Black Desert Dark Knight Coming to NA/EU Servers in March

The Dark Knight class will be coming to NA/EU servers in March and in the pre-awakened version.

The Dark Knight is the next character class that players will be able to choose from in Black Desert Online.

In battle, the Dark Knight uses a combination of melee attacks and long-range magic. Wielding a two-handed sword flaring with dark energy, she can quickly overwhelm opponents by unleashing heavy and unrelenting strikes. Tapping into an ancient power from her homeland of Kamasylvia, the Dark Knight can also corrupt and absorb power from spirits around her, then release it onto nearby enemies to extinguish their life force.

Embrace the shadows when both the Dark Knight and the region of Kamasylvia arrive in Black Desert Online this March as free updates.

The version of Dark Knight will be pre-awakened.

Kamasylvia region is also releasing in March according to the press source but no details if it is the same date.

By Dulfy

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Are we 100% sure what main/sub weapons they will be using? New or shared (like Kuno/tamer mainhand or Ranger/Witch sub) ?

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Black Desert is always going to be sex locked classes, it’s how the game was built. Is it really that much of an issue to play a female character? I have 7 and 4 are girls it’s not that big of an issue to me at least. To be honest I like sex locked classes, makes each one have their own unique look though still customizable is easy to tell in pvp.

Nice, Kamasylvia will come way earlier than I was expecting it to happen :O Need to start moving my self a little closer to 61 then xD

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