Revelation Online CBT3 Keys and Deluxe Packs Giveaway has kindly given me 100 CBT3 keys and 10 Deluxe Packs ($90 value) to giveaway in this contest.


Contest Details

  • Time: Giveaway will start on Jan 25 1:00 am eastern and run until Jan 27 noon Eastern (~60 hrs)
  • More Keys: Our Sister site is also running a contest for 50 Beta Keys & 5 Deluxe Packs from Jan 25 to Jan 27 Be sure to sign up for that as well for an additional chance to win.
  • Note: There are two contests running, one for a chance at 1000x CBT3 keys and another one for chance at one of 10 Deluxe packs ($89.99 value) which will give you full access to the game and any upcoming betas. Your CBT1/CBT2 beta keys will not work for CBT3.

How to Enter

  • Use the Giveaway interface below to enter the giveaway. There are a couple of actions you can do to increase your chances as well so read all the entry options carefully.
  • Use this link to read about details about the game and make accounts:
  • Check here and your email on Jan 27 to see if you have won.

Contest Rules

  • One beta key per person.
  • I reserve the right to cancel, terminate, modify or invalid contest entries if I suspect security, fairness or proper conduct has been compromised.
  • Any person found to be tampering with the entry process will be disqualified.
  • Winners will be notified by email so make sure to provide a valid email address.


100x CBT3 Beta Keys


10x Deluxe Pack Keys ($89.99 USD value)

  • Zazzie Fox
  • Taylor B
  • Olivia mejlvang
  • Apostolos Tekidis
  • Shin Kitamura
  • vxroad
  • Blaine Rose
  • Zhi Anna
  • Anonion
  • Lepinzap

Buying the Game

If you are interested in buying the game, feel free to use the link below to purchase your game. It will not cost you any extra but will help my site out greatly!


  • Pupax

    Thanks Dulfy and mmo-fashion!!!

  • Kevin

    Thanks for the oportunity!

  • Nordin Ilias Khan Arrifi

    thank you very much 😉

  • UnCrown King

    i hope i get picked this time

  • Matheus Gomes

    GIve me a key pls i need very

  • akmal

    i hope i win deluxe pack ty for give away

  • Wshesmoh
  • Dhamin Ahmad

    Since the game came out i have been looking for ways to play this game.I ain’t greedy i don’t need deluxe stuff.Just a key to play the game that is all i want.Do me this favor

  • Bima Jp

    I hope win :v

  • Andre Kol

    Thank you for the opportunity at a chance to play. Since I have unsuited from SWTOR I have been looking for a good alternative.

  • Gian Santa Rosa

    Hope i get 1 key this time, thanks!

  • Ruy

    Lets roll my luck =)

  • Leotheras

    The way the entries jumped from ~350 to ~6500 within 24 hrs… damn the winning chances are dropping q.q. Thanks for the giveaways, keep at it!

  • djangoku

    I really hope i win, cause i made a twitter account just for this 😀 good luck, everyone.

  • Void


  • Nordin Ilias Khan Arrifi

    hi thank you are great i hope i win something 🙂

  • Angerith

    Aww been trying for all cbt’s and no luck anywhere glad i have a chance here ty Dulfy! ^_^v

  • IxKiller

    I hope i win deluxe pack ty for give away

  • Dark Star

    i just hope I can get a key..

  • bugs bunny

    I just wanna win 1 key

  • Ezioabde

    i hope i get a key still didn’t practice at first and second closed beta

  • Shaw Ti

    I want it sooo badd

  • Dark Star

    i’ve been waiting for this kind of game… bless me with a single key plsss…

  • Nordin Ilias Khan Arrifi

    Good luck all i hope to win 🙂 thank you a lot for this

  • Yiwen Liu

    GL to all :))))

  • Hi im SunFigher

    20 mins left i hope i get one Key 😀

  • Mr.Nagano

    I want it. plzzzzzzzz.

    • Mr.Nagano

      keys me… :p

  • wd

    key… >”<

  • Yiwen Liu


  • Yiwen Liu

    i want one so bad :(((

  • Rodrigo Machado

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees i win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yiwen Liu

    🙂 gj !!!

  • Hi im SunFigher

    wtf got a deluxe pack thank you realy realy much !!!!!!! :D:D:D:D

  • PrincessEvil

    no key, no deluxe pack. im sad.. really.. sad..

  • Saslant

    how can we see results?

  • Yachibi Realight

    Oh well, not a big deal… I guess I’ll have to buy the pack myself, was hoping for one from here but luck is not my forte xD

  • Keys not given out yet, I have a lot of emails to send so it may take a few hrs to send all out. Doing CBT3 keys first and then deluxe

    • Zazzie

      Oh my gosh! I won twice, both in the 100 beta keys, and in the 10 Deluxe Packs! Thank youuu!! <3 Does that mean I can get into the beta with the Deluxe founder pack, and give the beta code to my friend so I can play with them?

    • Francineia

      Please Key delux mail ( please

  • miryanbr

    Please Key

  • MrM

    Ughhhh~!!! I missed the contest 🙁 That’s what I get for being sent to work in another state 🙁

    Dulfy, will there be any future contests like this that you know of?

  • Zazzie

    Oh my gosh! I won twice, both in the 100 beta keys, and in the 10 Deluxe Packs! Thank youuu!! <3 Does that mean I can get into the beta with the Deluxe founder pack, and give the beta code to my friend so I can play with them?

  • Ferry

    thx for the key……….

  • Ravinder Singh

    haiz still no key

  • I’m your Nightmare

    Key please ;(

  • Keys all given out, check your email

    • haykel

      I participated in all giveawaays since the first cbt :C and I didn’t get a single key

  • anna mae

    do you have extra cbt 3 guys ? :’c send me one Email: thanks in advance!

  • Francineia Coelho Rodrigues

    Please key

  • Francineia Coelho Rodrigues
  • ZarakiKenpache

    still giving extra beta key?

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  • Zeshan Zyzz Pervez

    it will be any other key giveaway ?

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