Black Desert Magoria Opening Event Guide

A guide to locating the shipwrecks and underwater locations for the Magoria Opening Event.


The Event

This event is running from Jan 25 to Feb 8 and requires you to locate 5 of out of the 7 knowledge items indicated below. Upon completing this you will be rewarded with 2x Epheria Sailboat Blueprints and a special title in a future game maintenance.

  • There is a new questline from Batima in Shakatu that has you go to some of the same locations, be sure to pick that quest up (see more under New Quest Chain). The quest will mark the locations of the things you need to find, making it overall an easier experience.


Some stuff that will help you with this are Elixir of Seal (+15 seconds underwater breath), Shark Costume (+30 seconds underwater breath, faster swimming speed), and movement speed crystals (you move faster underwater). If you are doing the Shakatu Questline at the same time, you can just use the minimap to find the location for stuff but otherwise you will likely need a compass to help navigate (compass parts can be bought on the marketplace and lasts for 3 days or you can get one from doing the Magoria main questline).

If you run out of breath, your character will automatically swim up top, you won’t drown and die. If you run out of stamina, your movement speed will be slowed down significantly (-30%) but you can go back to character select screen and log back in to replenish your stamina to full.

New Quest Chain

Go to Shakatu and take the Shady Rumors quest from Batima, the Stable Keeper in Shakatu in Valencia. This quest starts a quest chain will take you to the same spots required for the event.

  • You need to be level 56 to start this quest chain.

Quest rewards

  • Contrib XP (300 for some quests)
  • Hard/Sharp Shards
  • Silver
  • Underwater Breathing Crystal


The quests in the chain are as follows. Bolded quests are those that tell you go to the same location as you need for the shipwreck event. This is a quest chain so you need to take quests from the next NPC and so on.

  • Shady Rumors (100 CXP)
  • Big Deal (100 CXP, 3x Elixir of Seal)
  • Awakened Artifacts (Scripture-Engraved Brick knowledge, 300 CXP, Raft License)
  • Scripture-Engraved Brick (100 CXP, 100k silver)
  • Yet Another Discovery of Ancient Ruins (, 300 CXP, 100k silver)
  • The Reality (150 CP, 1 mil silver)
  • Interesting Story (Orisha Island Ruins knowledge, 150 CXP, 5x Elixir of Seal) – Starts with Shakatu NPC
  • A Previous Civilization (150 CXP)
  • Following Ancient Footsteps (300 CXP, 3 mil silver)
  • In Search of the Lady’s Kingdom (Coral’s Grave knowledge, Techicolor Coral Reef knowledge, Underwater Cave knowledge, 300 CXP, 3 Hard Shard, 1 Sharp Shard)
  • Coral’s Grave (110 CXP, Underwater Breathing Crystal)
  • Technicolor Coral Reef (110 CXP, choice of Corals)
  • Sophisticated Geography of Shasha Island (110 CXP)
  • Underwater Cave (110 CXP)

Shipwreck Locations

Remember you only need to do 5/7 of the Knowledge listed here for the event to get the 2x Epheria Sailboat design and title.

1. Scripture-Engraved Brick – North of Hope Ferry

Interact with Letter-engraved Brick to gain knowledge.


2. Orisha Island Ruins – West of Orisha Island

Interact with Fragment of Ancient Ruins to gain knowledge.


3. Coral’s Grave – West of Lerao Island

Swim west of Lerao Island and interact with the Snow-White Coral. The knowledge you get is Snow White Graveyard.


4. Debris from Mila – East of Portanen Island

This one is inside the Ross Sea, which means your map doesn’t work. Just swim east and slightly north from Portanen and look for the shipwreck on the ocean floor. If you see that unmarked island, it you are close. Compass will work in Ross Sea and you can get one from the Magoria questline that starts with the storage keeper in Epheria.


5. Magoria Ocean Lamp – Southeast Ocean of Ratt Habor

This is part of the Magoria main questline. It is a quest called Grotesque Trench you get after arriving in Port Ratt. You must have quest to get knowledge. It will direct you towards the Ocean Lamp deep in the Trenches that you can interact to get knowledge.


6. Techicolor Coral Reaf – East of Lerao Island

Also slightly inside the Ross Sea.


7. Underwater Cave – North of Boa Island

This area is also in Ross Sea but only slightly. Just swim north from Boa Island and look for a cave like structure with lime pillars. Interact with the Lime Pillar object to gain knowledge. The knowledge you get is Mysterious Underwater Cave.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

59 replies on “Black Desert Magoria Opening Event Guide”

With movement speed 5, underwater breathing crystal & blue elixir you can do everything… If you do still have some issue you can reset your air gauge by swapping channel or going back to char screen.

The quest giver and a stable keeper of Shakatu is called “Batirma”, not “Batima” 😀
Thanks a lot for the guide, as always you saved a lot of my time :3

For the quest Interesting story I can’t find the part for Investigate the reef area in Al Halam Sea. Anyone know what to look for?

So the spot I need to go to is actually on top of the reef? lol I have been swimming all around the bottom of it. 🙁

Actually the shakatu quest chain doesn’t provide the plans till afterwards while the epheria quests do and open the dailies. Wish that was made clear =(

I mentioned it in the first paragraph of this guide, do I need to bold it?

Upon completing this you will be rewarded with 2x Epheria Sailboat Blueprints and a special title in a future game maintenance.

“Upon completing this you will be rewarded with 2x Epheria Sailboat Blueprints and a special title in a future game maintenance.”

Where is your source for this?

1. Margoria Opening Event [Underwater Exploration]
Dates … Bla bla bla…
Event Prize: Discover 5 of the 7 points of interest and gain their knowledge to earn a special title and Epheria Sailboat Blueprints (x2).
* The rewards will be distributed through in-game mail in a future maintenance.

This is not clear… there is no such thing as an Epheria Sailboat Blueprint. Is the reward just 2 of the design pieces?

So i did all the quest. I was wondering, is there a way to see if you got all the knowledge? Since I was not really paying attention on what I was accepting and moving on as soon as I interacted, I feel as if I missed some. For example, I didnt remember interacting on the “Techicolor Coral Reaf” or “Debris from Mila”. Could you list all the knowledge you get from each of the 7 points?

If you did all of the questline you should have all except Debris from Mila and Magoria Ocean Lamp. This should put you at 5/7 which is all you need for the event.

I see, however I tried to check by searching the knowledge in all the knowledge I gained interface. The knowledge Coral’s Grave knowledge and Techicolor Coral Reef knowledge did not show up and that had me worried and thought something is wrong. It’s most likely the wording is wrong therefore the search feature could not find the corresponding knowledge, but still have me worried. This was the reasoning to me asking these kind of questions.

Thank you, I found the Snow White knowledge. As for Technicolor one, nothing shows up still. I really appreciate all you have done though.

I lucked out and parked right on top of #4!
This event caused me to buy my first ship and i’ve been having a blast sailing it around.

Got 5/7 done, thanks for the guide Dulfy!

So I am curious, how can you tell when you’re done? What happens? I know I have at least 3 done, plugging away at the rest right now.

2x breathing gems? 5 move speed? – dive for a bit, then relog to another char (or swap channel), then keep diving as it resets your breath

Note: Some of the knowledge names differ from those given.
Coral’s Grave = “The Usefulness of Coral”
Underwater Cave = “Mysterious Underwater Cave”

How do i do nr 5, i can turn the ocean lamps on and off but nothing happens? (note that i don’t have the quest but i did not need the quests to gain knowledge on the other 6)

Days later still trying to figure out how to get the quest that has me go to Grotesque Trench to get nr 5 in this guide. How do i start the quest chain? does it stop somewhere? because i have no quests in my log that are part of this questline?

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I need help! xD I just completed “an interesting story and want to proceed with the questline.. My problem is, that i just stops? do i just go get knowledge and then go see Shakatu or what do i need to do?

I just started doing some of these, noticing that the Grotesque Trench main line quest, is still available. Do you know if the other locations’ quests are still available or if those also ended with the event on Feb 8?

So, basically same event as for the Epheria Sailboat, but it must be done again with a different character?

This quest was in the game before frigate release. Its not a New questline. I had it completed actually. They just added an event around it.

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