Black Desert Lavientia Event Extended Until Jan 25

Due to some issues with Lavientia event items not dropping, Black Desert Online is extending the event until Jan 25.

Lavientia Event guide:

Greetings adventurers,

There is a current issue, preventing Lavientia event items from dropping. This led to players being not able to acquire the amount of rewards we intended.

Therefore we decided to extend the event. The drop problem can unfortunately not be fixed during this weeks maintenance.

This means you will only get the daily rewards during the next week (January 4th- 11th) but after that there will be two more weeks with daily rewards plus the chance to loot Lavientia items from monsters and as well as getting them from fishing, gathering etc.

The event will end with maintenance on 25th of January.

Your BDO team


  • Amodin

    This is one of the great things about these guys – they are NEVER afraid to compensate players for things, unlike other developers, who I think would just rather you wilt and die instead of helping you out.

    • Still no compensation for the harbinger rollback about 1 month ago. Thanks Bioware 😛

      • Amodin

        Exactly my point. 😉 This isn’t Bioware, lol

        • Kandris Kinapreves

          SWTOR hah.. one of the most greedy, money grubbing monetization schemes in the MMO sphere. If capping your ingame currency at a ludicrously low amount wasn’t bad enough they expect players to spend cartel coins and real money just to access what you spend hours grinding.

          • Lourdes

            Atleast you can grind them in SWTOR, BDO is as pay to win as an mmo can get, and not only pay to win the prices are ridiculous. Like 22 euro for an outfit but making you pay 30 cus you can only buy pearls in like 10, 20, 30 etc.

            And i actually like BDO, but think of how much better the game would be if they weren’t so greedy for money.

      • David Casper

        That’s odd, I got compensation for that a couple weeks ago. It was some xp/cxp tomes and 3 days of free game time.

        Not the restored levels that I asked for, but I can understand they have to go with a one-size-fits-all approach when so many are affected, and it seemed reasonable if not especially generous.

        I discovered BDO a day or two later, and haven’t logged into SWTOR since…

    • Filippo Chinello

      keep in mind that everything they give you as compensation has actually almost 0 impact into the game, at first i was like, wow a 16mil accessory!
      but then i realized i need 16BILION to upgrade my equip and all the joy went away..

      Lets say compensations in bdo are 50% black stones and 50% items to sell for beginners

  • To clarify on the post, I have not been getting the event daily reward since the Wednesday maintenance. I don’t think its still active, just the drops.

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