Black Desert Jan 11 Pearl Shop Update

Black Desert Online Jan 11 Pearl Shop Update which added the New Year Hanboks and Zen Furniture decorations.




  • Filippo Chinello

    O my god, this is the most beautyf.. wait, no time to post a comment, I MUST GO FARM LIKE A NOLIFER OVER AND OVER!

    Seriously, is someone really burning 30€ for an asian pijama? if yes, i give you my paypal link, i promise you i will make a better use of that money

    • Koko

      I mean BDO makes its money through outfits/costumes mostly. ^^

    • lore

      In China, some of these games are played only by the wealthier class. I have read that they will spend hundreds of dollars on a costume or mount.

  • Player Slot Available

    I saw those outfits in South Korea a few years ago.
    Being worn in the palace. In the middle of Seoul. Among tall skyscrapers and businesses were a beautiful piece of history.
    South Korea is not that fond of the traditional. They will gladly tear down a thousand traditional houses to fit an apartment complex or two.
    But there! In the middle of Seoul was a piece of untouched history. Something they wouldn’t ruin.

    But NOPE! Not even the Hanbok is safe in BDO..
    Had to halve the skirt length by over half. Obsessed with legs is what they are.

    This game is turning me into a feminist.

    • I am also not a fan of the way all the female characters in the game have to be so sexualized. If I want to play a female character, I don’t want her looking like she has stepped off a porn set.

      • Player Slot Available

        Especially when I play a Tamer… a tamer which look 13 or so…

  • preofu

    Um… did no one notice what the Hanbok dress looks like with durability wear? Hint: it’s a mini skirt complete with butt panty shot, lol. Silliness.

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