Black Desert Epheria Sailboat Guide

A guide to building the new Epheria Sailboat introduced with the Magoria Patch. This is a work in progress.


Getting Started

Epheria Sailboat is a personal sailboat that is faster than the current fishing boat, equipped with cannons, and repairable. This new sailboat is introduced with the Magoria patch and requires a minimum of 2 weeks (14 days) to obtain.

This Epheria Sailboat can be only built in Epheria and requires the Shipyard located at second floor of Epheria 3-5.

  • Remember that you can use multiple workers to build the boat and you can start building as soon as you have some of the material much like making the fishing boat.
  • Multiple workers can process the same material at once, there is really no limit. If you need workers from other cities, they must be connected and the material be in the storage of their home town.


You need a massive amount of materials to build the ship, most of which can be obtained by workers except for the logs to make Standardized Timber Square.

Material Cost

Material Raw Material Cost (Maximum) Raw Material Cost (Artisan Processing)*
20 Design: Epheria Sailboat    
600 Steel 3000 Coal, 15000 Iron ore 1200 Coal, 2400 Iron Ore
300 Flax Fabric 15000 Flax 2400 Flax
800 Standardized Timber Square 80000 Logs 12800 Logs
1500 Pine Plywood 75000 Pine Timber 12000 Pine Timber

* At Artisan 1 processing or above, you have a chance of getting 1-4 products when you process items, with the average around 2.5 products. Each raw material has two processing steps to reach the final material so it is 2.5 * 2.5 = 6.25. Maximum raw material cost /6.25 = approximate raw material cost for Artisan processing or above.

Epheria Sailboat Designs

You will need a total of 20 Epheria Sailboat Designs for the boat. There are three ways to obtain them and if you can do all three, you can shorten the amount of time it takes to finish your boat. The minimum amount of days to finish your boat is 14 days.

  • 14 Epheria Sailboat Designs from Daily quests (once per day per family, Level 10+)
  • 2 Epheria Sailboat Designs from Weekly quests (fishing profession 1 or above)
  • 3 Epheria Sailboat Designs from one time quest (Level 55 or above)

Daily Quest

This daily quest is a quick ~4 mins quest that require you to take a crate from one NPC to another and do it twice. In exchange for completing this daily you will get 1x Design: Epheria Sailboat OR 100k silver. You can just park a level 11 alt here and do it everyday instead of running a character over here.

  • Important: Make sure you don’t pick the 1G goldbar option if you want the Epheria Sailboat designs!

Talk to Philaberto Falasi in Epheria and he will offer you the daily quest.


Quest is very simple, pick up crate next to Philaberto and deliver it to the NPC on the docks (Guild Wharf Manager)


Weekly Quest

To get the weekly quest, you need to be at a minimum of professional 1 or above in fishing. There are 4 different weekly quests but you can only get one depending on your fishing level so you can only get one Design per week from the weekly.

To get the weekly, you need to talk to Katio at Nada Island, which is SW of Port Ratt in Magoria. Take the Ferry from Lema Island to Port Ratt (~30-40 min ferry trip).


Once you are at Port Ratt, boat your way to Nada Island, this whole island is surrounded high rocks but there is a small tunnel above the water on the east side you can use to enter the inner ring of water. From there find Katio on the beach to the west.


The weekly quest will ask you to fish specific fish, some of which requires spearfishing. Spearfishing requires the usage of harpoons and a fishing boat. You need to be profession 1 fishing or above to use and harpoons can be crafted in Iliya tool workshop. Harpoons can be only deployed in water that are 60m deep or above and you can’t AFK harpoon fishing so you will need to play the minigame.


One Time Questline

This questline starts with Pavino Greko, the storage keeper in Epheria. It will take you all the way to Magoria and give you 3x Epheria Sailboat along the way.

  • These quests do require combat (killing Cox Pirates on Kuit Island) and you need to be level 55 to accept it.


Here are guides for some of the less obvious quests along the way. You can also keep track of this quest chain in the Suggestions tab of your quest log.

It’s a Done Deal

For this quest you need to gather 10 Oysters, they can be found on the seabed, usually on top of rocks. You need a hoe to gather them.


A Ship in Distress in the Seas of Peyon

For this you need to examine the broken pottery piece and then the broken ship itself (Oak Barrel)


The First Sailboat Bound to Magoria

You need to interact with two objects. The wooden plank debris on the seabed is a bit hard to get so you may need to try different angles.


Grotesque Trench

Need to be at the right angle to interact with the Ocean Lamps in the area to get knowledge and finish the quest.


Shipwrecked Katio

Same here, need to be at the right angle to interact with the Shipwreck Debris


Reluctantly Helping Katio

This quest asks you to help the three Otters with getting stuff. Shrimp/Lobsters can be found when you gather the Corals in the water next to Katio.


For Must Have Fish, Queeek! You can find Moray and Blackfin Sea Perch in Vadabin Sea around Port Ratt but for Sailfish and Skate they are found in the Jurr Sea south of Nada Island where Katio is.

Boat Building Materials

Lets break down all the materials required to build your Epheria Sailboat here.


To make steel, you need Iron Ore and Coal. There is a tons of places to get Iron Ore from. Easiest is Coastal Cave just west of Velia but if you are getting Zinc and Black Crystals you probably have the Abandoned Iron Mine node for Iron anyways. For Coal the easiest place is Keplan Quarry just north of Keplan.

  • 5 Melted Iron Shards + 5 Coal = 1 Steel
  • 5 Iron Ore = 1 Melted Iron Shard


Flax Fabric

Flax is farmed by your workers from two nodes just south of Heidel, Costa Farm or Moretti Plantation. Workers will also produce Flax Thread sometimes, which is the intermediate between Flax and Flax Fabric.

  • 10 Flax Thread = 1 Flax Fabric
  • 5 Flax = 1 Flax Thread


Standardized Timber Square

This is the thing most people freak out about. They see 800 Standardized Timber Square, they do the math and it comes up to 80k logs. However that is the maximum amount you need and doesn’t take into account the extra procs you get when you process. Basically, if you are Artsian 1 processing or above, you only need 12800 logs. If you are just starting, you still have to wait 14 days to get your Sailboat designs so that is only ~900 logs a day if you just get started now. A few hours of chopping each day will get you those logs.

  • 10 Usable Scantling = 1 Standardized Timber Square
  • 10 Log = 1 Usable Scantling

Using Chopping under processing, you would make 1x Usable Scanting every 10 logs and 1 Standardized Timber Square every 10 Usable Scantling at a minimum. With procs you are looking at on average 2.5 Usable Scantling every 10 logs and 2.5 Standardized Timber Square every 10 Usable Scantling.

Pine Plywood

You can use your workers to gather Pine Timber for you. The two nodes that provides Pine Timber are Serendia Shrine and Marie Cave. Serendia Shrine will be easier to connect for most players as Marie Cave is all the way south of Keplan.

  • 10 Pine Plank = 1 Pine Plywood
  • 5 Pine Timber = 1 Pine Plank


If you want to manually gather, you can try this tree map. There are a couple of spots for Pine but the best one I find is just SW of Olvia in the Masked Owl’s Forest.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

84 replies on “Black Desert Epheria Sailboat Guide”

Awesome guide, like always.
Small correction about the daily:
…this daily you will get 1x Design: Epheria Sailboat OR 100k silver.
(you will not get both)

As a note, you should be able to buy Ship Designs with 1000 Amnity apiece (Play the conversation Mini Game). The prep time for the goods is also quite long, almost 2 hours a piece with thousands of pieces.

This is an endeavor, not something you just try out. It will take you longer than 2 weeks most likely.
I’ve already got 1/4 of the materials and Special and Artisan workers going at it, but it’s going to take a while.

I have goblins from Heidel helping and they do their task in around 90 minutes. Okay, they have a kick-ass working speed (130+), so imagine how fast goblins like that will be in Epheria…

Hey Dulfy awesome guide as usual. One tip I’d like to share to add. You can set a worker in Tarif to collect Flax at the Kamasylve Temple node, once Tarif and the node are connected. Another place to get it with your worker. Cheers!

Wouldn’t it actually be fishing prof 5 minimum? They give you a free harpoon at prof 1 and it requires you to be prof 5 to actually use. I’m not sure if there is an alternative that can be used at a lower level though, so I could be wrong.

You are correct. They Thin Harpoon is handed out on Prof 1 and can only be used from Prof 5. Oddly enough, the Thick Harpoon required Prof 5 as well. I think that Kakau made a baddy somewhere with these minimum requirements…

Yep… need to get to professional 5… I just spent a whole week getting to Professional 1 for this weekly… then find out I have 5 more to go.

Thanks for the help Dulfy. That ‘Shipwrecked Katio’ quest would’ve taken me forever if it wasn’t for you. The quest marker wasn’t on the spot of the quest objective.

With 12800 logs, at artisan 1 and 2 (Got 2 while chopping first step) with +1 craftman’s clothes and Venecil I ended up with 665 squares. I missed have terrible luck or something.

Thats at max proc everytime i believe, honestly 665 is pretty good.
Just get your processing up and gather a few more times.

im still confused why the ship part workshop only has the “origin of wind” part and none of the blue quality sail boat parts. i see the green ones from Velia dock masters for the 5 mil silver but thats green quality and well i like crafting in my workshops. seems weird to me. maybe they add in later maintenance patch?

It appears to be part of Margoria Part 2. Get the green things for now.
Also, the weird “Guild Galley Sail (+Flag), folded” is actually the prow (speed is there but hidden).

Important to note, you need to first upgrade your Epheria Ship yard to Level 3, for 45K. You can do this IMMEDIATELY, and start processing mats you’ve already had in storage for the past year. I was under the impression I needed the 20 Ship Plans before I could start building the boat, NOT THE CASE! You can be building the boat for the entire 14 days while you are getting the plans. Also to note, the 20 plans are a material that your workers PROCESS during the building, so you don’t need to wait until you have all 20 up front, it just needs 20 total to finish one ship.

The guide says I should chop 10 usable scantling for one Standardised Timber Squares.. however when I’m trying to chop the scantlings to make timber squares it says “It’s not working at all”. I’m on EU servers, processing7.

The same goes for Pine Plywood..

Anyone has any idea what am I missing?

Im a little confused by the numbers of material needed. I see it says you only need 1200 coal for the steel but regardless coal is only used in the workbench from an actual worker. Wouldnt the baseline needed regardless of processing level still be 3000 coal to make the steel since the worker is doing it? I understand the iron shard part since you yourself are processing it by hand.

You have to use your Processing: Heating to make the steel bars yourself. Heat Coal and Melted Iron Shard together to make steel bars.

anyone know where to get “Chopping: Professional”? trying to find out how to get this certificate so i can use the least amount of logs possible for making the timber squares. its all i have left to do for my sailboat and im pretty close to Artisan 4 processing (LVL44) and that advancement quest doesnt seem to have to do with such said certificate.

Unfortunately the guide may not be entirely correct (great work otherwise as usual). At master 5 processing i get max 3 timber squares per 10 scantling. This puts the ratio at 1(TS) : 20(logs) instead of 1:16 which means its about 16k logs required. With extra TS from scantling processing and the current log event that ration is around 1:17.5 for me. Which puts the number of logs at 14k.

I am not sure but i found some evidence, that TS maxes out at 3 products.

I am master 5 processing and i processed the whole 800 squares for the boat within 2 weeks of its launch and i didnt have a SINGLE 4 squares proc.

Question. There are worker skills called thrifty wich gives 5-10% of 1 material back. Did anybody tested this? And if it’s just 10% of 1 the material does this mean on 1 timber square were gonna get a lesser value? For example logs maybe?
Sht that’s a lot of question

Well it’s actually not a big problem, especially that you can gather pine timber simultaneously. You simply need 210-250 energy to do that. Which is an easy feat.

i have 250 energy x 10 characters so in total 2500 energy, i have silver crafting clothes, 8 pets, magic and steel axes, and i m chopping trees from morning to night all days, seven days a week, at the end of this week i managed to get 6480 logs by sacrificing the whole week ingame and in real life, doing nothing more than chopping trees and processing, no going out with friends, not having any social life, not working, not doing anything in game, not grinding monsters, nothing but chopping and processing trees, and still i m missing around 5500 logs. Saying thats not a big problem is pretty dumb, take note i m not counting the efort to lvl up 10 characters to dont get killed by the owls, or get enough CPs and workers for the shipyard, i m not counting i payed 40 bucks for the pre-alfa of the game plus a lot more money for clothes and cash stuff, plus thousands of silver to transport the logs or build a cart to transport it, i m also not counting the hours of travel for each character to reach the chopping trees area, or the time and money you waste doing beer for the workers, or just the time reading tutorials like this. Saying this boat is a BIG problem and a waste of your real life and ingame life, fits a lot better to the description. So please keep your “sorry for being smart and rich” attitude for yourself.

In the article there is a mistake about getting Design: Epheria Sailboat. 14+2+3=19. And production requires 20. So how should I get the last one missing design?

hello just wondering if anyone can help me I have made the Epheria sailing ship and found where to buy the plating prow and sails from NPC, I have noticed that others have like a cover on the trade crate area and have another accessory on their ships, I have looked in the ship parts work ship in Port Epheria but there is nothing for the Epheria ship apart from the Origon of wind in level 4. can any one tell me where to buy or make that cover, looks llike a cargo container cover. but not sure what itys called at the back of the ship over the crate. thanks.. been searching for days.. great guide here as well

it shows the cover only when you have something in the cargo, meaning when you put in say cannonballs you will see the cover

thanks so much lol I did work that out a few days ago and feel very silly now hahaa.. all I had to do was put something in my inventory in the ship.. thanks for the reply though much appreciated

Pavino Greko doesn’t give me any quest is there a pre requisite? can anyone help? I have 17 designs I figure I could just do that one time quest line so I can stop doing the dailies

You just need amity to do the daily quest with Pavino. Get one ship design there every day. Be aware the ship needs 20 designs and when you build the blue ship extensions later each of the extensions need another 5 ship designs each. So you would have to collect 40 designs in all.

Unless I’ve missed something very obvious… Harpoons are not usable until Prof 5 now. So the Spearfishing quest that requires a harpoon is not doable at Fishing Prof 1.

I would also add a note in with the Processing, if you’re making all of the items yourself, you get some serious Processing EXP out of this, and Flax is pretty cheap. Make a +1 Silver Embroidered Craftsman’s outfit for the EXP boost (and it makes processing go faster), or even a +2 if you have the money or are lucky enough to see one on the marketplace. Go ham with the Flax first, and save the Usable Scantling for last to make sure you have the highest skill when you get to those, because Logs cannot be gathered by workers, but everything else in this list can.

I think there is some confusing comment above about Artisan processing: I am Artisan 5 and I do need exact the same amount of materials (maximum) even using

– Silver Embroidedered Craftmans Outfit
– Liveskill XP buffs
– 4 XP boosting pets

I think, did read it also the lower processing amount of materials may not kick in before hitting a Master processing level

Addition to the place where you can find pine (manually gathering). Around Trent area where the giants, treants and skeletons are has a tone of pine for gathering. The mobs are not that scary so if you stick to south of Trent you should be fine even with a low level alt.

Thank you mister! I link it on discord EVERY time there is wood guild gathering quest. So handy!

About the sailboat being repairable, is it like the fishing boat where only the durability can be repaired but not the lifespan? Do we have to make a new sailboat once the lifespan hits zero? Cuz that will be frustrating spending all the time to make a new one….

It’s repairable,and nothing happens other then it being useless when durability or something reaches 0…as my guild member said,think of it as a ‘seahorse’ XD
Or u can log in Everyday for 5 months to get 50 Shataku seals and trade it for the epheria sailboat xD

i have 30 Shataku seals, i honestly find it a lot more easy than craft tons of stuff what you cant craft, cause you dont have the lvl, knowdgle, tools, workers or contribution points you need for it

Ikr?I mean,all you need to do is log in rather than spend a month or so doing the same thing Everyday-using energy to cut trees. :3

Confused…. after not seeing the disclaimer at the top I didn’t start crafting this until I had all the materials (huge kick in the balls 🙁 ) but the guide says you need 20 designs but each time i send a worker it consumes one of the designs yet the number is showing 1/3220. Do the workers return the design each time they complete the work keeping you from using more than 20 workers at a time or what exactly?

How the hell do you gather 900 logs a day??????? I have my life and other work to do. I can only seem to gather 100 logs in an hour. I dont have 9 hours of gaming time to spare a day are u mad lmao

Interesting! I am Apprentice 10. So the higher you are the faster you gather? Whats hedgedog, your pet? Thanks for reply.

Higher gathering level means you can use better tools which reduce the time it takes to gather.
The Hedgedog is the pet only available in the Amerigo’s Welcome Package (4 400 Pearls), which allow you to gather more ressources while gathering (from what i read online it seems to be around 15% chance to get more materials)

With a pool of only 300 energy, I am able to gather 1100 or so logs in less than an hour before I deplete my pool – The hedgehog procs often.

12800 logs are still around 7k+ trees, it is quite annoying that the maximun you can get is 2 logs a tree, also I’m currently pro 4 and it never proc’d, I’ve got many pine planks, a LOT of hard and sharp, but never a single standardized came… Also since you have to get the logs yourself what’s the point of using your slaves to gather pine? I’m far from done with logs and already got all the pines I need…
Anyways, awesome guide, when this beast release I’ll be ready!
edit: I’m using magic tools btw

Nice guide, thanks! One thing I would add on the questline part: Bring in some pots for underwater breathing and make sure you have movement speed maxed. If you dont, you wont make it into the ocean floor to interact with the needed objects. Yes you get 3 seal potions from the first one but if you are like me and have no clue where you are swimming then prepare 😀 It’s annoying to raft back to mainland just for a few pots you could’ve taken with you in the first place.

just switch character underwater – ull get full breathe bar and would be in place where you left your character

Its 80 days if you get 1000 logs a day. 1000 logs > 100 Scant > 10 square. 10x10days = 100. And you need 800 so, 80 days.

Now, it is true you will get 2 for the price of one when you process. But you don’t get 2 every time you try. more like 3 every 10 processes. And i’m processing master. Lets keep it simple and say 1/3 of the time. So i can do -1/3 of the 80. = 26 (rounding down) day of farming 1000 logs a day.

I did not know multiple workers can be used for this and took like 3-4 months to make my first sailboat until reading this. I wish the game can be clearing in many things.

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