Black Desert Magoria Expansion coming Jan 25

Black Desert Online will be releasing the Magoria expansion on NA/EU servers on Jan 25.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – January 12, 2017/ Black Desert Online’s upcoming naval-focused expansion, Margoria, is set to arrive Wednesday, January 25. In addition to adding new treasure-filled sea areas and a harbor that connects to new territory, the Margoria Expansion will introduce underwater monster hunting, ship construction, over 100 new quests, guild-versus-guild naval combat―the best way to establish dominance on the new trade routes―and more.

The Margoria Expansion will be made available to existing Black Desert Online players for free. View the new screenshots below before braving the deep, dangerous waters later this month.

An update to Black Desert Online’s ocean systems was released in October to prepare for the new features coming with the Margoria Expansion. If you missed it, watch the Ocean Update video to see the improved underwater world in motion.

  • Ben Howard

    This looks cool! Gonna get BDO when I build my new pc.

    • Most thought-out game i’ve ever played. When you first start, all the content seems very over-whelming. But after a week or so you’ll get the hang of things.

    • IslaRose

      I agree w/ Connor. Do your research while you wait 🙂

  • Clark Thomas

    No Dark Knight yet?

    • Probably not till march the earliest since the class just got released in KR

  • Onineko

    So, guild battle-shit is not the same as personal one? And the fishing boat is no longer the fastest on the sea? Any ideas if we will have new professions?

    • There is a sailing profession I believe

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