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Revelation Online Cashshop and Top Up available in CBT3

Revelation Online Cashshop and Top Up Features will be available in CBT3 starting today.



In addition to the new content being tested in CBT3, we are introducing additional services for all of our CBT3 players! Today we shall enable our Top-Up services and incrementally enrich the service with our Founders Pack redeeming system among many other handy features.


For this occasion, we have enabled the in-game cash shop with a handful of selected goodies and are allowing our players who wish to top-up early to do so and benefit from an offer which is exclusive to CBT3!

Anyone who top-ups during CBT3 will instantly receive his/her currency (Aurum) and be able to use it to explore the features and content provided by our in-game store. You can freely try out anything within the in-game store without remorse as we will wipe the server prior to our Open Beta Launch.

All top-ups made until February 2nd, 13:00 CET will be entirely refunded to your game account for our Open Beta launch with an additional 15% extra courtesy currency.

So feel free to jump at this tremendous opportunity to make your game experience more comfortable and have a significant extra boost in currency for the upcoming Open Beta.

EN TopUp

Keep an eye on our news page for future updates on the Cash Shop! Don’t forget to ‘Like us’ on Facebook, join us on Discord and follow the game’s development on Twitter @RevOnlineGame for all the latest developer updates and news

Top Up Prices


Cashshop Prices

Daily Tab

Ausgyth Points/PvP Rewards


Item Description Aurem USD
Jigsaw Spirit Shaper Box Opening it will yield one random item you can exchange for Ausgyth points 9 $0.11-0.13
Nine Chain Chest Opening it will yield ten random item you can exchange for Ausgyth points 90 $1.1-1.3
General’s Trinket x8 Use General’s Trinket after a battleground to earn extra War Medals and Army Coins 98 $1.20-1.43

Daily Amenity


Item Description Aurem USD
Vanisher’s Scroll Can teleport to any portal at anytime. 2 $0.02-$0.03
Vanisher’s Scroll x12 20 $0.24-$0.29
Windrider Feathers Using it will increase non-combat levity skill recovery speed by 100% for 15 minutes 3 $0.04-$0.04
Windrider Feathers x12 30 $0.37-$0.44
Egret Feather Can quickly reset cooldown time ofr Spacetime Zap 2 $0.02-$0.03
Egret Feather x12 20 $0.24-$0.29
Ornate Cotton Pack Adds 24 backpack slots 498 $6.09-$7.27
Backpack Expander 2 $0.02-$0.03
Backpack Expander x12 20 $0.24-$0.29
Ausgyth Gift Crate Can send gifts to other player’s corners. 18 $0.22-$0.26



Item Description Aurem USD
Vanisher’s Conch Let your voice heard in every corner of the world 3 $0.04-$0.04
Vanisher’s Conch x12 30 $0.37-$0.44
Astral Greatvoice Let your voice heard in all worlds 98 $1.20-1.43



Item Description Aurem USD
Divine Power Fragment Use it to activate additional attribute pages. Lasts 7 days 38 $0.46-0.55
Immortal Scroll Fragment Use it to activate additional skill pages. Lasts 7 days 38 $0.46-0.55

Support Items


Item Description Aurem USD
Large Whimsy Bead Pouch Using it will increase whimsy by 1000. Whimsy allow you to consume extra Ascension essences from the weekly cap. 18 $0.22-0.26
Large Magic Pill Increase XP from monsters by 100% for 30 mins. 28 $0.34 –0.41
Restorative Philter Restore all HP and Mana. Useable for Level 1-44 players 5 $0.06-0.07
Panacea Restore all HP and Mana. 300 seconds cooldown 48 $0.59-0.70
Tome of Forgiveness Manuscript Remove all slayer value, 24 hr cooldown 88 $1.08-1.28
Journey from Lampyr Increase XP from traval quests by 100% for 30 minutes. 9 $0.11-0.13
Journey from Lampyr x12 90 $1.10-1.31
Heritage Rites Ritual Boost Pill Increase Heritage Rites Ritual efficacy between Mentor and Follower by 2x. 28 $0.34-0.41
Wrath Drink Use it to add 75 points to the left and right special skills 48 $0.59-0.7

Priceless Tab



Item Description Aurem USD
Divine Phantom Daoism Helps 3 star special skills and level 3+ enlightenment 28 $0.34-0.41
Divine Phantom Sigil Necessary equipment for 3-star special skill cultivation and Level 9+ Dao Focus 198 $2.42-2.89
Special Skill-Broken Seals Used to buy 3 star special skills and upgrade special skills. 48 $0.59-0.7

Soul Grids


Item Description Aurem USD
Green Fire x10 Used for Level 2-4 Spirit Crystal combinations 30 $0.37-0.44
PvE Mark Contract I Use it to change the ownership of Level 2 or lower PvE Mark 4 $0.05-0.06
PvE Mark Contract II Use it to change the ownership of Level 3 or lower PvE Mark 18 $0.22-0.26
PvE Mark Contract III Use it to change the ownership of Level 2 or lower PvE Mark. Four of the same PvE Mark Contracts can be combined together to form a high level PvE Mark Contract 68 $0.83-0.99



Item Description Aurem USD
Red Ticket Used to upgrade 2 Argent Phlogiston to Red Phlogiston 28 $0.34-0.41
Tier Bead x6 Used for Advanced Equipment Tier Breakthrough 8 $0.10-0.12
Carved Rune I Used to replace Mist series Gold Materials 12 $0.15-0.18
Glass Firestone Used for exquisite crafting to make better quality handcrafted gear 48 $0.59-0.70
Glass Firestone x11 480 $5.87-$7.01

One Time Purchase Packs


Item Aurem USD
Starter Helper pack 98 $1.2-1.43
Emerald Experience Pack 398 $4.86-5.81
Ladies’ Pack 998 $12.20-14.57
Decisive Force XP Pack 1988 $24.30-29.02

Premium Packs

Each costs 128 Aurem and lasts for 30 days ($1.56-1.87)


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9 replies on “Revelation Online Cashshop and Top Up available in CBT3”

There’s nothing wrong with a cash shop as long as you can get everything thats needed to play at top lvl for equal or less than it would cost for a sub.

There is everything wrong with one. You don’t sell ingame stats in a cash shop. It’s why games like Warframe are successes and games like this will tank so hard that they will be the running joke for all of two days before everyone forgets they exist.

Extremely overpriced Aurum. Those conversion rates are god awful. $10 should = 900-1000 Aurum. THAT is reasonable. I feel bad for people that spend any more than $5 on this.

So far I love this system. People will call it P2W, P2Progress, whatever, but the fact is you expect a powerful in-game shop from any so-called “F2P” model. I plan to budget around €15/mo. for consumables to stay competitive, comparing that to a subscription cost in other MMOs, and by the looks of it it’ll cost even less than that. Further, I can choose which buffs and perks are important to me and when, which lowers the cost in the long run.

I don’t see anything from the Founder Packs on offer here other than the consumables, which we already expected would be on offer in the shop, so I don’t know what the other poster is talking about. No outfit, no mounts, nothing we bought the FPs for.

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