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SWTOR Stalwart Leader Command Pack Preview

SWTOR Stalwart Leader Command Pack Preview.[toc]


Emperor’s Mantle Armor Set – Gold


Resourceful Engineer’s Armor Set – Gold



Silent Warden’s Armor Set – Gold



Bestial Fanatic’s Armor Set – Silver



Warstorm Veteran’s Armor Set – Silver


Imperial Cadet’s Armor Set – Bronze



Arclight Nova – Gold


E-95 Dread Behemoth – Gold


Mighty Kath Hound – Gold


Bloodthristy Raptor – Silver


Alliance Consul’s Dais – Silver



Ordtech F7 Blaster Rifle – Silver


Ordtech F7 Blaster – Silver


Ordtech F7 Sniper Rifle – Silver


Unstable Peacemaker’s Lightsaber – Platinum

Unstable Peacemaker’s Dualsaber – Platinum


Title: The Eternal Stalwart – Bronze

Creature Companion: Nathema Beast– Gold


Color Crystal – Cloud Blue – Silver


Pet: Vigilant Miniprobe– Bronze


Pet: Hinterland Flutterplume – Bronze


Emote: Unconvincing Performance – Silver


Weapon Tuning: Strap Attachment

  • No animation but adds a strap to your weapon





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116 replies on “SWTOR Stalwart Leader Command Pack Preview”

Does K-Mart still do the Blue Light Special? I haven’t had any around me in years, and I didn’t go into them then.

I seriously doubt that his set would function properly on players (diff. proportions & tons of lag).

Also, it would probably be a direct buy set if they add it.

You can as well tell the same about any other set (Satele’s, Bastilla’s, Revan’s etc)

Considering Thexan’s set and Wicked Huntress set that one is not even close to Valkorion’s robes.

Thexan, Zakuul Knight, Horizon Guard, Nathema Zealot, and the KotOR sets are copies of the NPCs. The other sets (Koth, Vaylin, SCORPIO, and Valkorion) are just sets inspired by the NPCs.

Huh never really noticed that the apex sovereign armor set was the SCORPIO inspired set. But thanks for telling me.

Because it doesn’t look anything like his armour at all?

To be honest, until I saw people talk about his armour being added a little while back I didn’t even realise this was supposed to be it. I’d have never have guessed. Vaylin’s gear, Koth’s, Lana’s… they were all crappier versions of the outfits those characters wear.

This though? I mean there’s really no resemblance at all :/

Yeah, we will agree to disagree then. Valkorian’s armor is the VERY first thing when I first saw this knock-off/spin-off version of the armor set.

Hurray! That’s the second Imperial armor set we’ve gotten in a row that does NOT have any rank insignia or Imperial emblems on it.

Not to mention the helmet comes from a Republic trooper hat. Am I the only one that gets bothered when they do stuff like that?

I meant using the same armor for both factions. Like there’s this one Republic chestpiece, that used to be the trooper Tionese stuff, that’s now used for some Imperial NPCs

Doh i see what you meant well it is a cadet set so i guess there is no rank on it and the helm i can see what you mean but it does look like a few of the agent pieces

Wow, even bioware is taking shots at Ronda Rousey with that Unconvincing Performance emote. That poor girl has been through enough ridicule! Shame on you Bioware!

With every Cartel pack I always find some stuff I love and this one is no exception. I am getting a little frustrated with some of the reskins though. Paying big creds for gold armor sets only to see them released as bronze items later sucks. The Imperial Cadet set looks like it has the Apex Sovereign greaves and Wicked Huntress boots though no gold trim which is actually kinda nice. But still they did it with the Alliance Consuls mount which will bring down the value of the black model imo.

Proportioning would be my next gripe though it isn’t going away anytime soon. The Warstorm Veterans armor looks great but it’s like Bioware doesn’t know how to make the knees work with armor. It’s like giant chunky armor on the thigh and then stick figure knees and then giant chunky boots. I don’t like that. The Silent Warden boots look great on female body type 1 but suck horribly on male body type 3.

End of rant.

On the forums a person who recovered their stolen account discovered there was 100,000 cartel coins on the account acquired with fake credit cards. This may explain why cartel packs go for so little on the GTN as the contents listed are 5-9 pages deep for any one item.

Weird… I logged to check how the new strap tuning would look on my weapons, but I couldn’t find it in collections.

Also, what is the name of the sniper rifle shown in the picture above?

O god if only he was, but sadly the internets have an inexhaustible supply that someone else has done for him.

Man they are putting zero effort into the weapons these days. No model optimizing / refinement, and some of the worst texturing in the game. The last 3 sets of weapons have been so bland and boxy that it isnt even funny. I would rather they did some cut and paste jobs at this point, like they love to do w/ armors.

Then again, I am not playing currently anyway… so I shouldnt really care. But its hard not to care about a game I love when they are slowly killing it with bad decision after bad decision…

Show me a weapon skin/ idea that you would rather have. Make sure its not outrageous and is actually possible in this game.

Seriously? I know you like to defend BW to the death but can you honestly say that Strap tuning is great among a host of recent Cartel Market items that have just been pure facepalm?

Ser JuJoo does have a point. All you need to do is open the Collections window, look at the first 4 shipments of cartel packs, look at the VARIETY (Armors, Weapons, Mounts, Emotes, companion customization’s etc) and quality of content (Appearance) they came with and now compare it to the last say 2 shipments of packs and look how lacking they are. Even the Cartel Market guys are giving up putting in any effort which is sad because the early stuff is fantastic.

On another note, I am trying to find this rifle I have seen in the game that has a strap on it already and want to preview it with that strap tuning so I can go all Xzibit and have a strap for the strap!! 😛

You think maybe they’re just ya know… running out of ideas? Lots of these guys have been there from the start. If I was told I need to craft hundreds of guns but they all need to be different I’d probably lose my mind.

Yeah because after 6 years it’s gonna be so easy to produce a brand new never seen before guns/hilts that blow everyone’s mind, all of the time.
They are gonna drop the ball on occasions but i’m not gonna shit a kidney on a forum about it lol……or is it just another pathetic reason to whine about the game.
Packs have been great of late IMHO with some great speeders and gear but again this is optional for those that want it, it’s not compulsory.
If all that’s wrong with the game Rompe is the strap tuning then things must be good or have you run out of things to moan about.

Kitty, while its good to ask community what we want, its at least 2 times better to have 1 part time scifi designer for at least 1 type of merch. You can literally just google star wars blaster and get dozens of great concepts. At least with guns from CM packs guys are lazy. Some craftable weps that were added recently are great though. Blaster rifles and blasters are generally better from crafting right now, perhaps for some kind of balance.

Stealing a design is often frowned upon in a designing community. I assume most of their design need to be “inspired by” or get special approval to be a direct copy. Some designs may not yet be possible due to complexity or maybe severe clipping or just not having the coding to make things such as as strap actually work. Its not that I’m defending Bioware I’m defending the developers as my hobby is drawing/designing clothing and 3D modeling characters. It takes a LOT of time. And some times I hit an artblock. Idk what I would do if that was my job. It would be stressful.

I see its a painful issue for you, but I was not talking about taking someones work. Also I said concepts, not artworks. If you can understand the difference.

Devs can get inspired by looking on what people suggest to use. If they cant create a descent looking gun even after searching for hours, well… its either means they suck at what they do, or they work on each model for like an hour at best.

Have you ever worked on adding a new item into an existing game? While there are certain issues, it is mostly painless process to rip textures into an existing model and slightly adapt it. You can adapt almost anything to use certain parameters, its up for designer to create a nice looking detailed texture, like they did for Club Vertica packs or Interstellar line of weapons.

What I`m trying to say here is – devs either really not working hard on CM items lower then Gold tier, or they generally dont know what to do.

I like the shape of the weapons, though I can agree that the texturing is pretty bad.
Not to mention the bloody lights they keep insisting on adding. ~_~

Dollar Store Knockoff Valkorian Armor and a de-quilled zombie nexu… yay…

Oh, and look, -more- undyable gold tertiary trim…


Oh look swtor still has whales telling them no need to make new content just cosmetic packs so people can sit at the spawn point on fleet and show off their pretty pink speeder.

I’ve paid no real money whatsoever for my hypercrates so far.

It’s all bought with cc gained from friend referrals and security key awards…

So… whale my ass.

Hi Dulfy,

There is actually a missing speeder that was meant to be from this pack that the Dev’s missed but as far as I have seen, no one has picked up on. I sent a ticket in last night and the CSR guy who replied (Darren who is just a champ, had him solve a few of my tickets unlike the other clowns he works with who send nothing but wrong templates) who replied with:

“Regarding the Desert Assault Speeder, I believe it was intended to be in the Stalwart Leader pack however, I am unable to confirm if it is in fact in there. I believe that it is not but it wouldn’t be something I could fix. I will alert the development team in hopes they can add the speeder to the pack.”.

If you look on page 73 of 362 in the decorations list (Yes I love decorating my Strongholds lol hence how I found it), you will see a beast of a tank looking thing called the “Desert Assault Speeder” which it says is obtainable from the stalwart leader pack. This speeder is not listed however in collections anywhere so not sure what the go is. Either way, thought I would let you all know.

TRUE … and looks like the head from my most favorite space ship at all … Battlestar Galactica

Also the Zakuulan Artisan Lamppost
already exists as deco, optainable unter different name from star fortresses.

Friendly reminder you signed pretty much all of your rights away when you started playing the game.

Folks are going to argue on that but considering the number of times EA’s been taken to court and won, it’s pretty much true.

If you really want to press the issue, consider section 15 of the Terms of Service. Don’t hold your breath for a response though. Took 3 filings and all I got out of it was a run around of the 3rd attempt.

Yeah but that’s not included in the signing things away part, that’s a pretty clear-cut law all by itself. Lying about the contents of a product is breaking the law, at least here in the UK. Not that I think for a moment that the law applies to big companies like EA, of course, but it says a lot about a company’s ethics that they’re quite happily to openly break the law without fear of punishment.

Kinda makes me wish I was loaded. Take them to court for the hell of it. But yeah, that’s the only way they’d ever have to answer for it; if someone else could throw money at the case like they can. Most of us don’t have that kind of cash to piss away.

Sad that the law can be bought at any rate :/

This means they make more then the fine for breaking the law. Increase that fine and EA will change their tune when they get caught.

Ethics? You actually think ethics has jack shit to do with the cash shop vanity content on an mmo? Living in an Ivory fucking tower much?

Well, yes, obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t have mentioned ethics at all. Just because a business exists to make money doesn’t mean they have to be unscrupulous cunts in how they do it. Might be rare but some companies actually try to show some basic courtesy to their consumers.

By not breaking the law to the detriment of the players, for starters.

Well I bought some Hypercrates of the previous packs these decorations were SUPPOSED to be in, that’s my problem. Im sure its breaking a law somewhere.

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