GW2 Jan 17 Game Update Patch Notes

GW2 Jan 17 Game Update Patch Notes. This patch brings in the Lunar New Year Update.

01/17/2017 – January 17th Release Notes
Lunar New Year

  • Come celebrate the year of the rooster in Divinity’s Reach!
    • Lunar New Year festivities have returned with the strong and trustworthy rooster.
    • Collect and open lucky envelopes to earn essences of luck, delicious foods, fireworks, valuable items, and a chance to find the new Lucky Great Rooster Lantern backpacks.
    • Speak to Phaedra in the Crown Pavilion to purchase very valuable Divine Lucky Envelopes.
    • Trade extra essences of luck to Fion in your guild hall to purchase Red Lantern decorations.
      • Red Lanterns can be used by scribes to craft six additional festive decorations.
  • Bash and kick your way to victory in the Dragon Ball arena!
    • Speak to Finolla in the Crown Pavilion to enter the arena and prove your mettle.
    • Win rounds to earn Tokens of the Dragon Ball Champion, which can be used to purchase extra Divine Lucky Envelopes.

New Items and Promotions

  • A new Celestial Rooster Harvesting Tool is available in the Upgrades category of the Gem Store for 1,000 gems.
  • A new Solar and Lunar Dye Kit containing six exclusive colors is now available in the Special category of the Gem Store for 125 gems.
  • For a limited time, the Imperial Outfit is 20% off, found in the Style category of the Gem Store.
  • The Red Envelope Mail Carrier is 20% off in the Upgrades category of the Gem Store for one week.


  • For a limited time, the Miniature Ram, Mini Tiger, Mini Puppy, Mini Golden Pig, and Mini Red Panda are available for 1 Black Lion Miniature Claim Ticket each from the Black Lion Miniature Claim Ticket vendor.
  • Many Merry Minis is no longer available at the Black Lion Miniature Claim Ticket vendor.
  • The Black Lion Chest has been updated to the Lunar New Year Chest and can be previewed for a full list of its contents.
    • The Divine Lucky Envelope has been added as the new guaranteed seasonal item.
    • Only for the duration of this seasonal chest, the Mini Celestial Rooster is available as an uncommon drop.
  • finally lunar yess! 😀 ty ANet !

  • wQnxy

    kinda fast this year

    • Caleb

      But the lunar new year is next weekend. How is this fast?

      • wQnxy

        i was sure event in gw2 starts somewhere in the middle of the february

        • Caleb

          The Lunar New Year is different every year.

  • lithlius


  • iqValentin

    What I like most of Lunar New Year is that it means that Super Adventure Box is really close. n__n
    Also, gambling and fireworks.

  • lithlius

    Anyone know what the six additional decorations are? I see the Rooster statue but all the others are the old ones… or did they just mean six additional besides the lantern?

    • Steven Newton

      They mean besides the lantern, aka the new statue and the 5 old decorations.

      • lithlius

        thanks for claryfying that… that was a bit dissapointing considering Wintersday got a bunch of new decorations, more like building blocks but still. wouldve liked a coi fishpond or maybe a Baku or Kirin statue or a pagoda , just a few more Oriental themed decorations

  • Archi

    i’m really not cool with one of the 3 black lion chest slots being taken over by seasonal items like this. If they want to shove one of those in the chest, it should be a bonus 4th slot.

    • Brandon Fitzsimmons

      It is bullshit… you are really only getting 2 items with BL Chest during this bullshit… with a small chance to get the normal 3… What the fuck is that right?

      • nadrian3k

        I wonder how many times it has to be said, it’s the exact same as the old one….In the old one u got 1 booster (eg exp booster) + 2 random shit. Now u get 1 thematic item + 2 random shit.

        • Brandon Fitzsimmons

          cool story… maybe they could help themselves out by separating one of the slots/boxes/containers or color its borders different even to help people see that oh this item is special/separate seasonal all the time and the chest only pools for 2 slots/boxes/containers… Just saying… then you wouldn’t have to say it as often or perhaps at all?

          • nadrian3k

            I am confident not everyone is a “Special needs” person…specially after it has been specified numerous times in:
            1. Intial patch notes that introduced this
            2. Devs on forums
            3. By players each time this has been brought up.

            I am sorry none of the 3 above were enough to make you remember basic info. I am impressed tho, out of all the issues this game has, you seem very bothered by this trivial non-issue that you created for yourself.

            • Brandon Fitzsimmons

              right asshole because not having ingame tooltips to inform players what the fuck is going on in the game is not a developer issue. Loser as fanboi lol. Yes as a player I have to read all the 3rd party information to know what the fuck is going on with the game. Case and point where the fuck are we right now. Patch notes isn’t somewhere people look to find how the core fucking game mechanics works.

              Get a fucking grip fanboi.

            • Brandon Fitzsimmons

              I’m sorry you’re a fanboi and don’t recognize a design issue when you see one, instead it is everyone elses fault for not reading 3rd party message boards and forums. Get a grip goober.

              • nadrian3k

                If you have basic IT knowledge and look at my post history here, you would see i am anything but a fanboi. The difference between me and you is, i bitch about actual problems.

                You and people like you bitch about problems that you yourself create by being an ignorant FUCK who disregards:
                official news
                official patchnotes
                official dev posts
                and player replies that have been put on repeat for weeks to months.

              • Brandon Fitzsimmons

                LoL you are bitching about someone bitching how does that make you better. I didn’t create a problem for myself either, you’re an asshole and want to defend the game (because you’re not an fanboi) because it makes you feel good to think you are more intelligent than someone?

                No you are the idiot who responds to something so miniscule… projecting that on to the person you are responding to for no reason than to try and what? I did nothing wrong you loser, how do I know about some past patchnotes, how am I ignorant because or poor ingame design of the gui? What is this “extremely well known” shit? Obviously not you moron if people keep asking and you have to keep stalking and finding them to reply to them. What a loser you are. LoLz

                Also, IT is not development or design, you’re an idiot.

                Also, I am not a loser who stalks these message boards and follows how many people aren’t aware of some random changes to the core game in patch notes. Damn you are one stupid…

                I also don’t give a shits enough about this or you to go stalking you and read through your previous posts to comment on? Who does that shit? LoL someone has issues.

                Seriously. Get a grip on yourself.

              • Brandon Fitzsimmons

                Mods have decided I am not allowed to reply to your dribble soooo im done wasting life on you.

              • LOL

                L O L

                oh FUCK

                your hypocrisy is ASTOUNDING!!

                what a fucking IDIOT you are, oh great lol!!

        • Brandon Fitzsimmons

          Thanks whoever deleted my detailed reply just because it had the vocabulary word “fucking” in it. Pretty lame since anyone can use their own damn scary words filter. Talk about special needs, more like special snowflake. Stop phuking with my posts.

    • Izuna

      Yes we all do, dammit. Keep in mind that in the old chest what was guaranteed was a booster, so you still only really had a chance to get 2 nonbooster items. Then again, it was the old boosters, not the upgraded ones from a couple of years ago (which is funny for we have lots of karma from the newest maps and Wintersday, MF one was not very useful, and exp… combat boosters are thrash). So at least there’s better loot chances on the actually rolled slots, and the exotic weapon trader during LS episode 3 was nice.

      They should offer those at the very least instead ToT and Wintersday gifts…

      • Archi

        I wonder if there will be a SAB-specific slot item this year

        • iqValentin

          There HAS to be. Please. PLEASE.

  • commentor

    As always, I’m pleased with the substantial update.

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