Black Desert Dark Knight Awakening Trailer

Pearl Abyss released the awakening trailer for the Dark Knight class today.

The awakening weapon appears to be flying double daggers with purplish effects.




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46gb is the main game then with all the updates it has gone up to almost 90gb. my computer has only 250 of a solid state hard drive cause its a laptop (drawbacks if you want an affordable lpatop with good specs) and i have GW2 Xcom, Xcom2, Dragon age Inq. The witcher 2 and LoL installed in the computer currently

You are deffinitely overdoing it, most of patches change/modify original files, and its all connected together so it doesnt exceed a MAX of 55GB

@Dulfy I love you guides! Dulfy make Calpheon timber crates guide! Or best grinding silver place! Again Love your guides!

Best grinding silver place is Pirates island. Why do crates need a guide? oO You craft them in bulk, connect Valencia, pack a horse and go there, taking along a buff to +50% of their price. Sell them, profit.

i was expecting something more original, this character main weapon and awakening weapon remembers of the other classes so much that it’s hard to tell it’s something really “new”

Before, I used to think about Dark Knight like about Death Knight from WoW – armored magic user. Now, because of those purple animation, greatsword and flying daggers I see her as GW2 Mesmer 😀 I probably gonna stay on my witch as main, but have to admit that this class was first to make me think about rerolling :3

hey please don’t know where info or find the dark Knight Awakening to the EU / NA? ??

thank you in advance

I don’t understand what they are thinking with the awakenings. I mained a ranger and loved it. Right up until I got an awakening that turned me from a ranged bow user into YET another melee sword fighter.

Thought that the DK would be crap, I mean YET ANOTHER sword user, albeit one giant ass sword. Gave it a try. OMG love it, plays so good. Flows so beautifully carving stuff up with good range thanks to it being as tall as she is and can throw down a couple of good ranged nukes every now and then to help mop up. Great fun. Good defensive abilities too, love using the sword to deflect hits.

Then I see this awakening video. She goes from being a slicing dicing up close and personal right in the thick of hit melee badass with a little nuke, to a full blown ranged nuker with a little up close slicing ability. I mean quite apart from the fact that it looks like a cross between witch and sorc at awakening, I am just not understanding why some of the classes start as one thing and then “Awaken” into something quite different.

Sorry, but I play each of the classes based on how they start out. I expect that style to grow, and even grab some new abilities perhaps not in line with what I’ve had but certainly not at the expense of it. I expect to become a more bad ass version of myself, not something completely different.
Why does a bow user become a sword wielder? Why does a giant longsword user become a dual dagger wielder? Why does a hand to hand conjurer become a scythe wielder? Ok the latter example doesn’t seem to change the gameplay it has too dramatically (from what I’ve seen at least) but help me out here, am I the only one that wants to play a particular style and not have it changed into something different at end game?

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