SWTOR Defend the Throne Game Update 5.1 Trailer

SWTOR has released a short trailer of the Game Update 5.1 patch, showing off the new uprisings.

Watch the ‘Defend the Throne’ launch trailer for an inside look at new multiplayer battles, the most challenging story difficulty yet, and more!

Rally your troops for battle as rivals, traitors, and rogues alike seek to challenge your rule in Galactic Command. Whether you’re playing alongside friends or ruling the galaxy solo, the time has come to DEFEND THE THRONE!


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31 replies on “SWTOR Defend the Throne Game Update 5.1 Trailer”

yes, and that sure looks like a player character to me but I don’t recognize the weapon either! Some kind of mace with a glowy tip. (Go ahead, Snarksters! Do your worst! =D)

I’m sure this is entirely unintentional, but they’ve changed their canon but putting the Inquisitor on the throne instead of the default Knight.

Not that I’m complaining, it gets repetitive seeing the same face in every. single.. trailer…

Not that it’s important, but I believe it’s the Warrior. Still refreshing to see someone other than the default Knight though.

Great story for a saber wielding class and utterly stupid for a bounty hunter, smuggler, imperial agent, and commando.

They pretty much showed with KotFE they believe no one uses non force classes.

Not sure why they didn’t just give us all sabers in the first chapter and welcome us to the jedi order.

Be happy with a fake/short trailer video about new knockoff Tactical flashpoints that were created with the sole intent to be be FP’s WITHOUT stories lmao. Sheep like you are the reason why Biocrap continually make stupid decisions with no repurcussions. BAHHHHHHH

No repercussions? I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I periodically check server status. They NEVER go above “Standard”. That’s a 2 on a scale of 0 to 6. Even the most populated ones. Have a look for yourself:

Last time I saw populated servers was at KotFE’s launch. After that it’s been downhill the WHOLE time. Meaning: less and less people log in to play this once great game…

No repercussions meaning despite the server populations going to shit and more and more players getting alienated and leaving the game for various reasons, nobody at Bioware gets in any trouble for it. As long as a few idiots keep blowing money on cartel coins, EA could care less….

It’s not fake, it’s really. They actually made that trailer/video.
It’s sole intent wasn’t to be a FP, it’s an Uprising.
You sir…have a fact issue. Don’t melt.

Best darkside companion and no story on wtf she did. Yes i get her back the second I’m on oddessen but really her story as a comp was great, spy sith assassin, carrying on for you because she didn’t want to overthrow you. The story of getting her back would have been better than every other “oh there’s my old companion I never used”

Also shouldn’t defending the thrown be a story? I mean i know not everyone took the “rule the galaxy” route but still…

I like the title. It fits. It began as a small ragtag group. It gathered members, influence and became an Alliance. Together they dethroned the new emperor. Stronger than before with more members and powers gathering to their cause. They fought and eventually defeated the next Empress. Now the Eternal Alliance and the Outlander as the Emperor/Empress/Peacekeeper. The new dominating power in the Galaxy, as they have become the rulers.

Now as they have reached the peak, many new and old foes will attempt to destroy them. Some want the throne for themselves, others fight in fear of the thrones power and others to destroy the throne.

The Outlander’s choice will lead to three paths. The destruction of the throne and disbanding of the Eternal Alliance(Light,) fighting defending the throne until he/she and the Eternal Alliance falls(Dark) or sacrificing everything and everyone to claim the throne for himself(Dark)

What do you think? Ridiculous or plausible?

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