SWTOR Patch 5.1 Gearing Guide

A guide to the new gearing system in Patch 5.1.



With Patch 5.1 you will have two additional methods to gear out your character in addition to the existing Command Rank system.

  • PvP (Warzones/Arenas/Galactic Starfighter) – These PvP activities will drop Unassembled Components used to purchase Unassembled Gear Pieces from vendors.
  • Operations – These operations will drop Unassembled Gear Pieces from bosses, with the last boss of an operation having a specific and guaranteed piece.

In addition to these two new paths, a new currency called Command Tokens will drop from existing Command Crates and rewarded retroactively. This new currency is required to exchange gear from the two methods above. This means that the Command System is still as relevant as ever.

Solo players who do not wish to participate in PvP or operations will still use the same old RNG system of Galactic Command crates.


Command Tokens

Command tokens are a new currency dropping from Command Crates and they are needed to convert Unassembled Gear Pieces to Gear. This is done to make the Command system relevant but less RNG. Command Tokens will be rewarded retroactively and is legacy bound. The amount of command tokens that drops from crates depends on the tier level of the command crate.

  • Tier 1 – 5 tokens per crate
  • Tier 2 – 8 tokens per crate
  • Tier 3 – 12 tokens per crate


Cmmand tokens can be used to purchase Command XP Boost for each tier if you have any extra. These Command XP Boost (15%) will not stack with the Cartel Market boost but will stack with the Legacy Perk (10%). They last 2 hrs.

  • Tier 1 – 20 Command Tokens   
  • Tier 2 – 28 Command Tokens
  • Tier 3 – 44 Command Tokens

Vendor for these CXP boosts are found on the Supplies section of the fleet next to all the Unassembled Components/Gear Pieces vendor.


Unassembled Components

Unassembled Components only comes from PvP activities. You can skip directly to the Unassembled Gear pieces if you do operations but for PvP you have to go through an extra step to earn them.

Earning Unassembled Components

  • 5 – Warzone Win
  • 2 – Warzone Loss
  • 3 – Arena Win
  • 1 – Arena Loss
  • 5 – Solo Ranked Win
  • 2 – Solo Ranked Loss
  • 8 – Group Ranked Win
  • 3 – Group Ranked Loss
  • 8 – GSF Win
  • 3 – GSF Loss

Unassembled Gear Pieces

To turn in Unassembled Components to Unassembled Gear pieces, you will need to do so at a vendor. Here are the prices for them. For Tier 2 and Tier 3 you will need to turn in the previous tier’s piece of the same slot. The vendor can be found on the Supplies section of the fleet.


In total you will need 6145 Unassembled Tokens to get a full T3 set assuming you only get your gear from PvP.

Piece Tier 1 (230) Tier 2 (236) Tier 3 (242) Total
Implant 80 T1+ 120 T2 + 180 380
Ear 80 T1+ 120 T2 + 180 380
Relic 80 T1+ 120 T2 + 180 380
Chest 100 T1 +150 T2 +225 475
Legs 100 T1 +150 T2 +225 475
Hands 100 T1 +150 T2 +225 475
Boots 100 T1 +150 T2 +225 475
Helm 100 T1 +150 T2 +225 475
Offhand 120 T1 + 180 T2 + 270 570
Mainhand 120 T1 + 180 T2 + 270 570
Bracer 75 T1 + 115 T2+ 175 365
Belt 75 T1 + 115 T2+ 175 365
Total 1290 T1+1940 T2+2915 6145

Unassembled Gear Pieces

The end boss of each operation drops a specific guaranteed piece (2 per in 8 man, 8 per 16m). Other bosses also have a chance to drop an Unassembled Gear


  • 1st boss -  20% chance to drop any unassembled piece.
  • 2nd boss – 25% chance to drop any unassembled piece.
  • 3rd boss – 30% chance to drop any unassembled piece.
  • 4th boss – 35% chance to drop any unassembled piece.
  • 5th boss – 100% chance to drop unassembled piece.

Loot Table

  • Story mode drops Tier 1
  • Veteran mode drops Tier 2
  • Master mode drops Tier 3
  • Only the last boss of each operation drops a guaranteed specific piece.
Piece Tier 1/2 (230/236) Tier 3 (242)
Implant Soa Kephess, Ruugar*
Earpiece Soa Terror From Beyond
Relic Karagga Kephess, Revan*
Chest Kephess Styrak
Legs Terror From Beyond Terror From Beyond
Hands Styrak Styrak
Boots Brontes Brontes
Helm Dread Masters Dread Masters
Offhand Ruugar Brontes
Mainhand Revan Dread Masters
Bracer Golden Fury & Eyeless Golden Fury* & Eyeless*
Belt Monolith & Xenoanalyst Monolith* & Xenoanalyst*

*Chance to drop, not guaranteed since it is Veteran mode.


Finally, the last step is to exchange the Unassembled Gear Pieces and Command Tokens for the actual gear at a new vendor. You will need Unassembled Gear pieces you earned from operations or purchased using Unassembled Components earned via PvP. Again, this vendor can be found on the Fleet supplies section but in a slightly different section.


The exchange rate are as follows for Command Tokens.

Piece Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Implant 8 12 18
Earpiece 8 12 18
Relic 8 12 18
Chest 10 15 24
Legs 10 15 24
Hands 10 15 24
Boots 10 15 24
Helm 10 15 24
Offhand 12 18 28
Mainhand 12 18 28
Bracer 7 10 15
Belt 7 10 15
Total 128 191 296

Remember you earn the Command Tokens at the following rates from the Command Crates

  • Tier 1 (1-90) – 5 tokens per crate, 445 Command Tokens in total.
  • Tier 2 (91-180) – 8 tokens per crate, 712 Command Tokens in total.
  • Tier 3 (181-300) – 12 tokens per crate, 1428 Command Tokens in total.

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217 replies on “SWTOR Patch 5.1 Gearing Guide”

So if I won every warzone until I got full T3 it would take 1,229 warzone wins. Say an average warzone is 7 minutes, that’s 8603 minutes or 143 hours of pure warzones, and that’s if you win every warzone and get instant queues.

Don’t forget you still get your chance of random armor pieces just from opening the crate, so unless you really unlucky and didn’t get any at all during the 1229 warzone wins, you probably get your whole set faster than 143 hours.

well, that’s right, it was also assumed instant queues, so well, may be it comes up to around 143 hours with all the factors add up.

It really feels like this is less of an improvement and more of a “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” kind of response.

Hmm, I see. Doing only WZs will take a lot of time. At least the changes speed up the gearing process. But it still will be a boring grinding. And why does it feel that pre 4.0 gearing was much simpler?

I’m a little confused by this. One of the reason for the Galactic Command System was to simplify gearing. It’s far from perfect, but it’s simple. Get a GC lvl, get a crate, maybe you get lucky and get a set piece. That was a great idea on paper, but the RNG makes it kind of a frustrating mess. What we had before was, run a raid, maybe you get lucky and win a piece, or you pvp and you buy them, then upgrade them.

How is this easier and more simple to understand than 4.0 and before?

I’m happy to see they are trying to improve the quality of the gearing experience, but this is more complicated than the system they deemed to complicated and replaced with 5.0.

They never intended to simplify gearing. That was marketing-speak (a bold faced lie) to justify this mess they were doing.

The intent of the system was to cover up that they haven’t put any meaningful group content in the game for over two years now. So the idea is to give you hundreds and hundreds of hours of gear grind to get you to the point of doing all the content you could do pre-4.0 (yes, 4.0 not 5.0).

Anyone that was BiS geared pre-4.0 could already do all the NiM Ops and HM FPs prior to 4.0. Then they reset the gear grind with 4.0 so you had to do it again – but it was still to fast (in their eyes) to gear. So with 5.0, they made it so you need to invest hundreds of hours grinding to do what you were doing with BiS 3.0 gear.

In other words, you are being suckered into paying for NOTHING.

The GC system before these changes was simple, but it was also the worst thing that I have seen in SWTOR. And I’ve seen a lot.

4.0 was really poor for gearing on PVE. It was far too quick to get to 224 and didnt reward skill or ability. 5.0 went completely the other way in time and rewarded grind. Somewhere between the two would have been ideal.

Looks like a nice little got ya in the Operations loot.

First, you will need the token from the Operation.
Then you need the appropriate level of CxP tiers grinded for Command Tokens.
Then you need the shell from the previous tier.

Discounted just how utterly stupid and convoluted the whole system is, people have yet to figure out they INCREASED the grind at the expense of giving you a consolation prize for the awful RNG they put in the game.

Why they couldn’t just cap the CxP per level at 2,000 (average of what is earned in an hour of casual play) and fix the RNG on the current crates is beyond me.

I can’t wait until this goes live and people begin to figure out it didn’t fix anything…. It just is going to make it worse.

On other thing to add:

So, when this goes live, let’s say you are one of those players that has already reached CR300. You will have 2,610 tokens on patch day – that you can’t do a thing with.

Now, let’s say you still need the boots, pants, and chest. Just three pieces of T3 gear. Here is what ONE will take in addition to the grinding you already did (let’s use the pants as en example).

Via Ops – you run 8 man story mode TFB and have a 25% chance of getting final boss drop gear. It will take you 1-4 weeks for this to happen. That gets you the T1 token. Now you do it again for Veteran Mode to get the T2 so you can trade in the T1, then do it again for Master Mode to get the T3 mode. All told, you have 3-12 weeks of running TFB in addition to all the CxP you have already grinded.

Via PvP – You need 475 total Unassembled to get the legs. Winning every match means at 95 matches. Losing every match means 238 matches. Let’s say it will fall right in between at 166 matches (you win 50%/you lose 50%). Counting queues and various timers in the matches you usually can average 3 WZs an hour. That is 55 hours of ADDITIONAL grinding, again on top of all the CxP ranks you already did.

How can anyone not see, what they really did was INCREASE the grind because people were getting through the ranks faster than they expected.

You don’t need to do story operations to upgrade to tier 2 gear. You can just start with veteran mode or master mode operations.

So there is no trade in on Operations like PvP, okay. So it cuts the grind via Ops down to 1-4 weeks (if just doing NiM) and about an additional 2-8 hours per piece.

It is really simpler now, isnt it? Grind to death instead of just running an operation and have a reasonable chance to get decent loot. This “buy your gear outside from crap you looted from bosses” is bullshit.
The devs are really retarded. There is no other way this mess makes sense.

Indeed. I think I have grinded enough gear and toons across enough MMOs to last a lifetime. The LAST thing I want is more grinding… Adios, SWTOR, you were fun while you lasted…

I hope not. They will bump ops, so I am looking forward to that as well. PvP is fun, but it’s not fun when you realize that there is no incentive to do anything else. If their goal was for players to do all the content, they failed even at that.

Indeed. The fact that people are constantly farming the Fractured Uprising is proof that the CXP rewards aren’t balanced properly.

Yay! Another reason not to come back to this fucking shitshow… Gearing was just fine the way it was, and now they have rolled back to 1.0 RNG bullshit… Guess Bioware REALLY REALLY REALLY doesn’t want our subscriptions…

I feel like they are trolling us with this. This system is only going to be in place for a year or less given the history of other systems. This is still really unfriendly to alts and seems to be intentionally over complicated for no good reason.

Are those percentages of drop chances for ops bosses confirmed or just the possible example they gave last month?

Surely it would’ve been easier to just have the boxes to have a chance to drop unassembled pieces that you could then take to vendor and choose what you wanted. They still get their rng on if or what rating token drops but we get a choice on the final item. and omg look at that a system that takes a whole sentence to explain rather than how many essay long posts.

I am VERY worried about what the title means, even though it’s a very good title. I hope it doesn’t mean that even after the events of 7-8-9 there is no new Jedi Order. That bullshit was what bothered me the most with TFA, and the fact that the story of the movie was very bad compared to most of the stories from the EU books. I will be optimistic though, because Rogue One was amazing.

Yeah can’t say I care much at all for the new timeline. Original trilogy characters all turned out pretty useless really. Hope Luke has a good reason for running away, but I doubt it.

Agreed about Rogue One though. At least some folks within the Disney empire know how to do shit right.

Yep, Rogue One was really cool. I read all the criticism made about the movie, and I think it was really off the mark. The movie did exactly what it was supposed to do.

Let’s hope this one is a good addition to the saga.

Kosto, if you compare the EU to the movies you will find yourself disappointed for sure. I agree, the story in the books is far superior to the glimpse we’ve had with TFA. I would have LOVED to see a Jacen Solo/Darth Caedus story put on the big screen. But alas, It was not meant to be. And I understand that Disney took that road. It would have NO IMPACT to make a movie where everybody knew the outcome.

The way I deal with that is to have “alternate realities”, a bit like the movie “Sliding Doors” with Gwyneth Paltrow.

But in all honesty, the work done with the EU is almost always superior… Sometimes even when compared to the original movies…

Man the Darth Caedus storyline, spanning across 9 books, but its sequel also (The Fate Of The Jedi series) with Ben Skywalker and Abeloth, the all-powerful Force being are sooooooooo good. I would have fucking loved to see all of that on the big screen, and it would have been phenomenal if they made it right.

There is one scene with Luke being the Grandmaster of the Jedi and finally realizing that his nephew (Jacen Solo aka Darth Caedus) has turned over to the dark side and is seeking to acquire all the power in the galaxy, where Luke goes to confront him on his flagship. And just before Jacen is ready to get up and respond to Luke’s questions, Luke just freezes Jacen and locks him on his chair (JAcen is supposed to be very powerful) and doesn’t even let him move, using the Force, while casually talking to him. I got chills when I read that the first time, since it was described as Luke being basically the greatest Jedi that ever lived, and knowing the Force better than anyone before him at this point.

And now we got Kylo Ren and 50% of a remake of Episode 4.


“In addition to these two new paths, a new currency called Command Tokens will drop from existing Command Crates and rewarded retroactively.”
So yes 🙂

whats with my existing 236 setpieces, PVP the way to upgrade? thumbs up, you’re awesome


Will they give us tokens we have won by this time ? mean i am at 220 C. rank atm. i think i can get 1625 token from crates by this time

If I understood you correctly, you meant to ask if they would give you CTokens for the ranks you have already gained, if that is so then yes, they said multiple times they would

holy shit, 6000+ components at a rate of 2-5 per match?


yeah, in 2 weeks when my sub is up I think i’m done…I’ll come on every so often to play my 5 weekly matches but enough is enough.

yeah, that’s only ~2k warzones with a solid 1:1 win/los streak, but remember, it’s the thrill of the hunt (TM) that counts!

If you do GF ops to get the tier 1 pieces (or get them out of crates) you don’t have to bother buying them with components.

Honestly, it’s much easier that way. Get the T1/T2 piece from an op, then use components to upgrade it.

Going directly to T2 means you need about 2000 components, and to T3 you need about 3000. It’s still a lot, but nowhere near as bad as 6000.

and they threw away a perfectly good gearing system in 4.0 for this garbage? Why did they not adapt 4.0 into GC instead of this crap.

WTH is wrong with BW these days?

Among other things, but yes. Why is it NOT a good thing to be able to gear up quickly? There is literally nothing wrong with it.

Perhaps they think making people spend more time getting decent gear will slow down the demand for new end game content because they will feel unready for it 😛

Which doesn’t make sense in and of itself because most content that people do is bolstered and doesn’t even require you to have any type of gear at all.

I’ve been rolling HM ops with my 224 stuff from 4.0 just fine.

Well you contradicted your objection, since to do HM Ops you need to be subbed. Also, HM ops are NOT bolstered. Finally, it’s pretty hard (near to impossible) for non-hardcore raiders to finish let’s say HM Styrak or HM ToS and HM Rav with low gear.

The bolster comment and HM ops comment were not related, hence the paragraph break.

The later portion of my comment was merely an aside. My point is that people are grinding these crates for gear when the content that most people do doesn’t even require gear.

To put it another way, the grind has no meaning or purpose.

Slow down the demand for end game content? There hasn’t been any on over two years – almost half the game’s entire existence. It can’t get any slower other than going into full maintenance mode.

yeah, it’s just a theory.
I suppose it also could be as simple as:
Getting gear now requires sub. The longer it takes to get gear, the longer people stay subbed.

It’s a solid theory. My theory was that they are deliberately driving away end game players so they do not have to put any resources into developing any decent group content. Soon only players left will be those there for the RPG part, not the MMO part.

I think your theory makes more fiscal sense, but I wouldn’t put it past them to be hoping they lose a percentage of their playerbase in the hope that it makes their lives easier.

Well we have known about that reason…. that is Bioware’s reason of course. I was mostly asking the players xD

I agree that gearing up was easy, probably too easy. So I can see why they would want to rein it in slightly. Having drops on last boss was probably the way go and I think most players would be fine with this if they actually gave us some new Ops to do.

I have a job and family so I cannot possibly do the grind they were asking, especially with the RNG element. Having drops back at least alleviates my frustrations slightly.

I believe this will be a ruse to hide the fact they will not be delivering any Operations in 5.0. By giving boss drops back they can likely say they have catered to the playerbase that want Operations.

It was quick but hell it was still better. Plus, its also why I mentioned adapting it to GC if they so wanted to slow down gear distribution times. They didn’t need to scrap it all for GC and RNG to accomplish that.

What we got was BW at their worst for both design and development. They deserve all the negativity they get.

Because casualtards can’t wrap their simpleton minds around multiple gear currencies.
Or advanced classes.
Or the freedom to build custom talent trees to suit their individual playstyles.
Or using Google to find answers.

Yea, that and they should be equal for win/loss 5/4 or 10/8, ’cause unless you’re in group with friends or pvp maniacs you won’t stand a chance, chances to win are pretty low and most of the time, you’ll end up in a group of people who have never done pvp or are really bad at it.

Unassembled components, unassembled gear pieces, AND command tokens.
If simplicity was truly the goal, I don’t see why they didn’t just make one of these currencies and make the drop rate higher or lower for certain activities instead. :/

So what if I haven’t saved up my 230/236 shells? Being level 220 CXP, I will be behind on gearing then say a level 135 CXP player that saved his shells? That’s really fucked up…

That’s not what they’re saying at all, think of the unassembled stuff as currency for the new gear and you get to decide what gear you want, the shells don’t mean anything and the shells are just adaptive armor.

Are you certain? It’s not perfectly clear to me but that’s how I read it too.

“For Tier 2 and Tier 3 you will need to turn in the previous tier’s piece of the same slot.”

That’s how it worked before for pvp gear, turn in your old shell. so it wouldn’t be a new concept.

They have totally ignored the fact that most people stick their mods in legacy armour and get rid of the junk shells.

What Bioware has created is a system where guilds that somehow still give a shit will gear by saving last boss lockouts I guess. Working as intended.

Farming last bosses was something my friends and I were looking at, but it looks like to gear yourself you still need command tokens … and our biggest issue is that we want to raid, not grind cxp. So we’re sitting about with 240 crafted mods/enhancements and set pieve 224 armour and expecting the situation will only worsen when Tier IV, V, and VI appear …. awesome.

The question is: Do I get thee Unassembled Components if I’m preferred status? My sub just gone yesterday, and I don’t think I will resub before a new exp. But sometimes I play, if I can get these components. I know the Galactic Command is unavailable, but I hope it is different.

Imo you’ll get the Unassembled, but you wont be able to use them, since you wont get any Command tokens from crates.

wow what a clusterfuck well the good news is thier running out of ways to make you do the same shit over and over and over

“You’ll have to grind just as long, if not longer, but at least we made it even more complicated! That’s what people wanted, right?”

Seriously! This is beyond farcical now. Resources that could’ve been allocated to new Operations and PvP Maps are being taken up by them mitigating a disaster they created.

Didn’t they get rid of the comms/crystals reward system because they deemed it to complicated for some people? I would say this is as convoluted as it gets, but who knows what 5.2 will bring.

They did it to drag out the grind as long as possible so they can keep us busy without adding any content which costs them any significant $ investment.

That’s exactly the point … and well deserved for all who joined this stupid DvsL event in autumn last year.

Did really no one see this coming? Giving a great “YES WE CAN DO” to BW’s idea of making swtor an asian style grindnig game?

Gave the promise of some alternative helmets, outfits, skins rewarded by RNG from DvL crates really not anyone a dark feeling of forboding, of the things to come?
Or the reward of one more stupid companion ? As if there are not enough of them standing around.

Oh you stupid gaming community, you just got what you deserved.
Unfortunately gamers like myself who did not do even 1% of that stupid DvL nonsense are the same way punished.


Players forget that you’ll still get a possibility of getting Gear in crates, so for someone like me that is Rank 122, who has already a full set of 230-234-236, i can just imagine how fast someone in 5.1 will be able to get geared, probably twice as fast, depending on what you do.

Well if you are at level 122, you have either:
1. Spent way too much time on this game, thus having no life.
2. Farmed KP for as long as you could, then switched over to farming Fractured.

I personally cannot do those things, as I feel brainless after 20-30 minutes of whatever farming I have ever tried. Playing a few hours per night, doesn’t get you “that fast” (really, 2 months to not even reach halfway of lvl 300 is fast?) at Command Rank 122, it gets you to 56, which I currently have on my main.

So yeah, twice as fast, is still shit.

You are geared better than anyone in my entire guild and a many of them are higher rank than you are. You are extremely lucky. Some of my guildies are past 200 and still have to use some of their old 224 armorings because they only have 3 or 4 set bonus pieces from the new gear.

I got to rank 19 and didn’t get much for my trouble and my time is needed in the real world, so for them to ask any player to grind 2-5 year old content and then make that grind RNG is an insult in my opinion.

I salute you for your dedication, but to me that is part of the problem. We all need to unsub ASAP so they realise that they cannot get away with the despicable lack of actual game playing content they are currently delivering.

I think its perfect time for Bioware to introduce with patch 5.3 Cartel Market end game gear.
Then the circle will be complete.
Those who want to farm and hope for rng can do that and those who want to bypass rng can just buy gear. win/win?

/irony ends

Im waiting my sub to expire not playing much anymore anyway after 5.0 its just waste of my precious free time and can play something else that i can actually enjoy. Heck even Diablo 3 seasons or The Division RNG loot hunt is more fun that TOR….
Never thought i would say that after playing TOR since beta.

Question: Regarding gear you can upgrade from the PVP vendor, I’m assuming you trade the shells with components for the next upgradable piece. Do the previous gear pieces have to be purchased from the PVP vendor? Can gear from Command Crates or the OPS tokens be upgraded through the PVP vendor? If yes, does that mean players who’ve obtained gear through command craters pre 5.1 that vendored their shells are out of luck in upgrading said gear?

What, The Actual Fuck?
THIS is supposed to be “simpler, less grindy”?
Like its not bad enough they’re kriffing most of the gear vendors for lowbies and midbies.
MOST of my chars are not anywhere near 60 yet, as I am NOT a career player, I have a life.

Ya sure…Go do OPs for a few months where only the final boss drops a guaranteed piece and you have to roll against 7/15 other players.

And for people who only care about pvp? I don’t like raiding anymore….especially in a game that hasn’t had a new raid in almost 3 years. Why do I have to grind 3 times longer to be viable in pvp?

Have you already cleared all the operations (every difficulty mode)?
Also, you don’t need gear for PvP since there is a bolster. I agree it takes much more time to gear up by doing PvP than operations but you simply don’t need gear for PvP.

Bolster in this game is a joke, and with 5.1 they changed bolster yet again making the tier 3 gear a requirement to be viable. You clearly don’t pvp.

Also, whether I’ve cleared all the difficulties or not in OP’s is a fucking moot point. I don’t pve. I have no interest in pve. Pve is boring as fuck. The system prior to 5.0 was perfectly fine with the split of pve and pvp gear.

That’s fine if you don’t PvE. I agree teh system prior 5.0 was fine, but oh well. As far as I know they are considering current system to be similar to that what we used to have. Thats why you need T1+components to buy T2. In the past you needed wz gear to upgrade to ranked+wz comms. Though, number of components needed for 1 piece is just too high, considering the fact how much you get per 1 win/loose. But still, I think gear is meaningless in PvP.

So they went to a bad rng system so a retarded and convoluted older version. Is this revenge by making the rng system seem good compared to this?

I currently have a T2 Main Hand and Offhand. It will take me 52 Warzone wins (or around 100 losses), to upgrade one of my piece to T3. By the time I have done all of those warzones…. I probably would already be T3 and have those items….


Yes, technically if I go beat up Revan in Master Mode (which doesn’t exist), or keep beating up other bosses in Master Mode, I ‘may’ be lucky enough that the Main Hand drops, and I ‘may’ be lucky enough to win on the roll that 7 others are rolling on :). So at most, I have a 0.35(35% boss drop) * 0.125 (1/8 chance to win roll) * 0.08 (12 different slot pieces may drop) chance of getting the MH in a Master Mode OPs :D.

So basically, 0.36% chance of getting MH drop on fourth boss (lower on earlier bosses), lets even be realistic and say that all 4 bosses have the same chance (because I’m too lazy to calculate it for the other 3 bosses). At most I have 1.46% chance of getting a MH from running a full Master Mode OP (ignoring SnV, as it has two extra boss). So… will need to run close to 100 runs for that. Yay me!

So my choice…. 52 Warzone wins or… 100 Master Mode Operation…. or wait for Tier 3 crate gear.

Oh dear lord…first they launch the game with a stupid amount of currencies, then they remove over half of it to make it better.
Then they make a pointless name change of them before removing and adding more currencies again with a tacked on retarded exchange system…..

I see what they’re trying to do, and I’m glad they did something. Those RNG crates were making me sick, and I was trying to wrap my head around doing this for (14!) other toons. I’ll have to see how it plays out but I complain further.

Don’t put ur anger on his mind, he is among others who can’t wake up from this bullshit nightmare BioWare was giving all along since 2012 (I left after KOTFE release (2015), playing since around the final release (end of 2011).

They removed commendations because it was to complicated and now they fucked up everything even more

Player: Too much grind!
BioWare: Ok, we’ll make some changes.
Player: What kind of?
BioWare: We keep the CXP grind and add grinding 3 types of token/commendations which you have to combine.
Player: Uh? How is this helping?
BioWare: … … …

You have to log in with every char that have command levels to fully add tokens to currency.
Keep that in mind

There really is no pleasing you, I think if I’ve ever seen you post it’s been some venomous rant about how you hate BW and their content. They could actually do something that pleases everyone in the best case scenario and you’d still find room to bitch and moan.

“In total you will need 6145 Unassembled Tokens to get a full T3 set assuming you only get your gear from PvP”
If you have a win rate of 50% and you earn an average 3.5 Unassembled Components a match and 1 match take an average of 15-20 min each, it will take around 511 hrs to get full T3 gear…. Even if you played 3 hrs a night 5 days a week it will take 34 weeks to be fully geared.
They sure want us to grind for gear. If that’s the case they should at least give us new content 2-3 times a year not once every 2 yeas 🙁

Well, if you’re only getting gear through the new mechanics, sure, that’s an accurate assesment, but that’s not exactly how it works.

The goal for these components is to supplement the gear you’re getting from the GC crates. In practice, I imagine it’ll hit this sweet spot of ~33% of your gear coming from those components, the rest coming from GC crates, depending on your luck. That’d cut the amount of time down to maybe 200 hours, which would come out to 13 weeks, give or take.

…still not fantastic, of course, but your analysis was missing a kinda critical aspect of it >_>.

Oh so we still get gear from GC crates 🙂 Nice but then we are still stuck with RNG issue….. So we should save Unassembled Components to fill in the spots that we are having a hard time getting from GM crates maybe?

That’s entirely the purpose of this, yeah. Fast gear with RNG from the crates, slow gear with predictability from the components. Does feel like they need to speed it up a bit, though.

Either way, that’s a hell of a lot longer than it normally took me to get gear. I think they spreading it out to get you play longer while they try to come up with new shit. SWTOR spoils us a bit, because in WoW Legion gear grinding takes months…

whats the fucking point on getting all those points based on our ranks if we can’t even buy gear just with that??

So just to clarify, you can’t upgrade any gear pieces you get out of a Command Crate, even if they are set pieces? How does that make any sense? I have 647 Command Tokens but have to wait until I earn other currency before I can do anything with them? /facepalm

The Tier 1 class vendor gives you MK-3 pieces, while the Tier 2 class vendor gives AND *requires MK-15 pieces*. So how are you supposed to upgrade from Tier 1 to Tier 2 using these vendors?? Just wait until you get really lucky and get an MK-15 Legendary piece from a Command Crate? This doesn’t make any sense.

No, that doesn’t make sense. Run ops to get gear from the PVP vendor? I’m not talking about the PVE gear vendor.

I didn’t say it was important for PVP. I’m actually getting the vast majority of the tokens for it from GSF – where you don’t use character gear at all. I use the gear to run PVE content. So anyway, back to the question I asked.

Well, you mentioned PvP so i assumed you play PvP. But, if you play PvE there is nothing to worry about. To get full 242 gear you need 296 tokens (equals to 60 command rank) plus unassembled pieces from operations (master mode). Obtaining these should not take more than a few weeks. Assuming you are a raider in somewhat competitive guild.

Basically you commented on something of which you had no understanding of what I was talking about. You still don’t. There’s two sets of vendors on fleet. One for PVP content and one for PVE content.

I do understand if you play PvE content, you want to gear using PvE vendors. Why are you still referring to PvP?

You kind of do need to gear for pvp since they changed the bolster. It seems that if you are better geared than the current bolster of 232, that’s extra stats you receive. I could be wrong, but that’s what it seems like. And the competitive pvpers seem to be in 240s.

Ok, so I am a subscriber casual solo/unguilded PvE player, who is NOT interested in doing raiding/ops/PvP/GSF/Uprisings/joining a guild/doing random PuGs. And by ‘not interested’ I mean not going to do, at all, ever – which is better for me AND everyone else involved, unless/until the day EA/BW allow me to pull my own companions to fill those slots to run content.

I do the storylines/chapters (8 charas, all different classes & races, all 60+, every crafting & gathering prof available at 600 on each), datacrons, sideline/exploration stuff, and any flashpoints I can either do solo w/ companion (& droid if offered, as buggy as it is), and H2s I can solo.

(If the reason why I solo in an MMORPG is important, it is a matter of me not having a lot of time for gaming, living on the opposite side of the world than most people who play, and a slow, not terribly stable internet connection that cannot be fixed, even if I was playing on a high-end gaming rig (it is a national issue for all ISPs here, and I literally live in the jungle, as well. Moving and/or ISP change won’t change that.). I play realllllyy casually when I play, as well – I am an explorer, looking around every nook & cranny, wanting to read through and deliberate my convo choices, etc. I’m kinda more of a solo hiker-type than a group speed trail runner, and I refuse to let a group carry me because of my lagged-out connection, or frustrate them and wind up getting kicked because I don’t want to space-bar through dialogues.

So, in my case/those similar to me? is the suggestion that I max out the Command Legacy perk, and then use a Cartel or Command-purchase Legacy booster, and grind out Command crates? Basically rely on RNG to hopefully eventually get the gear I want/need?


This also seems to me a ploy to keep people in a more graduated way to draw out gearing. If you really want to gear, you need to subscribe, tie into a guild, and multiplay ops or be PVPing, drawing/dragging out the process, to keep their subscriber base up & stable. As new content has come out, dedicated players raced through, got their stuff, then slacked off until more new content. I feel like they are trying to push people into subbing, and then keeping them there until/as they can roll out something new, to smooth out the cycles.

If they don’t fix this gear problem in this game people are either quit grinding for it or quit the game completely. Sorry you complained about the commendation problem now you have to live with this crap.

Just to clearify this…
Can you upgrade a T1 piece from a crate to T2 obtained before the patch went live?

OR does it have to be a T1 piece from after the patch went live? OR cant you upgrade gear from crates at all?

I have a T1 belt on one of my chars, when i go to the T2 vendor, find the belt that has exactly the same name, its lighted as RED as if i do not have it. I am not capeable of gearing T2 yet, am C-level 50 or so… so is that why i believe you cannot upgrade gear from crates?

I even see people saying they got T1 unassambled piece from opts, converted it to the actual item, and STILL see it as if they do not have it, when they check for upgrade to T2…

Seems to me your are more or less FORCED to do opts, as getting a piece there is so much easier than PVP, you can even skip a tier and just get T2 straight out.. Seems kinda retarded.

You can upgrade pieces of gear from Command Crates, but they need to be legendary (gold) pieces. You can’t upgrade a purple set bonus piece using the new vendors.

So I’m now in T2 and getting T2 shit. How do I get access to T2 vendor if I don’t have T1 shells? Can I turn in T2 shells to get the T3 unassembled?

Sorry about my autism

They most likely didnt say this. Gotta love you haters…

If you can back your statement with evidence i’d like to see that.

It came up during a Swotor Livestream. A chap called Ben said that Galactic Command was “intended to make gearing more simple” and “That there were too many commendations/tokens and vendors with which to exchange for gear”. Satisfied now?

Ok this is stupid. The Tier 1 Vendor for PvP Components only sells Tier 3 stuff, which is hella expensive. I was looking to trade in my parts for Tier 1 to get Tier 2, but all I saw was the need for items you can only get from operations/dungeons. I was under the assumption that the PvP Component Vendor would basically sell each Tier of Gear, and you would need the previous tier to get the upgrade, like it has been in the past. But the Tier one vendor only has Tier 3 WTF is this….

It starts to feel more like work than fun which I think is what ruins games like these. Honestly I buy a set of purple mk-14 gear that people craft on the gtn and call it a day because i don’t really need anything more than that. i don’t do pvp, i don’t have the mindset for it and im more interested in story, characters and relaxing and fooling around with guild mates going on the occasional op. I try to stay away from the grind and that’s why I was able to not get fed up with the game. I think this gear that you have to grind for is overkill if you ask me.

So, here we go like what my rl twin bro predicted. Stupid ass gearing system Biofail!!! Now we go against guys in tier 3 gear that they’ve gotten doing ops or cxp shit! it’s like playing pvp at the beginning where u go against a team that is so geared & the other team is so under geared that your hitting them with a wet noodle.

Thanks for ruining the one aspect left in the game that I liked. Well, unsubbed now because I’m so tired of sub-par product the past 3 fucking years. Way to kill your game morons!!! dumb it down for the kiddies now a days. I’m out bitches!!!

You’re complaining because you are less geared in PvP than someone who put effort into the game? LOL you’re funny.

NO!!! That’s not what I’m saying at all! I’m a regular sub that pvp’s a lot & now see someone in pvp that either raids a lot or exploited their way to max out their CXP to get top gear. So, your telling me your ok with someone who is a casual pvp’er coming in with 242 gear and just face rolling everyone at will? Yeah, because it’s not like the system Biofail came up with for the reg pvp’ers is so great in attaining gear is better then getting in throw raids is fair right?

If you’ve have played to game from the get go, you’ll know that it was somewhat similar with people exploiting to get gear in less then 2 weeks of the start of the game. They would just face roll everyone and you could barley do any dmg to them!

Biofail just doesn’t give a royal fuck about this sub-par shitty product to do anything about it anymore. Read what I wrote shitter! Your opinion is not warranted or is funny to some of us that pvp & have kept this game running.

if you are rly good you can still faceroll those 242 scrubs with 208 gear but as soon as the other play is like decent and has full 242 and ur just crippling around with 230 you are feeling like just half affective as they are

Dont panic dude, there is one rule – skill > gear. If you are getting facerolled by casual pvp’er in better gear, it means that he is better. If you really are a hardcore pvp’er, you wouldnt have any problems at all

Wow the traditional retard response. I also have a job, have to work 9-6, have evening commitments 2 nights per week and can still gear. What’s your excuse for being awful?

Spent 3 years on this game as a constant sub, 11 toons levelled up to 65. left after KOTET. Coming back and reading about it, its like I don’t even know the game any more.

I just came back after a break for ff xv, now that I have all I can get from that I am back… feel the same… luckily I wasn’t that badly geared when I left… but yeah still long grind to go lol

Okay maybe you guys can help with this because customer service doesn’t seem to have a flipping clue.. So I have an Iokath MK-3 armguards and mainhand (both 240 rating which dropped from command crates), 294 unassembled components and 732 command tokens. Neither piece is accepted at the gear vendor to upgrade. Am I missing something?

240 rating items can’t be upgraded. It’s the 236 legendary items that you can trade in with the components for 242s.

Fero, and anyone else confused by this, the problem is that use the Unassembled Components system, you must start with unassembled gear pieces. So, what that means is any EC gear you pick up can not be converted to Iokath, nor Iokath to Gemini. You ~must~ start with an unassembled component picked up from an Op or other source. Then you can use those vendors. Gear from crates is a completely other path for gearing.

Not only is the system kind of stupid; basically, only play the game if you find the game play fun, because unlike Diablo 2 or something, gear is not why you play this game.

But what has stricken me every time, and this is endemic to MMOs, is grinding for gear that gets invalidated every expansion when the level goes up. I will never understand it. I play because I enjoy it, get to 70 before starting KOTFE and you will get some nice command experience as you play through the story, yes it’s linear and tailored to Jedi/Sith, but it’s still fun enough to enjoy once or twice. This will get you some gear, boost your companion to 30, very easy, and just play. Because 75 is likely around the corner and why worry about a grind that will not help you much in the future.

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