GW2 Celestial Rooster Glider and Rox’s Outfit now Available

GW2 Celestial Rooster Glider and Rox’s Pathfinding Outfit are now available for 500 and 700 gems in the gemstore.


Celestial Rooster Glider – 500 Gems



Rox’s Pathfinding Outfit – 700 gems

Dye Pattern

















Discounts/Returning Items

  • Ancestral Outfit – 560 gems (20% OFF)
  • Imperial Outfit – 560 gems (20% OFF)
  • Ram Balloon – 250 gems
  • Red Lantern – 250 gems
  • Plush Ram Backpack Set – 300 gems

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60 replies on “GW2 Celestial Rooster Glider and Rox’s Outfit now Available”

LNY ends next week, if they did a trailer now wed get content next week, but if they do trailer next week we have at least a week of contentlessness

oh man yet another outfit where the shoulders on male are 500x bigger than the female version, like I just want a leather/medium looking outfit I can use on a heavy class but nope Anet has to make the shoulders for every male outfit big enough to have their own moons.

Isnt it like a thing for men to want to look buff and wearing buff gear to compensate for not heing buff enough. Or is it just a germanic thing to want to be strong?

its still nowhere near where wow is though.

i dunno why massive 500lb shoulderpads are such a fascination in western fantasy. everything from mad max to warcraft has them.

Reasoning: it was easier to distinquish in the RTS era from a distance. Blizzard pionered the giant shoulders with warcraft. which was a carryover from the warcraft style. They sort of embraced it all.

the units in the first three warcrafts rarely even had noticeable shoulderpads. and like i said its been a style for a while. im not sure who did it first but man did wow run with it.

which would probably sell gems more effectively than outfits do, because theyre cheaper individually and more pragmatic than an unchangeable outfit

Well I’m glad she finally got her own clothing (this is the first time I’m seeing it as I am not up to date with the story).

They should bring back the racial gear designer for the outfits. A lot of those are amazing, and it’s a reminder of what they CAN do with outfits and the like.

Welp, looks like my gems are safe for another week. Glider looks lame and I’m not a fan of the outfit either. I was kind of hoping the glider would give you sparkly celestial/star-like wings. What a let down 🙁

Nope, I guess you weren’t around at that time. People complained about armour sets being in the gemstore and that they should be in-game rewards only. So the devs stopped making armour sets for the gemstore and have been making outfits ever since.

The last armour set was released in the gemstore February 2014, according to wiki. Outfits didn’t even exist until April 2014.

[quote]Daaw Daw
wow,outfit which actualy clip when you dont even move… just wow[/quote]


we chose outfits over armor because it’s cheaper to make and we don’t have to tackle clipping problems, because outfit is one with all [/quote]

well since that myth is busted, how about we get back to armour skins now, and scrap the outfits for ever.

“pegi 12”? you mean how its not revealing at all?

its rox’s outfit from her journey to the frozen north. fur or no, why would her outfit be revealing

i mean, it IS winter. on top of that, the current LS is taking place in jormag’s domain.

well probably see more revealing ones in the spring.

Fuck revealing outfits. Most of my gaming time here was dedicated to making my femNecro not look like a backstreet hooker. I don’t have anything against such clothes in general, but they just look silly on professional grim reaper.

i just want variety in the outfits and consistency between genders. some people like revealing outfits, thats fine. but some of us dont.

i can easily make a male character look badass, but put the same armor on women and it looks like cosplay or swimwear, not functional battle attire. then sometimes they give the dudes enlarged shoulderpads and such. what reason is there for a difference?

and then each armor class has its own unique problems. light armor has
tons of robes and needlessly flashy stuff, medium armor has coats,
coats, and coats; and heavy armor either looks too bulky or too awkward,
and often has stuff sticking out in weird places.

and dont even get me started on the buttcapes, im already getting off track. the point is, i dont mind them throwing functional-looking outfits at us. there are plenty of bigger problems their design team needs to address.

ye there is actualy 1 revealing outfit from 30, and on heavy armor you have 1 short skirt….literaly soft porn game…

man if all you want to wear are revealing outfits, there are other games that cater to that. also i think outfits are more likely to be full-covered because they have to (try… and fail) to justify it being an ‘outfit’ instead of armor skins.

i dont wana run around in panties,but i call for some ballance,they had their fun with non-sexy-furry shit,give us something else.

Pity, the helm is the softest head wrap in game and normal looking running shoes are the rarest footwear in GW2. Its irritating when awesome armor pieces are reserved for costumes just to sell the concepts -.-

Well, I suppose those BLTC doves/pigeons could use a new job after a bunch of them lost their positions to those newfangled mail carriers. 😉

yeah they can. chickens can glide like this. sometimes they get up on top of a roost, get spooked, and glide a long way by flapping really hard and making a lot of noise kind of like that

The Rox outfit is kinda disappointing. Looks like several of the other ones we’ve seen, and it doesn’t even look that good on Charr, which is really saddening because we’ve seen how good they can make the armor.

I’m actually surprised: The female version of Rox’s outfit looks like an actual assassin outfit. That’s pretty cool. A pity the male and female version don’t look much alike. :c

The rooster glider: oh man, that’s so great xD wished I had been playing when this came out (I couldn’t for some reasons…)

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