SWTOR 5.2 Closed PTS Applications Now Open

Bioware is now accepting applications for entry into the Closed PTS for 5.2 operations testing to guilds.

Closed PTS Applications | 01.31.2017, 05:06 PM
Hey folks,As we mentioned on the last Producer Live Stream, we are going to be putting Game Update 5.2 on PTS. For now, our plan is that the test server will be closed with the intention of opening up later on. I want to make sure that players have the opportunity to apply to get entry into this closed test, so let’s talk about how to do that. Here are the requirements:

  • Being on the closed test server means signing an NDA. You must be willing to sign and abide by that agreement.
  • You must be 18 years or older to be eligible.
  • You must have an active subscription (to access the test server).
  • You must be willing to play and provide feedback.
  • You must be able to post on the forums, if you have been banned from the forums you are ineligible.
  • If you any ToS violations on your account, you are ineligible.
  • Our test server is not localized and our communication around it will be only in English, therefore this opportunity is only open to English speaking players.

Right now we are mainly looking to recruit Guilds and Ops groups to help test Tyth. Early on in the Closed PTS we will only be testing the Operation. We will open up recruiting to individuals and small groups later on if we place the daily area and Master Mode Uprisings on the test server. If your Guild or Op group is interested in applying, please follow these steps:

  • Send an email to with the subject line “Closed PTS Application”
  • Include the following information:
    • Your account name.
    • The account name of each Op member/Guild member you wish to bring into the test.
    • Any notes on why you think your Op group or Guild should be accepted into the test.

Again, for this stage we are looking for entire Ops groups/Guilds to test Tyth. Application in no way guarantees entry into the test.


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74 replies on “SWTOR 5.2 Closed PTS Applications Now Open”

why not just let the 500 or so people left playing all be able to join the pts? dont act like your game’s actually good and need to fill out an application to test on the pts.. Full of yourself much BW? go kill another game, you do have MEA coming up

Does somehow hating something forbid you from talking about it?

If anything, hate about posts that question someone’s right to express themselves, motivates me even more to talk about said posts.

Another intellectually challenged… BW Austin and BW are completely different companies. Like at all. Remember that next time when you`ll post something you dont know about.

FYI – There are about 2000 players on each server daily with average playtime of 1.5 hours. I already did the maths here 2-3 months ago.

If you actually want to argue – test it yourself, otherwise – STFU and GTFO.

I am unaware the there is a Bioware and a Bioware Austin. To me it’s just Bioware. Maybe it’s just me thinking that. Thanks for the knowledge

You`re welcome.

There are three studios of Bioware, original from Edmonton, other 2 are Montreal and Austin.

Austin working only on SWTOR.

“BioWare Austin was formed in 2006 to develop Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, one of the largest and most popular MMOs in the world” – quote from their site =)

the fact it is only ops groups is a huge mistake. This is for several reasons, one being player population, the other being general pug group testing so it is not over tuned when i comes out and then nobody plays it

The group finder should be removed from the game. No one uses it except to get transported to the daily OP. So, now we only do the daily op because that’s the one that’s easy to get into, and gives more rewards. Groups are formed up by the guilds or in general chat. Just go to the OP entrance and have fun.

As stupid as their operations idea is, this^ is actually something good. Maybe they finally understand you have to test things before you release them to paying customers.

Wasn’t a closed PTS the reason why numerous players felt Temple of Sacrifice and ravagers was too hard for story mode not to mention overtuned on hard mode?

Closed PTS with raiders means shit gets harder not easier.

Most of hardcore raiders are gone. So I expect this new operation LOL operation, to be easy peasy regardless of the fact that its designer is the same person who created the revan fight.

Let’s not forget, underlurker was broken for months and months due to a closed PTS.

I’m a raider, and even I think Bioware has no business making decisions about operations based on feedback coming from nothing but raiders.

All players should have access. Period.

Please don’t compare the joke ToS and Rav are now. I am talking about Shadow of Revan Expansion release, where both story mode and hard mode were overtuned, at least according to the daily 5+ posts that were created about it after release for months.

Eh, regarding Story Mode I think almost all the complaints I read were about Underlurker. It’s been a while so I guess other fights could have been mentioned, but it seemed like it was 90% SM Lurker.

as far as the op being easy not sure, the guy that designed the Revan TOS battle is doing atleast this first boss, maybe the entire operation. Gotta wait and see

underlurker was broken for months and months

and months, and months and months…it was a running joke in our Guild

Underlurker was so much broken that we killed it in hard mode with more than half of our stuff still in 186 ilvl during our progress, calling it broken when your just armless ppl, typical swtor player ahah

Let me tell you why Closed PTS is bad.

Pre-shadow of revan, we had operations that were doable by an average player or even a terrible player in story mode. In hardmode (2.0 – pre-3.0) and nightmare, you had lots of guild races that were extremely competitive across all servers.

It was wonderful times in this game. Player count was exceptional and finding raids was so freaking easy.

The content wasn’t necessarily hard but it wasn’t easy either. Then nightmare power came and only the elite players could handle it.

They remove nightmare power and the operations still had difficulty enough to make you wipe a lot of times.

and then………….

3.0 hit…

3.0 was a closed PTS and the majority that participated were elite raiders. These raiders provided a lot of feedback that ALIENATED the rest of the player base.

There was so much competition pre-3.0 and these players being the elistists that they are, didn’t like that. They thought shit was too easy, even though it was actually too easy for the minority, and difficult for the majority.

So, the elite players gave feedback to Bioware that made Temple of Sacrifice and Ravagers way harder than it should have been on story mode and damn near nightmare level on hard mode on release date.

This change allowed elite guilds to have less competition and thus the guild Zorz became the first to defeat Revan hardmode in all its difficulty pre-nerf pre anything.

Before that, numerous guilds had beaten Brontes and Council on Nightmare with nightmare power.

Feedback was given to make everyone’s progression a lot harder so only a very small amount of guild took credit for downing one of the toughest bosses in any MMO.

Now you know

Ravagers and ToS was just nicely tuned, too hard for the major of the pleb in this game, but not enough for progress guild, we killed all of the boss during the race and I didnt saw anyone crying about any fight ? Everything I saw was ppl saying “finaly we have a decent content with an interesting difficulty” Personnaly I had the same feeling for the 3.0 progress and the 2.0 nightmare progress with the nightmare buff.

And obviously, the most of ppl we heard crying was the bunch of armless ppl who couldnt improve their skill cuz its always easier to cry than tryhard and get the reward honestly.

I really hope that new boss will not be nefra or malaphar like, even if they killed the progress, if the typical swtor player cant kill them, its a good news for us.

I believe the difficulty levels should be easy, normal, and hard. Easy means any idiot in the game can get through it without any gear requirement in a group with little to no team work. Normal means that if you are geared appropriate to the operational needs, and play as a team it can be done. Hard means you have to have to top gear with outstanding teamwork, and pretty much be a super group of elitist in order to complete. I think they tried to do this, but then the non elite started crying that they couldn’t complete the hard operations. It’s hard for a reason. It’s easy for a reason. It’s normal for a reason. The different levels allow for the a greater range of challenge for a greater range of players.

Again? Well shall PAY Bioware to do THEIR job? They should give each F2P or preferred player a 30 day sub for each day they do a open beta test and a level 240 token of the players choice. And they should take the bug reports seriously and fix them.

The Brobdingnagian delusions of adequacy and merit at BioWare never cease to reach new lows.

All this to test one boss and maybe a small [DAILY] area; You know, what real MMO developers do in a matter of course in about a month start to finish.

But these clueless wonders actually think they’re doing well, and they have never, in this game’s entire existence imagined that they can even remotely do wrong.

“Because we’re BioWare, you…you…un-cultured Phillistines, you!

I knew –we all knew– that this asinine mentality would prove this game’s undoing eventually, and here we are…

Oh well, I await with morbidly amused curiosity just how they’re going to ruin Mass Effect: Andromeda

Most people think it will be like DAI, but dont forget, that its a different setting. What failed to work in fantasy world with dragons and undead hordes might just work out well with space zombies and new universe exploring. I honestly have the best hopes for MEA, while I do share some scepticism, I dont like how they made female protagonist.

You don’t like her look? Because that’s just the default.

Or is it her personality you don’t like? I haven’t really followed the story for Andromeda.

Take a look at latest video about Andromeda. I know its the default, but its also the canon looks. I had a great time playing as default Shepard through all 3 parts of ME, its kinda important that canon looks will be good.

Just try to remember, kiddo, Bioware Austin, which is responsible for SWTOR, has nothing to do with original Bioware, that is developing MEA now.

Other than that, please, contunie to rant, you`re doing a great job, PR departament of BWA will never be able to surpass you by effectiveness.

True too. Some people left right after ME3. But still, its the same studio, while Bioware Austin not even a part of it, its completely separate studio.

I’m those 4 stupid PTS achievement title unlocks away from 100%, so I’m just trying to get invited so I can roll new toons and hit 10, finish chapter 1, then group finder a few times 😀

I hate to break it to you, but I tried doing this and neither finishing Ch. 1 nor using GF got me anywhere. So, unless they’ve changed it, those titles are basically the unobtainium of swtor…

Indeed, these achievements are no longer available, as they were only offered during the initial Achievements PTS, and the GSF PTS.

Like who fucking cares anymore except for PTS achievements?

Let’s just be thankful they are not using the PTS as ” new content “

And battlegrounds (3 BGs, 3 modes, 4 vs 4 vs 4 players). And a new trial. And a new start quest/story line to enter the game.

While I hated the multiplayer due to it being tied in with the galactic readiness in ME3 initially, I eventually ended up playing it a lot and really enjoyed it. If ME: A has improved on the multiplayer portion, it could be very fun to play no matter how the single player campaign is.

At this point, I question anything Bioware/EA put out. When you say, “no subscription”, I hear, “you’ll pay in other ways!” I’m predicting it will be a very good game at first, but once all of the content is played, then that will be it. Good luck with it. We’ll see how it goes.

You sound like someone who can’t control an addiction. Yeah, there are packs in the game. So what? I ignore them. Have they had a big hand in the inflation of the in-game economy? Yes, but that’s only part of a bigger issue which is the entire Cartel Market. This problem was also greatly impacted by the credit exploits which it’s clear they didn’t catch all abusers of. But I doubt the economic impact of the Cartel Market is really the idea you had in mind with your post 😉

While we are ranting about other games, i want to take the opportunity to say this: when you are level 70 and not subscribed (for example, preferred status when your prepaid sub runs out) you cannot earn command points, meaning you cannot get gear unless you pay for a sub. Since you have a chance to get gear from any command pack box bullcrap, does that make swtor officially pay to win? You’re indirectly paying to get gear
Whether or not this sub thing is common knowledge, i wanted to say it anyway.

Interesting point. I would say that it’s only P2W if subscribers still feel the need to do so as well. If that is any piece of the optimal gearing path — taking into account whether they can be put on the GTN, the GTN prices, and how good the gear is compared to BiS — then yes, I would say that constitutes P2W, although I would also add that it could be much, much worse.

That should be their new slogan. Swtor:”It could be much, much worse.” They could get someone like Idris Elba or Edward James Olmos to say it in their gruffest and most threatening tone and play it at the end of all their trailers.
Have you considered a career in PR? : )

NDA for what one boss fight and small GC changes??

LOL is this april fools joke, bit too early i think.

NDA is ment for games that actually have huge new content coming out or are about to release completely new game.

What BW does is a joke. They should do open PTS testing just to keep those few players left playing game still interested.

No, NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) is so that people don’t talk about bugs or unfinished polished/finished content in a non finished product. it has nothing to do with the size of the game…

I don’t see the point of this when BW don’t listen to player feedback when it comes to the PTS.

How many times were bugs and exploits found by players on the PTS for past content and BW still released it to the Live server with all the issues identified?

I don’t think the intention is to collect feedback from players but for the players to provide them with 3rd party data on their new content.

Yup they wont care so much about player feedback. They are just testing how long it will take people to get through the content. And like you say it’s more of a way for them to collect metric data that they will misinterpret as per usual.

“Looking to get an even greater boost? Grab a few additional XP Boosts from the Cartel Market:” So you can pay $4 real dollar for something that costs 5 cents in ingame credit… But like I said months ago this game is entering the “grab all the money before the game is dead” mode. And Disney isn’t gonna put up with them writing more and more stories they aren’t gonna use. Cuz yeah they’ll make revan canon at some point, malgus prehaps even valkorian to an extent. Point is if bioware austin keeps writing more old republic lore when disney wants to start cashing in on revan [which the rise of anti-hero movies will most likely do] the game may get cut off completely. I’m surprised this game has lasted this long. Since they rarely add “real” content and nerf everything for people who don’t want to constantly raid or like solo play.

Even at this point the levels are pointless. Mobs all rng with you, the only difference is augmenting gear and datacrons. And even then if you spend the mindless time farming cxp all the crap except the set pieces just get bought for cheap and r/e’d. Am I a teir 3 on any of my toons? nope, are they geared at teir 3 yup.

This game has basically killed it’s own purpose and made itself a pay to win model straight up. And the inflation wasn’t caused by the credit exploit “they must not caught everyone at” They encouraged it, which is why they made the “platnium” class of items, just so people would pay real money for packs to sell to these people. Bioware made more money off those exploiters than anyone.

I’ve played this game for a few years and its boring. The chapters were a decent attempt But the force powers of valyn alone would kill yoda in a second meaning they’ve already overpowered characters. I mean this game has had its life streched out by adding cosmetic effects but at the same time. I can make a more realistic looking jedi/sith in skyrim ffs…

Probably should have thought about a closed PTS before you tanked the game. Anyone who might have provided valuable feedback is so fed up by this point they won’t bother…

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