Black Desert Fame Levels and Payout Guide

A guide to the new fame system added to Black Desert Online on Jan 18 Game Update.

What is Fame?

Fame is a new system added on the Jan 18 Game Update that is basically a score of your character’s combat levels, life skill levels, and energy/contribution. Each score is ranked against a tier list and you get a daily payout of silvers in your mail depending on your tier.

To see your fame, press P to open up your character window and look at the top right.


Fame Tiers and Payout

Combat Fame – Combat levels of all your characters count towards this. Character of level 56 and up will get twice the fame points and characters of level 60 and above will get 5 times the fame points.

Life Fame – The life levels of all characters count towards this. This is calculated less straightforward. Only life skills that are professional or above count for this.

  • Professional (1-10) 31-40
  • Artisan (1-10) 41-50
  • Master (1-30) 51-80
  • Guru (1-20) 81-100
  • (Total levels of Professional/Artisan/Master)/2 + (Total Guru Levels) + 1 = Life Score

Special Fame – Adds up your knowledge and contribution to get this. Basically your gained knowledge/10 and then add your contribution points. You can see your gained knowledge by pressing H and look at the bottom right. 

The max daily payout you can get is 1.75 million silvers per day.

Combat Fame Tier Daily Payout (Silver) Life Fame Tier Daily Payout (Silver) Special Fame Tier Daily Payout (Silver)
15-300 200k 10-150 100k 50-400 50k
301-600 350k 151-300 175k 401-80 87k
601-900 500k 301-450 250k 801-1200 125k
901-1200 650k 451-600 325k 1201-1600 160k
1201-1500 800k 601-750 400k 1601-2000 200k
1501+ 1 mil 751+ 500k 2001+ 250k

Collecting Fame Payout

You will get fame payout in your mail everyday at midnight. If you don’t login for a couple of days, the fame payout will accumulate.

Combat Fame Benefits

Characters between level 15 and 55 can claim a combat XP buff of 20% that lasts for 60 minutes. This will show up in your daily rewards interface.


  • Onineko

    2kk is not a big deal so imho it’s not worth rushing. It will happen occasionally anyway ^^

  • Nadiir

    “The max daily payout you can get is 1.75 million silvers per day.” How come some claim to get way over 2 mil?

    • Lu

      It might be that they havent logged in for 2 days and then when they do login all the payouts get added up. So for example i get 500k a day, if i dont log in for one day but do the day after that i get 1mil, 500k for the day i didnt log in and 500k for that day i came to collect the silver. hope that makes sense.

  • I am concerned about what this will do to the economy. With so many players having an instantaneous and sustained income increase even with doing nothing, am I the only one to be more concerned over goldselling etc? or even just normal gameplay moneysinks. Having such an increase will surely devalue expensive items to players, and so powercreep of the level of armour for players increases? I guess we will see, but the game does appear to be throwing all manner of gold and loot at players in these last months.

    • 1 mil a day is nothing, you can get like 2 mil every 30 mins grinding.

      • Chainezo

        at pirates i get ~10mil/h in silver, same for sausans with a duo party and at a ton of other spots you can get more than that. This is basicaly nothing

    • Onineko

      It wont ruin anything, this will be just a nice help for casual players, but thos who grind hard wont even feel it. Obviously it’s nice to gain, but it’s not a big deal 🙂

    • Sunny Saru

      I dont know if you even played the game properly, but theres no way of direct player to player trading in this game? So enlighten me on how gold sellers can trade gold.

  • loseordietrying

    My friend hadn’t logged on since a month after launch and just accumulated all those days worth in one go. Nice bug. 😛

  • As for Combat Fame Benefits – you are talking only about “[Combat Fame Reward] Faster and Stronger I”, but there are 5 levels of this reward which gives 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% combat XP buff.

    • Renira

      Do you know what determines the value on these? My hubby and I both have 40% so I don’t have another value to compare against.

      • It’s probably determined by combat fame tier. I have 1355 combat fame, so I’m in 5th tier.

  • Jiahao Huang

    Haven’t logged in for like 2 months, got in game with 15.5m silver in mail for my fame, but all my fame pts are the lowest tier, whut.

    • shhfiftyfive

      mine were pretty low. had 100mil in the mail waiting for me. now i get 625,000 per day.

  • SU EZ

    Logged in after 6 month, still #1 Gathering, #15 Level, #17 Processing, #2 Money, #15 Trading, Got 90 millions per mail in first mail.

    • שחר בן שטרית

      Haha same, this is awesome

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