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SWTOR 5.0 Corruption Sorcerer PvP Guide by Andunie Anzu

SWTOR 5.0 Corruption Sorcerer  PvP Guide written by Andunie Anzu.


Intro to Corruption Sorc


  • LoS – Line of Sight (when somebody sees you and can attack/heal you)
  • HoT – Healing over Time ability (ability which heals target over time, not while casting or instantly after cast)
  • HPS – Healing Per Second (average amount of healing you did every second)
  • CD – Cooldown (time which must end before you can use same skill next time)
  • DCD – Defensive Cooldown (your defensive abilities)
  • GCD – Global Cooldown (1.5 second – it’s time which must end before you can use any ability, GCD can be shorter if you have Alacrity, some skills and items can be used out of GCD)
  • AoE – Area of Effect (in this area you can be affected by ability, AoE abilities are this one which affect more than one player)
  • DPS – Damage Per Second (average amount of damage you did every second)
  • DoT – Damage Over Time (ability which damages target over time, not while casting or after cast, for example: bleeding, acid)
  • CC – Crowd Control (stuns)
  • Hardstun – Stun that doesn’t break on damage taken, for Sage it’s “Force Stun"

For people who are completely new to MMORPGs:

Stun – When You are stunned it means that you are unable to move, attack.

Sorcerer’s Advantages:

  • Very, very mobile
  • Powerful defensive abilities like Force Barrier and Phase Walk
  • Nice abilities to help your teammates survive like Extrication, Static Barrier
  • Easy to Play
  • Very versatile
  • Not so hard to be killed while stunned like other healer because of two strong defensive abilities
  • Can heal somebody to almost full in a very short time
  • Force regeneration isn’t affected by your current Force level

Sorcerer’s Disadvantages:

  • Gets the highest hits out of any class (even 20-30k from classes like Rage Juggernaut, Fury Marauder, Arsenal Mercenary…)
  • After 4.5 HPS is affected by how you manage your Force
  • Most affected by Electro Nets, without breaker you can die easily with Net
  • Your AoE healing abilities has long cooldown so when many of your teammates has little HP, you must change target a lot of times

Changes to Sorcerer Corruption in 4.0:

  • You got Phase Walk which is very good surviving skill.
  • Critical and Surge Rating were merged and now you need only Critical Rating.
  • Aim, Willpower, Cunning, Strength were merged into Mastery.

Changes to Sorcerer Corruption in 4.5:

  • You abilities started to cost about 25-30% more Force. Playing was harder for new players, but experienced players could still manage with it.

Changes to Sorcerer Corruption in 5.0:

  • Abilities costs a little less than in 4.5 but still more than in 4.0. Consuming Darkness restores 10 less (40 down from 50).
  • Force Speed’s CD is 10 second shorter (20 down from 30)
  • Phase Walk’s CD is 15 second longer (60 up from 45) but can be shorter with Utility.
  • New 68 lvl Passive (I’ll explain this later).
  • 10% improvement to Static Barrier is given to Sorcerer Corruption’s tree so now you don’t have to worry about losing Utility point on it)

Overall changes to PvP in 5.0:

  • Expertise was removed from the game.
  • Expertise Crystal was changed into Mastery Crystal. Remember to replace them with Critical Crystals.
  • There is no Warzone Commendations (old ones was changed into credits) and you can get best gear only from Galactic Command (see this guide: You aren’t able to buy your gear from Vendor.
  • There is the same gear for PvP and PvE.
  • You need new augments for PvP and you need to upgrade you slots to MK-10 version to place them.

To sum up, Sorceers in PvP are very powerful, easy to play and if you know how to change target you can help you whole team to stay alive. While Operative can do more healing when many targets have lower HP level ( I saw one Operative which do 13,5 HPS in Odessen Proving Grounds and I thought just ,”WOW!"), you can make you look better because of ,”toys" like Static Barrier. I mostly do 9-10,5k HPS in single fight as Sorcerer when I heal most of the fight. And while other healers in my opinion are better than their was in previous expansions, Sorcerer can still be the best in Surviving. Biggest problem in 5.0 is that there are millions of Mercenaries now because they are very good. Millions of Mercenaries = Millions of Electro Nets. You have to be veeeery careful.

What’s more, Sorcerer is only Sith healer, only Empire-side healer with Force. If someone loves Force characters like me, you will understand.

I created this guide because I love this class and I want to share my two years knowledge with everybody. I’ll try to explain everything from skills and gear through survival to positioning. I hope that many of you will try this class and enjoy playing it like me. It’s not so hard to enjoy Sorcerer, you will see! It’s only PvP guide because my experience in PvE are only 2m Hard Flashpoints and a few SM Ops. This guide is made to help you a little, other healers can have different opinions for gearing and utilities but I accept them all. If I find that I missed some of the informations, I’ll try to add it in the future.


5.0 came with big changes to Utilities. Now you can choose 1 more skill in your Combat Proficiences. Levels to unlock skills are: 14, 22, 30, 38, 46, 54, 61, 70.

Biggest change is that now you have four tiers of Utilities (Skillful, Masterful, Heroic and Legendary) instead of three. You must give two points to advance to next tier. Of course, you can choose three utilities in previous tier and then one in higher. For example to unlock Heroic tier You can give 4 points to Skillful and 0 to Masterful.

My personal preference is to choose one tree for all kind of PvP which I will attempt. Why? Because I choose abilities which help me both heal and survive. I see them all matching both with tanks and without them. As for new players: If you learn to play with abilities which you will as experienced player, you won’t have to change your habit. And in Regular Warzones: If You can play your character, it’s much better to have Utilities for Regular Warzones Arenas because in 8vs8 you can heal even without Utilities (I’m just joking, never go without Utilities, please!). But as I said, it’s my personal preference and I don’t argue with people who change them after every fight.

Utilities I choose:


Why did I choose them?

Skillful: In this tier I don’t see any more valuable Utilities.


 Empty Body – Increases all healing received by 5%. Does not affect redistributed life.

This Utility was much better when it gave 10% bonus healing, but now is still enough to save your life. As healer, you will heal yourself very often and if you can do it 5% faster it’s worth it because you can use 1 skill less on yourself and start healing teammate.


Dark Speed – Dark Speed increases the movement speed of the target by 50% for 6 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every 12 seconds.

Biggest advantage of this utility is that you can use on chosen ally, not only yourself. Good DPS/tank can safe yourself when he gets additional movement speed. It’s also small addition to your own mobility, it’s worse than Force speed because it doesn’t break movement-impairing effects with Utility but it’s still interesting and helps you to hide behind object when enemies are chasing you.

I didn’t take this utilities:


 Force Suffusion – Overload heals you and up to 7 affected allies for X – X

It’s mostly PvE Utility because in PvP people get damage all the time and healing from this ability is too low to save them. It’s the reason while other utilities are better and you shouldn’t lose point on this one. You may consider taking it when you have Electric Bindings Utility, but I won’t.


 Sith Defiance – Increases damage reduction by 3%.

Of course, I agree that every damage reduction is amazing but 3% when you can get 30k hit it’s nothing. Empty Body works here better because when you get 3% stronger hit but you heal 5% stronger, you are 2% better. If I have a few additional points, I will consider taking it but with current Utilities this one is just too bad comparing to others.


 Tempest Mastery – Increases the damage dealt by Force Storm by 25%.

It’s DPS Utility. Don’t even think about it. If you like to choose it, change your discipline…


 Dyzzing Force – Reduces target’s accuracy by 20% for 8 seconds after Whirlwind ends. Additionally, your Force Lift affects up to 2 additional standard or weak enemies within 8 meters of the target.

This ability doesn’t make sense when Whirlwind isn’t instant cast and you have to little point to take Haunted Dreams as healer. What’s more, you will use Whirlwind mostly on healers and healers don’t care about decreased Accuracy. So just don’t take it and be happy.

Masterful: Here are some nice and interesting survival utilities but I got the strongest ones in my opinion.


 Tortorous Tactics – Reduces the cooldown of Electrocute by 10 seconds.In addition, targets stunned by your Electrocute deal 25% less damage for 10 seconds when Electrocute wears off.

It’s one of the must have Utilities because it’s perfect for helping your allies in surviving. I always had Utility which allows my Electrocute to decrease target’s damage and now when it allows Electrocute to be used more often, it’s much better. Learn to take as much as you can form this utility and it will give you victories in Arenas.


Dark Resilience – Reduces the damage taken by the target of your Extrication by 25% for 6 seconds after you rescue them. Additionally increases the healing done by Unnatural Preservation by 30%.

I took this Utility because 30k heals from Unnatural Preservation allows me to make Heatseeker Missiles and similar skills look less painful. Biggest advantage of Unnaturall Preservation is that it can be used out of GCD which makes this Utility looks better. I wouldn’t lose points on Extrication bonus but with this ability it took it with pleasure and it helped me to rescue dying Juggernauts DPS and other allies many times. 6 seconds isn’t much but if it’s free addition to Unnatural Preservation bonus so I’ll take it with all my hands!

I didn’t choose:


 Suppression – Activating Cloud Mind grants Suppression, which increases damage reduction by 25% for 6 seconds.

Of course, it can be very, very useful utility but I didn’t take it because it last only for 6 seconds and I will want to take this kind of Utility, I would prefer to take Unnatural Vigor, because it’s a little worse but you can use it every 25 seconds. If you can be mobile, you can replace this utility with Warzone Adrenals and LoS.


 Corrupted Flesh – Reduces the damage taken by periodic effects by 15% seconds.

Other utilities are better in my opinion because as Sorcerer, you can be much easier killed by strong, 20-30k hits than periodic damage. In fights without tank when I’m not the target, I’ll try to stand far from attackers, not to let them spread their skills on me. What’s more, in 5.0 there are more burst classes rather than DoT. But I know that some people like this Utility, so I’ll leave it to your personal preference.


 Conspiring Force – Targets affected by your Affliction are slowed by 30% for its duration.

It’s DPS Utility, as healer, you won’t have time to spread it to your attackers. If you need to slow someone, use Force Slow.


 Lightning Barrier – Your Static Barrier reverbarates with Force energy, blasting attackers for X energy damage when it absorbs direct damage to you. This effect does not affect Static Barriers placed on allies and cannot occur more than once each second.

I’ll never take this Utility because you aren’t always first target in Arenas and as healer you must have power to survive, not to deal damage. What’s more, with good enemies, your Static Barriers won’t last for long

Heroic (I took three Utilities in this tier):


Emersion – Force Speed grants Emersion, removing all movement-imparing effects and granting immunity to them for the duration.

Always remember: YOU MUST TAKE THIS UTILITY FOR PVP! Take it always and don’t even think in another way, free root-break in every 15-20 seconds is amazing for your escapes and positioning. With roots, you can easily be killed by ranged classes because of LoS. They’re almost the same bad as stuns.


Backlash – Static Barriers you place on yourself erupt in a flash of light when they end, blinding up to 8 nearby enemies for 3 seconds. This effect breaks from direct damage.

It’s very useful Utility against melee attackers. It can save your life because you have 3 seconds to come back to safe level of health. What’s more, you can use it every 15 seconds (Force-imbalance).


Surging Speed – Reduces the cooldown of Force Speed by 5 seconds, Force Slow by 3 seconds and Force Barrier by 30 seconds. In addition, Force Speed lasts 0,5 second longer, Polarity Shift increases your movement speed by 100% while active, and the active cooldown fo Force Speed is finished when Force Barrier ends.

In 4.0 this Utilities wasn’t so interesting because they were splitted and Force Speed had longer CD. Now they’re amazing addiction to my mobility. I can use Emersion every 15 seconds, and Polarity Shift makes me less slow while with Electro Net. I don’t care about Force Barrier’s bonuses in Arenas but of course, I’ll take it. If you aren’t so interested in next addition to your mobility, take Unnatural Vigor instead of this Utility.

I didn’t choose:


 Shapeless Spirit – Reduces all damage taken while stunned by 30%. Additionally, reduces damage taken from area effects by 30%.

Of course, it would be great to have this Utility, but with Phase Walk and Force Barrier, you are not so easy to die as other healers while stunned so in Heroic tier, you have more important Utilities to take. What’s more even with 30% reduction, you will get huge damage while stunned.


Haunted Dreams – If your Whirlwind breaks early from damage, the target is stunned for 2 seconds. In addition, Whirlwind activates instantly.

It’s great Utility as healer… if you delete all Utilities from your Heroic tier. If you want to stun someone with it, make sure that you group is safe and cast it for 2, it can be long time when someone is dying but you can find ideal moment for it. In most situations, Electrocute works better for you as healer.


Electric Bindings – Overload unbalances its targets, immobilizing them for 5 seconds. Direct damage dealt after 2 seconds ends the effect prematurely.

I used to love this Utility in previous expansions but now I’m very sad because in Heroic tier, there are better Utilities to take because this one gives only root and you have to survive with only Backlash for melee attackers.

Legendary (I took one Utility here, but you can think about this two instead of Surging Speed if you want):


Force Mobility – Thundering Blast, Innervate, and Force Leach can be activated while moving.

I took only this Utility. It’s next MUST HAVE Utility for me. And MUST = MUST. With Alacrity and Set bonus you can use Innervate every 6,5 -7 seconds and you will cast it for 2,1-2,2 seconds which is about 1/3 of its cooldown. Of course, it’s completely different maths when it comes to stuns, DCDs but with Roaming Mend, Dark concentration and Resurgence, this skill still gives you ability to cast most of your skills in movement.


Unnatural Vigor – Unnatural Preservation increases your damage reduction by 15% for 6 seconds. Additionally, reduces the cooldown of Unnatural Preservation by 5 seconds.

This Utility can give 15% damage reduction during 1/5 of the fight so it’s good addition to your Light Armor. What’s more, it match perfect with Dark Resilience, giving your strong Unnatural Vigor shorter CD.

I didn’t choose:


 Galvanizing Cleanse – Expunge grants Galvanizing Cleanse, making your next ability with an activation time activate instantly. The effect cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds and last up for 15 seconds.

This skill is completely worthless because you can instant-cast Dark Heal with Dark Concentration and 30 seconds CD can be ages in Arenas.Of course, you can use it skill for any other ability but I’ll use it mostly only for Dark Infusion because it’s very strong heal with long cast. Personally, I don’t recommend this skill because the other ones can help you more in your survival. I’ll consider taking this if this effect can occur after every Restoration and it will be in lower tier. With other Utilities, I think that your mobility is enough without it and sometimes you don’t need to use Expunge but you have to heal intensive. Then I can use Resurgence + Dark Infusion because I still have GCD.


Corrupted Barrier – Your Static Barrier, Force Barrier, and Enduring Bastion heal you for 1% of you total health every second for as long as they last. This healing scales up to 4% with the charges for Enduring Bastion.

It was nice skill for new players in 4.0 but in 5.0 it’s only half as strong as it used to be and it makes it worthless for healers (even beginners).


Shifting Silhouette– Using Phase Walk to return to its marked location grants Shifring Silhouette, keeping you from being leapt to or pulled and making you immune to interrupts and ability activation pushback for the next 10 seconds. Additionally, the cooldown of Phase Walk is reduced by 15 seconds and all defenses are increased by 30% for the duration of Shifting Silhouette.

The only useful thing in this Utility is reduced CD on Phase Walk so it’s worthless to lose point on it in Legendary tier. Other DCD and immunes are useless because you use Phase to have that 10 seconds out of fight.


Enfeebling Strike (CD: 15 seconds, Range: 4m) – Lash the target with your lightsaber, dealing X-X weapon damage and immobilizing it for 3 seconds. When the immobilization effect ends, the target is slowed by 50% for 6 seconds. Replaces Saber Strike. (It’s the only No-Passive Utility to take).

If you really want to take immobilizing Utility, take Electric Bindings. This one is much worse. Don’t even look at it.


Relics: Focused Retribution (Mastery relic) and Serendipitous Assault (Power relic). – Always and always. Don’t think about other ones because:

  • Ephemeral Mending – You can add much more healing than 2k with Power and Mastery ones.
  • Devastating Vengeance – You should have enough Critical from your armor and it gives Power and Mastery more value.
  • Any other relic is a joke because it gives defensive stat or you can’t use it in Warzones.

Don’t try to take two same relics because their procs will not stack.

My out-of-Warzones gear gives me this stats (I’m very unlucky so it’s not full 230 gear, but it gives nice show of how you should split you Alacrity and Critical Rating). It’s my Sage’s gear because I have better gear there but stats are the same for both sides:


And my stats while inside Warzone:



Accuracy Rating:

Chance that you attacks will successfully hit/affect the target. Accuracy over 100% reduces the target’s resistance/defense.

NEVER TAKE ACCURACY AS HEALER! Your heals cannot miss and you won’t attack enemies so you don’t need this stat.

Alacrity & Critical Ratings

It’s your personal preference how much Alacrity and Critical Rating you’ll give to your character. But in 5.0 you can easily get enough of both of them. Try having at least listed amounts. Personally, I prefer having higher Alacrity so I’ll try to add Alacrity with better equipment.

Alacrity: Increases the speed in which abilities are executed.

Biggest advantages of Alacrity is that it gives reduction to Global cooldown. 0,2 second doesn’t look to be much but in dynamic PvP environment this 0,2 second on skill can safe your ally.

Try having at least 10% Alacrity/1100 Alacrity Rating out of Warzone. In 4.0 10% in Warzone was more than enough for me but today you have more stats so you can make yourself better.

If you are playing by clicking most skills with your mouse, go for much more Critical than Alacrity because you won’t unlock Alacrity’s full potential.

Critical: Critical increases both the chance that an attack will deal increased damage, as well as the amount of that increased damage.

You should have at least 45% Critical Chance/1850 Critical Rating (and 5850 Mastery) but as Sorcerer, with best gear you can get about 47% out of Warzone.

Augments: Split between Advanced Alacrity Augment 45 (+96 Alacrity and +65 Endurance) and Advanced Critical Augment 45 (+96 Critical and +65 Endurance) to get recommended stats.

Personally, I’m not very keen on Power builds for healers because when Critical was merged with Surge in 4.0, Critical got more… power than Power. In my opinion, you can get better HPS results while using Critical/Alacrity Rating.

Don’t think about taking Mastery augments, they are even less powerful than Power.

Note: When you do augments slots with low-level character, do MK-10 slots. It will make it easier in the future.

Power & Mastery:

While Alacrity and Critical are more important than Power and Mastery, you still will get them from gear and they are also important.

Power: Power increases the damage and healing bonuses added to abilities.

Mastery: Mastery increases your apptitude in combat. (Critical Chance (not Multiplier) + Healing Power + Damage Bonus)

You will get enough of them from gear and datacrons.


Mods and Enhancements:

NEVER TAKE DEFENSIVE MODS AND ENHANCEMENTS for healers! Don’t try taking high Endurance one for Sorcerer, stronger healing is your better chance to survive than more health. And remember not to take Accuracy in your Enhancements.

Mods: Lethal Mod X (unlettered one)

Enhancement: Adept Enhancement X (for more Critical Rating) or Quick Savant Enhancement X (for more Alacrity Rating)


Set Bonus is bonus you always want to have. Even if you have old gear with set bonus, armorings from that gear will be better. Set bonuses are tied to armorings.

Remember: Old 204/208 gear’s bonus is now the same as 230-242 bonus so you can have for example 4 208 armoring and 2 230 armorings and you will have full bonus. If you have 174/168, bonuses don’t match.

For Sorcerer healer, there is no reason to mix gear bonuses from previous or differents set because bonus from 6-pieces is the best.

Set Bonus:

2-piece: Activating a healing ability has a 15% chance to grant Force-Mystic’s Critical Bonus which causes your next Dark Infusion or Deliverance to be a critical. This effect can only occur once every 30 seconds.

4-piece: Consuming Darkness or Vindicate restore an additional 5 Force.

6-piece: Reduces cooldown of Innervate or Healing Trance by 1.5 seconds.

NOTE: You need only 6 Armorings for full bonus, so if you have better, you can have one armoring without bonus.

Implants and Earpiece:

Always choose between Adept (Critical rating) and Quick Savant (Alacrity Rating) ones. There aren’t even one else, you may consider taking.

Color Crystal:

With Expertise removed, Critical Crystal are the best. Always choose +41 Critical ones.

Their names are: Advanced ….. Eviscerating Color Crystals. Remember to place them in both offhand and lightsaber.

Gearing in 5.0:

In 5.0 you get gear from Galactic Command (see this guide:

Important thing: Expertise was removed from the game in 5.0!

Preparing Your Character


Always remember to have your stim used! And my tip is to always have at least 1-2 in your inventory. You can’t imagine how fast time can go during good PvP.

There is only one stim that is good for Sorcerer Healer (be careful, old one has the same name but it has green image – it’s worse):


Warzone Medpac & Warzone Arsenal:

clip_image002[7] clip_image003

This two items are your survival. They can be bought from PvP Vendors and cost 1000 credits each.

Remember to always have at least 15 in your inventory (maximum amount you can use in very long Regular Warzone fight). But I recommend to have 100-200 . It’s easy to forget to buy them and it will be painful.

More about using Medpacs and Adrenals in Survival section.


Good Ranked player should remember to always take grenades with him. They are perfect to safe ally in need. The best grenade is (but you can stay with blue one because stun is the same, only damage is lower):



Datacrons are objects which will give you small increase in Mastery, Endurance and Presence (not useful for PvP). You can collect them around many worlds and they will give you about 150 stat bonus.

If you didn’t get datacrons, go and do it! You will spend a few hours doing them but they’re permanent so it’s worth it.

Datacrons have been Legacy-bound since 4.0 so you need only to do them on one character. Doing it alone as Sorcerer can be easy because you can place Phase Walk along the way.

Companion Affection bonuses:

They aren’t so hard to get and what’s more you only need to do it on one character. Healing received bonus is amazing for you. You also don’t need accuracy bonus but to be honest, it isn’t hard to get so it’s good to do it.

For Sorcerer’s companions bonuses are:

  • Khem Vall: +1% Accuracy
  • Talos Drellik: +2% Healing received
  • Xalek: +1% Max Health
  • Ashara Zavros: +1% Critical Damage Bonus
  • Andronikos Revel: +1% Critical Hit Chance

Passives and Abilities



Lucidity – Level Granted: 12 – Reduces the pushback suffered while activating healing abilities by 75% and lowers the threat generated by healing abilities by 10%

Lower pushback is very important for you, because as healer you have many channeled abilities and 75% reduction is huge addition and you will cast this skills forever without it.Threat is mostly PvE thing.

image Dark Mending – Level Granted: 16 – Reduces the activation time of Dark Infusion by 0.5 seconds and the Force consumed by Dark Heal by 5.

Force Bending – Level Granted: 20 – Your Resurgence grants Force Bending for 15 seconds, which increases the effect of your next healing ability:

Dark Heal: Critical Chance increased by 60%.

Dark Infusion: Activation time reduced by 0.5 seconds.

Innervate: Critical Chance increased by 25%.

Revivification: Force Cost reduced by 30%.

Roaming Mend: Immediately wanders to and heals each target, without waiting for the target to take damage first.

Read this Passive ten times, then read it ten more times to make sure the you remember each aspect of it. It’s extremely useful, helps you manage your Force and heal stronger. I’ll explain it more later.


Efficacious Currents – Level Granted: 24 – Reduces the Force consumed by Static Barrier by 15 and reduces the duration of Force-inbalance by 5 seconds. Additionally, increases the amount of damage absorbed by your Static Barrier by 10%.

Addition was given to us in 5.0 and it’s taken from previous Utility. We can have this bonus without wasting points on it.


Sith Purity – Level Granted: 28 – Expunge now removes negative physical effects and heals the target for X – X.

It makes your dispel a cheap small heal. Good addition when your target is stunned all the time.


Reconstruct – Level Granted: 32 – Increases the duration of Resurgence by 6 seconds. In addition, Resurgence grants protection to its target for 45 seconds. Protected targets have their armor rating increased by 10%.

Remember about armor rating bonus!

image Life Surge – Level Granted: 36 – Increases Force Critical Chance and damage reduction by 3%.
image Penetrating Darkness – Level Granted: 40 – Increases your bonus healing by 3%.

Force Surge – Level Granted: 44 – Innervate critical heals grant 1 charge of Force Surge, which improves the effectiveness of your next Consuming Darkness or Revivification.

Consuming Darkness: Restores 5 additional Force and consumes one charge. Consuming Darkness does not make you Weary when used with Force Surge.

Revivification: Reduces activation time by 0.25 seconds for each of the first two charges, or makes it activates instantly with the third charge. Consumes all charges.

It’s next skill you must remember. It’s the key to your Force management and using it only on Revivification is very bad idea.


Twisted Force – Level Granted: 48 – Innervate channels and ticks 20% faster, and Roaming Mend grants resistance to the target it heals for 45 seconds. Resistant targets have their internal and elemental damage reduction increased by 3%.

Remember about damage reduction bonus!


Reverse Corruptions – Level Granted: 52 – Force Barrier now purges the Weary effect caused by Consuming Darkness. In addition, spending a charge of Force Surge on Consuming Darkness grants Reverse Corruptions, increasing your Force regeneration by 2 for up to 10 seconds if you are not Weary or removing a single stack of Weary otherwise. The Reverse Corruptions effect will be lost early if Consuming Darkness is activated without a charge of Force Surge.

Look at Reverse Corruptions buff. It’s next addition to your Force management.


Renewal – Level Granted: 56 – 1 second after refreshing your Resurgence on a target, the target will be healed for X health plus any healing that remained from the previous Resurgence.

It’s also good reason why you should use Resurgence off-cooldown.


Dark Concentration – Level Granted: 60 – Crushing Darkness, Lightning Strike, Dark Infusion, and Revivification grant Dark Concentration, which causes your next Dark Heal to activate instantly and consume no Force. This effect may not occur more than once every 10 seconds.

It’s amazing addition to your mobility so remember about it.

image Secrets of the Dark Side – Level Granted: 64 – Increases the healing done by Roaming Mend by 5% and reduces the Force it consumes by 10.

Sustaining Darkness – Level Granted: 68 – Static Barrier grants 10 charges of Sustaining Darkness to the target. When Static Barrier concludes, the target is healed for X health per remaining charge of Sustaining Darkness. Targets of your Sustaining Darkness will lose a charge each time you directly heal them.

It’s new 5.0 Passive and it can be useful for multiple targets healing. Remember about restoring Static Barrier when you can.

Healing Abilities


Resurgence – Level Granted: 12 – Force: 36 – CD: 6 seconds

Immediately heals a target for X – X, plus an additional X over 15 seconds.

It will be your most used skill, because it gives wonderful bonuses to your next healing ability (look: Force Bending – Passive). It has small heal but it’s not important in this situation because it’s also instant-cast. It should be used off-cooldown when possible (if you don’t have Recklessness!).

Resurgence increases armor rating of target by 10% (look: Reconstruct – Passive).

Renewal – Passive allows you to use Rejuvenate without losing its HoT’s power so don’t be scared about 15 seconds HoT time in description.


Innervate – Level Granted: 26 – Channeled: 2,5 seconds – CD: 7,5 seconds (with set bonus) or 9 seconds (without set bonus)

Heals a friendly target for X and consumes 60 Force over the channel duration.

It’s my second most used skill, it’s very powerful single-target heal.

With ,”Force Mobility" Utility, you can use it while moving and it makes this skill wonderful addition to your mobility.

What’s more it gives you stacks of Force Surge which allows you to activate Revivification faster or instantly (with 3 stacks) or use your Consuming Darkness without awful Weary debuff (more in Force Management section).

Remember: Use your Innervate after using Resurgence or at least with Recklessness because more stacks of Force Surge gives you chance to heal longer without worry about Force. Resurgence gives Innervate 25% Critical Chance for each tick so you will have 75% chance if you manage to get 50% in Warzone.


 Dark Heal – Level Granted: 4 – Cast: 1,5 second – Force: 58

Heals a friendly target for X-X health.

It’s your main filler-skill. It heals for nice amount and has shorter cast than Dark Infusion which makes it more useful skill because 2 seconds can be ages in Arenas.

Dark Concentration makes this skill insta-cast and free after using Revivification and Dark Infusion. I mostly use it after Revivification because I try to use my AoE out of cooldown and often I instant-cast Revivification when I’m main target. Dark Concentration also works after Lightning Strike and Crushing Darkness but you won’t use them often as healer because you must heal and you shouldn’t do damage if your team is in need.

Resurgence grants Dark Heal 60% Critical Chance which makes it promised critical hit with only 40% Critical Chance.


 Revivification – Level Granted: 42 – Cast: 2 seconds – Force: 68

Applies a periodic healing effect to up to 8 allies within 8 metres of the targeted area, which heals for X over 10 seconds. Once a target has received the periodic healing effect, the target may leave the area and will continue to be healed by the effect.

It’s your powerful HoT which is also AoE. It heals every target for a little higher amount than Dark Heal which makes it amazing even with 2 targets in range. Personally, I use it also for single target healing because it’s HoT and it helps my target to stay alive when I have to cast an ability or use Resurgence.

Three stacks of Force Surge allows you to use this skill without cast. 1 and 2 stacks allow you to use it with 0,25 or 0,5 second shorter cast.

Biggest advantage of this ability is that target will be still healed even if he leaves marked location. So best option is to manually place this skill to target as many targets as you can.


Roaming Mend – Level Granted: 58 – Force: 49 – CD: 15 seconds

Places a mending Force on a friendly target that heals them for X-X health the next time they take damage. After healing the target, Roaming Mend travels to another friendly target within 20 metres. Roaming Mend last up to 30 seconds on each target and travels up to 3 times healing up to 4 targets. Roaming Mend can only be placed on one target at a time.

It’s your extremaly strong heal and what’s more it’s instant-cast. It’s very smart healing because after healing target that you choose, it travels to target with the lowest health if target is within range. It’s good both for burst healing single target (it gets Mend two times and it can be about 38-40k healing while critical- remember – it’s instant-cast) and for healing 4 people in Arenas. If my team is in need, I try to use this skill off-cooldown.


Dark Infusion – Level Granted: 10 – Cast: 2 seconds – Force: 41

Heals a friendly target for X-X health.

It’s your strongest single target heal but it long cast time makes it not very useful for PvP. Try to use it only to use 2-piece gear bonus or with Polarity Shift. Sometimes you can use it with Resurgence but mostly you will use it for another skills.

Dark Infusion allows you to use Dark Heal instantly with Dark Concentration.

Remember that with2-piece set bonus, Dark Infusion is 100% critical. Don’t waste this opportunity.


 Unnatural Preservation – Level Granted: 18 – CD: 25 (with Unnatural Vigor Utility) or 30 seconds

Immediately restores X-X health on you. Cannot be used on others.

I love this skill. You can heal only yourself with it but you don’t have to change target to yourself to use it and it’s super powerful instant-cast heal.

With Dark Resilience Utility, it is 30% stronger and with Unnatural Vigor Utility, it gives you 15% damage reduction for 6 seconds. It’s one of the keys to your survival.

This skill can be used Off-GCD.


Expunge – Level Granted: 24 – CD: 12 seconds – Force: 14

Cleanses a friendly target of up to 2 negative mental or Force effects.

It’s your dispel skill. I mostly use it to cleanse mezzes from my teammates. It’s also useful to cleanse hardstuns and slows. With Sith Purity it also gives small-heal to target.

You can also change Overload into small AoE heal with Force Suffusion Utility but I don’t recommend it for PvP.

Defensive Abilities


Static Barrier – Level Granted: 14 – Force: 26

Surrounds the target in a lightning shield that absorbs a high amount of damage and lasts 30 seconds. The target becomes Force-imbalanced and cannot benefit from Static Barrier again for 15 seconds.

It’s one of the skills which makes Sorcerers so powerful. Every 15 seconds your target can absorb about 13k+ damage (amount depends of your Bonus Healing stat) from this ability and it can be used on how many targets you want in the same (so you can easily absorb 52k damage from your group in Arena at the beginning of the fight). Static Barrier absorbs every kind of damage! It doesn’t give immunity to stuns etc if damage from them is absorbed so be careful.

You can make this skill small self-heal with Corrupted Barrier Utility but it’s nothing interesting for PvP healers, because when we are main target, we lose Force Armor too fast to get enough healing from this Utility.

In 5.0 Sorcerer got Sustaining Darkness Passive which makes Static Barriernice additional healing ability. The shorter time your Static Barrier lasts on targeted ally (you use less healing skills on him) the stronger heal your target will receive. It can be very useful for saving one ally targeted by single-target DPSes.

Sustaining Darkness has 10 stacks and the more stacks target has the more healing it will receive when Static Barrier ends.


Extrication – Level Granted: 34 – CD: 1 minute – Force: 27

Lowers the target’s threat by a moderate amount and, if the target is a group member, pulls the target to your location.

Learn to use this skill and you will have ability to help your easy-to-kill ally in need. It allows you to get ally out of melee attackers or even hide him from any enemy.

This ability is extremaly useful while playing Huttball because you can summon your ally to the score line or to the next floor.

With Dark Resilience Utility, your target also receives 25% damage reduction for 6 seconds so you can use it also in face-tanking fights to give them only that bonus.


 Force Barrier -Level Granted: 51 – CD: 2,5 (with Surging Speed Utility) or 3 minutes – Channeled: 8 seconds

Projects a Force barrier arounds you, granting immunity to all control, damage, and negative effects while channeled. This ability does not respect the global cooldown and can be used while controlled. While you are protected by Force Barrier charges will build up and grant Enduring Bastion, a shield that absorbs an amount of damage based off the charges that are present when Force Barrier ended. Enduring Bastion also grants immunity to interrupts.

It’s one of your main survival abilities. Read ,”Force Barrier" in ,,Survival" section for more informations.


 Phase Walk -Level Granted: 59 – CD: 1,5 second – Cast: 0,5 second

Activating this ability marks your current location for 10 minutes. When this ability is activated again, if you are within 60 meters of the marked location, you instantly return to the marked location. Phase Walk goes on cooldown for 60 seconds when used to return to marked location.

It’s the next one of your main survival abilities. Read ,”Phase Walk" in ,”Survival" section for more information.


Unbreakable Will – Level Granted: 9- CD: 2 minutes

Demonstrates your force of will, purging all incapacitating and movement-impairing effects.

It’s your stun-break ability, useful when you or your teammate will die because you are unable to heal. Read ,,Unbreakable Will" in ,,Survival" section for more information


 Whirlwind – Level Granted: 7 – CD: 1 minute – Cast: 0 (with Haunted Dreams Utility) or 2 seconds – Force: 9

Traps the target in a whirlwind for 8 seconds. Non-player, non-standard, non-weak targets heal rapidly while lift out of harm’s way. Damage will break effect prematurely.

It’s Sorcerer’s only mezz ability. I mainly use it for healers to help my teammates kill enemy DPS faster. It has long cast, so I use it only if I’m sure that my allies will survive 2 seconds without heal.

Haunted Dreams Utility eliminates Cast time for this skill but it’s not worth taking for healer.


Electrocute – Level Granted: 5 – CD: 50 seconds (with Torturous Tactics) or 1 minute – Force: 9 – Range: 10 m

Deals X – X kinetic damage and stuns the target for 4 seconds.

It’s your only hardstun. Use it often and use it wisely.

With Torturous Tactics Utility Cooldown is reduced by 10 seconds and target is affected by 25% damage reduction bonus. This Utility makes this skill perfect to survive when three strong DDes are attacking you and you can make one of them weaker. In many situations , I use that ability on opposite healers to help my teammates kill them even if damage reduction isn’t harmful for them


 Force Slow – Level Granted: 22 – CD: 9 (with Metaphisical Alacrity) or 12 seconds – Force: 9

Deals X-X kinetic damage and slows the target’s movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds.

It’s your slow. I mostly don’t have much time to use this skill but sometimes it can be useful to slow enemy who is chasing you if he already used skills like Force Speed or Transcendence.


 Jolt – Level Granted: 18 – CD: 18 seconds

Interrupts the target’s current action and prevents that ability from being used for 4 seconds.

Useful to interrupt healing abilities of healers or Mercenaries DPS. But don’t do it if you or your teammates can die soon.


 Overload – Level Granted: 3 – CD: 20 seconds – Force: 9

Deals X-X kinetic damage and knocks back up to 8 enemies within a 15-meter cone in front of you. Standard and weak enemies are additionally knocked down for 3 seconds.

Very interesting survival ability because you can knock back melee attackers and get short time to heal yourself to safe level.

Electric Bindings Utility gives root to Overload. It’s great Utility but I see more important ones there.


 Cloud Mind (with Blockout Utility) – Level Granted: 30 – CD: 45 seconds

Clouds the minds of your enemies, instantly lowering your threat by a moderate amount.

Without Utility this skill is worthless for PvP. With Suppression Utility you can get free 6 seconds off-GCD 25% damage reduction but I see more important Utilities.


 Reanimation – Level Granted: 50 – Cast: 1,5 seconds – CD: 5 minutes – Force: 27

Revives an incapacipated ally. This ability is usable while in combat. When used, all group members can neither use nor be the target of an in-combat revival for the next 5 minutes.

This skill doesn’t work in Arenas.In 8vs8 Warzones you can use it to revive your dps or tank but in most situations they revive themselves too fast. Can be useful while you are protecting opposite pylon from capping and you are unable to save your tank.

Damage Abilities

First of all, remember that you are healer. You don’t have to do damage. Do it only if your team has 100% HP and there is not possible that they’re will lose their health fast.


Shock – Level Granted: 1 – CD: 6 seconds – Force: 36

Shocks the target for X-X kinetic damage. Standard and weak targets are additionally stunned for 0,5 second.

This skill deals nice damage and you don’t have to cast it so it’s one of my most used skills when I fight as healer.


Affliction – Level Granted: 16 – Force: 32

Casts a powerful Force affliction upon the target that deals X internal damage over 18 seconds.

When I have time, I try to spread this skills on many targets. But be careful: don’t DoT healer when he is not target because your allies won’t mezz him.


Crushing Darkness – Level Granted: 10 – Cast: 2 seconds – CD: 15 seconds – Force: 36

Summons a dark cloud of energy to crush the target, instantly dealing X-X kinetic damage and an additional X kinetic damage over 6 seconds.

It’s powerful DoT, if you still have time to do damage, cast this skill.


Force Storm – Level Granted: 4 – Channel: 3 seconds

Calls down a Force storm over the target area, consuming 60 Force and dealing X energy damage to up to 8 targets within 8 metres over the duration of the channel. Standard and weak targets have 33% chance to be stunned by the quake each second.

Your AoE ability. I mostly use it in 8vs8 when many players are trying to capture objective.


Force Lightning – Level Granted: 2 – Channel: 3 seconds – CD: 6 seconds

Deals X kinetic damage to the target and consumes 40 Force over the duration of the channel. Also slows the movement speed of the target by 50% and immobilizes weak and standard enemies.

It deals good damage but over long time. I use it mostly when targets are affected by my DoTs and Project is on cooldown.


Lightning Strike – Level Granted: 1 – Cast: 1,5 seconds – Force: 36

Fires a charge of lightning at the target, dealing X – X kinetic damage.

It deals nice damage but you have to cast it so it’s my filler DPS ability.


Saber Strike – Level Granted: 1 – Range: 4m

Deals X-X weapon damage spread across a flurry of 3 melee attacks.

Don’t use it. 4 meters range is a joke and you are Force class.

Other Abilities


Consuming Darkness – Level Granted: 20

Consumes the dark energy surrounding you, restoring 40 Force. Utilizing Consuming Darkness makes you Weary, reducing your Force regeneration rate by 2 for 10 seconds. This effect can stack up to 4 times.

It’s your ability to restore Force. Read more in ,”Force Management" section.


Polarity Shift – Level Granted: 28 – CD: 2 minutes

Grants 20% alacrity and immunity to pushback and interrupts for 10 seconds.

Useful ability which makes you faster. Read more in ,”Polarity Shift + Recklessness" section.


Recklessness – Level Granted: 8 – CD: 1,5 minute

Grants two charges of Recklessness, which increases the Force critical chance of your direct attacks and heals by 60%. Each time a direct Force ability critically hits and each time a channeled Force ability is activated, 1 charge is consumed. Lasts 20 seconds.

Useful buff which with 40% Critical chance gives you 100% Critical chance for two skills. Read more in ,”Mental Alacrity + Force Potency" section.


Unlimited Power – Level Granted: 56 – CD: 5 minutes – Force: 45

Increases mastery, endurance, and presence for you and your Operation group members within 40 metres by 10%. Lasts 10 seconds.

This skill doesn’t work in Arenas. In 8vs8 maps, it can be useful when most of your teammates can die soon. You increase your heal + their health for 10 seconds.

Rotation and Preparation


For Sorcerer you can write rotation but in PvP enviroment your rotation will depend on current situation.

Main Rotation

Before Battle: Static Barrier on every ally -> Roaming Mend

My ally is target but I can cast skill in peace:

Resurgence -> Roaming Mend -> Cast Revivification -> Instant-cast Dark Heal -> Rejsurgence -> Innervate -> Dark Heal -> Resurgence -> Dark Infusion -> Repeat

I’m the target and I have to run a lot:

Resurgence -> Innervate -> Insta-cast Revivification -> Instant-cast Dark Heal -> Unnatural Preservation (if under 70% HP) -> Resurgence -> Innervate -> Roaming Mend

If I have possibly, I’ll try to hide behind object. When I’m in good position, I can cast Dark Heal to heal as much as I can and save my mobile abilities when enemies get to me.

AoE healing:

In PvP environments, there are many situations when your whole team will get damage. As Sorcerer, you have only two AoE healing abilities.

Resurgence on target with the lowest health level -> Roaming Mend -> Revivification

After casting this skills, you must use your single-target heals and you should change your target very often to make sure that all of your allies are in safe health level.

  • First target: Insta-cast Dark Heal
  • Second Target: Resurgence -> Innervate
  • Third Target: Resurgence -> Dark Infusion

If all of them have at least 50%, try to use Static Barrier on all of them in Arenas and on most affected allies in 8vs8 fights.

When you have to heal many target always use Roaming Mend (don’t use it if all of your targets have more than 85-90% HP) and Revivification off-cooldown.

My advices:

  • If you have targets under 85% of their HP, in most situations use instant-cast Dark Heal when it appears.
  • Use Static Barrier when it’s important even if you will have lower HPS because of that. 13k absorb can safe your ally and it’s more important than your satisfaction.
  • Use Unnatural Preservation when our enemies are the easiest way to hit you (for example: you have 60% HP and you are rooted without Force Speed). Don’t use Force Mend when you have more health than 70-75% and you are main target. Sometimes I use Unnatural Preservation with 85% health when nobody is attacking me and I must heal another people because of it’s Off-GCD but this are rare situations.

Ok, to sum up:

Use Resurgence off-cooldown to make it bonuses affect you.

I mostly use Innervate and Roaming Mend off-cooldown because they’re perfect for my burst-healing.

My most used rotation when I don’t have to be mobile all-the-time:

Static Barrier -> Resurgence -> Roaming Mend -> Recklessness -> Innervate -> Revivification -> Instant-cast Dark Heal -> Resurgence -> Innervate/Dark Infusion


Static Barrier -> Resurgence -> Innervate -> Roaming Mend -> Revivification -> Instant-cast Dark Heal -> Resurgence -> Innervate -> Dark Heal -> Resurgence -> Dark Infusion

To be honest, to heal good = to heal with the most useful skill in chosen situation. Decide if your allies need burst or AoE healing, if they get huge burst damage and if you have time to use Static Barrier on them.

Watch out for your Force level (more in Force Management!).

Remember to use your Dark Infusion when you get bonus from your 2-piece gear.

Prefight Preparations

To be prepared to fight = to have good beginning and advantage above worse healers. So you must always remember about preparing before fight. If your computer is good enough to load new map fast, in Regular Warzones you will have more than one minute so you don’t have to worry. In Arenas, you always have 30 seconds to prepare because 30 seconds before fight, clock appears and all used skills reset.

As Sorcerer, you can prepare your teammates in many ways which mostly increases their defense.


Start with using Resurgence on every member. Resurgence gives Protected bonus which increases armor rating by 10%. With Alacrity, Resurgence has about 5,3-5,4 seconds CD, so try to start spreading it about 20-25 seconds before fight. You should start with person who in your opinion will be last target (in 5.0 I would say that last targets are Mercenaries, Operatives and first targets are Snipers, Sorcerers, Powertechs and Juggernauts). Protected lasts for 45 seconds so there’s no problem that you won’t have time to spread it to everyone.

You should remember to use Roaming Mend after Rejuvenate about 10-15 seconds before fight to give your teammates Resistant buff which increases their internal and elemental damage reduction by 3%.

Remember to get three stacks of Force Surge. It will allow you to start fight with insta-cast Revivification and increase your HPS.

If you are good in observing many things at one moment, enable Focus Target in Preferences. Then remember to set Focus Target on enemy who will be attacked first. If you don’t know who will be attacked first or if there’s Hardswitch, use it on healer.

You can also put a target market above your head. You can do it by choosing option Target market on yourself and one of the images. Don’t put target and fire, they’re for enemies. You can use shield if there’s no tank or lightning for example.

A moment before time ends, use Roaming Mend without Resurgence on ally who will be first target in your opinion. Roaming Mend will be used and you will have its cooldown refreshed before you get to enemies.

And the most important thing: Give Static Barrier to everyone in your team! It’s the best defensive skill, you can give to them. just don’t give it to another Sorcerers because it’s possible that they have bonuses to their own Barriers. In 5.0 remember to give bubble when whole your other buffs are already given because you can lose stack of Sustaining Darkness and your Static Barrier will have worse healing.

Even before the time appears, remember to check if you have your main buff applied (here my advice is to level up at least one character of every base class to get all 4 buffs and don’t wait for others to give it to you). and check if you have your Stim used with at least 18 minutes CD (3x Round which ended in Sudden Death). Also check if you have enough Warzone Medpacs and Adrenals. You have time to buy them before the fight.

Last thing is that you should target person who are about to be the first target. I would say that for DPS classes it’s like this:

Powertech -> Juggernaut -> Sorcerer -> Marauder -> Sniper -> Assassin -> Operative-> Mercenary but to be honest, every fight is different and someone can be worse and be attacked as first or healers are often first targets.

Force Management

After 4.5 Patch, Sorcerers have to be more aware of their Force.

REMEMBER: Healing/Saving an ally is always more important than your Force management.

If Resurgence + Roaming Mend will safe your ally but you will run out-of-Force do it. You will get it back and your team won’t be weaker.

Force Management rotation:

Resurgence -> Innervate -> Consuming Darkness(x3)

Don’t delete Reverse Corruptions buff if you don’t really have to. Faster Force regeneration = less Consuming Darknesses in the future.

If you can cast Revivification and your allies have enough HP, you can try to have Reverse Corruptions buff very often.

Don’t use Consuming Darkness without Force Surge or at least Reverse Corruptions buff. You will get Weary debuff and it can be dangerous for you because you have to use next Consuming Darkness with Force Surge to delete that debuff and you will use less amount of healing skills when your Force regeneration is lower. If you really have to use Consuming Darkness with Weary debuff, don’t get more than one stack of Weary. 4 stacks are disaster and you can use Innervate so often that you don’t really have to get 4 stacks even if you use only Resurgence + Innervate.

In many situations, you won’t have enough time to use Consuming Darkness three times in a row. Try to use it enough times to save both your Force and your allies.

Force Management in PvP are a little easier then in PvE, because your Force regenerates during stuns. That is next advantage of Reverse Corruptions buff.

Good thing in Sorcerers is that you can stay at 10%-20% Force because your Force regeneration isn’t worse when your Force bar is almost empty (Operatives and Mercenaries have to stay at 50-60% energy to have full-regeneration).

Remember that Dark Concentration allows you to use your instant-cast Benevolence for free. Remember about it when you are running out of Force.

Be aware of your Force bar. If you are going to run out of Force, try to find the most optimal moment to use a few Consuming Darknesses.

Polarity Shift & Recklessness

Polarity Shift allows your to cast your skills faster because you get 20% Alacrity for 10 seconds. I mostly use this skill in two situations:

1) My teammate is going to die. While I have Polarity Shift, I can use my Innervate with only 1,8 second channel and my Roaming Mend cooldown goes down to about 11 seconds. What’s more, you are immune to pushback and your skills cannot be interrupted so you don’t have to worry about casting them too long. Fun fact here is that Alacrity is working on this ability’s cooldown. So if you use it, it will restore faster.

I recommend using Dark Infusion instead of Dark Heal (but use instant-cast Dark Heal) during Polarity Shift because it has about 1,5 second cooldown then and you can heal for much better amounts. With Resurgence + Dark Infusion, you cast for huge amount in short time.

Alacrity doesn’t work for most of your defensive abilities, that’s why you mustn’t use Polarity Shift to restore your Force Barrier or something faster.

2) My teammates need healing and I’m going to run out of Force. I use Polarity Shift to have time to use some Consuming Darknesses during healing. I mostly focus on using Resurgence + Innervate then Consuming Darkness and I use Roaming Mend to make sure that they’ll survive.

If you have Surging Speed Utility, you can use Polarity Shift for speed boost if you have Net or your opponents are hitting you too much because of Transcendence.

Recklessness allows you to use two skills with 100% critical chance (you always must have 40% in Warzones + 60% from this skill). I mostly use it on Innervate when my Resurgence is on cooldown to get three stacks of Force Surge.

Recklessness is not working for Revivification. Remember about it to have skill to use when your Innervate is on cooldown.

Innervate used with Recklessness critically hits with all ticks while Roaming Mend critically hits only with first tick. That’s why I try to never use Recklessness for Resurgence and Roaming Mend.

I use this skill mostly for Force Management. If my allies aren’t going to die, I use: Innervate -> Consuming Darkness x3 -> Revivification -> Innervate. I can restore enough Force to make my healing easier if my ally is in need.

I try to never stack Recklessness with Polarity Shift. Longer you have any helpful skill longer you can heal effectively and longer you survive.

UI & Positioning

You should always try to make your User Interface looks easy. When you are preparing your interface for fights, make it in that method that will allow you to get many informations in short moment.

Choosing best options in Preferences:


  • Enable Focus Target – observing main target helps you decide what to do in chosen situation. If you know that he is dying, you can use different skills. Enable and use it.
  • Camera Max Distance: 100% – you don’t have to look from 100%, but always you can get to 100% in the fight to see everything from distance when every target is in another place.
  • Quick Ground Target Activation – It allows you to place skill by double-clicking without choosing location manually. It’s must have for every healer and also for another classes in Huttball. This allows you to place Salvation faster. In many situations, it’s better to place it manually to have more targets in range but it’s still worth it.


  • If possible, enable sound in game. It will be easier for you to know when you have skills like Assault Plastique or Demolish on yourself.

User Interface:

  • Cooldown Settings: Show Cooldown Text, Show Ready Flash, Show Global Cooldown Ready Flash – This settings allows you to be more aware of skills that you can you. Also my advice is to max Text size and Tenths of seconds.


  • Always Show Resolve Bar – Resolve Bar can be very important while dealing with stuns. Watch at it.
  • Nameplates of Self – You are more aware of yourself while fighting.

My User Interface Editor:


Choosing best options in Interface Editor:

  • First of all, don’t enable 6 quickbars if you don’t really need them. Three of them are enough in my opinion, you can take fourth if you want to have visible mounts etc.
  • Disable all things you don’t need like Companion window or Mission tracker.
  • Things like Menu and Experience bars can be small during PvP.
  • Don’t choose ,”Show Information Text" for Player and Target Frames because it won’t work as good as you think. Text makes red bar less visible and it will take you longer to observe your health.
  • For Operation Frame:
    • Make it as big as possible
    • Enable ,”Show Health Text"
    • Enable ,”Show Only Removable Debuffs" – it’s amazing because you see who need cleansing in chosen moment. You won’t waste Cleanse on debuffs you can’t remove.
    • Max Health Width and Height
  • My advice is to make Quickbars as big as possible. Your eye will more easily choose skills which are not on cooldown.
  • Remember to always have ,”Target of Target" enabled. It’s perfect because your teammates won’t always hit focus target because of defensive cooldowns etc. It’s the most vital when your allies decide to play with Hardswitch.

User Interface and your gaming equipment:

In my opinion, your quickbars should match with your gaming mouse and keyboard and with your keybindings. Personally, my first quickbar is for skills, I don’t use so much and I can click them with my mouse, my second quickbar is for skills, I use mostly with my keyboard and my third quickbar is for skills I use with my macro-buttons on my mouse. I made my bars look like my mouse (Logitech G600) so I look at my bar and I can choose very fast where chosen skill is on my mouse.

Using gaming mouse or keyboard in SWTOR, makes gaming experience much easier. You can jump between skills more easily so I recommend it to you. Then matching it with your quickbars makes it even more easy.

Don’t be scared to change your User Interface often. Check every possibility and decide which one suits you the best. You can’t choose best in one week, believe me. The more you know, the more you will be interested in good options of your Interface


Good positioning = better view and easier chance to escape.

I would say that Distance is more more important when most of the opposite DPSes are melee because while healing your teammate, it is often very hard to both have him in position to heal and LoS melee. LoS is more important for ranged DPSes because they mostly have safe distance as you so they will have chance to attack you if you are far from them.

There are two different positioning while playing Arenas with tank and without tank. There are also another positionings in Regular 8vs8 warzone when you have to defend or get objective.

On this screenshots, I stay close to pillar and I have enough distance to heal my teammate. I can hide behind that pillar if enemies are about to attack me. I’m attacking objectives so I don’t have to stay close to them to protect.:



Playing with tank

In most situations, you will get Guard at the beginning of the fight. Guard has 15m Range to transfer 50% of damage you take to your tank. It means that you should find best position within 15 meters range but it shouldn’t be also too close to your teamates because it will be much harder for you to heal if everyone in your team gets DoT damage. Read more in ,,Playing with tank" in Survival section.

Playing without tank

Your healing abilities have a 30 meters range. Playing close to your team is very bad because you can be easily stunned. What’s more, distance gives you possibility to use your Rescue with its full power. Try to stay at about 25m Range from your allies to be safe. Even if melee DPS will CC you, he will have to go back to his target and without second jump, he will lose a little time. Stay close to LoS objects to have possibility to hide behind them. Try to choose place to see your allies, you can let them die if you allow them to hide that you must go 20 metres to heal.

Here is an example. My melee is target and opposite melee is target. My ranged teammate isn’t in perfect position because he don’t use LoS against ranged enemies. If my melee dies or they change target to my ranged. I should try to position myself better because I will be too close to melee enemy. but I must be careful not to lose my LoS against ranged.


8vs8 Warzones

Defending objective: Always stay close to it. You must have chance to interrupt your enemies fast because it’s very possible that you will get stun in a moment and lose objective. In 8vs8 Warzones, you don’t have to worry about dying so much. Protecting objectives should always be a priority. You must remember: Even if all your teammates stay close to turret/door/etc, they can be total ignorants and they only fight them because they like to fight.

Attacking objective: Here you are free to stay not so close to your allies, you should play similar to playing in Arenas. In Odessen, you should stay inside base because you are about to take it and it’s possible that your allies will stun enemies outside and you capture base.

Try never stand to close to objective if you have stealths in your team because they can go there and capture when enemies are targeting you.

Huttball: Try to always stay close to someone with ball (but not to close not to get additional AoE damage). Follow ball, you must support your clever allies to win. It’s also very good idea to go upper/further to summon your ally to score line.


Defensive cooldowns are what makes Sorcerers so powerful. You have a lot of them in your skill set. You must try to use your abilities with lower cooldown first but it’s not always possible.

Sometimes, you need to use Phase Walk and Force Barrier after a very short time because you get too big burst damage at the beginning of the fight.

With Backlash Utility your Static Barrier is nice defensive skill but you mostly won’t be using it because of this mezz but you want to mitigate damage by Static Barrier.

Force Barrier

Force Barrier is your best survival skill and can save you in any way, you want. First of all, it’s stun-break so there is no reason to use Unbreakable Will and then use Force Barrier.

Don’t use Force Barrier to just break stuns. Only exception is when your objective in regular Warzone will be taken if you don’t break stun and if your ally is dying and you are 100% sure that when you help him to survive, you won’t need Force Barrier for its cooldown. In 99,99999% situations I don’t recommend using Force Barrier when you aren’t close to death.

Force Barrier sometimes isn’t used in first click so it’s important not to use it too late. But more important is to not use it too fast. NEVER use Force Barrier when you have more than 40% HP. It’s a total waste of skill. Mostly I don’t recommend using it above 20% but don’t wait to get under 10% because someone can use one skill and kill you.

Force Barrier can be blocked by Electro Net so remember to keep your Unbreakable Will for Nets if opposite team has Commandos or Mercenaries.

You can stay in Force Barrier for 8 seconds but of course you can leave it earlier. Best idea is to wait until you get four stacks of Enduring Bastion but sometimes you are forced to leave it earlier because your allies can die. Never let your allies die because you are using Force Barrier too long. After Force Barrier ends, you cannot be interrupted as long as your Enduring Bastion lasts.


Mostly, I break my Force Barrier with Resurgence -> Roaming Mend -> Innervate to heal as much as I can during Enduring Bastion. Sometimes there is situation that you will get two stuns during Bastion. If you don’t have Unbreakable Will and Phase Walk, it’s very, very dangerous situation. Try to click on your Innervate to heal fast for enough health to survive and then use Roaming Mend.

With Corrupted Barrier Utility, Enduring Bastion can heal you for interesting amount, but that’s skill is not worth taking in 5.0.

Phase Walk

Phase Walk is your second powerful survival ability. It has 45/60 seconds cooldown so you can use this ability more often than Force Barrier so it’s better to use it first. Place your Phase Walk behind LoS. It’s not so helpful if enemy can easily jump to you and kill you because your health is too low.


Phase Walk can be blocked by Electro Net so remember to keep your stun-break for Nets if opposite team has Commandos or Mercenaries.

Always remember to place Phase Walk, it won’t work without placing it. Phase Walk has 60m metres range, try to always stay within its range. If you use it out of range, its placement will disappear and you will be left without powerful ability.


If your fight is going to take place too far from your Phase Walk location, delete it by right-clicking it in your buffs and place it one more time. Your Phase Walk’s placement lasts for 10 minutes but mostly you will have to use it or place it in another place much often. When you don’t use your Phase Walk during one Arena round, it will stay in its previous location. You don’t have to place it one more time if fight takes place in similar location.

Best places to leave Phase Walk

8vs8 Warzones:

Voidstar (first door):It’s the best position because you are safe and close to Medpac if you need it. In some situations, you don’t have enough time to come here to place Phase Walk, I recommend placing it behind that pillar on right side of screen then.


Novare Coast:


Ancient Hypergate:


In this situation, we are preventing opposite team from capturing their pylon. I hide my Phase Walk here for good surviving because I won’t hide much but I’ll fight close to pylon to interrupt enemies.


Alderaan (mid fights): If I already used my Phase Walk and I don’t have time to come back here, I can place the next one behind ,”doors" in mid:


In both Odessen Proving Grounds and Huttball, you should place your Phase Walk mostly for doing objectives. For example: I’m protecting base so I must stand inside it, I place Phase Walk inside so I can teleport back when enemy knock me out of it. In Huttball, you should place Phase Walk close to place where ball resets (to take it fast after scoring) or close to enemy’s score line to summon your ally with ball with Rescue.

I place my Phase Walk here close to ball-stand, I can easily come back here when any team scores:



Orbital Station (remember to replace your Phase Walk if you rush enemies):


Makeb Mesa:


Tatooine Canyon: (when fight is going to take place on the opposite side, I can hide my Phase Walk behind the most optimal pillar):


Rishi:(the screenshot isn’t best but you can see that it’s under doorstep to wooden floor):


Corellia Square:


While using Phase Walk, your allies are likely to get big damage before you heal to full and come back to them. While healing try to find where they are and get there as fast as possible. Many of your allies won’t have any idea that you had to use Phase Walk so they won’t be interested in won surviving so much. Be mindful when you use Phase Walk and your teammates have no positional awareness.

Good idea is to make a triangle between your Phase Walk’s placement, your teammates and yourself.

Unbreakable Will

Unbreakable Will is your stun-break. Use it wisely. NEVER breaks first stun if your allies isn’t going to die and you are safe without Net.

If there are Mercenaries or Commandos in opposite team, save your stun-break for Net. Mostly you will get Net at very low HP but if you aren’t stunned and you will not die without using Phase Walk or Force Barrier, don’t break Net. Your stun-break is always useful so it’s important to save it for the worst scenario.

You must use stun-break when you will not have enough time to safe objective in 8vs8 Warzones, even if your health is full.

Your Force Barrier is also your stun breaker but it’s powerful because of immunity to damage.

Warzone Medpac & Adrenal

Warzone Medpac and Warzone Adrenals are perfect to save you when you get huge damage and they are often enough to prevent you from using Phase Walk or Force Barrier.

Important: You can use Warzone Medpacs only once per fight. As you are not stealth class, you won’t have chance to exit battle until all of your enemies exit it. That’s why you shouldn’t never use your Medpacs when they aren’t needed. What’s more, Adrenal has very long cooldown so you can’t use it more times than two times during Arena round and about 6 times during very long 8vs8 fight.

Try not to use Medpacs when you have more than 40% health. You won’t die in one hit and you can heal yourself to safe amount and you will lose its full potential.

As for Warzone Adrenal, use it when you think, you will get unhealable damage in next seconds. 15% reduction is perfect for Bolstorms/Blazing Bolts and Demolition Round/Heatseeker Missiles when you have not enough time to LoS.

Sorcerers can use two things as healing defensive cooldown – Unnatural Preservation and Warzone Medpac. Unnatural Preservation always should be used before using Medpac. Use Medpac when your Unnatural Preservation is on cooldown.

Force Speed

Force Speed is your main escaping ability. With 15/20 seconds cooldown, you can use it often to hide behind objects and make bigger distance between you and melee attackers.

With Emersion Utility, Force Speed will be your main root-break, especially useful in fights against Snipers/Gunslinger when you get to close to them or Shadows/Assassin when they have root in Force Wave/Overload.

Don’t be scared to use Force Speed when enemies get to you, because it has short cooldown.

With Dark Speed Utility, your Dark Heal will give 50% speed boost for 6 seconds. Try not to mix Force Speed with Dark Speed. The only exceptions are roots during Dark Speed, you want to use Force Speed to delete them.


Electro Nets

Electro Nets are extremely dangerous . In 5.0 there are tons of Commandos and Mercenaries so you will get a lot of Electro Nets in both Ranked and Unranked Warzones. Sometimes in 8vs8 fight I can get 4 Nets in a row! It’s a little too much for one stun-breaker.

Electro Net images:

clip_image001[59] clip_image002[9]

Blue image is for Commando’s Net and yellow image is for Mercenary’s one.

Electro Net: Level Granted: 51 – Cooldown: 1,5 minute – Range: 30m – Fires an electro net that ensnares that ensnares the target, reducing its movement speed by 50% and dealing X energy damage over 9 seconds. While affected, a target that moves takes 20% more damage from electro net and this effect can stuck up to 10 times on ememy players and 5 times on any other target. Additionally, the electro net hinders the target, preventing the use of high mobility actions and escapes such as charges, vanishes, and speed boosts. Last 9 seconds.

Best idea in 5.0 is not to break first Net if you really don’t have to (for example: your tank uses stun on DPS or second healer in 8vs8 is healing you without problems). First try to heal through Net and hide to not get too much damage. If you must use Phase Walk or Force Barrier, then break Net. One person won’t kill you if you are above 30% of health. That’s why you shouldn’t break your Net if only one person is attacking you.

If good Mercenary is the only one in opposite team, he will try to Net you when your health is low. Then you care about one Net so you must break it when your health is at about 20-30%. When you have Unnatural Preservation available, you can use it and try to heal but you must be very,very careful.

On this screenshot, I don’t have Sage’s versions of Unnatural Preservation(Force Mend), Warzone Medpac, Roaming Mend (Wandering Mend) and I have a little health. I must break my Net to use my Phase Walk or Force Barrier (I tried to make this screenshot on my Sorcerer but I didn’t manage to create such a perfect one like this).


If you are playing with tank, best idea is not to move, so you don’t get additional damage from Net. Without tank it’s more useful to move to LoS. You can’t use Force Speed during Net, so if you must change your position and you have Surging Speed Utility, I recommend to use Polarity Shift if you didn’t use it before. 100% additional speed is perfect to deal with Net’s slow and alacrity boost allows you to heal through Net without using your other defensive abilities.

Remember that any other player can get Electro Net. If you can see, how many Nets have been used, you can imagine if you will need your breaker or not. You must remember that Sorcerers DPSes can die very easily while with Net. They will need a lot of healing if they won’t break it. Try to help them with Extrication and LoS. If you heal them enough to prevent them from using Force Barrier and Phase Walk, you will have a huge advantage against opposite team.

Line of Sight

Line of Sight allows you to protect yourself against burst damage, jumps and crowd controls. It’s very important to LoS abilities like Ambush/Aimed Shot, Penetrating Rounds/Penetrating Blasts or Boltstorm/Blazing Bolts. Good healers always use environment to win the battle.

You can LoS behind pillars, boxes and also if you are higher than your enemy and don’t stand close to the edge. Using Overload (for example in Orbital Station Arena) allows you to knock DPSes down and you have free time to heal your teammates to full before they come back.

With Force Speed you can run around pillars and another objects (Tatooine Canyon Arena in the middle is perfect for example) to LoS most of casted abilities. Remember: More abilities you won’t get, less healing you must do to survive. If you allow enemies to hit with every skill, you will die super fast because as Sorcerer you will get huge damage.

Playing with Tank

Playing with good tanks makes your life and healing much easier because of Guard. In 5.0 all kinds of Juggernauts/Guardians, Assassins/Shadows and Powertechs/Vanguards can give guard but mostly you will get Guard only from tanks because Powertechs and Juggernauts can be often killed easier than you.

Guard: Range 0-30m – While active, the guarded player takes 5% less damage and generates 25% less threat. In addition, as long as you remain within 15 metres of the guarded player, 50% of all incoming damage from enemy players is transferred back to you.

Knowledge who is guarded at the moment is very important for healers. You can see huge, blue ball around guarded player and small, white cage under tank’s feet. You can also see who is guarded by seeing icon in his buff log.


Red icon: Target is guarded, blue icon: target is out of Guard range.

If your teammate is stunned out of guard range and your tank isn’t very interested in it, you can easily summon him back to tank with your Extrication. If you are guarded and you see blue icon, look where is your tank and come back to his location.

You must remember to stay in 15 metres range if you are guarded. 50% damage will be transferred back to your tank and he has good survival ability (if not used) to deal with additional damage. Your mission as healer is to heal both guarded player and his tank to save them both. Without tank, you’re team is much easier to kill so always remember to make sure that your tank will survive.

If your tank is going to die and he has Guard on you, you can use your Warzone Adrenal to not let him die because he gets too much damage from you. Try to use Static Barrier on both of you when you both have enough health.

Tanks make the strongest skills like Ambush/Aimed Shot and Heatseeker Missile/Demolition Round less harmful for you. When you both get damage (you from players, tank from Guard), you also both have defensive abilities so you both can survive when you don’t have your strongest heal and damage becomes unhealable. That’s why many of Arena fights with healer and tank ends in Sudden Death.

When you have more than one tank in 8vs8 fights and tank who is guarding you goes to help another objective, you can easily turn off his guard by right-clicking guard icon on buff bar and you will help second tank to give you Guard.

Try to observe your tank’s Defensive Cooldowns. It will be much easier to decide who and how to heal if you know for example that Assassin can use Force Cloak, Powertech has Kolto Overload available or Juggernaut can heal to safe level with Enraged Defense. You should also be aware of damage reduction and similar skills like Intercede. You can heal with weaker skills during them and safe your Roaming Mend for next time if they have enough health. You can also pop you Force Barrier a little later if you get less damage. I recommend to read tanks’ skill trees before going Ranked to make sure that you know what can save you.

Sudden Death

Sudden Death is the moment when time runs out in Arena. You main mission is to get as close to the middle of the map as you can. Sudden Death appears mostly in healer+tank fights.

When green field is about to get to you, try to restore as much of your health as you can and use Force Barrier. Choosing best moment to use your strongest abilities is very important.

Best rotation before sudden death is: Resurgence -> Roaming Mend -> Unnatural Preservation. You can restore even 70k HP with it and mostly is enough to heal you to full and then use Force Barrier. If you don’t have Force Barrier, best idea is to hide behind an object AFTER green field gets to you.

When green field gets to you, don’t heal because all your heals will restore 0 health. Use only Static Barrier on yourself to save you against players and then use your damage abilities to attack enemies (mostly healer when without Barrier). If you kill them before Sudden Death kills you, you win.

Misc Tips


Sorcerer’s mobility is incredible. You can cast most of your skills while moving because You have Utility which makes Innervate works like this and most of other skills are or can be instant-cast.

Force Speed gives you amazing boost to your speed. You have two seconds to position yourself better or escape from melee.

You can chase around all map, not to let opposite DPSes to get. You must always be mindful if your Phase Walk is in range.

LoS is very important to decide where you should run. Moving between two objects which you can use to hide can save your life. Try not to move always in same method if you are running around the map because enemies can learn your movement and get you easier.

Here is an example of hiding and running. I placed my Phase Walk behind pillar so I don’t want to come back here. I start with running around main pillar but after two circles enemies know my movement so I use Force Speed to go upside . I use Force Wave to knock down some of my enemies and try to LoS rest of them upside . When knocked enemies come back, I go to chosen place and jump down to LoS under the second floor. Enemies jump after me so I find another LoS object and I try to run around him and then I come back to main pillar or I go upside with another stairs. I try to mix my movement because I don’t want to be predictable. Never go to LoS object when you have your Phase Walk because there will be no reason to use it.


Sorcerer vs Other Classes

Sorcerer versus Sage/Sorcerer: You must remember that another Sorcerer can mezz you with Force Lift. Most of healers won’t have instant-Force Lift so you can protect against it but many DPS Sorcerers will use it without cast and it can be dangerous when your ally don’t have safe level of health. When there is Balance Sage/Madness Sorcerer in opposite team, be careful not to have too low health when using Phase Walk. It’s possible that you will die before casting healing skill when you have Vanquish/Demolish on yourself, Demolish is powerful skill, when you hear the heartbeat sound, you have it from Sorcerer. There is good idea to use LoS against DPS Sorcerers because they have long range and in most situations, they won’t stand close to you so you can hide behind nearby objects easily. In 5.0 watch out for Lightning burst damage, it can be deadly if you allow Sorcerer to hit you all the time.

Sorcerer versus Shadow/Assassin: Assassins are stealth class and they can easily get to you while stealthed. If you are not target, there is possibility that you will be mezzed from stealth. Don’t break first mezz, if you are not in active fight, there is possible that you will get another mezz and you will be grounded. Best idea to deal with this mezzes is to use one DPS skill (Project for example) as fast as you see any enemy. You will join battle and no Assassin will be able to mezz you from stealth. Same as Sorcerers, Assassins can mezz you with Force Lift. If you are target, you can be stunned from stealth for 2 seconds. With Deception in opposite team, you can lose a lot of health very fast so if you are unable to heal through this damage because of stuns, use Phase Walk. Deception also has long-distance stun and you will be stunned with to allow Assassin to get to you. When this stun ends with damage, try to hide from Assassin, using Force Speed. There is different situation with Hatred Assassins. They aren’t so strong to kill you fast but their DoTs are painful for whole team. Don’t stand close to them, or you will get DoTs and you will have another person to heal.

Assassins tanks can easily stun you for 2 seconds every 20 seconds. Combined with other mezzes and stuns it can be dangerous. You can knock Assassins back with Overload and you can run from them with Force Speed. They can also be stunned when your Static Barrier explodes with Utility.

Sorcerer versus Vanguard/Powertech: As for Advanced Prototype Powertech, be careful because they bombs etc can kill you almost instantly if your HP is too low. Watch your debuff bar and be mindful of your health level if you have Assault Plastique/Thermal Detonator there. In Arenas DPS Powertechs are often first targets so you mission is to survive longer than Powertech. Be careful, every Powertech has AoE stun. If your whole team is stunned, there won’t be anyone to save you if you are in trouble.

Sorcerer versus Commando/Mercenary: Mercenaries are your biggest pain. They are very strong, mobile so it’s harder to hide from them than from Snipers. They also have the worst skill for you – Electro Nets (read more in ,,Electro Net" in Survival section). Your best chance for dealing with them is Force Speed (without Net) and LoS. Try to stun Mercenaries with your Force Stun often to have a little time to heal yourself. It’s also useful to use Grenades on them.

Sorcerer versus Sentinel/Marauder: Marauders are very, very strong but you have easier way with them than with Mercenaries because you can knock them back and you can run from them with Force Speed. They can also be stunned when your Static Barrier explodes with Utility. Carnage Marauders can be very dangerous in this expansion because they got skill which works similar to Electro Net but last shorter. Fury ones can be also dangerous for you because they can take half of health very fast when you are stunned.

Annihilation are similar to Hatred Assassin, don’t stay close to your team, not to get powerful DoTs. Predation is big addition to opposite team, try to stun melee players while in Predation state, because they can much easier get to you with additional speed.

Sorcerer versus Guardian/Juggernaut: Juggernauts are often first targets in Arenas. That’s why, they will be often stunned. Make sure not to stun Juggernaut which is already stunned. Your best chance to escape Juggernaut is to run with your Force Speed when he jumps on you. Vengeance Juggernaut will try to spread his DoTs on all your team, so remember not to stay to close to your team. Rage Juggernauts can be deadly for you, so always remember to LoS and run not to let them use many of his skills in a row.

Sorcerer versus Scoundrel/Operative: Operatives can be real pain because of their stuns and roots. Try to save your Force Speed for roots if there is Scrapper Scoundrel/Concealment Operative in opposite team but it isn’t always possible. Watch for your debuff bar, if you see Blood Boiler/Volatile Substance icon, make sure you have enough health to survive it and you will have at least enough health to survive this skill and one another because you can die before using your defensive cooldown. Be mindful of Operative/Scoundrel’s Flash Bang. 8 second mezz can be very dangerous if your teammate has low health. They can also mezz you from stealth if you are not in active combat. So try to use one damage ability on enemy or heal your ally who engaged in combat to prevent it. If you are mezzed by it, don’t break it if your teammate isn’t going to die.

Sorcerer versus Gunslinger/Sniper: Snipers can make your life a real nightmare if you allow them to use their strongest abilities on yourself. You must be always aware of LoS when playing against them. When you are about to get damage from Ambush/Aimed Shot, you will see red point above your head. You have about 1,5 second to LoS this ability or you will get about 25k hit. If your enemy is DoT specced Gunslinger, remember no to stand in his AoEs. They are slowing you and makes you easier to kill. Good thing in Snipers is that they aren’t mobile class. It can make LoS easier than with Mercenaries.

Additional Info

Playing Ranked:

Playing Ranked requires good knowledge about your healing skills, defensive cooldown. Be sure that you can read all informations from your User interface. Don’t queue Ranked if you aren’t sure that you are experienced enough. How do you check if you have enough experience?

1. You can do at least 8k HPS in regular Warzone fights and you had a few when you had more than 10k HPS.

2. Make sure that you use all of your defensive cooldowns while dying.

3. You have fights when you are the only healer and you can survive two million damage without dying.

4. You learnt another classes’ abilities and don’t stand still when you are about to get damage from Thermal Detonator and you have 10% HP.

5. In most of Unranked Arenas, you can do more than 7k HPS and survive at least 2-3 minutes (and whole fight if opposite team has mostly tanks and healers)

6. You stay close to LoS objects, not in the middle of the fights.

7. You don’t waste your skills like Extrication, Polarity Shift and Recklessness.

8. You have Grenades in your inventory.

9. You have full set bonus.

10. You can run a lot while healing and enemies has a real hell with you.

Personally, doing some 2m flashpoints (it can be OPS or another PvE thing) helped me to better understand Force Management. I recommend it to help with healing and then you can learn defensive cooldowns during PvP.

And I please you sooo much, don’t queue Ranked if you only want to farm CXP and you don’t have any idea what to do here. It’s sad when you lose a fight because your healer did 2k HPS and died without Force Barrier.


Using Grenades can save you and your allies because if your team understands the importance of them, they won’t hit stunned enemy without reason.

The best option to use Grenades is to stun whole group of melee attackers. You have 5 seconds to heal your team to safe level. I sometimes use Grenades to stun opposite healer when my Whirlwind and Electrocute is on cooldown or I don’t have enough time to cast Whirlwind.

Biggest disadvantage of Grenades is their very long cooldown. 3 minutes is a half of Ranked round (if it last to Sudden Death). So I recommend to my stuns:

Whirlwind (if you have time to cast it) -> Electrocute -> Grenade

If slows and interrupts are enough, you should always start with Force Slow and Jolt because they restore really quick.

Boosts/Medpacs on the 8vs8 maps:

In the 8vs8 Warzones, you can find small objects which gives you boost to your stats/speed or restores your health.

There are three kinds of them:

Speed Boost (it increases your speed for 15 seconds). This one is very useful when you are going to help your teammates in defending base or if you are going with Huttball. In Huttball you should also take this when opponents are going with Huttball to prevent them from taking this boost


Medpacs (they heal for good amount of health). They are super useful for classes which don’t have much off-healing abilities but they can also save your life as healer. First of all, decide if you really need this medpac in chosen situation. If you have 50% of your health and your friend with 10% is going to take medpac, don’t steal it from him. Working together can be the key to win any Warzone. Sometimes you are almost full health but enemy with 10% is trying to get to Medpac. Take it before he takes it and you will help your teammates to kill him.


Adrenals (they give you 15% buff to your damage, healing and damage reduction for 15 seconds). They are perfect is you are running out of defensive cooldowns or when you know that you enemy already used all of them. They are not difficult to recognize because they are the only ones with red image.


Boosts on chosen maps

1. Alderaan Civil War:

  • Two Speed Boosts are on the way between Grass and Snow (under mid).
  • Two Adrenals are in the places with Grass and Snow where you jump down when you are going to them from mid by stairs. There are also two close to Grass and Snow on the opposite side than respawn point.
  • Two Medpacs are where Grass and Snow not far when you are going from your respawn when you look left. There are also two on the opposite side of Snow and Grass (close to wall).

2. Novare Coast:

  • There is a Medpac on the hill close to Middle base.There are also two Medpacs close to West and East on the rock.
  • There is a Speed boost in the longer way from West to East between two small hills.

3. Voidstar:

  • There are Medpacs behind the walls next to doors.
  • There is an Adrenal behind fence halfway from both first doors. When you pass first doors there is another Adrenal on platform between bridges.
  • There is a Speed Boost on the platform between both bridges from the second doors’ side.


  • There are Medpacs in the rooms with all bases except Turret. Close to Turret there is a Medpac on a long platform  on the right side behind Turret’s place.
  • There are Speed Boots between down and left + down and right bases. There is one between down and middle base on the platform above mid. There are two on both sides of Turret under platforms with Odessen’s boost.There are also two on long platforms inside building.
  • There are Adrenals in the rooms with all bases except Turret.Close to Turret there is an Adrenal on a long platform on the left side behind Turret’s place.

5.Quesh Huttball:

  • There are two Medpac on the first floor (above ball stand and under score line) close to stairs from lowest floor.
  • There are two Speed boost close to cages close to ball stand and two close to walls on the ball stand’s floor.

6. The Pit Huttball:

  • The are four Medpacs in the corners of the map before the score lines.
  • There are two Speed boosts in the middle of the lowest level (before score lines).

7. Ancient Hypercrate:

  • There are two Adrenals in the way from pylons to mid (one from first pylon and one from second.
  • There are two Speed boosts inside the tunnels around mid.
  • There are two Medpacs behind pylon (one behind each pylon).

About the Author

Hello! I’m Andunie Anzu and I’m from Poland. I play on Red Eclipse server with my boyfriend, Aguar’ess but I came here from Tomb of Freedon Nadd and I have played this game since January 2015. There are many people who had played much longer than me but I’m satisfied with my experience and I want to share it with other players. I’m enthusiast of having millions of characters in all games (32 in SWTOR at the moment!) but I mostly play as Andunie Anzu (Kinetic Combat Shadow), Yth’ya Arran’tha (Sage Seer), Indu’acca Qu’etzl (Commando Combat Medic) and Soy’ralli (Sentinel Watchman) but you can also remember me as Sonnei’llon, Miesha Tate, An’dunie, Quaedu’nun or Anzu Gilga’mesh. Sorcerer Corruption and Sage Seer have been my main classes since the beginning of my game. I was happy to get my 1629 Solo rating in Season 7. Same as Dulfy, I’m very proud to be a female gamer.


My Youtube channel: (there aren’t so many movies now but I’m preparing new one and I hope to put them all in the second half of February). One day I plan to create my Twitch, too but I don’t have it at the moment.

Big, big, big thanks to:

  • Dulfy, for giving me a chance to write this guide and publishing it! I tried to make it the best and I hope that I managed to it :). Thanks for creating so amazing site which I open every day!
  • My boyfriend, Aguar’ess, for all support he gave me during my game and writing this guide and hours spent together in Warzones.

Sorry for my language mistakes! I have habits from my own language so they exist :).

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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Very comprehensive, which is great compared to some of the 4.0 sorceror pvp guides which were just copy+paste and bare bones. Only negative thing I can really say is that the spelling and grammar in a lot of areas is seriously lacking.

Thank you for posting this.

Why do you hardcast dark heal and hardcast revivification without any force surge? That limits your overall healing output and hardcasting dark heal makes force management much more difficult. You’re better off using dark infusion than hardcasting dark heal. You get much higher output from dark infusion than dark heal and it is worth the force that it costs to use infusion.

It’s just my method to play Sorc/Sage and I have nice healing output in it. I’ve tried many rotations etc and I do most healing with it. I save Force Surge for Consuming Darkness, because I prefer Dark Heal over Dark Infusion. Dark Heal is weaker and more Force-consuming but because of faster cast is more optimal for PvP. When I try to use Dark Infusion, my teammate can die during 0,5 additional seconds when they don’t have enough health. Still, Dark Heal is filler ability, and with Roaming Mend, Innervate, Resurgence, Force Barrier etc, I don’t cast it so very often. Of course, it’s still vital to use Dark Infusion instead of Dark Heal when you have Resurgence to use on it. I see that rotation most optimal for both Force Managemnet and saving simple ally, not only Force Management. I don’t have big problems with Management myself. But as I said it’s just my method. Everyone who is learning should also try Your method, maybe it can be more vital for another person.

Makes sense. I typically use the surge from every other Innervate on Consuming Darkness to get my force back. I do prefer to use resurgence into dark infusion every time I get my autocrit up. It’s also what I do to burst someone up using resurgence > dark infusion > dark heal proc. A couple of dark heals can easily be broken through by a burst class. Even madness with death field > leech can pull more damage than two dark heals would heal for. Therefore, I believe taking the risk and doing dark infusion > dark heal proc would be more efficient. You would preferably do this with resurgence before the dark infusion, assuming you have time. I know that bursting people up with this rotation is not ideal. It’s much more ideal to do resurgence > roaming mend, resurgence > Innervate, or recklessness > polarity shift > innervate. You could also use your autocrit and stack it with recklessness to get a crit of 21k+. Whenever I do that and I need to burst someone up, I pair the recklessness with polarity shift and force bending. Doing the recklessness also guarantees a dark heal crit, adding these two heals up to a total of about 34k I believe. I just find this more efficient. As for hardcasting reviv without surge, it’s such a minimal heal and unless there’s a lot of pressure, you’re better off hardcasting dark infusion instead of reviv, as they have the same cast time. This is what I’ve learned in my experience. I understand that I don’t know everything, but this is what I find best.

Very nice and useful guide.
Which are your keybinds to target a friend and to target enemy?
I m too used to play dps , and now as healer as i need change so often between target enemies or friends, I am really bad and slow on that., Do u have any tips on that?

Spelling and grammar poor, Lol kids these days!! You put in so many hours on prepping this, including screenshots with added text.

Awesome post both for Sage/Sorc. Been watching your YouTube vids as well. Would be great if you added some audio of you going over your strat/tactics while playing. Thanks again!!


I wasn’t cramming on her!! Making fun of the people complaining about her grammar. I appreciate the heart and soul she put into this post. Btw, do you know what gear her Sorc is wearing??

Sorry! i misunderstood you :P, English is not my first language either. I dont know what gear is wearing. I only recognise the head slot that I think is the Glorious Charnel Mask.

Thank You and sorry for late response!
My Sorc is wearing Dark Reaver force-mystic’s gear (it was PvP gear for 60 lvl) with Satele Shan’s Boots, Squadron Leader’s Gloves and Elegant Dress Cuffs.
As Runa said, I’m wearing Sith Recluse Armor Set with Glorious Charnel Mask on my Sage but I changed this mask for Ajunta Pall’s one.

I am getting sometimes in the 8v8 warzones a debuff called “drained” that unable me to use Unlimited power for my team. Anybody knows where is that debuff coming from?

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