SWTOR 250% XP and CXP Feb 7 to April 10

SWTOR is doing a 250% XP and CXP event from Feb 7 to April 10.




  • 250% Bonus XP Event: February 7 – April 10
  • 250% Bonus Command XP Event: February 7 – April 10
  • Bounty Contract Week: February 14 – 21
  • Relics of the Gree Event: February 28 – March 7

Check back for more details on future in-game events.


LEVEL: All Levels up to 70!
From story missions to PvP Warzones to Starfighter battles, level up at 2.5x the speed — up to Level 70!
Looking to get an even greater boost? Grab a few additional XP Boosts from the Cartel Market:


Level up through your Command Ranks faster than ever before with a 250% experience boost! Watch the Command Crates roll in as you gear up with the most powerful items the galaxy has to offer!
Play the Knights of the Eternal Throne Expansion to unlock Galactic Command at Level 70! Find out more:

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

225 replies on “SWTOR 250% XP and CXP Feb 7 to April 10”

He took the time to go to the meme site, generate the picture, and cut and paste it into a reply, whereas he could have just shrugged his shoulders and said ‘meh’. I think he’s crushing on me.

Hey, who the hell said we are haters??? We’re lovers, not haters! We are just waiting for the right person to come along…

Or you are a tool to entertain his greater audience. No more important than a microphone. Sometimes the joke is more important than the subject…often actually. Fred is sort of like the evolved pokemon upgrade of Whitedragon. Where whitedragon posts shitty memes that make dick all sense most of the time, Fred at least makes sure they fit a narrative, and if they don’t, he makes one. Its the difference between an annoying troll, and an entertaining one. He probably barely even notices you beyond the opportunities you are giving him to produce material.

All they have to do is remove these stupid McBoxes of exciting happines, but no, let us keep avoiding the problem. I just hope they do so we can pretend 5.0 never happened…

Got to love Bioware,

Okay lets slow everyone down with gear leveling due to lack of new endgame content with CXP and RNG boxes and tell them the old crystal/token vendor system was too complicated.

Okay people are still leveling too fast lets nerf gold NPC’s.

Okay everyone hates it lets bring back some tokens and vendors and make the system 1000% more complicated than ever before.

Okay everyone still hates it lets give everyone a 250% boost in leveling CXP so they can gear up faster than Millennium Falcon can do the Kessel Run.

Confused yet? I’m sure as hell am lmao

Another Bioware “new content” filled event!!! Lol. Call it what it is, a bandaid on the broken CXP failure. Not an event.

Before event – 160 hours of grinding to earn 80 crates of frustration.

With event – Only 80 hours of grinding to earn 80 crates of frustration.

Result: You can now can frustrated even faster than before!

This just means, “Incoming Tiers 4 and 5 Galactic Command”. They did the same thing with the token system before they upped that too.

So predictable.

What is predictable is the inevitability of your drivel spewing forth. If you don’t like the game play another or better yet it sounds like you need to take a break from gaming and go outside and get some sunshine and fresh air.

Hello fanboi. Thank you for taking the time to post the most uninformative, enigmatic post filled with (and I’ll use your big words here) drivel to be posted in the most recent of articles.

I’m sorry that your labia began to ache with so much pain that you couldn’t find the cream to apply. I’m sorry to say, that your application of so much salt doesn’t help either.

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Good idea, but lets talk logistics here: How do you transport 104k bucks to Austin, and before that, how do you even find a space where they can live, let alone a place where they have food? Buying food for that many bucks will cost a ton, and if you have them in the wilds, most will probably run away.

Also, these are all male animals, there might be a lot of fighting between them. Imagine the carnage that ensues if a female enter their premise….

New Uprising! Compete in the forests of Yavin and collect all 104k wild bucks while they are trying to use the Force to hide from their predators! The thrill of the hunt is here! Our newest uprising gives you the chance to turn into a rancor, devouring the bucks that do not comply with your electro net! Join the newest adventure in a galaxy far far away!

Man, you are inspired today.

But I don’t think you get the full scope of that idea:

It could be a whole new expansion! “Knights of the Fallen Eternal Bucks”, coming your way later this year!

And get this: they’ll deliver one buck a month, to keep you playing the darned thing… It’s a BW wet dream, I tell ya!

Each wild buck gives 1 CXP, that means lots of experience for everyone! (CXP for wild buck won’t increase with CXP boosts since bucks can’t count.) By our estimates, this will bring you several weeks of joy until you’ve devoured them all! (or 2 days since we can’t count either) Also, be sure to check out the rare drops this event brings, such as the Wild Buck mount! (0,0005% drop rate, will be available in 2 months on CM for tons of CC) The tame buck pet (looks like crap, 97% drop rate), The giant pile of buck corpses! (Deco, takes up a starship hook, drop rate 0%, will be in CM in 3 months) You decide if you want to devour them all, because YOUR choice matters!

A long as the buyer takes care of the logistics this is the most sane idea, otherwise you have the same issue as I already mentioned below.

Most sane idea is to kill 95% of bucks and sell meat, horns, bones and other stuff. For returned money build a farm and reproduce the rest 5%

And create themed park, buckfarm or something. I`m ready to start if you have 104k bucks.

It do sound like an awful lot of work, but it does have potential. Unfortunately Timmy the spammer is the one sitting of the 104k bucks (hopefully not literally), so we need to ask him if we can “borrow” them for a while. Considering how dimwitted he seems to be, this should probably not be in issue.

We might even be able to recruit him to do the boring part of the work and tell him he’s gonna get about half a rock in payment. (And convince him that those are not his bucks) He probably won’t realize we mean an actual rock until it’s too late.

Hm, that does sound like a solid business plan indeed!

Ok, I`ll start looking for people who`ll buy about 100k of buck leftovers. You find a nice looking rock. Lets do this!

It sounds like you need to stop playing the game and actually go to work, but I might be assuming too much that you have a job…

Image one person working on a new OPS for 3 hours a day, how many days would it take that person to finish said OPS?

I have no idea as I’m not in the industry, however, one only has to look at the amount of content that serves different styles of play that is offered by other titles considered MMOs to see that SWTOR woefully underdelivers.

Can we use the spammer as a guinea pig to see how long it takes someone with below average brainpower to create an OPS for TOR?

The only thing you have shown anybody is how to complain and whine. You wouldn’t be able to do any better. Step out and get some air…

Well, I don’t work in the video game industry so, ya know, of course I wouldn’t be able to do any better. I also cannot fly a plane better than a pilot or hit a baseball better than a MLB player.

“Step out and get some air…” Yet another genius who doesn’t understand it takes 30 seconds to post a reply on here, bait someone into another temper tantrum, and then go back to something more entertaining.

Be careful, gog. He already accused me and Paulo of circle-jerking each other. You don’t want to be thrown in with us malcontents.

It’s called multitasking: you take a dump, and you write stuff on the internet while you’re at it….

Here you go again, lashing out with personal insults when a person is criticizing a video game. Such a sad life you live when you allow that make believe world to define you and be so much of who you are that you take any negative comment about it as a personal insult.
Perhaps you need to get a life?

250% EXP boost? Seriously? Leveling is already at lightspeed. You want me to hit level 70 on Nar Shaddaa by just doing Story Missions?

The Command thing I get, because that one is both slow and the methods used to gain ranks very grindy.

Not interested anymore, my sub expired, not doing same content for 2 million time again.
They can do 1000000% cxp boost and i am still not returning to this RNG game.

So true that’s even sad, such a great game it could have been and how bad has it ended for a misguided direction…

You are the type of person that makes this a bad game experience. Constantly whining about not getting your way. Do us all a favor and return to your mario kart and wii.

Posting in a Forum is a “game experience”???

Well I’ll be damned… I didn’t know Dulfy was on EA’s payroll…

Good attempt, but you will have to do better to be labeled as a troll m8.

PD: You must be really enjoying the game when you have nothing better to do than post here 🙂


Hey! Don’t disappoint him. When he posts here he thinks he’s actually playing the game. Don’t burst his little bubble…

We got us a big bad MoFo right here, using a guest account to talk trash and disappear. He can’t bring it with an organized defence of SWTOR so he will start the debate off with personal insults and then criticize others when they insult him back.
You stay classy there white knight.

You know what? You sir, are absolutely right. It IS more fun. And when I see a newly bred White Knight I just get goosebumps thinking just how many ways I can break him down…

Your lame attempts to “break” anything down are laughable at best. Focus more time on actually contributing to society instead of being a tough keyboard warrior.

Ooooohhh… A keyboard warrior… That MUST be a new class in TOR, right?

And I don’t “attempt” anything. I DO IT. Done it countless times right here. And it’s not even hard. You guys are so thick and flawed in your logic it’s only fun the first time around, Big Mac…

And what’s with the name anyway? You are either a big guy named Mac, attempting to compensate for a small part of your anatomy, or you have an unhealthy fixation with hamburgers…

Never mind. I REALLY don’t want to know…


Uh oh…I must have triggered the keyboard warrior. Please show me how your “break” people down….

Ok “Mr. Big”. Let me tell you just how thick and logically flawed you are…

First, you make the mistake of coming on the Internet and ASSUMING. You assume other people are stupid, that they don’t see the truth that you alone possess. You call them stupid, useless, when in reality it’s your BIGOTRY that stupid.

Second, from the top of your high horse, not only did you already classify others as not worthy of such a great game. You presume to tell other people what they should do, because in your very unique kind of stupidity you feel like those that don’t validate your own sense of entitlement should conduct their business elsewhere.

But then you commit the ultimate mistake in what concerns the matter at hand: you would rather push people that don’t see eye to eye with you from the game than CONCEDE that there isn’t an ultimate truth. That some people love this game, but don’t like where it’s heading. That these people CANNOT show their negative feelings about the game. True: some people are not constructive about their criticism, I do give you that Mr. Big.

In doing so, you FAIL to see that if these people, like me, didn’t criticise, BW WOULD NOT HAVE CHANGED THE GAME OH SO VERY RECENTLY. That we were RIGHT TO CRITICISE. That they were WRONG in the changes they made. If they were right, they would not change anything and everybody would be happy.

In sum, Mr. Big: you seem to need a crowd to validate your sense of entitlement. You like the game? Fine, go play it. No one’s stopping you. A Forum is not a game experience Mr. Big. Don’t be so full of yourself.

I didn’t ask for a novel that went on another useless tangent, I asked for you to show me how you are going to “break” somebody down, and as usual, I’m still waiting…

And as I’ve already said: you are as thick as brick, if you fail to see what I’m explaining to you… I’ve already broken you, and you aren’t even capable of noticing that…


The only thing that is broken is you being a broken record of going on about nothing and not showing how much of a tough guy keyboard warrior. PLEASE show me how your going to “break” somebody down…

Look, I’m not going to repeat it AGAIN… Go back and have another read, maybe you’ll get it this time…

Geez man, show me how you are going to “break” people down. Everyone is waiting for keyboard warrior to deliver….

It’s okay Paulo, the ‘flek, bea’ mentalities have thick armor of stupidity that takes time to work through. Senior Tiny Meat doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand, merely repeats the same question as he’s been taught by other trolls.

Damn… He’s not even a good quality White Knight. We used to get some people that weren’t, you know, intellectually challenged…

Where have all the good times gone, I ask you…

Didn’t they announce this for April originally? I thought they were going to kick off the next big update with the CXP bonus.

Even Harbinger is going between light/standard population now. The others are ghost towns. This is what happens when you make a 7 million dollar animation promo instead of using that money to invest in actual content. They are trying to get everyone hyped up about 1 operation that will be a work in progress and not fully completed until next fall.

That can’t be true. The Knights of White on this forum say that they’ve never seen Fleet so busy. You can’t even log in to the Fleet without random Ops invites hitting you in the head like raindrops!

It sounds like you and Paulo frequently enjoy circle jerking and telling each other how good you both sound while agreeing with each other so often.

Well… Now that you mention that, me and Fred just disagreed very recently when BW came out with the announcement of the new patch coming in April…

But you know… That happens. It’s life. And people that actually have an OPINION sometimes disagree. The pros and cons of having an intellect.

Nothing you need to worry about…

Paulo and Fred are the most adequate here, trust me. At least when it comes to insults, I really enjoy watching them work together, even if it is against me.

I do understand now how funny it looks when someone tries WKing here. Even if you have best intentions, your rage is pointed in wrong direction.

If you really enjoy SWTOR, just keep playing in ignore someone who dont like the game, its their right and their pain.

Anyone else notice how ridiculous the characters look in the banner for this? Like they just picked 2 random noobs in game and got their chars for the banner…

Its now confirmed that BWA thinks their customers are braindead!
Ignore RNG but slightly boost casino boxes gain. Thats a way to address customers concerns.
Other companies should learn how to gain .. no sorry loose its playerbase!

instead of a random set pc give us a token to turn in for a pc of 230 set gear of our choosing. Solves at least the duplicates part of the rng.

EA is not the problem here, however worthy of contempt they may be.

All the choices that led to this point are 100% the fault of BioWare. This is what happens when one crawls up the arse of past successes thinking they make you invincible.

Yes but karma is getting them back by way of hacked accounts with thousands of cartel coins buying cartel packs and flooding the GTN with the filler. It’s been this way over a year.

We really don’t know that — the emphasis on micro-transactions has EA written all over it, and although Bioware is developing the game, their funding (and the distribution of said funds) across the different aspects of the game is very likely not their choice.

There are also some problems which are just a result of EA-based problems, such as the Operations designer leaving most likely due to poor support from within the company. He did what he had to, and while I can’t say that helped the game, I can’t really fault him either, and it then is the responsibility of the company to hire a replacement, or else move on to other types of content (as they have). But the decision not to hire another designer was not necessarily Bioware’s to make.

Hell no BioWare! You won’t get another dime out of me for this game! Endgame is ruined and the only thing still decent is the story. But, I’ve done the story 50 times sideways so no thanks!

Same here, I’m more excited by the exp bonus because of the stories than the cxp one, no way I’m wasting my time farming that bullshit.

Good you probably suck anyways. It will definitely be better without your wretched toxicity. Go play your call of duty…

So first image is probably tatooine heroic where you need to kill sand people. Second is from uprising divided we fall. Third is somewhere on quesh.

Lol @ these second-rate clowns.

There is nothing they do anymore that doesn’t just stink of desperation, and it’s 100% self-inflicted. They could have avoided all of this, all the problems right from launch if they’d just checked their institutional ego at the door for like, 15 minutes back in 2010-11.



I must admit that I’m actually tempted to throw in a quick month for this, but…another 50 crates full of useless garbage only coming in twice as fast?

Thank you, no.

Lots of hate with the Game… Really, if you dont like it there are games out there for you…
Though, I am sure you need to ask your parent’s permission to play Club Penguin.

Are we insinuating that if you are not happy with Swtor that you are a child, or special needs person who needs parental supervision? Also Club Penguin is gone in March. So your solution is temporary….wait do you work for Bioware?

You must feel proud of yourself to spend so much time surfing the net for stupid pictures that ultimately fail to get your point across….

I have to admit, I’m impressed. You’ve commented on like, every post that even implies mild displeasure with SW:TOR and successfully convinced 0% of people the game is actually good, instead preferring to be condescending and/or an asshole.

Oh you gotta love these guys: they say they love the game, but they’d rather have people that criticise it leave the game for good, than be confronted with the idea that somewhere, somehow, SOMEONE might actually disagree with them…

Usually folks are responding to you in defence.
Ya see most folks criticize the game and what is happening to it, how they dislike the direction it is going and it’s lack of appear or inability to live up to the potential it once had.

Then in ride the White Knights to defend the game with personal insults intended to belittle and degrade the person who criticized the game. Then we defend ourselves.Then the White Knights try to make us out to be the bad guy because they took our critique of a videogame as a personal insult against them because of their inability to separate themselves from the make believe world.
It is a vicious circle really because white knights can’t understand that our criticism of a video game has nothing to do with who they are as a person, but in their minds our level of enjoyment of said game says everything about who we are as people… In the end if the wight knights would open their eyes to the fact that not everything in SWTOR is rainbows and butterflies, maybe even grow up, just a little, then we could all have civilized conversations.

Until that day many of us will continue to critique the video game and white knights will continue to get their feelings hurt when we say we are angry at Bioware…

“It is a vicious circle really because haters (white knights) can’t understand that our love(criticism) of a video game has nothing to do with who they are as a person, but in their minds our level of enjoyment of said game says everything about who we are as people… In the end if the haters (wight knights)would open their eyes to the fact that not everything in SWTOR is shit and giggles (rainbows and butterflies), maybe even grow up, just a little, then we could all have civilized conversations.”

You know this is exactly what they think, right? Haters usually use personal insults, even your so called “White Knights” are an insult of their own attunement?

You see this is where you go off the rails.
We criticize the game, you inturn spit hate and personal insults at us because you don’t like our opinion of this thing that you are allowing to define who you are and what your life is.
The difference is that we are talking about a video game and what frustrates us about it, you on the other hand are just attacking us for wanting the game to be a better version of what it currently is.
You can not pretend to be a decent person and still justify the actions of insulting people because they voice their opinion about a video game.

You clearly cant see through this.

Nevermind then, feel free to feel superior to any and all WK people here.

The difference, as I have said several times, which you fail to understand, is that we are criticizing a game and you take that criticism, of a video game, and return with a personal attack.
It is a make believe world! Those of us critiquing the game dislike the white knights because you can’t separate the make believe world from the real world and insist on attacking people on a personal level if they criticize your game.

This is beyond unacceptable behavior.
Person on Dulfy: “I dislike SWTOR right now because x, y, z is frustrating to me.”
WK on Dulfy: “I hate you and you are an idiot, why don’t you go back to watching Teletubbies and sucking your thumb.”

In general this is how every argument with a WK/fanboi translates. We critique the game, you all attack us for critiquing the game. This process puts you on the side of the oppressor trying to assert your superiority by attempting to intimidate others and forcing them to give up their free speech.
I will gladly have a rational debate about the game, but when it turns into personal attacks, be they veiled, passive aggressive, sarcastic or condescending, then rational conversation ends and the attacks begin. Stop attacking others and you will not be attacked plain and simple. Unless you are just trolling, then you are scum and no one (other than sick, demented asshats) likes a troll.

There are no WK or DK or whatever, there are just people. Stupid, agressive and bored.

But it seems that you have some personal issues with trolls and WKs. I`ll just leave you be. Hope you`re smart enough to do the same.

Well, there are rumors for new 3rd person game in development, no info if it will be single, coop or MMO yet, but EA announced it with Respawn Entertainment studio.

Closest one is EA + Visceral game in SW universe in early 2018.

I think the second someone will announce an MMO within original SW trilogy period people will run to the stores and ddos sites that will open a preorder… I know I will.

That would depend on how they deliver the game. If they (and by “they” I mean EA) do another “Battlefront” I’m sorry but I’m not interested. Buying a third of the game and then having to buy DLC’s to actually play the game is ludicrous.

The game is great though.

Wake me up when Bioware hires some veteran MMO devs that actually know what they’re doing.

I’d be willing to settle on just some devs that actually play and enjoy MMO’s. Ideally the game they are currently developing for.

The thing I would be willing to settle for is your automatic cancellation of your subscription to spare us your mind numbingly stupid comments. Your argument is old, go some where else if you don’t like the game.

If you thought that I wanted to outsmart you with a snarky response, that would have happened even by typing random characters on the keyboard.

All I am saying, is that the game sucks right now. Deal with it and move on, either by playing something else, or playing SWTOR with the knowledge that it sucks. That’s what I do.

“If you thought that I wanted to outsmart you with a snarky response, that would have happened even by typing random characters on the keyboard.”

I don’t care what you think Kosto. I don’t care about your feelings.

I’m stealing that. Deal.

Well that’s about par for the course for you. Taking comments from others and making it as if you had said it on your own. It looks like you found another circle jerk buddy along with Fred Garvin. How often do you guys get together, have your pillow fights and experimental touch sessions to convince yourselves that you are right?

More often than log on SWTOR and raid together, because the way this game is right now, pillow fighting and experimental touching is waaaaaaay more interesting and fun. I am touching myself experimentally as I am responding to you right now.

He’s a bigot, if I ever saw one. And I wouldn’t call him an idiot. That would be offensive to idiots everywhere.

See… That might actually be worse: if he cancels his sub and stops playing the game, he actually has MORE TIME to come here with “mind numblingly stupid comments”…

Speaking of which:

Not very bright, are you?

Sorry. I have just as much right to share my opinion here as you do. However “old” my opinion is irrelevant as long as it remains valid.

The reason I continue to share my “old, mind-numbingly stupid” opinions is because I still do care about the game. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t bother. Apathy is worse than hatred in this case.

Moving on from your flawed logic, I already canceled my 6 months recurring subscription. I bought a 60 day time card from the grey market(to minimize revenue to bioware. Failure shouldn’t be rewarded with income) to see if the devs were actually going to listen to feedback this time around. (which they haven’t) That time is just about up. The extra free time I now enjoy frees me to share my disgruntlement here with you.

In future if you find a comment that you disagree with, either ignore it or post a more constructive rebuttal than childish name calling. People will find it harder to dismiss you as a troll.

I hated that fight. I originally picked DS and tried to help everyone else kill Kreia, but she kept killing my followers and then me so I finally gave up and just sided with her.

“Your argument is old”, he says, then follows it up by making an even older argument. If he canceled his sub, it wouldn’t be automatic. I’m starting to realize you actually are as dense as Paulo has shown.

There’s no point in grinding for gear when the endgame sucks, sorry, but I left my feedback when I canceled my subscription. I know some of you Bioware fanboys will say bye felicia, but this game is nothing but a slow painful grind. I really really want to play this game as I am a huge fan of Star Wars, I held on for as long as I could but 1 boss in april and 4 more by the end of the year.. Sorry, sadly now I have to play WoW again to stay entertained.

Hold on, let me get BW on the phone and have them focus development to completely cater to your useless needs. You must have really wanted to play the game for subscription to be cancelled. Nobody cares about your inability to have patience why BW actually works on more content.

Yep… And nobody cares that you don’t care about his inability to have patience with BW.

(guys: start of combo HERE^^!!!)

Works on more content, hahahaha, you mean recycling old zones and calling them uprisings. Or better yet multiplying boss health and damage in every operation/flashpoint so they stay relevant, yet have the same mechanics. Please tell me more about this new content.

The only people whose needs are being catered to are low expectation owning Star Wars fans who think it’s normal to be sold this kind of horse crap.

Well, why are you so toxic? Some people like this Garvin come here to troll people who like the game despite its flaws. Dont be mistaken, he had some good time in SWTOR, but it transformed into bitterness because he cant have that anymore.

BWA sure sucked last year, most of their content was single player oriented, but they changed strategy for next xpack and this year. We will see some changes on second quarter in march, its really soon.

He and people alike will crawl back to SWTOR when new OPs will roll in. Because they cant leave.

Don’t want to leave would be the apt description I think. I include myself in that. I used to enjoy this game a whole lot and would like to again, but in the current format I do not.

Personally I don’t think a staggered OPs release will bring many subscriptions back. Like you say the solo orientated direction and current direction (I honestly do not know who they are actually marketing this game toward at the moment) has driven a lot of people away and even worse has probably destroyed any element of trust that they can actually deliver on their current promises.

I think it will take a minor miracle for BWA to wake and start delivering a substantial amount of content that will encourage players to stay and return. The reality is that they think they are doing a good job, I however do not think they are.

I’ve said many times that the Star Wars IP is essentially a license to print money, and if they rolled a variety of content often on a rotational basis they would have my custom for life, It wouldn’t matter to me if an update didn’t have what I was after as I would know that future updates would.

For me the diverse playerbase makes this game unique. It is something to be cashed in on, whereas currently the devs seem to want to drive away some of their customers.

Felicia… Felicia…

Wait, aren’t you the butthurt little pony who tells people to get cancer or kill themselves whenever they wipe the floor with you in PvP? Lol People with your temper won’t be missed, I’m sure.

They’re not. But nothing in his comment makes ANY mention of pvp. So I’m guessing you missed your shot there…

You’re responding as if I was trying to contradict any of his arguments. I wasn’t. Merely suggesting that it’s hard to take someone who gets so upset at a video game seriously (as he seems to in PvP), regardless of the aspect of the game they’re playing or discussing at any given time.

LMAO, no the only time I would have a temper is if doing one of those open zone heroic quests if I was standing next to something killing a mob and someone would run up and steal it. If I get my ass kicked in PVP so be it. I did play a fair share, I guess I would do enough to get my weekly done, but I wasn’t good enough to do ranked so I stayed out. But I played when the game first came out and quit, and came back late 2015. I guess my favorite part of the game was playing a new character through the storyline for the FIRST time. When I tried making new ones of a class i already played through I found myself hitting spacebar quite a bit and it wasn’t the fun anymore.

I guess grinding fractured and warzones isn’t my thing, this announcement gives me 0 motivation to come back..

I have a question about the xp. Isn’t the xp already muliplied for the Story Missions? Is the 250% added to that, or replaced?

So like two months after they release their big expansion they’re already doing a two month-long EXP/CXP event to try and entice people to play/stay?

It’s really difficult to see how SWTOR has any sort of bright future ahead of it with the direction Bioware has run it into. This is one of those poor desperation tactics used when you know no one’s happy or barely buying into it.

Lol, all these people being picky af, just play the story and the game to relax, dont take it so seriously, just lay back and have fun with it and friends

Your right Kashi, but unfortunately you are more likely to see the apprehension of D. B. Cooper rather than these people be satisfied with any part of the game.

Considering that it says you can combine with a cartel market boost I would assume it would work with the DvL legacy gear, since that can stack with the cartel market boost. In total you should be able to get a boost of 325% total (not counting any legacy bought leveling perks). That would 250% for the event + 50% for legacy armor (assuming you have full set) + 25% for cartel market boost gotten in game / via direct purchase.

So BWA offer you 250xp so you can level an Alt to 70 ridiculously quickly but then continue to allow their endgame gearing system to be extremely Alt unfriendly. I fail to see the logic behind this.

To really keep and get some returning subs, surely it’s time for actual content investment in all varieties instead of gimmicks such as this. Alas I doubt this will happen until we see some personnel changes at BWA.

I remain a little hopeful that EA will realise how much money this game has potential to make and not pull the plug completely before changing the team.

The end game gearing isn’t that alt unfriendly. I’ve fully set geared 3 alt toons since the change.

I’d like a little context on this statement please.

Have you GC levelled one character and happen across 3 different full sets or GC levelled various characters and happen to get the set pieces you need?

Now I’m not calling bullshit as it TECHNICALLY is possible for both these outcomes to have occurred, however UNLIKELY. But if this is true, you may want to get some lottery tickets in as your LUCK is in 😛

I would also ask if you were happy to grind as much as you did for this to be even possible? Also if you were happy to grind 3-5 year old content to make this happen?

I have 1 character that is level 224. I have 3 other characters of different classes. Since the patch I have finished the set gear of the 224 character, got 2 of the other classes to full 230 set gear and 1 with 3 pieces of set gear.

This is quite easy to achieve by being in a guild and just doing the daily group finder then doing lock outs on the end boss. Can do the GF with 4 characters in 1.5-2 hours (depending on the gf).

I wouldn’t call it grinding but you may call it that. I certainly wouldn’t say it’s unfriendly to alts if you just apply a logical approach to gearing, have some legacy gear to move across the set pieces and are in a guild with some active people.

That’s fair enough I guess, I actually stopped playing any endgame after 5.0 was released due to the RNG element and forgot that they reintroduced Ops drops as a mitigation. So there is now is possibility for gear progression to NiM standard if you can do the content. This is better than it was and at least better players are gonna get better gear faster.

I call it a grind as there’s been nothing new of substance to play for a long time. I enjoy playing the game, but I don’t want to be doing the same raids I did in 2012/3/4 over and over.

Yeah I understand that but I only started playing at the end of November so these are all pretty fresh to me. Also, there is a new raid coming so gotta gear up for that!!!

I have 1 main character who is GC 230 ish. I have 3 other characters of different classes who, prior to the GC/Ops change had 0 pieces of set gear.

By spending circa 1.5 – 2 hours per day and doing end boss lockouts with your guild it is quite easy to get set pieces and move them to other characters via legacy gear.

This may feel like grinding but I don’t view it that way as I maybe do it every other day. Through this I have finished my set gear on my main, fully set geared 2 alts and have another with 4 pieces of set gear.

Sure GC crates aren’t a good way of gearing characters but the whole system (which PVP and Ops are part of) isn’t alt unfriendly. There are viable approaches which are good for gearing.

(the lockout thing can be scaled up to HM and NIM with appropriate geared people, obviously)

Fail to see the logic? It’s obvious. They’re blinded by the sheer amount of money they’re making right now, and are failing to see that actually improving the game will make more people want to buy it.

-An active player who loves the game to death

I`ll make a bit off-topic here:

What do you guys think if devs could add swoop bike racing? It can be very easily adapted from GSF maps and mechanics. And its something that can be made in closest year. Maybe if people will ask for it as hard as they whine here, we can actually have some extra cool swoop bike racing… dreams, dreams.

Wouldn’t get your hopes up mate.
People have been asking for side games for years like pod racing and pazaak etc.
It’s actually one of the reasons why people (as you say) whine here so hard its cause there is so much potential for this game but after years of waiting its looking more and more likely that funding just isn’t there to add these cool side contents.

Pazaak would be great too =(

I think its not about funding, they get shitload of money from SWTOR. Its because of general stupidity of management. And lack of coordination with community.

Maybe we`ll see all that changes in 1-2 years? I hope so.

Well, the non-functional Pazaak table is on the Esseles since launch, so I wouldn’t hope for much…
And their last attempt at adding some sort of side game (= the slot machine decorations for your fortresses) pretty much backfired.

It is as Eban says: So much potential, so little hope.

Well it backfired because they made chances for purple jawa junk and cartel certificates too high. So at first week alot of people farmed resources and cartel certificates from it.

Slot machine should not be the way to get resources, so right now it does what it should – its fun sometimes to spent 1-2 mil for a chance to get CC, but after several attempts I know that chances are WAI too low now.

Again, BWA devs had good intentions, its greedy players that fucked up the good and fun slot machine (I`m not blaming anyone, I was one from that horde as well)

Also, correct me if I`m wrong, but as I remember Casino event started 1 year before we got Slot Machine decoration. So slot machines were there long before. Working casinos outside of event time would be great.

Pazaak side game should be easy, its a simple frame, pretty much as they did for new cartel packs interface. So they know the process. I think real problem is they have a plan and they cant work on anything else except it. Their main goal is to reactivate OPS, looks like they think this will return the most players. Lets hope it`ll work out for them. Maybe after that we`ll get new Stronghold and something new to the GSF.

Hey, I read a lot of complaints about the rng-factor in gearing in 5.0. But as I’m pretty noob in this game (started this game right when it came out but took some time off for more than two years) I still don’t understand what all the fuss is about. Isn’t farming for gear allways rng? Or isn’t rng the problem but the lack of new end game content?

No, gear farming used to be not-so-much RNG as certain operation bosses were guaranteed to drop specific pieces of equipment (i.e., you knew which OP to run if you were only missing, say, a chest piece).
Also, PVP and pre-endgame gearing was based on buying gear for crystals/commendations which was totally non-RNG.

I’m starting to see a similarity between the BW comments and Trump.

BW: We want to make it easier to gear.
They then make it so getting BiS PvP gear takes HUNDREDS of matches.
They make it so ONLY the last boss of an Operation has a guaranteed gear drop and every other boss has a CHANCE.

Previously I could get BiS PvP gear in 50 matches even if I lost every single match.
Previously I could get BiS PvE gear in 10 weeks if I farmed the easy NiM bosses and the Highlighted HMs.

I care less about the changes themselves, and more that the changes don’t match their stated intent in the slightest. Just admit the truth, “we want to stagger gearing so we can release content slowly.” I might not be pleased, but I respect honesty. I prefer being given a bitter pill like, “we don’t really think it’s cost effective to focus on Operations, or Warzones, or Flashpoints.” One of my core values is truth. And I’m taking a break from SWTOR, a year, perhaps more, not because they slowed new content to a halt, but because they keep lying and lying and lying.

Funny but I agree albeit in a different context. BW like Trump make the necessary tools available to do what must be done to succeed. It will take work and time to become well geared but of course working for what you have brings with it a sense of accomplishment which is its own reward.
You on the other hand share a similarity with the Clinton supporters… “I want the best gear now and I want to do the absolute minimum in order to get it.” I can ascertain from your comment that in your opinion the game would be “fair” if all players from day one grinders up through the kid who started this morning were geared in all the best within a month?

Right wing: I want the best gear! Noone else should have it!
Left wing: I want everyone to have a fair chance to get the best gear!
Clinton: I want the best gear, but I want people to think that I want them to have the best gear, too.
Trump: Who gives a fuck about gear? I want to build a tower with my name on it! And a Star ship! And a Planet, and, and, and …

So out of cuiosity, with this 250% exp boost, is it possible to complete the campaign (original campaign) only doing main missions?

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