Producer's Livestream SWTOR

SWTOR Jan 26 Producer’s Livestream–New Operations

SWTOR Jan 26 Producer’s Livestream coverage where Bioware will discuss plans for Game Update 5.2 and future content such as operations.

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  • Community Topics
  • Galactic Command Gearing
  • 5.2 – The War for Iokath
  • Story, Companions, and Group Content
  • The Public Test Server

Community Topics

  • Players feels that gearing is still taking too long, will talk more next week about adjusting the speed of getting gear.
  • Plan to do an event soon to double your CXP gain. Plan to have the event coming in 2-4 weeks.

Game Update 5.2 – War for Iokath

  • Coming first week of April likely, if they can do a March release they will try.
  • Bringing back operation content into SWTOR with 5.2.
  • Master Mode Uprisings – hard challenge for 4 players. They will have additional mechanics and coming with 5.2.
  • New storyline – Return to Iokath. Scouts from the Alliance, Republic, and Sith have all arrived on Iokath. You, as the alliance commander, need to pick which side you will be on and take the super weapon. You can side with the opposite faction from your starting faction (i.e. Empire players can side with Republic and vice versa)
  • Returning companions – Quinn and Elara. If you side with the Empire, Quinn will return. If you side with Republic, Elara will return.
  • New Daily area on Iokath. Storyline will unlock repeatable dailies on Iokath. New gameplay options with these dailies much like we did for the chapters. There will be a new reputation track depending on which side you pick.
  • New Operation – Superweapon is the boss of the operation. Unlike previous operations, they are not waiting until fall to release all 5 operation bosses. First operation boss will come in 5.2, all 5 will be released before end of the year.
    • First operation boss is Tyth, the God of Rage in Zakuulan Pantheon.
    • The same guy who designed the Revan fight also designed Tyth.
    • This operation will be on PTS in about 2 weeks. They may either do an open PTS or a closed PTS and open PTS later.
    • Tyth will have story and veteran mode with 5.2, and they will release master mode for him when they release the second boss.
    • Most of the story for Iokath will be wrapped in the storyline but the operations bosses are also tied to the story and serve as a side track.
    • Stuff coming to adjust CXP gains for operations in 4-8 weeks. They will do it before patch 5.2.
    • Companions return are separate from the operation.


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612 replies on “SWTOR Jan 26 Producer’s Livestream–New Operations”

My first toon was a Sith Warrior. I still like Quinn. Not my favorite companion by any stretch, but far from the bottom of the list across the various classes.

What was that shit world boss that had the rainbow mechanics on the last planet before crappy koffe came out? Are they calling that crap an operation now too?

#FireIrving #FireMusco #MakeTORGreatAgain

They already tried to roll that boss in with real endgame content. They specifically mentioned it when patting themselves on the back for delivering faster endgame after the 3.0 Ops.

But, but they are giving us Quinn back. They heard the outcry for moar Quinn every stream. What more do you want from them? :p

They should double-down on this strategy. This one boss isn’t only an Operation…it’s the first part of your NEW EXPANSION! It will be fully released by 2019 but they’re doing you a favor releasing it in small chunks!

Complaints and pointed arguments on the forums have finally paid dividends. Finally an operation!!! A new daily is a welcome addition. Now all they need to do is consolidate all the tiny fragmented servers into two North American servers and all those folks who left to play guildwars and WoW may come back.

While the people at the table being served only appetizers might get excited for a 4-oz steak; those eating a full 5-course meal with dessert still to come aren’t going to switch tables.

Several offerings. I chose WoW. 3 raids (20 bosses total), 9 dungeons, 4 zones to explore, tons of world quests, profession quests, class quests, weekly world bosses and more…all released since September. Another raid, another open zone which includes 3-player scenarios, and at least one more dungeon on the way by summer and that still won’t be end of current expansion.

Happy to hear about the new operation but can’t help but think this release schedule is
damage control to fix the lack of endgame content. Reminds me of how KP was released in two
stages shortly after launch to address the same issue.

yes it is, its very clear. Major raiding communitys or guild players left game past half year by a lot. Now its desperate.

Most raiders left right before 4.0. Getting them back will be very tough since most are in FFXIV, WoW, Wildstar….

THis new planet? if so do i have to suffer threw doing these stupid chapters I dont want to do on15+ toons just get at new mats, as it is i dont want to do the chapters to just get to zakuul

April for the first boss of the Op. The other four bosses before the end of the year. So later summer early fall before you can see the whole operation in action.

The guy in the background listened to these three morons call 1 boss an Operation and impaled himself with those spikes.

It’s just a screenshot from the Rakghoul event. May be from the first one…not sure.

“Attention Mr. Quinn. Please gather all your belongings and proceed to the nearest airlock. Mr. Malavai Quinn, please gather all your belongings and proceed to the nearest airlock. Your punishment is waiting. Thank you.”

After latest streams attention to this game has lowered incredibly. Even number of comments here dropped ;D

LOL so Bioware confirmed today for us that they havent worked on opses for many years and now recently started again because they have no choice. Game will die fast if they cant pump out some serious NEW bigger group content 😀

I think it is now very serious for them to keep this game alive. They wouldnt care about ops community if it would be small. It did affect subs and they know it by now.

So why would we blame him for putting his job on the line to get the resources to bring in the ops that people want? Why would we blame him when in all of those meetings he raised his eyebrows at the limited options he was allowed?
Simple fact is you know NOTHING about the internal discussions and workings behinds the scenes. Ben could be the worst part of the dev team, but he could also be the saving grace – you simply have no idea. Only a couple of people do, and none of them are on here. You are just lashing out at the face you are shown.

And like you do. HE IS THE PRODUCER, HE IS IN CHARGE. ea and shareholders just want $$$ and dont care how a company is making those. Do you think that 60yo fag knows how this game works? HE DONT EVEN CARE, he wants numbers and ben fucked up.

Yes dude, that is the point. NEITHER of us know. Stop asking for people you know nothing about to be sacked/blamed. It is pointless and makes you look like an ignorant twat.

You should see a doctor. All you see is what you want to see, nothing else. Simple stuff, Ben is a producer, but you refuse to addmit that he is making decisions, instead you are trying to say that he is just a mop driver and someone else is pulling the strings. Like fucking how? HE IS THE PRODUCER. He decides whats what and how is that what made. He is the only guy to be blamed for.

Dude, no one sets their own budget. He works for one of the largest PC Gaming companies… he isn’t independent. You do know how companies work, right?

He will be making decision within his given remit. Do you know what his current remit is?

You still dont get it. He, ben, is a guy that sets a directory for that game. Ofc he is not fully independent but tell me, why would anyone hire a producer for a game, and invest $$$ in him if they alone would know how to make that game. He is a guy that made decisions. He, nobody else but he is. Those that approved his plans are people that dont even know what mmo game is, they only see numbers, but he is the guy in charge of whole developers team. HE, nobody else. He aproves things and has a right to do whatever he pleases with that game within a set budget, and just show numbers 4 times per fiscal year. I bet that you dont know how this indurstry works. Tip. Just like any other INDUSTRY. Some guy is showing a plan, numbers based on surveys etc, and he gets the money, now bens plan used to work pretty well, because the game was growing, but after 5.0 it was him who ordered the team to land a survey about kotet.

Because the person employing him is doing a different job with a different skillset. Jesus, dude, this is elementary stuff. And yeah, 20+ years in IT development… I know plenty about how it works.
He wont have carte-blanche… its not even within EA or BW remits to have carte-blanche on this IP. Sort yourself out.

Do you belive that he is reporting every single thing to his employers? Every single patch, each cartel pack? xD

What? A company like EA? They’ll have a team of BI guys all over every aspect of the game. You haven’t worked for a multi-national, have you?

You want to know why he wanted that survey? Because he was afraid of losing his job and possible lawsuits etc. He almost killed that game with one day. Look at charles, leading designer. look at his fucking tired like never eyes. Have you noticed that?

Thank you BioWare, that was the funniest shit I have heard all day… Applying the KotFE model to Operations. Just too funny. I can’t stop laughing.

Now I just need a gold labeled Eskeletor outfit only-CM available so the other players die of envy when they see me with it, make it real EAware, this is just the only thing the game needs, pls!! /s

Now, the ONLY thing I really want to know: if Quinn is returning, can we FINALLY kill him??? Please, someone say that we can. That’s worth a month’s sub right then and there for me. Other than that, I think this is the first time I can actually count one of these Livestreams as good news. Let’s see how this pans out.

I just came here to see the career veteran “raiders” bitch more and threaten to leave the game or post some pictures with captions to explain their bitching. On that note, time to go do some ranked.

This is the third time you used this picture. The fuck are you an ops players that rinses and repeats?

You know what, don’t queue up. Continue being the bads you are, just stay on and all day. In fact, the sun misses you man, instead of masturbating on maybe go out and smell the petunias, but if you live in the ghetto, like I do. The local trip to the community sewer dump works fine too. Look at your life and self reflect the amount of negativity your soul carries. Look at the long history of bitching from your little fingers (I mean you could very well be a pleaser so I’m not technically insulting you.) and realize that your life is revolved around it. Fred, listen man. You seem like a good man, but I want you to understand, that one day you and I will be happy people playing our own shit, and that one day you will come to realization that ops are for bads, and ranked pvp is for . Don’t analyze too hard, enjoy it, be fare to your friends and family (or dulfy corner cyber family, not judging you know.) and make this game worthwhile. May the force be with you friend. I await your comments in the future, and pray for your Operations to the bioware gods.

Until then. Hahahaha bitch just got one boss!!!!

Sorry to disappoint you. I’m not bitching AT ALL. I’m quite happy, this means I was RIGHT ALL ALONG. And I’ve already left the game, precisely ONE YEAR after the last Op came out. This way I might just return when they release this stuff. Good hunting doing Ranked.

I will keep my eye on SWToR. As of now I have no interest to sub to the game and what was announced just isn’t worth it to at this time. Maybe once Dulfy reports that BW/EA has removed the team currently churning out awful content has been removed, I’ll go check it out again.

Right now I’m just spent and my faith in them or their current direction has been utterly decimated.

I hope they will let me kill Quinn.
Move in a right direction with new operation.
New dailies with new reputation track. Like the idea of siding with opposite faction.

I just knew I will see more whining the moment they will announce new operation. Why I`m not surprised

I just gotta say: you’re absolutely right. A new Op, a dailies area, and some more story. If they added some pvp content it would be just what I’ve been fighting for all this time: something for ALL the players. Is it a bad Op? Is it just one Boss? Is it good new content? Hell if we know. let’s see it though, and THEN criticize.

Hello folks, we have good news! New ops in April! OK, is it only one boss, but next four bosses will be in year 2017. What does it mean? Five bosses together is only 15 bucks for us, but five bosses in one year is minimum 75 bucks.

To those complaining that the Operation will only have 1 boss, they said they are releasing the other 4 sometime later so in essence it will be a 5 boss operation

It is sad that people have developed such lowered expectations that you would accept being fed a spoonful of shit all the time than to have a company live up to a higher standard of development. The game and the developers have become a joke. I personally feel that they are intentionally trying to sabotage the game. Instead of accepting low standards, demand that they raise their standards.

We are demanding they raise their standards. We have been demanding they raise their standards for over two years now. And we will continue to demand higher standards by continuing to not give Bioware any more of our money until they pull their heads out of their asses and give us what we really want – put the MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER back into their MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER Roleplaying Game….

Yes… Finally… I feel an emotional release just thinking about it… I’m expecting this ever since KotFE, since I was not a Beta tester.

Why does none of this feel planned and more of it seems like, “we are in big trouble, we need to rush stuff out the door now.”

Let’s see…. SWTOR gives you a boss in April, and one every 60 days after so you have ONE new Op by end of year.

FFXIV has 8 new RAIDS coming in June.

Oh, the choice is so difficult.

Also, is it me or does the look on Ben’s face in this stream seem like he KNOWS this was a big mistake and he is trying to figure out how he is going to explain the sub losses to EA corporate.

Yes, you can read it that way. The way I see it, they could hold out, do the whole Op and present it near the end of the year. OR they could do what they’ve done: put out Bosses periodically, so that they don’t lose even more subs.

Damned if you do…

It may not be enough, yes. But at least they are trying, going in the direction I personally feel is the right one. Let’s see how it goes…

Yes, because by now Musco must be VERY used to explaining losses to EA bosses…

The question is why they made such poor choices in the first place.

Had they released even a short 4 boss Ops with no real story in 4.0, they would have retained thousands more subs. Had they released the first Iokath boss with 5.0, the 2nd with 5.2 and so on, they would have also retained subs.

Why the broken promise?

I hear ya. I agree, too. Why the poor choices? Well, they rely on their sacred “metrics”. And metrics are an “after the fact” deal. They don’t have the pulse on what their game REALLY need. Not what people want. That’s irrelevant. What the GAME needs to succeed. Maybe it’s not this. But it sure as hell isn’t what they were putting out either.

They could release that op at full scale, and in the end of the year present two more + 1 boss instance.

Well… I’m moderately optimistic about 5.2 as is… IF they did that I would be renewing my sub as of right now.

The way things are I’ll just wait to see if it’s worth it.

No, im waiting for christmas just to play whole op, at once, kill them in one run. And i wont even reboot my sub ill just go in there just to check how shitty that shit is

No man… I gotta kill Quinn as soon as I’m able. You might find this stupid, but killing that guy is more important to me than playing the Op. The Op I can wait for Christmas… Killing Malavai will be like an advance on Christmas! loooooooool…

The 3 stooges on that podcast all need to be replaced. Make SWTOR great again! We don’t need a 7 million dollar blur video of senya getting her panties in a bunch getting her daughter out of evil daycare academy.

Wait what? I remember there being new raids but what are the nine? I’m legit curious.

But yeah, as much as I love what’s left of the community and my characters that I’ve invested into, I feel like an idiot when I’m playing SWTOR while FFXIV seems to be constantly pissing out content.

Of 5. Subscriber reward bonus, keep getting CXP while you wait for the others! Its a start I guess, I’m gonna keep an eye, could be good.

I’m still raiding with a team twice a week, so I’m sure we will be running these bosses as they come out.
This situation just throws some things into perspective.

I don’t think that was said anywhere. They said part of the operation was coming out soon and the rest of the bosses would come out later. Which I think is stupid, of course.

1 boss in 2 months or more and then the hope to release 4 more bosses buy December 31, 2017.

WTF is wrong with BW but I’ll continue.

1 daily area in 2 months for more.
CXP boost but it till be short lived event.
Boost to CXP in OPS but it will take 1-2 months.

So, its continue to do extremely stale old 2 year old content and watered down FP’s now called uprisings for at least 2+ months more.

WTF is wrong with this design and development team when FF14 can crank out like 8 raids?

Yep this stream was to decide if I stay subbed or not and Bioware failed! I canceled my sub as soon as I heard that they were gonna release the op across the year instead of all at once. I didn’t like it when they did this with KotFE chapters and I defiantly don’t like it for an operation. Also them saying they aren’t removing galactic command, even though everyone on the forums hate it, but they refuse to remove it, so I refuse to pay them. So I wish you all who stay subbed the best of luck, but I can’t continue to play a game where the devs ignore the community…

2 options:
1. release it all at once (in October/November)
2. release bosses when they’re finished (starting in April)

honestly, if you like ops content, what they’re doing now is the best we can get atm I think..
I’d have loves them to have 2 completed ops to deliver in March, but they don’t

also, nobody hates galactic command, all the hate is directed at how slow it is to gear up (which got improved this week, and will probably be improved further)
it’s ridiculous to demand BW to remove a reward system..
think of it practically.. right now, either we have galactic command, or we have nothing.
if you want them to replace GCmd, why not have BW add systems to it? as they did in 5.1
there are good things about GCmd (mainly, that any activity in this game can give you relevant rewards)
ow, and no, I don’t like GCmd gearing, or pvp gearing.. I’ll have to wait and see what I think of ops gearing

Ok keep GC but they definitely need to take gear out of the crates. Make it just drop cosmetic items, but gear should be on vendors and bought with comms and back on all bosses of ops.

The thing I like about GC is that anything I do has a chance to give me a reward I care about (relevant gear or crafting schematics)
Removing gear from GC would be bad for me (and tbh there’s no need to)
If they made it a nice gearing experience for people who ignore GC, then we get a perfect situation imo
That basically means, increase comms gained from pvp by nearly 10x, and increase drop chance on early ops bosses a bit

What is it with Star Wars and MMORPGs???

SW: Galaxies started off fantastic and was promptly run into the ground by Sony. Such a shame.
Now SWTOR is being run into the ground by Bioware/EA.

It’s fucking Star Wars!!! This shouldn’t be hard. The audience is there, all we need is bloody content!

Dude, SWG was run into the ground by misunderstanding and frankly clueless fkwit forum posters that caused a run on leaving. The game that was delivered in the end was far superior and more sustainable than what they launched with. The game ran successfully for a further 4-5 years after apparently being run into the ground, only closing due to SWTOR being released.

SWG was released in 2003. The NGE and CU occured in 2005 – that pretty much killed the game. It limped on for years but it was never the same. Player towns disappeared almost overnight. I was there….

… and it finally sunset 4-5 years later in 2011, mere weeks before SWTOR was released.

If you were there, then you will know it didn’t limp on.. the community that was left was one of the more rewarding and valuable in any game I have experienced. The game was apparently in profit throughout and pulled in new subs right up to the end.
The player-base was helpful and treated new players as welcome guests, and rarely, very rarely even vaguely toxic – I remember literally the one guy I ignored in all those years. The player towns were purged at times and rebuilt. The game we played in the final months leading up to the sunset was awesome – but the game we played for the previous 4 or 5 years after all that toxic (ME! ME! ME!) trash left, yeah it was great. A lovely game.

so for now its just one boss 😉 i see that you are one of those idiots that defend the game instead of showing devs that they FUCKED UP everything you liked.

No, for now it doesn’t exist. It is a plan that is revealed. Either listen to the whole plan or don’t. Don’t pull out parts and ignore the rest.

You don’t seem to know a whole lot of what you are talking about from your other posts and are desperate to have this viewed from a very narrow and skewed perspective. What is your agenda?

No man, they said that they will not do anything similar to the kotfe chapters monthly release and they did that. And about that op, how can i say that its not just one boss op when other 4 are locked. You are blind. Its ONE BOSS OPERATION.

Yeah, you need to find someone to translate this properly for you, clearly struggling to understand it. I bear you no ill will over it.

What part you dont understand? Why should i say 5 boss operation whit one available instead of one boss op?

We, players were saying the 3 words for +2 years. END GAME CONTENT. And they just started doing it, STARTED. Because if they had this sheluded they would release op with kotet launch or with 5.1 or 5.2 depending on what they had planned for. Now you have heared them, full op in october, or piece by piece now. Well i dont care about piece by piece. For me its just one boss operation. When they will release 2nd, ill call it 2 boss op of upgraded disaster. You are seriously fucked up idiot.

Considering the amount of Devs that are left, a full 5 boss raid (new location, new artstyle, probably new mechanics) till the end of the year is much more than many of the “commenters” below me deserve!

And as cherry on top a new (if only a daily zone) planet AND the possible option of killing smugface Quinn or traitor Elara!

If the pull a fix for my class (lightning sorc) out of their asses, I’am happy!

well just an information so u can compare delivered content:
end of august wow released legion with 7 new raid bosses, and a bunch of (easy) world bosses. raid bosses in 4 difficulties: lfg, normal, heroic and mythic

mid of november they released a new raid with 3 bosses in all 4 difficulties

end of january they release the next raid, nighthold with 10 bosses in 4 difficulties.

of cause wow inst f2p, but eaware is earnig a sh*tload of money with the cm, i gave them enuf money to pay a swtor lifetime sub…ok…not lifetime, but ~5 years….in addition to my former sub fee.

and yes, wow addon cost 40 bucks….but hey i would LOVE to pay ea 40-60 bucks for a new expansion with real mmo content. i would even buy another CE for 150 bucks.
with real new mmo content i would still pay my sub and buy at cm in swtor, but hmmm again just to compare: wow 20 bosses in ~4 month
swtor: 5 bosses in 12 month….

i canceld my swtor sub some month ago and im happy with it

And how many Devs does Blizzard have to work on WoW (the flagship of the company) and how many has Bioware?

How was it in Warlords? One full year of NO content what so ever and a full major patrch only for fucking a selfie cam…

Bye, no one will miss you and well, in World of Whorecraft you’re only a “number”. =)

U really think bioware is not missing me and my good money ? ok. that would explain why they deliver light amounts of content.

WoD got a sh*tload of content by release and the major patch. more content and raid bosses bioware delivered in all xpacs.

the dev team excuse is ridisolous. they have enuf devs to create single player content, they have enuf devs to create items for their cash machine. SoR and RotHC had shown that its easy for BW to deliver grp content.
they just dont WANT more grp content. ppl like u play it for the single player content. so they earn some money seems to be ok for them

i might be anumber in wow, but at least i get what i want: grp content in an mmo. real grp content.

5 bosses in *36 months
but well, comparing any MMO to the monolith which is WoW is a bit unfair
they have waaaaay more players, all subs, all paying insane money to buy the game+expacs; compared to the meagre population that SWTOR has (even if they’re still making a profit because of CC sales)

You HOPE?!? You can’t “hope” for that! He MUST be kill able! There is no other way around it! That double-crossing SNAKE is going DOWN man! If by any HORRIBLE mistake they didn’t make him kill-able I will PERSONALLY start a poll to have a patch so that we can end his miserable existence ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

TOR players: let’s UNITE to bring Quinn DOWN!!!!!!!!!!


BREATH! Just breath, man! You’ll do yourself an injury and wouldn’t that make old Quinn happy! Stay frosty and remember – “Revenge is a dish best served cold”!

If we can’t kill Quinn, then that’s a worse decision from BW than not having any OPS for 2+ years…. Quinn needs to die a slow, painful death

believe me shes going to feel the punishment on the ship like she never felt before…. (jokes aside..) im happy they brought her back now YAY for my Commando. 🙂 and isnt Quinn for the Agent story?

I would be surprised if it died. There are so many suckers that play this game. They see nothing wrong with doing old recycled content. I wish it would die so maybe we would could get a decent Star Wars MMO, but I just don’t see it happening until everyone cancels their sub so they have no money to fund this train wreck.

Galaxies would be still up if the crybabys called “playerbase” could make up their minds what they want exept of “everything NOW AND for FREE”…

SWTOR had problems from the start. They rushed the start without real deal endgame content. Engine is a fuckup. Took 5 years to sort the performance issue. And now we will get one boss as a reward for playing this game for 3 years or more. Meanwhile Galaxies had lots of good expansions and grind was there, yes, but no rng. Meanwhile it was not the players who wanted the changes, but fucking devs decided to kill crafting and dumb the classes. Been there, seen that.

I know. Pull through or go somewhere else. But “crying” is all about the rage since millenials are allowed in the internet…

If you have problems with what im saying, go somewhere else because you are crying too 😉

Says the person crying on the internet while using a tired buzzword to describe people younger than them. Go away.

No RNG in SWG? 4/5 sith wp not RNG? NS bracer not RNG? Force grind not RNG? Mat spawns not RNG? I think Corbantis is still waiting for the first 1k Culsion gas spawn. And then Krayt pearls… well…

Which version of SWG were you playing?

Before they (sony) fucked up everything. This game (swtor) have similar pattern. Do some decent stuff, then rng and milkfest.

But you said SWG had no RNG?? Which is it? Did it have RNG or not? Or does that change depending on who you are speaking to?

It’s dying the day they announce new content that people have been whining for for over a year? Really!?

Its been 2 years and we wanted a complete op all at once not 1 boss at a time…. SNV came out all at once and its 7 bosses, Rav came out with 6…. is 5 really asking that much?

If the rumors are true, then they don’t have nearly as many devs as they did back then, meaning it takes longer to make OPs. Instead of waiting longer with more complaints, they are releasing it as they go.

Also, we don’t know if ‘only one boss’ means that that’s the whole OP, or if it means there are regular mobs with a single bossfight. Even so, Toborro’s Courtyard is a single boss OP. So are some of the event boss fights.

Nothing, i repeat NOTHING, is worse about SWTOR then when these 2.5 d-bags come on here once a month and smile as they spend 30 minutes telling us about all the god awful stupid decisions they’ve made in their Austin vacuum and how they are about to ram them down our throat.

So to be clear, after 2+ years of this Outlander Nonsense…..when it actually comes to new real Non-Solo content (a story with dailies area and a new “op”), all that Outlander/Alliance Commander crap immediately goes in the trash and you have to go back to picking Imperial or republic to “side with”. What a complete farce…..

Also, 6 months ago….”Players didn’t like when we rolled out the chapters in a monthly cadence, so we’re stopping that and giving you them all at once.

6 months later….”We’re rolling out Operation bosses 1 at a time”

You seriously can’t make this shit up!

They were caught with their pants down man. They didn’t listen when we said this “Focus on Story” business was WRONG. They relied on their sacred metrics to show them where they should push this game. They failed. If ANYONE doubts that, just check this:

This is the best they can do right now, i think. Yes, their best might not be enough.

But ask yourself this: did you EVER think you would see an actual Op in TOR again? So this is good news I think. I’m not going to re-activate my sub just yet, but hey: it’s a lot better than having NO Ops EVER.

And it’s not like there’s another Star Wars MMO out there to get your kicks. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying ESO, but I will ALWAYS want to get my Star Wars kicks.

And you know as well as I do there will not be another company producing a Star Wars MMO for a loooooong time.

So… Let’s see what they got for us. We can always burn their asses after…

Sorry my friend, they’ve burned that bridge 100x over so they will never get the benefit of the doubt from me again.

And I may be wrong, but from their explanation I’m envisioning 5 TC/Monolith type instance bosses, possible connected by 1 linear story quest that doesn’t “end” until you down the last one. There’s no way they can drop 1 instanced operation with a to-be-continued after each boss IN the damn thing. If that’s the case, that is NOT a damn Operation…..

Fair enough. I’m not going to be the one that says you are not in the right to say that. After all, I’m a “hater” in these parts lol…

You may be wrong, or you may be right. In case it’s not a REAL Op, I’ll be the first here on this Forum to slowly start burning their collective asses.

But ONLY then. Not now.

“There’s no way they can drop 1 instanced operation with a to-be-continued after each boss IN the damn thing. If that’s the case, that is NOT a damn Operation…..” – why not? WoW did it apparently with a raid, seems a good way to release the content if they have limited resources to draw on.

The first time they tried the To-Be-Continued bullshit was with Ziost, which pissed everyone off tremendously. Especially when the continued part was just a cutscene and then dailies area after the 2nd part was released.

The next one was the chapters with the monthly release, which pissed people off.

And the final one was when the KOTFE expansion “finished” with an undroppable, COMING SOON quest advertising KOTET. Which lets be honest, all of that was really 1 f’ing expansion that played out over 2 years that they cut into 2 expansions with monthly chapters in the middle to milk monthly subs out of us all….

Either way, nobody was ever happy with things being delivered piecemeal, and they seemed to figure that out AND SAID IT with the KOTET release. Yet its not even a year later and they are going back to it…..sigh

Given all your posts above, I’d think that Bioware was paying you if I didn’t know for a fact they can’t afford to pay anyone. It’s cool though, keep caping for their shenanigans. Good luck on that 27184589020 KP run later tonight <3

smart people = ill just wait till entire raid is done
fanbois= oh cool new ops suck it haters! hey wait i cant do the whole raid? oh well i can do tfb another million times


why is it smart or dumb.. its a game, is it fun? Do you enjoy it? That is the only question that needs asking. Its not a competition to hate or like it more.

if your smart youll realize your being duped here and wait till the entire raid is out like kotfe crap where they pulled this or you can be fanboi and sub for months with rehashed content waiting for the op to be piece mealed out

Or you could just continue to sub and play the game you were playing anyway including the new content. You don’t have to be a twat about other people playing a game you don’t like. That would be trolling tbh.
(NB: On that point of being “smart” in your post… probably wise to actually, you know, spell it all correctly and that – if you wanna be sanctimonious and come off all superior, it is much more effective when the second word isn’t wrong…. simply doesn’t work otherwise.)

swg emus is the other star wars mmo’s been playing them a lot lately. How stupid are these people to release a portion of an op at a time? just lolz talk about fucking with your playerbase whats left of it hahah

I’m curious Shawn – the swgemu you play… does it have any actual content? Or did they keep it purely sandbox? Meatlumps? Mustafar? Kash? Surely it has the Rebel/Imp/Jabba/Nym themeparks, right? DWB? The heroics?

depends which one you play some have all that and others are still being worked on. Im trying swg the nge version atm i still prefer the pre cu myself but friends are on the nge one atm

pretty much but thing i like regardless of which emu is the options and choices you have compared to tor mainly i can play my wookie and pvp in restuss and jump to lightspeed need i say more?

JTL is worth playing. But as a base game, shooting yet another nest of chubas or rills isn’t for me tbh.
I did “do” one of the emus a few years back… but as I ventured out of Mos Eisley and found rancors running wild on tatooine (which, ok, canonically the only Rancor we have ever seen was ON tat) – they should not be running wild just outside Mos Eisley :/ I kinda assumed basically that these re-devs had basically sandboxed the sandbox, as it were. I didn’t stay long.

ok, I may check that out then. Do I have to hate SWTOR or EA or BW or someone else to settle in? Or can I just like, you know, play it?

lol not really people are to busy playing and doing stuff in there and happy unlike tor

Yup really classic stuff. Speaking for myself their monthly chapters were a joke since Bioware lacked the quality control standards to release a monthly installment that did not break parts of the game that previously were working fine. Also the monthly installments did not have any real meat to them and they did not feel like they were a proper MMO expansion.

Ya I know and that’s why it sucked for me since I like a content that will take me at least a month to play through and not 1hr.

I don’t think you can expect one month’s worth of playable content every month… not for less than the price of a chocolate bar a day.

No that’s not what I’m saying . I wont play a game that has episodic releases. I will wait until all of them have been released and get them , In swtor’s case they can’t afford for people to dropped their subs and pick them back up after all the content has come out. So they really need to stick to a proper expansion like all the other mmo’s out there do.

Of course they have to say that it’s what the players are doing anyways. It even makes it look like it was their idea.

Which is why they dropped all 9 chapters of KOTET in one hit for one sub? Idk man, cant have both.

We’re still the Alliance Commander. It sounds like we are choosing which faction for the Alliance to ally with.

Yes, I get that. But we’re having to choose because they are too lazy to actually make the Alliance be it’s own faction and/or to have the sides merge into us. Its just overall BS on their part AGAIN….

Remember all that other Star Wars content with a third faction? Me neither. They went against the core IP and it’s appeal just to make things easier for themselves. Do I need to say it’s probably the most popular and successful IP ever as it is? And they seriously changed the basic formula!?!? I mean come on, that’s just dumb.

Hutt faction in SWG – they could temporarily align themselves to whichever side, if they had the right reputation. You did ask.

What Star Wars world do you live in knucklehead? There has ALWAYS been additional factions in the Star Wars lore. There have been Pirate groups, Smugglers groups, the Hutt Cartels, the Trade Alliance, etc. The Republic Vs the Empire is only a smart part of the world of Star Wars.

“Remember all that other Star Wars content with a third faction? Me neither.” GIven that you said “Star Wars content” and I am interpreting it as that could mean any game, ever: Third faction being the star of the game

I do agree with you though, maybe the old storyline got stale for them, but I really wanted to see class stories continue, especially the agent story

Man, I loved that game, totally forgot about it… not so much the gfx (it was all a bit clone wars-y if I remember correctly), but the game itself was great.

ya, the Hutts, the Black Sun, the Corporate Sector, Dathomir Witches, Tusken Raiders, the resistance in TFA…
That’s off the top of my head, we both know there are many more examples.

Since the Revan expansion, what actually has been added to the game that had any Republic Vs. Empire content to it? The original game was a power struggle between the 2, Makeb had them both vying for the resources on the same planet, but every since Revan showed back up for the 9 millionth time both sides worked together in some way shape or form.

The only thing the 2 factions do now is separate the sides of each server. Most people expected them to let you switch factions at some point, but I guess if it hasn’t happened in 5 years its not going to happen. But as one example, they could have turned Odessen into it’s own “fleet” if they wanted with a minimum level cap to go there, so you could only join this faction at lvl 65 or 70. And let players at max level decide to quit the empire or republic to join the Alliance if they wanted. Or you could still be one of the two sides in terms of your main hub as it is now, but anything level 70 on would be a joint Alliance coalition that let you queue for things with everyone. Imagine the possibilities!!!!

Ultimately there’s many ways it could be done. The point is, they turned an MMO into a Single Player game for the last 2 years to push this one giant Alliance thing, and after finally deciding to add some new non-solo content, its back to the original 2 factions. 1 step forward, 10 steps back….that should be Bioware’s tagline :-/

“But we’re having to choose because they are too lazy” Uh no, we are having to choose because their tagline for KOTET was “your choices really do matter this time, we swear” lol even if they were doing what you are saying they should do, you’d still be complaining.

Indeed, where does that “lazy” come from? Its not like one way or the other is any more or less work. “Lazy”… ironic.

Do you discmen talk just to talk, or do you actually try to make sense? Coming up with a new way to do things takes effort. Resorting to everything going back to being Republic or Imp….like it was all along before the expansions….takes much less effort. Hence, laziness. Like your posts. Or your parents <3

The alliance consists of a rag tag group of adventurers, republic and imperial deserters more or less. They all came together to fight a common enemy, and won. But there has never been any indication that the alliance would become a permanent fraction, on contrary, Seresh only had to send a holo-call and most of the former republic troops wanted to hear her out.

The challange I see for Bioware now, is that as alliance commander and technically emperor of Zakuul, you’re in control of the Eternal Fleet and basically THE one powerplayer in the galaxy. We should technically have a button to summon 10.000 starship as backup… Where’s the fun in that?

Ultimately, I think it will boil down to how well they handle the situation in the new story. I’m reserving judgment until I actually play the release.

What? 2+ years later and 1 boss and piecemeal content? Where the fuck has the revan dev been for all this time? A lot too late

It’s a step in the right direction, that’s all that I care about.
It may be the smallest, most uncaring step recorded by man.
But it’s a step.

It’s a 1/5 of a step. Won’t be a step at all for a year. Still plenty of time for them to stumble or pull their foot back and put it in their mouth.

It’s a full step, they’re just taking it stupidly slow. If you’re counting it by fifths then you shouldn’t count anything yet, 5.2 isn’t out.

As much as I love this game, I do wonder if they have a right to use the word “the” in reference to fighting Revan considering he’s been fought a lot lol.

If you have completed it then you will have been a sub and be a pref now, as such I believe it is just simply available now. I am not 100% sure, but that is what I am led to believe.

I doubt it new story is usually locked to current subs. All the episodic chapters were locked down unless you subbed that month or subbed once for all content at the end of the year.

They didn’t mention anything about pvp, so i bet Iokath will be a sanctuary area, like Ziost was. This is total speculation, and I hope I am wrong.

No GSF content announced? No thank you.

I hold on to hope for this. They should have just gone for it with one of the uprising and made a PVE GSF Uprising. A shot in the dark, see what happens. Maybe, one day.

Daily area, ops, companions coming back, Pub vs. Imp…. All things that people were asking for a long time. I am resubbing with 5.2, so it seems.

Ops yeah, one boss at a time remember that, but the first boss is made by the same guy who made one of the most difficult HM fights in operations… that has to count for something.

I am happy with this news. Really happy, just sucks we have to wait till april.

Most guilds can’t go in to a new operation and clear everything in light speed anyway. It takes weeks if not months in same cases to reach the final boss of an operation. So I see nothing wrong with this “1 boss at a time” strategy. Guilds will learn tactics, perfect tactics, put it in farm status until the next boss comes. Then rinse and repeat.

Surely at the end of the day, it depends on your point of view. You may find this ridiculous and unacceptable, or you may find this a correct step -however small- in the right direction. Considering this is the only MMO where I can swing lightsabers, I think I’ll pick the latter.

Oh boy… Am I going to get in trouble with this one… but I can’t help it. I gotta say it.

What’s with you guys? Come on! What is it you guys REALLY want?

After 2 years of running in the wrong direction, these guys may have FINALLY realized they should be doing something different from what they were doing. I agree, a lot of going in the wrong direction took place here. A WHOLE FREAKING LOT.

But hey, this seems to me like a step in the RIGHT direction. Maybe it’s a baby step. But it would be worse if they kept running towards the abyss!

So now I see clairvoyants that ALREADY know the content is bull. That BW simply cannot deliver anymore…

Well, from what I can recall, the HK chapter was a really fun one, and it was recent. I didn’t play it, because I wasn’t subbed for the period required. KotET was also a step up from that disgrace called KotFE. Haven’t played that one either. Thank the Force for Youtube though.

All the comments I made here were always in the spirit of venting my frustration with this game. Hoping to find similar minded people, and that our talks would eventually reach the people that develop this game.

If you think this game is beyond salvation I don’t see the point of talking about it. I don’t. If I did I wouldn’t be coming here trying to get my point across. I don’t want to see the game shut down. I never did. It would serve no one. It wouldn’t serve me specifically. It wouldn’t vindicate me. It would not alter my convictions.

This is not salvation though. There’s a lot that’s wrong in this game. A WHOLE LOT. But it’s a step.

Credit where it’s due guys. At least let’s see what they got before we burn it down.

Kill it with fire. I say this as someone that loved raiding in 2.0 and was a tryhard in 3.0 on the hopeless Begeren Server.

Shuting down the game would bring us closer to KOTOR 3 which would be a good thing at this point based upon the story from 3.0-5.0.

How Final Fantasy manages a successful MMO and single player RPG with the weaker license and all the missteps they’ve made is beyond me.

Beyond me too man. That has been one of my main rants: how a company riding the STAR WARS license cannot deliver, and other smaller companies can.

I did all the raiding stuff AT LEVEL. Not like it is now, with NiM being such a joke that people are gearing healers with Accuracy to help out with dps loooool… So yeah, I see where you’re coming from. It’s the same place I am.


ESO homesteads coming for subs only? What will be the model of decorating? I liked some of them, but I wont have time for it =(

Wonder if ESO will do good with player homes, SWTOR did actually good, whatever people say here.

Several improvements. One, not sub only, free to all players. 39 homes spanning a vast array of budgets, and you can own all 39 at a time. There is a limit on the number of items, but no hook system. Place items in X/Y and Z dimensions, stack items, merge items, find whole new ways to use things. Most of the homes have courtyards, some even have beaches, swimming pools, gardens etc.

Yes homes and furniture are available through the crown store, but, all homes and almost all the furniture is crafted or achievement based as well “Wut? Cool things in a game you can play the game to get? Fekk rite off!”

I’m so looking forward to it!. been saving up all my gold ever since the announcement 😛 I’m just hoping that stone blocks are going to be acquirable with in game resources, rather then crowns only and that they fixed the drop rates of the furniture recipes (it was super low on pts initially). but.. stuff we can do is pretty considerable. build a loft, or build stairs to the existing lofts, wall off extra rooms, etc, personaly I plan on grabbing Velothi reverie and just building my own fireplaces there (since it doesn’t come with them, but I love the layout of that particular house). and omg, hounding’s palatial estate has views to die for :). that said, I do think that some of the prices could be… adjusted. large houses and manors mostly – they feel a little too much like “well you can technically get them with gold, but for 99% of the population? we really want you to spend crowns”

but I digress. this last livestream is the first time in a while that has intrigued me even a little (at the very least, Elara’s return would be amazing, I missed her) still not subscriber, but… I might, once patch is released if only to check out the new areas.

Lol, what? The whole SWTOR housing have been created with a single objective in mind: pushing CM stuff. Like most of the game. Which is exactly what made this “baby step” a joke, like always. Let’s see how long it will take to them to create the whole op, and how long it will take to add a new one…

Well… no.

I have all 5 strongholds active with over 450k prestige (1st on Progenitor server) and most of the decorations are from achievements and ingame vendors. Yes, CM provides a good variety of decors, but this is by all means NOT the best and the only source of good stuff.

Also, I`m talking about how good SWTOR housing is, not what was the reason behind it. Of course any and all ingame content made with cashflow in mind, trying to argue with that only shows how stupid arguing person is.

If decorations drop were as good as they were back in 4.0 I would agree with you, but right now is hard as fuck to get them drop from any boss, so which is now a reliable source to get decorations without being forced to pay real money?

I’m deeply into housing and the only ways I know would be to max crafting in a lot of characters to have access to a really limited selection and always the same decorations from the prefab vendors (they were introduced in 4.0 to justify the cap increase in crafting and have never been updated since), and the way to aspire to something better would be selling my kidneys in exchange of the overpriced CM decorations at GTN, so yeah, it’s my dream of a housing system /s, ESO won’t really have to try hard to beat the one Swtor has.

Yeah, cutting drop rates was a real dickmove from devs, that I agree. I still need some I missed back then.

We still have to see, what ESO have to offer, if all items, like chairs, tables, lights will be usable, it will still lack the thematics I need. While I love TES lore, I dont like ESO for some reason, I played it, but it doesnt incite me in any way.

And you dont have to get decors only from OPs and FPs, you know that? Vendors from different factions offer alot. Even standard vendors on fleet. And achievement decors are nice.

its not all one way in SWTOR, you know?

They did alright I will give them that. EQ2 housing now that was glorious.

But I love my Yavin and Nar Shaddaa SH’s. I may just spend some time back as a f2p finishing redecorating NS and finally starting Tat while we wait for content to drop.

Highly doubt any current housing system could beat housing in SWG…

Literally every item in the game could be used as a decoration. It allowed for nearly limitless possibilities.

I could not tell you how much time I spent just decorating my house back then… Which makes strongholds all the more heartbreaking for me.

I as well, enjoy a breast or two. This is my favorite perv-mode reaction image though, but I so rarely get to use it.

If I wasn’t a shy person, I would give you my perv-mode reaction when I look at this photo of Eva Green, and it would be your new favorite one, but I obviously won’t do that.

dude, it will just be available for the usual sub. You don’t have to build up several months to get it.
Anyway, must get on… gonna go play the game rather than, idk, yakking on a chatboard of a fansite of a game I don’t play about how poor it is. And you must have another nest of chubas to kill for 500 credits somewhere, right? 1200m east, right? Get two next to each other… rinse that content right out.

like i said if your going to fall for this shit at all best to wait till the entire actual “op” is out /smh

I’m not waiting for an ops all… I am enjoying playing a game with friends. There is future development planned and it looks good from the little that has been shown so far.
But yet again, why are you hanging around the board of a game you dislike and don’t play? Very creepy dude.

says the white knight with wearing his hk helmet. Your post there says it all dude just lolz. As usual whats it to you if i post or dont post? looks like i have another stalker here one of many that end up leaving at some point /sigh

i agree i have another stalker it appears one that cant handle criticism “again” big shocker there

You misunderstand me. I’m not running to the bank renewing my sub just yet. No, I’m gonna wait and actually SEE the content. Then I will either like it and sub again, or release all of my negativity again…

See Shawn… I knew this day would come. While we fundamentally agree on a large number of things, we disagree on a very fundamental one:

I always wanted to return to the game. I don’t want to see it, you know, ACTUALLY dead. You do. And that’s where we go in different directions my friend.

The way I see it, either I become the “hater” everybody seems to think I am, and release my vitriol every time these guys make a stream, or wait and see the content they have for people to play. Who knows: maybe in a few months time I’ll be here, ranting on how much of a letdown this whole Op fiasco was.

This seems to be all the things I’ve been asking for 2 years to this day: a dailies are, tests on the PTS, a new Op… Throw in something for the pvp guys and it’s a wrap.

So no, I’m waiting for the FULL car to be delivered. I won’t get the bumper first, the engine next, etc.

If I don’t do that, I’ll be proving ALL THE PEOPLE THAT LABELED ME A “HATER” RIGHT.

Yes that is a positive mindset to look at it. But, myself and quite some other people have this “hope” for over 2 years now. Same as with climate change, taking baby steps. But sometimes baby steps is not enough to prevent catastrophy.

Ah well, i shouldn’t say too much anymore because i became quite negative about anything SWTOR related. Perhaps in about another 2 years i might come back and have a lot of new content waiting for me.

I hope you have fun dude!

Well, I’ve been in this boat since launch. I really left the game 1 year after having no Ops. I really don’t consider playing as a pref actually “playing”. As you may know, I’m one of the “haters” around here.

And maybe you’re right. This may not be enough to prevent catastrophy. But hey: it’s been what? 2 years and a month without any Ops? Might as well wait a few more months to see what this is about…

Meantime, Tamriel is really looking good…

It’s not a positive step to keep running mindlessly from one direction back to another and half-assing constantly. They are delivering scraps compared to other MMOs while being connected to one of the biggest publishers in the gaming industry and having one of the hottest IPs in the world. It’s inexcusable.

Ya. I’m only disappointed in the fact that one boss inst going to bring my friends back. None of the community who left is going to come back for one boss.

But on the other side of the coin its a step in the right direction. and honestly. if you haven’t left by now, then you aren’t going anywhere. like me. so its really more than we were getting in the last two years. I hope the daily area is more like oricon and less like ziost

I’m sorry. I can’t give credit. 2 steps forward one step back is one thing, but I’m not going to cheer for 20 steps backward 1/5th of a step forward. Get real dude. The fact of the matter is they’ve damaged the player base so badly this isn’t going to save it. It’s WAY too little FAR FAR FAR too late…

Meh, no credit yet. Releasing one boss in April is ridiculous. It’s a desperate attempt and it’s also admitting that they have seriously fucked up. If you think about it, the amount of content that will be released between January and September will be very inadequate.

It’s just a step in the right direction as you said, but the destination is still thousands of kilometres away.

Looking at this, I don’t know if we can get both Quinn and Elara, but at least this means, in meta terms, the only companions we don’t have yet for the Warrior and Trooper are Jaesa and Tano respectively. Also, I’m curious as to whether we’ll get more companions from mission alerts, for this has the potential to add more.

At least, for my male trooper (when I finally go subscriber), I’ll be able to get Elara back full time.

You can either choose to kill him back then, or kill him on second encounter with a standart alert mission, whats the difference? Tano can return for players, who havent killed him.

That’s actually what I was thinking. As the developers have said, “it’ll be worth it.” Anyhow, it might be a while before we get him though, if we ever do.

All I know is, “it’ll be worth it.” I have a few ideas of how she could return, but I’ll only share them if you’re interested.

the 3 stooges again eh lol. Do they not realize that people will just wait till the entire op is out and sub 1 time to do it? lol /smh still dont know how you guys fall for this shit haha

What? You aren’t able to come with a single reason after making a dumb comment? 1 reason why that is worse? Just 1.

no im dealing with a dipshit whos paying to be abused and defending it just like all the other fanbois ive seen.

Am I reading this right?
1 boss in 5.2 and the next boss’s released at a later date, so technically not an operation in 5.2.

As they explained they had a choice between waiting till later in this year and release the new ops in one go with 5 bosses or start in early April with releasing the bosses one at a time. I think there are proponents on both sides of that coin flip, but for me the most important thing is that ops are back on the menu and I honestly don’t care if it’s all in one go later this year or phased like they are doing now.

Oh lol, this is just so lol… An Operation released over Months, i am so glad i dont spend my money on this game anymore, it just gets worse and worse. A comeback after the full release? Forget it, you have to grind ranks first, and hope you get some gear… what a mess.

I’m guess you haven’t or you would know that the amount of content that SWTOR has released in the last 2 years is nothing compared to any other MMO’s 4-6 month patch, not to mention their expansions.

pre KotFE the game was doing good, all they had to do was keep that going as it was. Since then it’s gone down hill in every way, it’s only still around because it’s “Star Wars” at this point and people are dumb enough to keep paying for trickles of content and CM crap.

I’m not saying they didn’t see the error of their ways as far as “Story” was concerned, but at this point based on numbers, comments in all forums (official, reddit, dulfy, rest of web) its too little too late.

The writing is on the walls, and SWTOR and Star Wars just keeps getting dragged though the mud in the mean time, luckily SWTOR is a minor side note in the brand.

TBH, whatever is released with Ben Irving in charge will likely never be good enough. Think of it this way, June 2011 Ben has zero experience in video game development. July 2011 he begins job as a release manager for SWTOR. August 2015, he is made lead producer of SWTOR.
That is not the resume of someone to lead a AAA title with the top IP in the world of gaming. He’s been in over his head and repeating past mistakes this game already went through and learned from show it. (RNG end game gear, long time between operations, pvp gear grind (3.3 update made dev mention of pvp gear grind being a terrible scenario and changes made to counter it).
He requests feedback (think PTS on GC “players won’t like it, it’s too grindy without new content), and then ignores it (and increases GC from 100 ranks to 300) to move ahead with what he wants and boom- it blows up in his face.
As a result of his mismanagement, subscriptions have dropped and likely that is part of reason why they don’t have the dev budget anymore as I’m sure EA cut it due to lower ROI.
Ultimately, I blame whoever put him in charge – but Ben is the lead on this and it is his decisions which are ruining the game.

More like first boss on 5.2, second boss on 5.3 etc

And going from previous comments and how it is now … I hope we also get a Nathema daily zone 😀

I’m actually very happy with all of this. It’s been a long time but it seems like Bioware are on the right track now. Delighted with the announcements of the new ops, even happier that I won’t have to wait until september to see any of it. Very happy it’ll have a NiM (er… master) mode. Happy to hear master uprisings will actually have new mechanics, especially since the last batch of uprisings were pretty good already. CXP still needs a lot of rejiggering, but they seem to be aware of that. I think swtor in 2017 is going to be significantly more fun than the last two years were.

I do not believe the SWTOR community is asking for He-Man rip offs. To be clear, I’m all for a new op.

There is no new “Operations”, there is ONE, and they need 12 months to code that… its really really pathetic… how many are you guys? 3? and a monkey doing the hard work?

BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL ahm. I mean … by the force, … ahm … I NEED A GREEN FURRED VORN TIGER WITH RED/BROWN HARNESS … … … yes a new char … a … well … melee …. long sword (cathar one?) … fair short hair … muscled body type 3? hhmhm … jugger or guardian, alreday have both … and that cartell market outfit … HE-MAN REBORN …

BW … could you – oh please – make a new statue for my yavin …i mean… GRAYSKULL STRONHOLD … HE-MAN

… well. I would also vote for some Man-At Arms… and Teela ooooohhhh my childhood remembrances … first love in my life ….


Well, dailies and returning companions are nice. Operation is… kinda alright. Drip-feeding an operation over a year isn’t going to work though, same as drip-feeding story didn’t work.

In wow it worked, but that operation had 15 bosses total. yes, 15. They (blizzard) were giving 5 bosses in one time, if i remember right.

Yeah that sounds more realistic. One boss with one mode isn’t going to keep people busy for more than a month though. Maybe even less than that.

I just hope the boss release schedule is 1 per month, the whole “before end of the year” is pretty vague, certainly not going to resub until we start to see the rate of bosses being made available

Once per month seems incredibly unlikely to me. Given BW’s track record on releasing broken content and the usual number of bosses in an op, I think we’ll see the last boss in December.

Yeah, wishful thinking at least, hopefully as others have said this is a baby step towards seeing more operations but I’m not going to hold my breath

At this point I think EA need to get their act together and start supporting the game or we’re all just wasting our time hoping. As long as the CM keeps their pockets lined I don’t suppose they care, though.

Well, if they release boss AND HM AND this boss will have AT LEAST the same difficult as 2nd, 3rd boss of Rav or ToS, then one boss per month is ok. But.. In year we have 12 month. There 9 more month until Fall, so… 1 boss per 2 month. And this NOT ok.

New ops boss with one per patch following, new dailies,…..hmmm it’s a start What I like is my warrior can finely kill Quinn that upstart traitorous bastard :D…… better give us a kill opposition lol

I certainly hope we’ll be able to kill Quinn been waiting to do that since he chose the wrong side in the 1-50 story, but from reading the return setting, seems like it might not be possible

They know they fucked up. They are hoping releasing 1 boss might convince people they’ve changed. Is Crack legal in Austin now?

Too bad that they had to limit Quinn and Elara to specific sides. I thought it might be nice if Empire characters could meet Elara, too. At least everyone who’s been waiting and wanting to kill Quinn will finally get their satisfaction, lol.

I think (based on my interpretation) is since you get to choose the faction you fight with (republic or sith regardless of your class’s faction) then you get the specified companion.

From the article:

“You, as the alliance commander, need to pick which side you will be on … you can side with the opposite faction from your starting faction”
“If you side with Republic, Elara will return.”

At least, that’s how I read it.

I know how that’s set up. It’s just that I thought it would be more fun if everyone could recruit Elara. Enough people were upset/disappointed that their Empire characters couldn’t get M1-4X, and that their Republic characters couldn’t get Pierce.

More equal-opportunity recruiting, right?

2 fucking years to make a operation and release a World Boss per month? Really? I really really expected at least 2 full operations, I’m disappointed

Uhm. It didn’t take 2 years to make it. Most of the time they didn’t work on Operations at all. They just startet developing it. And that’s why there is the choice: wait till all 5 bosses are done, or getting them one after the other.

Well, they SHOULD work for 2 years on new operation. Not KOTFE and KOTET sh**. The only thing they should do is create Operation after Ziost where you fight with Emperator. Not “story where your choices are matter”. Would be even great if they fixed ToS, not nerf it, but just fu.. just fixed it

In the interim, their competition will have released more than 20 full raids in the same time frame. In other words, their competitors are putting out 20 times the content SWTOR is in regards to raids and yet, we should be happy to get One raid boss coming in April.

At this point, it is a pathetic joke.

I would be surprised if they add more then story mode and the mechanics are new.

This is a last attempt to keep subs, they have to release a boss now (instead of all 5 full operation at the end of the year), there would be no game in 10-11 months if they took 12 months to release 1 raid.

The real issue is not that they are not trying, they are, it’s just too little too late for most’s also the amount of content that they released in the last 3 years (up to Dec 2017) is less then 6 months in any other AAA MMO. Even the white knights should see that this is pathetic as far as content goes.

But as long as you have Star Wars in the title people will waste their money for crap.

They make a lot of mistakes, and I love to point my finger at it.

But the complaining about the new Operation ist just ridiculous.

what new operation?
1 boss in april is NOT an operation.

By the end of 2017 they claim there will be a completed OP with 5 boss’s.
woopie do.
3 years and 1 op.

Its clear as day they dont have the staff or funding to do this game anymore.

Scraping by springs to mind.

Ok, you expect them to release 5 bosses of a full Operation, after they did work on other parts of the game for 2 years. Where does this Operation come from. Your expactations don’t match with the reality. We all knew they just started developing this new Operation. So why are you surprised that they can’t release it asap? Of course they can’t. They just started now to change the direction of their development focus.

Leave phantasy land and come back to reality!

Tait is constantly been quoted going ”we have people working on things in this room and people working on things in this room bla bla bla”
So expectation of an actual full operation isn’t fantasy.

I repeat they do not have enough staff working on this game.

This is a EA/Bioware game, not some mmorpg by a company no one knows.
Who are not capable of producing content for everyone.
EA/Bioware are capable, they just not doing it. (my guess EA cut funds)

While people continue to smile about getting handed crumbs then crumbs is all we’re are getting.

Historically they had teams focused on operations, and pvp, and fill in the blank. It’s not like they have 5 guys and can only work on 1 thing at a time. Fact of the matter is it’s even more infuriating knowing that while they were shitting all over single player they definitely were not doing anything remotely operations based. It’s not suprising, but it’s infuriating.

Oh wait.. the biggest IP in the world in an MMO and people paying $180/year for it expect them to at least match what the competitive MMOs like FFXIV, ESO and others are putting out in a year.

Not to mention, they are backed by the second largest company in the gaming space who is only off by a small $100 million from the leader in the space?

That’s like going to buy a Mercedes and them saying well, you get the bumper today, the front tires two months later, the back tires another two months after that and so on until you finally have the full car three years later (but they say, hey, were Mercedes!). In the meantime, anyone who bought a car from anyone other than Mercedes has been driving their full car for three years.

I mean, oh… oh wait a moment… it’s 5 bosses. Right… over the course of the year, ah yes… that…that’s a long time. Wow.

Just to put this into perspective. A certain respectable competitor of SWTOR, would call 5 bosses a Flashpoint, or Dungeon if you will, and has in fact released 10 of those with 5 bosses each in the last 6 month, then another with 10 bosses (it is called a mini-raid, because it is made for 5 people). Then they released “Operations”, called Raids, here, 3 of those in the last 6 Month, one with 7, one with 3 and one with 10 bosses. Another such Raid with 10 is being produced and tested at this moment.

So SWTOR, a so-called AAA-title, can compete with this total of nearly 90 bosses by needing another year to implement a Flashpoint with 5 bosses. This is beyond sad. How many devs do they actually have working in that studio still? They won’t ever tell, but really with this amount of content in that timeframe, it would be ridiculous to assume they have more then 2 (maybe 3) people sitting there still. Makes you really wonder where all that sub money goes.

I am certain the white knights are ready to come out and tell me how wrong my comparison is and that this is awesome news, with BW reaction to the wishes of the community. And I am sure they are right. It’s definately not just another way to string people along and keep them subbed for a year, while the EA bosses get themselves a few new cars or islands from all the sub money that doesn’t have to be spend on development. I mean why would they have to? Enough people will pay them the sub for the barest possible minimum of content, long as it has “Star Wars” on it.

So why don’t you go play CertainRespectableCompetitorMMO? I’m gonna guess because it’s more fun to just bitch about how lame you think TOR is.

Nope, I am actually doing just that, unsubbed from TOR about 8 month ago, just keeping up with what is going on, since the game has been my first MMO ever, I made many friends there and it makes me incredibly sad what is happening to it.

Don’t be sad. MMO’s are rollercoaster rides, they have ups and downs and twists and turns, you don’t have to enjoy every single bump and can get off when you have had enough. And hey, even get back on if you want some more.
If you want a static format to your game, then you need to find a different format.
If you want a faster cadence to updates, then try another MMO or, well, probably a few MMO’s depending on exactly how fast.

or maybe it’s because he wants SWTOR to make content similar to the quantity of ‘CertainRespectableCompetitorMMO’

Maybe there are planning new race + new class or new faction like alliance in this year. Hope they will add more things with this patches not only bosses for one operation. Is there any chance to get anwsers on our question ? I mean there is any forum / person to talk with them about it ?

New class? There will never be a new BASE class. MAYBE new advanced classes (maybe).

“I mean there is any forum / person to talk with them about it ?” Are you just trolling with that?

You could ask on the main forums but only if you are a subscriber. I’m pretty sure they’ve said there will be no new classes.

As for race they were talking Nautolan’s but that was like over a year ago. With all the issues they had with Togruta and tiny lekku they may have scrapped it.

At this point I am pretty sure they don’t have surprises or are holding anything back. This path they’ve announced will be taking all their available resources.

A quick search of the official suggestions forum shows it’s the third most requested thing besides new races and ops.

He’s done at least as many flashpoints as BW has in the last 1.5 year, which is an impressive feat for just one man.

The raiding community is loud, immature and whiny. I really hope BioWare will never waste time on Operations again, after this one is done. They don’t deserve any attention anymore. Just fuck off to FF or WoW.

Well I’m no raider but you got to admit that’s ridiculous doing an operations and the just release one boss at a time no one liked when they released the chapters of Kotfe one per month it’s the same thing here they could have just wait and release it entirely

Thats a genius idea. Kill the actual community (raiders) so that BW has less money to work with. Enjoy your single player game you pay for monthly.

So, people bitch when there are no new Ops, and then they bitch when there is a new Op. Why don’t you asshats just leave the game and this site already? Leave those of us that still enjoy it in peace. Your constant trolling and negativity has turned this place into a cesspool.

You guys have grown accustomed to expect so little from BW. That’s the real shame. Then you have guys like you who defend content like this. Pure garbage

Rather than shitting on anything that comes from them? Why do you care? Are you not done with the game then?

I don’t need to see it. They’ve told us how it’s going to be. The boss could be the most amazing thing since sliced bread but drip-feeding an operation over an entire year just isn’t good enough.

ok, you need to be honest enough with yourself then to just move on if that is how you feel :/

Maybe he’s hanging around for the same reasons I am. To watch these clowns constantly fubar what should be a slam dunk MMO and to see certain players scramble after them, ever eager to consume any scraps thrown their way “cause Star Wars.”

I’m ‘hanging around’ to see where the game goes. If it ever becomes more than a Star Wars themed casino I’ll consider resubbing.

And why are you ‘hanging around’? White knight in training, right?

I’m playing the game and visiting a fan-site for that game. This is how it is intended to work.

Good for you. I used to play the game and I’m visiting a fan-site for that game. That is also how it’s supposed to work. Glad we could clear all that up 🙂

Oh I still play the game because I find PvP enjoyable, but I sure as hell won’t be praising BW for this. It’s a step in the right direction that should have been done ages ago.

Well I bitch about them because swtor used to be good. And this death spiral is like looking at a gruesome train accident; you know you should look away, but damn it’s just so hard not to. And then the fanboys come out like protesters blocking traffic gushing about how awesome it is and the rest of us are sitting in the vehicles waiting for reality to hit them and watch the life leave their eyes when they realize they got screwed out of their money.

Dude, bit of perspective, its a game… do you enjoy it? That is the only thing that matters. Being hacked off because it is not going in the same way as your imagination is no way to judge anything.

Calling something for what it is, isn’t shitting on it. If you are happy eating the shit sandwiches then by all means continue. Enjoy the dysentery…

But that’s reality. The game is what it is. There will be no miracle “renaissance” turning this into the best MMO out there. Why do people still have their hopes up that if they do enough griping there will be radical change?

Did I defend the content? No. my comment was purely aimed at you people that constantly bitch no matter what BoiWare does. I don’t give a shit about the op. Maybe you should actually read the content of a comment before you comment on it.

Yep ibkinda agree with your sentiment there! I thought there would be moaners whilst reading about the new Ops! 😀

New op in progress, Quinn and Elara returning, new daily area coming, and they’re using the public test server again.
This is the best news update they have given us in a long time.

Bioware is responsible for that. But this is a move in the right direction by them. I just hope it’s not too little, too late.

hey i have a new car im gonna sell you heres the bumper first next month is the engine block then the frame so on ill need you to pay the full price of the car ahead of time!

Not really accurate at all. No one can drive a bumper, you can kill the first boss and come back and kill the next later and so on. Not to mention his game is $15 bucks a month and car is hundreds. People will pay for this game in this way not cars that way.

I’m trying really hard not to be a downer on this because things do sound promising. At least they are giving us some new game content and it is a balance between Story, small group and Operations.
My concern is that the fact that they don’t already have content ready to roll indicates that they have been “all hands on deck” with what they have been rolling out for who knows how long now and it appears that the next releases will be all hands on deck patches as well. For me this confirms the idea that they have a significantly smaller staff than during past releases. The fact that they are being just a little more straight forward and slightly more transparent is nice, but they have a long way to go. 1 boss at a time with it taking most of the year to complete the entire Op just feel all sorts of frustrating though…
I want to believe, but their track record leaves me extremely skeptical. One of my guildmates coined the phrase skeptimistic (skeptically optimistic) and I think that describes the situation extremely well.

It’s a good move putting the content on the PTS I hope plenty of us participate and that they actually listen to our feed back. I’ll be on the PTS, I hope to see many others there as well.

It’s 1 boss, just 1. If they screw this up or launch it with game breaking bugs then that’s it for me.

Honestly after 2 years of worse than nothing. I’d much prefer nothing than this. Maybe Disney would put more effort into making a good game with this IP.

Anyone else notice at around 11 minutes into the video (Quinn and Elara), Elara is wearing the Legendary level DvL armor? It has a different secondary color, but that’s it alright. I actually put this armor on her already, but what the hell? Are they seriously going to release a reskin of that armor already? I expected them to do that eventually, since they always do, but that’s a bit too soon.

The upside is , between every boss update they will patch in all the trash mobs leading up to said boss. That’s an upside, right?

In the mean time there will just be gated areas where the audio of Eric making skytrooper sounds will play alongside mouth saber and laser sounds, the area will be decorated by crayon doodles of skytroopers. The time of the gated area is reduced by your Cxp.

From the sound of it, I won’t have to come back for at least a year. I can do the little bit of content that was released between now and then and do some new chapters then. Fine with me.

Too little, too late for me. I’ve already moved on to another game. I’ll check in after the whole operation is out to see if it’s worth subbing up for only one month just to see how it is. See you all then.

Interesting. So it looks like this is going to be like Oricon? A short story build up and then do the Op to finish it?

They clearly said in the livestream that the OP will be a side-track of the Iokath area. It also has to be, since otherwise the story could not move on until the entire OP is released.

Also interesting that we already know that Iokath once invaded Zakuul then helped to rebuild it. No wonder those Robots are worshipped on Zakuul as a pantheon – and it clearly hints as to who the next OP bosses might be 😉

Yeah, the boss being named after the Zakuul pantheon is part of what made me think it was going to be story-related. I guess I just figured it was possible that the Iokath story could be Op-based, even if it was piecemeal, since (a)it’ll probably be a good bit until we see any other story progression, and (b)I figured it wouldn’t necessarily impede the next “chapter” (like how not doing the DMs creates a plot hole or two, but doesn’t necessarily PREVENT starting SoR).

It’s a good thing in my mind; I don’t think Ops and Story should be connected, for the most part anyway.

So this basically confirms our suspicions that they were totally ignoring operations considering that they are releasing an unfinished operation. Nice, they are as incompetent as we thought!

…… at least they’re actually finally doing it.

I just don’t understand why they think the staggered release will work, it didn’t for kotfe, and we saw all 9 chapters in kotet, and yet they are doing it again for this, won’t be subbing until the whole operation is out, just isn’t worth 1 boss at a time

Oh they know the know that episodic type releases don’t work, but there really isn’t anything they can do about it since they don’t have the budget for the game any more. And that’s not the fault of EA since they gave them the funds to build a game and do great things without corporate oversight in the beginning. Now they seem to not be looking to BWA to boost capitol with subs by funding content since the Cartel Market is essentially paying the rent.

One op boss every 2 months? sad. Hey guys lets get a raid group together for 10 minutes of content.

They gave Bioware a large loan they knew they’d default on so they could take over the company. Ever since they defaulted on that loan and EA took over the company and fired dozens of people they have been running the game with a skeleton crew relative to other AAA MMO’s.

But when they give them 7 million for “marketing” to throw away on a Blur trailer it shows how utterly fucking clueless they are.

They could have produced a helluva lot of MMO content with that money.

This is only going to get worse. They have run out of assets to recycle from that original team (ziost, yavin, etc) and their numbnuts leader is hell bent on wasting development time “fixing” things that aren’t broken (see idiotic CXP gearing system).

Abandoning the mixed content major patch release model in favor of only story was their fatal mistake.

Had they not been morons from the start, and scaled back the story chapters enough to drop a single raid (and maybe a FP or 2) with 4.0 release, they could have satisfied all but the most hardcore raiders.

The monthly story model would have succeeded with a new raid to keep people around, and they wouldn’t have had to rush out 5.0 and waste dev time on a stupid CXP system designed to coerce people into subbing.

They would have been able to release a new raid and another 9 month cycle of story content for 5.0 instead of this shitshow.

It called desperation. 5.0/5.1 GC System is going over like a lead balloon. Most experienced MMO players knew it would, but end game gear grind reset for the same stale content (for the second time in a row) was all they had to try and keep people subbed.

I am certain sub numbers are dropping, and dropping fast. The evidence is there that is is happening, but I think even the team in Austin didn’t expect it to be this fast (even though they are the one company, with the TORtanic days, that should have learned their lesson). So, they have to rush something out the door to try and keep people subbing waiting for some small nibble of content.

However, I believe it is too late. People are moving to competitors now and once they are invested they are not coming back.

Think about one comparison for a second. If you were an MMO player that left SWOTR earlier this month. You go to play FFXIV. In that time you are exposed to this ( as a “patch” in February. Then you get this ( as a “patch” in March. Then in June, you get to experience an expansion, for maybe the first time in a long time, that adds this:

– Two new character classes (jobs)
– Three new zones (not corridors for story that you never come back to)
– Swimming and diving (with the last expansion adding flying)
– 6 new 8 -man raids (2 with release, 4 planned over coming year)
– 3 new 24-man raids (1 with release, 2 more planned over coming year)
– Over 800 new quests
– Level cap increase from 60 to 70 (because there is actual content that is made for the level cap rather than it being a “gear reset”)
– Improvements to the Battle System (combat. Guess people think it was too slow so SE worked to make improvements to reduce players frustration with it)

So, you get that all that in your first six months in a new MMO (for you anyway). In the meantime, SWTOR releases one Op boss and a new daily quest area (didn’t we do daily areas to farm crystals which are no longer in the game? Why do we need it now?). Is that something that is really going to draw you back in? No.


Sooo … if you are of the old Empire and your grudge with Quinn is as fresh as it was on the first day (yes, nothing happened in the past 5+ years, being in carbonite and all…) then you HAVE to side with the Empire, because otherwise Quinn slips through your fingers.. AGAIN ! 😀

Well, actually they did only say that you *get* Quinn if you side with Empire.
It might well be that you encounter him during the Rep part as well, possibly even including the chance to kill him.

Maybe I didn’t pay close enough attention, but did they say if you have to be a subscriber to get the Iokath daily/story area in April?

Most likely it will be for (max) level 70, which you only can be as a subscriber. But they didn’t say it in the stream, you are right.

You do not have to be a subscriber to be 70. You have to subscribe for at least a month to get THE ABILITY to reach 70, but once you have that ability, you keep it whether you’re paying or not.

So… people who raid expect BioWare to release the whole Operation at once, so they can sub for one month, rush through the OP and unsubscribe. And after they have don it that way, they bitch arround because BioWare doesn’t have the crew (and money) to development more operation content. Did I get this right?

No, you got it wrong.

People who aren’t blinded by Star Wars Goggles(™) expect BioWare to release a large amount of varied content that makes them want to stay subscribed to SWTOR because other MMOs can do it.

While some operation is better than no operation, I expected a whole operation to drop at once. One of the exciting part of operation/raid is the progression and often the progression race. Who can get through the hardest difficulty of the hardest content the fastest. It is something that has been missing from this game for a while.

Just as a comparison, WoW released a new expansion at the end of August last year, and they released their third raid this month, and are working on the fourth one to come out sometime in the next 2-3 months. Besides this, they have also been releasing open world contents, new achievements, new smaller group contents and solo quests.

While I don’t expect SWTOR to keep up with one of the most successful mmorpg, I would expect it to at least release a full raid in the 4 month since expansion (end of November to April) plus all the time they had been working on this expansion. 4 months is LOT of time, when you consider that this is the developers full time job.

But the operations developers went on to other games. Since the next ME is coming out soon they have one on loan for a short time. But it is just the one dev and he will be working with the dev’s that could only produce story and cut up old content for uprisings.

Sadly one dev can only provide so much miracle. We just have to hope he isn’t pulled to work on another title in the meantime.

No, we expected Bioware to release a full operation because it’s been 2 years since the last one and they said they were working on a new one something like 5-6 month ago. On top of that, we’ll have 3 difficulty levels which will take more than one month for the vast majority to clear so no, it’s clearly not to subscribe one month and rush it. Even worse, getting the completed op at the end of the year is a good incentive to only subscribe at the end of the year and do it all at once.

People talk about this ONE Operation as if it’s a big deal. For the 7 million they spent on a 5 minute Blur animation they could’ve paid a team of coders to make 20 new operations.

“so they can sub for one month, rush through the OP and unsubscribe”

Clearly you know nothing about raiders. Raiders will happily chew through a single op for a while.

Instead what will happen is like with KotFE. Most tried this new format and subbed until the first expansion episode. When they saw it was only 30-45 minutes of content (15-20 if you space bar the conversations) and said I’ll be back once they are done.

So, do you think people are going to stay subbed for one boss every other month, or just wait until December when the whole Operation is available?

You really are at an inflection point with this game where you have to ask just how much you can get away with based on the Star Wars IP.

The AAA MMO competition has been destroying BWA in the amount of content they provide for paying customers (and may F2P titles are destroying them as well).

Just one small case in point; BWA has announced an Operation Boss coming in April, with the second boss coming a couple months after that and the HOPE that they will have an Op done by the end of the year. Let’s say they do in fact have a new Op completed by the end of the year – that will give them ONE new Operation (raid) released over a THREE year period and still 0 new Flashpoints (dungeons)

In the interim, one of their competitors, FFXIV, will have released 18 NEW raids in that same time frame (12 8-man and 6 24-man) and 30 NEW dungeons.

That is just the 4 to 24 man group content. A comparison of what FFXIV has put out over the last three years, or ESO for that matter, will show how they are putting out almost 50 TIMES more content for players than SWTOR is.

So I ask again, just how much leeway does the Star Wars IP bring you. Because if it wasn’t for that, this game would have closed two years ago.

P.S. Dulfy, not to be a weinie, but your title is misleading. BW did not announce New Operations, they announced a new Op Boss with the hope of having a full Op by the end of the year.

You’re entirely right. In fact you mention some things I’ve been saying over the course of this long drought that TOR has been for people like me who like challenging group stuff.

I asked myself lots of times, when the game stopped satisfying me: would I be playing this if it wasn’t Star Wars? I came to the conclusion that obviously not.

Now, the question is: where does that leave me? I already left the game. I haven’t logged in to actually play in months. The last time I did log in was to put a couple of images here in a post. All my friends are long gone. ALL OF THEM. There are some cool people in a couple of guilds here and there, but my raiding buddies have long gone.

The way I see it, I either wait for this game to die, or have a little hope it will get better, even if ever so sightly. If I EXPECT it to die, I have no business coming here and saying my piece. Yes, FF, WoW, and ESO are doing a better job. But alas, they’re not Star Wars. I’m not “blinded” by the brand. But I have enough MATURITY to know that this is the Star Wars MMO we got. We ain’t getting another one, and even if we do get another one, EA will be at the helm.

So I’m waiting to see what this is all about. I bet I can get a great view of what’s going on in TOR from one of my ESO homesteads…


I think ME: Andromeda will be a good measuring stick to what BW are capable of nowadays, if it’s good then they still got it and they’ve just given up on TOR. If it’s worse than ME 2/3 then they’ve probably lost their magic touch.

And I want to go back to ESO just for the homesteads. But… I can toy around with that kind of stuff in FO4, while using mods to make stuff really insane. And Torment: Tides of Numeria comes out in late Feb, aaand then there’s Andromeda in late March….

Not to rain on the parade, but just so you know, gaming press that have got an early look at ME:Andromeda are already telling people not to get their hopes up. They were a bit surprised at how unimaginative and bland the game was and mentioned how there was no innovation at all from previous ME titles.

Not a good start for a title that hasn’t even launched.

All of the screenshots I’ve seen don’t inspire confidence. A brand new galaxy with a theme of exploration and so far we’ve seen no sign of anything truly weird that one would expect from a game about exploring alien worlds.

Hoping it isn’t shit, but… it’s hard to think positive when it comes to BW these days :/

Will most likely end up playing the game just to see for myself, considering how good ME 1-3 were despite their individual flaws. Might actually be that the multiplayer portion of the game will end up being the best one, ME3MP had some potential.

How well written the story and characters are will go a long way, The trailers and AI seems cheesy as hell so far. But at least they still have some of the best (or the best) ambient music of any game. IMO ME3 was close to perfect from a game playing perspective (except for the whole galaxy readiness crap), it was just that f****** ending that screwed up the game.

FO4 is the real TOR, story driven killer. Even Skyrim is, a little bit.

Why? Because you can play that for eons. As single-player games go, it’s a done deal. Not only are the games huge, they also have a world of people doing mods for them. Just log in to Nexxus and behold.

FO4 is even more of a killer, because you have no maximum level. Ok, at level 600,000 something the game crashes. Big deal.

I tell you, one of my best single player experiences was playing Skyrim with the “Better Vampires” mod. That stuff is INSANE. And no subscription. You buy the game, log in to Nexxus, download the mods you want and you have hours upon hours of gaming joy. FO4 you have your Radiant quests, your settlements… It literally does not end!

So: having that option, why would I maintain a sub and log in to an MMO??? Seems pretty simple to me… I guess the people at BW don’t think I do…

The main issue with FO4 is that the story is shit, there’s almost no RP in the game and I hate Beth for taking a piss on what the Fallout universe should be about. Choices and Role playing a character in whatever way you want. And yet I keep playing it to toy around in my settlements, reskin some armors or decorations of lose a day to tweak some mod or make a new one for myself despite knowing I’ll spend more time working on a mod I won’t release on Nexus that using it in the game… I wish FO4 wasn’t a Fallout game, would probably like it then instead of having this weird hate/like relationship with it.

The main draw with MMO’s for me is the social aspect, (had a roadtrip in Azeroth with a co-worker last month, she only had a low level toon and needed some boosting, we had a blast riding on bike then mass murder a bunch of mobs) and the continued evolution of the story of the game. Plus, at least in most fantasy worlds, the insane amount of things you can do there and the size of the game. FO4 may have a ton of stuff to do, but you get bored with the map pretty quickly (like, at least 200 hours in or so….), while WoW has a ridiculously large map filled with weird stuff. And I can’t cheat by downloading gear mods which I then tweak to fit my character perfectly.

I like both kind of games, and it’s a good thing there’s different positives with both kind of games. And WoW gives me enough stuff to validate a subscription, TOR does not.

I have a funny story for you.

As you know, I’m a guitar player. The band I play in is one of the most famous cover bands in Portugal.

There’s this fan of the band that is my Facebook friend. This week he pm’ed me asking how much do I pay for my TOR sub. I replied I wasn’t subbed to TOR anymore, the game was a bore these days. I told him: play for the story, do the stuff, have fun, and when you reach Endgame get the hell outta there lol!

But I was so psyched about having someone to play that I went on and on. I told him I’d play with him, just to have some company in-game. He couldn’t believe that I wanted to play with him looool. I actually told him he might just be the reason for me to log in a few more hours in TOR.

So there we were, both psyched about logging in and doing some stuff together in-game…

THAT’S what an MMO is to me too. Having someone to go jump in the Sarlacc pit on Tatooine just for the hell of it. Doing some Dailies, FP’s or any of that stuff. Ops obviously. But take that away and it’s not fun for me anymore…

Indeed, same with the fun stuff I did with my guild, like looking for datacrons, grouping for PvP or doing weird achievements together.

That, and just explore and run around in a world while encountering other players, not necessarily interacting with them, which makes the world feel alive in a way that no regular RPG can manage.

Thats why I can’t finish my chapters. I log in, everyone I know and like are gone, or talking about leaving. Try to RP, and nobody knows me anymore, its all strangers. Its depressing. Like funeral depressing. That feeling is matched with lower instance numbers, and I assumed at first it was divided zones for pvp/pve, but no…if you want to be alone on Ebon Hawk and play on single player mode, just go pvp. I have this fantasy where I buy my new ESO house, and decorate it all up for a big party, sweet rolls on every flat surface, put a candle in the front window, and wake up to find all my old Swtor friends at the front door. Only a few went ESO though, we all sort of scattered.

This is a good post.

I’m also one of those players who really don’t care that much that it is a SW game, I fell in love with the game for the awesome stories in the base game. (And that it was a follow up to KOTOR which I still prefer lore wise to the movies) If it had been set in the ME universe I’d probably started playing in from the get go instead of a year later. It had the potential to attract both SW fans, MMO and RPG players and should’ve been bigger, But instead we’ve gotten this….

This is a good point. Only two CEOs every made the claim they were trying to take on WoW, John Riccitello of EA with SWTOR and Yochi Wada, CEO of Square Enix when FFXIV launched.

They understood that to take on WoW you had to have the community goodwill and you had to pump out the content. Otherwise there was no trying to take them on.

SWTOR seems to think just because they have the Star Wars IP that should be it. But to be honest, when you look at any MMO their age that is a AAA title, name one that has put out such a dismal amount of new content? LOTRO, a ten year old game, puts out more new content in a year. SWTOR had strongholds which came with four. They added one more with the SoR expansion for a total of five. ESO, with the housing release in February, will launch with 41 houses!

The point is, SE is taking seriously trying to compete with WoW. EA has never taken it seriously and has, with SWTOR, given customers the least amount for your money than any other AAA MMO title on the market.

This is what lead to my original question in the post above.

Yes. Yes. I remember the “WoW Killer” stuff. Boy, did they come out short on THAT one.

And yet again you’re absolutely right. An IP like this must have content release. There’s no other way around it. I still think there are great things in this game. The Oricon stuff for me is the heyday of SW-TOR. If only they had kept that kind of momentum going… Maybe we wouldn’t be having this kind of conversation right now…

Shawn, WoW reportedly lost 5 million subs during the last expansion. REPORTEDLY.

If TOR had had the capacity of drawing in HALF of those people we would be here discussing just exactly that: how TOR COULD be the WoW killer, finally…

Not that I have anything against WoW. Or for, for that matter. It’s a game I respect, but don’t want anything to do with.

It’s just a matter of time before a MMO with a good sense of humor makes an achievment for killing a ton of enemies and name it “Wow, killer!”.

My bet is that WoW do it…

Agreed completely, the potential for a SW MMO is insane, yet this is what we have. A big reason WoW has continued to survive and even thrive is a lot due to Blizzard continuing to listen to players and showing that with the evolution of WoW.

Don’t have any real opinion on FFXIV since I’ve never played any FF game, but whenever I hear something about it, it’s usually very positive.

What I do wonder with TOR is just how bad their engine is and how clunky it is to work with. Compare with, say Bethesda’s recent games that, while bug ridden, are very easy to implement new stuff into. (The modding scene surrounding their games is no coincidence) Know it’s a different ballpark with MMO vs RPG, but considering their apparent inability to create PvP maps containing more than 16 players etc, I wonder how much time and money it costs them.

But in the end, a lack of resources and a bit too much arrogance seems to be the two major core issues that affects the game negatively.

As for your original question: Considering how hyped SW in general is right now, I’d guess it gives them A LOT of leeway (as in: too much). And it probably gives them more revenue from subs and CM compared to if it were a non SW game, which gives them breathing room and better numbers than they deserve.

“What I do wonder with TOR is just how bad their engine is and how clunky it is to work with” I can’t really answer that but I can point you to a an article and let you judge for yourself.

In it “Ohlen began his presentation by dispelling some misconceptions about the creation of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Some journalists and fans attributed much of the upfront cost of TOR to its scripting and voice acting. Ohlen explained that this belief is erroneous: “[Voice acting] was a known entity, and cost was quite low in comparison to the cost of the rest of the project.” In other words, BioWare had been there and done that with voice acting already in its other games and budgeted accordingly. However, BioWare did not have a tested platform to build an MMO. Much of the cost was funneled toward creating an engine that supported a team of over 300 people working on it at the same time and adding choice and consequence to the MMO story.”

The funny thing is as much as SWTOR has focused on story over the last two years I find WoW’s lore to be much more compelling. They elicit more emotion from a short game-engine cinematic than SWTOR has in a long time. I could not care less about being the leader of some Alliance in some random corner of the galaxy in the middle of teen-angst family drama.

Just tried FFXIV on friday, today (sunday) I have a log in queue hahaa
Been so long since I had to queue to log into a MMO.
No ghost town servers here it seems.

They promise it will get better. On Friday, they shut off new character creation on 20 of the 64 servers because of the heavy server loads. They have said they will be adding some new servers this year. Rumors are they will be adding another 32 servers before the end of the year.

Got to love the irony huh? A game that got off to a bad launch, rebooted, actually spends the time listening to their customers and implementing those requests (for example, there were requests for a few different mini-games…. what did they do, put in eleven different mini-games as they always strive to over-deliver) is GROWING in the number of servers three years after launch (of ARR – six years after FFXIV) while SWTOR has many threads asking for server mergers because of the 17 servers left in existence only 4 or 5 have a population big enough to not feel like ghost towns.

What should also be mentioned is how the majority of MMO developers were claiming you couldn’t support a sub only game anymore. With FFXIV, not only do you have to buy the game, it is sub only. Man have they proven the market wrong on so many accounts.

Man, seriously… You gotta stop posting lol. Every post you make I find myself more than agreeing with you. I’m trying to keep an open mind and a positive outlook on this whole TOR thing… But those facts are just mind-boggling!

64 servers??? Buying the game AND then maintaining a sub??? Mini-games???

Do you know how many times I made a ticket requesting mini-games in TOR??? Pazaak ANYONE??? Those guys even have a fucking casino in Nar Shaddaa for the Force’s sake! Can you imagine how they could turn THAT around???

Oh man… That’s SEVERAL “MMO myths” down the drain right there. You can have a successful MMO in this day and age.

You just have to deliver.

pretty sad eh but as long as there is one stupidfuck who will buy 150 cartel packs over and over thats where the focus will be. i couldnt imagine releasing 1/3 of a raid like that lolz what mindfuck to players /smh

Why are they stupid though? What is the difference between blowing the same amount for a concert, Disneyland tickets, etc. It seems they can afford it and more importantly get entertainment from the product.

Are you just mad that the game you don’t enjoy is still around and that people, new and old, enjoy it?

the difference is a concert or disneyland tickets its worth something and its not promoting a gambling addiction. Secondly it gives these idiots at ea incentive to focus more on on gambling packs and the hell with everything else.

Im not mad at the game or the people but i feel sorry for the stupidfucks who get suckered into this garbage and defend their right to be shit on while taking out mortgages for cartel packs /smh

I’m not. I am giving a comparison. I could do it for others as well, FF14 is the one I picked for the example. Here are a couple of small ones:

ESO: SWTOR has had five strongholds for over two years, ESO launches their housing next week with 41 different types of houses.

TSW: A great MMO from a little company. Over the last two years they have released Issues 10 – 15, which has fully finished a new zone (Tokyo), added a large tower system, a fully voiced quests.

GW2: While HoT was light for an expansion, it at least added some new character development, a new mechanic (gliding), a new zones with a vertical system to them.

So, I guess I will be accused of recruiting for them as well.

To the point of my original post, about the only think SWTOR has going for it is it is Star Wars. Because they are getting buried by ALL of the competition when it comes to content production, which is what keeps most players playing.

Yes they are all different…..and crap.
ESO – sorry bored the hell outa me and I don’t play for houses/strongholds.
GW2 – again bored the hell outa me looked great like ESO but held no interest for me.
TSW – Never played so checked a bunch of you tube videos and looks awful.
FF14 – hate the graphics, looks awful.
As for the star wars thing? SWTOR is so far removed from the films time lines that if it wasn’t for lightsabers it may not be star wars. To me it’s more of a sci-fi game as I mainly play non force users.
Hey if you like these go for it and enjoy them it just seems strange why you are promoting them here?

whats going over your head here is the amount of content those other games are getting.
No one saying go play those games.
Its a comparison of new/added content.
There is a vast difference with Swtor and every other subscription based MMORPG.
SWTOR is lagging way behind the rest.
Ea/bioware are not small time gaming companies.
They are capable of more.
We just ain’t getting more.

We are getting lots more and we have for many many years, some people just don’t like what they are getting.
Yes they focused on PVE story with an idea to bring in fresh blood and now they’re going to group focus.
I can list many pro’s of SWTOR which I have done many times along with the negatives as I can with all the games listed above by wayshuba.
He’s making assumptions based on no fact of when the op will be out so it’s all crap.
We’ve just had 5.0, uprisings, galactic command not to mention level synch and new modes and your saying there’s no new content?????

Im saying the amount of content released by Bioware from 4.0 until now pales in the shadow to many other MMORPGS.
Please do list the many things they have released that we seemed to have overlooked.

O god here we go again.
We had KOTET and KOTFE, not my cup of tea but massive.
Most game companies would have disappeared like WOW for a couple of years then bring out something like this whereas they drip fed them to us month by month so yeah there’s been plenty of content not to mention class balancing/changes with abilities and level synch + uprisings + galactic command + hm story modes.
No content?

Level sync was introduced to force people to do old heroics as there was no new daily areas or flashpoints. So level sync isn’t new content.

Galactic Command is an interface add-on at best. It’s at most pretty curtains hiding the trash dump outside that is the new RNG gearing system which is there because it’s only job is to slow people down as again there’s not enough new content. Also should add it’s hated by most if not everyone.

Class balancing/changes isn’t new content, it’s patch work. Expect that stuff with every expansion and around 3 times a year in most games.

The 2 story expansions where small in comparison to other major MMORPG expansions and worst of all has zero replay value.

Bioware/EA could have released 4.0 KOTFE or 5.0 KOTET with…
8 chapters of story
2 operations
2 flashpoints
New PVP zone.
New GSF (anything)
New world events
Mini games
New planets
New class (it was fun playing HK)
etc (sure theres more suggestions on
^this stuff is not too much to ask for or expect from 2 AAA gaming companies.

While people are content with less then ‘Corporate Commander’ at EA will continue to deliver less.

“Level sync was introduced to force people to do old heroics as there was no new daily areas or flashpoints. So level sync isn’t new content.” – They had to do it and it would have taken time, therefore it’s work related content for level increase. I wan’t wanting to stay at 65 with the same boring gear. I personally wanted a new challenge.
“Galactic Command is an interface add-on at best. It’s at most pretty curtains hiding the trash dump outside that is the new RNG gearing system which is there because it’s only job is to slow people down as again there’s not enough new content.” Firstly it’s a great idea to amalgamate all content under one banner so whatever you do you can see what you get cxp for and it show’s the bonus cxp for that time.
Did it take time? Yes
Is it new? Yes
Is it perfect? Hardly, but changes to cpx and drops will improve things.
“Also should add it’s hated by most if not everyone.” I know lots of people who like it, I don’t mind it and I’ve been through all the gearing changes from the start, it lets me focus on a few alts instead of the dozens that i never see, but I do honestly see peoples issue with this as the game is VERY alt friendly which has upset people, I honestly do see that.
“The 2 story expansions where small in comparison to other major MMORPG expansions and worst of all has zero replay value.” Opinion not fact. I hated them but again I know people loved them and are genuinely gutted they are finished and have told me they will unsub now as that is what they are after…..story.
As for your wish list…’s just that, YOUR wish list not everyone’s. I would like that but i’m not self entitled to expect to get everything I want.
If you can’t move on and let them try and improve things, as the community requested, that’s up to you but it will only undermine your position of trying to improve the game.

Level Sync take time? sure and yes they did had to do it because they had created zero new replayable content for people to do.

Galactic Command like you said its an ”idea to amalgamate all content under one banner” in other words an interface add-on.
Take time to code? sure but still isn’t new playable content.

You know people that like the RNG? really?
Because I have yet to hear anyone anywhere say it’s good in anyway.
No good for raiders/pvpers or alt makers or even casuals.
No clue who gets any enjoyment out of that system.

You just said you know people that like the story but you didn’t, that has nothing to do with the point I made about the 2 story expansions being small in comparison to other major mmorpg expansions.
Its irrelevant about if you liked them or not, my point was the expansions in matter of size of content was small compared to other games.

”i’m not self entitled to expect to get everything I want.”
If you sit there and never say anything but good feedback how can you expect to improve things or steer them in a direction that would benefit you and others?

What makes no sense to me is like yourself has said before you hated the 2 story expansions but if you never write that on any forum anywhere and continue to sub/play and offer nothing but praise how would Bioware know?

You can’t expect Bioware to improve things by reading your mind.
It’s okay to criticize.
They need it now more than ever,

With every new level expansion eg 5.0 there is always a level /gear increase, It’s gonna happen, in itself it’s not new content, it’s never intended to be but it still takes time and effort to implement.

Galactic Command is an interface add-on so yes it takes time to code. Never meant to be new content, just an interface.

RNG is a risky thing admittedly, I’m maybe lucky and so have my guild members in that we’ve got some good drops still only a few on each alt but almost 2 months in I personally think that’s ok. IMHO gearing before was ridiculously easy and I really got bored of it (dozens of alts I’ve haven’t seen in years in full 224 set bonus gear), this I find more fun maybe because it’s harder and players that don’t get to run constant guild HM content i.e raiders, also have a chance to get good gear.

The games that were mentioned ESO and TSW are either new or going through a revival so of course they will be getting a lot of new content but as we know with all mmo’s that stops, for years some times while they work on the next expansion. Bioware instead of waiting drip fed us the new content on a the year. They were damned for it but at least there was something new every month. Eso’s 41 player houses is smoke and mirrors to me not content.

I never said good feedback for KOTET or KOTFE but I understand that people liked it, and I agree that criticism of a game is absolutely necessary but only when done in a constructive way, which as you will see from the posts on dulfy is hardly the case and demeans proper criticism from getting through to the developers.

Comparing poorer games just for bringing out loads of poorer content is hardly an achievement in itself.

”With every new level expansion eg 5.0 ”
Yip they increased the level without the content to fill it.
We went to level 70 but have no new level 70 daily area or flashpoints or operations so in hindsight it was pointless increasing the level.
Level sync is just a way to increase levels to force people to re-gear toons without adding new content to play. Clearly it’s easier to code level sync than to create content hence why they did it.
We still got short changed.

So we agree Galactic Command isn’t content. cool.

I agree previously it was too easy to gear multiple toons. The highlighted hard mode operation to get nightmare gear was a terrible idea.
My guild had 2 ops teams at the start of 4.0 and even with the promise of nightmare gear from hardmode KP(for example) people didn’t want to run it. I guess for some people challenge means more than steamrolling content.
But like always Bioware go from one extreme to the other.
Rng is horrible in all forms. I don’t buy cartel packs for the same reason.

The point about the other games like ESO and FFXIV is those games took a hammering and then looked at where they were going wrong and are fixing it. Same can’t be said at Bioware.
2 years of story only and now they are spending this year dripping out small amounts of group. What’s next year pvp only?
That’s not a good way to run things.

True there can be some hate comments on here just for the sake of it but the original post made by Wayshuba was as constructive as it gets.
We should push for Bioware to release content on the scale that other subscription mmorpg’s do.

You just reinforced my point. No, KoTET and KoTFE were NOT massive compared to what their competition has been putting out in content. Most of the AAA MMOs are not only not disappearing, they are growing – while SWTOR keeps declining.

Go read the patch notes, not even expansions, of what those other companies I have mentioned have put out in the last two years and you will quickly come to realize just how little SWTOR players get versus almost any other AAA MMO.

No one is saying they have not put out content, what is being said is other MMOs are putting out ten to fifty times (and yes, FF14 has put out fifty times the content SWTOR has the last two years) the content that SWTOR is.

Have you noticed even the BW fanboi’s are struggling to defend them and swtor, so instead turn to attacking people who are complaining about this dribble of content rather then find a way to stick up for it?? The classic “why are you playing if you are complaining about the content” but say nothing of how piss weak all this LACK of content actually is, both not just compared to other mmo’s big and small but even prior swtor content.

So again fanboi’s, the question I always put to you but you can never answer: If BW/EA are making soooooooo much money from swtor like you love to show with sites showing how much this game makes off the back of cartel whales and how this game isn’t dying, why then, isn’t all that money going back into the game to release content like other mmo’s that earn less revenue? EA can only be blamed for so much. BW Austin must take a massive cut of the blame for their incompotence, laziness and lack of vison, both for the game and for not seeing what the player base (despite being told over and over) wants til the game has lost so many subs.

Well I’m classed as a ‘fanboi’ and I’m genuinely excited about this new content.
I think the bigger and far more hilarious comments here are from you and your ilk who are trying so hard to still hate as they are giving you exactly what you want.
All I hear is the ‘It’s too late crap’
THEN WHY ARE YOU HERE IF IT’S TOO LATE. It’s the worst excuse ever.
They have constantly provided content just not the content you like and are delivering again.
This just goes to show the people you are and it’s hilarious.
I’ve never seen sites that show Biowares income but good for them because without income no new content. Simple economics.
But of course you wont be playing this new content will you…….!
Fleet last night was the busiest I’ve ever seen it with op’s and pvp popping constantly so all good thanks 🙂

They wouldn’t be fucking happy if BW rolled out a new OP every 2 weeks, or added pvp maps every 2 weeks or blah and blah Mummy..they’d say…it lacks vision. Some of these guys are just here to hear their own voices.

Amen brother.
Most of have been banned/punished for cheating and this is their sad revenge, feel aggrieved over cartel drop rates or have nothing better to do.
Don’t get me wrong some have genuine concerns and air them sensibly and can see all sides of the situation but a quick look through this thread in particular, a thread where the dev’s answer a lot of the concerns AND promise more ops AND address gear issues for the vet’s that are finding it too tough lol and you can see exactly the kind of people they are and what they are up to.
They are more interested being all edgy and up voting each others nonsense like it matters.
It’s quite hilarious.

Yep. I’m so divided by this… I can’t help but to see your point. I can’t help but to see the other side’s point too.

Maybe some people are just so disappointed they can’t help but to be negative about this.

I NEVER expected them to come out and say they have something in the way of REAL group content coming. I must say I was really taken back by it. In a positive way I guess…

The other comment I originally made way down sums up what I think. I’ll put it here for you, “fanboi”…

“Oh boy… Am I going to get in trouble with this one… but I can’t help it. I gotta say it.

What’s with you guys? Come on! What is it you guys REALLY want?

After 2 years of running in the wrong direction, these guys may have FINALLY realized they should be doing something different from what they were doing. I agree, a lot of going in the wrong direction took place here. A WHOLE FREAKING LOT.

But hey, this seems to me like a step in the RIGHT direction. Maybe it’s a baby step. But it would be worse if they kept running towards the abyss!

So now I see clairvoyants that ALREADY know the content is bull. That BW simply cannot deliver anymore…

Well, from what I can recall, the HK chapter was a really fun one, and it was recent. I didn’t play it, because I wasn’t subbed for the period required. KotET was also a step up from that disgrace called KotFE. Haven’t played that one either. Thank the Force for Youtube though.

All the comments I made here were always in the spirit of venting my frustration with this game. Hoping to find similar minded people, and that our talks would eventually reach the people that develop this game.

If you think this game is beyond salvation I don’t see the point of talking about it. I don’t. If I did I wouldn’t be coming here trying to get my point across. I don’t want to see the game shut down. I never did. It would serve no one. It wouldn’t serve me specifically. It wouldn’t vindicate me. It would not alter my convictions.

This is not salvation though. There’s a lot that’s wrong in this game. A WHOLE LOT. But it’s a step.

Credit where it’s due guys. At least let’s see what they got before we burn it down.”

I was. From launch until one year after no more Ops. Not anymore. But I think that if the content is good I’ll sub again.

I did sub twice during KotFE: once to get Vette, and the other time to get all of the Chapters… EVEN not really liking KotFE.

They’re TRYING. All I’m saying is, let’s have a taste of what they got. If it’s bull, you and me will be on opposite sides of the fence again, I guess. But until then I’ll give the benefit of the doubt. I HAVE to. If not, I really am just some schmuck that’s logs on to Dulfy to spew my hate around. That’s illogical to me. And there are better things I could spend my time on…

There’s a lot wrong with this game??
I got a frickin list of things as long as my arm that I hate about the game yet i’m classed as the fanboi here lol.
At the end of the day we (well some of us) want the game to be great. I’ve also got a list of things a i hate about WOW and GW2, but you gotta take the rough with the smooth.

There’s no perfect MMO out there that fill’s everyone’s needs all the time or people would be playing it and not be here.

It seems to me Bioware are really making an effort in appeasing players and listening to complaints regarding ops/group content and galactic command xp issues and gearing and reading below i’m thoroughly disgusted at the comments from so called players who have shouted for this, for them to be heard, yet the same sucky memes and ‘it’s too late’ nonsense is still littering these forums.
When people ask for change and it comes, then they still whine, it undermines the people who have genuine concerns.
5.0 isn’t going away, but they are trying to improve it as people requested, lets watch the outcome then judge.

OMG! Yes!
More story, returning companions, new dailies, new ops!!!
They really meant everything they said.
Can’t wait for all of these!
This is truly wonderful!!! 😀

Its great if people are still satisfied though. I wish I could log in and feel happy. Especially given its a game, for entertainment. I think for me its just been too stale for too long. I still have to finish my chapters : /

Wanna talk about stale. Nothing as stale as repeating those chapters for GC points. You and one other sucker, uh, I mean player are out there on Darvanis trying to avoid trash mobs to kill the repetitive thingy. Servers are too lightly populated to get a pop for Uprisings.

Not going to disagree I feel the same. The chapters are boring and the other MMO I play more so GC is the worse so I buy my mods and do not care about it But what do in the game basic pvp/pve for me is still entertaining

They should have a cutscene right before the final boss where Quinn explains that he’s betrayed you (again) and he’s “so sorry mylord” and “I really hope mylord can forgive me”. Then we get to murder him as a champion mob that does zero damage and only survives long enough that we can unleash all our abilities upon him. Over and over again…..

After some consideration, make it a daily quest so non raiders can enjoy it too. It’s probably easy and cheap to implement, and it would the most awesome kind of fan service BW can do… 🙂

Gog, I kid you not: if Quinn isn’t kill-able I won’t even consider doing the Op. I’m serious man. Just as serious as when I subbed JUST to get Vette, my all-time fav comp.

I don’t know why I hate him so. It’s not an healthy thing, I know. But to hell with that. I do. And that’s that. I want him to SUFFER!

Quinn really is the perfect personification of a false snake tongued ass-kisser. There’s a reason he’s probably more hated than Skadge in general despite Skadge probably being a worse person. But I hate Quinn more….

And agreed, not being able to kill Quinn would be one of the biggest story related disappointments since the last time we couldn’t kill him. We can even kill Xalek who’s awesome.

He should be like South Park’s Kenny where you kill him every patch.

Personally, I would sentence him to receive awkward hand-jobs from Skadge for the rest of his existence. This puts both of them into a living hell.

That would be beautiful.

“My lord, I have been resurrected by Darth Acina since she was bored, and I am to foil your plans again my lord. Wait, are you going to kill me again my lord? Oh dear please no my lord, not again…”

What will happen i want to side with the empire but i HATE quinn and i want to torture him as painfully as i can? I need to side with reps for Elara then ? or will there be any option to side with empire and KILL that “(censored)” quinn? It was much better in original story when we had the chance to kill him …. 1 less healer companion ….who cares ….traitors must die!!!

You will probably get the chance to kill Quinn at least on a Sith Warrior. It wouldn’t make much sense on another character unless Theron gave us a dossier on him which would be beyond BW’s scope of story continuity.

Apparently some heads went spinning, and they rushed in to announce all of that stuff, which was the MOST they could have prepared in 2 months. My guess is that if they had figured out the issues with SWTOR a year ago, as they should have, right now we’d have 2 new operations and more content.

1. Excited about Iokath and daily area
2. Excited about new operation
3. Excited about perhaps even more ACTUAL content over the next few months

But very disappointed that it’s just too little, too late.

One thing I must give these three props for is giving me a good laugh each time they make these videos. Three grown men completely ignoring the clusterfuck this game has become and stroking themselves at how wonderful it all is and how much people love the current system. Pure comedy.

“Three grown men strocking themselves”…

Ok. Just stop mate. Now I gotta get THAT image out of my head…

Kosto, you’re going to give me nightmares.

I just know I’m gonna dream Trump is in Metallica, he’s playing a concert and I’m there, watching him butcher “Master of Puppets”…

That was my goal…. but he’ll be playing edited versions, like Master Of Trumpets, Injustice For All and For Whom The Wall Builds

“The call of Trump”, “The thing that should not be” (which is the best description for him really, no need to change the title), “Bankrupt, Inc”, “Nothing Matters”, “The president that failed”, “Orange messiah”, “Until it tweets”

I mean, we can go forever if we want to.

Sad But True
The Shortest Hand
Harvester Of Bigotry
Seek And Destroy (Mexicans)
My Wall Of Misery
Don’t Trump On Me
Wherever I May Sign
The Wall Trump Built

We probably can so why not do that? 🙂

Ain’t my president
Trump’s Apocalypse
Idiot of the Day
Trump Said
Disposable Ideologies
No Recourse
Some Kind of Monster
My Friend of Putin
Wasting my Term
Of Trump and Facts
The Frayed End of Democracy

I’ll play along, fuck it. Better than waiting for 30 minutes for Uprisings to pop. Can’t even SEE the new content in this fucking game, and white knights are defending that poor ass content along with the most boring state the game has ever been to.

The Unelected II
Bernie Than You
Carpe Diem Bernie
Bad Seed
Where The Wild Trumps Are
Prince Disgusting
The Outlaw America Torn
All Within His Tiny Hands
That Was Just Your Vote
Broken Beat and Deported
The Day That Never Comes (for Hillary)
Cyanide (would be a solution)
America Into Flame
Now That We’re Trumped
Here Comes Totalitarian

It will mainly be songs from “St. Anger” since he thinks that album has the greatest production. Or playing the entire “…And justice for all” on bass only since we all remember those classing bass lines of that album….

It would be amazing if they could input a system which let’s you command a majority of the Alliance Forces into battle. Like many companions taking on one bad ass boss.

Instead of fighting with so many players.

Nah, it would be amazing if they made it for players considering it’s supposed to be an MMO. Glad they are making more group content even if it’s just one boss for now.

You’ll be able to play by yourself but some things (similar to Oricon) will require you to do the operation to see the end I think.

I would rather see them add another type of companion collection mission where we send one or multiple to collect LS/DS, CXP, and missions for affection for the specialists.

As someone who has jumped ship 6 months ago, all I have to ask is….can I kill Quinn? I had promised that if I can’t kill Quinn I will flip!!

Everyone here is complaining, meanwhile I’m thinking, “oh…so apparently my wife will finally be back in the game after two years (longer in game). Well I took over the entire galaxy while I was waiting, maybe I’ll be able to talk to her, she might even have a voiced line!” :/

I think there’s a solid 50/50 chance that the conversations with Elara and Quinn will be fully voiced, and not the stupid KOTOR style dialogue list with no player voice. They’ve done well with the romance options so far, so I doubt they’d subject these two to the crappy option. Then again, this update probably won’t be very heavy on story, so it’s a toss up.

This does not sound like a Alliance recruitment missions, but something similar to the chapters that we got in kotfe. I’m thinking it’s going to be similar to how we got people like vette, gault, and Jorgan back.

Well I am glad i gave up paying for subbing for this game a year ago wish I did it sooner, One boss doesn’t make it a operation even if its 5 bosses doesn’t make it one either. But as long as people only complain and don’t hurt there pocket book they won’t care. I want the game have actually operations that is new and staff that can put more then 2+ full operations a year easy sadly they can’t even deliver half the crap they actually care about pvp those who care stop subbing and go F2P they need to fire the current staff and replace with people who actually have competence to run this game.