SWTOR Galactic Command Gearing Changes in 5.1

Biioware has released a detailed post on all aspects of the gearing changes we can expect in 5.1.

Galactic Command Gearing Changes, 5.1 and Beyond | 01.20.2017, 01:04 PM

Hey folks,

Since the launch of Knights of the Eternal Throne, we have received a lot of great feedback about the gearing changes we made through Galactic Command. In this post, I want to highlight the changes we are making next week. However, we know this will not address all of your concerns, so let’s also talk about additional changes we plan to make.

Our primary goal for Game Update 5.1: Defend the Throne was to allow players to work towards specific pieces of gear through PvP and Operations. Additionally, we wanted to provide a means to help players gear their other Characters. Here are the changes coming next week:

  • New currency: Command Tokens – This currency comes from Command Crates. Each Crate will drop Command Tokens based on the Tier of the Crate (Tier 1 – 5 tokens, Tier 2 – 8 tokens, Tier 3 – 12 tokens). These tokens are a Legacy-wide currency and will be retroactively granted (based on your Command Rank) when 5.1 launches.
  • New currency: Unassembled Components – This currency is a reward for playing Warzones and Galactic Starfighter and can be used to purchase Unassembled Gear Pieces.
  • New currency: Unassembled Gear Piece – These drop from Operation bosses or are purchased with Unassembled Components and can be turned in along with Command Tokens for specific pieces of gear. The last boss of each Operation has a 100% chance to drop Unassembled Gear Pieces (2 pieces for 8-man, 4 pieces for 16-man). Each other boss in an Operation has an increasing chance to drop them (the second boss having a higher chance than the first boss, and so on). Refer to this forum post to see where each item slot will drop.

With these new currencies, players will be able to go to new vendors and purchase specific items. Here are some of the vendor details:

  • Unassembled Component Vendor: On this vendor you can turn in Unassembled Components to purchase a specific Unassembled Gear Piece. You can only purchase Tier 1 Unassembled Pieces in this way. However, you can turn in Tier 1 pieces along with Unassembled Components to upgrade them to Tier 2 and 3 respectively. Refer to this forum post for more details on this vendor.
  • Unassembled Gear Piece Vendor: With this vendor you can turn in one Unassembled Gear Piece for a specific slot (ex: Unassembled Helm Tier 1) along with Command Tokens for that respective piece of gear. Refer to this forum post for more details on this vendor.

The changes listed above are really focused on allowing players to work towards a specific piece of gear. However, we also wanted to allow players to level their alts a bit quicker and so here are some of the changes coming for that:

  • New Character Legacy Perk: Increase all Command XP Earned by 2/4/6/8/10%.
  • New Command XP Boost: This can be purchased with Command Tokens and provides a 15% boost (this boost stacks with the Legacy perk but not the MTX boost). This boost only works per Tier at the following costs:
    • Tier 1 – 20 Command Tokens
    • Tier 2 – 28 Command Tokens
    • Tier 3 – 44 Command Tokens

The above changes are coming next week with Game Update 5.1! Additional concerns you have raised are listed below:

Operations Lacking for CXP
We have been looking at all of the places that players can earn CXP and although our intent is that Operations (especially Veteran/Master) would be the best source of CXP, that is not true currently. We have been working to rebalance the CXP gains of Operations across the board so that they are at least on-par with the best sources of CXP in the game. We plan to include these changes with Patch 5.1.1, but we will give you more information on scheduling once we lock it down.

Galactic Command Gearing Alt-unfriendly
One of the biggest concerns expressed is Galactic Command forces a player into working only on one character. Although that wasn’t our intention, we agree with you. For starters, in 5.1 we are implementing the Legacy-wide currency of Command Tokens, legacy bound boosts you can purchase with Command Tokens, and the legacy perk to speed up leveling. We know that isn’t enough, so we are exploring additional options so that when you are playing any character, there is a way to potentially provide benefit to all other characters in your legacy as well. I have no specifics to share at this time, but I am working to have more details available for our January 26th Livestream.

Command Rank Leveling Speed
We monitor Command Ranks across the game, along with player feedback on the rate at which players are leveling. The Legacy perk and additional boost will help speed up leveling, but we will continue to review. Let’s see how it feels after 5.1. We’ll discuss with you and make further adjustments, if needed.

New Endgame Content
We know addressing the gearing concerns is only half of the equation. Whether it came from the forums, social media, or even focus groups, the feedback is that you want more large group and MMO content such as daily areas and Operations. We will be discussing these very topics in our Livestream next Thursday, January 26, 2017, so come join us!

We want to thank all of your for your continued feedback about Galactic Command. Please keep it coming!


Unassembled Gear Pieces and Where to Find Them | 01.20.2017, 02:53 PM
Hey folks,

As explained in our Galactic Command Thread, Unassembled Gear Pieces are a way for players to work towards getting a specific gear slot and tier. Below you will find a list of each Operation boss that has a guaranteed drop of the pieces, and which one they drop. Note that only the last boss of each Operation is guaranteed, but every other boss has a chance to drop any slot. Each of these bosses will drop two pieces in 8-man and four pieces in 16-man.

Here are the drops for Tier 1 and Tier 2 gear which come from Story and Veteran difficulty respectively:

  • Implant/Earpiece: Eternity Vault – Soa (The Infernal One)
  • Relic: Karagga’s Palace – Karagga the Unyielding
  • Chest: Explosive Conflict – Warlord Kephess
  • Legs: Terror From Beyond – The Terror From Beyond
  • Hands: Scum and Villainy – Dread Master Styrak
  • Boots: The Dread Fortress – Dread Master Brontes
  • Head: The Dread Palace – The Dread Masters
  • Off-hand: The Ravagers – Ruugar
  • Mainhand: Temple of Sacrifice – Revan
  • Bracer: Makeb – The Golden Fury (and Eyeless from the Rakghoul event)
  • Belt: Ziost – Worldbreaker Monolith (and Xenoanalyst from the Gree event)

Here are the drops for Tier 3 which come from Master difficulty unless otherwise noted:

  • Relic and Implant: Explosive Conflict – Warlord Kephess
  • Legs and Earpiece: Terror From Beyond – The Terror From Beyond
  • Hands and Chest: Scum and Villainy – Dread Master Styrak
  • Boots and off-hand: The Dread Fortress – Dread Master Brontes
  • Head and mainhand: The Dread Palace – The Dread Masters
  • Implant (chance to drop in Veteran mode): The Ravagers – Ruugar
  • Relic (chance to drop in Veteran mode): Temple of Sacrifice – Revan
  • Bracer (chance to drop in Veteran mode):: Makeb – The Golden Fury and Eyeless from the Rakghoul event
  • Belt (chance to drop in Veteran mode):: Ziost – Worldbreaker Monolith and Xenoanalyst from the Gree event

Let me know if you have any questions or anything is unclear. Thanks everyone!


Unassembled Components and Their Vendor | 01.20.2017, 02:56 PM
Hey folks,

As we talked about in the Galactic Command Thread, Unassembled Components are a way for PvP players to work towards a specific piece of gear. First we will talk about how many Components you get from playing PvP and then I will show you the costs of each item from the vendor.

This list is how many Unassembled Components you get based on the content you play:

  • 5 – Warzone Win
  • 2 – Warzone Loss
  • 3 – Arena Win
  • 1 – Arena Loss
  • 5 – Solo Ranked Win
  • 2 – Solo Ranked Loss
  • 8 – Group Ranked Win
  • 3 – Group Ranked Loss
  • 8 – GSF Win
  • 3 – GSF Loss

Now let’s talk about item costs from the vendor. The following costs are to purchase Tier 1 Unassembled Gear Pieces:

  • Chest – 100
  • Legs – 100
  • Head – 100
  • Hands – 100
  • Feet – 100
  • Waist – 75
  • Wrist – 75
  • Implant – 80
  • Earpiece – 80
  • Relic – 80
  • Mainhand – 120
  • Off-hand – 120

Keep in mind that Tier 1 is the only Tier that you can directly purchase. In order to get a Tier 2 or 3 Unassembled piece, you will need to turn in the previous Tier armor piece along with X amount of Unassembled Components (listed below). As an example if you wanted to get the Tier 2 Unassembled Chest Piece, you would need to go to the vendor with a Tier 1 chest piece and 150 Unassembled Components. This will then give you a Tier 2 Unassembled Chest Piece which you can turn in. Here are the Tier 2 and 3 costs:

  • Chest – 150/225
  • Legs – 150/225
  • Head – 150/225
  • Hands – 150/225
  • Feet – 150/225
  • Waist – 115/175
  • Wrist – 115/175
  • Implant – 120/180
  • Earpiece – 120/180
  • Relic – 120/180
  • Mainhand – 180/270
  • Off-hand – 180/270

Let me know if you have any questions or anything is unclear. Thanks everyone.


Unassembled Pieces and Command Token Costs | 01.20.2017, 02:59 PM
Hey folks,

As we talked about in the Galactic Command Thread, Game Update 5.1 will introduce methods for you to work towards getting specific pieces of Tier gear. A big part of that will be from Unassembled Gear Pieces. Those Pieces can drop from Operations bosses or purchased from the new PvP vendor for Unassembled Components. Once you have the piece, you will need to bring it to a new vendor on the fleet where you can purchase that specific piece of gear. As an example, if you have a Tier 1 Unassembled Head Piece you will be able to come to the vendor and purchase any Tier 1 head piece of your choice. Each Unassembled Piece also has a Command Token cost to purchase them, let’s break those down. The costs will be listed by slot and then the Command Token cost by Tier (Tier 1/Tier 2/ Tier 3). Here they are:

  • Chest – 10/15/24
  • Legs -10/15/24
  • Head -10/15/24
  • Hands -10/15/24
  • Feet -10/15/24
  • Waist – 7/10/15
  • Wrist – 7/10/15
  • Implant – 8/12/18
  • Earpiece – 8/12/18
  • Relic – 8/12/18
  • Mainhand – 12/18/28
  • Off-hand – 12/18/28

As a reminder, you earn Command Tokens in each Command Crate that you open. You earn them at the following rate per crate:

  • Tier 1 – 5
  • Tier 2 – 8
  • Tier 3 – 12

Lastly, there are new Command XP Boosts that you can buy for Command Tokens. These boosts only work while a character is in a specified Tier. They provide a 15% boost which stacks with the new legacy perk but not the MTX boost. Here are their costs:

  • Tier 1 – 20
  • Tier 2 – 28
  • Tier 3 – 44

Let me know if you have any questions or anything is unclear. Thanks everyone.


By Dulfy

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181 replies on “SWTOR Galactic Command Gearing Changes in 5.1”

“Since the launch of Knights of the Eternal Throne, we have received a lot of great feedback about the gearing changes we made through Galactic Command.”

…I bet they have…I bet they have. :-p

At first glance I lol’d and thought it was a typical troll post like the ones we post here parodying their ridiculous decisions, but I didn’t find the /s tag so I assume that now even EAware staff trolls themselves.

Mildly satisfied with the numbers, I thought it would be more of a grind to be honest…. though they haven’t really done anything to solve the problem of alt toons gearing. But at least now we can gear 2-3 toons much faster if we do ops.

Just think what might happen if all this effort at polishing this useless turd had gone into something that people actually asked for in the first place…

Just spend 150 mil on gtn and ur full 240 and in legacy gear its usable for all alts that are lvl70
I rly feel for the youngsters and newbees trying to figure out the most complicated gearing system in mmo history
the suitbonus ( which only gives 350 dps) is something they have been hiding since 2.0 and ppl go all in to get it, imagine having 15 alts and try to obtain suitbonus for 7 other classes…

I would say 150 is low for 240s. The mods, armorings, and enhancements go for about 10 million each so thats 30 million each for 5 of the gear pieces and 20 million each for the other 2. so 190 million just for 7 pieces of gear. which means you still need to get your weapon, offhand, ear pieces and relics after that….

2 or 3 hypercratres shd do the trick m8, i dont like it either but swtor has turned to pay to play over the last 2 months

I get that it’s easier to just buy the goods instead of crafted them , but I never understood that type of mindset.

Interesting so GSF counts towards the pvp set too. That is actually decent of them to remember it two updates in a row.

New currency: Unassembled Gear Piece – These drop from Operation bosses or are purchased with Unassembled Components and can be turned in along with Command Tokens for specific pieces of gear. The last boss of each Operation has a 100% chance to drop Unassembled Gear Pieces (2 pieces for 8-man, 4 pieces for 16-man). Each other boss in an Operation has an increasing chance to drop them (the second boss having a higher chance than the first boss, and so on). Refer to this forum post to see where each item slot will drop.

Go die with dat and with your galactic command Bwr and EA.

Bioware “we’re removing the crystal currency because people are too stupid to understand it.
Instead we’re bringing in a whole new overly complicated system that will require you to have a diploma in mathematics to figure out how many components and tokens are required for a full set of gear. Enjoy”


Took me 3 read overs to get to the point I think I understand the new system. Its complex; not mind boggling, just wierd. I wonder what they will change it to for next expansion since effectively they can’t just raise lvl cap to 75 due to command system w/o a whole new overhaul.

(feel free to insert comment below about how some of us don’t have an I.Q. above a banana or somesuch)

For 6.0 they will have to really innovate. I am thinking the Intergalactic Command System. ®

Each crate you open has a chance to play part of the Beastie Boys song Intergalactic. If you reach level 300 again you get a bonus chapter to re-enact the video with HK-55 and HK-51.

So you have to be command rank 111 on one character to get full 242 gear…or have 123 tier 1 command rank legacy wide to have enough tokens to purchase full 242… getting 5 characters to command rank 25 is not that hard… and you then have 1 full BIS toon… and thats just from command ranks… not including the pvp components or ops drops. Alts are back !!!!!!!!!

never thought id say this but well done bioware… there had better be some new ops… and you had better not change this to make it grindier DO NOT NERF

There may be some new OPS in the future and let me emphasize it with the ever popular Soon™, but you can count on it to be a grind fest.

My honest advice for people like me who are early swtor, kotor, and starwars fans in general is too just wait, dont waste your time that needs too many things at once that NEED to be fixed. mmo wise theres WoW and guild wars 2 plus many others that are true mmos. (this shouldnt even have anything to do with multiplayer now, should be lobby based lol) and put your valuable time elsewhere. Going back to wow this september was the best choice i made.

The real question is if they decided to make a Op…how long would it take? They could mash together an Uprising-styled Op full of reskins and such fairly quickly…say six-nine months. A true Op would take much, much longer. And, then there’s the question of the effective start date. I seriously doubt any substantial work has been done on any Op at this point…based on the things I saw with 5.0’s creation.

Sure, it’s nice they finally said the word “Operation” in an official sense. It’s even better that they acknowledged the Op zombie apocalypse outside their doors calling out for “Op’s!” instead of “Brains!”. All good. Now, I’m wondering just what that means to them. And, more specifically, if anyone is still capable of creating an Op that is worthy of a resub.

A year ago I was willing to give them the benefit of doubt. Now? I might just wait until it drops to see if it’s anything worth throwing money at. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me for two years, shame on me.

Finally, it’s time for them to open up and share a true road map with us. Why sub for just one Op…maybe the last one ever? It’s time to lay the cards on the table. No BS. No vague answers. No avoiding the questions. Man up if you want me to pony up.

(IMHO waiver)

I think 2nd/3rd quarter 2018 would be a fair deadline for a competent raid…given the current variables. That’s also assuming they ditch all plans for everything else other than maintenance. If they are planning on creating Ops…and that’s not a given…then they really dug themselves a hole here. I’m not really sure why they would invest in a course reversal at this point.

I wait with bated breath for next Thursday.

Is it? Oh, good! And I actually mean that, too – no sarcasm. My biggest concern reading over that was that it sounds like a step in the right direction for PvP players and Ops groups, but would leave solo players out in the cold, so to speak. But if the RNG is still there, -in addition to- these new, more direct approaches, that’ll help provide better opportunities for everyone to get better gear more readily. (Although it would still be nice if they’d balance the RNG a bit better, too.)

Yes, this new update is a slight improvement. However, seeing as the pure RNG drops system is utterly terrible, I’d say they have a lot more work ahead of them before they deliver something I (and judging by the reactions everywhere I’d say many more) am willing to invest time and money in.

I know this sounds cheap and that like I’m not willing to pay, but I’m stilling wondering about if you can these tokens and the dark vs light tokens for the vendor of legacy gear without being a sub. After playing the story and running the Uprising there wasn’t much left to do but wait for new content, and I just want the legacy gear from those vendors.

No you need to be a sub to earn anything cxp related. I think it is the same for the dark and light token drops as well.

I had a feeling. Damn, no new ops or pvp maps or modes and now they lock gear behind a pay wall. Well done Bioware.

Does anyone beside me think that when you need this much text just to explain a gear system that it is too convoluted (which is my PC way of saying totally f’n stupid)?

Ofc “no”, old system was sooo “difficult” for players, but new system “so much easier” that bioware once again **** up

So can you turn in gear from crates and crafting, or did they just kill those?

As in, the way it looks to me now, if you get an earpiece from a GC crate or craft one for yourself or buy it off the GTN, you still have to then spend tokens to get the ‘unassembled’ one?

If I’m reading this right, while you can still get gear from crates and crafting/GTN, it’s completely pointless now because you still have to get the same pieces this new way?

If I’m understanding correctly…
Anybody that didn’t save the empty shells is unable to upgrade and will have to purchase lower tier gears before we can upgrade?
For example, I have tier 2 headpiece bonus set and want to upgrade to tier 3 but I sold the fugly helms that dropped from RNG crates.
So I now have to buy a tier one helm for 100 components… (a major downgrade as I already have tier 2)
Upgrade that helm to tier 2 for 150 more components (just a waste of comms unless I need the mods or enhancements)
and finally to get an actual upgrade for my toon… Spend 225 more components to get tier 3?

And in summary… This system is way simpler than 4.0… Thanks BW. :/

yeah but u need the Command level to get Tier 2- and Tier 3. and that can take alot out of someone : /

if i’m not mistaken, its the legendary pieces you can trade at the pvp vendor, so you needed to keep your legendary shells to trade with

That would be both good and bad news. If we can buy legendary from pvp vendors and actually BiS eventually making an even playing field… Great.
While I did save all of my legendary shells and drops… These drops seem incredibly rare.
Command rank 240
3 legendary from tier 2
And 3 from tier 3…

But congratulations to Bioware… Seems after 3 lengthy posts trying to explain what should have been a simplified system. Nobody… Not even them… Fully understand how it will work yet

But I’m pretty sure legendary will only come from RNG crates and have no idea if they are upgradable to the next tier…

Eric posted a update.
Looks like unassembled tokens from ops turn in for legendary gear so hopefully pvp vendors are the same.

so they wantede to make it more simple to get gear?
seems they missed the mark by a few light years, atleast 🙂

Emphasis on this Bioware Quote: “Since the launch of Knights of the Eternal Throne, *****we have received a lot of great feedback***** about the gearing changes we made through Galactic Command.”

They really are trolling the community….

Wish they also put back the old PvP vendors to get at least a 208 set gear. With DPS sages/sorcs literally butchered in 5.0 it would make a lot easier to respec to a healer (yeah my bad, I should’ve bought it before 5.0).

Welcome to Dulfy comments, where no matter what changes are or aren’t made, complaints will be a plenty. Thankfully I don’t care about command crates, I’m just finding the humor of all the moaning even when something people didn’t like gets changed. Oh well, enjoy.

This is just typical Bioware. They bail at the first sign of failure and then they throw something together into a big patchwork mess.

Been here since launch so I get bioware does this (I just give them some credit for trying, which is all I ever ask in a game). Also, being here since 2011 get no matter what’s done comments will say it was wrong.

I think you’re completely wrong or I wouldn’t read comments here. If you’ve thought that all along, why even come back here?

People have lots of reasonably well thought out and articulated stuff to say here and Bioware would do well to read it.

Guess I come back cause of the actual pieces Dulfy posts. While I may not agree with it all they do make an attempt to give fellow players valuable information on the game. Regarding reasonable, well thought out stuff to say: Some actually do have that, most don’t. Whether bioware chooses to read it is up to them. After all they get paid to make these games and we, you and I included, do not.

They get paid to make this game for the moment. I wouldn’t buy a house right now if I were part of Bioware Austin’s leadership team.

Meaning EA is obviously going to wake up and fire some people. They have Star Wars, one of the best IPs out there, and they are running this game into the ground. It should be a license to print money and they are just failing.

This game is the biggest under-performer in the industry and it’s all from mismanagement.

Underperformer in terms of gameplay and development, not in terms of finance. This game is a financial success and will continue to be. Group content is expensive to produce and they stopped doing that.

Financial Successes don’t get called out in earning reports as a primary driver for loss of a revenue segment.

The problem with your argument, and back to earlier point of mine is it is the same i have seen here for years and yet it is still here

“they do make an attempt to give fellow players valuable information on the game”

Yeah only they’re doing this just to convince people to hold off un unsubbing and wait for the next damage control reveal that will change a few things around but not fix any of the core problems.

Big fucking deal. Normally they would be completely silent or brush problems under the rug, but it’s only because of the universal backlash that they are even bothering to address any of this.

They still won’t fix it though. That’ll mean admitting mistakes and removing a game system they wasted so many hours creating. A system that’s supposed to be simpler than the one it replaced.

Well, you can never make all the people happy all the time is a valid saying. However, realize that we are dealing with a team that has consistently taken one step forward and 2 steps back quite often and that can account for the comments as well. I really think it comes to lack of experience.
Ben by his own admission never worked on a video game prior to SWTOR. 3 years into it’s life, he is made the lead producer. Someone who is starting as teller at a bank of america does not become GM of all branches in 3 years.
Can blame EA for putting someone without the leadership experience and genre knowledge in charge of a AAA title. It’s not his fault he’s in this position, I’d have reached for as much of a promotion as I could as well. But, he’s in over his head.
The decision for 4.0/5.0 seemed to be his attempt at being a Steve Jobs and revolutionize the game with changes no one asked for. Perhaps he read the boost in Sub activity due to Force Awakens as due to his changes rather than the film. But as the EA financials showed, sub revenue after that boost went into decline. 5.0 did not enjoy the same boost with Rogue one and now that path he had so boldly blazed down is leading to less and less players.

I understand, what you mean. But in reality you’re an apologist. To use an analogy it’s like, if I burned down a family’s house, but took them out for ice cream. In this case, they are wrong. A huge amount of people have dropped their subs and stopped playing. Myself included.
If their intention is to make money, they failed. Making them wrong by their own set parameters. It was a great game, but this late, a 50% change will not help. They aren’t “trying” to make changes, they are trying to appease people, and adjust as less as they can get away with. Scrapping this system wouldn’t be hard, they already have the code.
It was a good five years, but I don’t think anyone who dropped the game are going back. I can only hope a similar mmo is in the works.

EA will not make another MMO. I would put money on it. The term MMO is right now very unpopular. Devs on MMO’s aren’t using the term. Once this is gone, you won’t get another.

Basically this is going 50% back to the old way of gearing. Sweet deal for PvE players, PvP players are proper f*cked though. Although this way of gearing sure doesn’t sound like “less complicating” which was the basic argument to change the whole gearing scene in the first place.

From what i read it seems like players that love to do GSF and warzones alot will get more stuff to gear up while also doing PvE stuff, so they are not getting shafted, if anything, its the Non-PvP’ers that are getting shafted.

Yep. Best way to grind will be PvPing. If you do ops too you will be sitting pretty. Well sort of. They still have to deal with the artificially slowing down player progression. That ends up hurting them in the long run.
Also all the new AAA games coming out soon has to be a factor. 2 SWTOR writers are working on ME:A that has to be affecting content. And EA will not release any AAA titles too close together after the Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1 debacle.

Grant 230 rated full gear with setbonus for each players who’s are been subbed in the last 2 months of this game retroactively for wasting their money and give back them another 2 months of sub-time , as a compensation for waiting this “useful” update, and I’m maybe not going to vomit on the top of the desk at Bioware’s office cause of these so called cheap-scam-tricks.Oh la la!I can’t wait the next nice exploits to discover them with the fellow players around in their “nice” new gearing system, I’m sure there will be few and We just have to be hyper-vigilant for the first few weeks or easily getting banned/suspsended cause their forced “goods” not going to simple enough for the most of the players to understand the inteded and unintended things like the Gear prices / Conversation rates / Grindvendors etc..

This is the first patch update since July 2015 (Togruta Celebration) that this game is actually going to be better than it was prior to the patch applied. I will try to focus on that positive note, though when you are at the bottom, there’s only one way to go.

Well, you’re right… But it’s one step forward after three steps back, as someone here as pointed out in comments… It’s better than the previous patch, but the previous patch was WAY worse than it should have been lol…

No man. Its like walking down the street, seeing shit, stepping in to it, and then cleaning it. Its not even remotly better than it was before.

5.1 is infinitely better than 5.0 since 5.0 is the absolute zero. Now you can gear the same way you could for the last 2 months, PLUS get gear from ops and pvp. It is by definition better.

I’m speechless. The anger is still boiling deep in my player’s heart. My sub ran out and I won’t renew it. Worse: everything labeled “EA” is pissing me off. Of course, I know i’m stupid and that my anger is deceiving me.

I won’t buy any EA games till that upsetting, ruining feelings are over me. Too bad since I’m a mass effect fanboy.

I did really love SWTOR.

Too bad for them, too bad for me. At least deleting the “Origin” directory gave me a lot more space for other stuff.

Yeah, I have the same problem… Fortunately I did have my ME trilogy bought and payed, but I still want to play Andromeda… But I won’t pay for it, I will download it illegally if I can! Yep, you read it here first, sue me! Hehehehehe…

Having a blast playing Overwatch would love to play an MMO with that graphics engine. First Blizzard game I’ve played since the original Star Craft and gotta say you can instantly tell they play their own games. Ben Irving is obviously running EAware Austin from his cell phone at the golf course.

Does someone know how we will be able to have legendary gear ? Will it be available at gear vendors too ?

i still dont understand what was bad on system where u killed stuff and got tokens in return ,why to ruin the game with such complicated changes ,changed it into p2w ,grinding ,merge pvp and pve gear ,allowing players to get rewards even they are losing ranked matches ,im dissapointed so much ,when i remember how i loved this game …u could have an amazing mmo rpg and instead u did throw it into shts

Revan, The Golden Fury, Eyeless, Worldbreaker Monolith and Xenoanalyst from Master difficulty ?
Can you explain me ?…

So 226-565 WZ’s to get full tier 1 unassembled pieces (1130 components@2-5 per match), then 112 command tokens to get the actual gear?

The command tokens seem easy enough to get. 5 per level in tier 1 means 23 command levels will be enough.

But 226-565 WZ’s depending on win/loss still comes out to an epic grind. At ten minutes each and winning every match, it would take almost 40 hours of constant playing. And that’s if you can get instant queue pops every time.

Along the way you will get some gear from RNG crates, and well, maybe you can do more than just pvp. Having said that, I agree that the unassembled components could have been a little higher.

The way I foresee it, all of us will have an abundance of command tokens.

I only see 3 ways of getting set bonus gear from this post. RNG crates, Ops bosses dropping unassembled pieces(the last being the only guaranteed drop), and unassembled components from pvp to buy unassembled pieces.

The first 2 aren’t guaranteed at all as one is rng and the other is rolled for loot. So the quickest guaranteed path to BiS is regs for me. And that really isn’t very quick.

I’m sure as you said I will pick up some rng drops, and I may go back to raiding if I can find a decent pug, but more than likely I will get bored long before I grind out even tier 2 gear as it’s still all the same content.

Meh, color me unimpressed.

I’m more impressed with the actual communication and fairly fast changes being made in response to this fiasco. I fully expected them to bury their heads and pretend we were all happy like they have every other time.

Well that’s why you join a guild. They run you through the op that you want to get your preferred piece of gear, and you do the same with them to help them out. Having 2-3 op runs a week you can get perhaps 8 set bonus pieces per week (there will be some random drops for sure) and every raid member gets 1. It’s not fast, but it’s the way to go now.

What you said about getting bored long before you grind past Tier 2 is absolutely true of course. I am on Command Rank 56 on my main toon, and I feel somewhat burned out already.

The RNG drops from the command crates will *remain*. This system is not to go from 0-100% gear.
It is to get that one chestpiece that hasn’t been dropping in your last 30 crates when everything showed up twice already.

Good that ive canceled my sub in first half of jan.

They wanted simple system and done something that is way more complicated than system with commendations. Meanwhile they should just give the freaking cxp or just remove it and drop Unassambled components from pretty much any activity in game. Heroics, fps, ops, wz, etc. Calculate values and viola, SYSTEM SIMPLE AS FUCK.

They are going to get hit with tons of complaints for how expensive vendor gear is compared to how long it takes to grind the components. Forsee a change really quick sumilar to when CG came out and they realized it was waaaaaayyyyy too much of a grind.

This was in works or planned about 2 years ago or bit more. This is going as planned to phase out not to make big new content in near future. Plan is to make all scalable (90% already is) and put huge grind into place. So that every time you log in you can progress doing any content but is slow and its ment to be like that.
Bioware Austin does not plan to make huge profit with this game next 1-2 years. It is EA wish to keep this game as it is as long as possible making profit with very little need to invest extra money (basically nothing).
Disney does not plan to invest into this game ever. This game will die eventually itself. But it will happen only if big spenders (Cartel market) leave this game behind.

That’s a pretty detailed answer. More then i hoped for. Thanks, makes more sense now. What to do? This could be an epic game, but easy and fast $$$ are more important.
Anyway, thanks for reply!

Just so you know he is talking out of his ass, none of what he said is in any way official. He’s just guessing.

Yes 2 years ago many predicted and wrote about this on official swtor reddit and a lot came true. Yes its only guessing….

Nothing was wrong with the old gearing system except in Biowares eyes as it was easier to obtain gear, but didn’t promote player retention. Previously Bioware tried the chapter episodic systems,but that didn’t promote player retention. The new gearing system is designed only for player retention . It is to force players to keep their subscriptions longer in order to be able to earn points into the new gearing system since it will take longer to get the necessary points.

Oh god, crying. You’re right ._.
I wish they’d actually give us content to retain us, instead of… making… it… harder to grind…
Unsubbing after this month until they have new content I give a crap about. Already played all 8 stories and kotfe/kotet twice. …I think I’m good.

The old system was far too easy for people to get top gear. You could have a full 220 set inside a week or two and 224 within a month. You could have all your alts geared up in no time too. There was no reward for skill of player or time played. The 5.0 system went too much the other way. It is highly unlikely anyone will get a full 242 set before 6.0 renders it obsolete. The 5.1 method will allow a bit of speeding up to get to full 240 but it is overly complicated and you could end up having a full 240 set whilst still being tier 2 in the command ranks dropping you 234 gear you do not need. They could have fixed it easier by adjusting the cxp points gained from doing things and adjusting the drop rate of gear. And perhaps introduced an option for you for you to pick the piece that dropped. i.e an unassembled token dropped and you can go to a vendor and buy any piece with it. Therefore removing the current issue that RNG can drop pieces you already have. Instead, they decided to complicate it further.

the only part of the game that needs decent gear is Ops. it is not needed for heroics, FPs or uprisings. The rest of the PVE side is way too easy. Sure, the better gear will speed FPs etc up up and maybe allow people with lower skills to get away with completing them but it is not needed. Better gear in PVP helps but the bolster makes it less important.

Lets see. I don´t want to raid in an mmo anymore like 10 years ago when I had 10 times less RL. No gear for me, got it.
I don´t want to be forced to PvP like crazy in my spare time in a computer game and be completely dependant on other players who, in most cases, don´t have a bloody clue how to PvP. No gear for me, got it.
Normal PvE content doesn´t provide any kind of reward, like in the well made gearing system of KotFE, got it.

Cya EA, unsub inc. Go fu.. yourself btw.

Still see no reason to resub again. It did hurt to turn my back on SWTOR after 5 years of subbing. But first they drove away my f2p friends taking away the ops/pvp passes.
And the story just isn’t for me anymore.
Not giving up the hope that BW might do better in their next expansion. *sad sigh*

I guess this is the point where I remind everyone that they did not say they were going to create anything (or have started creating). They simply said they would discuss it. Anyone who has been in any type of significant relationship or job understands that this means absolutely nothing.

Worker: Can I have a raise?
Boss: We’ll discuss it next Thursday.

(next Thursday)

Worker: So about that raise?
Boss: I’ll look at in the next fiscal year. Ask me next year.

We simply won the right to have a one-sided discussion.

This has become a sad, comedic adventure to a conclusion I’m sure the devs saw a while ago. Enjoy or not, it was fun once.

You’ve had “great” feedback? I’ve been quiet up until this point but I’m pretty upset about the grind in a grind. I was thinking when they were introducing the armor drops + components thingy that it would be close to one to one. A hundred components for an item? F-off. We’ll make it more alt friendly because we’ll allow you to purchase command boosts with the tokens you need for set piece bonuses on your main because the RNG GC stuff sucks? 2X F-off. Another thing that drives me nuts is that they keep introducing new systems but don’t integrate the old systems. For example, you can’t even get conquest points for uprisings.

You suck Bioware.

What a convoluted clusterfuck of a “solution”.

I’d be interested to know how sub numbers are doing. I don’t know if
they make that readily available though, but I can absolutely imagine it
tanked fairly hard after the first one or two months causing this
fiasco. Furthermore I can also imagine that it will continue to decline.
You can only expect people to do the same content for over 2 years
before they just go elsewhere and experience new stuff.

Glad I’m out. Said I’d see how this played out to see if I should resub. Fair enough. Take care all.

I am interested in the fix, but the solution is unreadable. The old system was fine, FFS. I was happy to farm ops in previous expansions for serious raiding gear with my friends, but I am not grinding other shit I am not interested in for the same outcome. Only upside is there’s a glimmer of certainty on some drops. Let’s hope the improvements keep coming, and they better be huge because I am stove-piped on one toon and bored of it and everything else.

Here is the thing, what is it they are trying to fix? People’s dissatisfaction with the grind and the atrocious RNG.

The simplest fix would have been to cap the CxP needed per level at about 2,000 (which is roughly what you earn in an hour of casual play) and change the RNG. Remove the jawa junk, rep tokens, empty shells and weapons with no mods and any green/blue gear. Change the gear from five tiers to three. Every crate should give one piece of gear (set and or non-set) and a schematic – period. The RNG is already tough enough trying to get 14 pieces without duplicates as you level.

Instead, they offer the most convoluted mess ever seen in an MMO for gearing. This is a clusterfuck to the worst degree. It is meant as a consolation prize for their crap system and rather than fix it they waste tremendous amounts of development time – which should be spent on the real problem which is a lack of group content over the last two years – on this mess.

I hope Ben Irving has polished up his resume because when the execs at EA see the massive drop off in subs as a result of this new end game revamp which was promised to them to keep subs longer, been is going to be joining the good doctors and James Ohlen in looking for a new job. This guy is WAY over his head being a producer on a title like this.

Actually, the simplest fix would be to make the whole GC and CXP just additional sub perk. With gearing reverted to 4.0 and OPTIONAL GC everybody would be happy.

It seems they’ve forgotten one fundamentary thing: They do game FOR gamers. Not the other way. If they want people to pay them, they NEED to have at lest half-happy customer. Their current approach of forcing unwanted ideas on community is… meh, I don’t have word for it.

This what many are mistaken here. They have implemented these changes because thats how you maintain a game putting huge grind in place to extend game longevity while not investing much work time and money into game anymore.
This has all been planned long ago. People still wonder why it was changed in first place if its not better for player.

This about what players asked its what they need to do to keep game going in longer run until it dies itself. Disney does not want to get invloved with this game as it was created by Bioware with EA. EA has NO intention to invest into this game any longer. So waht Biwoare does is just to maintain what they gave and recycle ALL content and make it scalable (just make new rating gear each now and then) and let players grind over and over with same content.

I agree with latter part of your assessment but not the former. EA provides an operating budget to BWA to work on the title. What the devs do is up to the producer, Ben Irving, to decide which is best for the game. He failed, and failed miserably.

Under his watch they introduced, to an MMO, a single-player story that even goes so far as to take you out of the MMO game and drop you in a single-player story (through the wonderful “Play Episode” button.) They wasted resources and time on a new pack opening experience (cause they REALLY needed that) and now they are wasting a shit-ton of time on fixing a system that they wasted a shit-ton of time making in the first place.

That doesn’t even take into account the stupid decision to lose all your companions (which still are not back two years later), which were part of your personal story. Nor the decision to blow up the Star Wars canon – yeah, the Republic and Empire are best buds now!.

All of this I mention above could have been put to making more content applicable to the MMO space.

Actually from what I have heard from former developers, EA is very involved with both content and budget on games. And from former SWTOR devs, Lucas Arts was too. Things are not so simple, and neither is the blame.

IMO, SWTOR would almost be better calling itself an online multiplayer game like most of the new console MMO’s do. Then the old school folks would stop hoping for the game to be a classic MMO, and more SP game folks would play the game with friends and try the “MMO” bits. To make this happen they have to decrease the amount of required grind to do stuff. I really like your 2000cxp/1 hour of in game work idea. That is reasonable. SP folks do not grind. Just thinking about what I have to do to get ready to run HM ops is tiring. I have just been PvPing.
Everyone is free to feel how they feel. But no one person is responsible for anything in a game, and EA influences quite a bit by not opening the purse strings unless Bioware does what the bean counters like. Scapegoating Ben Irving doesn’t really tell the tale.

Cxp and gearing changes were designed to make you keep subbing for as long as possible till the smart ones figure out the bullshit system then unsub and uninstall.

And they say SWTOR 5 has SIMPLIFIED gearing? LOL.

That’s absolutely the most atrocious gearing method I’ve ever seen in any MMO game…

This is overly complicated. I also suspect that many players (the serious ones) use legacy gear and will have vendored the shell. So, they won’t have the shell any longer to be able to hand it in to buy the next tier. Better go checking your vendors to see if you can buy some of them back.

If it worked like with old pvp gear, you can turn in your non-legacy shell with the armoring, mod and enhancement, and it would still give you your new Tier gear

The old PVP method didnt need the mod/enhancement etc. It just needed the empty shell. However, many people would have already vendored the shell and may not be able to buy it back. I have just gone through my chars to buy back any vendored shells. Some are no longer able to buy back but a got a fair few.

Well… they could keep those random boxes, and make the loot we get out of them better. And add 1 kind of commendation. A commendation that comes from those stupid rng boxes + operations + pvp (+ flashpoints and these stupid uprisings + star fortresses + that galactic gladiator arena thing).

You can directly purchase gear with the commendations. Not steps betwen.

This would work.

BioWare still got the rng gearing shit, we get the old system. Benefit for everyone.

Averaging 3.5 components per match. So 368 Warzones to get One character full 230 gear. And 1756 Warzones to get enough commendations for ONE set of 242 ? ARE you F*cking kidding me ?

While I do sympathize with your statement, you didn’t account for the 1756 warzones worth of CXP and GC Crates you would be getting from that grind, which could reward you pieces of token gear, which would decrease the grind by a whole hell of a lot.

Why are so much people complaining? I don’t find this change bad. You get cxp and tokens. For nim ops you can just get your 240 mods crafted and use 230 armourings. I don’t see why people are complaining who aren’t doing pvp or ops. Like you were able to get gear without doing them…

I don’t think many people are complaining about the change. Everyone agrees that going from 5.0 to 5.1 is progress. It’s just that the new system will be so complicated, that it makes everyone realize their argument about “simplifying” the gearing process was bullshit. Because now it will be more complicated than ever before. The lack of new content is also a major issue, and now it’s more obvious than before that the whole GC system and the CXP RNG crap was just a diversion. People are complaining about the complexity of the new system, not about the change.

Operations – Hey guys we know you liked the old system, but it didnt have enough RNG excitement just rolling against other players, so we added more for you! Now you get to roll to have anything drop at all! It was too easy just to let each boss drop one piece of new currency for you that you could combine for YOUR CHOICE of set piece.

PVP – Hey guys our metrics tell us you guys have been grinding PVP like crazy over the past month so we decided to reward you by making the PVP gear super-grindy!
Because we know you are thirsty for the challenge of playing 30 warzones on average for just one tier one set piece! That not enough for you? Grind 140+ warzones for just ONE tier 3 set piece!
That <5% drop chance froim a command crate not looking so bad anymore is it?

We could have just had ops bosses, AND PVP, AND command crates simply drop a specified amount of command tokens, but one currency is SO BORING!

Oh, and we are adding a PER CHARACTER CXP credit sink, I mean legacy perk, to help fix the problem of the CXP system forcing players to only play one toon.
Seriously we think you guys are going to really enjoy dumping some serious coin into every single toon you have, for that extra 10% boost on that RNG system you rabidly hate!
Because a Legacy WIde perk would have been way too nice.
Our metrics tell us very few players are using those uber-expensive per-character mobile cargo and legacy holds.
We read some feedback on the forums that they should have been legacy wide,
but Ben our cartel market reskin intern made a mistake, and changed all of the text from subscribers on the forums into green font.
So for the past 2 years we've been reading all of your suggestions as heavy sarcsm.
Rest assured we are very very sorry about this, and it will be fixed with the drop of 6.0.

Come play ESO or WOW where you know when where how and why in regards to getting gear. Want simplified gearing? Look at these mmos.. swtor has become a laughing stock.

in short …. we did you a lot of problems …. but let us tell you how we will deal with your problems that we will do ……. and then a bunch of useless text about how they will be deal with problems throughout the fifth version of the game will not be released until the second version, which will come up with a new brilliant nonsense which will fight again, but about as old as to forget …. I understand this is a labor of Sisyphus they first rule at work

which is why I very much think about moving to ff14 and even already bought it completely, there are at least PvE content and a huge amount of it very well …… even despite the fact that my favorite Star Wars universe, and this is the MMO favorite of all

judging by the description …… they very much want to stretch all that is in the game, but understand that this is too much, and decided a little easier, but the fact remains that they do not want to let and to develop the game, instead, make a bunch of useless junk and all the forces trying to make it so that the player would be spending all this a lot of time but in fact it is time wasting

apparently they get confused because in the update 5.1, they do something that has already been before they decided their curved handles to change something in the direction of the section …… ….. and let’s make some unknown garbage and then it will do the same and correct, and extend a few more years

So its confirmed that we are getting 236/242 from PVP and Ops as the Tier 2 pieces and not 234/240? That would be odd.

“We know addressing the gearing concerns is only half of the equation. Whether it came from the forums, social media, or even focus groups, the feedback is that you want more large group and MMO content such as daily areas and Operations. We will be discussing these very topics in our Livestream next Thursday, January 26, 2017, so come join us!”

This gave me a little bit of hope that they will announce new Operations.

Read along the lines. “Such as DAILY AREAS and Operations.” Meaning they will give a new daily zone, but the Force save us from a new ops.

The pieces STILL drop in the crates, but now you have a less RNG-based way of obtaining pieces faster if you PvP or run OPs.

i did ops got a relic from it did buy tier 1 then try upgrade it i cant yet i have 380 comand tokens i should be able to

So let me get this straight. Tokens were too confusing. They put a terrible new system in place that is pretty universally panned. Then they add tokens in ON TOP OF the unlike system. How is that less confusing? How is this better?

just make the entire command XP/reward system legacy wide. You can even mix it up and have ultra rare’s that drop from end game content that binds to legacy on pickup but is random class specific to reward players with a full legacy. The more legacy friendly the game is the more enjoyable to play it is.

Are we able to swap out the mods in the set-bonus armor pieces? I was told we weren’t able to without voiding the bonuses– and when I inspect people with set-pieces, they all have the mods that come with the piece— I’ve not seen any with 240 mods in them…. ? Is this accurate? or are we indeed able to swap out the mods to 240 without effecting the armor bonuses?

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