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GW2 Update on LWS3 Episode 4 Release

Mike O Brien went on the forums today to make a few updates for players to prepare for Episode 4 release in Feb.

Hi all,

We’re wrapping up work on Episode 4 of Living World Season 3 and expect to launch it in February, hitting our normal cadence of a new episode every 2~3 months. I want to give a quick heads-up here on a few topics that I know the community is anticipating, things that will and won’t be bundled with this episode.

This release will include the promised fix to AB multi-looting. The fix is simple: you can loot each of the great and grand chests once each time you complete the meta, once per map cycle.

This release will also include a new, challenging group-farming spot for leather.

This release won’t include legendary armor. We’re getting close to completion, though, and may be able to ship legendary armor with the Ep5 release.

This release won’t include a skill balance update. As we did last time, we’ll ship the next skill balance update off-cycle from Living World releases.



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32 replies on “GW2 Update on LWS3 Episode 4 Release”

“GW2 Update on LWS3 Episode 4 Release” – but there is nothing about episode 4, only repeating the same words that were spoken long time ago. 2-3 months between really, I guess there might be someone who still doesn’t know that.. sigh.. let’s hope 31st is the trailer day and feb 7 will be episode 4 going live day.

Multi-loot thing finally getting nerfed, thank god.

New leather farming? Sounds cool and should shut a lot of people up, but we need to see it first.

Legendary armor? Man I would be so thrilled about this if I could get the precursor set.. but since it’s only for a few people that have lots of time and lots of friends I’m just gonna wait a year or two when they’ll realize [late as they always do] that things should be different from day one. Oh well

No skill balance? Since I’ve got my legendary pvp backapck I stopped playing PvP so I don’t really care about that, but I’m sure PvP community will not be happy about this.

Until 31st it is.

They mentioned that it would change, I really hope they keep it available since I just started pvp…

Oh, yeah I think I remeber hearing something about that a while ago. They said that there will be a new backpack and the old one will no longer be available right? But then the old one stayed [probably cos they are busy and lazy] so some people started to bitch about it. To be honest if there will be a new legendary backpack for each year I’m gonna be pissed but.. *sigh* I’ll probably go for it since there is a part of me that will say “I want it”. So if the old one stays I’m cool, maybe they should just add a new one for WvW so that all major groups of the game have their own backpack.

I keep seeing this that legendary armor is only for a few people and its a total fallacy.. You dont need friends or a guild or anyone to raid or even ascended armor (although I know as a pug you occasionally are asked for gear check). Anyhow ive managed to accrue around 200 legendary insights just from casual raiding as a pug no groups no guilds nothing. Dont buy into this ‘oh raiding is so niche and its ONLY for a select few’ get yourself into some lfg training groups and runs asking for low LI’s and you’ll have precursor armor before you’ve gotten 50 insights

And this kind of attitude coupled with the fact that you posted with the username Git Gud just goes to prove Suan’s point that raiding is not for everyone. A lot of people don’t have the time or energy to put up with the toxicity.

it’s their problems for not being able to do raid, legendary armor is the ultimate proof of a good active player, not medium player who just log for daily of few more things.
it is (and should remain) just for few people

Legendary armor will never be considered proof of a good active player as long as selling raids is allowed to exist. (And since there are already people who have bought their way through the entire raid, it will forever be tainted by suspicion.)

with the rates going for raid selling you will never be able to buy legendary armor. Ive seen rates from 100g for VG up to 400g just for sab so if we assume every boss being sold for a round 200g for a stack of LI it would be 50k and we dont even know if a stack of LI will get an entire legendary set or just pieces

You underestimate just how much money whales are willing to spend in games. 😉 I used to have a guildie who would buy $2000 in gems every month. At today’s exchange rate, that translates to 26k gold every single month. Granted, he’s more of an extreme case (and there are players who will spend even more than that!), but even someone just spending $50 a month (and bearing in mind that if you buy a cup of coffee every day, you already spend more than this a month) would be able to buy a number of runs on the easier bosses. All it takes after that is patience.

taran i dont get your point im trying to say the raiding community isnt some dark toxic pit full of rabidly hardcore players and the entry requirement isnt very high but the argument op was making of ‘legendary armor is too hard for ME to get they should make it more accessible for ME’ i dont subscribe to. What i do see is a fair amount of players who want to get into raiding and want to get legendary armor but have this false picture of needing absurd amounts of gear, teams, prior knowledge and skill to even start which isnt the case.

Also yea i have a stupid meme as a name, thats a nice straw man you got there.

Challenging group oriented leather farming?
Please, oh please, let it be co-ordinated live quaggan skinning raids. I’d do those by the krait full.

A Living World episode every 2-3 MONTHS now!? I remember when it was just every 2-3 weeks. Jesus. I guess I suppose I should be happy we’re getting ANY updates at all these days… with so many good Anet staff gone now :-/ Whoever remains at Anet must be working on an expansion because the last time I knew they were slacking big time, was, in fact, when they were working on the HoT expansion, and at the time I said something was up (and people didn’t believe me – no surprises there) – as updates became more and more spread out and were more like a once-in-a-blue-moon kinda thing.

They are much more polished and expansive now. The frequent updates previously were exciting and all but man were they buggy. Every release felt like a new beta. I am ready for the next xpan though. Mostly because some elite specs I’m not as excited about and looking forward to seeing next ones. ;s

ye… its gonna be interesting how they will balance 3+ versions of one class… the first specializations already ruined many builds

The updates we had every 2-3 weeks were absolute trash content. Now we get a new fucken MAP every 2-3 months which trumps all the garbage we used to get back in the day (Except for super adventure box). And they already said that they are indeed working on the next expansion, and if the leaks we got are anything to go by, the expansion will be released this year.

They haven’t done 2-3 week content in several years. I agree, there was a major (living story) content drought both pre- and post-HoT, after which they announced that they were recomitting to quarterly updates (every 3 months), and a couple updates later they said it would be every 2-3 months. A few updates later, they’re just saying they’re still doing 2-3 months.

I’m not trying to be snide (though it probably sounds it and I apologize for that); I’m just saying the “2-3 months” thing isn’t a new state of affairs, nor is it a decrease in what we’ve been experiencing since the team recommitted to regular updates. The *content* of those updates will still be the focus of scrutiny whether things are getting slack, though.

I wonder if it’s a good idea to hoard ectos right about now… with the loss of an extremely easy ecto farm and the coming of legendary armor, ecto prices look like they’re going to skyrocket soon.

You should have been hoarding ecto months ago. It’s been long known that AB MULTI Map looting was going to be fixed as it was announced.

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