Revelation Online CBT3 Beta Keys and Explorer Packs Giveaway

Thanks to, I will be giving out 50x CBT3 Keys and 3x Explorer Pack keys as a Giveaway. has generously given out 50 CBT3 Beta Keys and 3x Explorer Pack ($17.99) keys to me to be handed out as a giveaway.


Contest Details

  • Time: Giveaway will start on Jan 16 6:00 pm eastern and run until Jan 18 6:00 pm Eastern (48 hrs)
  • More Keys: Our Sister site is also running a contest for 25 Beta Keys from Jan16 to Jan 18 Be sure to sign up for that as well for an additional chance to win.
  • Note: There are two contests running, one for a chance at 50x CBT3 keys and another one for chance at one of three explorer packs ($17.99 value) which will give you full access to the game and any upcoming betas. Your CBT1/CBT2 beta keys will not work for CBT3.

How to Enter

  • Use the Giveaway interface below to enter the giveaway. There are a couple of actions you can do to increase your chances as well so read all the entry options carefully.
  • Use this link to read about details about the game and make accounts:
  • Check here and your email on Jan 18/19 to see if you have won.

Contest Rules

  • One beta key per person.
  • I reserve the right to cancel, terminate, modify or invalid contest entries if I suspect security, fairness or proper conduct has been compromised.
  • Any person found to be tampering with the entry process will be disqualified.
  • Winners will be notified by email so make sure to provide a valid email address.

Contest Here

50x CBT3 Beta Keys

Revelation Online CBT3 Beta Keys Giveaway



3x Explorer Pack Keys

Revelation Online Explorer Pack Giveaway

Buying the Game

If you are interested in buying the game, feel free to use the link below to purchase your game. It will not cost you any extra but will help my site out greatly!


  • Leo

    i want one :/

  • Stanley Heller

    :'( I need 1 🙁

  • Bíró Gergő

    I hope i can get 1 :3

  • ARD

    thanks for the opportunity Dulfy!

  • Nguyen Ngo

    I hope i get one 😀

  • Victor Valarezo

    gracias por la oportunidad de verdad espero ganar una estoy descargando el juego ya casi todo gracias

  • Paolo Renier

    Thanks for the chance and good luck ti everybody

  • Hevin Dila Yeşiltepe

    i want oneee 🙁

  • Amate

    Thanks a lot for the chance Dulfy, wil you be making a Guide beyond lvl49 for thhe Gunslinger ? the one you made helped me a lot

  • Locke

    Made it in at the last hour!

  • Hairo Maikeru
  • BoraKoroglu

    please please please i wanna key and good luck all

  • prometheus126

    What a surprise, i didn’t get it.

  • Kavinsky

    OMG Please ‘-‘

  • Hevin Dila Yeşiltepe

    goddddd please

  • Sebastian Aleksandrowicz

    OK soo where i will get my code ? ^.^

    • Sebastian Aleksandrowicz

      ou yea mail xD

  • disqus_u4Q2UU5Iuw

    I won but I didn’t get a key in my mail? 🙁

  • Codes have been sent out, check your mail

  • Dito Setyo Ramadhan

    Hiks -_-
    Not get… Again….

  • hazzerules

    When does it starti

  • Aru Sama

    omg! thanks <3

  • Yevhen Snizhko

    Thanks 🙂

  • Rosegoddess K MaDillo

    Thank you so very much,I greatly appreciate the chance to play this game <3

  • Angelique Moine

    Can i have 1 cbt 3 key for revelation online please?

  • Francineia Coelho Rodrigues

    Plis Key

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  • Pekaa boo

    Any more RO giveaways ?

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