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SWTOR Jan 5 Producer’s Livestream Coverage

SWTOR Jan 5 Producer’s Livestream Coverage and notes.

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This livestream will be mostly a recap of previously discussed things without much new information. The livestream at end of January will discuss some of the things coming in March.

  • Community Topics
  • Game Update 5.1
  • Endgame/Gearing Changes
  • Looking Forward

Community Topics

  • Endgame gaming – Already discussed in previous livestream but will do a recap in endgame/gearing changes
  • What is coming after January? – Will be discussed in Jan 26 livestream
  • Season 7 top 3 titles – Working on removing the “cheaters” off the leaderboards so they can hand out the top 96 titles. Should be out by end of next week the latest.
  • Five Year Anniversary rewards – Vendor will stay around until Jan 17.
  • Life Day event – ends on Jan 10.

Game Update 5.1

  • Coming Jan 24
  • 5 New Uprisings
    • Trench Runner – Denova – Defeat some rogue Republic troops.
    • Destroyer of Worlds – Makeb – Defeat this old monster a rogue Jedi has awakened. Very trippy, need to escort a giant bomb down there to blow it up.
    • Landing Party – Rakata Prime – Leftover forces from Zakuul trying to rebuild a Star Fortress. Has a Normandy beach landing sequence.
    • Divided We fall – Coruscant – Rogue Coruscant security forces trying to blow up the Senate and blame you for it.
    • Trial and Error – Space Station – Mad science and experimenting with the Rakghoul plague. This one is really cool, there is something you can do here that we have been wanting to do for a long time.
  • Master Mode for all 25 KOTFE and KOTET Chapters
  • Galactic Command end-game gearing changes.

Galactic Command Changes

  • New currency: Command Tokens – earned from command crates, legacy wide and retroactively granted. Different tiers will get different amounts of tokens, still need to figure out the exact numbers.
  • New currency: Unassembled Components – rewarded from participation in warzones. Earned at a flat rate, just win/losses. Still need to figure out how to balance earn rate from warzones vs arenas.
  • New currency: Unassembled gear pieces – earned from Ops bosses or purchased with Unassembled components. Last boss of an operation have a guaranteed chance to drop a specific Unassembled Gear piece while other bosses have an increased chance to drop these gear pieces as you get further into the operation.
  • Unassembled Components can be turned into Unassembled Gear Pieces. Unassembled Gear Pieces combined with Command Tokens will give you a tier set piece on the vendor. 2-3 command crates of Command Tokens will be enough to get a piece but you still need to get the Unassembled Gear Pieces.
  • Vendors to purchase gear will be added to the fleet on Jan 24 with Game Update 5.1.
  • Command Tokens can be used to buy CXP boosters for a lower CXP Tier for your alts. Looking at other ways as well such as legacy perks.
  • Operations are not giving enough CXP currently so we are looking to bump those up.

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MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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“This livestream will be mostly a recap of previously discussed things without much new information.”

We know. That’s what they all are lol.

If you’ve seen the december stream, you have also all information of the the january stream.

What a waste of time.

I’m like an abused spouse who keeps coming back to these live streams thinking “This time it will be different! They’ll really listen to us this time and change!”

Okay so….

They are pumping up Uprisings which are really nothing more than quick regurgitated content that got really boring, really fast.

Master Mode for story chapters. Once again they show they haven’t the foggiest friggin’ clue what to do with an MMO. They focus on tuning the Master Mode for chapters over group content first. They really are completely incompetent.

Glad they removed those crystals and WZ commendations because it was too complicated for us idiotic gamers and replaced it with something much more streamlined. Let’s see, we eliminated four currencies (three crystal tiers and Warzones) and we got Light Side/Dark Side tokens, command tokens, unassembled gear pieces, and unassembled compoenents. And you get to combine some of these currencies, onto other currencies to buy stuff.

Of course the two things left out of these notes – in typical BioWare fashion – is how MANY Command Tokens those gear pieces will cost (on the stream they will say they are still working on it because it takes WEEKS to make a decision on stuff that complex) and they failed to mention the stupid escalating percentage on all Op bosses but the final.

So now you get grind (WZs Unassembleds) combined with more RNG (Ops Unassembleds), on top of grind (CxP) on top of RNG (Command Crates).

This is the absolutely most incompetent and stupid gearing design I have EVER seen implemented in any game, MMO or otherwise.

This. This is why i have unsubbed. I came to this post hoping things would be different. Will monitor in hopes of actual positive changes.

Wow, they are making some very interested changes.

Also, I like the details of the new Uprisings. Quite interesting ones – and five more so soon? What has it been, not more than 2 months for double the Uprisings?
Hehe. They said group contect for 2017 and they meant it. Well done to Bioware!
Future looks bright 🙂

Yep, 2 whole hours of playable group content that gets stale after the 3rd run through….
Such exciting stuff…
Hold me back…

please tell me you’re being sarcastic/joking. please.
because if you aren’t, you are the worst kind of retard who plays this game

Oh my GOD!!!!
Why make things more complicated than they ARE?!
Just return operations drops AS THEY WAS!!!!
Problem solved!!!
Biofail once again trying to produce another abomination…
Seriously i CAN’T understand those people!!!
They are dumbfucks!
Even a three year kid already would understand what people want!

My 3 yo kid looks at all this shit people post and ask – they got what they want, why they still angry? Because they are spoiled duchebags, I say.

No single person got what they wanted. It would be ok if indeed your kid of 3 years old came up with that inquiry, because we could excuse your kid. But since it was you who clearly made this horrific post, I suggest that next time you actually read and comprehend before you reply.

There is literally not a single person that ever wanted to gear via 3 different types of currency, acquired through pvp, ops AND the galactic command system.

Even as a sub I still kinda wish that the Galactic Command could be accessible if I went free to play now that the story is done. No news yet on ops or any other sub worth content the game is stale with no real insentive to stay subbed.

This game needs The Blood Sacrifice to survive. These devs who thought that 300 ranks are even remotely acceptable must go. Operation gearing need go back to 3.0, without that shit with Command Tokens and RNG on first bosses. It might be too late to salvage what left from this game anyway

It sounds like all the complains in this stream is from players that just want the endgame gearing to be fast and quick and easy.

I mean i am not a fan of RNG, never have, never will be, but i don’t like the loot being gained via specific bosses, because then it makes players skip bosses based on what they want, it would be better for the command crates to have a flat 25% or something to get gear, cause it shouldn’t be quick to gear up, but it shouldn’t be this utterly random.

It is not so much as fast, quick and easy as it is that BW stacked what are typically separate kinds of time gates one on top of the other. That’s what makes this system so utterly terrible.

To elaborate. You either have a time gate OR an RNG gate. Not both.

The most common type of time gate, for example, is a weekly raid lock. So you can’t run the same raid repeatedly for four or five hours on a Saturday, for instance, and get all geared up in one day.

The typical RNG drop is also used, but usually those drops come like candy and are tied to something specific. For example, in The Secret World, if you want to build up augments then you run scenario content. While it is RNG, after running three scenarios (about an hour to an hour and a half) you have about 40-60 pieces of stuff. You can also select the difficulty so with higher difficulty you get better drops.

What BW has done, is just stacked all of this on top of one another, and with the 5.1 patch it gets even worse. As an example, for Ops, you will now have two time gates AND three RNG gates all on top of one another. You have the raid lockout gate and the CxP level gate for time gates. Then you have the the RNG gate on all but the last boss of loot even dropping, then the RNG gate of you being one of the eight to get the loot, then the RNG gate of the Command Crates.

The entire system is a complete cluster*uck. This is why people are so frustrated with it.

But then we are still not done with the poor points of this system.

First, it blocks you from even starting this grind until you hit level cap. So no more starting at level 60 to start working on gear you might need at level 70.

Secondly, and perhaps the most insulting part of this whole thing, is most of the grinds mentioned above are implemented in F2P games (so they can sell boosters to lessen the grind) or typical in Korean MMOs. BW won’t even give to access to a typical F2P grind without paying a subscription. It is literally and figuratively an utter customer rip off. Why would someone pay $15/month for something they can get free in almost any other F2P product on the market?

I could cover more, but this is the crux of why this system is pretty much universally hated in the game and why I said earlier it is the absolute worst gearing system I have ever seen implemented in any game – MMO or otherwise.

By the number of livestream within less than 60 days of launch (4), and the first ever survey sent by EA to subscribers on the expansion, I think it is safe to say this is having the detrimental effect on the player base that everyone warned them about when they first announced the system.

Sure everyone wants the fast and easy way to get end game gear and why shouldn’t they since after all the game is supposed to be alt friendly. But that isn’t the issue. The issue is having RNG introduced as being the new content. Do they really think that people are going to invest 4 months per toon to obtain their end game reward ? I guess some of the more die hard fans will, but others wont.

I don’t want it to be quick and easy, far to many people these days want the easy way out instead of earning shit, but I want it to be consistent. The thought that I can do HM SnV as it is now (with one of the tighter DPS checks I’ve ever seen in a HM raid in this game) and I get 600 CXP per boss with 900 on the final boss, get two crates, open both of them, and get literally fuck all is insulting. There was nothing wrong with operations tokens as they were. People that do Ranked PvP or HM/NiM raids should be rewarded for doing difficult content and having the skill required to excel at that content. But that isn’t what’s happening now. Instead they’re punished for doing that content because for a time KP farming was the fastest thing to do, then when they nerfed that down it’s now either Vet Black Talon or Vet Inferno. That doesn’t reward skill, that rewards time sunk into the game. That rewards players for treating the game like a job when it isn’t a job, it’s a fucking video game. Like Wayshuba said, they have time gates on top of time gates on top of RNG gates on top of RNG gates on top of more bullshit. It’s insane. Looking at this I feel like Russell Crowe’s character in A Beautiful Mind.
That’s what I have to do to organize this shit out.

Since Ben Irving took the helm, he has succeeded in each year making some improvements (1 step forward) and then massive bonehead mistakes (2 steps back). At this point, for the game to have a chance to not just slowly sustain and survive, but thrive again – he has to be replaced as lead producer. His ideas aren’t working and he is has too much ego to accept that fact and pivot. The 5.1 changes are still trying to work within the confines of a stupid system he brought into the game, and refuses to listen to the negative feedback to repeal it. RNG isn’t exciting, people don’t want to have 2-5 year old content gated behind a hundred hour grind. You don’t keep changing who your base is each year (solo story 2016, now lite group 2017). And you don’t get to survive as lead in a game with an IP that prints money if you are declining each year the game’s base. Based on his actions and to be frank his experience level, he has no business running a Top tier title at any company.

I’ve been saying he same thing since 5.0, and I’ll say it again:

That flippin’ prat (seriously, I can barely stomach watching a stream with him on it –he is just so utterly insufferable) needs to be fired, like right now, if not sooner.

I honestly can’t think of a more blatant example –well, gaming-related, at least– in recent memory of someone being promoted way past his level of competence, and clearly too full of himself to see it.

Seriously, fire this stupid, clueless asshole:

Ideally, whilst there’s still a game left to fire him from.

I hate him too, but I mean, AMerica just elected Trump who is barely competent enough to not get eaten by a bear everyday……¯_(ツ)_/¯

Trump is a businessman. I think its a very good change for the whole world.

There is no actual correlation between a good polititian and an overrated game developer.

Too little too late. Unsubbed on December 20th before it renewed and had it just run out. The second it did I went in and uninstalled. I’ll keep up to date on the game to see if they change it for the better or still have their heads buried so far up their asses they can give themselves a dental examination, but I don’t have high hopes. It’s a damn shame. I fucking loved playing the game. They killed my raid group though. In one month we lost our offtank, one healer, one DPS, as well as a few alternates. Even as it is right now, with the new changes, it’s still a clusterfuck.

Even then, if they fix ALL of this, there’s still issues about the balancing of the game. HM Styrak is fucking insane to clear in a proper 2/4/2 group just due to the DPS check. It’s just little things like that that add up in my eyes. It shows a complete lack of attention to detail, care, and total ignorance to their own game. Good job guys. You managed to do in one month what the entire prequel trilogy couldn’t do, you ruined Star Wars for me.

Hm didnt try HM styrak after 5.0 but im guessing we’d probably need like 240 gear for him. In 4.0 we did with normal group tho most of us had max rating gear or mix 220 224.

I did it with 1 tank, 5 DPS, 2 healers. Not one DPS was parsing under 7.3k, with the higher end ones being closer to 8k, which is actually fairly good for that fight given some of the mechanics such as dragon spines, big manifestation, smaller manifestations, and nightmares. 224 armorings on everybody for the most part with some 230’s, 224/230 implants and ears, 230/240 mods and enhancements, 230 hilts/barrels. Even still with all that we hit enrage at 1% and barely beat it because the tank had trouble holding Styrak during burn purely because of taunt cooldowns. It was a fucking miracle we managed to survive through the Kell Dragon stacks, but we had a Jugg and Sins that ate them so they could fall off the tank. Now image what that DPS check is like with a 2/4/2 group. Literally 8.5-9k minimum. There are classes that theoretically can’t do 9k in absolute max BiS gear (both Sorc classes, Marksman on sniper, I believe both PT specs). Then we come to NiM raids where tanks have to use Lethal B Mods just so NiM groups can beat enrages since tanks are supposed to be damage dealers now too.

Operations are in a sorry sorry state. Fuck the fact that they haven’t added new ones in in over 2 years, they’ve completely broken some of the ones that are already in there and made them completely irrelevant because the rewards are a pittance of what they should be. I can almost guarantee nobody tested these new ones at this tier. Instead they punched some numbers in, got a new number, and boom adjusted the HP of the boss based on some shit algorithm.

Master Mode for KOTFE and KOTET….

Veteran Mode has been pretty fun so far, Master Mode will probably be crazy.

Vet is good but chap2 and 5 are ridiculous hard, especially 2, since your comp is there only temporary so either u going to waste tons of creds to rank her up and lose her or wait to get much better gear. Im still undecided there lol

Respec heal take a comp under lvl 20 and its easy af… As usual with bw.

Master mode will be just more damage and life, cuz they dont know how to make something difficult in this game

Veteran Chapter 2 of KOTET is overtuned compared the other chapters on last boss, but part of the issue was that my main toon was a sorc, so I felt too squishy. Sometimes I hate having a light armor toon as my main.

And if you are a class that cant heal? Like say… sniper
I’d rather not get an answer like switch class, as that’s just a bad response.

The main thing made more difficult by boosted damage is the fight in Chap 6 against the Horizon Guard Captain. Because they don’t include the Arcann on your side in the “boosted life” category, so he will die even faster if you make a slight misstep.

vet kotet was great. did it the first time around (in 216-224 augged), was actually challenging in some parts (that’s a first)
kotfe hm is boring, 0 challenge, not interesting whatsoever
NiM kotet will be fun

Lol…have they nerfed the Monoligth in KOFTE Chapter 2 since it was that easy for you, or did you happen to play FOTM?

You have constant low heals from Valk during that fight. You can do it on any class by kitting the boss. It took me like 2 minutes on my gunslinger and 6 minutes on my Sentinel cause I spent all my time kiting on my Sent.

As a Jugg tank in 216s, you can just stand there and use defensive cooldowns. Finished the fight at 33%
As a Sniper… you absolutely have to run if you are in lower than 234s or so, b/c it’s not doable in a 228/230 mix by sitting in cover the way sniper is meant to be played.

Then there’s the Jadus fight a little earlier. If I don’t use Diversion for the accuracy debuff, death before his first ravage to an 18K “deadly blade” every single time 😐

I will say the KotET Chapter 4 is a joke. Vette was rank 4 and I only died 3 times, twice to the siege at the end and once to my own stupidity.
The stupid death highlights how much they tried to “spike” the difficulty of certain aspects. The 6 second Groundquake channel the strongs do earlier in the level never dropped me below 98% with a rank 2 Vette. On Vet mode, it hits for 18K every second. Wow the devs sure like 18K…
Then there is the first fight of KotET Chapter 2 on Vet mode. Wow, the devs sure like chapter 2…

monolith took me 2 attempts in mix of 216-224 and a bit of 230
also i played through KOTET and KOTFE on sorc, not merc or some shit like that

It costs about a millionish credits to level companions up enough to do Vet chapters (influence level ~25), and I don’t have any of those story forced companions leveled already.

If I could take whichever companion I wanted for a vet chapter, it’d be great, but since I can’t…doesn’t seem worth it, especially not for master mode. Like I thought the chapter with Darth Acina was one of the better ones, but getting her to 40+? Come on Bioware.

I try and choose the best way to effectively communicate based on the audience. For most here that means pictures and a minimum of words, preferrebly bold/capped.

Livestream Highlights:

Christmas holiday was a big success, not the ingame one, but the one where we all disappear and everything goes dark. Special shout out to the power of crossed fingers for our servers not going down.

What is coming down the pipe after January? February! Thats right, 30 more days of subscribing please.

We’re going to be declaring the winners of season 7 pvp, and that is…Bioware. With the most confirmed kills. Killed some people so dead they haven’t been back, congrats guys.

Coming on January 24, 5 new uprisings. Re-using existing maps and monsters we’ve barely scripted some waves of trash and some bosses we think will really test your ability to stay out of red circles. Can you stay out of the red circles? We have some stuff we’ve really wanted to try out in here too. Red squares.

Introducing some all new never seen before gear changes Command-ations and Not-Assembled Tokens. Its new!

Please recycle guys!

I can’t lie, this shit has me cracking up. Especially the Red Squares part, lmao!!!! Well played 🙂

Aren’t you tired of using that stupid remark? I’ll tell you what I always do: what the fuck is it to you? Why do YOU care?

And no, Update 2.8 was great. My problems with TOR started much later than that. So check your facts before trying to appear smart.

Oh: and make an account already. I’m tired of you coming here anonymously trying to annoy me. You are failing every single time you do that.

Bioware Austin seems completely burnt out on SWTOR and should sell the game to a studio that gives a damn, if they can do that.

I don’t want to upvote you, because then the White Knights of The Old Republic (isn’t that a great title for KOTOR 4?) will claim that I want to steal you from your man or something like that. And they will also claim that you have zero arguments, and you’re doing it all for the upvotes.

But kudos to you for the joke about the winners of season 7. It is something I could totally have thought about, and I am honestly jealous that you came up with it first. Red squares, hahaha that might actually be an interesting mechanic.

*English Accent* “Sated and engorged, the internet siren returns to her subterranean lair, shrieking and hissing. The males are safe for another day, to graze peacefully until she hungers again for their nourishing upvotes.”

This game needs new leadership. Livestream to talk about stuff that we already know? Give us the patch notes for the PTS. You just wasted your time and ours.

So nothing new here… Honestly I’m not surprised. Well I finished the story, which was awesome, then tried uprisings and got bored after a few, and don’t even get me started on the awful RNG gearing. For me this is the final nail in the coffin. The dev team obviously doesn’t care for this game, or player base any more. So I will be ending my sub on the 11th of this month and have no intentions to ever come back…

Good luck with that way of thinking, things are going downhill so fast this time that by the time he frist thinks about returning the game will have already be shut down 😉

Well, we sure haven’t heard this before… Nice to have a fresh and original sentiment about the matter. From what I recall, the game has been constantly dying ever since 2011, if not already during early access.

Of course not. Elitism to the win. How the hell could a guest have a valid opinion? We demand all opinions be stated by people who have registered prior to 2000, and have a written permission to them from George Lucas.

TIL that having an account of Disqus is elitism, don’t hide behind an anonymous user and maybe I bother in seeing your point of view.

Or not. We all have defenses, and things we find excuses for in order to ignore them from our perfect, little world. I’m glad you decided to share yours, I’m sure you feel better already. First step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

^- What I said above, it’s not my problem if you’re not brave enough to make an account, you are the one that’s ignoring things here.

Really? You are “Auron” in real life and look like a cartoon? Your Disqus account is ‘exposing’ your true identity?
You’re no less anonymous and no more exposed than me or any other poster here… and you’re deluding yourself for thinking otherwise.

No…, you’re hiding behind a Disqus account instead. But there’s no point trying to remain civil with you as seem unable and unwilling to understand how little difference that makes anyway.

On a sidenote; I agree with your opinions on the Devs and the state of the game in almost every way. But debasing posters based on weither they choose to have a Disqus account or not, is just lame.

xD, I’m not.

But you’ve just shown what you’re really made of. Sad truly.
Get your shit together. Argue on points, not on someone’s account status.. Or it is your opinions that end up losing merrit.

Tbh they said at the start that this stream wouldn’t have anything new
Expecting something new despite that is just silly

The reason musco gave: “A quick hello from the stream dream team. We will review the 5-year anniversary, talk about what is coming in the 1/24 Update(GU 5.1) and answer any questions!”
The reason I suspect: making sure everyone knows the devs still exist, there’s been complete silence over the holidays, the best way to get back is with a stream

Ok, for real… this is a super poor design. It’s overly complicated for absolutely no reason. We don’t need three currencies LOL. I feel like they’ve gone way way way off the rails.

Not really. We had 2 different currencies (crystals and warzone comms) in different tiers. It was a lot more simple than having tokens, unassambled pieces, pvp drops, and combining some of them, to get pieces from a vendor.

inb4 what about fleet comms :/

Crystals => legacy cmd tokens
Wz comms => new wz thingies
Unassambled => unassambled
The amount of currency types is staying the same, the amount of tiers has been dropping in every expac since 3.0

Fleet comms are irrelevant (and stayed the same anyway)

Ok even so. I guess it’s only fair to count the unassembled tokens separately.

Three types of currency during 2.0 , 3.0 and 4.0
Three types of currency with 5.1. But the system will be more complicated.

We’ve had three main tiers of unassembled gear since 4 years ago:
162-168-174 (SnV NiM)
168-180-186 (DF/DP NiM)
186-192-198 (Rav/ToS HM)

Though they do have the 234 and 240 intermediate gear for no reason at all, but I am not going to count them since I did not count the obsolete 162 and 174.

what’s your point exactly?

My guess is that 236 and 242 are different rating to have legendary pieces stand out even more

Tbh there’s 2 ways of going about tiered gearing: using multiple tiers of currency (data crystals/ranked and wz comms); or start at a tier, and use 1 currency to upgrade to the next tier (the wz stuff)
You can see the wz stuff kinda like how pvp gearing has worked for a loooong time, use it to buy gear, use even more to upgrade it

this may seem confusing and complicated for some people, but fact is that there isn’t more currency, and not more tiers than there used to be (unless you argue that cxp counts as a currency, I’ll have no real comeback to that :p)
The amount of tiers/types of currency isn’t making it complex
What might make it complex is that it’s something new, and that you have combine different currencies to get the best gear (the nice thing is though, that it gives players more options, especially people who do both ops and pvp will see the plus sides)

This is not complicated at all to me, therefore I don’t mind that much. There are far more significant problems with the new gearing system than the complexity of the process with tokens and unassembled pieces of gear.

Having said that, it IS a lot more complicated than going to the appropriate vendor and getting the gear that you want with the specific kind of crystals or unassembled gear that you have. I really don’t understand how you cannot see the difference. You used to have crystals or tokens —-> exchange it for gear.

Now you will have to combine 3 different types of currency to get gear. It’s by definition more complicated, and the worst part is that they are doing it this way so that they don’t admit that they were just wrong with the RNG system. They could just completely abandon it. I do both pvp and ops (and a lot of it, it’s not like there’s anything else to do, screw doing chapters, jesus) and I don’t see the plus side of it, I am sorry.

For pure raiders there’s only 2 currencies to look at (and I feel like command tokens are going to be something you have tons and tons of, and can therefore ignore, making it basically 1 currency)
For pvp’ers it’s slightly more complicated, but not much more than what it used to be, especially compared to the ranked comms days
you have to use ‘wz comms’ to upgrade your gear to the next tier as always

The plus side for people who do ops and pvp is that you can get a sm/hm token, and upgrade it to a nim token, pure raiders don’t have that option

Also, I disagree that the cmd system should be removed
there are nice things about it (I love that literally ANYTHING you do is at least somewhat rewarding)
Is it a pain to gear alts? Definitely
Is it a pain to gear your main? Not really imo
I’m at the first rank of T3, and replaced all my old items, and have 13/14 T2 items (and I wasn’t all that lucky)
A friend at T3 is saying the same, at the end of the tier, you’ll have all your purples, with a couple golds

there are big downsides to it, but completely removing it will be worse than keeping it

Let’s just agree to disagree then. Being in Tier 3 already to me is absurd. I have a job, I go out with friends a couple of nights a week, and even if I stay at home, I don’t want to be spending hours and hours playing SWTOR. Especially since there’s not much to do.

Why would it be worse to remove it? The Galactic Command system doesn’t need to be removed, only the gearing system. Make EVERYTHING drop crystals (like now everything gives CXP) and then have gear sold by vendors in exchange for these crystals. At the same time, ops and pvp (which are the bulk of activity) could drop unassembled tokens for set pieces. Of it that’s too complicated, not even. Just have everything at vendors. I mean the goal was to simplify it, right?

It really isn’t that hard to come up with a fair rewarding system that makes everyone happy. But that would reveal the real problem here, which is the lack of content. There is NO downside to removing the current (or the forthcoming) system if they can come up with something that doesn’t take 7-8 months to gear a few toons.

If adding is better than replacing…. then why replace the previous system in the first place? No one was complaining about it.

“No one was complaining” that’s untrue, but beside the point
I’m not saying the old system should’ve been replaced, and the fact that they did doesn’t mean they should replace the cmd system as well

So dumb. Just restore the original loot tables and be done with this failed experiment. Oh and stop arbitrarily raising the level cap. We have no content that even justifies it.

These three are a comedy trio right? BioWare surely doesn’t actually have these clowns running the show.

Oh wait, they’ve tried to mitigate the disaster of Galactic Command with the introduction of a new currency system. They really are in charge 🙁

It’s a good thing that we will get Uprisings on Makeb and Rakata Prime. I like these planets visually and conceptually, and these two uprisings might actually have some background. I am not too unhappy with Denova either, but from the trailer it looks like mini Explosive Conflict. I hope it’s somewhat different, because this planet can be explored a little bit more.

It’s also kind of nice to revisit Coruscant, there hasn’t been any action there in a long time. That “thing” that we have been wanting to do for a long time with ragkhouls… I don’t know what it could be, but I bet it will be something that I have never wanted to do. That’s usually what the developers mean when they say that.

The changes to the gearing system are progress. The gearing system during 5.0 was the worst thing I have ever seen in this game, I guess now it will be the second worst thing. I guess that’s good?

Master Mode Chapters, that’s just an April Fool’s joke for sure.

The other joke is if they suddenly attempt to jump back to group content and abandon story (since according to them they can only do one at a time) they’ll just piss everyone off that’s been enjoying KotFE/ET and a lot of group content players have already left.

It’s like driving back-n-forth between two destinations and never arriving at either of them. Only a mad person would continue to stay on the bus.

That’s just it, they don’t have the resources to keep everyone happy all of the time.
They abandoned the raiders for KOTFE/KOTET to try and bring in some fresh blood (after Star Wars is all about story), and now they’re going to now leave that and re-focus on group content and you’ll have the story fans on creating.
They’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t.
This will be the future I think so either stay or move on, it’s up to you.

If they managed their resources better, they could have everyone moderately happy. Remember Rise of the Hutt Cartel? The one that launched with both Makeb and Scum and Villainy?

Sorry for the late response been on holiday.
Yeah I don’t know why they’ve become an all eggs in one basket organisation, maybe the cost of the blur animations for KOTFE but it has split the community badly.
They got a lot to do to make up.

“That “thing” that we have been wanting to do for a long time with Rakghouls…”

My guess would be turning into and then playing as a Rakghoul…

Good to see some rng changes with those tokens. And for people complaining about faster gearing- 240 stuff is already up on the gtn. Find yourself a buddy who can craft some 240 mods, provide him with supplies. My toons are 40-50 rank, already geared with some 240. It’s possible guys so stop complaining. Not happy how long it takes to get even to 100 rank but understandable that it should take time to have the best gear.

I’m only a casual gamer (a few hours a night if i’m lucky) and I’ve got 3 toons to rank 30-40.
There all in purple 234’s, some I’ve bought 240 m/h’s, each have at least 1 set bonus (1 has 2 set bonus’s) all in just over a month.
I saw a guy outside DF last night, tier 3, all 236/240’s except his set bonuses which were all 234/236 except 1 piece that was still 220.
And this is hard???
I’m really enjoying the HM’s at the moment they’re a real DPS check.
People won’t stop complaining until they have all their dozen plus alts in 240 set bonus’s in a month via legacy.
Sad but true.

Yep. I mean I’m playing pvp every night around 5hours and have to change toons often- getting ranks goes super slow for me, but if you are a decent player, no need to have 240 immediately to get good results. What I would change is the drop rates of purples because I have toons with ZERO set pieces and Im mostly getting green so it’s really infuriating but I learnt to depend on getting gear from somewhere else than crates. More hardcore players or only focusin on one toon have tier 3, but yeah, it’s possible.

Don’t get me wrong it is definitely harder but like some players I don’t mind that.
The fact that before 5.0 I had a dozen fully geared 224/220 alt’s all with 6 piece set bonus’s is crazy, I’ve never used some in over a year.
It focus’s you to pick you fave 2 or 3 and go for broke with them. I’ve loved doing that, spending time lavishing my fav toons with gear and weapons.
But for some people hitting 240 + set bonus yesterday on all toons is the priority.

It’s a bit more daunting when you have 20+ characters to gear up. The issue is of course that Bioware Austin first encourage you to make many alts and then do a 180 and suddenly make it impossible to gear em all up within one expansion time span. The DvL event especially made people create up to 8 new toons for the achievements. I think that’s a bit of an asshole move to do it like that. Personally I like to play both empire and republic and I have a core of 5 characters on each side: 2 healers, 2 dps and 1 tank and I play all of them in high level content. So to have to focus on 2-3 characters is just not the way I want to play. So I don’t even really care about how hard something is or not but just the fact that I cannot play the game I want to anymore even though I could just over a month ago. I’m glad it’s working out for you, but there simply are a lot of people with more alts and playtime who got pretty stuffed with 5.0

You are talking to someone who only cares for themselves, AND at the same time admits that they are bitter towards people that might have to say something negative for the game they love so much. So good luck with that…

What I have noticed in my guild runs after 5.0 dropped, is that now we have the SAME two people tanking, and the SAME two people healing, and I have to be on my main toon all the time, if I want to progress in Galactic Command.

We used to switch it up and have the fun of trying all specs and roles. One day a person would tank, the other day another person would tank, and we would also try all of our DPS toons so that we see which one we enjoy more, and how the balance changes in a group.

Now you basically have 2-3 mercs/commandos in each raid group, a sentinel/marauder for DPS and that’s it. And lately some operatives/scoundrels since they got buffed in dps.

I don’t understand why some people have such a huge problem when other people want to gear their 15-20 toons faster. We are fucking paying for this game, so if it’s fun and if it’s easier to gear many toons, that’s a GOOD thing, not a bad thing. How complicated is it to want to pay money for a game that delivers? It might actually increase the revenue, if I could convince some of my friends to start playing this game. Now NO ONE wants to play it, because they don’t like what they see. Sigh.

To add, the game is 5 years old, and most people had at least 8 toons to experience all the stories. The game had 8 stories obviously it being a sub based game to start, they intended for us to run all of them. Then DvL hits, and asks us in no uncertain terms to level up 8 more. So the average enthusiastic player is running 10-16 toons. So if it takes 2 months or more to gear up, and they keep bumping up the max lvl every year….do I need to complete the math here? The game keeps trying to find a new identity. Sub based, free to play, multiplayer endgame, enriched story that makes playing multiple toons a chore, single player endgame, dvl event that encourages tons of new toons, new command system that makes multiple toons a chore again.

I have 24 toons at the moment but I don’t care about gearing all of them, hell no. I had 16 for a long time as I wanted to try all the advanced specs, and then with DvL I made 8 new, and I was too attached to them to delete them 😛

As mentioned before by someone, I can totally craft 228 cheap purple mods, enhancements, implants, armorings and relics and give them to half of my toons.

But I would like to gear at least 7-8 of these toons so I can play all roles in both sides. If someone has a lockout, why shouldn’t I be able to switch to a healer or a tank and help out the raid? Oh and it doesn’t take 2 months to get top gear with set bonus (sometimes people forget about that, but set bonus is what’s it all about) but it takes much longer than that for a single toon.

Yeah, that’s exactly where it is for me too. I enjoyed playing different roles. Healing is my main things so I have 2 healers on each side but then I have a ranged dps, melee dps and a tank on each side, so I can play different roles. Well, I used to anyway.

I have no problem with casuals getting endgame gear even if they don’t need it to beat content. A game is about having fun as well and people enjoy getting gear together and that’s cool. But equally playing and gearing alts may not be needed but is fun for a lot of people. It still baffles me that BWA doesn’t seem to get that playing alts is something that keeps people busy…that’s a good thing, especially in an MMO with very little new group content in over 2 years.

Sorry eyes I’ve been on holiday so didn’t get back to you.
I totally agree (as I’ve said before) that Bioware have made this game toon crazy especially with the DVL event and this is a U turn in in-game gearing, but I personally welcome it as like I’ve said I’ve got toons I ain’t played for a year, but your right in that it’s gonna make a lot of people real mad in an already divided community.
However If I want to gear an older toon, with all the schematics I’ve got I can have all purple mods and enh 230/234 and relics/implants/ear/barrels etc in a day with all my crafters.
Yes not 230/234 set bonus’s but 224 were so easy to come by pre5.0 that all my toons have them to use in the meantime.

I agree it should take time to gear you alts, but thats not the issue here. The issue is if you want to fully 240-242 set piece gear 4 alts all different types say a Merc, PT, Sin and an Op it would take you well over a year to get all those alts fully geared that’s the issue and thats just 4 alts. Us end gamers want to work for our gear, just not be stuck running content we dont like to get our CXP faster. This patch is heading in the right direction. Still a ways off though.

I`m endgamer, a loner most of times who is searching for a team on the fleet or using gf and I can`t tell I appreciated playing my role close to perfect and getting nothing in the end only to have one greedy sc*mbag selling a much needed set piece (the one he NEEDed but do NOT actually need for any of his toons) for a crazy price. Sorry for not feeling bad for hardcore raiders.

I agree that for now that system is far from perfect but they are going in a right direction to make it actually work.

I don’t understand how GC as a compliment to 3.0 style gear isn’t a better thing. Scaling all ops to level and having them drop same tier of loot made gearing up in HM gear much faster. Doing the HHM and then making NiM gear easily obtained through EV, KP and TFB just made it ridiculously easy/too fast. The GC system was just too much a swing in the other direction though it did add inclusiveness (regardless of how much time needed to grind).
IMO, moving back toward more of a 3.0 gearing system and either tier the gear rewards so easier ops don’t drop the higher level gear and then adjust the CXP gains based on risk/time spent on other content outside of ops would be a good system.

No one wants that. Face the truth, the Galactic Command system is the most idiotic thing that has ever happened to SWTOR. You can pretend to like it and invent argument in favor of it, but the truth doesn’t change.

The priority is to have fun. SWTOR used to be infinitely more fun than it is now. End of story.

There was nothing wrong with spending hours and hours of doing operations and having full sets of gear for your 8-10 characters. If anything, it was playing the game more, having more fun, and getting rewards for the time that you spent playing the game. You ran an op, there was a 60-70% chance that you end up with a set piece. Simple as that. Now why on Earth would you think that this was a negative thing, is beyond me.

Hate to break it to you, but a few hours every day isn’t casual. Welcome to the world of being an avid gamer!
The ones complaining are the ones who get a few hours maybe 1-2 nights a week.

I agree the people that play a total of 2-4 hours a week don’t and wont have a 234-242 6 piece set nor should they. What do they need a full set for? There have been times in my life when work and family took up so much time that I did not have enough time to play the MMO I was on as much as I wanted to(was eve online back then) . And no one ever heard me complain that I could not fly a titan because I could not but the time in. At least with this system in place they could get a full 230 set with some set pieces. I think the GC fixed the issues for the casuals. Not its for us that put more time in, we need these fixes and more. So all you casuals enough complaining lol. You got your way to get set gear.

I was playing 4-5 hours per week (two night of 2 1/2 hours to raid. That’s why I needed the gear. Time spent in game/week doesn’t necessarily = causal. Content being played I think is more a factor than just time.

You are not a casual. Those of us who used to get maybe 4 hours a week to do raiding have basically been locked out due to this stupid rng loot check.

For once I have to agree with him. Casual would be getting gear while doing heroics and solo stuff. This is just an over elaborate reiteration of the old system , plus an added reputation.

If you get the drops it’s good. I have guildies that go oh another set piece once an hour when one of my mains coming up to level 40 still has not seen one. I’ve purchased 228 barrels/hilts and mods/enhancements now for the majority of my alts for main and off hands. The majority of my gear is still old stuff though.

So far the drops aren’t much better then me opening regular packs. I mostly get empty shells the same pets and old reputation tokens I completed rep for years ago. It’s like opening a pack and getting two chance cubes instead of something from the current packs.

Just an educated guess on two of the notes from the Jan 26th stream:

“This livestream will be mostly a recap of previously discussed things without much new information. The livestream at end of February will discuss some of the things coming in April.”

“What is coming after February? – Will be discussed in Feb 22 livestream”

Thanks for sharing, I was wondering what you were up to these days.

Please keep us informed as to when you are coming back, we’ll be on tenterhooks.

I think we should hold a celebration with fireworks and evoke strippers every time one of them decide to unsub/resub

Yes, cause when EA asks BW to explain the loss of sub revenue they can say “We got rid of all the haters, that’s why!” Then EA will high five them and give them even more money for their budget to keep going.

People have worded everything they don’t like with the game very well and you have responded each and every time with “hurr durr it’s always bio’s fault for you, you’re a hater, no one cares for your opinion” while providing no actual counter arguments.

Enlighten me, the small minded hater, what do you like so much about this new gearing system? If you’ve ever had a proper hm/nim raid team, which I doubt, you’ll know that people don’t always play on their main toons. Sometimes they want to play other roles, or sometimes the circumstances force them to i.e. one of your raid members is sick or has work and you go and take one of the replacement guys. If he isn’t geared, you do a run of ev and kp hm and get him some starter gear for a single night. How are you going to do that now that the gearing is so gated it may as well be in Guantanamo? On top of that, the content is old, very old for a MMO.

Sure, the solo player gets the goodies for free, but why exactly would you need that gear if all you do is heroics. And please, don’t tell me you’re going to grind hm chapters, flashpoints and uprisings and you that you get kicked for not having the gear. I’ve entered hm flashpoints and sm ops many times with 204 pvp set, with green comms gear from vendors, even with crafted blue level 55 gear and I didn’t receive even one comment about how I suck dick for not having the gear. Heck, I even had a guy in level 40 gear in sm ravagers and no one told him anything.

Your terribly done attempt to belittle me and my replies are pitiful at best. I should have stopped reading the moment you assumed things about me.

The new gearing system is not perfect. But they are moving in a right direction with coming changes. Sorry for not feeling bad for people who can no longer sell for a crazy price set piece to someone who actually need it for his/her main toon.

>If< your team need a top gear to complete a sm operation… something is really wrong with that team

I don’t think you quite understood what I wrote.

First of all, the gearing system is far from perfect. So was the old one with Priority HMs because BiS gear was given like candy on Halloween. But you can’t just jump from one extreme to another. Absolutely everyone told Bioware that RNG and massive grinding is not the way. Well, except the white knights that had their usual replies “Don’t talk before you see it”, “You always hate on Bio”, etc etc. Funny thing though, they bashed only the guys that were openly hating, while the people with well constructed posts got somehow ignored by them.

Second, you can’t sell a set piece as in an unassembled token. It gets bound to you and you can only trade it with people that have been in your ops group. Also, what’s the problem with someone needing stuff for alts in a pug run? He’s here, he’s doing his job, what makes your characters more important than his? On top of that, how do you know he’s not running an alt and needing it for his main? If you don’t like the rules the raid leader put, take it up with him and don’t dump this passive-aggressive bullshit on me. Also, nothing costs more than 500k and matts if you buy it directly from the crafter. Anyway, I’m not here to educate you on Endgame Gearing 101.

I don’t know how you got the impression that me and my team were total noobs, but your last sentence is completely wrong. I have the achievements and the knowledge to prove that.

Finally, I assume you’ve never had a raid team because of the way you talk about gearing. In a team, you discuss who needs what and gearing mains is always higher on the priority list than gearing alts.

P.S. If you can answer all of my points and not just the ones that give you the best opportunity to attack me, that will be great.

In your P.S. you are blaming me for exactly the same thing you are doing.

The new gearing system is not perfect. Good to know we agree at least about that one.

You can trade it yes, one person is trading a set piece, other person is giving credits for it. Is it not the same as selling? >>>>>>IF<<<<<<>>>>>IF<<<<<<< he don`t need that set piece to make one of his toons better why is he needing on it? Its not hard to check your teams gear and just let the person who can use that piece have it. Thats right, they need it so they will TRADE (do you like that one better?) it for a crazy price or simply destroy it if said person can not afford it, no one is happy. Yes, I saw few people people who were just needing on gear only to trade it (for free) to a person who need it (I personally did it), or not rolling at all. But there is so little of us and so much of greedy sc*mbags. So, as I told earlier, I do not feel bad that greedy sc*mbags have one less way to make credits.

You ignored my IF here. I have "achievements and the knowledge", but the moment strong guilds with hardcore raiders started selling runs their worth is close to zero. I have nothing else to add here.

I was talking about fleet/blind gf teams. And please think twice, thrice even before you start to blame me for not having my own raid team so it will solve all of my problems with raids.

Alright, I’ll give you that, you’ve had bad experience with pugs since no guild that cares for it’s members would employ such methods. Personally, I’ve never met that type of players.

If I got carried through an ops, I would not gain any knowledge about it’s tactics. Try me if you want, there’s a lot of stuff you can’t find on the guides.

And why should I overthink your problems with pugs? What, you prefer to do the hardest content in the game with complete randoms than with people you know at least something about and maybe have a laugh along the way? All of this stuff you mentioned, people stealing gear, complaining about lack of gear or knowledge, heck, even saying your class sucks for x or y boss fight – that goes away when you find a guild you’re comfortable with.

Also, you still haven’t answered me why you like this new system so much. Unless you count screwing the ninjas and whatnot and the fact that it’s not perfect, but it’s getting better. Oh, and why does the solo player need BiS gear. Yeah, that should be good.

Please stop assuming, its not helping me to give you meaningful replyes. Its hard as it is for me, I never even bothered to learn english. Work only with facts about me you`ve got so far, leave the rest at peace.

Once again, I was talking ONLY about fleet/blind gf teams. Not all of my toons in guilds, sometimes I`m not in the mood to have run with guild or not a good timing for me. It can be different reasons for a person to search for a team on the fleet or just add toon to gf.

Hm, you never asked. Sorry if I missed that question. Yes I like that system, its not perfect, but I like it. Its need reworking, some reshaping but as I told before with new patch they are moving in a right direction. I don’t have to stand in a queue for a set piece (in guilds), I don`t have to deal with sc*mbags I described before, I still have to do group content to make it go faster (DvL bosses are funny and CXP rewarding), no more top geared people in 1st week (that was just ridiculous), we are getting the same old no set pieces we had before for extra mods and other pretty stuff (mounts, pets, dress up gear, gifts, jawa scraps, schematics for non set gear) in packs, its not just one thing in a pack. We don`t have to run to the fleet to exchange unassabled for a set piece (a small bonus but helpful for new people who can get confused with the choice of set). Its just main things, I will not bother you with the rest… and no use, since you most likely will bash me anyway

I’m not willing to cede the “they don’t have enough resources to create real group content” line until I actually review what resources they have. Sure, it’s a logical premise. Can’t deny that. But, it is only a premise. And, it’s hard to ignore the notion that this total revamp of the gearing system and major investment into marketing their story cost a ton of money. It’s just as logical to surmise that a more conservative, stream-lined approach would have generated content for everyone.

I actually believe this was about greed, and trying to somehow shake up the paradigm to generate a greater market share. Instead of accepting their place in the market ranks and maintaining and caring for their current base, they were allured by a Pied Piper who sold them essentially magic beans promising them an exploit to the clouds.

Instead of having a harvest of food to keep us fed throughout each winter, only a few are eating now. And, since those beans never took root, we are now faced with long periods of starvation or moving to another fairy tale.

You see…there’s more angles than the “limited resources forced them to do as they did” line. And, it also may be true that both theories were correct. Thus, terrible choices motivated by greed led us to this limited resources hell.

The good news in all of this is that I’ve got more fairy tale analogies to roll out. I’m making an announcement of an announcement of my intention use them…cause that’s the thing we do now right?

If they don’t have enough resources for new content, I don’t have enough resources to spend money on this game.

And that is the problem with you people:

The “haters” want something for everyone, story, Ops, pvp, you name it;

The “lovers” couldn’t care less if people that criticize the game leave…

That makes no sense to me. But hey: I’m a “hater”, right??? You’re the one that “loves” this game so much… Well, I hope you don’t love it to its death…

Most of you (no all) demonstrating a really strange way of wanting something for everyone.
But so far most of good wishings for everyone to be happy from “haters” are hidden in tons of “Biofail”s and hateful comments for people who dared to like story/other game stuff of your choice

You don’t have to thank me. Just read the posts beyond the “Biofail” stuff. Lots of us just want a proper expansion, just like Shadow of Revan was. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel…

No one here loves Bioware more than me. They can love as much as I do, but not more. I spent my younger years on Bioware games, some of them the very best there is.

Just because there’s a rotten apple in the tree doesn’t mean we have to cut it down…

I will read it carefully and give a meaningful reply the exact moment I see an “opinion” worth it. So far haters attempts are… pitiful.

“Shadow of Revan”… yes, I remember how many haters and whiners it has…

Yes, they got a lot of hate. But because of the bugs! I was one of them. Again: why release a MAJOR expansion/patch right before going on holidays? It’s a recipe for disaster!

But the expansions’ format… It was really good. Even great! You could finish it solo or with a group. I had my problems with using Revan, but I went for the ride.

Do you know when a game is in serious technical problems? When you have to resort to an exploit of a bug to complete an Operation. Not to mention solo Revan was bugged for the Early Access too.

I have a pretty good understanding of how these things go. A major patch is bound to have problems. Even the almighty Wow (and no, I don’t like WoW. In fact I hate it) had VERY SERIOUS problems at launch.

So then why launch an update right before vacations?

I tell you: these guys almost seem to like to run themselves to the ground…

And they fixed it right for the official release.

Yes it was a mistake on their part that should not have happened. But that one was NOT impossible to avoid and finish that story solo. And for sure it doesn’t deserve such negativity.

<——– Solo Revan beaten in early access on the first try with 8 different characters.
What is your point? Is this a dick measuring contest?

The point was, I learned to deal with the fact that Early access = bug test. Calling it a good thing will be wrong. But I’m willing to be understanding, they can’t predict all the bugs that can happened during release, better test it with a big group of people then make a big official release with lots of bugs.

Dick measuring? You have to be kidding me. I’m just a simple casual without much of skill (no sarcasm, for real). You can blame me only for showing off the title during early access

So we subscribers should be happy that we paid to be bug testers?
This is one of teh points that people on these forums have been making all along, they shouldn’t be advertising that early access is a reward and convincing folks to subscribe for long periods of time so that we get 3 or 4 days early access. The product should be on teh PTS for MUCH longer and they should actually fix the bugs we report while it is on the PTS so that we aren’t paying to be their beta testers. It really is a terrible way to treat customers.

—>Calling it a good thing will be wrong. But I’m willing to be understanding…<— in case you`ve missed 🙂

That is part of the problem people are willing to PAY bioware to get treated poorly in return and think nothing of it. You are willing to be understanding and pay for an unfinished product.
Would you pay for a brand new car that randomly breaks and has major issues then just say oh well, that’s how it is.
Would you order a steak and let the returaunt bring you a salad and just deal with it?
I would not and Im not satisfied with Broward doing the equivalent to me.
We all know software will base glitches and bugs, but theyou release stuff that is completely broken all the time. It’s unacceptable, but you and others like you are so willing to say, well it is what it is, thank you bioware.

That is ylrhe problem as I see it.

Also, I replied to another post of yours where you asked me to give you examples of your poor behavior. I notice you’ve ignored that one all day…

The other point of my Shadow of Revan example (forget to mention that one) was that I could avoid that bug without much of trouble AND finish the story, can tell nothing about operations, did them later. And I`m yet to find a release bug that made me unable to finish a chapter/story (can be wrong about KOTFE chapters, not all were started during early access). Calling it unplayable will be wrong. And I`m yet to find a perfect game without problems.

Sorry, friend, but a car example is terrible. We are talking about a game, not a thing our lives depends on.

Terrible not poor, 2 different things in my book. I can give a lot of examples of my “poor” behavior (to a people who do not deserve any better), but terrible? No thank you, I will not lower myself to their level.
Not ignored, some times my replies are not showing, not sure about the problem, since I see them in my comments list. Here, not in the mood to rereply:


And thank you, seriously. No sarcasm here.

It’s still hard for me to properly understand that language or express myself. But you can’t expect too much from 80% self learner”

If you wrote something else later/corrected your reply in any way… well, I`m replying only it I have a mail notificaton of something written to me or if I see it myself. Anyway, I have to sleep you know, that was pretty late in Russia.

Those were some epic bugs as well as the ever loving exploit. Such a well done bit of work they released.

That “if you don’t like it leave” mentality is why there aren’t enough people working at bioware anymore to add appropriate content volume to the game.
Pick your battles. I come here to make jokes, I’m not mean about anything. There are a good deal of people here who act in a similar way. We may all participate in gallows humor while the game burns down around us, but we don’t HATE the game.
And turning the CM updates into off topic threads…yeah. Well what else are we going to talk about, the absolute benevolence of saving 15% off the pack of the month? If all the packs are listed at 15% off when they come out…is that still a discount? Cause that just sounds like The Price.

So, is it helpful? Are we having new content to your likening?
Well, at least haters and their friends have a good time and lots of Vote ups.

Let me explain something to you:

In what concerns me, I could not care less about Upvotes. Yes, I have a few. But there was a time when this shift to solely Story-driven expansions was discussed here on Dulfy. Maybe you were here. Maybe you weren’t. If you were, you might recall ME as being one of the people that was very outspoken against such change…

I can say I did not have many Upvotes at the time. In fact, I was ridiculed, told to stfu, offended… “Fossil”, “dying breed”, “outdated”… And those are just the nice ones!

Well, whadayaknow… NOW it seems I was not wrong at all! EVERYWHERE you log in to there’s people asking for group content. Even on TOR’s official site! Even the mighty BW, Austin (just so that you don’t think I “hate” ALL of Bioware) have indeed recognized their players want group content… Well I’ll be damned… I thought we were only 2% of the playing population…

In fact, there should be LOTS of people rising up against BW for dedicating their full work force to satisfy 2% of the playing population… IF they are indeed going full on on group content, which remains to be seen…

In closure: us complaining about content is VERY helpful. Just about as much as you supporting the game. If people didn’t complain BW would not have changed their Galactic Command system. I think that’s enough proof right there…

It is helpful, everyone likes to laugh. Its what I am here for. And I roleplay, I make my own content…but all the people I roleplay with are leaving at the end of the month…so no, I guess we don’t have new content to my likening….but I don’t ask for the things I want here. Because that would be dumb. Theres already a forum for that. I gave you precious vote ups though Kaelin, just for you. Don’t be jealous.

(deleted prev response, accidentally uploaded wrong pic, couldnt undo)

Thank you but don`t you worry about me, I`m earning my Up Votes by hard work in resources about cosplay, from people which opinion matters (be it anime/manga/movie/book fans or creators of comix). And that earning have nothing to do with writing hate comments

Ah. See my mom is hilarious, and she raised me to not be a salty, miserable, kill joy. So when things make me sad. Like a game that I like starts to suck, and all my casual internet friends that I play with start to leave for greener pastures, I crack jokes to deal with the fact that I am sad. I’d be talking shit about sharks if I was on a sinking boat. I need a muzzle to attend a funeral.

We done playing passive aggressive bitches yet?

I’ll take it as a compliment.

Thank you but I want to be nothing like you. I have standarts you know.

Well, at least you are not using a guest account to write about how bitchy and salty I am. Here take a treat

I can put literally any person here and you won’t have the slightest idea if that’s me or not.

Finally we have something in common: I’m eager to see the point of ALL your comments…

This post kind of proves Naq’s point. The fact you don’t see it, or that you did and couldn’t resist posting anyway is actually pretty funny. Most of this articles thread is adults trying to deal with your childish meltdowns.

“Adults” have a funny way dealing with my childish meltdowns.
“Adults” using guest accaunts to tell me just how childish my meltdowns/any insult of your choice are my favorite ones. I simply love them.
Who in their right mind can resist that? Not me for sure

So apparently you don’t read your own passive aggressive, rage filled posts do you?
You don’t seem to notice the hate you spew at others who don’t share your opinion. If someone thinks differently than you then, WHAM! Here’s Kaelin to white knight on Bioware’s behalf! We complain because we once loved SWTOR and really want to love it again. You attack people because you can’t see outside your own bubble and your own agenda.
You say terrible things, veil them with sarcasm and passive aggressive attitude and think that people can’t read the insults through the idiotic statements?
You are everything you accuse others of being and more.

Because their complains about no MMO content in CM themes and trash talking are so much more helpful and making that game better

Show me at least 1 terrible thing I wrote to them. I don’t remember asking them to kill themselves or anything close to it… unlike people you are protecting… or calling them b*tches. If you will, may be I will answer your question.

Don’t tell me a person who do not know english and can’t write properly can be sarcastic… let alone insult anyone here

It isn’t JUST about name calling or telling someone to go “kill themselves.” It is about you telling some one, “no one cares” to their opinion, saying “You do understand that every insult coming from people like you are compliments for me?
Good dog, take a treat.” And even “Thank you but I want to be nothing like you. I have standards you know.
Well, at least you are not using a guest account to write about how bitchy and salty I am. Here take a treat.” How about, “I will read it carefully and give a meaningful reply the exact moment I see an “opinion” worth it. So far haters attempts are… pitiful.
“Shadow of Revan”… yes, I remember how many haters and whiners it has…” Of course you also say things like, “haters do not count :)” and “Why should I stop? Just because I have no respect for people I just dercribes it do not mean I have no fun dealing with them.”
Hate, anger, sarcasm, passive aggressive insults, complete disregard for any opinion other than your own, and Oh, you state that you enjoy acting this way…
You are worse than any of the people you attempt to belittle with your statements.

You write entirely to well to not know english, understand the parts of speech and sarcasm.
I do not, for one second, believe that you are doing anything other than pretending to have poor english skills after reading through a great many of your posts.
Some times you write perfectly constructed sentences and other times you write with a terrible “hollywood” Russian/Polish/Ukrainian “accent.”


And thank you, seriously. No sarcasm here.

It’s still hard for me to properly understand that language or express myself. But you can’t expect too much from 80% self learner

It isn’t JUST about name calling or telling someone to go “kill themselves.” It is about you telling some one, “no one cares” to their opinion, saying “You do understand that every insult coming from people like you are compliments for me?
Good dog, take a treat.” And even “Thank you but I want to be nothing like you. I have standards you know.
Well, at least you are not using a guest account to write about how bitchy and salty I am. Here take a treat.” How about, “I will read it carefully and give a meaningful reply the exact moment I see an “opinion” worth it. So far haters attempts are… pitiful.
“Shadow of Revan”… yes, I remember how many haters and whiners it has…” Of course you also say things like, “haters do not count :)” and “Why should I stop? Just because I have no respect for people I just dercribes it do not mean I have no fun dealing with them.”

Hate, anger, sarcasm, passive aggressive insults, complete disregard for any opinion other than your own, and Oh, you state that you enjoy acting this way…

You are worse than any of the people you attempt to belittle with your statements.

It’s more helpful to be critical than it is to be complacent. This idea that people seem to have nowadays of, “Don’t complain about the product that you pay for you entitled twatrag,” is the stupidest least consumer friendly thing someone can fucking do. The second that people pay for this product, the second that Bioware/EA charge for this product, is the second that people have the right… nay obligation… to voice their pleasure as well as displeasure.

Now do people complain for the sake of complaining? Absolutely. However in regards to this issue, the issue as it pertains to the state of this particular product, the vast majority of these complaints are completely justified. The lack of meaningful endgame content is an issue that has stagnated the game. The focus on singleplayer content for a 15 dollar a month sub game is an issue when there are games out there such as Witcher 3, Skyrim, etc that offer considerably more for considerably less with considerably less frustration as well. The reuse of asset flips as “new content” is an issue because it shows a lack of care and desire from the development team to create when instead they can do just enough to skate by. The opinion from many of the diehard playerbase that the game has been on a decline since Ben Irving took over is an issue because it gives a clear path to what many consider to be a key problem. The fact that there are still bugs in the game (for example False Emperor and the section where you lose sprint for a large amount of time and the game acts like you’re in combat even though you aren’t, or gear preview still being broken) that have been in the game pretty much since launch is a major issue because it shows an overarching level of “That’ll do” attitude that they seem to have.

I could go on and on and on. Form counterarguments please to those points as to why people should not complain about them that are logical, well thought out, and don’t approach the opinion that people that raise those complaints are entitled twatrags. You can’t. The simple reality is this, the people that complain the loudest are the ones that want the most from this game. They want better for it and from it.

That is The Opinion with constructive criticism in it. Too bad it will be hidden in tons of “Biofail!!!! *red angry face*”s and “I`m leaving to play WOW/TESO/any other MMO at your choice”s and complains and whinings about everything that game do have, be it storyline (why this one, damn it), uprisings (I bet they are like a red rag for a bull for my dear haters ), flairs, cm

Your post reads like something an idiot typed up with one hand while the other was pulling his pud. I asked for well thought out, logical, reasoned counter arguments. Instead you go back to “RABBLE RABBLE BIOFAIL, RABBLE RABBLE WHINING”. You fucking stink. Stop posting.

You do understand that every insult coming from people like you are compliments for me?

Good dog, take a treat

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

I hope you were not expecting me to take seriously all the bullsh*t written in comments here?

I call hypocrite! What the hell do you know??? You were MISLEADING people into believing February had 30 days!!!

Go back to Tamriel, you… you… Thief!!!


I have tried to make this point in other threads, specifically to the person you are talking to. They don’t care about anything but their own propaganda.

They sling insults and spread hate, and then cry about the wording of your post that wasn’t directed at them.

If you don’t agree with them, your opinion doesn’t matter or “no one cares.”

These types of people can’t see past their own Egos I’m afraid.

I think every company is eager to get as much money as possible from their product. But in order to do so they have to improve the product they are offering.

Lets take SWTOR for example. Every MMO have subscription plans with some sweet bonuses or real money shops or both. They will never have founds to keep that game going let alone creat new content without it. People who are having such game at their disposal can not be stupid, they will be unable to have that game going if they were. They will never ask peoples opinion if they have no intentions to improve their product (in order to make more money from it). Correct me if I`m wrong here, but I really doubt creating… let it be 1 operation and 1 flashpoint… can cost THAT much so they can not afford it.

All of it makes me think… What exactly is happening in that company?

here is the deal as far as if they have enough resources ( people and money) for new ops/pvp. Its totally obvious that they do, They create a totally new multiplayer content called uprisings, and are now adding 5 more. They totally change how endgame gear system works, If they have resources for all this they for sure have enough to make 2 new ops and 2 new pvp zones. They just decided not to, nothing else to say.

Uprisings… me and some others are not against them, some people love them, some neutral about them, but we can`t ignore the fact that we have a lot of people who hates them (may be not as much as people who like them/neutral about them).

We can not ignore the fact, that A LOT of people (its people who love/neutral/hate Uprisings) want new operation. They can not be that ignorant to ignore all the begging in forums, during lifestreams, I personally asked for a new operation in their Survey.

I can accept the fact that they could not concentrate on creating an operation during KOTFE and KOTET years. May be they had more people who wanted new storytelling content (count me as one).

I do NOT believe in just because, or as you told “They just decided not to”. I refuse to accept it.

So my question still stands 🙂

( This is just my opinion so please no need to bash me just trying to answer a question with my honest thoughts here)

There were a group of people complaining going back to 2.* and 3.* days saying we want endgame gear but don’t have the time to play ops or pvp, that content was to hard, that gearing overall was confusing, complaining that BW was focusing too much on endgame players and that the casuals were not getting enough “story” content, that some parts of the game were too confusing and hard. So BW turned their back to there hardcore player base and listened to the casual players. They dumbed this game down in soooo many ways since 2.* that I honestly could not even recall off hand all the ways they did this. Now here is my hope after BW seeing their subscriptions going away fast they seem to be making some changes for the better. I am seeing different difficulty modes in story content, bringing back ( in someways) the old gearing system and a few other things make me feel like they finally heard us, you know the ones that pay every month and yes buy some cc’s to make our characters and SH’s look nice, and not the FTP or Preferred players. HERE IS TO SOME NEW OPS IN THE COMMING 3 MONTHS!!! HEAR US!!!!!

well after awhile BW and Strange and Confusing go hand and hand, oh and of course the “Working as Intended” also a BW winner

All they really needed to what have a good rotation. Split Season 1 between 1-2 breaks. KOTET S1 E1-5 then pause. Go do some PvP update or group content update. KOTET S1 E6-10. Go do another big update then take a break to go work on next xpac. 4 big updates a year. ESO method. 2 major story updates with minor content and 2 major content updates with minor stuff be it stronghold or w/e.

The new chapters were and they don’t get as much hate from me there. Outside dropping the ball on companions. :p

I lost half of my pub side guild to FF but my imp side guild is still going strong. So I stick around to run content with them and hope that the dev team is serious this time about group content.

If it’s big things we can’t talk about till March or April well the Steam sale was good to me. It will be time to reclaim that space on my drives for something new. I’ve stuck around till January to hear the big news as I said. I just hope it’s worth it this time.

He speaks the truth.
Though uprisings are technically “new,” they are just recycled content with a new layer of stuff added in.

Technically may be, but we are yet to see them all.

Whiners were crying we have no (like nothing at all) right after KOTET release. And before you start will all the name calling and all that stuff, no, I’m not telling you or that person did that.

The problem is that even with 10 uprisings you are looking at a maximum of 2 hours of gameplay and content that is stale and boring after the 3rd play through.
Uprisings are lame, they are a smoke screen to make players believe they are hard at work crating “group content” when really they are in assembly line mode, tossing together some easily created reskins that they hope will keep people paying big bucks a little while longer.

Look, I love SWTOR, I wouldn’t still be subbing if I didn’t, but they have been blowing smoke up peoples asses for 2 years. It’s way past time for some forthright and transparent communication.

”terrible choices motivated by greed led us to this limited resources hell.”

^quote of the week, well said Uber

There are a couple of positives here to note. First of all the amount of tokens needed (2-3) per unassembled piece is encouraging. Second, I do think it’s a positive that they are communication more. I still think though that with a progressive drop chance for the remaining bosses in any ops, people will overuse boss locks, probably to do multiple runs on the last two bosses in an ops to have a 35% and a 100% chance is the figures stand now. To avoid this my suggestion was already last month that all bosses before the last should have the same % chance and it should be high enough to make people feel it’s worth doing all bosses. So 50-60% is the range I was thinking about.

I thought it odd that in one area they said, still need to firgure out the exact number but just below it they said 2-3 needed. Iknow it’s not exact but it’s close.

Makes we wonder if that 2-3 command tokens is a real thing or a mistake.

And before the 5.0 launch they also said GC would spread over 100 levels. On the PTS, they had 100 levels, and when it went live there were….. 300 levels.

I would be willing to bet it will be more like 10 tokens needed. Assuming you are lucky enough to at least get two pieces, it will still mean twelve pieces or 120 levels in CxP, which is about right for what they are shooting for with this thing.

Listen, there is not going to be much group content coming anymore – plain and simple. The GC and chasing end game gear through an atrocious grind/RNG system, is all they have to try and keep people subbed.

For those that can put up with it, I salute you. I couldn’t and have moved on.

I really hope not 10.

Here’s why:
Let’s say they go with 3.
Musco stated at the end of the stream you will need to trade up, so you have to buy lower gear first then next tier and then last.
That means getting max. tier gear you will need 126 tokens:
– 42 tokens for 230 items (14×3).
– Another 42 tokens for 236 items.
– And yet another 42 tokens for 242 items.

If you have alts to gear then it gets even worse. E.g. 8 advanced class on either imp or rep side will need 1008! And if you have the other side counterparts and move everything into legacy gear, you will still need 5 items on each char, adding 360 tokens to the total. So 1368 tokens for 16 chars (if mirror classes use same legacy gear).

I have 34 chars. Had 700k+ wz comms before 5.0 hit. It would have been enough to gear all to max. in the old system (even multiple specs here and there). Now? I will never get to the end of it.

You will still get some of those set bonus pieces in random Galactic Command fortunate drops (so far for me the ratio is I would say a piece every 10-15 crates on average, which is very low). There is no need to gear all toons with 242 BiS gear honestly. It’s not like there is any content that you need it for :’)

Having said that, it will remain a horrible gearing system even after 5.1, it’s just not going to be as horrible as before. Now it will have the illusion of control, where you can “control” what gear drops you can get. In reality, it will still take a huge amount of time to even gear 1-2 characters to the end.

I agree – All the bosses should be the same and have a drop rate at least over 50%.
Also I would make EV and KP SM only.

so… still no word on this game going back to being an MMO 🙁 and actually providing end game content. it really sucks to see the devs treat this game this way.

The Jan 26 dev stream shall be their judgement day. Hopefully they announce group content. *fingers crossed*

No. What they said is they WANT to focus on group content, not one word on what said content was going to be nor if they actually were going to.

At the 31:00 mark Eric specifically mentions that the stream on the 26th will answer questions for those that have been asking about Ops, Warzones, and GSF.

Totally agree if there is no talk of new OP’s they will have lost another long time player. PLEASE GIVE US NEW OPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!. thanks

Yeah Uprisings are one-time amusements. No comparison to well crafted ops. Even the beautiful landscapes of Denova and Darvannis point at a pride and enthusiasm in the game being crafted which is seemingly gone now. Instead we get popcorn. I know my team is hanging on by fingernails. No new ops will = mass exodus of the diehards.

Mate, crating OPS takes MONTHS, you need and idea, concept art, then you have to actually make the thing and lastly you must do the balancing, which in itself can take a lot of time. Unlike recycling old content for the 100000th time (ekhm… trench runner, ekhm… ekhm…). And bacause they most likely want to spit out as much of this “group content” as possible in the shortest ammount of time possible: don’t expect new ops at least until autumn 😛

Well if you aren’t interested in those things, then you probably don’t need unassembled gear anyways.

Still need it for HM FPs, people get bitchy if you “don’t have purple gear” even if your 230 blue gear has a higher rating then their 220 purple gear. WTF is wrong with this community?

True… and to further complicate it, I was also a bit surprised when I realized that the crafted 230 purple armorings and mods had exactly the same stats as my blue 230s that came from GC.

“Bitchy people” need to shut their traps. Hm fps are still bolstered. Ive ran nearly everything post 5.0 (under any role) with toons still rocking the old 204 pvp gear. Same with sm ops, gear is almost negligible. Better gear makes it easier, but doable with gear under the bolster if you are good and know your class. Too many people just want to coast on by with barely learning their class. These are the quintessential scrubs of the game.

I did Blood Hunt HM with my DPS operative at level 65 as I was leveling, and that first boss has a pretty tight DPS check. Sure, the Mercenary in group did more damage and the boss enraged before we killed it, but it was still done with a pug group too. And we cleared the whole flashpoint. All HM FPs are doable if you know how to play your class, since there is bolster.

Ignore people that complain and elitists that don’t want to do ops or HM FPs unless everyone in group has top gear, and just find people that will do it with you.

no you can get it from command crate drops, But if your not running endgame there is no reason to have it. Still if you want it keep gaining command levels and you will get some’

Oh thank goodness, i thought the same thing, i like playing solo and didnt want to have to pvp or raid. Thank u for clearing that up john

You are autistic. You are the main reason this community is so bad. You are also black I can tell by your comment, black people ruin this community as well.

Nah on both. Racist idiots on the other hand tend to ruin pretty much every community, unless it’s by racists for racists since those are worthless from the start….

YOu get the Command Tokens from GC Crates, not the unassembled gear piece tokens. According to the diagram that Musco published the Unassembled tokens only drop in Ops or from PvP crates.

Something I have not seen maybe I missed it, So I understand if say were running SNV NIM cause Styrak drops say a MainHand, we know a 240 Main Hand token will drop. But how about the pvp? We get Unassembled Components, then combine those with Command Tokens and we get a set piece, but what will determine the tier of that piece? Do we need 2 Unassembled Components to get a 230, 4 Unassembled Components to get a 234 and 6 Unassembled Components to get a 240, or is there another system in place? Just could not find anywhere how they will determine what tier of gear we get with the Unassembled Components.

Seems to get tier 2 you need tier 1 set. Also 2 to get 3. Similar to old pvp 204 -> 208 sets. Probably this but im not sure.

Yes I agree, for a replacement to a gearing system the Dev’s said was too complicated they sure are coming up with a convoluted replacement.

The only real benefit I can see at this point over the old Comm system is that you can both pvp or pve to get the one unified set of gear.

Well at least they are trying to improve the travesty that is GC. Not sure scraping the whole thing wouldn’t be a better idea, but at least they are trying instead of acting like everyone loves this crap they are trying to feed us.

Shit samiches all around! Who wants seconds?

Too little too late. Over 2 years for group content? R.I.P. SWTOR. I’ve done all there is to do a hundred times over. Thanks for the ride!

The latino man who all of our replies are filtered under. He paid for all his achievement runs in SWTOR. He also murdered me (I am Xhex)….

Why don’t they make the main story replayable, and add that to getting command points. I like that idea more than redoing the garbage chapters

+1 on this.

The original story arcs were epic. The new story chapters are garbage in comparison.

I have leveled characters just to experience those stories again. I could only tolerate running through KotFE twice and KotET once. I was subbed from early access of launch through the summer after SoR. For KotFE and KotET I subbed for 1 month to get all of the new story content and then unsub because it sucked and I didn’t want to replay it.

How about giving our companions back? A lot of people want Kira, Nadia, Jaesa.. I just want Zenith. We wait and wait and wait and nothing happens. This is highly disappointing.

It sounds like a lame reason to unsubscribe from the game,but that was the final straw in a comedy of errors from Bioware that caused me to cancel my sub. First were the poorly crafted monthly chapters that broke working portions of the game. Next was the beta player payed to participate event that was Dark vs Light.Then finally no companions returning. I would not be surprised if the earliest they will return is 2018 which would coincide with the release of Visceral Games Star Wars game.

I feel like unsubscribing is a trend, i hate trends so im going to go give the CM some more money….right now

Thing is it’s people like you that keep SWTOR in its shity state. You think it’s acceptable for them to release such pathetic amounts of playable content and large amounts of CM “content”…because they do think CM is content.

There content in the last 2 years is less any other MMO’s quarterly patch (slight exaggeration, but not by much), but you are blinded to the words “Star Wars” to see it.

But hey you keep giving them money…you are the reason this game is in it’s current state, you keep giving them money for almost nothing. You want more content stop subscribing and buying CC, they will either make content or shut down, either way, you get a better product in the future (just not with SWTOR in one case, but that’s a good thing at this point, SWTOR is a joke of an MMO or even a single player game).

Every one is free to spend their money as they see fit and as a trend most in game whales do and that’s nothing wrong with that . Personally I used my CM coins to unlock stuff for my characters since there really wasn’t anything on the Market that I could not live without.

For myself I quit right at the start of the DvL beta test event as I wasn’t going to pay to beta test a game that I was subscribing to. And upon further reflection about SWTOR think it really needs to be added to the Origin’s Access program because it’s value is starting to exceed its current fee.

It’s not a trend, this is not some kind of fashion choice or a music band. You got it all mixed up. Too hipster for your own good.

Giving that all these characters are voiced, there is probably a good chance that the actors are unable to be on hand to do the voices, the voice actors strike being one possible reason, and i think (correct me if I’m wrong) the actress who voices jaesa does do live acting and is active on a show so she may not have the time :/, and I for one have no idea how much time is needed to get the lines done, edited, redone, sure, only what 5 hours worth of dialogue for example but could take long while to actual get working in-game.

Just screaming at the guys who run bioware isn’t going to help much.

if Claudia Black can do mocap/voice for Uncharted Lost legacy WHILE also staring in a TV show (Containment) and picking up all the other voice acting credits that she had for 2016? these actors can come in (or hell – call in) for a few hours tops it would take to record their lines. somehow I doubt that any of these issues are due to actors.

you can have all your original characters back on Odessa in your private room there is an option to recover lost characters

looking at the map with alliance alerts. its the small room on left side. Galaxy holo on right side of room is where you can get comps back. Got Jaesa back.

3:10 Make gear easier for “certain” people. TRANSLATION: Once again, we are catering to new players so we can dumb down the experience once more for end game players. Seance the commendation system was obviously SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND; You thought the commendation system was a grind? Well think again, we have upped the anty on the level of grind by making the rewards you get random! Hell, you could spend the same amount of time getting an item you worked for, with commendations, so at least you knew what you were getting. But, we thought we would make some “improvements” so that your end game experience was worse than it already was. Happy new year!

Sorry, I had to vent my salt with the new gearing system. I think that it was good that they removed pvp gear though. gearing for both was a hassle.

i would argue the 5.1 system of gearing is a shit ton more complicated than pre 5.0
now you have to think about your unassembled tokens, command crate things, other tokens
just bring back comms….

I had a quick question? Is something wrong? I redeemed Shae and Master Ranos way before starting KOTFE. I just recently started Ch. 1 of KOTFE and Shae and Master Ranos are no longer accessible, is that normal?

It’s normal. Shae’s recruitment mission is granted after Chapter XIV, and Ranos’ after Chapter IX. Just do the missions when they unlock, and you’ll get them back.

Because a Massively Multiplayer game isn’t focusing on personalization that nobody will ever see except for you? But then again, BW isn’t focusing on the Massively Multiplayer part either, so…. Yeah, ESO would look pretty good, except it is still ESO….

If you haven’t played it in a while, ESO is actually really good these days.
VERY large and active community, most people are really helpful, and with all of the updates, fixes, changes and additions over the last year it is pretty awesome. Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood & Shadows of the Hist were all very balanced releases with new zones, New Story quests, new gear sets, new delves and zone bosses and a couple new dungeons. One Tamriel has been an extremely popular update, allowing cross faction everything except PvP.
ESO has definitely come along way in the last year and a half.

I’m a huge Star Wars fan and have played SWTOR since launch, but ESO is the better game right now. Especially since they have doubled down on releasing content that players want and have a progression system that is based on character improvement and not RNG gearing.

Except for that stupid ‘guild trade’ thing where you HAVE to be in a guild to sell stuff. I am a sub for both SWTOR and ESO, and SWTOR has a better selling system in the GTN. I prefer to play solo, so being told you MUST be in a guild to sell stuff to a wide audience is a terrible idea. And unless there’s a majorly cool achievement for running between different traders to search for stuff, that makes the whole idea worse. I pick up so many items worth a lot that I end up selling to merchants or breaking down because I don’t want to be forced into a guild.

But otherwise, yeah. ESO has improved in a lot of big ways. I still love the episodic aspect to SWTOR, and would love to see a new story. KOTFE and KOTET saved the game. I really believe that’s a strength they should focus on. More content via cool storytelling.

I agree, guild trading system sucks. its the one thing i actively dislike about ESO. however.. I must disagree with KOTFE and KOTET saving the game. IMO – they ruined it. SWTOR SHOULD focus on storytelling. it and classes and their stories was the best, the selling point of it. and all of that is gone now. and the story we got? I don’t know but at first I thought, maybe its becasue I’m burned out, maybe its because I’ve been playing SWTOR for too long, but… when creating a character fro LvD because I still couldn’t resist the shinies… I played characters through class stories I have done several times before. and i STILL loved it. so no, its not SWTOR I’m burned out on.

however, here’s the fun part. ESO has fantastic focus on storytelling. its fully voiced. you get to make choices every once in a while. its not cutscene heavy, but the thing is… there IS something that is sorta cuts sceneish. its just that your get to control your character while it happens.

maybe if KOTET and KOTFE had better stories. maybe if classes didn’t just all merge into this ill fitting persona of an outlander. maybe lack of everything else wouldn’t be so bad.

For me personally the reason the original 8 stories are still so great has a lot to do with the fact that there are 8 story lines that are really good not 1 story line that is mediocre. It really all comes down to replayability, at least for me.

Looking strictly at the history of server populations from pre 3.5 – 5.0 SWTOR showed server statuses of “Stanard” to “Heavy” each day prior to the announcement of “no new Operations during the run of KotFE” just days before the launch of 4.0.
Since 4.0 not one server has popped above “Lite.” Based solely on this info I would disagree that KotET and KotFE saved SWTOR. They drove players, customers, away from SWTOR.

I agree that the GTN is a better market for sales, but the Guild Trader market place is more immersive in the world that they have created. Also being an MMO that has a strong focus on solo and single player aspects, ESO wanted there to be something in their game that encourages people to interact with others outside of Pledges, trials and dungeons. Because there are a great many people who only join guilds to sell stuff “trading guilds” are pretty popular. Add o that, add-ons such as Master Merchant and Tamriel Trade Center help you get the best price for your item and help you find what you are looking for more quickly.

No their trading system isn’t the greatest, but it isn’t terrible either. You just have to know how to work that system.

To add to this, trade guilds are vast. I think they are great. Setup shop and list your goods in a real market place. One store might be known for endgame stuff while another for new player deals. Also, almost every trade guild ive seen has weekly raffles with worthwhile rewards!

I can see how people see it as a bad idea and I did too when I started playing ESO, but then looked how both games do not require you to purchase anything from the trade network. Crafted and quested gear are easily gotten in game as well as the harvested materials. SWTOR offers more fluff items to sell than ESO, but I never buy items like that. I find it funny how the inflation in SWTOR is so far out of hand and I really could not care since I never buy anything off of the GTN .

Actually I had a few visitors. I follow ´TOR Decorating on twitter and get nice ideas about decorating my own strongholds. Someone was even looking to turn tatooine into a sandpeople stronghold and get people for RP there.

Depending on when you checked it out the last time it’s not even remotely still ESO. I played it in the Bta and it was horrible. Now it’s one of my favorite MMO’s. They really nailed the Elder Scrolls part now.

Remember when HM flashpoints were marginally rewarding? I just slogged through Kaon master mode for some vendor trash drops, a 3 stack of crafting mats, and these magic beans labeled ‘cxp’, which do basically nothing but advance you up some command rank, which I have yet to find an explanation for its’ purpose or figure out the goal of the thing other than e-peen. Great patch guys /sarc, I’ll check back on the 24th to see if it’s worth keeping my sub going but this shit just aint doin it for me.

Bought a 60 day pass and wish it was just for a week. The folks left in our once giant guild are in tier 2 and keep to themselves for raiding because any new people would hinder their progress. The PVP’ers are already in gear way better than fresh 70’s and unless you have a billion credits you would never gear yourself up to be on their level. GSF only pops on Harbinger so that option is out leaving you to do heroics for 20 points a planet. It’s pointless. After the 2nd heroic I yawn and log off and go play Overwatch where gear isn’t an issue for pvp you can just focus on skill.

Be careful, talking about games that require a degree of player skill in the SWTOR portion of Dulfy will get the attention of the Kinghts and Fanboi’s. They don’t like it when you suggest that there are games out there that focus on player skill and character development over gear and grind.

Why not make hard mode and master mode for original story aswell? Right now, it’s easy as hell, practically you do not even need a gear for lvling and you will defeat champ bosses with 3-4 hits. Which is lame af.

I learned my lesson from KOTFE. I do enjoy their recent story expansions but from now on I will only sub when they launcn a new one and will cancel immediately after.

Strip Raids, make them all 4 man Master Mode FPs.
More PvP. People want faster play, less grind, and more challenge. Ops are a senior citizen paradise, where they need instructions to run something. PvP is dynamic, and needs skill.

Bioware do us real players a favor and rid ops, more pvp.

Oh yeah, 4.0 you just saw people doing KP and EV HM, why you ask? Because they are brainless tank and spankers. People flashing their 224s from numerous priority KP/EV, please. 4.0 opened back enabling players to do EVERY op at level 65, but its the lack of organizing and patience that makes the ops community worthless.

PvP has their complainers, I won’t deny that, but you don’t need to ages of organizing and scheduling to do em, if you don’t want to pug. You can create a 4 man, with the same difficulty, and I think that would satisfy the co-op pve community. Hell add in time runs. Look at ESO, their DLC dungeons have timed runs, and vet/HM modes, but go ahead keep, calling a moron, I apparently don’t know shit.

“[…] 224s from numerous priority KP/EV, please. 4.0 opened back enabling players to do EVERY op at level 65, but its the lack of organizing and patience that makes the ops community worthless. […]”

true, true and true…

“PvP is dynamic, and needs skill.”

Because queueing for your very first PvP match and getting dropped into a match where the entire opposing team has been doing PvP as a group for four years, and getting ganked right off the line every time you respawn, is both _terrific_ fun and an _awesome_ way to learn the differences between PvE and PvP. And the mantra “it needs skill” that the players _with_ the experience taunt the players trying to _get_ it just points up how slanted it, like GSF, is against players entering the system.

Get dropped, lose a bit. Then get better. You develop if you are complaining that you’re getting ganked by a pre-made, find a group of people and make your own pre-made, but I understand, thats too difficult for you, and you will cry and excuse you don’t need skill in pvp, because you’re obviously giving up.

O_o lul. Apples and peaches. So you think an apple is better, thus everyone should like it more. The challenging ops boss difficulties require skill and time devoted to them as well. Very different skills, mind you, but calling it ‘tank and spank’ is a bit unfair. You gotta practice a damn lot to make NiM Brontes a tank and spank, but hey, that is exactly the goal of a pve challenge, to beat it. On that note, PVP is nothing more than a stunlock-fest sometimes. Would it be fair to say it is for lazy, who like doing nothing every third second? Nah , it wouldn’t be fair.

I played both pve and pvp. Still don’t get it why you gotta hate any of the two. They are so different, and different people looking for different experiences.

Biased, yeah that’s fair to say. I think what gets to me is that these times its hard to organize an 8 man. weeks for preparation and time windows and adjusting time schedules, for that just make em 4 man, less hassle, but make it challenging enough that players will need to practice as you mentioned.

But in all honesty, and I do love apples more than peaches.

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