SWTOR CM Weekly Sales January 3 – January 10

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales January 3 – January 10


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  • anon

    when will the relentless insurgent armor set be released???

  • Kaelin

    I`m eager to get Emperor Mantle’s Armor Set for my little Empress πŸ™‚ but Violet Corona Crystal will do for now πŸ™‚

    • Darth Ji’inx

      It was originally meant for the Eternal Command Pack, but they released some of the sets as direct buy on the CM and replaced them with sets from the upcoming Stalwart Leader Command Pack. Since it’s not showing as one of the unreleased direct buy sets in Collections, it will probably be in the Stalwart Leader Command Pack.

      • Kaelin

        You are right I think, but I want that set anyway πŸ™‚

        • Darth Ji’inx


          We already have Thexan’s set and a Vaylin-inspired set. Now we just need the Valkorion-inspired set.

          • Kaelin

            Arcann set with an arm like our lovely dread rancor have

            • Darth Ji’inx

              I honestly doubt we’ll get any version of Arcann’s set at this point.* They still haven’t given us Skytrooper armor. They could have even done it like they did with previous cybernetic sets, with a white version, black version, gold version, stealth version (KotET), and a heavy version (KotET).

              *Note: Arcann’s clothes are not just a recolor of Thexan’s. There are subtle differences such as back straps on the shirt being different, coattail length, boot style, pants stripe shape, and coloration pattern (not all of Arcann’s white or gray areas mirror the color placement of Thexan’s black or light black areas).

              • Kaelin

                I`m just kidding, don`t mind me.
                An armor of a most annoying and hated mob? Why not! πŸ™‚

  • Auron

    EAware only release news about the CM, it’s like if they had nothing more to add to the game… oh, wait.

    • Dr. Mike Wendell

      They appear to really be on vacation. There’s a good number of spammers on the forums currently, including 2 SEO ones.

      • chill

        I had a toon I couldn’t log in to for a week over the Xmas period but it was obvious why no one in support hadn’t got on to it. 2nd of Jan, it was sorted. People need to have holidays. I am cool with that.

    • Kaelin

      different teams? vacation?
      “‘Trench Runner’, one of the new Uprisings coming to #SWTOR this January!” not that whiners consider them as new content…

      • Darth Ji’inx

        These types of people are unable to accept the fact that the Cartel Market Team doesn’t make OPs and PvP content.

        • Kaelin

          Please, don`t get me wrong, but I just love you sometimes. Want more people like you here

          • Darth Ji’inx

            I don’t mind it when people complain and bash others, I just hate it when they ignore facts and logic when doing so.

            • Drivan

              The bashing of others is actually a huge problem. It has turned into bashing folks on a personal level because you disagree with their opinions of the game. I have inadvertently engaged in this, but more so have tried to call people out for making personal attacks against others as a response to critique of the game.
              Poster 1 says, “this game is really starting piss me off because of this bug, that bug and when can we see some new group content.
              Then poster 2 says, “You are just an ignorant, button smashing moron who can’t see how amazing SWTOR go lick a horses ass hole idiot.”

              If you can’t discuss the topic of conversation don’t pash the person because you disagree with them.

              I have argued with an individual on here, not because of his opinion of SWTOR, but because how he treats of others. I actually share many of his opinions of the game, I just despise the way he treats people that he disagrees with. It’s uncalled for.

              Complaining about the game is fine, we all have complaints and people need to keep their facts straight. That I agree with you on.

        • John Kosto

          Most people are aware of that, and they also aware that EA and Bioware who are running this game, allocate their budget in a pretty shitty way. No one blames the Cartel Market Team, don’t worry.

          Seriously, this “argument” is getting old. It’s like saying “yeah it sucks that people in poor areas don’t have water to drink, but hey, the country is spending their money in funding multinational companies and arms and weapons, so don’t complain about lack of water if you don’t understand how it works”. Oh right, there are actually people who say that….

          • Darth Ji’inx

            Based on some exchanges I’ve had with people on these forums, as well as posts on SWTOR’s forums, it would seem that many of them actually believe that the CM Team and the Dev Team are the same entity.

            I understand what you are saying; you make make a good, logical point. As I’ve said above, it would seem that many people can’t tell the difference between the separate teams. Now, if they would complain about EA/BW giving too many funds to the CM Team over the Dev Team, instead of just “they no longer make content just CM trash FU Biofail,” then it would be a perfectly legitimate complaint, rather than just toxic whining.

            • Leah

              the problem here is that the game has limited budget, and a lot of it seems to go to fund the cartel market team rather then pay for you know rest of the content team. as cartel market team doesn’t make other content, while they are not directly to blame for the lack, they ARE seem to be the ones that get bulk of the developer salary budget, given that we are not even getting new maps anymore. recycled maps and bosses means that there is very little actual development being done on playable content.

              aka, well dud they are not the same entity. doesn’t change the fact that there seems to be very little actual game development going on.

              • Paulo Gomes

                I will politely, almost disagree with you lol.

                For me, the CM is working as intended. All MMO’s with a f2p model I know have some sort of CM, “money, shop” thingy going on. It’s normal, and it’s good for the game.

                I don’t see the correlation of “less CM stuff” – “more game development”. In, fact, it’s fairly safe to say that the amount of work going into making cosmetic stuff is a lot less demanding than actually developing the game.

                As such, I don’t see how making less CM stuff would improve the game. In fact, it could deteriorate the game further, because there would be LESS funds to develop the game…

                Now: the REAL issue here is another one.

                IF this game is doing so well as people say, then where’s the necessary budget to INVEST?

                Because, you see: you can’t have your cake and eat it too…

                I can understand if the game is not doing so well and budget is tight. I can, really. A skeleton crew maintaining a project too large for them.

                I can’t understand being bullshitted. Because IF the game is doing so well as all the PR bull we see from EA and all the fanboys say (4th MMO on the market, largest number of subs ever, so on and so on…) then I want to see some of that doe making it’s way into developing the actual game.

                There. Sorry for the rant.

              • Fred Garvin

                It either isn’t really that successful or they just don’t give a damn and are riding it out as long as they can and putting the money to use elsewhere.

                CM stuff is a money maker and isn’t anywhere near as difficult to produce as in-game content. There’s nothing wrong with it really, I dumped tons of cash there when there was content in-game to hold my interest. I think they look at how much money and effort they’d have to invest to make the game fire on all cylinders at once and (probably correctly) have come to the conclusion it isn’t worth the gamble when so many people will be happy with anything that says “Star Wars.”

              • Spoilofthelamb

                My guess is that it takes time to rebuild a quality ops team. Refocusing PVE development to level scaling all old content was the right move for the game. But couple an untimely budget shortage around the same time as the FTP transition that potentially cut PVE budgets and personnel who laid that groundwork with giving developers the level-scaling work that isn’t exactly what they want to be doing, and you might lose even more. Lose enough designers, and suddenly you have to find and train people to work with a heavily modified engine before you can restart development. I expect we’ll hear more on ops early this year, but I also expect there has been more going on behind the scenes for the transition back to group content development from group systems development.

              • UberSamoyed

                There has not been any sort of hiring activity that would suggest a rebuild has been effectuated. That’s actually something I’ve been tracking. If anything is going on in this regard, then it’s being done by a greenish, skeleton crew and/or hired out on the sly.

                I think the realistic assumption at this point is that whatever we experienced in the KOTFE and KOTET era is exactly what we should expect going forward for at least all of 2017.

                A ton of the stuff you mentioned would have to be already done for a project to even see the light of day in 2017. Of course, they might actually try to generate an Op given the current status quo. But, I doubt it would even remotely resemble anything from the past. The best hope is that they have secretly arranged to have other satellite offices work on this Op, and it’s just around the corner. But, no one with a rational mind is going to hold their breath on that.

                Realistically, I don’t believe we’ll ever see another Op like we’ve seen before…if any at all. It’s just not in their plans…and hasn’t been for more than a year.

              • abaddonsmummy

                “That’s actually something I’ve been tracking.”
                May I ask how you are doing this?

              • UberSamoyed

                I know we live in the age of “reveal all or it’s not true”…so you might be disappointed. But, ever since KOTFE was announced and the word “Ops” was replaced with “group content,” I took it upon myself to investigate just what the heck was happening.

                Following all public listings of all Bioware job descriptions is a given, as is industry rumors. But, when you live in the same state and have certain other resources, you can pick up just a bit more. I’d really rather not elaborate on that. I hope you can understand why.

                But, even with all that said, there’s always the possibility that whatever group content that’s being created is being treated like an Area 51 project. I just find that unlikely…and not cost effective…or even reasonable.

                I’d love to be wrong. Truly.

              • abaddonsmummy

                I’m sorry if my question came across as sarcastic or aggressive, it honestly wasn’t meant to be, I was just intrigued to know how you were able to do this.
                I live in the UK so I wouldn’t be able to garner the information that you can living in the same area as Bioware HQ (is it Austin?) and maybe insider knowledge then yes you would be able to see first hand any recruitment happening.
                Thanks for the info and please keep us updated.

              • Leah

                you are very likely correct that CM stuff is easier to do especialy since so much of it recolors/slight changes to shoulder pad here – a belt there. how many copies mira’s sets we have now? 3? and that’s not even counting the armors that were originally seen within the game in some capacity and then got slightly adjusted versions for CM sales. and while I don’t mind existence of CM store, I DO mind that it seems to have almost completely replaced in game methods of acquiring nice looking stuff, be it gear, or decorations, or mounts, etc.

                and honestly, if one considers my reply above? its possible that all that dough is going into paying Blur :/ because – priorities! Its also possible that they took some of the actual development team and threw them into Andromeda pot. speaking of which… as much as that game tempts me, given what they have been doing as a company with TOR is just… making me waffle between ” I’m preordering deluxe edition” and.. do I really want to take this risk? again? for something as small as pyjack pat that for all we know is going to be repeat of robodog in ME3.

                I know I’m ranting and raving and being all negative Nancy.. but.. I love this game. so much. original vanilla stories? I STILL enjoy them. I just… I don’t know what the heck is going on now and what are they thinking or not thinking.

              • abaddonsmummy

                Just take a look at the cash shop in GW2 and you will see re-skins, check the forums by Dulfy and you will see people complaining as such.
                They’re are plenty of fresh stuff in among the Cartel Market, Speeders and Sabers being very good lately.
                You can also buy with in-game credits of the GTN if you don’t want to use real money.
                What I completely do agree on is the lack of in game reputation items that need to be worked/grinded for. I always liked grinding for Bounty weapons and Gree goods etc, it was fun and made it worthwhile to get that certain speeder or Blaster that looked cool.
                More of these plz πŸ™‚

              • Paulo Gomes

                Leah made a great point, yes I agree: there should be more in-game stuff to get. My Juggernaut still uses to this day the Dreadseed armor. And it was a PAIN to get. But the pain made it worthwhile. Every time I log her on I remember the hours spent digging for that armor.

              • abaddonsmummy

                Lol yeah the dreadseed armour, I almost went crazy digging for that, I had enough of those bloody GSI speeder pieces to open my own speeder garage.
                Not to mention HK’s parts…..
                But these all require the ‘grind’ and some people on here hate the grind and would rather buy.

              • Paulo Gomes

                It’s a different kind of grind… It’s something you can do at your own leisure, and it has nothing to do with Endgame.

                Even the HK parts: NOTHING in this game has driven me SO mad as looking for those sob’s hehehehe… But then getting HK is an achievement in itself, a lot different from all those faceless comps we have now…

                Oh and about the Dreadseed and Star Forager armor: you had to actually finish the Seeker Droids mission to get the parts… Which in itself was a trial of patience lol…

                But still I really enjoy that part of the game. In fact, the little playing I’ve been doing ingame is to do some characters on another server and doing all that stuff, and the Vanilla stories that I love so much.

              • John Kosto

                The HK mission (and especially the Theoretika part) is one of my favorite missions in the game, and I am not much of a grinder. There is GOOD grind, and then there’s uprisings, star fortresses and rehashed content.

              • Leah

                my point about reskins was being that they are relatively low effort/cost vs completely new pieces … following into a point that you agree with. we are getting very little in a way of new stuff and when we do – vast VASt majority of it ends up in cartel market. Arena net does seem to release new stuff for their market, and what’s more important – whatever I feel about new expansion and living world – its actual new content. new maps, new puzzles, new story. content that takes a while to get through.

                ESO – which is what I’m primarily playing right now – their expansion content? takes far FAR longer to get through that KOTFE or KOTET. and while yeah, you don’t get to keep acess if you let your subscription lapse and have to buy it separately.. I honestly would prefer it if bioware did it that way.. and gave us more to chew on.

                I don’t think people would be so damn defensive and petty about f2p/preferred players if bioware insured that just spending $15 once a year – didn’t get them acess to all the newly released stuff – if you had to buy each slice of content separately.. but then again.. given how bioware would rather push people away with the whole “subscribe or get no acess” model than keep weekly passes and some guaranteed income? but I digress. there needs to be more in game stuff. whether its rewards to work towards, and/or new content rather then upscale of the old stuff – to work through? we need more in game stuff.

                you cannot think of a game in terms of making quick buck and expect it to last. if you are newer player, sure you still have stuff to do, what did one of the people defending bioware put it as? few months worth of content. but when you have been here from the start.. what are WE supposed to do. pay to acess rng attached to content we’ve been doing for years, and pay extra just to get acess to occasionally nice looking new stuff? yes yes I know other games do that, but I don’t see people defend them, I see people deride them for it and for a good reason.

              • abaddonsmummy

                If you head over to the GW2 forums on the Gem Store releases you get the same responses as you do here, that’s all I’m saying, since the conversation was about the state of the Cartel Market. Yes reskins can be common but of late the CM has been producing some real nice stuff imho.

                As for expansions although I have said many many times (i’m a white knight but hey) that I hated KOTET/KOTFE, I see it as a massive expansion – but purely single player content orientated – not to mention the massive changes in 4.0 and 5.0 with abilities and scaling etc I think it’s hard to say one games expansion are bigger than another, its more what you get out of it. Single player orientated gamer’s were happy but the rest of us…..not so.

                Eso has a big crown store including the ‘random’ packs that are so hated/loved in SWTOR and also ESO plus which gives you advantages over normal players so its common across MMO’s.

              • Leah

                I’ve seen complaints for GW2. didn’t seem like the same scope to me. KOTET/KOTFE was not massive, I’m sorry. I’m very casual and slow levelers. when KOTFE released? it took me a few hours – 2 evenings to finish them. another evening – and I was done with fortresses. 3 evenings worth of content. KOTET was about same with its story and uprisings.

                I’m still not done with THieves’ guild story/new area in ESO, I barely scratched the surface of Orcinium and the others (I’m talking about the solo story here, this is NOT counting associated trials/dungeons that also came out with it). and for all the crap WoW gets? THAT is a massive expansion that they just released. finally bought legion (long story short – anniversary event of Diablo, shinies must be had) and while some of the time sink is due to terrain being absolutely awful? there is STILL a lot of solo questing content. given how long its taking me to get through it compared through KOTFE/KOTET? far more than both of them combined.

                “but KOTFE/KOTET are free with subscription, you say? so are ESO’s expansions. and btw? while crafting bag is amazing in ESO and its existence plus ability to dye costumes at will – is the reason I’m staying subscribed, I’m currently playing it with a friend who is NOT a subscriber, just has gold edition. guess what? he is NOT restricted in any way. we do all the same content at the same pace – together. my character is slightly ahead of his in level (10% leveling boost) but it doesn’t really change much, since both of us are scaled up to max level anyways. yes there is a crown store. and btw, those crates? were about as well received as the ones in SWTOR.

                but they are a small part of crown store. and crown store is a small part – compared to in game additions. there are some costumes. but there are plenty of in game costumes to earn via achievements. there are dye sets. but they are minor compared to what you ear through in game. most of the crown store exclusives? are available as direct purchases, and while prices can get kinda crazy – they are also not the only way to get new things, especially when it comes to appearance.

                and now the housing is about to be released and guess what? there will be stuff in a crownstore. as a supplement to in game stuff. you know how you can buy stronghold in swtor with cartel coins or in game gold? yeah, like that, except they are approaching furniture the same way.

                monetization itself is NOT a problem. games need money to survive and to release new content. I’m not grumbling about cartel store existence. I’m grumbling about the fact that nowadays it takes PRECEDENCE over in game stuff, whether its playable content or fluff. and speaking of GW2 – which I have and play super casualy. I do not need to make a single purchase from a gem store to look nice, or have better time in game or anything really. and their living world story chapters, which are FREE. is at least as expansive as anything in KOTFE or KOTET, more so. and expansions when they are called expansions? are far larger. just saying.

              • abaddonsmummy

                KOTET/KOTFE was not massive, I’m sorry. I’m very casual and slow levelers. when KOTFE released? it took me a few hours – 2 evenings to finish them. another evening – and I was done with fortresses. 3 evenings worth of content. KOTET was about same with its story and uprisings. – Every chapter LEAH was between 1-2 hours long, that’s 17 chapters for KOTFE then KOTET is 9 chapters, that’s between 26 and 52 hours worth of gameplay and you were doing this in 2 – 3 evenings???? And the Star Fortresses? There were 6 of them plus the Alliance recruitment missions for each of them! Where do you live the Arctic Circle because those are some pretty long evenings!! And the Star Fortresses? Please be honest at least here Leah, that’s absolutely not possible.

                Regarding the crown store I’ve had a look and it is quite considerable, hey I’m not saying it’s as big as the CM but I bet it rakes in a lot of cash for ESO and they know it.

                And after all apart from a xpboost there is nothing essential in a store so it’s not an issue.

              • Leah

                how did they take you that long? even while watching every cutscene (which dragged on in terms of pacing in KOTET) there were several chapters in KOTFE that were.. 10 minutes? 15 at best? I mean there is a reason some of them are recommended for CXPspam grinding. entire 26 chapters (which they originally, don’t you forget about that – required you to subscribe just to acess as they released – $15 for an average of one hour of content… maybe one and a half with some of the recruitment missions) took me, on a DvL character maybe 4 evenings, few hours each evening. not a single chapter was longer then an hour, not even chapter 10 with its constant, annoying spam of skytroopers. and star fortresses on storymode take about half an hour to do, each, while being leisurely about it.

                and I’m not saying ESO cash shop is small – I’m pretty sure it brings in the cash for Zos. I’m saying that there is PLENTY of NON CASH SHOP STUFF that is in game. have you looked at particulars of ESO cash shop? have you, per chance, noticed all the crafting motifs and the like that are.. wait a minute.. those are in game motifs! yep. they offer some of the rarer stuff for people who either cannot do harder content or don’t want to, at least not to find those crafting styles.

                in swtor – you can buy cc stuff on GTN, but SOMEONE had to have bought it on cm first. no other way to get it in game. in crown shop.. considerable amount of stuff that’s in crown store? is stuff that you can directly get in game while 100% bypassing the shop. is it pay to win? depends on how you look at it. they kinda maybe edging in this direction, but.. they are not really there that. since crown store stuff is either exact equivalent of what you can find in game.. or in case of potions and foods – slightly worse. Zos is not perfect. plenty of people have issues with their choices, especialy housing prices for upcoming housing expansion (which btw, is genuinely free – non subscribers in ESO are not so limited that it becomes unplayable, like in swtor), but after bioware? Zos is.. woooonderful, both in amount of content they release per expansion, the variety of said content and how long they go between releases.(I was just on pts, checking out houses and furnishings and I was quite literally overwhelmed by sheer amount of stuff you can craft – that’s not counting stuff sold by various vendors, provided you have associated achievements).

                SWTOR was out almost twice as long as ESO. and ESO is starting to catch up in content in half the time. and this is not even mentioning other games on the market. GW2, that may be buy to play for newest content, but has ZERO required subscription (nd for all the talk, swtor requires subscription to play, do try playing as preferred some time and you’ll see what I mean, and that’s preferred, f2p is worse) or secret world that has been quietly putting out new story chapters while still adding other types of content. or Neverwinter and Star Trek, especially Star Trek s its probably the closest to SWTOR situation.. are all offering more to their players then bioware has been recently. bioware’ strategy lately seems to be reduce, reuse, recycle.

              • abaddonsmummy

                You seem to be forgetting KOTFE/KOTET, which would have been a very expensive undertaking including the Blur cinematic’s to go with it, so at the year end their budget will be tight.
                They say they are going to re-focus their 2017 budget on Group content, so we will have to wait and see.
                P’s focused rants on here are a pleasure. πŸ™‚

              • Don Loco

                They spent more money and time on the Blur trailer than they did the ‘expansion’. They did not say they were GOING to re-focus, they said they WANT to. A rather large bit of wiggle room there. From experience, I trust nothing the dev team say. They have been proven time and again as being full of it.

              • abaddonsmummy

                Time will tell.
                As for the money spent, it says more about the cost per minute of their horrendously expensive (albeit stunning to look at) Blur trailer, rather than the work they put into KOTFE/KOTET.

              • Drivan

                I still remember the, “we won’t let 14 months pass without releasing a new Operation ever again.” promise.
                Ever since EA bought BW there have been trust issues between the community and the developers. If they could return to the BW of old, that released quality games that were well polished then things would be so much better.

              • Drivan

                They run on a fiscal year that operates from April to March. Their fiscal 2017 is nearly over.
                We aren’t likely to see anything significant until Summer.

              • abaddonsmummy

                Individual project’s will have their own budgets which will be planned and forecast month’s in advance, with funds set aside for these, so we have no idea of a timescale here.

              • Paulo Gomes

                Thanks man. You know, after years of bickering I made a conscious effort to be constructive with my remarks, even if they are negative. We have so much in common after all, we all want a great game to play.

                Sure, sometimes someone makes go off the deep end… But I try, really, I do…


              • abaddonsmummy

                Look, there are parts of the game that really annoy me. They range from the major to the minor.
                I hated KOTFE/KOTET, group finder it STILL a pain in the arse to use after all these years, I really want an ‘in the drivers seat view’ when riding speeders (I really think they missed a trick here – looking out of the drivers window of your fav speeder with the dashboard in front of you would be awesome IMHO), hoods still clipping, still no update on jawa vendors for scrap for the new mats, ridiculous amount of companions that are of absolutely no use and I could go on but it still (to me) remains the best out there by a long way.
                Its not perfect but I get that tbh.
                I’ve said before it’s not because it’s Star Wars (of which I’m a huge fan), as the game is so far removed in the time-line from the films that if it wasn’t for the light sabers and the ‘force’ it could be any sci-fi genre.
                And god do I want more group content because guess what….it’s brilliant fun in SWTOR.
                I go off the deep end too, with the people who can’t see any good in the game usually for 1 reason, because they think they are entitled to get exactly what they want and damn what anyone else wants and I get stupidly drawn into pointless protracted reciprocal arguments of “your right, I’m right”, and I shouldn’t
                We both after all, want the best for the game as you say.
                Here’s hoping for an amazing 2017 for all of us.

              • Darth Ji’inx

                Now that’s a legit criticism. Although, it’s very likely that the CM actually generates a lot of revenue for the game, which in turn, allows the devs more funding to develop the game. And, before you say that they aren’t doing much development, consider that they released to expansions within the last year, each accompanied by an EXPENSIVE Blur cinematic, as well as upgraded the graphics with the latest expansion.

                My guess is that they might not have the same amount of funding as they used to, but they use the funds generated from the CM and granted by EA to do the best that they can with what they have. It would just so happen that they only have enough resources to focus on one aspect at a time (i.e. KotFE/ET in 2015/16, and upcoming group content in 2017). No matter the case, we can’t do much more than speculate beyond what the devs tell us without inside knowledge.

              • Leah

                oh god, don’t even get me started on blur cinematics. those things cost MILLIONS – especialy the length that we got. can you imagine how many actual development hours those millions could have funded? don’t get me wrong, I think Blur does an amazing job, but Bioware have GOT to get their priorities straight. those 2 expansions were… and this is subjective, but.. they were unimpressive and short. had they skipped those impressive cinematics and instead focused on more maps, bigger planets, hell – story with fewer plot holes and that doesn’t shove everyone into a very VERY narrow path. when your budget is more limited you do NOT throw a bulk of it into short movies that your players will watch once, maybe twice and then move on.

          • abaddonsmummy

            What a terrible analogy, it’s a game John please remember that, no-one is dying of thirst here.

            As for the ‘Old argument’ it’s true.
            Budgets are set by EA/Bioware, but both also bring in different amounts of revenue so are completely different beasts, they run on different time scales and require different programming needs so they are separate entities of the same game and as Ji’inx was replying to the OP his comment makes perfect sense.

            • John Kosto

              An analogy by definition takes two things that are different in nature. Otherwise it would just be a comparison. Happy New White Knight Year!

              People like you are the reason why things don’t get better. And why we have a mediocre game at best. Congrats.

              • abaddonsmummy

                Yet extreme definitions like the one you used when describing a game is hilarious to say the least. Happy New Year Blind Hater.

                And your last paragraph did make me chuckle. Thank you.

              • John Kosto

                Clearly, you lack reading comprehension if you think I am a blind hater. Glad to be of service. It’s funny because it’s true.

              • abaddonsmummy

                Right back at you if you think i’m a white knight…..
                and your welcome…

      • Yes

        That’s recyled ‘new’ content, cupcake.

        • Kaelin

          I’m trying really hard to get your point… not that guest’s opinion matters

          • Darth Ji’inx

            They’re upset that it’s not completely brand new content. We know they are reusing old maps, but so what? These are meant to be for quick runs, not in-depth storytelling.

            Also, I think people are extra bothered about “Trench Runner” because the trailer shows *GASP* a reskinned boss!! Again, so what? I guess they’d rather complain about added content that actually gives them something today while waiting on future content, rather then trying to make the best of the situation.

            • Paulo Gomes

              Waiting on future content… Man, that’s ALL we’ve been doing. For 2 years and one month… And counting!

              Where’s the new planets? A new dailies area perhaps? Pvp maps? Galactic Starfighter? And yes, that forbidden word: Operations!

              Trying to make the best of the situation… Well, the best for me was actually finding another MMO to play. I will wait out for this one, but hope is rather in short supply…

              And what new content would that be? I’m not even sure the guys at BW know what they wanna do! And THEN I look left and right, and there are companies that announce these things for MONTHS in advance, and present their ideas to discuss with their player base…

              Damned right people are pissed. And rightfully so my friend.

              • We got two new pvp maps about 4-5 months ago.

              • Paulo Gomes

                Yes, one pvp map in THREE years. Excuse me if I don’t stand up and applaud…

              • My point was more that pvpers did get something eventually. Not saying it was a good choice on Bioware’s part.

              • LargeMass

                You don’t have those things because BW was focusing on KOTFE and KOTET…it’s weird people don’t see those as “content”, you cant make all people happy all the time. BW wanted to focus on continuing the story’s of the class characters, i am sure with those story’s out of the way, we will see more “content” in the coming future.

              • Drivan

                Of course we see that as content, but they have spent the better part of 2 and a half to 3 years developing 15 chapters of content that can be blown through in about 4 hours. 15 chapters that have no replay ability because the outcome is EXACTLY the same. They haven’t continued the stories of the class characters, they created 1 story. A single story, that, has the same outcome with every play through no matter how many of your former companions you decide to kill.
                Sure you get the illusion of choices matter, but they don’t. Only for which companions you can still send out on crafting missions…
                They called Star Fortresses “group content” yet any Joe Snuffy can solo those on hard mode. They gave us Uprisings that can be breezed through in 15 min. They haven’t released anything with QUALITY replayability since they dropped ToS and Rav back in 2015. Even then the entirety of 3.0 dropped with such HORRIBLE bugs it took them 6 months of breaking as much as they fixed with every patch to reach a balance between glitches and fixes.
                They forgot about the MM, in there MMORPG. Those of us who enjoy MMO content have been waiting for 25 months for new operations. When ToS and Ravagers were announced BW promised that they would never again let the community go 14 months between the release of Operations…
                As of today we have waited 25 months and counting… Some folks are still patiently waiting, some folks have walked away, some folks have voiced their displeasure. People are simply trying to let BW know that they have already broken promises to this community and that they need to be MUCH more transparent to earn that trust back.

                I believe that all anyone really wants is a return to a balanced release of content. Equal time spent between Story and PvE. Of course since all of BW’s Voice Actors are on strike against them (and all the other major game developers except Blizzard and Bethesda) and EA/BW refuse to budge on their position, it is possible that we will never see story content in SWTOR again.

              • John Kosto

                How about the fact that we used to have story AND everything else?

              • Wayshuba

                To be honest, and I say this with all respect to you, then BioWare should not have done an MMO. They should have done a monthly supply of episodes like Telltale games does.

                An MMO is made up of a variety of activities, for a variety of people, hat collectively make up a game population and community. BioWare has never understood this from Day One. Content needs to be frequent and varied if you going to expect keeping a sizable base of player paying a subscription. The Star Wars name is only going to carry you so far.

              • Errtai

                Imagine a Star Wars game made by Bioware in Dragon Age: Inquisition quality (engine, graphics, game play etc..). With co-op multiplayer aspect. You can even have guilds. Every few months they release DLC packs. Imagine. New co-op maps, new story bits, new cosmetic items. Basically a solo game with strong multiplayer support that always evolves. Just imagine.

                That is what Bioware should have done in the first place in my opinion. I know I would pay for that game.

              • Fred Garvin

                Only they didn’t continue the class stories. They watered it down to one story that made zero sense for non-force users and ditched most of the companions from the class stories that players felt connected to.

              • abaddonsmummy

                You can’t say that KOTFE/KOTET isn’t content, it was a massive undertaking, which yes split the player base, some loved it some hated it, but it was still content.
                They focused on PVE story in 2016 as they said they would and now they are going to go for group content in 2017.
                Ii’s only 4 days in so give them a little time maybe?

              • Drivan

                It has been 25 months of story and solo content focus, not 1 year.
                In a game that is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.
                25 months.
                This after Musco, on behalf of the Dev team, made a promise that they would NEVER let more than 14 months pass without a new Operation.
                They have broken that promise.
                We have given them an additional 11 months to make good on that promise. How much more time do you propose we give? Till July? December?
                Sure they have made the promise of focusing on group content in 2017, what is this group content?
                More Uprisings?
                Rehashing and retooling 5 year old Operations and Flashpoints?
                People are justifiably angry that a promise was made and broken and have valid reasons not to trust BW and their promises.

              • abaddonsmummy

                KOTFE release date was October 27th 2015 so were taking 1 year + 2 months, prior to that in mid 2015 we had Ziost which had solo and multiplayer aspects, so I don’t understand where you are getting your 25 months from.
                They (EA/Bioware), have the right to change whatever they want and we are not entitled in anyway to change that outcome so if they want to change focus with THEIR game for reasons that they see fit, then that’s kinda tough.
                Their could be many reasons why they couldn’t hold to that 14 month promise (I’ve never seen it myself but i’ve heard a few people on here quoting it) only they can answer that.
                I’d happily welcome more uprisings in 2017 as I really enjoy the blast without spacebarring through endless cutscenes but I agree they also have to do more for the group content community.
                Yes people are angry but also people are quite happy with the current state of the game and can see what has been done over the past two years for the game as a whole and are still enjoying it.
                I think we’ll hear soon as to their plans for 2017.

              • Drivan

                They began developing for 4.0 shortly after the release of 3.0. They said that they were already planning and developing for 4.0 at the November Cantina tour stop just before 3.0 went live.

                It has been 25 months since the release of a new Operation and significant group content which dropped in December of 2014.

                Ziost had 2 bosses, 1 instanced and one world boss that was group content, the remainder was story/solo content. Honestly, I could create these to boss encounters in less than a week.
                Yes, BW can absolutely do whatever they want with their game. However, when a company makes promises to their customers and then blatantly breaks that promise the customers have every right to be distrustful of that company and to make their anger toward and distrust of that company heard.

                The day that Ravagers and ToS was teased in the a stream Musco wrote in a forum post that after internal meetings with the Dev team and producers the decision was made that they should never go 14 months between releasing Operations. In that post he stated that the Drop of 3.0 would mark 18 months between Operations releases and the Dev team promised to never make the community wait that long again.
                THIS is the reason for the anger and frustration that SO MANY people display on a daily basis. It was a very specific, transparent and honest answer to the concerns of the community and then from that day forward BW began to make one bad decision after another.

                It all came to a head when, during a live stream, just when folks were ready for them to announce the next operation; they announced no new operations and quickly moved on to talk about more story, story, story.
                Back then the servers were typically at “Standard” population and on the weekends some European and American servers would reach “Heavy” population. The next day people began leaving.
                Since the announcement of No New Ops only 1 server has ever displayed above “lite” population and that was because it was crashing. There has not been an upgrade to allow for larger server populations in the time between 4.0 and 5.0, therefore it can be assumed that the mass exodus that occurred in November of 2015 has never been met with a mass return. Populations across the servers have easily been cut in half.

                I’m a huge fan of this game and although I dislike the direction they took with 4.0 and 5.0 I’m still hopeful that after 25 months of Story and Solo content releases we will finally get Operations again. I criticize SWTOR because I want it to be better. Less buggy, glitch and balanced between Story, PvE and PvP. My favorite content (GSF) is a lost cause, not because they screwed it up, but because they implemented mouse looking controls and some people can’t make the adjustment between the 2 control styles.

              • Wayshuba

                They are out of time. People have waited over two years for serious group content (after being told they would never go another year without an OP), which is almost half the game’s entire existence. It was obvious Uprisings were cut-and-paste slam together content because they didn’t want to go through another expansion with no group content – so they put in a total of 90 minutes worth.

                It was obvious before my sub ran out that server populations were dropping fast. Like it or not, there is no denying at this point that the 5.0 GC system is having the negative effect many players warned BW would happen.

                I wish I was a fly on the wall when the boys in Austin report to the execs at EA who are looking for how many more subs and revenue increase from “the revamped” game got them.

                As a customer, I have had it with the incompetence of the boys in Austin. I am not afraid to call out Ben Irving in particular, who took over as producer in the Summer before 4.0 hit. Since then, things have been all downhill for the game. The man is way beyond his competence level.

                As a shareholder (yes, I also own shares in EA), I can tell when a company is setting things up to pull the plug. EA has been calling out the declining performance of the title for three straight quarter now. Then the send a shareholder letter mentioned “the revamped endgame which will help retain more subscribers for longer periods and therefore increase revenues.” When that doesn’t happen (which everyone knows the opposite is happening) one of two things is going to happen. Ben Irving will be fired and replaced, or EA is going to pull the plug on the title. My bet, knowing EAs history and taking into account what I already mentioned previously, is they are going to pull the plug in 2017.

                The GC System was a desperate attempt to capture subs longer due to extremely poor decisions in content delivery and development resources (like wasting everyone’s time on a new pack opening experience), and now the roosters are coming how to roost.

              • Drivan

                As usual I am on the same page with you.
                I log in to SWTOR a few times a week hoping beyond hope that old friends have returned or that BW has snuck in a stealth patch that added something cool. Instead I end up running an uprising or 2 maybe a flashpoint with the same old crowd who, like me, are playing other games while still joining our raid team for the group CXP grind a couple days a week.

                I talk about ESO, they try to convince me to play WoW, Wildstar, Diablo or Final Fantasy. We talk about the good old days when particular Ops were brand new and collectively wonder if we will get any new ones again. The night ends and we all log off.

                Then I log into ESO and jump on Voice and it’s vibrant and ALIVE. People are excited because we just realized we can do XYZ now or because ABC is coming later this year. People are leveling together, running dungeons, killing Zone bosses, taking down Dolmans, doing Pledges, setting up a Trials group or PvP Squad.

                SWTOR just doesn’t have that excitement any more. It hasn’t since Oricon and the Dread Ops were released.

                Maybe someday SWTOR will be fun like that again, or maybe I’ll just keep waiting until the next Star Wars Based Multi player game releases.

            • Kaelin

              I just can`t take seriosly comments like that one, please don`t mind me πŸ™‚

              Not that it have anything to do CM…. or your reply, I just wanted to share my opinion with you.

              I’m actually ok with Uprisings (if I get it right, we are going to have few more, not just ‘Trench Runner’). I saw way too much of “Ah, its just 2d boss?! I don`t have time to finish it!”, “Ah, 1st boss of Blood Hunt is waaay to hard!!” and people who refuse to do the right thing to win the fight, too much to count. On 1 raider we have around 50 people who just want to go and kill moving things without thinking why (backgroud story) and how (mechanics). Devs would rather make happy 50 people then 1.

              Uprisings are perfect content for brain dead people. We have waaaaay to much of such people… SADLY
              Just so you understand me. I see 2 different kind of brain dead people:
              1)people who refuse to listen people who know that fight (you may never finish an operation with them or it will take forether (not all raiders have that much free time/patience);
              2)whiners – the kind raiders who never heard about constructive criticism and can only be rude and write trash comments on CM themes. “Biofail” is their favorite word. Who will take them seriously? I`ll tell you! !!!NO ONE!!! of people who can make a change!

              Here, now I have it out of my system. I hope you can understand me (I know that my english is terrible)

              • John Kosto

                I endorse everything you said about Uprisings, except from the fact that you are ok with it. I mean I am happy for you, but I am NOT ok with Uprisings. They are, as you perfectly said, for people who are brain dead.

                And when I have joined the “Veteran Fractured grind” that is now the most frequent thing to do on fleet, I have quit after 2 runs. It literally makes me feel stupid after I complete it. No challenge, no story, no interest at all.

                People should NOT be ok with brain dead content, because then we will get more of that. Nevermind, we will get more of that regardless of whether we like it or not πŸ™

              • Kaelin

                I`m yet to find a normal discussion with constructive criticism without it beeing hidden in tons of “Biofail! No new content AT ALL” – its about the other kind of brain dead people I was talking about.

                They are getting a content they deserve. Since they will whine anyway why bother?

                And you missed my “SADLY”. May be I`m expecting too much from people here.

              • John Kosto

                I don’t know who you are referring to, so I can’t help you. I agreed with you on the 1st category of people that are brain dead as you said. People being too spoiled and not having the time and the will and the energy to complete operations or flashpoints, led to Uprisings. That, and the complete lack of support for this game by BioFAIL.

                So yeah, as you said, Uprisings is indeed the content that THESE people deserve. And they are happy about it. Good for them. Very low standards, if you ask me.

                I don’t think I have seen anyone whine “anyway” and “regardless of what Bioware does”. I have seen many people giving a thumbs up to Bioware when they actually do something good, including myself and everyone else on this website, with the exception of one troll, who I don’t even know why gets the attention from you guys.

                It’s sad that you expect too much from people, but you literally have zero expectations from Bioware. To each his own I guess. I don’t expect ANYTHING from people because people are people. And I expect a lot from a STAR WARS game, run by a company that we PAY.

                The saddest part is that the players who are too lazy to understand story, mechanics, etc, cannot even complete Uprisings, which are ridiculously easy.

              • Kaelin

                Indeed, asking people to be reasonable is asking too much from them πŸ™‚

                Just so you understand me, I want new operation may be even more then the rest of you. And I asked for it !nicely! when I had a chance. It was NOT in CM theme, or themes about a content that have nothing to do with group runs, NOT in a rude and offensive form, without “Biofail” in it like the rest of you do.

                But looks like I will never get it since the rest of you asking for it exactly the way I described.

              • John Kosto

                I don’t speak on behalf of anyone else, nor do I say “we” and “you” to anyone, because each person has their own way and views. So forgive me, but I don’t think I have been rude and offensive to anyone who has not provoked me first. There is no reason to place me in a group with anyone else.

                It all started with you saying something about the people that do not consider Uprisings new content. Well I am sorry, but as someone else already said, I would rather have NOTHING than have Uprisings. They have literally added zero fun to the game for me, while at the same time making people saying things like “here, this is new content, why are you complaining?”

                If they (Bioware, Biofail, Biocrap, why do you care what people call them, do you have shares?) were honest and said “you know guys we’re sorry but we can’t develop group content, because we don’t have the money” I would fucking give them $20 for the new expansion (like in the past for every expansion) and I am sure that everyone else would too, so that they can come up with something better than Uprisings. Not ANOTHER 5 Uprisings. This is just a nightmare at this point.

              • Kaelin

                That is why they will never listen to your kind. Lots of words with zero meaning

              • John Kosto

                Do you honestly think that Bioware developers read this? Or that they care about it? Or that they take it into account? Or the official forums? Wow you live in a nice bubble, I am almost jealous.

                It’s not your fault, it’s mine for respecting you. For someone who claims to dislike “toxic” attitude, you sure have great manners :’)

              • abaddonsmummy

                “Do you honestly think that Bioware developers read this?” – so why do you whine on here constantly if no-one is listening? And why did you say to me that ‘People like me are the reason the game is crap’ if no-one is listening to me?
                Make your mind up please John.
                And if you read their recent release about changes to the command crates because of the feedback they were getting from players then that also negates your above tirade.

              • John Kosto

                The changes are being made because there was an outrage even in the official SWTOR forums, the ones where white knights usually have a party, and where there has been VERY FREQUENT deletion of posts that are negative towards the current direction of the game.

                Also, this whole RNG Galactic Command gimmick saved them 2 months until they fix it and implement too little too late towards the end of January.

                I have already answered the question you are asking me many times before. Why am I posting here? Because it’s usually more fun than actually playing the game. And I am not whining, just telling it how it is. I am sorry if you don’t like it.

              • abaddonsmummy

                Your obviously not on the ‘official’ forums much, I have seen dissent there over many things, usually class nerfs, and the posts I have seen deleted were abusive and deserved it, so don’t tar them with the ‘dissent deleted’ crap.

                Like I said they listened to the community and changed things. You are the definition of a blind hater – you whine for something, they change it, and you still whine.

                And please don’t stop whining, it just goes to show the person you are.

              • John Kosto

                You have not seen the non abusive or offensive posts that have been deleted, because they were… deleted. Before you could see them. Nah, you’d wish I was a blind hater, and if I was, you wouldn’t go into trouble to respond to me whenever I write truths. But deep inside it does bother you, that’s why you bother to respond also.

                The only truth is that I love this game and I always have fun when I play with my guildies. I used to have fun when playing this game by myself or with pug groups or with new friends, so I want this game to become what it was. And if that’s not possible, then at least better than what it is. The game is currently BAD, and I am sorry if you can’t handle the truth.

              • abaddonsmummy

                If you Assume John you make an ‘Ass’ out of ‘U’ and ‘Me’. I’m a regular poster on the official forums so I’ve seen plenty of hateful derogatory comments (not all at me I assure you) that have been quickly removed and rightly so, but I’ve also seen plenty well worded criticism’s left untouched and spoken about. I’m afraid they’re not the monster you portray them to be that fit’s into your nasty little world of hate.
                I think you’ll find also you reply to my comments far more than I reply to yours because I know of your entrenched feelings for the game so there is no point speaking to you. As you did to me on this thread.
                I still have great fun with guildies and pugs and we all agree the game needs more group content but some see the direction they have been taking and wait patiently for their re-focus on group while other wail and whine on here because they think their entitled over the other groups of players to get what they want first.
                My truth is fun. I know what your is….

              • John Kosto

                What are you drinking man? I want some of that…. You have been stalking me for months, and even in THIS thread you just replied to me a few posts above. Have fun glorifying mediocre content.

                You replied in the “dialogue” that I had with Kaelin, and you ALSO replied in the dialogue that I had with Darth Jinx. It’s all up there.

              • abaddonsmummy

                I don’t drink, but when i’m I’m wrong i’ll admit it and in this case I was very wrong, I did reply to you here you are right, I was thinking of another poster who I am replying after they commented on one of my posts.

              • John Kosto

                It’s fine, I am not surprised that you have your own reality.

              • Kaelin

                I love you too!

              • John Kosto

                Good to know, but love coming from toxic people is not welcome. You should just send an email to the developers, telling them what a great job they’re doing for your doll dress up game.

              • Kaelin

                I prefer being considered toxic than brain dead whiner who thinks he/she knows everything

              • John Kosto

                Good for you. I have never claimed or even implied to know everything, and I don’t whine, just because I can see the imperfections of a very problematic game. It’s called realism.

              • Kaelin

                Yet you acting like you think that you know… dress up games for me and all that crap. I can have a conversation with people who see flaws in that game, not blatant haters who refuse to see good things it have and getting as low as lying. Some of your kind are even getting as low as calling names people who DARED to like new story or any other thing in that game .

                I will never be serious with such people or lower myself with respecting them or their so called “opinion”

              • John Kosto

                Oh it was the dress up games comment that triggered you? Well I am sorry, it wasn’t supposed to be personal. SWTOR is a doll dress up game at this point.

                I don’t have a “kind”. Nor do I lie. Nor am I a blatant hater. I still appreciate many things in this game, otherwise I would have not bothered playing it. Nor do I call people names because they happen to like parts of the game that I don’t like. Get on your high horse then and next time don’t bother replying to me if you see me as lower than you.

                Release your anger. You are a fully formed Sith, judging by your comment.

              • Kaelin

                Why should I stop? Just because I have no respect for people I just dercribes it do not mean I have no fun dealing with them. Especially when they are jumping to conclusions… again.

                Or may be you simply see yourself in people I just described…

              • John Kosto

                The word “if” is used as a hypothetical. No assumptions, no seeing anything where there is nothing. That is your habit.

                Of course you spend time “talking” here and thinking that you actually have any effect on people who you disagree with. You could log and play SWTOR, but I guess that’s just not as much fun.

              • Brian Jones

                It’s the continued bitch fest from the same old disgruntled players, most of which don’t even play anymore. It’s been going on for 5 years now, and will never end. No sense in letting them get you worked up as the door is readily available to them and they can leave the game at any time. πŸ™‚

                Considering they have already announced new uprisings (which I’m down with, they are momentary fun), I really don’t see any other option other than a new op’s announcement. It’s just a matter of how much content they will give us. If it was ONLY new uprisings, why wouldn’t they have mentioned it when they announced the new 5? So yeah, hold tight, we likely have new op’s on the way.

              • Kaelin

                Well, I think you are right πŸ™‚

              • John Kosto

                No it hasn’t been going on for 5 years. The players that complained about SWTOR in its first 3 years of existence were a tiny minority. Even on their official page on facebook, no one would dare to say anything negative about SWTOR, because the fanboys would rip them apart, as if SWTOR was their mother or something. And I was ok with that, because I actually liked the game so much, that I didn’t have time to deal with the fanboys or the haters.

                If you check on their facebook, their instagram, their official forums, fleet chat (on both sides) and pretty much wherever there is actually an active discussion about SWTOR, there are so many people giving shit to Bioware and 5.0.

                It’s very amusing that you think this game will actually deliver any expectations. Even if they released an operation some time in the spring… it would be more than a year late. Most raiders have left the game since 4.0, and the few ones that had stayed left with 5.0. They’re not coming back.

                Have fun doing uprisings. They are as you said, momentary fun. It lasts for a moment and then you start wondering why are you still logged in.

              • Brian Jones

                “The players that complained about SWTOR in its first 3 years of existence were a tiny minority”

                Yadda yadda yadda…. game is failing….. yadda yadda yadda….. Here we are 5 years later, and after the numerous complaints and predictions that the game would be dead, somehow we are still playing it. Move along to another game if this has become something you don’t enjoy, but give me a break about the “lack of complaints” the game has received. You are literally insane if you don’t think the forums and such haven’t been littered with complaints about the game since the beginning. You’re delusional bro…. lol

              • Paulo Gomes

                ^^THIS RIGHT HERE! I don’t know if people know of the fact that there are independent, small companies out there who do crowd funding to launch their MMO’s (probably just to be bought by EA and get burned by that “great” company, or similar ones if the game does good… But that’s another issue altogether…). “Chronicles of Aleria” coming out this year, for instance.

                I bought EVERY expansion you had to pay for. I would gladly do it again. If the problem is money, make people pay to play the content.

                I am sure “they” lost a lot of money on the whole Chapters thing. I personally know of lots of people that only did a sub at the end of KotFE.

                As I’ve said again and again, the problem with these guys is trying to re-invent the wheel. Fixing what is not broken. Go back to the SoR model. No complaints from me from there on.

            • Ben Gimson

              “I guess they’d rather complain about added content that actually gives them something today”

              Sorry, but what do the Uprisings give anybody? There’s like, what, 3 holo decors and some pointless ‘achievements’ for killing a load of trash mobs consisting of old enemies in old areas? All for the purpose of an old-school MMO grind that nobody asked for or wanted?

              You’re usually pretty civil and I respect that you, for whatever reason, enjoy the game, but there comes a point where being easily pleased steps into being deliberately ignorant.

              Uprisings added -nothing- to the game. Hence why people, myself included, aren’t sticking around for another year of paying for the luxury of disappointment. A pathetic ‘expansion’ that added next to nothing, no new chapters on the horizon and no legitimate content incoming while the CM is fawned upon like a monarch’s first born son.

              Where exactly is the ‘line’ for you?

              • Darth Ji’inx

                I didn’t say that the Uprisings are supposed to be something spectacular, but they are still something to do if you prefer group activities but don’t want to spend a lot of time on them.

                Perhaps I’m unaffected by the game’s current form because I enjoy story content, while only dabbling in group content. I have next to no interest in PvP, and I see no reason why not being able to instantly buy the best gear just ruins the whole game.

              • Ben Gimson

                But they’re just not something to do though. That’s my point. There’s no reason to do them. They offer absolutely nothing in terms of content or incentive.

                I was also a story player (dabbled in everything else except GSF) but that doesn’t last any notable length of time and has no replayability anymore and it’s never long enough. I just don’t understand how people can justify playing this game after KotET (beyond sticking around because of friends), and I really don’t get how even the most diehard fan could possibly defend Uprisings.

                I’d have rather they didn’t add Uprisings at all. They just feel like a big ‘fuck you suckers’ to everyone who stuck it out this far.

              • Darth Ji’inx

                You’d rather have nothing over something minimal?? More people would probably complain if that were the case.

              • Ben Gimson

                Uprisings are a distraction. A bullet point they can throw around to make it look like they’re doing something. So yeah definitely, I’d rather they be honest and just do nothing instead of throwing something painfully half-arsed together and holding it up like they’ve made something worth mentioning.

                It’s like listening to someone lie when they’ve been caught red-handed instead of just holding their hands up and saying ‘yeah, alright, busted’.

              • Darth Ji’inx

                Just because it’s “half-arsed” doesn’t necessarily mean they were made to cover up a lie (more group content). If the OPs team is in the dismal state that many claim it is, then maybe they were doing the best they could with limited resources. Also, do you think EA would react in a positive manner to them saying that they can’t make brand new group content because they don’t have the resources? I don’t think so.

                Without all of the facts, we are jumping to conclusions on both sides that may be false. I think it would be best to watch what happens over this next year of “group content” that they’ve been going on about to see if they can deliver. There’s a chance that they might mention something beyond the upcoming Uprisings in Thursday’s livestream.

              • Ben Gimson

                There’s no chance of that though.

                If ops were coming they’d have said so already. Vague promises of ‘group content’ instead of confirming ops means we’re getting more Uprisings-style ‘content’. To have ops in the pipeline and not scream it from the rooftops would really spell out their incompetence, and I don’t think they’re -that- stupid.

                At the end of the day we can only judge what we’ve got; lazy, half-arsed filler material and a few hours of story as 2016’s big ‘content’. If KotET is what they’re calling an ‘expansion’ these days then I’m just not interested.

                Sick to death of waiting (and paying for the privilege) only to get nothing in the end. Carrot and stick only works if there’s actually a carrot in the end, which there isn’t and frankly the state this ‘game’ is in right now I wouldn’t be interested in playing even if they announced they were doing away with the sub fee.

                It’s such a waste of the IP. Really does make me sad :/

              • Drivan

                I’m just curious as to how long you have been playing SWTOR?

                I’ll go out on a limb and guess that it is a short while because if you have been around since launch you should be finished with all the stories by now.

                I get a lot of flack, A LOT, in y guild for how slowly I progress through the story content because I take my time and a really immerse myself into the story so I can get the maximum enjoyment out of it.

                Even I have finished all 8 of the unique class stories, some of them 2 and 3 times. I have 4 toons that I took my time and went through all of the RotHC (Makeb) Forged Alliances, Ziost, SoR, KotFE and KotET.
                At this point there is no replay ability left in the story content for me.

                I see no fathomable reason that we couldn’t have had some balanced releases in content like we had with RotHC and SoR. Those expansions gave us Story, Ops, Flashpoints and some PvP. now for 2 years we have only gotten story.
                Story, story, story.
                Looking back at the population history of the SWTOR servers not a single server has bumped above light population since shortly after 4.0 released. Prior to 4.0 most servers (with the exception of 2) were almost always at Standard and popping into Heavy on the weekends.
                I think that speaks for itself.

              • Darth Ji’inx

                I started at the end of Beta. I usually work on alts when not doing new stuff or dailies on my main.

              • Drivan

                It took me a few years to get through 16 alts too, so I can see where you would still be at the point where there is plenty to keep you entertained. The problem that I, personally, am running into is that I’ve done everything that I find entertaining within SWTOR. The only thing I still enjoy is the group stuff and the group content that they are producing lately either can be soloed or has little replay value beyond grinding out CXP.
                I think that this is the same place that a lot of people are at with SWTOR right now. Add to that the fact that there are a lot of players in game that are still in their extended honeymoon phase. The 2 extremes don’t jive well. Some players absolutely LOVE SWTOR and others are exhausted by it.
                I think that is why we have so many arguments in all of the different forums. It took me a few years to get through 16 alts too, so I can see where you would still be at the point where there is plenty to keep you entertained. The problem that I, personally, am running into is that I’ve done everything that I find entertaining within SWTOR. The only thing I still enjoy is the group stuff and the group content that they are producing lately either can be soloed or has little replay value beyond grinding out CXP.
                I think that this is the same place that a lot of people are at with SWTOR right now. Add to that the fact that there are a lot of players in game that are still in their extended honeymoon phase. The 2 extremes don’t jive well. Some players absolutely LOVE SWTOR and others are exhausted by it.

      • Fred Garvin

        It is content; in the same way that eating some crackers could be considered a meal…but I’d rather have a steak dinner with appetizers and 2 sides.

        • Kaelin

          You are funny (no sarcasm!)
          When we got the last pvp map it wasn`t even a week later I saw “we had new pvp map years ago! We need new pvp maps Biofail”

    • Guest

      I’m sorry, where does it say that EA released this news? This post was not generated by EA.

  • Egah

    when is this game things happen??

    • Djangus Roundstone


    • Fred Garvin

      It happen when it happen.

  • ..

    Uninstalled and went to ESO, already doing more in a weekend i have done all KOTET expansion.

    • Darth Ji’inx


    • MTCason

      Hasta la vista.

    • *inserts ‘Can I have your stuff’ question.

      • Saratje

        I fainty expect they made everything bind-on-equip to avoid exactly that. πŸ˜›

    • Darth Twinge

      whatever you say, nameless, random person XD

    • John Doe

      smart guy.

    • Kaelin

      And we should care?

      It will be strange if you will have nothing to do in new for you game. The same goes for SWTOR, for a new person it have lots of interesting things to do, few months worth.

    • abaddonsmummy

      Yet you found the time to come here.
      Can’t be keeping you that busy eh?

      • Kubrickian

        Actually there are a good number of us that check in for the glimmer of hope that they fire the current staff at Austin and implement real gamer minded people like Blizzard and Bethesda have. Overwatch released a beautiful new map yesterday showing that not all developers take off solid 1 1/2+ month vacations like they do at Bioware.

  • me

  • gog

    While I like to whine on TOR usually, I didn’t expect anything except for the weekly CM update this week since the game there’s usually not much happening between mid December and mid January. Gonna guess wildly it has something to do with the holidays. It seems to be how their schedule works and at least they’ve been consistent with it for the past 4 years.

    2016: minor patch on Jan 12th.
    2015: fairly big patch on Jan 13th. (This was after Revan, and contained the fix for the Ravagers exploit among other things. Barely any content, just fixes to some pretty bad bugs. KofET seems to have less of these.)
    2014: minor patch with some balance fixes on Jan 14th. And prefs got access to GS, which subs had since Dec 3rd.
    2013 had some fairly early patches while 2012 was just after the release of the game.

  • kirk

    is there any hope from the developers that this game will once again cater to its original idea of being an MMO?

    • Kaelin

      No hope if you ask for it in CM themes

      • YouCan’tHandleTheTroof

        Lol, and where pray tell should people ask for it? I have yet to see a regular tread here discussing new content, Ops, etc… Oh wait, I know you will say post on SWTOR forums in the proper thread. Ok what about F2P or preferred? Of course those people don’t matter right. Even if they are former subs and looking to resub if things get better.

        You know when I saw those awesome Dread Master masks you made last year I was like “wow this person is really cool,” but after seeing how you constantly go after anybody whose opinion you don’t agree with, or how they stated their opinion. Now I can’t help but see you as an asshole who cares nothing for the opinion of others and gets gratification from the drama they themselves churn up.

        I personally don’t like your opinion, so should I start picking apart every post you make? Bitch and moan every time you make a post that isn’t using the tone I think you should? Sounds like the thought police to me.

        Maybe get over yourself, let others have their opinion even if you don’t agree with it. Maybe let people vent about their frustrations without having to harass them for simply voicing their thoughts as they wish.

        From my perspective, you are as much a part of the problem as any of the posters who post nothing but vitriol.

        • Snarf

          You may have had a point in your first two sentences, but then you derailed on a tirade of unnecessary meanness that makes you exactly the asshole you accuse her of being…

          • Kaelin


          • YouCan’tHandleTheTroof

            LOL@unnecessary meanness.



            Thought i’d throw those out there for ya.

        • Kaelin

          “Biofail” is NOT an opinion.
          “We have no new content” is NOT an opinion.
          Just because some people don`t that new content do NOT mean we have no new content at all.
          Blaming CM team for OPS creators team mistakes is NOT an opinion.
          Whining about having nothing new for pvp-ers right after we got new pvp map is NOT an opinion.
          Begging for a new operation in CM or any other not related to group content theme will help NO ONE.
          And not anybody, get your facts stright.
          Forums, “Take the Star Warsβ„’: The Old Republicβ„’ Survey”. I can agree with only one part of your rant, they should have give a chance for everyone to be part of that survey (as far as I know its for subs only and that one is just wrong in my book)

      • kirk

        dont have anywhere else to post, as can only post on Swtor Forums if you’re ignorant enough to still sub to the game, and CM items are the only sort of content they tend to produce, so why dont u tell me where my ray of hope might shine? o wait you cant.. because all hope is lost for this Former MMO

  • Ramzzess

    Pepper your wallets

  • Karen

    Why would anyone spend 500 cc on that purple crystal? I mean… seriously…

  • Whitedragon
    • GTFOOH

      Since you read this forum lines , you Do !

  • Dk-io

    Too many people with Stockholm Syndrome ..

  • John Lund

    No previews for future cartel packs? After 70 levels of PvP grind for RNG gear, I feel a little burnt out of TOR. I will maintain my sub of course, but I have barely logged in the past week. Focusing on Stellaris. This is similar to what happened after Rise of the Hutt Cartel. I need new content, failing that, I log in on a weekly basis to check my mail, the GTN and cartel market. The story of 5.0 was absolutely the best, but that is not enough to keep me busy on the server.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Typically, Pack previews come when a new patch is datamined.

  • bucca

    it took between 4 and 6 million spent on gifts bought in fleet to bring the takata companion to level 50– crazy after spending huge amount to get him on cartel market.. and you cannot send him on craft quest- he is only a battle companion- crazy hours to grind keys to level him to 50- wamba tool about 2 million to bring to 50- very poor but I needed some new companions with better animations to bring some interest

  • bucca

    unless they make command levels to count across all legacy toons, I will only probably play only one of my 7 republic and 6 imp side toons- this after 5 years of playing really poor of swtor

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