• Lame-O

    Lame lame lame laaaaaaaaame

  • Turats

    Oh boy… let me just jump up and click my heels together from the overwhelming wave of exciment that is unable to be contained
    : /

  • Dude Duuuudee

    Arenanet clearly has faux-marketeers working for them, you know the ones who put all kinds of glorious bullshit on their resume/CV and then end up in jail for fraud when discovered – come on LOOK AT THESE SHIT SALES.

  • Ra.

    Do they have a, what is it… focus group? At all? Like, hey, people who enjoy this game. What do you think of this? Cause it really seems like they just throw shit out to throw shit out to meet a quota or something and not for, you know… good reasons.

  • Nitrobacter

    Dont we already have an ice crown from HoM? just correct the clipping andwe are totaly fine… but then you woudnt earn our money right?

  • Butter Pig


    Back to Silverwastes Shovel farming!

  • Mr. Principal

    Ice Crown, eh? What’s next.. a fire crown..?!

    • Tsar CUBE

      Well it can be dyed to look like a fire crown so hopefully they wont need to release a fire one 😛

      (Unless the fire one has animated flames)

    • LOL Really?

      Does it come with its own citadel?

  • Answerer

    Problem with the ice crown, its actually purple. If you dye it white, blue, icy, cyan, whatever, u less youre standing in bright light it always looks purple and not like ice at all

  • RKC

    The crown look good on a Char. I mistake it to be a new hairdo from the frontal view.

  • DD

    It feels like ages since last update, when next LS?!!

    • Suan

      Probably in 2-3 weeks. If they won’t throw a trailer for episode 4 tomorrow then it will be up next week, and episode will fly one week after trailer.

    • Mike Kelly

      I would guess it will be the 7th or 14th of February, I think they’ll wait for the PvP season to be over.

  • david mcintyre

    Find a character people like in the game. Make into a backpack….profit!

    • iqValentin

      Or a mini; don’t forget minis.

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