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SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 5.1

SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 5.1. This includes the Stalwart Leader Pack.



Loading Screens

Loading screens for the new Uprisings



Emperor Mantle’s Armor Set – Gold


Resourceful Engineer’s Armor Set – Gold


Silent Warden’s Armor Set – Gold


Bestial Fanatic’s Armor Set – Silver


Warstorm Veteran’s Armor Set – Silver


Imperial Cadet’s Armor Set – Bronze


Inscrutable Pursuer’s Armor Set – Bronze


Seasoned Professional’s Armor Set – Direct Purchase

  • Entering combat or unsheathing your weapon activates a visual effect



Ordtech F7 Blaster Rifle – Silver


Ordtech F7 Blaster – Silver


Ordtech F7 Sniper Rifle – Silver


Unstable Peacemaker’s Lightsaber – Platinum


Unstable Peacemaker’s Dualsaber – Platinum



Arclight Nova – Gold


E-95 Dread Behemoth – Gold


Mighty Kath Hound – Gold


Bloodthristy Raptor – Silver


Alliance Consul’s Dais – Silver


Strategic Command Walker – Direct Purchase

Dr. Oggrurobb’s latest masterpiece combines Zakuul firepower with Republic surveillance technology to create a deadly roving command headquarters



Title: The Eternal Stalwart – Bronze

Creature Companion: Nathema Beast– Gold


Color Crystal – Cloud Blue – Silver


Pet: Vigilant Miniprobe– Bronze


Pet: Hinterland Flutterplume – Bronze


Emote: Unconvincing Performance – Silver


Weapon Tuning: Strap Attachment



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135 replies on “SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 5.1”

So bad… This is absolutely disgraceful. Who designs this shit? They really need to get fired. I can’t believe this kind of crap is what gets approved over lore and iconic looks. It’s almost like if lucas licensing wants to kill the game.

I think I will try to get my hands on the beast fanatic set fo sho. The cloud blue crystal fo sho and thats probably it. Adding Imperial Cadet skin five years after release is just a plain stupid idea. The game doesnt even have cadets. 😀 😀

Another pair of useless bronze armors… For the love of… What happened to sets like the Blade Savant or Silent Ghost? ~_~

Well I like the ‘Resourceful Engineer’s Armour Set’ and the tuning might be cool but nothing really worth buying a pack for…

Take that back, my Nexu is one of my top 5 favorite mounts, and mounts is always my soft spot in the packs. Especially the animals. Though I don’t like this Kath Hound pffffft.

Looks like we are getting a “Corrupted Nexu” mount in the upcoming Warbound Crusader Pack.

Too bad we can’t have an active creature companion while mounted. Otherwise, I could have two Nathema Nexu at once :/

Why does it have to be a new companion? It could’ve easily been just a customization for the Nexu we already have.

I will only talk about the things I liked about this new pack.

Weapon Tuning: Strap Attachment . I think it will look cool on some blaster rifle/sniper rifle.

Color Crystal – Cloud Blue. It will be nice to have blue crystals that you can get copies from collections.

Warstorm Veteran’s Armor Set. Its helmet gives me clone trooper impression.

Has the Silent Warden mask been in any other set before? Can’t recall it but it looks really cool. Won’t bother commenting on the other stuff except that the name “Bestial Fanatic” is one letter away from being the most creepy name of any armor ever….

Isn’t Kama the armored or leather skirt? The pauldron is very similar to a Clone trooper’s, but many armor sets in SWTOR have Kama, if not exactly the same as Clones.

About Loading Screen pictures: Does anyone can link me a source where can I find all these concept art pictures without the loading bar, only pictures. I google it a lot, but only find the expansions loading screens, not “zone” pictures.

Depending on what you’re looking for, try Googling “SWTOR concept art” most of the planet loading screens are simply concept art from the planet.

why don’t they just release the nathema beast “Companion” as a customization for a nexu? I mean seriously, after spending all of the time of getting the nexu companion. its completely obsolete because now i have to get this new companion, rather than having a customization. FFS! you know what screw it im not even gonna bother…..

I heard you didn’t like re skins, so we re skinned the re skins so you can wear re skins on re skins!

You summon a holocam-probe and start doing a life stream, and all players around you start throwing random stuff at you.

If this is the best they’ve got… Then I’d rather they just not do Bronze Armors.
At this point it’s just an affront to their stellar legacy.

This is the most dissapointing batch of decorations yet…

Why won’t they just give us some ingame sith/imperial decorations instead of making stupid shit like “Emperor’s lost treasure”… WHY? I DON’T GET IT.

They gave you a Sith Sarcophagus, Imperial Ornamental Tile, Profane Sith Mural and some Nathema decorations that work well for Sith. Stop complaining, I’ve been waiting for some decent Rishi Decs for a looong time now.

The Nathema thing isnt a sith decoration lol its just a dead animal

and honestly, RISHI?!

There are too many Zakuulan decorations. They’re overdoing it

I was referring to the Brazier.
And yes, Rishi. The Revanite Bunkers, Cargo Cranes, platforms, beach arrangements, etc, would make very, very good decorations for either Nar Shaddaa or Tatooine strongholds.

And while I’m responding, the Oppressor pack came out not long ago, that also had a fair amount of Sith decorations. Be patient, you’ll most likely get what you want eventually.

The sarcophagus is good.
Mural is meh – looks more rakata than Sith.
The treasure is just stupid.
Nathema voreclaw is shit.
Imperial TIle is terrible. Its just a black circle.

I’d much rather have something I can use like some of the stuff from the Sith Academy. It’s been forever, people are begging for it, and yet they insist on being creative.

There was so much cool new stuff from the KOTET Dromund Kaas episode that they could have added too.

Sarcophagus: Not Korriban style, but much better.

Mural: It’s been in Sith tombs before, including the one in KotET (look at collapsed entrance)

Treasure: It’s fine, but I wish it didn’t have the tech panel (hopefully it does something?)

Voreclaw: (Possible) Sithspawn from Vitiate’s homeworld, which continues the force void theme from Ziost

Tile: It’s an incomplete model. We should wait until we can see it ingame before judging this one.

Nice pack. The only thing I really do not understand here is Nathema Beast companion. What the hell is this? A groomed by a 5 years old child Nexu?

There is a nexu on Nathema with this model. It’s in the cutscene when you leave Nathema in KotET Chapter 7.

Note: Emperor’s Mantle is finally here 🙂

I know, but it still feels like a lasy work on their part, I hope it will look better in game.

I know. They even reworked it a little 🙂 Wish they used female model on set icon. I’m still not sure how to feel about that set, hope it will not disappoint me.

An angry Nexu with terrible haircut? Nathema – a planet of terrible haircuts. Well, you can’t expect too much from crazy people living here. No wonder all their customers are so angry. Vaylin was their 1st victim.

Ok-ok just kidding. I don’t think I will sell it if I will get that one.

Well, this is an interesting set. But is it worth it?

Armor: None of the armor sets are actually bad. The worst oddly is the Direct Purchase one with the weird helmet. Yet again, the Silver armor sets look better than the Gold sets. I’m starting to wonder about the person that decides what is “the best” and I bet it’s Eric Musco (a man proven to have terrible tastes). My personal favorites are the Warstorm Veteran and the Silent Warden sets. Over, not bad at all.
Grade: A-

Weapons: These…are weird. A boxy back section, oddly formed stocks, high thin barrels out of clunky cases. The rifle is ok with the bipod, the pistol is very meh to ugly…and that sniper rifle is fugly as hell. And of course yet another run of Platinum sabers with insanely low drop rates, which of course drops the rating further. This is maybe the weakest part of the pack.
Grade: D-

Mounts: And now maybe the strongest part of the pack, weakened only by the total lack of Bronze mounts. All the mounts look good, and a frickin hover tank! The Nova looks slick and worth a Gold rating, and a Silver rating Dias will put a favorite mount in most players’ collections. And that Direct Purchase war walker is nasty looking for all the right reasons. If they just had made one of them a Bronze and a Gold into a Silver, it would have gotten an A+. Instead…
Grade: A

Misc: Always a grab bag and nothig here very exciting. The Alt-Nexu is kinda nice and a chance to add one to players that wanted a Nexu. Pets are…ok. The performance emote could be fun. And oh joy, a Weapon Tuning. Joy
Grade: C-

Decorations: Now as a Decor nut, I usually gush about this section. This time…it’s a bit underwhelming. There are a few nice Sith and/or tomb pieces here, plus some nice background items…but nothing really stands out. At best, the Forgotten Sith Sarcophagus, the Iokath Protective Railing and the Sith Profane Murals are forth gunning for, with the Brazier close behind…but I can’t really get excited about this all that much. Kinda meh.
Grade: C

I agree with your judgement on all except for the Misc, they actually look like designers tried harder this time.

But decors are really meh this time.

Yes and no. Ultimately a matter of opinion. Personally I rather they all look great and be Bronzes. But I kinda figure that if you want to sell the pack on the idea of a certain armor set that hard to get, that set should be frakkin AMAZING.

The rifle reminds me a tiny bit of the A280, and that’s never a bad thing. I’m looking forward to seeing the Assault Cannon, and I’m still REALLY wishing Bounty Hunters could use blaster rifles in this game. Seriously, the only two people in the universe who know how to weird a blaster rifle are Imperial Operatives and Republic Vanguards? Give Bounty Hunters some love, Bioware. Boba used a carbine!

man i hear ya, i keep wishing the Bounty Hunters can use Vibroswords… that would be mroe awesome with the Fire abilitys.. 🙂

A melee Bounty Hunter would be awesome! Mandalorian warriors fought Jedi and Sith blade to blade, sometimes even stole their lightsaber, but all they get in this is a puny blaster pistol.

I`m a bit confused, are the loading screens a PART of the pack? So we have a chance to get them?

Some items are sure rehashed, but hey, I see some good changes here, Nova mount, Dread Behemoth, some armors are looking promising. And they actually started to add direct purchase items. Not sure if I feel good about it or bad, they are hard to find on GTN and some are seriously overpriced, while I was able to get one new DP armor set for just 9 mil. Also they really should add old removed Pilot sets to the game, looks like they were removed even from the random pack pool, which is bad, I want them.

Other than that, pack looks slightly better than usual ones during the KotFE times. We`ll just see how it will turn during KotET year. Right now devs doing what they promised and changes are positive. Haters can disagree, but its a fact – dudes are really trying as best as they can.

Sometimes when i wanted one item in such packs i had to buying the expansive Packs. And not even this was a guarantee that we became the item. I prefer paying for 1400 cartell coins for a costume instat of paying
my 39€/$ watever. I see what i buy.

That is one way to look on it. And I completely agree when you need just one item its a bless. I`m talking about a trend which is happening – really best items they will remove from packs and just sell directly. Most likely it will prove them right and SWTOR market really needs such system.

Loading screens are not part of packs but you’re giving them an idea here. Valve is already monetizing loading screens lol.

Valve monetized backgrounds, not loading screens. But yeah, I hear you. If they could make money on it, they`d probabaly do it =(

Cartel packs strike back! Thats all this game has left.

Strange thing is that silver armor looks much better than gold – odd how this game cosmetics are moving to…

The quarter they do not make a profit they shut down the servers. Be happy they are using cartel packs to keep the game alive when the subscriptions failed to generate enough revenue.

In fact if you want the servers to stay on you should consider buying cartel coins once in a while.

A huge project and the only viable SW theme MMO game can hardly be qualified as “shitty”.

But hey, I heard there are other games on de internets, go try them!

After looking at the Warstorm Veteran’s Armor a while longer, I actually really like it. I don’t like the gauntlets very much, or the greaves (they look like the thicker BH variant, I prefer the thinner armor like the Havoc Squad set), and I can’t see the boots, but the chestplate and helmet look fantastic. The plate itself, the low profile shoulder plates, the Clone trooper style pauldron, all perfect, and I hope the back of it looks just as good. I wish it had kama around the waist, but it’s not too bad without it. The helmet is perfect, just what I’ve been looking for. Looks so much like a Clone trooper helmet, without the vertical section of the visor. I want this set so much for my Commando.

I know! With my luck though, any good armor that I want for my characters ends up costing a fortune regardless of rarity.

Just wait for 2 weeks after the release of a pack, prices will go down for 200-400% off their release values.

Only very rare stuff keeps a high price longer. Market works that way for over a year already, with increasing inflation.

Loading Screen Scrutiny (with minor notes of their story)

-Denova looks the same as usual, shocking.. complete with superfluous republic walker in the background, since we stay in the trenches and its above them.

-It’s the Thermodraft room, but with a balcony. But the Senate is not near the Works. CSF should know that. What little story this Uprising gets and it’s already broken…

-Third Loading Screen look like Manaan to anyone else?
-Rakata Prime, Zakuulan edition. Wonder if any Rakata are hanging around..
-Makeb mineshaft. Not much to say, it’s pretty plain. Wonder what “trippy” aspect the devs think it’ll have..

-Lastly, generic space station, but with Rakghouls. The middle character is definitely an agent, and we all know the Empire approves airlock exposure and incineration for infected people, so that space station should be dust by now.

There’s only 5 new Uprisings, so any guesses on the “Manaan” load screen?

wow, your way of thinking is quite dull, i am personally quite glad to have something big happening yet again on such iconic areas =D

so this weapon tuning just makes your saber look like a outdated protosabers? If that’s the case ultra lame

some people in the past wore pistols on their shoulders, hence why the strap would work for that, but it would look best with rifles. I think it’s a grand idea, personally!

Why has a Cadet’s uniform golden parts? Makes no sense. Gold is something for the higher ranks.
And of course, these ugly golden parts don’t dye.

I hate gold! @BioWare I’m not the wife of a rushian oligarch! Please don’t make armor with gold! It doesn’t fit to Star Wars, nor to an imperial armor.

Right? Enough with the ugly undyable gold “bling” it looks terrible, and we’re in star wars, not running around like we just left a hip hop video :p

So…. Dollar Store Knockoff of Valkorians armor and a de-quilled zombie nexu… quality art expenditure as per usual from Bioware

Managed to use the old trick to preview items that aren’t activated yet. (preview an item that is activated, then lick the preview thingy on the item that isn’t. Usually works)

So, here’s the walker.. the turrets on both sides, and the front mounted one are animated. It didn’t mention anything about a flourish so I doubt there’ll be one.

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