GW2 Lunar New Year 2017 Coverage Guide

GW2 Lunar New Year 2017 Coverage Guide.



Head to Crown Pavilion area of Divinity Reach and visit the Phaedra the vendor to purchase envelopes (can only buy 16 of them per day per account). They are expensive but you make most of the gold back from the trophy items they drop that you can sell. If you want to purchase more in a day , you need a Champion token from winning 10 matches in Dragon Ball arena

New Items

Solar and Lunar Dye Kit125 gems each, 5 for 500 gems, 25 for 2500 gems


Celestial Rooster Harvesting Tool – 1000 gems

Lucky Rooster Lantern – Drops from Envelopes or Bought on TP


Lucky Great Rooster Lantern – Drops from Envelopes or Bought on TP

  • Can be also made from Mystic Forge: 1 Lucky Rooster Lantern, 20 Elonian Wine, 250 Essence of Luck (blue) and 25 Lucky New Year Firework


Mini Celestial Rooster – Rare drop from BLC Chests


Upcoming Gemstore Items

These are likely released with next Tuesday’s Gemstore update. Codes taken from that_shaman’s thread.

Rox’s Pathfinder Outfit



  • Archi

    i wonder if classy black will get ridiculously expensive on the TP, too

    • Qnrad

      Every black dye is ridiculously expensive on the TP

      • Char Aznable

        Well Shadow Abyss is free on you 4th birthday if you pick the shadow dye kit.

        • pingui

          “4th brithday” let me wait 2 more years /s

          • mrh

            You can also pick it from the celebration dye pack from the level 80 booster.

            • Name

              The L80 booster one is the same as the 3rd birthday one. It has some good options but you can’t pick shadow dyes from it.

        • Qnrad

          I know, i already pick that one, but on TP it’s still pretty expensive

    • Otakusensei

      It’s already 275 gold. I’m not expecting that to get any cheaper.

  • Girl Gamer Chronicles

    No guild hall decorations?

  • Alastor999

    Disappointing compared the the Wintersday items. When was the last time they gave us new faces and hair styles to mess around with?

    That outfit looks like a re-skined and less revealing version of the Norn’s Wolf Armor/cultural set.

    • Daaw Daw

      this one looks better………

    • Lockheart

      well considering its rox’s gear while shes in the north of the norn area, kind of makes sense. She has been tagging along with not batman for a bit.

      • Alastor999

        “Not Batman” heh, I like that. Although I just call him “Bald Sasuke” now

  • undouble

    So, what gives with these “Golden Rooster FIgurines”?? Are they useful for anything except the re-sale value?

    • They come from envelopes, you just sell them to the vendor

    • Eric Y

      They and the other trophies are the main source of the profit from the envelopes.

  • RKC

    Is there no backpiece this year?

    • TheProxy

      rooster backpack, look cloer

      • TheProxy

        I can spell I swear!

    • Josh Davis Arenanet

      are you FUCKING RETARDED?

      • RKC

        Oh geez! It’s a honest mistake! I came back late from work and I had a quick look on here and didn’t see the backpiece the first time!

  • Answerer

    wow, so anet had a whole year to fix the glitchy shots, the buggy dodges, the lack of being able to play dragonbash with friends, the absolute and complete lack of any reward for winning..
    good job anet, you never cease to amaze me

    • axyd

      That would require doing something other than new gem store skins.

    • Josh Davis Arenanet

      stop crying about it, you little fuccboi fagget

  • Alot

    Meh. The very first lunar new year actually focused around gaining gold. These last two are just about gaining a fair amount of luck with minimal effort. Also, the ram pack piece was almost usable while the monkey and rooster back pieces look life ornaments ripped right out of a festive garden.
    An outfit that would go well with a golden rooster statue, sporting bright red lanterns, placed atop a free dangling dark wooden stand is beyond my ability to comprehend.

    • Ares Zax

      And if you’ve already reached the 300% MF cap like I have, there’s really not much point to gaining any more luck. XD

      • Alt+F7

        You can spend the luck consumables on guild hall decorations.

        • Eric Y

          Or on upgrading the rare back pieces to exotics for profit.

    • Josh Davis Arenanet

      it’s beyond your ability to comprehend because you’re an autistic neckbeard. clearly you can’t enjoy the simple things in life. LOL?

  • Cameron

    what amor/outfit is the dyes model wearing?

  • Alot

    A ludicrously large project for the lunar new year (which would have required more effort then is currently put into every festival combined) would have been the slow development of a legendary backpack which featured special particle effects on specific move types instead of the standard legendary property of moving parts.

    Make it a blank golden plate which gains an image from the chinese zodiac every time a greater animal back piece is merged with it (rooster image from the rooster, ram from ram ect) and then unlock a skill type related fx every time the next animal was unlocked on the plate.

    Special animations would be tied to skill types which didn’t happen too frequently and would take the shape of very transparent golden fx of the related animals instead of replacing the existing skill.

    Examples would be having a faint,and fading, golden bull charge forward every time you successfully knock a single enemy back, gaining a momentary faint (and fading) golden monkey tail every time you successfully interrupt someone and having a brief rising golden rooster fx everyou time you break a stun on yourself. You could possibly have the image of the related animal on the pack piece glow every time it’s fx triggered

    Including the first 3 zodiac animals would be enough to start the legendary in the mystic forge. Just give the first iteration of the legendary very few states types to choose from and increase the available stats every time the next version is released with another animal.

    • prometheus126

      That would imply Anet would do something awesome, which they never really do.

      • Alot

        Meh, who knows. If people keep suggesting things made up of low effort components, they may eventually implement one by accident.

  • Czan

    Mini Celestial Rooster – minis from GW1 are coming back again!

  • Yhpskabible Paladin

    WHY WON’T A-NET ADD MORE MINING PICK AXES??? Its like that don’t realize there are incomplete sets. I have every complete set of unlimited harvesting tools on my account and there are STILL no mining picks to go with the ice wasp axe, dream axe, magnifying glass axe, skritt sickle, consortium sickle and now this rooster sickle! WTF???

  • Waffles_Of_Doom

    Girls in my guild spent all night talking about having a cock on their back with 2 lanterns dangling…gonna be an interesting year

    • Eric Y

      Don’t forget the new glider – a flying cock…

  • Zenith

    More freaking backpacks. The game mocks itself.

  • Lilia

    Anyone has a problem to connect with the game, official web site and forum ???? Since new patch i can’t acces to the game, the website and the forum, and i dont have acces to the help site too… (sorry for my bad english)

    • Qnrad

      Nope, expect unstable servers everything is OK

  • Rod Weiler

    I would actually want to know what is the rough magic find percentage to break even on the Divine Lucky Envelopes. I’m not entirely sure if I want to sacrifice my money with around 200% base MF to find out.

    • nadrian3k

      From what i know MF doesn’t effect anything BUT mob-drops. Nothing else other then mob-drops is effected by MF in any way shape or form.

      • Rod Weiler

        Did you read the description of the envelopes?

        • nadrian3k

          Nop.. if it says MF effects’s bullshit. I have max passive MF + the shit u get from crackers. Opened a ton of them so far and only got 2 golden trash that sell for 8g + 3 yellow backpieces (no exo backpiece).

          But 50000000000000000000000000000000000% extra MF out of 0% drop is still 0% drop.

          • Rod Weiler

            Alright then. Can’t argue with that exact math 😀

            • Man Man Lau

              e.g. With 0.1% rare drop rate, even you can make it to 1000% MF, you still need to open 100 box to guarantee one. rare drop still is rare drop, even your chance is 10 times better.

              • Glaurung

                Envelopes aren’t about rare drops though. They’re about trash items dropping regularely you can resell for profit. You have a guaranteed trash item in every envelope, MF increases the chances of rarer ones though.
                And it definitely makes a difference, trust me
                *sitting on my 5 accounts with 80 envelopes a day*

          • Eric Y

            You opened with relatively low MF. Max passive is around 300% (depending on achievement bonuses) + 10/15% for fireworks. See above for my experience with 750% MF.

      • Eric Y

        The envelopes are affected by MF. My experience after opening a couple of thousand (with 750% MF) compared to my guildies’ experience (with around 200% MF): I found around an average 40% profit vs their average 25% profit. I include in profit the gold from the trophies plus the value of the back pieces (but excluding any profit from upgrading the back pieces and the negligible value of food / fireworks).

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