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SWTOR CM Weekly Sales January 10 – January 17

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales January 10 – January 17


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I’m honored that out of the multitude of players that play this game, that you would hold me above the rest.

Inc comments about the game being dead or the whole SWTOR team having worked on a single armor locked behind microtransactions

Nope. No such comments! Game is bristling with new content. It has been a boon of new things to do and achieve. And the Cartel shop is not their main focus, it merely gives them a revenue stream to invest in new content. Bioware! Bioware! Bioware!

I like your attitude. I don’t think the content is just pouring in but i definitely do feel like bioware is legitimately trying. I’m just really hoping for some new ops and PVP content this year. Don’t get me wrong I love all the story, but I’d love to see some more actual MMO content.

look like power ranger… obviously someone will like power ranger but I just think this is ugly…

Don’t worry. There are plenty of people out there, like me, who will still throw them for fun. Wouldn’t want you to miss a moment of snowballs all year long 😛

The Rakghoul Plague isn’t much of a problem.
Get enough reputation to buy the simplest vaccine relic and you have a semi-permanent vaccine…you don’t even need to have it equipped ^^
Snowballs on the other hand….can burn in hell.

Horizon Guard looks like the lovechild of the Zakuul Knight and Ruthless Scion armor sets. Slim sections of armor over a cloth suit, complete with seems, buckles and straps. The helmet tries for an egyptian theme and derps it up a bit but not too bad. Overall not a terrible set. I suggest at least using a different helmet or hiding it, but for the most part you could keep it intact.
Grade: B+

Why cant they just make a set that people would want to wear in real life? Most of the pieces are just unrealistic, even for ingame items. Where are the ancient sith and jedi sets? There are tons of greater looking sets out there but the designers seem to be running out of creativity.

I always assumed George had just finished reading Parasite Eve, and wanted to pay a little tribute to those dastardly pyroclastic mitochondria. My brain cannot weigh nor balance Horse Pilot against Midichlorians, or Jaxxo/Buckey O Hare, and when I try, I black out, then wake up over left handed deep scribblings of Schmee/Plagius slashfic, likely conjured from the deepest and most dreadful depths of my vile subconscious.

Sure you could focus on some of their worse ideas, but without Dark Horse laying the groundwork with their graphic novels would there even have been a Kotor or Swtor? All of it is based on their ideas.

Precisely. KOTOR was developed using the Tales Of The Jedi comics series from Dark Horse. Pretty much everything from that game and therefor SWTOR comes from that common source. In a way, we owe those comics from having these games in the first place.

How dare you besmirch that helmet? If you know a better way to apply grape flavor directly to the parietal and temporal lobes I’d like to hear it.

Midichlorians are cool. For people that say they have a negative effect on the mystical aspect of the Force, think again. Nothing has changed. It was not a silly idea, but a pretty good one.

It being mostly a sci-fi thing, I don’t consider the Force necessarily mystical, just an energy source that’s not yet fully understood, and the control of it maybe akin to psychic powers. But midichlorians was something he pulled out of his ear then discarded when he probably realized he hadn’t thought it all the way through. There was nothing resembling an explanation of what they actually were, how they knew the will of the Force, etc.

I took as more of a Science vs religion sort of thing. Like some people aren’t satisfied with the idea of it being mystical so they have to measure it at a microscopic level.
I guess it’s comparable to Dragon ball Z measuring it:
“Ahh his power is over 9,000!”

Star Wars is a space opera, not exactly a sci-fi, and midichlorians are not the only thing that is not 100% explained in its lore and mythology. And that’s cool. I am a scientist and I don’t care, I watch movies to enjoy them, not to try and nitpick every single thing that might not make sense to people with hipster glasses that are on the hunt for so called “plot holes”.

lol “Hipster glasses on the hunt for plot holes” It’s Star Wars. We all accept it in spite of its plot holes and Lucas-created bad dialogue.

That’s the rub. The Star Wars Universe (and I am only going to go by the movies for this) has an insane variety of clothing and garments. From Padme’s kabuki-queen dress with the face paint and glowing orbs in the hem, to Han’s shirt, vest and pants combo, to Dooku’s cloak and mediveal uniform, to tunics and robes EVERYWHERE, to flightsuits and body armor with SKULLS FOR A FACE. Star Wars fashion is frakkin INSANE.

Thankfully, there ARE several sets of armor in the Collections that could be worn today and fit right in. SWTOR fashion models hit all the variety and options you could ask for, if you dig a bit. My current Gunslinger wears a black leather trench coat over a white shirt, grey pants, boots and a knee brace. A few few bits and bobs here and there, but besides the blasters I could easily walk around my home town in it and never get a second look. It’s all about picking and building your look.

Don’t depend on one armor set to be YOUR look. Shop around, collect a few sets, get some of that stuff that drops from Heroics after level 60. Take your time. I bet you can come up with something awesome if you try.

I have two pages of armor sets so far in my collection. I combine them all the time. What Im really missing are ancient sets of the comics, the art you find on the internet in the lore and such. The current newly made sets are mostly really ugly, even the gold ones.

I am at 72% complete with my Armor Collection, and I can tell you that the sets from the comics are the hardest and most expensive to get, especially since they came out in the earliest packs. Worse, there is a very high demand for them. Be patient, look for deals and do your Dailies and Weeklies to build up your cash.

Apologies for the completely off subject question here but are there any guilds still active on Jung Ma? It’s shockingly dead lately… I’d be excited to see a credit spammer at this point.

Let’s face it, the only reason why so many people still play this game, myself included, is because it’s a Star Wars game with lightsabers. Remove that, and you have a pretty problematic game with many many issues at the moment.

Also, you can still play the game and have a bad end of the year because of it 😛

Well first of all I really like the fact that you still enjoy the game more than most, and are very civil about it. Secondly, just ignore the trolls… I am not a huge fan of the game at the moment, and even I think their contributions are pretty tasteless, so I choose to ignore them.

I tend to play characters with blasters…because, you know…blasters. As in ranged combat. As in superior firepower. And Smugglers have a power that allows you to fire a burst of blazing, burning death into the crouch of your enemy.

You could remove all of the explicitly Star Wars elements from the game, and it would still be (at worst) one of the three best currently available MMOs.

Vanilla WoW is the best version of that game, and even that version is only good in comparison to MMOs which were released before it. TOR, ESO, SWG, TSW, all much better games. Hell, Age of Conan and GW2 are better than WoW.

It’s massive, it has multiple players, and it’s online. Yep, meets all the requirements.

That’s why I said barely. Because the only thing in common with the rest of the MMOs, is that meets the requirements, and nothing more.

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