer in the raid if there are multiple specs unless your groupmates are worse than you or you have a better gear. It’s definitely worth it to play Gunnery in 5.0 for both PvP and old PvE content

Single target is one of the highest (only below DoT specs). AoE damage is decent if you know your rotation. Group utility is one of the highest because Gunnery Commando is a basic unit of any raid group: raid buff, quick target swap, high survivability and armor debuff make it useful and welcome for any raid and any boss. Rotation isn’t hard, there is no tight energy management (if you aren’t Grav Round spam aggressor ofc). But it’s RNG dependent because Gunnery is a crit based spec, i.e. once your Demolition Round does 10k damage instead of 30k your burst is simply going down


  • Single Target DPS: 7
  • AoE Damage: 7
  • Group Utility: 10
  • Rotation Difficulty: 5
  • RNG Dependent: YES
  • Burst: 9
  • Sub 30% Talents or Buffs (Execute): No


  • High burst damage
  • Quick target swap
  • Decent AOE potential


  • Low crit (RNG) can have a huge negative impact at any gear level
  • Mobility is somewhat limited by Grav Round


The most important thing for PvE DPS in gear stats is accuracy. If you have below 110% of accuracy you have a chance to miss attacks. The new goal at level 70 is 737.

To reach it I would suggest you to use 2x Advanced Initiative Enhancement 51 (205 accuracy each, 410 in total), 1x Advanced Accuracy Augment 45 (96 accuracy) with Advanced Polybiotic Proficient Stim (240 accuracy). This set provides you 746 accuracy points in total. Or just use optimized sets from below.

The next important stats are Critical and Alacrity rating.

With removing ‘Surge rating’ by 4.0 update the size of your hits depends from critical rating. On “Star Parse” you can see it with percentages. For Commando Gunnery, high critical rating starts from 50%. The more critical rating you have the bigger are your chances improve a hit of Demolition Round from 10k to <30k.

What is alacrity rating for? The more alacrity you have the faster is your GCD (Global Cooldown), ability activation cast and ability channeling. The more alacrity you have the higher is your APM (actions per second). For example, let’s take Boltsorm, it does the same damage: with 0 alacrity, you do X damage during 3 seconds and with 1.2k alacrity points you will do the same amount of damage but during around 2.7 seconds.

So, stats you can modify as PvE Gunnery Commando are accuracy rating, critical rating and alacrity rating. Once you reached >736 accuracy points you should improve your alacrity and critical stats. Your target is to have critical points for 22-27% more than alacrity points (for example, 1600 critical rating and 1300 alacrity rating). When you reached ~1600 crit and ~1300 alacrity you can put 1-2 augments for Mastery. You don’t need to go in PvE for Power as you will be improving it by getting higher tier gear.

About assault cannon and generator crystals, you should use both “Eviscerating” +41 Critical Rating. And no, you cannot change color of the Med Shot 🙂

Set bonus name is: Eliminator.

If you want to read about more complicated gearing there is Bant’s document.

Below are optimized gear sets with stats from his document:

Gear legend: E = Enhancement or Implant or Earpiece; A = Augment; C = Crystal; Stim = Stim

Eternal Commander MK-3, Tier 1: Artifact (230 ilvl)

  • 7950+-369 DPS @ 41.2 APM | 7372 Endurance | 5901 Mastery (Stim) | 3183 Power
  • 1480 Critical (4xE, 6xA, 2xC) | 1119 Alacrity (3xE, 6xA) | 735 Accuracy (3xE, 2xA)

Eternal Commander MK-13, Tier 2: Artifact (234 ilvl)

  • 8257+-390 DPS @ 41.3 APM | 7653 Endurance | 6128 Mastery (Stim) | 3337 Power
  • 1518 Critical (6xE, 2xA, 2xC) | 1152 Alacrity (12xA) | 760 Accuracy (4xE)

Eternal Commander MK-15, Tier 2: Legendary (236 ilvl)

  • 8703+-420 DPS @ 41.7 APM | 7962 Endurance | 6317 Mastery (2xA) | 3424 Power
  • 1651 Critical (2xE, 10xA, 2xC) | 1296 Alacrity (6xE, 1xA) | 736 Accuracy (2xE, 1xA, Stim)

Iokath MK-3, Tier 3: Artifact (240 ilvl)

  • 8987+-440 DPS @ 41.8 APM | 8106 Endurance | 6385 Mastery (1xA, 1xC) | 3506 Power
  • 1689 Critical (7xE, 1xC) | 1370 Alacrity (2xE, 10xA) | 733 Accuracy (1xE, 3xA, Stim)

Iokath MK-5, Tier 3: Legendary (242 ilvl)

  • 9359+-466 DPS @ 42 APM | 8439 Endurance | 6594 Mastery (1xA) | 3694 Power
  • 1760 Critical (5xE, 4xA, 2xC) | 1436 Alacrity (4xE, 6xA) | 743 Accuracy (1xE, 3xA, Stim)


Remember: Good player always takes the best utilities for fights.


1818450443_3606111856 Tenacious Defense – Reduces cooldown of pushback by 5s, Propulsion Round by 3 s and stun breaker for 30s.

COMMENTARY: It’s useful for PvP and situational for PvE (for example, shorter stun break for Torque) but for last one you would prefer to take something better.

2100837679_3659264557 Concussive Force – Explosive Round (it was Stockstrike before 5.0) immobilizes target for 4s also makes your pushback effect stronger to it pushes 4 meters further away.

COMMENTARY: Not that useful for PvP anymore, because Explosive Round cost is too high but situational for PvE (for example, saber push on Revan).

2523247229_4218182360 (1) Parallactic Combat Stims – You recharge 20 energy cells when stunned, immobilized, knocked down or otherwise incapacitated.

COMMENTARY: There is no hard energy management for PvP but you can use it for PvE as situational utility (for example, little add on DM Bestia immobilizes you or grenades on Master&Blaster can knock you down).

3987128453_3977597120 Cell Capacitor – Recharge Cells immediately recharges 15 additional cells and grants 10% alacrity bonus for 6s.

COMMENTARY: Situational for PvP (if you like to spam Grav Round, AOE or dot spread on CD) and mandatory for PvE because of energy management.

73604049_1824338699 Chain Gunnery – Increase the damage dealt by Hail of Bolts by 25%.

COMMENTARY: It’s almost useless for PvP (if you aren’t fluffing aggressor ofc) and very useful for PvE in most of fights where are more than 3 enemies in its range (for example, DM Bestia).

292808524_4235241327 Sticky Mods – Charged Bolt/Grav Round reduce the movement of enemy target by 40% for 9s.

COMMENTARY: It’s mandatory for PvP because it just simply slows the target and useless for PvE because it doesn’t work against bosses.


3099160832_1788285497 Advance the Line – Increase the duration of Hold the Line by 4s.

COMMENTARY: It works as basic utility for all fight in both PvP and PvE (extra useful for Revan).

543062217_3838188846 Electro Shield – Your electro shield does X amount of damage to attacker once in a second during 12s Reactive Shield Cooldown.

COMMENTARY: Useful for both PvP and PvE as your basic utility. I would even call this utility mandatory to use for PvE because it makes your Reactive Shield offensive cooldown instead of defensive.

1394094214_2709902595 Suit FOE – Self cleanse all periodic damage taken by 30% for 12s.

COMMENTARY: It might be useful for PvP if you playing on a healer spec (i.e. Combat Medic). You can use it for the few PvE fights (for example, DoT on Dread Guards by Kel’sara or DM Styrak spines dot) but usually healers can over heal any DoT.

2936735000_3811160799 Charged Barrier – Charged Bolts/Grav Round and Medical Probe build a Charged Barrier that reduces damage taken by 1% next 15s, it stacks up to 5 times (i.e. 5% damage reduction with 5 stacks).

COMMENTARY: Before 5.0 this utility was in SKILLFUL. You might sometimes you it for PvP but I wouldn’t recommend or as healer in PvE. 5% damage reduction almost never helps if you dying.

3211667800_2124931826 Efficient Conversions – Removes the energy sell cost of pushback, CC, cleanse and stun abilities.

COMMENTARY: From my point of view it’s useless for both PvP and PvE.

759374918_2117967972 Supercharged Reserves – Reduces the cooldown of cleanse and interrupt abilities. In addition, you can build up to 10 stacks of Supercharged while using Recharge and Reload (or any another out of combat health regen toy).

COMMENTARY: NEVER use it with a target to build stacks! It’s almost useless for PvP and very situational for PvE on a healer spec (for example, tank cleanse on Cartel Warlords). The main reason why I like to use it is dummy parsing because it doesn’t proc relics to build stacks of Supercharged.


3434413675_4247689152 Reflexive Shield – When you take damage your cooldown of Reactive Shield is reduced by 3s (this effect cannot occur more than once in 1.5s).

COMMENTARY: Finally! With 5.0 Commando, can use it as main utility. This utility makes you Vanguard. It’s extra useful for both PvP (if you use it with Trauma Stabilizers) and PvE (for example, Underlurker adds). For PvP it makes you more independent and grants more survivability, for PvE it ultimately makes your Reactive Shield as offensive cooldown.

1354402313_705494535 Overclock – Reduces the cooldown of CC and Tech Override by 15 seconds each.

COMMENTARY: For both PvP and PvE you would prefer to choose something more useful, it’s pretty situational on Gunnery.

3665784981_1286735771 Reflexive Battery – Increase the damage dealt by your pushback ability for 30% and heals you and 7 allies in its range for X health. In addition, while you taking damage it reduces CD of pushback ability by 1s (cannot occur more than once in 1.5s).

COMMENTARY: Useless for DPS spec. You might use it for an extra healing on a healer spec in both PvP and PvE but there are more useful utilities.

3547216600_1449314511 Adrenal Surge – Heals you twice up to 70% of your total health and increase the duration of Adrenaline Rush by 2 seconds.

COMMENTARY: Extra useful for PvP and situational in PvE (for example, DM Brontes burn phase). You would prefer to take AOE reduction instead of this one for the most of fights.

611943706_4245061687 Combat Shield – Reactive Shield now further decreases ability activation pushback by 30%, increase all healing received by 20% and makes you immune to interrupts. C

OMMENTARY: Well, it might make you more survival for PvP with Reflexive Shield + Trauma Stabilizers combo but do you need it? For PvE you would prefer something more useful.

1539667907_2889493171 Shock Absorbers – Reduces the damage taken from AOE effects by 30% and you take 30% less damage while stunned.

COMMENTARY: One of survival utilities for PvP and mandatory utility for the most of PvE fights (for example, Lightning Field on Dread Guards or the stab of Vilus Garr). In 4.0 you had to choose between Reflexive Shield and AOE reduction but now you can combo it to increase DPS and decrease DTPS.


513334809_2324306720 Forced March – Allows Full Auto, Boltstorm and Successive Treatment to be activated while moving.

COMMENTARY: One of the most useful utilities for both PvP and PvE. It’s makes you mobile. But if you need more defense and don’t need mobility you can choose something else.

2564798339_703108872 One Man Army – Using Electro Net now grants 15% alacrity for 9 seconds. Additionally, Supercharged Cell reduces CD of Adrenaline Rush by 5 seconds.

COMMENTARY: Works in PvP but not much useful for PvE to boost alacrity as you need to put it on target w/o ‘Boss Immunity’ (thrash).

756989185_3020183531 Smoke Screen – When you use Propulsion Round it keeping you from being leapt to (charged) or pulled and making you immune against interrupts and pushbacks for the next 4s. In addition, taking melee or Tech damage within 4s resets its cooldown. These effects cannot occur more than once in 40s.

COMMENTARY: Situational in PvP and useless in PvE.

1421978791_2268602450 Trauma Stabilizers – While your Reactive Shield is active, you generate a stack of Trauma Stabilizers (up to 15) each time you receive direct damage. When Reactive Shield expires, each stack heals you up for 5% of your maximum health.

COMMENTARY: One of new 5.0 utilities. Extra useful as a personal DCD in PvP and situational in PvE (for example, if you get lost on Dash’Roode and saving/cannot use personal shield).

2045090509_1762799186 Supercharged Defense – Activation Supercharged Cell increases your defense chance by 15% and grants immunity to interrupts for 8s. In additional your Endurance and healing received are increased by 3% each.

COMMENTARY: Useful for PvP (for example, activating combat node on Odessen Warzone) and useful for PvE if you like you like to have more HP than the rest (i.e. almost useless as you can choose something more useful).


Suppression Protocols – Stealth Scan Grants Suppression Protocols,increase the damage or healing dealt by your next non-channeled direct damage or healing ability by 20%. For each target, you revealed from stealth, you generate an additional charge of Suppression Protocols. This effect stacks up to 5 charges and lasts for 10 seconds.

COMMENTARY: Almost useless for PvP (well, if you reveal 4 enemies in RWZ match and you can crit next Demolition Round you might do 50-60k hit but) and PvE (because it costs GCD).


Offensive Abilities


  1. Reactive Shield – offensive cooldown with Electro Shield utility. Must be modified with Reflexive Shield utility.
  2. Echoing Deterrence – new Commando ability which is basically 50% reflect. Notice, it doesn’t work against AOE damage. You can do numbers like these if you know how to use reflect.
  3. Hammer Shot – basic filler.
  4. Explosive Round – execute ability on Assault Specialist spec. Can be modified with Concussive Force.
  5. Electro Net – one of the highest damage abilities for a single GCD. It’s unique for PvP because itslows down, prevents leap, vanquish and phase walk. For PvE it’s like a DoT or alacrity booster with One Man Army utility.
  6. Charged Bolts – basic casting ability for Assault Specialist and Combat Medic specs. Can be modified for with Sticky Mods utility.
  7. Full Auto – basic channeling ability. Can be modifiedfor activation on the move with Force March utility.
  8. High Impact Bolt – high damage ability.
  9. Supercharged Cell – it increases your DPS, the way it increases depends from your current spec. You can modify it into DCD with Supercharged Defense utility.

AoE Abilities


  1. Sticky Grenade – has a detonation time, does kinetic damage up to 8 enemies when it detonates.
  2. Plasma Grenade – does kinetic damage up to 8 targets in 8m radius also dealing additional periodic damage to affected targets within 6s.
  3. Mortal Volley – highest AOE damage ability which does kinetic damage within 5 meters of the target area over the duration.
  4. Hail of Bolts – AOE damage ability which does kinetic damage within 5 meters of the target area over the duration. You can buff it with Chain Gunnery utility.

Defensive Cooldowns (DCDs)


  1. Diversion – reduces the threat, does different effects on Gunnery and Assault Specialist specs. On Gunnery, it grants Decoy or Degauss for Assault Specialist. More info below.
  2. Cleanse – cleanses friendly target up to 2 tech or physical negative effects. Can be modified with Suit FOR utility.
  3. Reactive Shield – increase damage reduction by 25% for the next 12s. Can be modified with Electro Shield, Reflexive Shield, Combat Shield and Trauma Stabilizers utilities.
  4. Hold the Line – grants 6s of immunity from all movement-impairing effects, knockdowns and physics and increase movement speed by 30%. The most useful ability for Revan. Can be modified with Advance the Line.
  5. Adrenaline Rush – heals you up to 35% of maximum health for 8s. Can be pre-casted which makes it triggered automatically once you go below 35% of your health. Can be buffed with adrenaline Surge Utility.
  6. Tenacity – your stun breaker.

Healing Abilities


  1. Med Shot – basic healing ability, as DPS use it to build stacks of Supercharged as pre-cast.
  2. Medical Probe – casting healing ability. Getting proced together with High Impact Bolt or Mag Bolt but only single ability can use a proc. Can be modified with Charged Barrier utility.
  3. Bacta Infusion – heals up immediately. Useful for PvP self-heals.



  1. Emergency Medical Probe – combat revive.
  2. Supercharged Celerity – raid buff.
  3. Concussive Round – CC. Can be modified with Efficient Conversions and Overclock.
  4. Disabling Shot – interrupt. Can be modified with Supercharged Reserves.
  5. Propulsion Round – Commando’s “Force Speed backpedal”. Can me modified with Smoke Screen utility.
  6. Concussive Charge – pushback utility. Can be buffed with Concussive Force utility.
  7. Cryo Grenade – stun. Can be modified with Efficient Conversions.
  8. Tech Override – makes next 1 (or 2 with Overclock utility) casting abilities activated instantly.

Discipline Abilities


Boltstorm– your main rotational ability on Gunnery. Cooldown of Boltstorm sticks to Curtain of Fire. Costs 16 energy cells.

2416085290_3168963058 (1)

Grav Round – your main filler ability. It’s also armor debuff which makes Gunnery spec welcome for any boss any raid. Also, it marks target, marked targets are vulnerable to high Impact Bolt and Demolition Round. Both armor debuff and mark stay on target for 45s but you refreshing it by using every time. Builds stacks of Supercharged. Costs 15 energy cells.


Demolition Round – highest single GCD damage ability on Gunnery. Use it if target is marked by Gravity Vortex. Costs 15 energy cells.


High Impact Bolt – seconds highest single GCD damage ability on Gunnery if it is used with 5 stacks of Charged Barrel.


Vortex Bolt – does a huge hit if crited. Allows you next Grav Round to be activated instantly. Cost 12 energy cells.


Supercharged Cell – recharges 10 energy cells and increase armor penetration by 10% for 8s. Abilities to build stacks: Hammer Shot, Grav Round, Med Shot and Medical Probe. Experienced players used to build stacks with Medshot before each combat.

Notable Passives


Armor-piercing Cell – before 5.0 you had to switch energy cells for each discipline but now it’s passive.


Charged Barrel–Grav Round grants Charged Barrel, increasing the damage dealt by the next High Impact Bolt by 6% or reducing the activation time and increasing the healing dealt by the next Medical Probe by 20%. Stacks up to 5 times (i.e. works only when you reached 5 stacks).


Blazing Barrel – Increases the critical chance of Hail of Bolts by 15% and it’s critical damage bonus by 40% (i.e. Hail of Bolts is buffed on Gunnery).

2459144878_333002337 (1)

Cover Fire – Full Auto and Boltstorm slow the target’s movement speed by 70% for 3 seconds with each hit. In addition, the effects of your Supercharged Cell ability is modified (i.e. you slow players in PvP by using Full Auto/Boltstorm).


Gravity Surge – Grav Round now applies an additional stack of Charged Barrel (2 by a single ability use) and Charged Barrier (1), if applicable (Charged Barrier utility).


Ironsights – Vortex Bolt marks its target. Marked targets take 5% more damage from ranged attacks (i.e. it’s ranged attacks debuff).


Decoy – Diversion grants 5 charges of Decoy. Each charge of Decoy intercepts and absorbs an incoming Force or tech attack. Each time you absorb a Force or tech attack in this manner, Decoy loses 1 charge. Lasts up to 10s (i.e. you can avoid damage from some huge attacks, it’s your DCD. For example, you can “eat” orbs on DM Brontes by using Diversion and going into it at any time but only once in 45s).


Curtain of Fire – Grav Round and Hail of Bolts finish the cooldown on Boltstorm and increase the damage dealt by the next Boltstorm by 10% (i.e.you can use Boltsorm each 6s).

Rotations and Parsing


Gunnery rotation has a priority system not like a stable one on Assault Specialist. But no worries, if you did a mistake you don’t need to spam Hammer Shot, you will just loose burst.

Opener is the same as in 3.0 Fascinate and Marisi guide but for the core rotation I use another priority system.


Basically, single Grav Round crits and resets cooldown of Boltstorm every 8 seconds; 3x Grav Round crit High Impact Bolt/buff and make instant Medical Probe; Vortex Bolt makes instant Grav Round.

I personally prefer to use High Impact Bolt + Demolition Round because it provides the highest burst in both PvP and PvE. Also, Demolition Round is out of cooldown almost every time when you already have 5 stacks of Charged Barrel so you don’t need to pay attention for its cooldown.

Priority list:

  1. Boltstorm (proc’ed by Curtain of Fire every 8s)
  2. Electro Net
  3. Vortex Bolt
  4. High Impact Bolt + Demolition Round
  5. Grav Round
  6. Hammer Shot

Why? You should use Boltstorm each 4th or 5th GCD so the highest burst in a row would be: Boltsorm -> Vortex Bolt -> High Impact Bolt -> Demolition Round -> Grav Round -> Boltstorm.

AoE Rotation

Keep in mind, Gunnery is a single target spec so you need to choose between single target or multiple (3 or more) targets burst. Of course, is has AOE attacks but not the best to be honest. But there is a way to fluff via using Tech Override + Plasma grenade if you have 2 targets near each other (for example, Dread Guards or Jarg&Sorno). Your highest AOE attacks are Mortar Volley and Hail of Bolts. The last one you can spam on cooldown. Use Supercharged Cell when spamming Hail of Bolts, it will increase armor penetration and help a bit with energy management.There is a basic example of burst AOE rotation (for example, it would perfectly work on DM Calphayus on seed defending and crystals fluff phases) but don’t forget to take Cell Capacitor and Chain of Gunnery utilities.


Maximizing DPS

On Gunnery, your DPS depends from APM (actions/abilities per minute) and crit %.

The key of a good Gunnery player is a cooldowns knowledge. You should already finish Grav Round cast once Boltstorm cooldown is ~4.9s. So, it gets proc’ed.Your main target is to use Boltstorm on cooldown and not to use Hammer Shot. If it’s not a dummy fight which is a simulator of a “perfect circumstances” you won’t have any energy issues on Gunnery. Basically, there are 2 ways of playing Grav Round on Gunnery: you spam it whenever you can or you waiting like 0.3s and proc’ing Boltstorm faster. Just play smart, it comes with experience.

A bit about Hammer Shot on Gunnery. You would prefer not to use this ability. I usually using it during sustain combat butit happens rarely or to finish low health target without cast. I prefer not to spam Grav Round and play smart so there are no energy issues to use it.

To do highest DPS you should keep your burst. While you casting Grav Round you doing no damage (if there is no E-net on target) so you loosing burst. That’s one of the reasons to use Tech Override ability (which can be modified with Overclock utility up to 2 stacks). But by using it on cooldown you risking to stay with no energy. There is no tight energy management on Gunnery but it’s possible to stay with 0 energy. You should use recharge abilities if there is a need. There is a combo of Supercharged Cell and Reserve Powercell, for example. Also, I would suggest you to take Cell Capacitor utility which buffs Recharge Cells.

Sample Parse & Video


I didn’t try to hunt high DPS combat log, dummy parsing is all about the luck. There is a sample. You can see character stats in the beginning.

Reflects for Operation

Information below is not a 100% as I didn’t have a chance personally try every operation yet. Thanks to author for this document:;

MPORTANT: Leave red circles before reflect runs out.

  • KP – Karagga the Unyielding: flaming oil on the ground;
  • EV – Eternal Council: Assassin’s channeled attack;
  • EC – Zorn and Toth: Fearful (do damage during reflect), Baradium Poisoning (NiM/Master – pop reflect and use medpac once reflect ends);
  • EC – Firebrand and Stormcaller: the electric cones, you can stand in few and then just use Propulsion Round;
  • EC – Warlord Kephess: stand under the walker during reflect;
  • S&V – Thrasher: stand in fire;
  • S&V – Operations Chief: heat beam from the add during clearing Oasis City;
  • S&V – Warlords:you can reflect Vilus Garr’s stab while stunned;
  • TFB – Dread Guards: you can do no damage but absorb the Doom but to do damage you can reflect 6s of Kel’sara’s beam by standing in melee range then just use Propulsion Round;
  • TFB – Kephess the Undying: you can stand in laser beam with reflect;
  • DF – Corruptor Zero: pull adds in the beginning and pop reflect (Leeroy Jenkins approves);
  • DP – DM Tyrans: flame in the door. There is my personal example.
  • Rav – Quartermaster Bulo: stand in electric purple circles;
  • Rav – Torque: stand if fire to reflect Dangerous Fire Device. Notice, you won’t kill it with a single reflect.


  • Use StarParse, it helps you to track yourself
  • Use key binds for everything to be like a PRO
  • If you dummy parsing use Supercharged Reserves (doesn’t proc relics), One Man Army (works only on WZ dummy) and Overclock utilities
  • If you want the highest advantage you’d like to have high performance and MMO mouse. Note, the better is your performance the better advantage you have
  • Modify UI (User Interface) for yourself
  • Play smart

PvP Basics

I don’t PvP a lot on my Commando but sometimes I play it. With 5.0 Commandos became easier to survive.

There is an image of utilities I would recommend you for PvP.


Notice, if you getting pushed with Reactive Shield you can always click it off to get heals with Trauma Stabilizers utility immediately.

I cannot suggest you a lot but be mobile. Use your mobility, interrupts/stuns/pushes on CD, pop Hold the Line when needed and CC enemies with Concussive Round (with Tech Override to make it instant) when needed. Also, remember that brand new reflect doesn’t work against AOE damage and Reactive Shield doesn’t decrease damage by DoT’s on you.

About the Author

I am Damian from the Red Eclipse server however my original server is Tomb of Freedon Nadd, currently a member of <Not Good Enough>/<Friendly Fire> guild. You can catch me on TRE on Damiah (Commando), Damianh (Vanguard), Xaruvoy (Mercenary) and Damiany (Powertech) characters. My enjin profile is here if you’d like to ask any question directly, check few brainless game screenshots/videos or just add me as friend (moar friends!).

I enjoy playing Bounty Hunter/Trooper class since 2013th, raiding on Commando since 3.x expansion but directly was maining this class during 4.x expansion and cleared all the content.

Most of people know me by spending a lot of time with Operations Training Dummy, they didn’t know it’s a love. But to be serious I just wanted to know my rotation perfectly so was fighting it again and again because it’s an independent way to improve rotational knowledge at any time. Slacking in 5.0 because I don’t have enough time to grind new gear.

I am not the best Commando player but I am able to teach players who just began to play this class. I hope it will somehow help new and old players to improve themselves. Feel free to ask any question or suggest something but I won’t be able to check it often.

This guide might be modified. All rights are reserved 🙂

In the last I’d like to thank Hotwired, Fascinate and Marisi for inspiration. Also, I’d like to thank my guildmate Splashie for being better than me in most of fights, he always shows me the way to improve. Special thanks to my guildmates and friends who keep me interested in this game also to Dulfy for publishing this guide (she is also a nice person :P).

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  • justplay

    Thanks for taking the time and effort to write the guide!

    I know it’s been said lots of times before on other guides too, but from my understanding there is no direct DPS increase from using Tech Override as such, the part about doing no damage while casting it, it makes no difference, you cast it – the attack hits at the end of the cast and you go straight into your next attack, you use Tech Override – the attack hits instantly but you still have to wait for the GCD before you active your next ability. I can think of 2 situations where that IS a DPS increase, the first, the target will die from that “Instant” Grav round and you can move onto a new target or the big one, if that Grav round will proc Curtain of Fire (Boltstorm), then yes, you have saved 1.5s off a delayed proc by not hard casting.

    In terms of the priority list, I play a little different, would love to get some feedback, but I see you have Boltstorm as your highest priority, mines rather low on the list, what I mean is, once you have a proc for Boltstorm, as long as you don’t delay it beyond a new proc, it can sit there procc’d while you get all other abilities on CD.

    Again thanks 😀

    • Damian

      yeah, I know. the time to cast Grav round is about the same as GCD while using Tech Override BUT Tech Override is useful while you moving. I don’t personally like to use it a lot but after years playing Gunnery my finger just activates Tech Override as a reflex 😀

    • John Kosto

      Yeap, I use Tech Override when I know that Boltstorm will proc.

  • Haggard

    I’ve heard they removed the dps penalty for a rifle user commando. Is it true?

    • Damian

      Well, there is a damage bonus for using Assault Cannon looks like but I did a parse for you with the same gear and Blaster Rifle. http://parsely.io/parser/view/227960 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a3bcf1886caa3933913da47c6b100a8aeea83b028055fdde96dcb03afa8866a9.png

      • Haggard

        I’m not that hardcore to understand parses completely haha, but it seems like the difference is not that great anymore, right?

        I’m asking that because it’s past time they removed that stupid difference and allowed commandos to use blaster rifle to give them more choices of weapons, specially for players like me that like ranged classes, love commandos, but hate them bulky cannons.

        • Damian

          Well, there a huge difference in stats if you use Rifle instead of Cannon but DPS seems 1k below using an Assault Cannon.

        • Harb

          If you wonder how important it is for sm and fp. Don’t worry, it’s not

      • Лев Сафаров

        What about hail of bolts, its available with blaster rifle?

        • Damian

          No, Hail of Bolts and Propulsion Round require assault cannon.

          • Лев Сафаров

            E, except this its almost working. (:

          • Haggard

            The funny thing is that the animation for charged bolts and hail of bolts is already in the game.
            I made a video a long ago giving a rifle to Aric Jorgan before he turned into a sniper to check his animations and there were charged bolts and hail of bolts.
            Too bad EAWARE didn’t have the creativity to make them available to our chars too.

  • Any chance to get guide like yours for Powertech ?

    • Damian

      hehe, PT guides are already done by another people 😀

      • sry I mean Mercenary

        • Damian

          Well, it’s possible to make a mirror guide but I am not sure if this one is decent enough

          • Very nice 🙂 I just dont playing pubs only Empire o/

            • Darth Grammarus

              You again?

              • You didnt died on brain dead ? yet ? fuck … ;/

              • Darth Grammarus

                Still haven’t learnt proper English yet? :/ sad child.

              • you need buy login thats last comment to you. Hope you will grown in 50 years gl

              • Darth Grammarus

                Hope you will learn English by the time you die. Moron 🙂

              • Darth Grammarus

                Hopefully you will have learned proper English in 50 years, good luck. 🙂

  • One Man Army from legendary skills is fully useless in PVE cuz u have to proc the slow to gain the effect, maybe u dont know but boss are immune to slow

    • Damian

      well, didn’t you know you can put it on some1 w/o boss immunity, that’s why in ‘advices’ I meantioned that it works only on WZ dummy coz there is no boss immunity

      • yh sure, in ops, count on the CD of the electro net and the rare moment you can slow an add, that look very interesting, for sure ^^

        And idc about parsing, this is a guide for parsing and get more luck on crit or a PVE guide ?

        • Damian

          there you go with E-net

        • Naërya Insanity

          It’s a PVE guide that shows you how to play badly your commando, but abuse of the biolol’s reflect.
          Because the reflect still doesn’t work on dummies, the crit chance is a great issue to say a parse is bad (but not with 50%)

          • Damian

            yeah, sure. you right.

  • Jeager

    I was wondering about the thought process for your priority system as mine is a bit different. I always use demo round and HIB on CD as my top priority, as they are the two highest damaging instant abilities. To me it seems that they usually (though not always) do more damage over 2 GCD’s than boltstorm does, so I can delay boltstorm as it will likely already be procced and can wait to be used after, rather than the other way around.

    • Damian

      Well, let’s take theoretical 60 seconds. You can use Boltstorm each 8 seconds, each does ~20k damahe in 2xGCD w/o crit. If you can use it 7 times it’s guaranteed 140k damage by Boltstorm in a minute.

      Now let’s take HIB (5 stacks) and DR. You can use it each ~15 seconds (depends from alacrity), both will do ~20k daamge in 2 GCD w/o crit. If you can use it 4 times it’s guaranteed 80k damage in a minute.

      Notice, this example isn’t exact and is just theoretical with 0% crit.

      • Luke

        Regarding priority of these 3 abilites – does the following make sense?

        You cast GR and it procs -> resetting your Boltstorm. At the same time you have HIB (with stacks) and Demo Round available. You now cast HIB and DR first before Boltstorm, this way their cooldown period already starts. Only afterwards you cast Bolstorm.
        Would this not get HIB and DR off cooldown faster, while Boltstorm is anyway reset with the proc from GR. The timer for the GR proc starts right after it happened, whether you cast Boltstorm or not, right?

        • Damian

          #1 priority is not to use Bolstrom on cooldown (the guide will be updated once Dulfy find a time) but proc it on cooldown. You can see an example in opener. So once you proced Curtain of Fire feel free to go into HIB and DR. Why I prioritize Vortex Bolt above HIB and DR is because of this example: Grav Round (procs Curtain of Fire) -> Vortex Bolt (makes Grav Round instant) -> High Impact Bolt (5 stacks) -> Demolition Round -> Boltstorm (proced earlier) -> Grav Round (proces Curtain of Fire on start of GCD because we already made it instant with Vortex Bolt earlier) -> Bolstorm. If I remember rotation correctly, just took it from my mind 🙂

          • Luke

            Thanks for the quick reply – that was the confirmation i was hoping for 😉
            ‘proc it on cooldown’ is a good explanation.

  • Maliha

    Hi there, thank you for writing this guide. I see below you mentioned that you are ESL but I think you did a pretty great job!! I have 2 questions/comments:

    1. Under DM Tyrans: flame in the door. When I go to the parsely link I see it is for Assault Specialist not Gunnery. Was this done for comparison?

    2. For the general GF OPS/HMFP running person what utilities do you recommend? While I raid and will take into account your commentary, a few casuals in my guild will look for a picture similar to the one you posted for PVP. 😉


    • Damian

      1. I am generally AS player but switching specs when needed. It’s just an example to show how much damage you can do with reflect ability 🙂
      2. There you go: Skillful for energy management and AoE ability buff to clear the trash fastah. Masterful, as you don’t need incrased HTL for this level content you can taking 5% damage reducation and making you Reactive shield offensive ability. Heroic for AoE reduction and Reactive Shield buff for both defensive and offensive spectrum. Legendary to make you more mobile and survival. These utilities should make you independent. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1c84120364802f3233c0d26b3da9e0a3784fda75ae0f410f7a817b0979ffae4f.png

      • Maliha

        Oh thank you! I appreciate the screen cap! Your suggestion is in-line with what I tell folks just starting out with level 70 toons.

        My other suggestion is related to the opener… sometimes it can be a challenge to get the 10 stacks for super charged cell built up before the tank pulls. In those circumstances, I use reserve power cell + tech over ride + ability e.g. grav round or plasma grenade to essentially get a “free” ability and then move into the rotation. This is also a great alternative if you are using your stacks to drop Supercharged Celerity out the gate (“raid buff”) and cannot use Supercharged Cell.

        In general the reserve power cell + tech over ride + ability combo works great on high cost abilities and/or if you need to drop a free medical prob on yourself in a jam.

        • Damian

          Well, for GF operations and HM FP supercharged cell and raid buffs are not that important as there is no DPS check to be honest and the best decision to use Reserve Powercell is with Boltstorm as it costs the biggest amount of energy 🙂

          • Maliha

            fair enough I was speaking more about raids than HM FP but i don’t find RP that great with boltstorm as I do with grav round as it becomes an instant where as boltstorm still channels.

        • Harb

          If that happens, kill your tank

  • Shrug

    Wish you would copy/paste the stat priority gear stuff in the guide. The point of a guide is a 1 stop shop, I shouldn’t be following links for further information on one of the base tenants of playing a class.

    Just saying ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • Damian

      Well, to be honest imma not the best with gearing as usually I was making my characters BiS and going anywhere. But will post something for you. You should get 745 Accuracy. The rest can be separated my crit and alacrity rating. You should have 20-25% crit points moar than alacrity. As I don’t like being below 110% accuracy I use 2xAccuracy Enhancements and 4xAccuracy augments 45, the rest is for alacrity and crit as above.

  • Holdu

    Why on earth Tech-Override?

    • Damian

      what do you mean

      • Holdu

        You explained that you get more Burst with 2 Tech-Overrides, thats not true.

        Tech-Override > Grav-Round + GCD > Grav -Round + GCD > Boltstorm

        Without Tech-Override:
        Grav-Tound (Cast 1,5sec) > Grav-Round (Cast 1,5sec) > Boltstorm

        You don’t get more burst, because you still have to wait for the GCD to end which has the same duration as the Grav-Round cast.

        • Damian

          It works for sustain combats where opener counts aka training dummy or some low hp bosses when you don’t need to move because using Grav Round with Tech Override procs Boltstorm ~1.5 seconds earlier.

          • Holdu

            Well would still not recommend to waste 1 point in “Overlocking”. Theres nearly no need to use instant Grav-Rounds if you are not moving. Even then one Instant is more than enough. I don’t get that opener thing you’re talking about. I don’t know any bosses where you are at an advantage for using two instant Grav-Rounds in the opener.

            • Damian

              Well, to be honest it’s a dummy parse opener.

    • Holdu

      Makes no sense because of the GCD 1.5sek & Casttime 1.5sek. I only use Tech-Override as a “movement cooldown” in movement-heavy fights. I would not recommend a utility point on “Overlock”. A toal waste in my opinion (maybe for the revan core).

      • Damian

        I didn’t recommend it too. Read commentary. It’s kinda situational and you would prefer to pick up something better.

  • Kavera

    I have a question about the One Man Army utility, it’s description says “hindering a target with electro net grants One Man Army increasing alacrity for 15% for 9 seconds”. A guildie of mine just informed me about the HINDERING part and that he tested it on a dummy and since you can’t hinder those you don’t get the alacrity from it so for instance operation bosses have boss immunity and therefor you can’t “hinder” them and you don’t get the alacrity from it. Do you know if it actually works like that or if my guildmate is wrong.

    • Damian

      If you put E-net on target with boss immunity it won’t be triggered, if you put it on target w/o boss immunity (thrash) it will be proced.

      • Kavera

        thank you for the quick reply 🙂

  • Rancoth

    Great guide man and taking your credentials, you are the right man on the right spot. I found one thing though, which may be confusing and it’s more of a typo than real mistake. In the part where you are explaining the basics od rotation you said that grav round crits and enables boltstorm every 8 seconds, and later that 3 gravs crits HIB. I think you meant “procs” or sth like that, because ppl that dont know the spec may actually read it as grav needs to critically hit the target to give any result and it can be confusing. Otherwise keep the great work :).
    Cheers and many 1st kills on “we all hope” new content.

    • Damian

      I blame Dulfy 😛

      • Rancoth

        Fair enough 😛

  • Damian

    I going to post gearing next few hours.

  • Damian

    It will be updated soon.

  • Demunoki

    Great guide, but please please please get someone to beta it, there are a lot of typos and mistakes making it very hard to read. I think you ARE correct with what you are trying to say, though.

    • Damian

      Yay, I used MS Word spelling&grammar check 😀

      • Demunoki

        Yeah… spelling is rarely the problem, it’s the grammar. As before, please get SOMEBODY (with better english xD) to proofread it, that would help out the guide itself enormously

    • Rondowar

      Mister pleb mcplebson rejected my offer to proofread his guides, if you scream at him hard enough he might get me his assault spec guide though :p

  • Snarkysaurus

    I had a question: doesn’t ironsights (level 48 passive on tree) mean Vortex Bolt marks its target for 45 seconds, upping dmg of ranged attacks by 5%? And wouldn’t that put Vortex Bolt first in the rotation, after the Grav Round precast? It would buff Demo Round, then. Seems like putting it later in the rotation causes you to miss out on a big chunk of damage.

    45 second uptime probably means it won’t really fall off after the first rotation, but if you do this every time, that first Demo Round will always be weaker, for no reason.

    • Snarkysaurus

      Edit: This also applies to the ticks from Electro Net, it seems.

      • Damian

        nah, no increase. it’s absolutely RNG and crit dependent. I just finished a test now.

      • Damian

        forgot to add, Electro Net is a Tech attack.

    • Damian

      you need to use Demo Round after Grav Round to use it later right after High Impact Bolt. If you use it GCD later it still will be on cooldown. and opener is buffed by Supercharged.

    • Mostly

      Very late reply but w/e. Demo round is not a ranged attack, it’s a Tech attack.

  • pk

    on Combat medic does anyone know what relics drop from the crates, I only seem to get DV (crit) I am using FR and SA now. All the crafted ones of these don’t seem to have the crit stat on them like my 224 mk1s. I’m not sure if I should change to the 230 DV or stay with what I have. Thanks

    • Damian

      well, I’m not the person who knows about gearing a lot but seems like crafted relics don’t have crit stats but legendary ones should have it.

      • pk

        Hey Damian, Thanks for your reply. It was more advise about using the crit relic or power and mastery that I need. Nice guild by the way.

      • Krazh

        I personally didn’t see a focused ret as a healer until rank 215, not one. Saw a few SA, but the game liked to try to force feed me boundless, emp mending and fatesealer

  • Damian

    Working about rotation section to make it easier to understand. Bulding 5-GCD cycles. With 224/230/240 crafted gear it does under 8.9k on ops dummy. If it will be good enough to share I post it. Thanks.

  • Nesrago

    Thanks for guide, hopefully you can write a Assault Specialist.

    • Damian

      don’t read it, its not fixed by Dulfy yet. I edited it already 6 times, tnext one is going to have better rotation explanation 🙂

      • Nesrago

        Sweet thanks for the quick response.

  • Anonymoose

    There’s way too much useless information in here, this is a pve guide for Gunnery, not a pve/pvp guide for Gunnery/Assault Specialist/Combat Medic. Grammar has yet to be corrected.

    • Damian

      New version of guide is already done for like a month, Dulfy has no time to edit this one for 6th or 7th time. In addition, I had to do Commando DPS guide but had to remove Assault Specialist part. Also I explained more than just for Gunnery so players will know what do they need “this thingie” for (like when would you use reduced cooldown on cleanse).

  • Elane

    Any news on the AS guide?

    • Damian

      once this one will be updated (since I sumbitted updated version with proper English 3 months ago and Dulfy still has no time to update this one) I will be able to read feedback and if its fine I can do AS one with few rotations from different authors

      • Elane

        Oh, so it might take a long while… xD
        Thanks for responding! And for this guide! It was very helpful. 🙂

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