Black Desert Devs Talks About Second Awakening and Console

In a recent interview at the Taipei Game Show for the Taiwan release of Black Desert Online, Pearl Abyss developers shared their thoughts on second awakening and console port.


The Interview is in Chinese, you can use google translate or read the summary below.

  • Plans to have flying ships players can hop on/off to travel around the world instead of having to ride horses to everywhere. This concept might appear in game this year.
  • They are considering second awakenings this year. The current awakening weapons are too strong so the second awakening will be for the starter/original weapons to make them on par.
  • In addition to adding new maps, they are also thinking about designing more vertical maps like icebergs or underground caves.
  • Revamp of some of the life skills are planned, such as fishing.
  • They are working on a mobile app that allows the game to be streamed to the phone but feels the UI is a bit clunky and need to be improved. Can’t guarantee this mobile app but will try their best.
  • Pearl Abyss havn’t started developing new games yet, they are considering two possible new games but Black Desert Online need to be further optimized first.
  • As for Black Desert Online on other platforms, they are working on a PS4/Xbox One version but havn’t decided if the console version will share servers with the PC version.
  • nice, would be cool to see another awakening for primary weapons, as a ninja i kind of feel that would give our class the necessary love

  • Cameron Carrier Zukoff

    And now we know why guilds fight over oil derricks in the desert… Love when I call things :3

    On another note, the “Rebalance” sounds like it could be quite nice but the real game changer is the original weapon updates. I personally hated almost every awakening weapons play style. That change alone has the capacity to get me back into the game in a rather unhealthy manner once again.

    This could be a “Revolutionary” year for BDO.

    • Sean Robert Walker-Milne

      Yeah I’m hoping they do a good job of it too. Of the three classes I’ve hit 56 with two I disliked the change of play style with awakening so much that I just stopped playing them. One of them had been my main since launch.

  • Onineko

    I’m extremely happy to see all of those :O Just hope that console will share servers with us :3

  • Dellort

    They effing better optimize the game first. That would be the biggest insult to the Black Desert community if they completely ignore it’s disgustingly poor excuse of optimization.
    The content needs to stop and the game needs to be revamped completely.
    I would not recommend this current version of the game to anyone because it’ll
    drive you absolutely insane with the bewildering amounts of technical issues this joke has to offer.
    They’re considering other platforms when they could barely hold their own? You got to be kidding me. This megaserver / “Dynamic” server is the biggest joke and problem of all MMORPGS following it. Every MMORPG that has converted to megaservers have increased lag, massive fps drops and tons of bugs.

    The game is virtually an early access joke filled with optimization bugs = unplayable.

  • Isla

    I really hope the console players get their own server.

  • Zac

    Slap it on ps4 shared servers with pc so i can play with the missus on the weekend plz!

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