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GW2 Changes to PvP League Rating Leaderboard

Arenanet is making a few changes to the PvP League Rating leadeboard with a minimum number of games required.

A message from the PvP Team:

In order to ensure the league leaderboard maintains a display of healthy competition, we will be enabling a new minimum games requirement. Players who do not have the minimum number of games required to stay on the leaderboard will be removed each time decay is calculated.

The current season is more than half complete, so the games threshold will be set to a lower value than what we expect future seasons to use. The current minimum is 40 games. Future seasons will ramp up the minimum game requirement over the length of the season and a UI component will display this value.

We are excited to see how fierce the competition gets as the season comes to close. See you in The Mists!


By Dulfy

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12 replies on “GW2 Changes to PvP League Rating Leaderboard”

Is this change only for top 250 nolifers or is it so that if i played less than 40 games this season i will lose my position whatever it is (even if it is silver lol)?

Maxed out on ascended shards last week and got back to the grind of farming agony (as opposed to the agony of farming pvp). Till they force me into that pvp mess again, they can do whatever makes them happy.

This is only affecting people who would qualify for top 250 on the leaderboard. It has no sway in your personal matchmaking or end of season rank.

I thought this was supposed to be game people could play casually? 40 PvP games per season is more than I will ever play. Perhaps part of the reason people hate lower ranks in PvP is because of people like me who have a good winning record overall, but don’t play enough to reach any meaningful rank in the season. So it is a mix of completely inexperienced players and somewhat-experienced, but infrequent players. IMO there is a big difference between the two. I have my two favorite builds ironed out with keybinds etc and I’m pretty sure it makes me more effective than someone just starting PvP.

TLDR it sounds like they will now only actually be ranking the serious players, and lumping everyone else (probably most people) into a single tier. The problem is the “everyone else” group has an even wider range of effectiveness than serious players do.

I think 200 would be a bit too high coz yeah some people work and cant join all the time. With the pips penality for being anbsent it doesnt tell people cmon lets try again.

Also as they said its 40 pts coz the season is almost ended. I think 160 should be a fair amount.

That’s actually not the case at all. What was happening is that people were abusing the rating system by going 10-0 in placements and sniping the top spots on the PvP leaderboard. The PvP leaderboard is supposed to be indicative of the top 250 players in the region, not people who play casually and just so happened to go 10-0 in placements.

This in no way affects your matchmaking, it only means that you cannot qualify for the leaderboard until you’ve played 40 matches, no matter your ranking. If you don’t intend to play 40 matches total of PvP in your lifetime, then I don’t think that it would be very deserving of you to have a place on the leaderboard amongst people who take PvP seriously for the sake of promoting a healthy and competitive community.

Well the implication is that ranked is for those who are serious, and unranked is for casual play. I think it’s more of an issue with matchmaking. However, too often do I get paired with 4 potatoes camping home while I try to run around to the far points, and other times it’s the reverse and my team utterly stomps. That’s where the real issue lies for PvP, in the matchmaking not the rating. Doesn’t matter if someone’s silver or platinum or whatever rank, the matchmaking system still favors extremely decisive stomps either for or against the player in order to achieve 50/50 win/loss in the most efficient manner possible, pretty much deciding the match before the game even starts. If they fix the matchmaking system, PvP in any tier of skill will be much more enjoyable.

I wish more people could hear you. How many times have i been playing with guys who just afk after they died once. Or better one guy is dc at start and join back when you have 100to300 and they have all pts. Really its not about skills and something is wrong, at least make them start bronze and climb.

Playing less is more safe then playing more atm and playing solo is just asking for it. For people like me who loves pvp its just not fun. I really hope for a fix coz people who played 2 games for armor shouldnt be in gold coz they got carried.

But yeah i’ll still play coz i like it and hey sometimes they are on the other side 😉

I have over 100 games played as a casual player (r1600s) who plays just 1 class, and rated. 40 is not something to complain about. All of those 2k+ ratings for people who won 10 in a row is pure BS. This fix is a good one.

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