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SWTOR 5.0 Arsenal Mercenary PvE Guide by Sabz

SWTOR 5.0 Arsenal Mercenary PvE Guide by Sabz.


Intro to Arsenal Mercenary

Arsenal is a great spec for newer and experienced players alike. It has a great burst, decent sustained damage, good raid utility, and superior target switching compared to Innovative Ordinance. The only thing that Arsenal (and Mercenaries in general) does not accel at is AOE. It is pretty average when it comes to AOE and can easily mess up your heat if not done correctly.


Here are the stats that I am currently running, (Keep in mind that most people are at the mercy of RNG for their drops, so just use whatever you can get and use Augments to balance out your stats)

  • 6282 Mastery
  • 3452 Power
  • 1710 Critical
  • 1383 Alacrity
  • 743 Accuracy (with 242 Accuracy Implant, without that I would be at 733 which is fine aswell)




clip_image002 Jet Escape Reduces the cooldown of Jet Boost by 5 seconds, Rocket Out by 3 seconds and Determination by 30 seconds. This is a nice utility to take for reduced stun break and rocket out. One of the more useful utilities in the tier
clip_image004 Afterburners Missile Blast immobilizes the target for 4 seconds. Direct Damage caused after 2 seconds ends the effect. This effect can only occur every 8 seconds. In addition, Jet Boosts knockback effect is stronger and pushes enemies 4 meters farther away. Only fight where you are going to take this utility is Styrak in NiM as it’s nice to have a farther knockback for Chain Manifestation
clip_image006 Gyroscopic Alignment Jets You vent 10 heat when stunned, immobilized, knocked down or otherwise incapacitated. Additionally your next tech ability deals 10% extra damage or healing. Take in every fight where applicable
clip_image008 Improved Vents Vent Heat now immediately vents an additional 15 hear and grants 10% alacrity for 6 seconds. Must take utility. Allows you to push heat higher and definitely a must take in almost every scenario
2479012759_3240979299 Boreseights Increases the damage dealt by Sweeping Blasters by 25%. Good for fights with adds and makes up for how weak Sweeping Blasters is in general
clip_image010 Adhesive Supplements Power Shot and Tracer Missile reduce the movement speed of targets they damage by 40% for 6 seconds. In addition, the slowing effect applied by Kolto Residue lasts an additional 3 seconds. Never take this utility in PVE


2936735000_3811160799 Power Barrier Power Shot, Tracer Missile, and Rapid Scan generate a Power Barrier that increased damage reduction by 1% for 15 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times. Generally always take this utility unless the increased duration of Hydraulics is necessary
clip_image012 Torque Boosters Increases the duration of Hydraulic Overrides by 4 seconds. The third most useful utility of a pretty weak tier. Mainly take this for Revan or fights where I am trying to avoid pulls like Draxus or Cartel Warlords
clip_image014 Pyro Shield When activated, your Energy Shield ignites in a blaze, lashing attackers for X elemental damage when it remains active. This effect cannot occur more than once each second. Take this utility nearly 100% of the time unless there is nothing to pyro shield. Good passive buff to your DPS
clip_image016 Threat Sensors Increases stealth detection level by 3, melee and ranged defense by 2%, and reduces the cooldown of Stealth Scan by 5 seconds. Additionally, whenever you activate Cure on yourself all periodic damage taken is reduced by 30% for 12 seconds. I never take this utility
clip_image018 Heat Damping Eliminates the heat generated by Jet Boost, Concussion Missile, Cure, and Electro Dart. Very situational, but has its uses in fights like Cartel Warlords and Nefra
clip_image020 Supercharged Reserves Reduces the cooldowns of Cure and Disabling Shot by 3 seconds. In addition, you build up to 10 stacks of Supercharge over the course of using Recharge and Reload. This effect cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds. Great utility for parsing, although other then that not very useful


3809651250_3860229747 Kolto Surge Kolto Overload heals you for twice as fast and heals you up to 70% of your maximum health. Additionally the duration of Kolto Overload is increased by 2 seconds. Take this Utility instead of Trauma Regulators in certain fights where there is minimal periodic or aoe damage going out
611943706_4245061687 Power Shield Energy Shield now further decreases ability activation pushback by 30%. Increases all healing received by 20% and makes you immune to interrupts. Not good enough to warrant a utility point
3434413675_4247689152 Energy Rebounder When you take damage, the active cooldown of Energy Shield is reduced by 3 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 seconds. In addition, when taking damage, you have a 20% chance to emit an Energy Redoubt, which absorbs a low amount of damage and lasts 6 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every 10 seconds. My favorite utility that the merc has, and am so glad it was moved so that we are now actually able to take it. Before you had to sacrifice AOE DR to get it, but now you can take both. This infinitely buffed Merc survivability (and fluff damage :P)
clip_image022 Power Overrides Reduces the cooldowns of Concussion Missile and Power Surge by 15 second charge, making your next two abilities with an activation time activate instantly. In theory it is a good utility, but not very practical
clip_image024 Stabilized Armor Reduces damage taken from area effects by 30%. Additionally, while stunned, you take 30% less damage from all sources. Arguably the best utility in the game. Must take on every fight
clip_image026 Jet Rebounder Increases the damage dealt by Jet Boost by 30% and heals you and up to 7 other allies for X – Y . In addition, taking damage reduces the active cooldown of Jet Boost by 1 second. This effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 seconds. Pretty useless utility for a DPS. Wouldn’t even take this on a healer. Especially for where it falls in the tree


3232869009_382436414 Trauma Regulators While Energy Shield is active you generate a stack of Trauma Regulators each time you receive direct damage. Stacks up to 15 times. When Energy Shield expires each stack of Trauma Regulators instantly heals you for 5% of your Maximum Health. Pretty much the reason why merc hate is so much this expansion. Insanely busted utility. Must take in every fight where applicable
clip_image028 Smoke Screen Rocket Out generates a Smoke Screen when used, keeping you from being leapt to or pulled and making you immune to interrupts and ability activation push backs for the the next 4 seconds. PVP utility that you don’t even consider taking in PVP
clip_image030 Supercharged Defense Activating Supercharged Gas increases your defense chance by 15% and grants immunity to interrupts for 8 seconds. In addition your Endurance is increased by 3% and all healing received is increased by 3 %. Good utility but suffers from where it falls in the tree. Prefer 70% kolto in every situation
3119432264_661798460 Battlefield Protocols Stealth Scan increased the damage or healing ability by your next non-channeled direct damage or healing ability by 20%. For each target revealed from stealth, you generate an additional charge of Battlefield Protocols. This effect stacks up to 5 charges and lasts for 10 seconds. Maybe useful in Olok, but are you really going to respec utilities for that fight?
clip_image032 Thrill of the Hunt Thrill of the Hunt – Allows Unload, Blazing Bolts and Progressive Scan to be activated while moving. Must have utility, provides a lot of mobility with the only time you have to stand still is to cast a tracer missile. Only fight where I don’t take this is Calphayus in favor of 70% Kolto
1915445892_1247259351 Tag and Bag Hindering a target with Electro Net grants Tag and Bag, increasing your alacrity by 15% for 9 seconds. Additionally supercharged gas reduces the cooldown of Kolto Overload by 5 seconds. Doesn’t work on Operations Bosses, and probably not even enough of a DPS gain if did work to take it over Trauma Regulators


This is a pretty standard fight setup. The only thing that really changes is the Skillful Tier and Legendary Tier if there’s a fight where Trauma Regulators would not apply.

Abilities and Rotation


clip_image002[4] Tracer Missile: Main filler ability. Can be replaced with Rapid Shots if overheating
clip_image004[5] Heatseeker Missiles: Largest single target GCD, 6 piece set bonus procs autocrit every 1 minute
clip_image006[5] Priming Shot: Does decent damage while giving you an instant cast Tracer Missile
clip_image008[5] Rail Shot: Second largest single target GCD, only use at 5 stacks
clip_image010[5] Electro Net: Most cost effective GCD for heat
clip_image012[5] Supercharged Gas: Requires 10 stacks, vents 10 heat and gives 10% armor pen for 8 seconds. Also gives 1% alacrity for using your main abilities and can stack up to 3 times
clip_image014[5] Blazing Bolts: Highest Damaging ability, procs every 8 seconds and deals 10% extra damage when proc’d
clip_image016[5] Rapid Shots: 0 heat filler, minimal usage in boss fights
clip_image018[5] Death From Above: By far your best AOE ability and your number one priority when using AOE
clip_image020[5] Sweeping Blasters: Only use with the Boresights utility. Decent AOE ability paired with the 25% extra damage utility
clip_image022[5] Explosive Dart: Used because of it’s delayed activation, see the optimal burst rotation/precast section below


Tracer Missile > Adrenal + Heatseeker > Electro Net > Priming Shot >Supercharged Gas > Blazing Bolts > Tracer Missile > Tracer Missile > Rail Shot > Blazing Bolts > Heatseeker Missiles >Tracer Missile > Blazing Bolts

After the Opener just follow the priority system. Setting up a timer in starparse can time your barrage procs for you and make it easier to learn the timings.


Arsenal is played entirely with a priority system, rather than a static rotation. The priority system is:

1. Barrage Procs (every 8 seconds)

2. Electro Net

3. Heatseeker Missiles

4. Rail Shot (only at 5 stacks)

5. Priming shot

6. Blazing Bolts

7. Tracer Missile

8. Rapid Shots

The biggest mistake that new people make is thinking that because Blazing Bolts is your #1 damage dealer, that you should prioritize it. Using it as soon as you proc Barrage will not actually net gain you any dps because Barrage has an 8 second internal cooldown. Using Blazing Bolts immediately just delays your Heatseeker Missiles and Rail Shot which will decrease your overall DPS. You still get the same amount of Barrage Procs if you were to delay Blazing Bolts as if you were to use it the moment it was proc’d.

Some notes about the priority system, If you have to delay Heatseekers and Rail shot to proc Blazing Bolts, do so. The only time you will ever use rapid shots is replacing a Tracer Missile. If you are doing multiple Tracer Missiles, and one of them is going to put you over 35-40 heat, (important to noe that that Tracer that is going to be replaced is not going to be the one that procs Barrage) replace one of them with a rapid shots and continue with the priority system. Mercenary energy cooldowns are so good that your usage of Rapid Shots is low. (and in fights you will probably never have to Rapid Shots because generally there is not enough uptime for you to need to use Rapid Shots) If you are having to move and you can’t use one of your instant cast abilities, you can use Rapid Shots so you are at least using GCD’s on something, even if it is suboptimal.

AoE Rotation

The AOE rotation doesn’t change that much, mainly substituting in Death From Above and Sweeping Blasters in for Blazing Bolts/ Tracer Missile.Most of the AOE abilities are very expensive, so keep in mind where your heat is at, and don’t overdo it just trying to fluff numbers. It won’t help your damage in the long run and may hinder your group from getting a boss kill.

Death From Above is your highest priority AOE ability, i do not recommend using Explosive Dart or Fusion Missile because of their cost. If AOE is needed that badly that you would consider using those, and there are more than 3 targets take the Sweeping Blasters utility and replace a couple blazing bolts in your rotation with Sweeping Blasters. (But as I said don’t do it to the detriment of your heat and don’t delay your main priority abilities)

Generally I usually let the better specs for AOE in the group deal with AOE while I single target the boss. With how tight some enrages are now (especially if some people in your team are undergeared) it is more beneficial to do boss damage then to fluff numbers. The meta right now sees most teams having one of if not both Sniper and Marauder in the group, which can carry AOE situations while maintaining their single target rotation.

Optimal Burst Rotation/Precasts

This will require a bit of set up to do, as you will need to have Supercharged Gas and 5 Stacks of Rail Shot. If you are saving burst for something like Calphayus adds, Raptus challenges, or even first Brontes Burn you can save the auto crit from you 6 set piece bonus. For Optimal Burst use Heatseeker Missiles > Rail Shot > Electro Net > Priming Shot > Supercharged Gas > Blazing Bolts > Tracer Missile > Blazing Bolts > Missile Blast. Missile Blast seems a bit odd to use in Arsenal, but it takes the place previously held by Rocket Punch. (RIP Rocket Punch) It is an instant cast that does decent damage, just make sure you are in melee range because it has a ridiculously slow travel time. You can also add in a Power Surge + Tracer Missile if necessary.

In Scenarios where your target is immune, and you have time to precast, you can precast Explosive Dart/Pyro Grenade/Fusion Missile. (Fusion Missile is for when you don’t have Pyro Grenade available.) Some scenarios you can use this in is when the Dog is casting Spines in Styrak and in Brontes Burn as she is coming out of her shield. If you get really good at timing, you can get a Tracer missile and a Heatseeker Missiles into your precasts and then go on with your normal rotation.

Maintaining Uptime/Maximizing DPS

Positioning and knowledge of mechanics are the keys to maximizing your DPS. Knowing where the boss is going to move will allow you to position yourself to where you won’t be getting line of sighted or have the boss taken out of your range. Knowing mechanics can help you alter your rotation in certain ways that will allow you to get the maximum number of abilities in. You can alter your rotation around mechanics to get your auto crits in before targets are shielded or in some cases where adds need to die quickly.

Hydraulic Overrides one of the best abilities in the game, as it is so useful to cheese certain mechanics and maintain uptime. You should always look for places to use Hydraulics to avoid knockups, knockbacks, etc. Some prevalent uses of of Hydraulics would be the push and pull mechanic on Revan HM, Fire and Forget in DF Brontes, and Grenades in Master and Blaster HM.

Raid Utility

Playing an Arsenal Merc also brings a ton of raid utility with an armor debuff, raid buff (that is more optimal than using it in IO), combat rez, reflect and Chaff Flare.

Armor Debuff: The amount of armor debuffs in the game are limited so if you are deciding on playing Arsenal and your group doesnt have an armor debuff, it is definitely worth it. (Your armor debuff is located on Tracer Missile, and you can look to apply it on fights with multiple bosses, such as the Dread Council

Raid Buff: Supercharged Celerity is a very strong raid buff, giving the entire raid an extra 10 percent alacrity. With how Arsenal is played it doesnt rely on supercharged gas as much as Innovative Ordinance, so using Mercenary raid buff is less of a hassle in Arsenal compared to IO.

Combat Rez: The only DPS classes that have a combat rez are Mercenary, Operative, and Sorcerer. Seeing the state that Sorc DPS is in at the moment, and how sparingly few operatives there are out there you are definitely going to need at least one DPS in your group that can rez, and Mercenary is definitely the preferred class of those 3.

Reflect: The newest ability given to Mercenaries in 5.0, Responsive Safeguards, gave Mercs a great buff to their survivability/damage/cheese. Being able to cheese mechanics such as Doom in TFB Dread Guards or Fire and Forget in DF Brontes, while also giving an extra damage boost at the same time, gives Mercs even more utility.

Chaff Flare: In Arsenal your threat dump, Chaff Flare, gives you 5 stacks of a debuff that absorbs a Force/Tech attack. Chaff Flare lets Mercenaries cheese mechanics that other classes cannot.


I hope that my guide helped give you a better understanding of how Arsenal is played, can answer any questions you might have in the comments or you can find me on the Harbinger server where i spend most of my time.

My name is Sabz and currently i call <Failure> and <Origin> my home. I have been playing SWTOR since launch, but didn’t start seriously raiding until I joined Failure in June of last year. I cleared all NiM bosses in 4.0 and all Master Mode bosses in 5.0 playing an Arsenal Mercenary. You can watch my stream @ where you can find me streaming most of my raids.

Want to give a special thanks/shoutout to:

Marisi for her 4.0 guide, never thought when i was learning from it in 4.0 would i ever be following in her shoes.

Kensia, Verudun, and Paen for bringing me into my first serious progression group.

Sevenfaced and Dongo for giving the opportunity to join <Failure> and always being open to any questions that I had.

And a shoutout to all the people I raid with, which the list it too long to name. You guys still make this game fun even after doing the same raids for the last year and a half.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

94 replies on “SWTOR 5.0 Arsenal Mercenary PvE Guide by Sabz”

Either I’m doing something wrong or you have it somehow mixed up. Just like on the Commando, on the Merc I almost never (except for AOE heavy fights) feel the need to vent heat so I never take improved vents. Instead for solo stuff I almost always use adhesive supplements and for raids usually always jet escape…

Same goes for power barrier which I usually never use. I rather take the torque boosters for additional speed.

Well, that comes down to your rotation/uptime. If you arent having to Vent Heat (unless you are using rapid shots normally) your APM is probably low. Would look into what your APM is in Star Parse and go from there. If done optimally you are definitely going to need to Vent Heat, and Improved Vents is also a must.

You can definitely use Torque Boosters if you prefer it, Power Barrier just makes it easier on your healers in some of the more damage heavy fights and will keep you alive longer.

Your opener is better than
Tracer heatseaker gas net primal blazing tracer blazing tracer railshot heatseeker instant tracer blazing ?

I would say that is a marginal difference, but this opener doesnt delay railshot. Its really just personal preference.

Yeah its looks better to use your first HS without proc auto crit and relic zzzzzzzzz Your opener is really bad and not optimal at all, you can do a good one with proc auto crit, relic and supergaz on the HS and blazing bolt and get the alacrity CD reduction on the electro net.

Using your first HS without autocrit is 100% correct.Its a precast and you get what is essentially a free HS. You Dont lose out on any autocrits by waiting for the second HSM. In fact is helps sustain your opener. Goal of the rotation isnt to just have a big number pop up with HS once every minute. You are supposed to sustain high DPS.

Would it be possible for you to make a basic rotation where I don’t have to do anything but spam buttons 1,2,3,4 and 5, whilst still being able to parse high. Laziest healer on JC <3 Nesrago

Nice to see Merc guide here! Its actually true that you don’t need to use Blazing Bolts on cooldown and once you proced it you can go Rail Shot and Heatseeker Missiles which actually won’t change an amount of Blazing Bolts per minute 🙂

You do realize that blazing bolts procs a lot of other utilities prior to heatseeker, which IS needed for HS and rail? Also, if anyone actually checked their parses, you’ll notice you have “misses” with BB, even with a 110% acc.

Because Offhand Accuracy is base 66% and 76% for any non auto attack and with 10% accuracy your only going to cap at ~86%. But that’s always been the case.

True enough. There are still several options avail in the rotation that gives you so many “buffs” that many don’t utilize.

What is the easiest way to get in touch to discuss this? Right now, waiting for the patch update to finish before can get into game. 🙁

Blazing Bolts with proc one of these “buffs”, sometimes multiple buffs at a time. They are: Elimenator’s Critical, Advanced Targeting, Crit Surge and Power Surge. Majority of the time, at least for me, it’s elimenator’s crit. All of which are needed for your other abilities. Priming shot will proc, tracer beacon, advanced targeting, barrage and crit surge. Tracer missile will proc barrage, tracer lock and power barrier. Heat seeker will proc elimenator damage, advanced targeting, crit surge, power surge. Now, if you pay attention to your procs during your rotation, you should see that you get power barrier and tracer lock that WILL stack. Now, this is your opener: Tracer Missile > Adrenal + Heatseeker > Electro Net > Priming
Shot >Supercharged Gas > Blazing Bolts > Tracer Missile >
Tracer Missile > Rail Shot > Blazing Bolts > Heatseeker
Missiles >Tracer Missile > Blazing Bolts.
Your very first heatseeker just got wasted for damage output. Since BB will give you elimenator’s critical. “Next heatseeker & mag shot or demo round critically hit”. Since HS will give you Elimenator damage, you really want a higher crit chance for Rail Shot period!! Not fully disagreeing with everything you’re saying. Just saying, I think you’ve missed on a few buffs that gain the merc more dps output than you think it does. I’m only suggesting, going back, reread all of your buffs and what they do.

The first Heatseeker isnt wasted. It is a precast, what using that HSM does is essentially give you a free HSM. The Eliminator bonus is once every minute, using it with your first HSM and delaying it by 2-3 GCDS is a DPS loss. Not to mention you are just pushing Railshot farther and farther back in the rotation which is also a DPS loss. None of the buffs you listed are really relevant to how the opener works. You still have 5 stacks of rail shot and power barrier is a defensive you maintain 100% uptime on anyway. I havent missed anything thats relevant to the how you do the rotation.

Enjoy the game. 🙂 Just curious now to see what a “non” geared merc will parse this way.

Since you and I don’t know each other, and again, I had stated, a ‘non’ geared toon, in which all would be on even ground, too many ways this could be “fudged”. It used to be, those that posted guides used to post a video showing their rotation, no longer see that. My parse #’s are in the 7k range as is on my main merc. I’ve also stated that I’m not in complete disagreement with what all you’re saying either.

You’re just digging a hole at this point. You can’t just say here my Opener is better and here is what you should do and when you get called out on it and slide out of it. Mercs should be parsing over 9k. Now your accusing him of fudging things. LUL. Videos are nice but not necessary as logs are better.

As I replied to your comment earlier, you don’t know my current gear. As for the 9k perhaps, not arguing that. I’m looking at the timing of both the adrenal and by the time he gets to the 2nd BB. In which gives you a proc on a buff for TM. Point is, all those buffs mercs gain, all coincide with each other. Ability to increase damage output should always be utilized, yes or no?

Well what is you right current gear then. Just follow the rotation. The buffs themselves will fall in place, you don’t plan around them just follow the priority. Otherwhise waiting for perfect alignment is a DPS loss.

All the 5.0 guides are terrible. It’s like Dulfy went to the Tommy Nobis Center and had autistics write them.

My “sub optimal rotation” gives me 7k’ish #’s. Will go higher once have the “end” game gear. But, thanks I will enjoy my game.

I’ll just say this, I don’t have an issue with your rotation. Besides, never did say anything about your rotation. It’s the opener I question. So, lets just agree to disagree on that. Can’t learn from each other without a simple discussion, in which I feel that this has gone the wrong way. Again, enjoy the game. 🙂

I mean i gave u the reasons why that opener isnt good and you have nothing to back up your disagreements with the optimal Arsenal opener

“I mean i gave u the reasons why that opener isnt good and you have
nothing to back up your disagreements with the optimal Arsenal opener”

Since I never listed my opener, to who’s opener are you referring to? I listed several “buffs” that actually boost the potential for a higher damage output, yet you claim they’re irrelevant. The ability to utilize on any damage output should be used. You claim different. Again, lets agree to disagree on your opener.

You don’t know my current gear either. Since this isn’t even YOUR guide why are you even bothering? All you wrote were spec’s for PT, totally different than Merc. Go away fly!!

Because I have a Merc and even if I did not I understand what is written in the guide. It’s not like classes in swtor are hard to learn as they are intuitive. And it’s not your too guide so why are you bothering if I’m to follow your logic?

Crit and power surge are random buffs you get from your relics. Why would you base your opener on those ? If you’re unlucky you could see your first relic proc at the 4th GCD. What would you do during this time ? Spam Rapid Shot so that nothing is on CD and you can use your big attacks during a relic proc ?

LOL “spam rapid shots”, that cracks me up. First off, Nope to all your questions. People that come here looking for guides, think they have the guide(s) to end all guides. Guess people forget there are more ways to achieve the same result.

Then prove your opener is better. Eveyone would be pleased to have an even better opener. And by prove it, I mean using actual math, not just because you feel it’s better.

As I stated, there are more ways to achieve the same result. I never once said my opener was better than Sabz. I only questioned the use of his first HSM in his, in which, he explained it. I tried his opener vs mine, my numbers come out the same.

Doing a different opener is a marginal dps gain, so say if you were doing the rotation correctly your numbers are always going to be similar. but you still havent provided a parse to prove any of this so I am just gonna leave it at that

Most of the misses will come from your offhand accuracy which is around 70 percent. I am not at my gaming pc and will update that percentage later. Your offhand also deals significantly less damage so those misses aren’t hurting you too much. I think rail shot also fires both weapons and you can have a miss there too.

It’s always been arbitrary. I still find someone else’s professional opinion to be quite valuable. Thank you for all of your work either way! =)

there is NO prio its a static rotation… and to use heatseeker before railshot u kill your resource management..

Energy Rebounder over Kolto Surge??? Are you sure you play this class instead of copy paste parts of this guide from other (also poor) sources?

You have 15.44% alacrity for a non-dot spec… All discussion ends here…

Having Energy shield up nearly every 30 seconds is a much more reliable CD then Kolto Overload every 3 minutes. You can get 3-4 Energy Shields in the time that you are waiting for Kolto Overload to come back off cooldown.

The stat pools are so inflated that literally every class in the game gets thats much alacrity just by having gear. Putting more stats into Power/Mastery when you already have so much is not optimal.

You know alacrity is more beneficial for Arsenal than Innovative Oridnance? Once you get to a certain amount in IO, you end up misaligning your procs. Your comparison is invalid. You also gain alacrity from the Arsenal tree so it’s obviously going to be higher.

I am trying to learn IO along with Arsenal. I have been running Arsenal since 1.2 and am very comfortable with the rotation I ran Pyro back in 2.0 when it had more mobility than Arsenal but used to swith between fight on DF and DP depending on whether I needed the mobility of Pyro or the burst damage of Arsenal. I took a break from the game for 3.x and came back in 4.0 when both IO and Aresenal were parsing close and with the added mobility of being able to cast blazing bolts on the move and the instant tracer missle proc from priming shot I didnt bother to learn IO. With the changes in 5.0 do you run IO for certain fights or is Arsenal just as good or preferred because of its easier heat management for most if not all fights.

After the double stance fixes its pretty similar to last expansion in that Arsenal and IO peform about the same. I play Arsenal on pretty much anything (unless theres a specific purpose for me switching such as a pure single target fight like Tyrans or Nefra, or a fight that needs cleave like Bestia or Grobthok. You can also play it for Brontes because the execute is so strong) Other then that I am probably going to be playing Arsenal

Would it be possible for you to make a basic rotation where I don’t have to do anything but spam buttons 1,2,3,4 and 5, whilst still being able to parse high. Laziest healer on JC <3 Nesrago

Assassins also are able to combat rez with cloak. but will reset bosses if no one is around to take agro

Assassins are able to stealth rez not combat rez which a pretty huge difference. Also sin dps arent exactly meta right now after the stance bug fix.

Hi Sabz.
I’ve been playing merc for a while following dulfy’s guides, and now I’m reaching a point where I don’t deal as much dps as I should considering my gear.
When I take a look at top parses, I see that people use a lot more tracer missiles than me, that they all have around 41 apm, and they use heat cds and rapid shots frequently.
This leads me to ask : should I pay more attention to my buffs to place the right spells at the right moment or is it irrelevent ? How to increase apm efficiently ? Are the tracer missiles in higher priority than blazing bolts even with proc ?
If you need more informations to answer me I will post them.

Sorry for the late reply, dont check this guide as often i should. Following the priority system correctly will lead you into why you aren’t using enough tracer missiles or in need of heat cds. If you can provide a parse i can give you a more detailed response in where you are going wrong.

First thing that I noted is that you used rapid shots before your energy cooldowns. You shouldnt rapid shot until after you have expended both of your major energy cooldowns. You are also using blazing bolts too often. In the parse you have uploaded I can see several occasions where you used multiple tracer missiles (at which HSM, Rail Shot, and Priming Shot would have been off coldowns) to proc barrage and then immediately blazing bolts as you procd. (Since it only happens 2-3 times I think it was just a mistake) Overall you are just missing GCDS.

They are using Blazing Bolts on cooldown which is incorrect. Also using a couple rapid shots where they werent needed, especially the one right after venting heat.

Not sure why you wouldn’t, but if you play long enough you’ll end up getting it by default as you get tiered lock boxes and through other means.

Hi Sabz,
Could you please update the pve Arsenal Merc for 5.3a ? Ever since the 5.3a update, certain skills on rotation and priorities straight no longer proc, like for example one of them is blazing bolts, similar as to what happened with the troopers gunnery. They have nerfed the merc/trooper/sages/sorc so badly singed the 5.3a update.

Thanks, appreciate it.

They changes to class dont change anything about the spec besides your rapid shot usage greatly increases with the heat changes.

And the Trauma Regulators is now a Heroic tier utility, while the Kolto surge has been moved to Legendary…

Hi Sabz,

Another question is, why did you opt to change the rotation and priorities from how Marizi originally set the one arsenal , you mentioned you followed her guide etc..and now you’ve changed it, stir far from it. Is you set of rotation and priorities better than hers? What is the difference between the two set up? Her rotation and priorities still works in 5.0 according to some other players who are still following her guide.


The priority system never changed, its just worded differently. (although i did swap around electro net and heatseeker missiles just simply because I think you should HSM on cooldown, and wouldnt delay it for electro net.

Look on parsely in early 5.0, after with the nerf, do not think to exceed 7k9 with your stuff and again …. 🙁

Yeah it is quite a bit low, would need a parse to see what you are/arent doing and why you are getting much lower output then what you said.

I wanted to apologize for not getting back to you guys earlier, just haven’t checked this enough, but I will try to be better about checking this every few days, and at the worst once a week

Question about the opener: by my count (which could definitely be wrong!), we don’t get 6-piece autocrit HSM inside neither the adrenal nor the supercharge windows. Won’t it be better to even delay them?
Hrmmm.. even as i type this i realize i didn’t consider alacrity in this count, but i’ll still ask anyway just to be sure 😛

Cry- I’m just so broken after this horrible nerf. I’m in full 248 and can’t seem to get my parse past 8.8 without screwing myself with heat issues

Sorry, did not recognize the names of the earpiece, implants, and relics in the screenshot. I am guessing Serendipitous Assault and Forced Retribution? Thanks much for putting together this guide!

The guide is not really up to date there has been a lot of change and nerve on the energy regiment and the stats are not good anymore.

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