SWTOR Game Update 5.1 Patch Notes

SWTOR Patch Notes for Game Update 5.1, scheduled to arrive after maintenance on Jan 24, 2016 (5 AM to 8 AM PST).


New Chapter Difficulty – Master! Earn new Achievements with this new way to experience the Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne Chapters!
New Uprisings! Jump into the action with five new Uprisings across the galaxy!

  • Trench Runner – Republic Loyalists under the command of General Amos Rike have displaced Alliance forces on Denova and seized control of the baradium mines. Efforts to reclaim the mines have been thwarted by Republic artillery bombarding the “no man’s land” between the Alliance beach head and the central processing facility. But where an army fails, a small team could succeed in navigating the battlefield trenches and taking out the Republic defenses.
  • Destroyer of Worlds – Jedi Master Adelade is trying to awaken a dangerous abomination that has hibernated beneath the surface of Makeb for millennia. No records exist of this monstrosity, known only as Gethul. But if the creature awakes, it may be strong enough to destabilize Makeb’s core and obliterate the planet. Infiltrate the underground tunnel, secure the explosives and deliver the payload to Gethul’s lair. Only then can you destroy the monstrosity and save Makeb from Adelade’s deranged plan.
  • Divided We Fall – Rogue Coruscant security agents are plotting a false flag operation. They intend to attack the Senate Tower and plant false evidence in the hopes of inciting the Republic to war against the Alliance. Intel has traced the mastermind behind the plan, Commander Kalin, a former Republic veteran to a hidden base inside the The Works on Coruscant’s lower level.
  • Landing Party – Deserters from the Zakuulan military were tracked to Rakata Prime. Under the leadership of the former Battalion Commander Tassar, they are building a new and improved Star Fortress. Infiltrate their surface camp and eliminate Commander Tassar before her operations threaten galactic security.
  • Trial and Error – Working from a hidden space station lab, a rogue group of Republic scientists led by Doctor Alirra Semhess has developed an experimental adrenal. The adrenal, code named RS-33, radically augments a subject’s strength and agility at the expense of mental faculties.
    Left unchecked, Doctor Semhess and her colleagues could mass-produce RS-33 and create an army of unstoppable abominations to wreak havoc across the galaxy.

Galactic Command Gearing Updates!

  • New item: Unassembled Gear Pieces. These can be turned in with the new legacy-wide Command Token currency for specific pieces of gear. Unassembled Gear pieces are a guaranteed drop from the last boss of each Operation, and specific pieces drop for bosses, so players can go after an item for a specific gear slot.
  • Command Tokens can be earned by opening Command Crates, and players will be retroactively granted Command Tokens based on their current Command Rank.
  • Every other boss in an Operation has a chance to drop any gear slot’s token. Bosses that are later in an Operation have a higher drop rate than those before them.
  • Playing any Warzone will earn you Unassembled Components. Your gains are increased based on Match outcome.
  • Players can turn Unassembled Components into a PvP vendor with a Valor requirement to get an Unassembled Gear piece.
  • Additonally, there is a new vendor that sells Command Experience Boost items for Command Tokens.


  • Companions are no longer unavailable if you start a Knights of the Eternal Throne Chapter while partially through Knights of the Fallen Empire.
  • Dark vs Light Meta Achievements have been granted to players who earned them.
  • Fixed a conversation on Taris that referenced a Bonus Mission that is no longer available.
  • It is no longer possible to summon multiple Cave Stonerays during the Mission “Reclaimed Treasure.”
  • The Mirialan social Ability Focusing Ritual’s channel time is no longer affected by Alacrity.
  • All Achievements that require the Party Jawa are now able to be completed with the Celebration Jawa.
  • Defeating all of the Dark vs. Light World Bosses now grants the expected Achievements.
  • The limit on Galactic Alliance Statues has been increased to 50 (up from 1).
  • Major Pierce now uses the correct health and level on Dromund Kaas.
  • The Alliance Alert “Little Boss” no longer has the incorrect contact listed.
  • T7 customizations now appear in cinematics in Chapters.
  • Changing instances no longer causes Companions to lose class buffs.

Cartel Market

  • Cartel Market Item Stash has been increased to 500 slots.
  • The Ikas Firestarter can now be unlocked Legacy-wide.

Classes + Combat

  • Resolved an issue that was causing certain character created prior to 5.0 to receive additional charges of Breaching Shadow / Static Charge in some cases.
  • Companions no longer use shield abilities outside of combat.
  • Adjusted the size of the effect for Vengeful Slam, Oil Slick, Sweeping Slash, Sweeping Gunfire, Plasma Probe, Fusion Missile, Force in Balance, Smash, Orbital Strike, Explosive Dart, Grenade, Cyclone Slash, Kolto Missile, and Kolto Bomb to better match the abilities areas of affect.

Flashpoints + Operations

  • Eternity Vault and Karagga’s Palace now drop the same Command Experience item that other Operations provide.
  • Bolster is now properly applied to enemies in the Colicoid War Games Flashpoint.

Items + Economy

  • The Exarch Targeter’s Offhand Blaster MK-2 can now be sold to a vendor.
  • All items that existed prior to the 5.0 Valor restrictions have had their valor requirements removed. New items were created with valor ranks and placed on the PvP vendors, and the previous items are no longer available.

Missions + NPCs

  • Players who used the Holocommunicator to recruit Shae Vizla to their Alliance can now also complete her Alliance Alert.
  • The end credits of Knights of the Fallen Empire can longer overlap with the transition into the opening cinematic of Knights of the Eternal Throne Chapter I.
  • The Galactic Command Planetary Missions now correctly grant a bonus when highlighted. ‘
  • The Regulator Wreckage Bonus Mission has been removed.
  • It is no longer possible to use “Shield Integrity” and “Anti-Personnel Rocket Ammo” items repeatedly during Chapter XVI: The Battle of Odessen.
  • Lord Anril can no longer be duped into jumping to his own death, circumventing his encounter, in the Fractured Uprising.
  • The Mission “[Daily] Arena of Death!” now scales to player level as intended.
  • Updated the Companions available from the Companion Unlock terminal to include Z0-0M and Master Ranos.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Vette and Torian to be unavailable from the Companion Unlock Terminal under certain conditions.


  • Fixed a number of cinematics issues.
  • Fixed a number of typos in Missions, subtitles, and other text sources.
  • Morthy

    Unassembled Gear piece is garantied for each player finishing the OPS or will there be random roll for that?

    • UnkPunk

      I believe they have said you will have to roll for it…

      • RandomFan

        LOL for a sec there I misread “…I believe they have said you will have to troll for it…”

    • Seph

      2 pieces drop for an 8 man operation. Roll/need/greed from there.

      • pk

        Oh great, return of the Ninjas. At least people may actually run ops now

  • Seph

    Something I’m not clear on; If I get an unassembled gear piece on my assassin, for example, can I use it to get a piece of appropriate set bonus gear for my sorc?

    • Yes, they are unassembled for a reason, you can exchange them at the vendor for anything of the same slot.

      • Seph

        Thank goodness.

  • Darth Twinge

    “Changing instances no longer causes Companions to lose class buffs.”

    • CraigMitchell

      “No Valor requirements on items that required it.”

      *If they actually mean Battlemaster Gear.

      • Alexander Papadopoulos

        I want to know if this is what they mean

        • CraigMitchell

          On second thought, they probably meant the PvP Weapons available from the PvP Weapons vendor on the fleet. 🙁 I already dropped 4m for BM gear.

          • Risqu’e

            This. My Jugg had one of those pvp lightsabers and as of 5.0 they added a steep valor requirment to it and she couldnt use it anymore even though it had been her saber for like 2 years.

  • PvP-grind-is-real

    So does this mean if i get a piece of gear from a hm op, will i be able to upgrade it from 236 to 242 with the pvp components ? Or will i have to buy a 230 one with pvp comps then upgrade it to 236 then upgrade it again to 242 ? That valor requirement thing might mean they are not upgradeable this way, and that would be dumb.

    • Robin ALISON

      Yes you can get T2 from HM and PvP it to T3.

  • Fuzzypaw

    Please let me know how it goes!!!

  • hairob

    just fixing burst assassin/shadow? not the double stanced tanks mercs marars and sentinels XD

    • Robin ALISON

      Tanks aren’t double stanced.
      Only stance with a cooldown have a bug which cause them to have 2 separate cooldowns so that they proc simultaneously.
      Ie, Shadow / Assassin have a 6sec CD so it bugs, Sentinel / Marauder have a 1.5 sec so it bugs. But it doesn’t affect passive buffs, so it doesn’t concern the tanks.

      • hairob

        so assa tanks with 120% accuracy and more armor rating is a myth? what about the double burning dot for io mercs?

        • Robin ALISON

          Unless you have a screenshot of it, I haven’t seen any tank with too much precision.
          Note that the 3 tanks discipline, should the passives get doubled, would have 121% précision, somehow +100 to 200% armor rating, +200% threat generation and some doubled DR.

          Like how would it be unnoticed that tanks or OVERBUSTED as hell, taking half the damages they’re meant to get ?

          For mercs I don’t know though, maybe it can bug with a DoT too.

          • hairob

            not my screens but have seen it too on assa tanks on t3.

            dot merc have it. just check the top parses on parsley. they all have twice aus much dmg on burning dot as non bugged merc.
            As far as i know all classes with stances and powercells have those bugged. shadow dd just get the most out of it cause the faster trigger on force breach due to this bug

            • Robin ALISON

              Some stances can’t bug, like Juyo form though. Does that mean Ataru users get +6% alacrity instead of 3 ?

              • Roscoe

                Yes my marauder is gaining 6% from ataru form as well as many other marauders.

              • Robin ALISON

                Ok my bad. They must be aware of this. It’s impossible that they only know about 1 of the 8 cases of the SAME bug and/or fix only 1.
                I mean… It’d be quite a scandal.

              • Roscoe

                I wouldn’t put it past Bioware

              • Rondowar

                The bug for shadow dps is most well known, that might be why they’d single it out
                To be fair, they should all be fixed (my shadow tank is boring atm, it’s simply too easy to play)

                I haven’t seen any other classes’ stance bugged out (I know my own toons aren’t), interesting to hear though

              • hairob

                Bugged IO Merc does around 600 dps more then twink merc with the same gear from the same player.

                IO and Deception and Carnage just benefits most from the stance bug. ap powertech for example just get a double 3 %dmg buff and flies under the radar.

                I’m not complaining that they fix the decpetion assa but they dont even come up with the idea to check all the other classes with stances and cells? XD

              • Rondowar

                Interesting.. guess we’ll see soon enough if it’s fixed for all though (BW has made a great many stealth changes recently, no notes for half the stuff they do)

            • Nicklas Sandberg

              considering its me in the above picture and i have only given that to one person… i must say… HEY MJ!!!!!!

              • hairob

                found at bioware swtor forum

          • Shadow

            I have a pre 5.0 shadow tank that has 16k (50% damage reduc)armor and a post 5.0 shadow that was a token with the same armor when transferred over to the new shadow it only had 10k armor(40% damage reduc)

          • Corwin

            My assassin tank consistently runs around with 120% accuracy, double the aggro and armor and shield. I don’t think I ever lost aggro, even to super geared burst classes. And in star parse I have insane threat numbers.

  • Matthew

    1. “The limit on Galactic Alliance Statues has been increased to 50 (up from 1).” What is this?
    2. So is Trial and Error Uprising is basically ripping off Doctor Lorrick’s rakghoul serum from Lost Island?
    “Subtle” Mocking:
    1. Destroyer of Worlds: Gethul is the World Razer from Belsavis’ little brother.
    2. Divided We Fall: Everybody knows that False Flags only kill off the average people, not the Senate. Get it together Bioware
    3. Landing Party: I’m tempted to let her finish this improved Star Fortress, if only for the chance at a new map for them 🙂

    • Darth Twinge

      “The limit on Galactic Alliance Statues has been increased to 50”
      I believe its that little statue people got for the 5th anniversary if they had a never ending sub since launch.

  • Whitedragon
  • AshlaBoga

    “Fixed a conversation on Taris that referenced a Bonus Mission that is no longer available.”
    See, they keep removing content from the game when they should only be adding more content.

    • Auron

      It’s the first company I see that removes content and have the nerve to call it a “fix”.

    • Darth Twinge

      They probably should have just made those bonus series missions into dailies for the GC dailies, so at least it would give us more options. I mean its content thats already there and they love to recycle…

    • Лев Сафаров

      I think here says about that mission when thana vesh tell you she kill more catar then you. First there bonus mission just dosent activate. Then if you manage to start and finish it she still tells you she killed more. Now it seems this will be fixed by removing this bonus mission and you will win automatically this little conquest.

      • Risqu’e

        Still seems dumb to mess with it. The Thana Vesh chain was great.

        • Лев Сафаров

          This will be improvement since its frustrating to loose to her every time when clearly you more superior then she.

          • Veran

            Not everyone roleplays as a sadistic moron, you know.
            And not everyone needs to show off their non existent superiority.
            BW should fix the damned game, not remove the broken pieces. So much of good content was removed, so many side quests butchered, it is unbelievable and saddens me greatly.

            • Лев Сафаров

              Well, i dont know since im not 1 of them. Almost all my chars are light side but some people need to learn their lessons. There is nothing sadistic about showing her that no 1 is perfect.
              You hastened to conclusions about me.

            • ConcernedGuest


            • Veran Chokes on Cocks

              LOL what a faggot you are, freak out over making valid character choices much?

      • Russians are trash

        Never post again, your english is garbage you sound like a retard

  • “Changing instances no longer causes Companions to lose class buffs.”

    5 years to fix this shit lmao….

    • DerpDude

      Now they just need to fix companions going on a suicide spree when we change instances =P

      • Bob Nordstrom

        I find it refreshing that, when I fast travel and start running (like Forest Gump) and into battle go (like Ling Ling) and have no healing companion (like when my companion is DEAD) I see my health bar go down because, you know, damage. Well there goes another medkit.

        • DerpDude

          Hehe, another thing is when it happens on my Bounty Hunter.
          I zone in on the spot, hear Mako going “UAAAARGHLGLGRLG” falls to the ground dead…and then she say something like “all according to plan” ^^

      • T Burgner

        and fixed them to be able to keep up with you instead of lagging behind

        • DerpDude

          Yea, that too actually….after the 5.0 update they are more concerned about picking their nose instead of keeping up =P

    • dzip.sys

      More like 2 years, oder maybe 3. There was a time when they worked fine and kept their class buff. This wasn’t always bugged.

      • T Burgner

        is this where they were losing their skills???

  • Disqus this

    Oh, I don’t see these changes helping. You cannot fix the problems of RNG with more RNG.

    Combine that with it’s still sucks ass to level an alt because GC isn’t legacy wide and well it all starts going down hill from there.

    • Zasz

      The fix is grinding to death for items you can buy at some point. They might aswell just reverted to the pre 5.0 loot system and nobody would complain.

      • ConcernedGuest

        You’re my man, Sir … exactly my point.

    • Seth

      The unassembled components isn’t RNG, neither are the gear pieces. Basically, if you put in time towards working for these set items you want… you get them. How is that RNG?

      • ConcernedGuest

        5 bosses per Ops and only one with 100% change of gear, 4 bosses with RNG change of gear, and even the gear that drops will be rolled between the ops toons …

        Worst case: Running A&V, 7 bosses, 1.5 – 2 hours for the raid in HC, only Styrak gives 100% gear change and the raids gives up after several wipes on Styrak and NO RNG gear drops on all bosses before … so after 2 hours of wiping through HC content no useable loot at all.

        FUCK suchs RNG.

      • Disqus this

        Because I’m not talking about PVP. However, the time you have to put in is just amazingly absurd. For the lowest item you need to win 35 matches and any losses stretches that out even farther as far as matches and time goes.

        Thats not a fix.

        Now back to PVE. Every boss in an OPS is RNG for gear except the last boss. Thats RNG and you cannot fix the bad RNG of GC with more bad RNG. WE ran 4 OPS, 20 bosses and only the last ones dropped gear. 16 bosses and all that time spent for FU you get a schematic you dont need. Sure, we got 8 pieces of gear but damn that still sucked over all.

        I’m not saying it needs to be as fast as 4.0 was but swtor is screwed up in a major way when it comes to gearing and time and effort.

  • Lazaro Cabrera

    Am I missing something, or does command rank and command crates now have no use at all in PVP when 5.1 launches.

    • dtxu

      They still drop stuff. Some of this stuff is gear, wich is useful in PvP.

  • ) ) ) sotmax ( ( (

    Patch notes 5.2 leaked:
    Shutting game down lol

  • Michael

    I thought they were fixing relics too so they work in pvp

    • ) ) ) sotmax ( ( (

      In 3 years m8. Sry 😛

  • Ben Gimson

    ‘save Makeb’. That poisoned world that was evacuated five years ago? Why bother? And seriously, some sort of ancient monster? At least the others sound legit lore-wise.

    • RandomFan

      I laughed so hard because its not that they gave importance to something from Makeb at this point, its that I imagined that they were finally reaching the ‘Makeb’ section in their ‘bugs to fix list in chronological order’. Badum Pish!

      • FlyXan

        I bet they haven’t got to the Loremaster achievement, which is currently undoable as one lore on Makeb was taken out in 4.0.

  • Crimsoncheeto

    Was really hoping for a Sorc/Sage DPS buff but i guess that was just 2 much 2 hope for. 2 bad, I really wanna take my Sorc into more HM/NiM OPS but its next 2 impossible to pull the numbers needed for some of the fights…

    • FlyXan

      DPS is one thing…survivability is also way below other DPS classes atm (apart from the low damage reduction numbers from light armor, bubble can barely protect against one attack, big bubble can’t be activated in certain cases, off and self heal is too low). Acceptable in operations but in PvP DPS sages die quicker than a womp rat.

  • Git Gud

    So you mean to tell me people bitching like crazy but still playing? Haha Hilarious or my favorite “so glad I unsubscribe or how I’m gonna let my sub run out cause of blah blah”, but still post on a SWTOR forum???

    • Eban

      It’s a good thing people are posting on a SWTOR forum even if they have left the game.
      Means they want things to change and will consider returning.
      And you should want people to return.
      More people/more sub money = more new and better content in the future.
      Less people sub’ing/playing/cash shop buying = less content added in future.

    • deletebioware.exe

      There are always two ways:

      Ignore and move on.

      Or say you opinion to make things better.

      Many people prefer the second one, because there is only one Star Wars MMO, and if it dies off there wont be an other. Unsubscribig may only kill a game that could be better if they just tried to.

      • Lord Shen

        “and if it dies off there wont be an other.”

        I won’t bet on that.

        • Ben Gimson

          Personally I’m waiting on the 3rd SW MMO. I’d happily put money on it happening.

          • T Burgner

            as long as someone eles does it like UBI SOFT

            • Ben Gimson

              That’s the biggest concern I’d have. EA need to fuck off and die.

          • Desert Rat

            wish a new SW MMO would emulate SW Galaxies

      • Paulo Gomes

        There. I’m glad SOMEONE understands.

    • onetruth

      It’s not hard to understand. People love Star Wars. The IP is an obsession for many. And when a company shytes the bed on the only SW MMO in existence, they will complain.

    • ⁠⁠

      im just here to shitpost tbh

  • “Resolved an issue that was causing certain characters created prior to 5.0 to receive additional charges of Breaching Shadow / Static Charge in some cases.”

    In some cases? LOL I wonder if all the FOTM Force stealthers that have popped up recently will disappear now, but they’ll probably just hop on their Mercenaries/Commandos and claim skill superiority and emote me to death in PvP…

    • Ramzzess

      “FOTM Force stealthers” Now that’s a good one. Deception/Infil hasn’t been FOTM ever. Period.

    • anoneemoose

      If you roll a new Assassin, and pick hatred as your spec the first time, the additional charges will not happen. At least it didn’t happen for me. While the bug does occur for my existing characters.

      • Yeah most of the sins are ol’ schoolers who brushed the dust off they toons when they discovered this. Either it’s fixed so I can beat their asses again without too much effort.

  • Zasz

    – Defeating all of the Dark vs. Light World Bosses now grants the expected Achievements.

    People dont do the bosses. Its a waste of time. But the idea to fix something that nobody cares about while ignoring 4 year old bugs is just plain stupid.

    – Companions no longer use shield abilities outside of combat.

    Wow. What do you know? A 2 year old bug fixed.

    – All items that existed prior to the 5.0 Valor restrictions have had their valor requirements removed.

    Unbelievable! They fixed a problem again!! Just to reintroduce it moments later for chars created since today…

    – Lord Anril can no longer be duped into jumping to his own death, circumventing his encounter, in the Fractured Uprising.

    Thats the boss people exploited but were not punished for, right?

    – Updated the Companions available from the Companion Unlock terminal to include Z0-0M and Master Ranos.

    Why? You get them through alliance alerts, you dont lose them when starting KOTFE or KOTET. You cant even lose Z0-0M!!

    Those were all the fixes they did??? I have 40 more lines of bugs but stopped writing them down because writing 40 bug reports that are being ignored isnt worth my time. The patch notes also indicate the people behind the fixes are retards.

    • Carnis Lupus Lokus

      Really interesting. You can now get back Companions you never lost. At least one person at BioWare should know some parts of the game and consult the others.

    • Ben Gimson

      “You cant even lose Z0-0M!!”

      You can. You can shoot her in the Alliance base.

      • Zasz

        I must have missed that option… On the other hand, choices matter again, right?

        • Ben Gimson

          Of course 😉

        • dzip.sys

          Shure they do. You get the achievement.

          • Zasz

            You get an achievement for killing Z0-0M?

    • T Burgner

      looks like they didn’t fix the heroics on nar shadaa that don’t reset on the pub side too….

      • Suoiciv

        Ok, then I’ll cycle my pubs through this…

        • ConcernedGuest

          Hopefully they did not fix this … ’cause you just have to click & escape on the command screen for planetary missions until the nar shadaa pop up (escape/break on all others) and TRARA (trumpet) 450 cxp for about 30 sec. work for free.

  • What a terrible convoluted mess. This is a terrible grind fest that you will most likely not come even close to finishing before they replace it with another garbage idea. I have over 20 characters and ZERO of them will be doing this dog shit of a system. My accounts are staying unsubbed and unplayed.

    • Лев Сафаров
    • ConcernedGuest

      True true true … having only 8 eight chars I’m actually playing with. Only played on two, trooper and knight. Never did any cxp runs. reached about L60 with both by just normal gaming … pvp … GSF .. flashpoints, but no hard farming for xcp.

      Trooper got 1 set item.Knight got 3.

      So 4 items for about 120 levels.
      And immense amounts of SCRAP … empty gear no one wants, green gear, blue gear, mats, mounts, pets, SCRAP all in all and everything gets desintegrated.

      This SUCKS so much.
      Even 5.1 changes wont change this.

    • A Guy

      Someone doesnt know how mmo’s are made and played. LUL

      Bye bye.

      I love it when people think EA cares about their money as opposed to money from everyone. Losing your sub means nothing to them. Cartel market makes plenty to make up for your lost revenue.

  • Seth

    So my question: Let us say for instance: You have 2 characters, one is Command Rank 60 and the other is Command Rank 30. Are they going to give us the command tokens from those command levels that we already obtained, or no? Because that’s total garbage if they didn’t think about that.

    • Analfabet

      Learn to read, you have info about it there……..

  • Jason Bush Ward

    for real just give is our companions back already .. why does it take so long for them to come back and why dont you give any relevant information on the companions coming back

  • Tziva Creepyspacedrow

    in the game now. just one question. HOW THE FUCK DOES THIS WORK???

  • Mattador

    Something that isn’t in the patch notes here, they change Shae Vizla to where you can’t customize her armor anymore, apparently.

    • Tziva Creepyspacedrow

      I never could before. Couldn’t even remove her helmet.

      • Mattador

        It was definitely possible, had her in full imperial armor before.

        • Matthew

          Well then you had a lucky glitch, because I could not on mine, and I got here in the early access days.

          Also Tziva, one of her companion customization items had the helmet off.

          • Mattador

            I don’t think it was a glitch. I had the ability to change it on every character of mine.

            • Aeden Darko

              Can you still change Master Ranos’ armor?

              My screen is gonna get a throat punch if not.

              • Mattador

                Thankfully, yes.

          • Darth Twinge

            you had to remove the comp customizations in order to put your own armor on her.

      • JRP

        Yeah, one could change her appearance by actually placing different armor in the armor slots. But I see they took that away — I wish they would have left that alone so we could dress her how we wanted. And also give us that ability on Nico, Koth, Lana, Senya, and Theron finally.

        • Desert Rat

          exactly! it’s absolute BS for them to have done that.

    • Risqu’e

      So dumb. What was that hurting? That makes me feel like all the new comps COULD be allowed to change clothes but they choose not to let us. Frustrating…

  • Andy Pratt

    What happened to the info regarding the legacy perk to boost command xp. Not only was indicated in previous posts but it was in the original patch notes that it would be up to 10%. There IS a perk that can be bought, for an extortionate fee, for each character but that is not a legacy perk, its a character perk. The introduction was supposed to be to make the game more alt-friendly and having to spend over 3million credits per toon is NOT alt-friendly!

    Quote from a previous post (emphasis is mine):
    “legacy bound boosts you can purchase with Command Tokens, and the LEGACY PERK to speed up leveling”

    • Matthew

      Do you access said perk by clicking “Y” for legacy screen?

      It was always going to be in the per character section of legacy tab when you saw that it had 5 levels, like the per character exploring xp boost, warzone xp boost, etc…

      • Aeden Darko

        It is %10 though isn’t it guys?

      • They definitely said it was Legacy wide. I’m not going insane yet…

    • Matt Man

      its a boost you buy that you can transfer via legacy BTL

    • A Guy

      Its for the richy riches not casual plebs. Gotta get those resources out of the economy.

  • AbnerDoon

    They “FIXED” Shae no more customization. /tear

    • No, they dropped the customization and her gun into your inventory. You have to re-equip it on her on every toon. So annoying…..then again you have to roll through all your toons to get all your Legacy bits to count anyway :-/

      • AbnerDoon

        They removed the option where she could wear custom armor. Now she is just in default outfit like all the other sad KotFE companions.

    • JasonRyder

      They always fix the issues that make this game more fun…

  • JasonRyder

    “Fixed an issue that caused Vette and Torian to be unavailable from the Companion Unlock Terminal under certain conditions.”

    This has only been partially fixed. I can select Torian from the Companion Locator Terminal, but he will not return to me.

    • Nick Emory

      Have the same issue. Great “fix”

  • 2 things:

    They said the (if I remember correctly, correct me if not) Galactic Command Boost was LEGACY wide. (it’s not, not right now)

    I lost that achievement where you need to guess what each jawa needs/wants on hoth, from the Blizz recruitment mission. *sigh*

  • gua543

    Am I the only one that gets companions without gear and with default customizations when I try to replay KotFE chapter 1? Happens both on my trooper and my warrior.

  • Wayshuba

    Dulfy, I don’t know if you are aware of this but the Patch Notes were changed when they made the update from the previous day. One big item missing is the following:

    Bolster now improves players up to 232 Item Rating (down from 250).

    This caught a lot of people off guard as it has totally changed PvP and people going after higher tier Ops for the higher level gear in the beginning. Bolster now caps people at the T1 level so that people will NEED to grind T2 and T3 for higher content.

    Another one of those famous BW stealth changes.

    • Matt Man

      it was stupidly high im glad they changed it

  • x-Fx000-y
  • ibtrippein

    Is the Strategic Command Walker available?

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