SWTOR Galactic Command Gearing Roadmap This Week

Bioware will be publishing a roadmap of the changes to Galactic Command on Friday of this week.

Galactic Command Gearing Roadmap – Coming This Week | 01.30.2017, 10:05 PM

Hey folks,

In one of my previous posts I highlighted that beyond the changes we made in Game Update 5.1 that there are more coming. By Friday of this week I am going to make a forum post highlighting a roadmap of changes you can expect to address the feedback you have raised around gearing in Galactic Command. These changes will be starting in the next few weeks and will go through to Game Update 5.2. They are intended to address the following:

  • Greatly increase the rate at which you earn Command Crates. Our goal is that you earn one Crate every 30 minutes, or less (on average).
  • Looking at improvements we can make to Unassembled Components and Unassembled Pieces.
  • Make gearing more alt-friendly.

That isn’t a comprehensive list, but it gives you an idea of some of the things we are looking to address based on your feedback. Just in case I was quiet about Galactic Command for a few days I want you to know that we are listening and more changes are coming. Look for my post later this week!

Thanks everyone.


Galactic Command Gearing Roadmap – Coming This Week | 01.30.2017, 10:39 PM
Originally Posted by TUXs View Post
I thought that was the goal of 5.1?

The goal of 5.1 was to give a method for people to supplement Galactic Command so that aside from Command Crates, they could work towards a specific piece of gear. We did that through introducing Unassembled Pieces and Unassembled Tokens. We also added the start of some help for Legacies with Command Tokens as a Legacy Currency and the Legacy Perks.

5.1 was just the start of the changes though, and my post above was to let you know when to expect more specifics!


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So I guess if the goal with 5.0 was to get a Command Crate every hour of gameplay and ended up being 3 hours of mostly waiting in queues until you finally complete some kind of content and get a rank beyond Command Rank ~50 , now that it will be half an hour of gameplay we should expect maybe 1-2 hours in reality?

Still don’t matter with RNG if you are unlucky. I have a combined 600+ Command ranks across all 28 of my toons, and I don’t have more than 3, 230 set bonus pieces from all those crates for any one gear set. And I refuse to do the same old stupid ops for the 9 millionth time to roll on the last boss piece while praying pieces drop on other bosses. I’d be fine with doing it via PVP, but as my post above says, that is completely not viable….

It’s not a horrible system, the only major issue is the time spent vs reward which they seem to have a horrible time reconciling. If crates could be earned at a reasonable rate, especially on alts, there’d be a lot less venom in the community. I don’t mind a grind if it can be fun along the way and yield something worth my time. The content’s fun it’s just not really worth doing at the moment if you have any kind of life.

i have the perfect idea all you would have to do was say make your first toon the longest and dramatically reduce rate on how many alts you have

No, it’s really not, if it was rewarding crates at a reasonable rate and components were easier to obtain in the amounts you need for gear you’d have nothing to say. The system’s fine, it’s just not tuned properly yet.

I am pretty sure that we can agree to disagree. As I said before, the system is the worst gearing system that SWTOR has ever had. The previous system was working just fine, and the majority of players were happy with it.

Bioware changed the system so that people don’t notice that much the lack of content, and wanted to change the whole mentality of the game basically. When people complained in hordes and people unsubbed, they had to compromise. That doesn’t make the system good. It’s just more viable to gear now. The system is still bad. Any RNG system is horrible in my book.

The previous system “worked fine” because it was giving you gear at a reasonable rate. The time spend vs reward was optimal for most everyone, this isn’t yet. And they already fixed the RNG factor.

The previous system was infinitely better not just because it “worked fine”. It was more straightforward, sensible and actually conceptually nice. Now this is too slow, too complicated, and the RNG factor is not removed. It’s just not ONLY RNG now.

As I said, it’s not only about the time that you spend gearing. It’s about the fact that they have devoted so much energy and time to replace a system that was working BETTER, only to bring a system that is idiotic the way I see it, even after the improvements.

if completing the PVP weekly at 70 from scratch (which I did on 6 different toons this past week) doesn’t give you enough components to buy even ONE piece of gear, the system for gearing via PVP is totally shit. Previously you could damn near get the the full lower tier SET by doing that many warzones….


Oh yeah, Biosquat….

Literally go look at ANY customer service case study from 2016. The focus across damn near every industry/vertical when it comes to service providers is reducing the level of effort by customers as the top means for happier customers. Way to be the only company swimming upstream AGAINST the current BW!!!

It has to be intentional. They are dragging out the gearing process as possible to keep people around for the grind to cover for their lack of adequate investment in game content. If you gear in a month, there just won’t be enough left to do to keep you around.

Well it ain’t working lol. Me and lots of people in my guild have left or will be leaving in the coming days. GC was the worse thing ever added to this game, and I’m sorry but I’m not coming back until GC is nuked from the game.

And again, what is the point of gear cycles historically? Get comm gear so you can do Story mode ops; get story ops gear so you can do hard mode ops. Get hard ops gear so you can do nightmare mode ops. Except they don’t drop operations, this new “1 boss” excluded. There is no payout for grinding, unless you considering doing solo Master mode Chapters :-/

Veteran chapters already hard. I tried it with me heal and companion tank, stupid companion cant generate threat to all enemies. When im tank and comp heal its better, but still hard. I think ill hire 3 more people if i decide to do master mode chapters…

Yeah, but whats the point? “Harder” chapters are the silliest shit I’ve seen considering it doesn’t change the story at all, which is the Main/ONLY point of the solo-player story crap. At least harder op modes introduce new mechanics to boss fights and require group coordination. Hard solo content is still for an MMO

And Coca-Cola introduced New Coke to try and recapture market share they had lost to Pepsi. How did that work out for them?

If it was intended to keep my sub then it failed completely. Even with new content (not Uprisings, they don’t count =P) then it would have failed. RNG gearing sucks, no easy way to spell that out aside from just to unsub (back in Dec).

Btw for those who stick around, prepare for Ziost all over again. For those hoping the new stuff will be like oricon then you are wrong. The devs that made the daily areas we know and loved are all gone. I expect this new op to not even be good solely due to the reason that it will be rushed. I’d like to think it could be like the old good content but it won’t.

The funny thing is that I did like Ziost as such but never went there in the end because it’s annoying from a travel point of view.

Iokath is great though visually. I didn’t mind the Ziost dailies, they were fast and cool. And I loved Yavin dailies. They should just add everything to the damn teleport terminal, so that you can teleport anywhere you want instantly. Maybe even add such a teleport on guildships.

When was the last time they communicated this much in such a short time? Does anyone remember the guild summit back in the 1.0-1.6 days? This should tell you how bad the sub cancellations must be. Meetings, livestreams, and community posts but no sense of urgency. Six months after launch the game almost went belly up but they had F2P to save them. Well, they don’t have F2P this time to pull the rabbit out of the hat.

I was having a conversation with a guildmate the other night and I think he nailed it. This GC System really seems to have turned into an us (customers) versus them (company). The example he used was how they could nerf the gold mobs from 10 CxP to 1 CxP in four days after launch (to their benefit) while the uproar about the grind of CxP, if those changes need to be made in the players (customers) benefit takes months. As he said, this is completely ass backwards from the way any sane company operates, in any business not just MMOs. This is why, he said, it feels so completely wrong to so many people because it is just not good business and people are trying to grapple with why a company would do something that so obviously is upsetting a major portion of your paying customers.

Good point to consider but BW telling people to wait a couple more months to make more fixes is just stupid. Mainly because they still haven’t mentioned and won’t go near the biggest part of the issue which is the shear amount of garbage people are getting from the crates.

BioWare’s biggest problem is that they continue to think they are smarter than their customers. So they are going to give you a crate every 30 minutes (I’ll believe that when I see it since we were supposed to get a crate an hour with 5.0), but if it takes 15-20 crates to get anything remotely useful, it is still 5-7 hours of play to get a piece of gear. Knowing BW, however, if they give you crates quicker you can bet they will REDUCE the chance of getting gear in crates.

Yeah, there was no point nerfing the gold mobs just to up the frequency of leveling GC later. Its not like 10 per gold level npc still wouldnt take forever and a day for most people.

I think what happened is that BWA thought they knew what people liked doing and therefore nerfed something that was rewarding but not fun in their view. Of course, for the game to be fun it has to be rewarding as well and that’s the part that for some inexplicable reason they couldn’t figure out themselves. Besides, some people do like just grinding mobs in the open spaces. They find it relaxing. BWA should let people themselves decide what’s fun instead of trying to push them in predefined directions.

On a separate note, and this is complete speculation, ever think this may be a big test?

Rumors are beginning to float around that Visceral is working on an “action adventure” replacement to be launched in 2018. However, the job postings for people around this title don’t make sense for a single player game – people familiar with in game economies? (Which are only found in MMOs); People who understand complex boss mechanics (Raid bosses)?

Perhaps this whole thing is just a test to find the optimal spot of what EA can get away with in a new title and SWTOR they are just using as a guinea pig.

Who knows. As I said, complete speculation.

Visceral’s game is speculated to be an open world game, more like Fallout 4 I guess. Don’t think it’s an MMO.

We have known about the Visceral project for a long time now, but it has been all quiet since EA stated that Visceral is working on a Star Wars project. The rumors have been going around about it being a MOBA, an Open World RPG, a single player RPG with Multiplayer options (PvP and endgame PvE), a purely Solo RPG and an MMO RPG.
These days there are plenty of single player oriented games that chose to have very complicated Boss fights and extremely high end boss mechanics. As for an in game economy, there is plenty of speculation on both sides as to why they are using this aspect of gaming. All games have an in game economy, just not all games need a robust, multiplayer economy.

Also keep in mind that Bioware also has some secret project that they have been working on since the 4v1 game they were working on got squashed by EA. Apparently this project is in BW Austin and many SWTOR people have been shifted to this project or are double hatting roles on SWTOR and the secret project. This also has been confirmed by EA in the past. I’m not saying that this is a Star Wars Project because no one knows what it is at this point, but the “BW:A is hiring” job board read like they were hiring MMO designers.

It makes since that Visceral would be working on a more standalone RPG that has multiplayer options and BW:A would work on some kind of story based something or other. I’m not having any hopes on a SWTOR 2 or any Star Wars MMO EVER coming out again. I’m also not naive enough to believe that SWTOR will last much longer with it’s outdated, brute force coded, laggy and inadequate game engine. The Devs have said as much without coming right out and admitting that the game has a short lifespan.

I would expect that EA is smart enough to realize that a SWTOR 2 headed by BioWare would be a terrible waste of development investment. First, they bombed HUGE when the game launched. Second, those have stuck with them are now getting a face full of “we could care less about you we are the almighty, never wrong, BioWare.” That being said, I think a SWTOR 2 would bomb right out of the gate because BioWare has trashed their reputation with MMOs.

I agree with you. I think that anything Bioware tries to do, related to Star Wars, from here on out will be met with resistance and be unsuccessful. Disney should be trying to get out of this contract with EA/BW and seek out a new developer to create a successful Star Wars MMO.
But Something tells me that it will be a VERY long time before we see another Star Wars Multiplayer game again.

Got my vanguard to cc rank 60 yesterday evening = 60 command crates opened.
1 x set gear (greaves)
multitude of crap for disintegration

for the point
everything that is not set gear is bound for disintegration because of uselessness

They are using a very old method: they take a lot away from us, delivering a snippet afterwards and everybody goes: ” oh you see??? They really listen tu us!!!”

Wrong. They are taking people for fools. If they listened, they would never have implemented this in the first place.

It’s not like the previous system didn’t work. It did. PERFECTLY. Anything less than returning to the ways of old is not acceptable.

this along with trying get people hooked on gambling packs lol. Why people pay to be abused like this ill never get /smh

Honestly, everything they are doing right now screams, “damage control mode” to me. They screwed up and they know it and, from my perspective, all the actions they are taking say that they realize there are really big issues.

I’ve been labeled a hater by the Uber fanboi of these forums, so at the risk of actually sounding like a hater, there isn’t much BW can do right at this point.
They can’t continue down the story mode and solo content road anymore and they can’t focus solely on group content or PvP because the only players they have left are the two extremes of the fan base. Die hard, Star Wars loyalist, endgame players and diehard, Star Wars loyalist, solo mde, story content players. They HAVE to release balanced content patches now and they don’t appear to have the manpower to be able to do it.
For a long time I’ve been saying that the only thing that will Kill off SWTOR is EA/BW or a huge mistake. Well Galactic Command may be that irrecoverable mistake…

Again at the risk of sounding like a hater, nothing short of making GC a system for Solo mode players, returning Ops gearing to the pre 4.0 system, and dropping a full operation in the spring, another in the fall and a BALANCED (story, PvP and Group PvE) content patch in December will keep a large portion of players around.

I’m trying not to be doom and gloom, but I don’t see SWTOR lasting all that much longer.

Us months prior to 5.0: 300 levels of rng??? FYI we all hate rng… And per character!? Inconceivable! What about alts man? ! /incredulous/unsub
BW months prior to 5.0: we’re totally listening! But one thing is for sure… Comms are too confusing! /ignore

… Then 5.0

BW: Farming mobs in open world… Too much cxp… Not enuff thrill… Global Nerfbat!!!
Us: Anger/frustration/unsub
BW: Farming mobs in ops… Also too much cxp… You’re not playing the way we want you to play… Instanced mob Nerfbat!!
Us: Anger/boredom/unsub
BW: skipping an annoying champ in an uprising is an exploit! (even though there is plenty of other content in which bosses can be skipped) This ~2min shortcut makes you gain cxp too fast… Also… You’re not playing right.
Us: /giveup

… Now

BW: Our metrics seem to have lied to us a bit… you’re not getting cxp fast enough… We’re not sure why or how exactly… But we will fix it and it will totally be thrilling… Also, Comms are back! But multiplied by rng complexity! (metrics say that makes it more thrilling… And our metrics also say they never lie!) Oh and… We just looked up what an alt is… We’re working on that too… /soon™

Gotta love how he responded in this thread to someone who said so we should just unsub until you fix it.

He actually said people should wait and go level an alt…. like they haven’t the foggiest clue that their system killed alts for almost everyone.

Not only that:

If this game really had anything different going for it, it was the fact that it was one of the most alt-friendly games out there. I just cannot comprehend how the guys at BW can be so oblivious to this… My only rational conclusion is that they don’t actually play their own game. They are completely oblivious to the fact that someone like me, for instance, has 26 toons on The Red Eclipse alone. And I know of people that have way more than me!

But then what can we expect from a company that does the DvL “event”? A slap in the face of all of us altoolics hehehehe…

In contrast I watched the ESO live stream yesterday and OMG!
1. You can tell those folks (even the lady running the interview) play their game, they know it inside and out.
2. There is SO MUCH content being planned for the first half of the year and the teased more on the slate for the second half of the year.
3. They actually listen to their players and are releasing a truly balanced update. I mean this is a full on Expansion and an upgrade to a completely different game version.
4. They are open and transparent, yet enjoy being able to surprise their community when it is appropriate. I mean they just announced stuff that isn’t launching until June 6th but have already started talking about PTS and trying to get player feedback.
5.They were very open about the road ahead and what ESO players can expect.

All in all it was refreshing to watch. I also went ahead and watched their Homestead live stream that they had done a little while ago and even that stream was incredibly open, honest and full of details.
It was refreshing to watch devs who OBVIOUSLY care about their game and enjoy interacting with their community rather than watching devs that are trying to side step landmines…

I have to admit the announcement yesterday on ESO caught me totally off guard. So they have a major housing update launching this month (which is ten times the size of SWTORs) update, then they have an expansion in June which is adding the entirety of Morrowind.

Yep. I’m happy because I started playing ESO recently.

But it also makes me sad when I see a rival company to TOR pick up a game that wasn’t doing well and really putting in an effort…

It kills me that Musco even said that, for players who are “just chasing gear” its understandable that they would stopplaying SWTOR until the system is fixed, or go level an ALT. AS if we didn’t level 7 alts to get the “legendary Player” title and level 8 more alts for the DvL event…
How many more Alts do we need to level? Once we get those alts to 70 they are worthless in endgame without proper gear.

I already have 28 toons how many more should I level to satisfy the almighty BW?

Yeah, right now Unassembled Pieces and Unassembled Tokens are useless, because I don’t know what piece of gear the next GC crate will drop!

This system is still stupid!

I guess the plan is start get tier 3 gear and when you get almost everything start to grind for needed gear.

people are looking for setbonus items not crates or useless tokens so every 10 lvls should give u an item that u dont allready have. Droprate shouldnt be an issue when it comes to gearing and more empty crates an hour isnt gunna help it will just frustrate u more. Its logical for ppl to unsub after 50 empty crates in a row!

It’s a fair point. Sure, it’s nice to get more crates but if they don’t drop anything better than it’s kinda pointless still. Of course right now with the drops in operations I’m a healer in mostly 230 gear, a couple of 236 pieces and 240 trinkets (crafted). I am level 30 something in GC and now I have to get 60 more levels before I get drops from GC that equal my current level. So by itself speeding that process up is a good thing but the crates won’t get exciting just from dropping more often.

They are going to increase the rate we gain CXP so we can be more frequently dissapointed by command crates with nothing useful in them.

I am only Command Rank 55, on my highest ranked toon, and that character has gotten an implant, bracers and belt in 230 from Command Crates. I have taken he in several raids and have won Pants and Gloves.
I have spent credits to get the rest of my gear crafted.
So through GC it took me a month and a half to get 3 pieces. Through raiding I have gotten 2 pieces in a week.
I strongly dislike GC, it is a grind for the sake of grind and the only progression system in any MMO that focuses strictly on gear instead of character development.

Lol. Yeah, I got something. I got six pairs of set bonus boots on my main. SIX!!!! This CXP is absolutely beyond garbage and no amount of unicorns and rainbows is going to fix that.

You forget that we now have 230 set bonus gear, 234 set bonus gear, 236 set bonus gear, 240 set bonus gear and 242 set bonus gear. So we have 3 tiers in GC but 5 tiers of set bonus gear? Who thought that was a useful idea?

Again, I’m trying to look on the bright side here…
At least they seem to be listening to player feedback and are doing something to try to make this dorked up system better.
At least they are trying to release a more balanced content update with the next big release in April.

I would like to know why the about face (180 degree turn in the opposite direction)? I mean they have been all story all the time for 2 years, now suddenly they are returning to balanced releases?

It is still troubling that they are only releasing 1 boss at a time and that it will take all year to release a 5 boss Operation. I’m very concerned that this first boss is going to be broken and take a long time to fix.

Honestly, even with what we have been told to expect in the future, SWTOR is still in trouble.

As usual, we seem to agree. As I said in another post: it’s a baby step in the right direction. But there’s still A WHOLE LOT wrong in this game.

And this perverted gearing system is one of the worst things…

I posted this before I read everything Musco posted on the forums so far today…
Honestly I feel like he is telling people who have been here since launch to move on. I love this game, mostly because it is Star Wars and is the only SiFi game out there that is worth a damn, and I don’t know if I’m ready to throw in the towel just yet. But after reading Musco’s posts on the forums today I think that time has just about come.
To paraphrase and rephrase a post I read on the official forums a little bit ago; these days it feels like Bioware is simply trying to punish us for continuing to pay them to keep this game alive…

I feel the same way too. And I’m sure most people posting here do too. As I always say, there is no other game where I can swing lightsabers. But I can’t continue to be a sub to the game in its current state. So I unsubbed, but still logging on during weekends for lols.

Some people here moved on to ESO, some to WoW, some to other games. I personally moved on to SWGOH, a mobile game with actual raids (yup raids!). It’s interesting and VERY sad at the same time, that a mobile Star Wars game is capable of satisfying all my MMO needs, whereas the actual Star Wars MMO can’t.

But I rather stay positive and continue hoping that this game will once again be what it was 2 years ago. For example, I love what they did with my main class (Guardian) with 5.0. Feels soooo much better now and so smooth, but sadly I have no reason to play him right now :(. Hopefully in the not-so-far-future, I will.

5.2 looks promising and gives me reason to stay positive. I will most probably resub again to get Elara. After that? We’ll see I guess.

The answer to your question is that they got what they wanted and survived. They succeeded in keeping a certain percentage of players subscribed in this game, and a few more actually spending shitloads of money on a full of recolored, rehashed, uninspired packs Cartel Market, by spending the least amount of resources and effort to do so. Some would call it “efficient”. I prefer the term “disgraceful”.

When it became obvious that this would not be viable anymore, we have the 180 degrees turn.

Hey folks,

Eric Mucuso Community Crate Packaging Specialist here. I’d like to thank you all for continuing to subscribe to Star Wars: The Knights of the Eternal Crate RNG, our most exciting expansion ever!

We are so grateful for the mattress beds worth of cartel cash you have all given us through your subscriptions and cartel market purchases!

However we have heard your complaints in regards to the difficulty you have gearing up for our latest expansion. In response to this, we have prepared a surprise for you.

Starting Feburary 30th, 2017 Biowurr will add two new hypercrates to the Cartel Market. These hypercrates are named “GimmeATasteofGear” and “IgiveupGearMePlease”. These hypercrates will give our players 24 packs to be opened up. Players will find set pieces, non-set pieces, crystals

GimmeATasteofGear will give purchasers at least one piece of gear per every 52 packs. While “IGiveUpGearMePlease” will give 1 piece of gear per every 10 packs. GATOG hypercates will cost 2,000 CC per crate, while IGUGMP hypercrates will cost players 50,000 CC per crate. We believe this to be a fair price point for the benefit being provided to the players. We are holding internal discussions on whether or not we should produce PVP related hypercrates.

We look forward to helping you gear for our current and future expansions!

Please note, players caught exploiting our intentional bugs in the 5.2 Operation will be dealt with swiftly within 4 to 6 months.

Eric Mucuso
Community Cartel Crate Packaging Specialist, Biowurr
Star Wars: Knights of the Eternal Crate RNG

So disappointed you won’t release the “Grand Whale Crate” which was supposed to be one single crate for 69,000 CC guaranteed to contain an item…

Reputation vendors are no longer exist Musco?
I would like to see new reputation based titles and items for the new packs like:
Disgraced Customer for Friend rank,
Cashcow of the month for Champion rank,
1 Invisible Color Crystal for Newcomer rank.
And a magnificent Unstable Pacemaker Lightsaber/Dualsaber for Legend rank
With special effects like:
Account wide Credit/Dedit Card charge without the owner permission* (0,1% chance)
1 Hit dead by 0 Dmg (1%chance)
Instant Major HP loss (25% chance)
Frequent Minor HP (50%chance)
These effect are trigger all the time when you enter to different content than Uprising or an 1 Boss Raid.

*Charges are random and may vary.Charge is contain a random Bronze Title from the previous Cartel Packs.

Note : There is no typos, only the force.

The comment above is perfect and have huge sucess!
As u see guys, my comment receive ongoing support.

Ien Brvin
Community Destroyer and Liar, Producer of the Maintenance mode.

When June hits, that’s when Bioware will announce SWTOR 2. There will be one class, one set of armor. One pvp map, a half a chapter with many Skytroopers, and a series of mobs before the first boss in an OP.
This just in, ESO will be releasing Morrowind, totally the size of 3.0/4.0/5.0 combined. Way to go ESO, you have my business!

I came back to SWTOR to check out the changes, level my army of 65’s to Lv 70, and to gear everyone appropriately. I now find out about this new “system” which will make me grind 300 level PER CHARACTER in order to (hopefully) gear. I have Two Lv 70’s and Fifty Two Lv 65’s, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to grind over 16,000 command levels to get everyone geared. (54 characters x 300 levels = 16,200 levels in addition to the 260 regular levels to get everyone to Lv 70) I wish I had read this guide before foolishly resubscribing.

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