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Revelation Online What to Expect in CBT3

Revelation Online CBT3 content guide. CBT3 will be running from Jan 19 to Feb 2. This is a work in progress.

With Revelation Online CBT3, the level cap will be increased to Level 69 and a host of new content and gearing options will open up.


General Features

Level Cap

Level Cap will be increased two fold from CBT1. It will be raised to 69 from level 49. Now this increase is quite significant because each level cap has its own content, PvP brackets, and gear progression. Two weeks will not be enough to all of the 50-59 and 60-69 content and get properly geared so you will need to just to cope and do the best you can.

There exists a mechanic to cap all the players on a server at 49,59,and 69 until sufficient number of players on that server has reached the same level. This is a gating mechanism to prevent people from getting too far ahead.

  • You need 400 players to reach Level 49 and a server that has been live for 6 days to progress beyond 49. This will also automatically unlock once a server has been live 15 days
  • You need 400 players to reach Level 59 and a server that has been live for 20 days to progress beyond 59. This will also automatically unlock once a server has been live 40 days


The CBT servers have been live for ~30 days already assuming nothing screwed up so everyone should be able to get past 49 and 59 provided there are 400 players or more that have reached those caps. Nonethless this is a good reference for OBT.

New Demonslayer Ranks

In addition to level cap increase, you will also be able to increase your Demonslayer Ranks, which allow to you to purchase materials for 50-59 gear, 60-69, and better gems.

With a 59 cap you will be able to reach Demonslayer Rank 5 and with a 69 cap you will be able to reach Demonslayer Rank 7.

Demonslayer Rank Level Requirement Merit Points Requirement Merit Points Max
1 30    
2 40 100 1000
3 45 1000 2000
4 50 2000 4000
5 55 4000 6000
6 60 6000 7000
7 65 7000 9000
8 70 9000  
9 75    
10 80    

To purchase level 50-59 gear materials you will need to reach Demonslayer Rank 4/5 and to purchase Level 60-69 gear materials you will need to reach Demonslayer rank 6/7. To reach Demonslayer Rank 6 you will need to complete the achievement in Grand Bulwark Expert mode where you don’t hit by any of the slam attacks on the last boss (it is the mechanic where you need to jump consecutively to avoid the attack). This can be done on one star expert mode easily since you can have players just stand on the platforms that spawn (one player per platform).

New Gearing Materials

With the new 59 and 69 cap there are new materials required to synthesis you gear from the Order of Guardians/Demonslayer.

  • Level 50-59 mats will come from Grand Bulwark (Normal, Hard and Expert). Normal/Hard can be done once a day for materials while Expert mode can be done twice is a week and is the source of most of your materials.
  • Level 60-69 mats will come from two sources: Mech Citadel and Misty Hollow. Mech Citadel (Normal, Hard, and Expert) and Misty Hollow Level 60 version will drop these materials.

Badge System

Badge is an equipment slot that unlocks at Level 50. You get a level 2 badge from completing the Level 55 story which is fairly decent with 2 stats. To make better quality badges, you will need to buy fragments from either the Guardian vendors or the PvP vendor.


You can salvage Bracteates into fragments: Level 1 yields 3 fragments, Level 2 yield 9 fragments, Level 3 yield 27 fragments and so on.

At the Guardian vendor you have a couple of choices.You can buy the basic Level 1 Badge box for 3600 Demonslayer points once a week. This only require level 50. If you have the temporary 7 day item from reaching max merit contribution for the week for your Demonslayer weekly progress bar, you can also purchase more fragments at Demonslayer Rank 4 and 6 for 1350 Demonslayer points (single fragment) or 3600 Demonslayer points (package of 3 fragments)


At the PvP vendor you also have the same purchase options but if you already purchased your Level 1 box for the week from the Guardian vendor you can’t get another box.

The next part is visiting Jela Dora NPC and make your badges. It takes 3 badge fragments to make a Level 1 badge The it takes three Level 1 badgess or 9 Badge Fragments to make a Level 2. Level 3 requires 27 Badge Fragments or three Level 2 badges. This is a timegated process that can make many months to reach the highest level (5 and 6) for the gold badges.



Level 4 and above Badges allow you to place runes on them, which applies a passive effect. To get runes you will need to purchase them from Guardian or Military Vendors. They require fairly high ranks such as the Guardian vendor requiring Guardian Rank 6.This will only give you the lowest blue quality rune. To get better runes such as purple or gold runes you will need to do some weekly event and place top 3.


Each badge can only have two gold runes and a maximum of 2 identical runes. To place runes on them you click on the magnifying glass next to the badges

  • Level 4 Badge allow you to place 3 runes
  • Level 5 Badge allow you to place 4 runes
  • Level 6 Badge allow you to place 5 runes.



Talisman is an equipment slot that unlocks at Level 59. You will need to do Tower of Pain Hardmode which is a level 59 dungeon you can do 3 times per week.


Inside you will find a NPC standing outside the first boss, talk to him and get a weekly quest. This weekly quest can be only done once a week.


Defeat the third boss to get Doloar Leaf from the weekly quest which you can then talk to the NPC outside the dungeon (Fo Foxbush) and have him make these talisman for you.


You will need to first convert the Doloar Leaf into a green version by using 40x Hematite. Then pick the second option when talking to the NPC and he will make a talisman for you.  The talisman you get is random in terms of quality (green, blue, purple, gold) and stats.


Better quality talisman have more stats you can activate once you reach a certain level. Gold quality talisman have special effects that can be activated.


The talisman have several stats, some of which are only enabled after you reach a certain level on the talisman. Take a look at the stats on this gold talisman for example.The stats inside the red box are fixed stats that cannot be changed via recasting. The stats inside the blue box are activated once you reach a certain level on the talisman and the stat you get is a random amount within the specified amount. You cannot change the type of these stats inside the blue box but you can recast to change the stat amount to be another number within the specified range.


You can level up your talisman by pressing N and click on this button to place your talisman inside. It will consume Moonlight Crystals which can be obtained by salvaging crappy talisman you get from doing Tower of Pain dungeon. There is a weekly limit on how much you Moonlight Crystals you can use per week to level up the talisman. You will get a stat increase on the talisman once it reaches the next level. Better quality talisman will be harder to level (i.e. gold talisman are harder to level than green talisman).


Even if you do get a crappy talisman, leveling it is not a waste as you can transfer the experience to a better talisman once you obtain one.To do this you will need to pick the 3rd option when talking to the NPC after completing Tower of Pain hardmode. The total experience of the source talisman must be higher than the destination talisman for the transfer to work. Depending on the quality difference between the source and destination talisman, you may get less levels on your destination talisman since the amount of experience to level an amulet varies with the quality.


To recast the talisman, you need to visit the same NPC and pick the 4th option. This will allow you to change the value of your “activated stats” but you cannot change the type. Only stats that are already activated by reaching a certain talisman level can be recast. This process consumes the same Moonlight Crystals for upgrading your talisman.

PvE Dungeons

Grand Bulwark

Grand Bulwark is the dungeon for the level 50-59 bracket. It has 4 modes with the toughest mode being a 10 man raid.


  • Easy (Level 50) – 2/day, doesn’t drop much so most people don’t bother with this unless for demonslayer points.
  • Normal (Level 52) – 1/day, give some 50-59 mats.
  • Hard (Level 55) – 1/day, also known as as Battle Royale on CN servers, source for 50-59 mats and skill books.
  • Expert (Level 55) – 2/week, drops majority of the Level 50-59 crafting mats.

You will encounter three bosses in Grand Bulwark. First boss is optional and you will only face him if you win the rock, paper,scissors match with the NPC. Third boss is actually two bosses. You beat up the third boss and he will transform into another form to restart the fight.



Tower of Pain

Tower of Pain is the 5 man dungeon similar to Mushin Tower from Blade and Soul. You fight bosses on various floors with a time limit of 30 minutes. It is the only place to get your Talisman.


  • Easy (Level 50) – 1/day. This wasn’t in the CN version, not sure what it drops.
  • Normal (Level 59) – 1/day. This replaces the Misty Hollow trial. Level 59 players should do this instead for better XP.
  • Hard (Level 60) – 3/week has stated this has a level 60 entry requirement but on CN servers this has a level 59 entry requirement. This is the only place to get your Talismans.

While there are 7 bosses, most players only kill the first 3 for their Talisman in the hardmode. You will need very good gear to clear all 7 bosses under 30 minutes. Wiping on any boss will punish your group as all your group members will be sent to a special lava instance where you have to defeat a bunch of trash mobs before coming back to your floor.


Misty Hollow

Misty Hollow has a 10man hardmode version that drops gear material for 60-69 content. You can do this twice a week. It is much shorter than Mech Citadel and similar to the 5 man Misty Hollow with some additional bosses and mechanics. You will need to be level 60 to enter.

Mech Citadel

Mech Citadel is the main level 60-69 dungeon. It is much longer than previous dungeons and features four bosses. The long part isn’t the boss fight but the numerous trash and puzzles you have to clear to get to the bosses.


  • Normal (Level 60) – 2/day. Drops skill books.
  • Hard (Level 62) – 1/day. Drops 60-69 mats.
  • Hard (Level 60) – 2/day. 10 man version. Drops 60-69 mats.
  • Expert (Level 65) – 1/week. 10 man version. Main source of 60-69 mats.
  • Expert (Level 65) – 1/week. 20 man version. Main source of 60-69 mats.


New Activities

Faerie Funland

This activity has been canceled for CBT3 due to translation issues

Faerie Funland is a new weekly activity you can do every Tuesday and Saturday from 6 AM to 11:30 PM server time (pacific). This is a really fun and rewarding activity that is the key to obtain Soul Grid materials and a set of earrings. You will need to be Level 35 to participate I this activity but it has next to no combat.


This map is made up of 64 tiles. You play by purchasing play tickets from the NPC inside the entrance and roll the dice on the top right corner of your screen. Your dice roll will dictate which tile you need to run to (marked by a golden down arrow). Each tile has a different activity and there are ~15 different activities in the entire map. Successfully completing the activity will earn you reward tickets that you can use to purchase materials to upgrade your earrings. Once you make it to the end of the map, you will get a reward chest with many tickets and some rare materials.


Some of the fun activities you can expect includes Sumo Wrestling, dodging Medusa while rescuing NPCs, and jumping puzzles located above a pit of lava.


Adventure Guild

Adventure Guild is a new organization that opens up to players that are level 50 or above. It is basically similar to the reputation bulletin boards you can run for the various factions. The main base for the adventurer guild is southeast of Sulan. There is a bulletin board for the Grade E and D adventure tasks as well as the vendor.


Adventurer guild does offer costumes for reaching certain ranks.

C Rank Outfit


A Rank Outfit


Deathly Atoll

Deathly Atoll, also known as pirate island, is a daily activity that is available from 7 pm server time (pacific) to midnight. You can attend this activity by hitting O and then scroll down to Event-Deathly Atoll. Click on any of the three locations to be autopathed to the location.


This is a PvP event with PvE objectives on a special island. There are two daily quests you can pick up right outside the entrance. The first one requires you to pick up a Pirate Loot crate and carry back to any of the NPCs at the spawn points.


The second one requires you to kill elite monsters at a specific location that will drop Darkscale Spirits you can pick up. Pick up three of them to complete the quest.


Completing these two events will grant you Damaged Treasure Maps you can consume/trade in for Pirate reputation and Pirate Silver. Pirate Silver can be used to trade in for items at the vendors outside the entrance for PvP gems and costumes.


Strife Outfit (requires Ore Card reputation)


Deerchaser Outfit (requires Black Card reputation)


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